S A D A C C A Limited
S a ei a Syndesmos Atomon Me Eidikes Ananges special Needs Association
S a f e Essex supporting Asperger Families In Essex
S a f e
S A I V E sexual Abuse And Incest Victims Emerge
S a Oliver Charitable Settlement
S Albans Church Community Centre
S And J Trusts Limited
S And M Green Charitable Trust
S And M Perez Charitable Trust
S And R Charitable Trust
S And S Mustow Trust
S and S Provident Fund
S and W Provident Fund
S Anselm s Educational Trust
S Anselm s School Trust Limited
S B And H M Jackson Charitable Trust
S B Charitable Trust
S B L Opportunity Fund Trust
S B Lachs Charitable Trust
S B Trust
S Barnabas Community Centre morecambe
S Bothma and Seun Transport Pensioenfonds
S C And M E Morland s Charitable Trust
S C Church Limited
S C K Charitable Trust
S Club Management Committee
S D C societas Doctrinae Christianae
S D U C Trust
S Dass and Sons Provident Fund
S e e d secondary Education To Encourage Development
S E Franklin s Charitable Trust No 3
S E Stock Prize Fund
S E W A social Educational Welfare Association
S F I A Educational Trust
S g h Trust
S h a r e Foundation
S h a r e uk
S h a r p
S H And E C Priestman Trust
S h Bishop Will Trust
S h i m s suffolk Help In Multiple Sclerosis
S J Charitable Trust
S J East Trust
S K Charitable Trust
S l a p s Secondary Lymphoedema And Primary Support
S L G Charitable Trust Limited
S Leonard Simpson Fellowships In Endocrinology
S M Charitable Trust
S n a p Club special Needs At The Phoenix Club
S n a p s special Needs Activities With Parents Support Tees Valley
S N U Trust
S o c k s
S O Charitable Trust
S o s Bosnia
S o s Families Association
S o u p Sincere Offerings For Unappreciated Persons
S p Charitable Trust
S p l Trust
S Pillemer Provident Fund
S Pinter Youth Project
S port Wroxall
S R Frisby Charitable Trust
S S Uganda Trust
S Stephen on the cliffs Playgroup
S Sterling Charitable Trust
S t a b l e
S t a r c h south Tyneside Asylum Seeker And Refugee Church Help
S T A R The University Of The Third Age
S T A Rescue
S t o p start Treating Others Positively
S t o p
S W Durham Training Limited
S y Killingley Memorial Trust
S1 Artspace projects
S3a Ltd
S4e Limited
SA Airlink Provident Fund
SA Bias Retirement Fund
SA Bioproducts Retirement Fund Pension Fund
SA Bioproducts Retirement Fund Provident Fund
SA Block Pension and Life Assurance Scheme
SA Blood Transfusion Pension Fund
SA Botswana Hauliers Pension Fund
SA Catholic School Pension Fund
Sa Constitutional Court Trust Uk
SA Cut Glass Provident Fund
SA Druggists Provident Fund
SA Express Pension Fund
SA Express Provident Fund
SA Fine Worsteds Weekly Paid Provident Fund
SA French Provident Fund
SA Gossard Pty Ltd Pension Fund
SA Greetings Retirement Fund
SA Jockey Association Provident Fund
SA Jockeys Pension Fund
SA Mint Pension Fund
SA Mint Provident Fund
Sa Missions Trust
SA National Council for the Blind Provident Fund
SA Noodhulpliga Pensioenfonds
SA Open Pension Fund
SA Open Provident Fund
SA Pharmacy Council Pension Fund
SA Security Pension Fund
SA Smelting Works Pty Ltd Staff Assurance Scheme
SA Tioxide Pension Fund
SA Tool and Industrial Supplies Provident Fund
SAA Flight Deck Crew Provident Fund
Saad Foundation
Saakshar School Appeal
Saam Theatre Company Ltd
Saarah s Fund
Saarc Foundation Uk
Saathi House
Saaz Aur Awaaz
SAB Beer Division Provident Fund
SAB Provident Fund
Saba Homes
Saba Relief Development Foundation Limited
Sabat Battery Negotiated Provident Fund
Sabax Negotiated Provident Fund
SABC Pension Fund
Sabco Provident Fund
Sabelco Employees Provident Fund
Sabeno Limited
Sabi Game Lodge Provident Fund
Sabin Foundation Europe
Sabinakhtar Charitable Trust
Sabje Pension Fund
Sabje Provident Fund
Sabje Retirement Fund
Sable Industries Pension Fund
Sabra Chemicals Pension and Life Assurance Scheme
Sabre Research Uk
Sabre Retirement Fund
Sabrechance Limited
Sabrina Lodge 4158 Benevolent Fund
Sabrix 1997 Pension Fund
SABS Retirement Fund
SACCAWU National Beneficiary Fund
SACCAWU National Provident Fund
Sacerdotal Society Of The Holy Cross And Opus Dei commonly Known As Opus Dei
Sacha Dham Sikh Mission
Sachkhand Nanak Dham darshan Darbar Uk
Sachkhand Nanak Dham International
Sackville Association
Sackville College
Sackville Lodge 1619 Benevolent Fund
SACM Retirement Fund
Sacombe Village Hall
Sacramento County Employees Pension Fund
Sacramento Municipal Utility District Deferred Contribution Plan
Sacred Arts Trust
Sacred Flame Ministries Ltd
Sacred Hands Spiritual Centre
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School new Malden Psa
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Sacred Heart College Pension Fund
Sacred Heart Families And School Together fast
Sacred Heart Fathers Education And Training Charity
Sacred Heart Fathers Trust
Sacred Heart Mission
Sacred Heart Parent Teacher And Friends Association
Sacred Heart Parent teacher Association
Sacred Heart Parents Association
Sacred Heart Pre school Playgroup
Sacred Heart Pre school
Sacred Heart School Association
Sacred Heart School Beechwood Trust Ltd
Sacred Heart School Parent Teacher Association
Sacred Heart School Parent Teachers Association Hillsborough
Sacred Heart School Parent Teachers Association
Sacred Knowledge
Sacred Sanctuary Apostolic Church
Sacred Space Foundation
Sacrista Prebend Retreat House Southwell
Sacriston Community And Sports Trust
Sacriston Community Association
Sacriston Community Development Group
Sacriston Miners Welfare Recreation Ground
Sactwu Provident Fund
SACWU National Provident Fund
Sad Association
SAD Groep Pensioenfonds
SAD Voorsorgfonds
Sadaat Welfare Foundation Bradford U k
Sadaqah Foundation
Sadaquat Social Welfare Trust Ltd
Sadat Trust
Sadberge Village Hall Association
Saddleworth Chamber Concerts Society
Saddleworth Civic Trust
Saddleworth Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Saddleworth Festival Limited
Saddleworth Festival Of The Arts
Saddleworth Historical Society
Saddleworth Museum
Saddleworth Musical Society
Saddleworth Outdoor Pursuits Association
Saddleworth Round Table Charitable Trust Fund
Saddleworth School Fund
Saddleworth Secondary School Memorial Fund For The Rev H A Thomas
Saddleworth Special Needs Playgroup
Saddleworth Voluntary Services
Sadguru Kabir Seva Samaj
Sadhu Vaswani Centre
Sadiki Development Trust
Sadler s Gift For God s House
Sadler s Wells Development Trust
Sadler s Wells Foundation Ltd
Sadler s Wells Foundation
Sadler s Wells Trust Limited
Sadlers Lodge Childrens Hospice
Sadlers Wells Community Woodland
Sads Uk
Saengsu Methodist Church
SAFA Pension Fund
Safa Trust
Safair Retirement Fund
Safar Academy Trust
Safardi Minyan
Safari Plan Game Trackers Provident Fund
Safari Stores Pension and Life Assurance Fund
Safcol Provident Fund
Safcol Voorsorgfonds vir Senior Uitvoerende Beamptes
Safcon Provident Fund
Safe Africa
Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide
Safe And Sound Derby
Safe And Sound Homes
Safe Families For Children
Safe Families
Safe Ground
Safe Hands Charitable Trust
Safe Hands Educational Project
Safe Haven At Willow Green
Safe Haven Care Services
Safe Haven Childrens Trust
Safe Haven Effort
Safe Haven For Donkeys In The Holy Land
Safe Haven London
Safe House For Unwanted Animals Trust
Safe In Tees Valley Limited
SAFE Investment Company
Safe Last
Safe n Sound Youth Project
Safe Networks
Safe Partnership Limited
Safe Passage
Safe Safe Areas For Everyone
Safe Support For Young People Affected By Crime
Safeguard Pension and Life Assurance Scheme
Safeguarding Children Services Limited
Safehands For Mothers Charitable Trust
Safehaven Parrot Refuge
Safehaven Trust
Safeline Warwick
Safer Birth In Chad Foundation
Safer London Foundation
Safer Maulden
Safer Medicines Trust
Safer Merthyr Tydfil Limited
Safer Places
Safer Roads Foundation
Safer Wales
Safet net
Safety And Learning Discovery Centre Limited
Safety Centre hazard Alley Limited
Safety First Community Training Centre Limited
Safety Groups Uk
Safety House
Safety Net Advice And Support Centre
Safety Net Keeping Children Young People And Families Safe
Safety Net Line Limited
Safety Net People First snpf
Safety net Support Group
Safety Net
Safeward Limited
Saffle Kommun
Saffron Arts Forum
Saffron Community Foundation
Saffron Dean Community Association
Saffron Housing Trust Limited
Saffron Seniors Club
Saffron Support For Elderly People
Saffron Walden Afternoon Women s Institute
Saffron Walden Arts Trust
Saffron Walden Baptist Church
Saffron Walden Choral Society
Saffron Walden Community Cinema Limited
Saffron Walden Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Saffron Walden County High School
Saffron Walden Day Centre
Saffron Walden Decorative And Fine Arts Society
Saffron Walden District Riding For The Disabled Association
Saffron Walden District Riding For The Disabled Group
Saffron Walden Lions Club Charitable Trust Fund
Saffron Walden Mencap Society
Saffron Walden Museum Society Limited
Saffron Walden Nursery School
Saffron Walden Opportunity Playgroup
Saffron Walden Parents Centre
Saffron Walden Pig Market
Saffron Walden Talking Newspaper
Saffron Walden Town Library Society
Saffron Walden United Charities
Saffron Young Peoples Project Limited
Safina Tul Hidaya Trust
Safrican Insurance Company Ltd Retirement Fund
Safrich Retirement Fund
Sagad Provident Fund
Sage Bonus Pension Fund
Sage Group DC Pension Fund
Sage Group Pension Fund
Sage Life Agency Force Pension Fund
Sage Pension Preservation Fund
Sage Pension Umbrella Fund
Sage Provident Preservation Fund
Sage Provident Umbrella Fund
Sage Senior Age Counselling
Sagentra Pension Fund
Sagewood School Pension Fund
Sahajanand Education Trust Uk
Sahajanand Swami Charitable Trust
Sahal Community Development Centre Ltd
Saham Toney Fuel Allotment And Perkins Charity
Saham Toney Pre school
Saham Toney Village Hall
Saham Toney Women s Institute
Sahan Development Organisation
Sahan International Relief Association
Sahan Society Centre Limited
Sahara Communities Abroad sacoma
Sahara Desert Mission
Sahara For Life Trust
Sahara Jaan
Sahara Kenya Project
Sahara Means Support
Sahara Project coventry Ltd
Sahara Project preston Limited
Sahara Welfare Association
Sahel Irrigated Gardens Niger
Saheli Connection
Saheli Women s Group
Sahil Development Trust
Sahil Project
Sahil Women Uk
Sahir House
Sahodar Uk
Sai Dham nottingham
Sai Krupa london Limited
Sai School Of Harrow
Sai Shanti Trust
Sai Sruti Charitable Trust
Sai Trust
SAICA Staff Pension Fund
Saifee Foundation Of Europe
Saiga Conservation Alliance
Saighton Home School Association
Saighton School Trust
Saighton Village Hall
Sail Harbour Foundation
Sail Training International
Sailability Cumbria
Sailaday Ok
Sailors Children s Society
Sailors Society
Sain Clwyd Sound
Sainsbury Centre Endowment Fund
Sainsbury Pension Death Benefit Scheme
Sainsbury Research Unit For The Arts Of Africa Oceania And The Americas
Saint Aidan s Church Of England Technology College Charity
Saint Alban Great Ilford Trust
Saint Albert The Great Parent Teacher And Friends Association
Saint Alfege Lodge Benevolent Fund
Saint Allen Parish j H Lanyon Fund
Saint Andrew Lodge Number 4097
Saint Andrews Church Capital Fund
Saint Anne s Music Society In St Anne s Lutheran Church
Saint Anne s Orthodox Trust
Saint Annes Longsight royton Building Company Limited
Saint Basil s Centre Limited
Saint Benedict School Trust
Saint Bernard Masonic Charities
Saint Breward Village Hall
Saint Brigid s League
Saint Catherine s Hospice Trust
Saint Chads Playgroup york
Saint Cuthbert s Association
Saint Cuthbert s Society Junior Common Room
Saint Cuthberts Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Saint Daniel s Foundation
Saint Edmund s Society
Saint Edmunds Church Taverham Heritage Trust
Saint Edward s Music Society
Saint Edwards Trust
Saint Egwins Church Of England Middle School Parent Teachers And Friends Assoication
Saint Felix Schools
Saint Francis Association
Saint Francis Hospice
Saint George Dragon Trust
Saint George s Church Trust
Saint George s Trust
Saint Georges Church Of England School great Bromley Parent Teachers Association
Saint Gilbert Of Sempringham Church School Charity
Saint Giles Barbican Players
Saint Gobain Abrasives Provident Fund
Saint Gobain Construction Products Provident Fund
Saint Gobain Diamant Winter Pension Fund
Saint Gobain Isover South Africa Provident Fund
Saint Gobain plc UK Pension Scheme
Saint James Pre School colchester
Saint Jerome s Pre school Playgroup
Saint John Baptist College In The University Of Oxford
Saint John Fisher Association
Saint John Of God Hospitaller Services
Saint John s Hospital
Saint Josephs Playgroup ribble Valley
Saint Kyrel Trust
Saint Lawrence Church Trust West Wycombe
Saint Louis R c Combined School Parent Teachers Association
Saint Mabyn Peace Memorial
Saint Makarios The Great Ecclesiastical Trust
Saint Margaret Foundation
Saint Margaret s Convent uckfield
Saint Mark s Community Developments
Saint Mark s House
Saint Marks Parent Staff Association
Saint Martin s Care Trust
Saint Martin s solihull Ltd
Saint Martin s Trust
Saint Mary And All Saints Beaconsfield Development Fund
Saint Mary And Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church
Saint Mary Earlham Church Building Trust
Saint Mary Malpas Parochial Church Council
Saint Mary s Applethwaite Windermere
Saint Mary s Nursery School
Saint Michael And All Angels Ruin Preservation And Enhancement Trust
Saint Michael s Church Of England School tankards Close
Saint Michael s Hall Stone
Saint Michael s Singers
Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Community Trust
Saint Nicholas Lodge No 5108 Benevolent Fund
Saint Nicholas s Hospital
Saint Nicholas School Association
Saint Nicholas School Pta
Saint Olaves Village Hall
Saint Oswald s Charity
Saint Pancras Church Charities
Saint Pancras Thanet Street Trust
Saint Panteleimon Greek Orthodox Community Of Harrow And Districts
Saint Paul s Community Hall
Saint Paul s Parent Teachers And Friends Association Wythenshawe
Saint Peters School Pta
Saint Petrox Trust Lands
Saint Pierre De Thaon International Students Trust
Saint Sarkis Charity Trust
Saint Stephen The Great Charitable Trust
Saint Stephen The Great
Saint Teilo Singers
Saint Thomas Lodge Benevolent Fund
Saint Thomas Recreation Ground Trust
Saint Urban s R C Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Saint William Of York Youth Group
Saint Wulstan s Parent Teachers And Friends Association
Saints Community Development Foundation
Saints Foundation sfc
Saints Little Treasures
Saints Peter And Paul s Theological Endowment For Missionary Students
Saira Baksh Memorial Trust
SAirGroup Allgemeine Pensionskasse der SAirGroup APK
Sait Polytechnic
Saiva Munnetta Sangam uk
Sajan Saraswati Foundation
Sakhawaht Trust
Sakhelwe Trust
Sakhya Cambridge Friends Of India
Sakina Charity Trust iraq
Sakina Trust uk
Sakina Trust
Sakoba Dance For All
Sakutu Organisation
Sakya Ling Tibetan Buddhist Centre
SAL Pension Scheme
Salaam Education Services
Salaam Shalom
Salaam Society Of Bedfordshire
Salaam Trust
Salafi Bookstore And Islamic Centre
Salahuddin Trust
Salama Community
Salama Somali Community Organisation Ltd
Salama Uk
Salamanda Tandem
Salamander Trust
Salberg Concrete Products Pension Fund
Salcombe And District Swimming Pool Association
Salcombe Day Centre For The Elderly
Salcombe Pre school
Salcott cum virley Village Hall
Saldanha Group Pension Fund
Saldanha Group Provident Fund
Saldanha Group Retirement Fund
Saldanha Steel Retirement Fund
Saldanha West Point Provident Fund
Sale And Altrincham Mencap
Sale And Davy s Playgroup
Sale Central Child Minding Group
Sale Central Scout Group
Sale Choral Society
Sale Civic Society
Sale Davy s School Pta
Sale District Scout Council
Sale East Childminding Association
Sale Grammar School Jubilee Fund
Sale Grammar School Parent Teacher Association
Sale Methodist Circuit
Sale Moor Community Association
Sale Moor Community Partnership Limited
Sale Nomads Theatre Club
Sale St Mary s Parent Teacher Association
Sale West Community Urban Trust
Sale Women s Institute
Salehurst School Association
Salem Academy Of Music
Salem And District Women s Institute
Salem And Fremington Almshouse Charity
Salem Baptist Chapel And Trust Property Administered In Connection Therewith
Salem Chapel Fund
Salem Congregational Chapel Fund
Salem Health Project
Salem holton Road Building Fund
Salem International Christian Centre
Salem Ministries
Salem Wesleyan Reform Church
Salen Charitable Trust
Salendine Nook Playgroup
Salers Cattle Society Of The Uk Limited
Salesbury Memorial Hall
Salesian College Farnborough Limited
Salesian College Pta
Salesians of Don Bosco UK
Salfia Association
Salford And Trafford Engineering Group Training Association Limited
Salford Being Heard
Salford Childminding Association
Salford Children s Holiday Camp
Salford Choral Society
Salford City Reds Foundation
Salford Community Relations Link Project
Salford Community Voluntary Services
Salford Diocese Schools Building Project
Salford Disability Forum
Salford Disabled Motorists
Salford District Scout Council
Salford Dyslexia Association
Salford Foundation Limited
Salford Heart Care
Salford Hospitals Choir
Salford Lads And Girls Club
Salford Life Long Learning u3a
Salford Loaves And Fishes Ltd
Salford Mental Health Services Citizens Advice Bureau
Salford Methodist Circuit
Salford Priors Church Of England Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Salford Priors Memorial Hall
Salford Refugees Link
Salford Royal Nhs Foundation Trust General Charitable Fund
Salford School Pta
Salford Unemployed Community Resource Centre Ltd
Salford Village Hall
Salford Women s Aid
Salford Youth For Christ
Salford Youth Sailing Trust
Salgo Assist
Salhouse 2000
Salhouse Playground Upkeep Development Scheme
Salhouse Playgroup
Salhouse United Charities
Salifu Dagarti Foundation
Salisa Project
Salisbury Amateur Boxing Club
Salisbury And District Club For The Blind And Partially Sighted
Salisbury And District Natural History Society
Salisbury And District Talking Newspaper Association
Salisbury And District U3a
Salisbury And South Wilts District Scout Council
Salisbury Assemblies Of God Church
Salisbury Baptist Church
Salisbury Cathedral Choral Foundation
Salisbury Cathedral Choristers Endowment Fund
Salisbury Cathedral Close Preservation Society
Salisbury Cathedral School Limited
Salisbury City Almshouse And Welfare Charities
Salisbury City Amateur Boxing Club
Salisbury City Church
Salisbury City Educational And Apprenticing Charity
Salisbury Community Choir
Salisbury Deaf Social Club
Salisbury Diocesan Association For Moral Welfae Area 3
Salisbury Diocesan Association For Moral Welfare Area 4
Salisbury Diocesan Clergy Widows And Dependants Fund
Salisbury Diocesan Social Welfare Council Area Viii
Salisbury Diocesan Social Welfare Fund the Social Welfare Fund
Salisbury District Hospital Charitable Fund
Salisbury Dyslexia Association
Salisbury Festival Limited
Salisbury Hospicecare Trust Limited
Salisbury Hospicecare Trust
Salisbury Hospitals Foundation
Salisbury House
Salisbury Lifestyle Project
Salisbury Manor Fields Primary School Home And School Association
Salisbury Methodist Church
Salisbury Methodist Circuit
Salisbury Milford Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Salisbury Musical Society
Salisbury Plain Advanced Motorists
Salisbury Recreation Association
Salisbury Street Pastors
Salisbury Trust For The Homeless Ltd
Salisbury Unit 296 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Salisbury Women s Refuge
Salisbury Young People s Festival
Salisbury Youth Venture
Sally And Douglas Shaw Charitable Trust
Sally Duchess Of Westminster s Maintenance Fund
Salmans Aid International
Salmon Lane Mission
Salmon Trout Association Limited
Salon 3
Salopian Brass
Salt And Light Charitable Settlement
Salt And Light Ministries
Salt Foundation
Salt Grammar School Trust Fund
Salt Lake City Corporation
Salt Light North East
Salt Light
Salt Of The Earth
Salt Rock Hotel Workers Provident Fund
Salt South West
Salt Village Hall
Saltaire Community Festival
Saltaire Inspired Limited
Saltaire Village Society
Saltash Blind And Partially Sighted Club
Saltash Boys Club
Saltash Childrens Appeal
Saltash Handicapped And Disabled Organisation
Saltash Heritage
Saltash Methodist Circuit
Saltash Music And Drama Festival
Saltash Waterside Community Association
Saltash Wesley Methodist Church
Saltburn 53 Drama Group
Saltburn Animal Rescue Association
Saltburn Artists Projects Ltd
Saltburn By The Sea Women s Institute
Saltburn Christian Projects
Saltburn Community And Arts Association Ltd
Saltburn District University Of The Third Age u3a
Saltburn Music Festival Association
Saltdean Community Association
Saltdean Lodge Benevolent Fund
Saltdean Oval Women s Institute
Saltdean Pre school
Saltdean Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Salter Educational Foundation
Salter s Almshouse Trust
Salter s Charity
Salter Statues Campaign
Saltergate Infant School Fund
Saltergate Junior School Fund
Salters Charitable Foundation
Salters Hill Charity Limited
Saltersgate Junior School Fund
Saltersgate Junior School Parents Teachers Association
Salterton Drama Club
Salterton Music Centre For Young People
Saltfleetby National School
Saltfleetby School Fund
Saltfleetby Village Hall
Saltford Community Association
Saltford District Guide Association
Saltford Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Salthill Centre Housing Trust
Saltisford Church
Saltley Action Centre Limited
Saltley And Nechells Law Centre
Saltmalawi Trust
Saltmarshe And District Parish Hall
Saltmine Trust
Saltney Christian Centre
Saltney Under 5 s
Salto Gymnastics Club
Salton Village Hall
Saltpeter Trust
Saltpond Education Project
Saltstone Caring Limited
Saltwood Church Of England School
Saltwood Play Learning Centre
Saluki Welfare Fund
Salus Fatigue Foundation
Salusbury World
Salv Health Trust
Salvadorian Children s Earthquake Trust
Salvation And Deliverance Ministry Apostolic Intl
Salvation Army Employee Pension Fund
Salvation Church Of Christ
Salvation Evangelism Ministries
Salvation First Ministry
Salvation For The Nations International Churches
Salvation Of God Ministry cherubim And Seraphim Church
Salvation Proclaimers Ministries
Salvation Reachout Ministries
Salvation Youth Trust
Salvatorian Mission
Salveson Ski Group For Disabled Children
Salwarpe And District Village Hall
Salway Ash Ce Va Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Salway Ash Village Hall
Salway Evangelical Church Trust
Salzgitter Mannesmann International Canada Inc Retirement Income Plan
Sam Baker Trust
Sam Beare Hospice
SAM Engineering Provident Fund
Sam Grajewski Astrocytoma Research Fund
Sam Kanu Foundation
Sam Pilcher Trust
Sam s Trust
Samaddoon Social Development Organisation
Samadhi Meditation Centre
Samafal Development
Samancor Chrome Pension Fund
Samancor Chrome Provident Fund
Samancor Group Pension Fund
Samancor Group Provident Fund
Samancor Manganese Provident Fund
Samantabhadra Centre
Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust
Samanvaya Parivar International Ltd
Samanvaya Parivar leicester
Samanvaya Parivar London Limited
Samariaid Gogledd Gorllewin Cymru north West Wales Samaritans
Samaritan Esther s Community Care uk
Samaritan s Projects
Samaritan s Purse International Limited
Samaritan Trust For The Poor And Needy
Samaritans Carlisle
Samaritans cheltenham And District Branch
Samaritans Of Barrow Furness And South Lakes
Samaritans Of Bath And District
Samaritans Of Bolton
Samaritans Of Boston Lincolnshire
Samaritans Of Chelmsford And Mid essex
Samaritans Of Colchester Tendring And Suffolk Borders
Samaritans Of Cornwall At Truro
Samaritans Of Derby And District
Samaritans Of Havering
Samaritans Of Ipswich And East Suffolk
Samaritans Of Lancaster And District
Samaritans Of Leicester
Samaritans Of Medway Gravesham And Swale
Samaritans Of North East Wales
Samaritans Of Portsmouth And East Hampshire
Samaritans Of South Devon
Samaritans Of Stockport
Samaritans Of Stoke And Newcastle
Samaritans Of Telford
Samaritans Of Walsall And District
Samaritans Of Wolverhampton
Samaritans Southampton And District Branch
Samarium Trust
Samasons Relief
Samathanam Children s Homes
Sambat Trust
Sambel Kunda Clinic Trust
Samber Limited
Samber Riding For The Disabled Group
Samborne s Foundation
Sambourne Donkey Sanctuary
Sambourne Trust
Sambrook Village Hall
Sambros Foundation
Samburu Aid In Africa saidia Uk
Samburu Health Advancement Diagnosis And Education
Samburu Maasai Wales Aid
SAMC Provident Fund
Samcot Trust
Same Sky Ltd
Sameem Orphan Care
Sameiach Tsamach
Sames Provident Fund
Sames Retirement Fund
Samjo Limited
Samlesbury Hall Trust
Samlesbury Memorial Hall
Samlesbury Young Farmers Club
Samm Merseyside
SAMM Provident Fund
Samm South East The Gatwick Group
SAMM Special Pension Fund
Sammy Community Transport Limited
Sampad south Asian Arts Development
Sampford Brett Village Hall
Sampford Courtenay Village Hall
Sampford Peverell Recreation Ground And Village Hall Charity
Sampford Spiney And Horrabridge Women s Institute
Sampfords Churches Building Trust
Samphire Trust
Sample s And Taylor s Charity
Sampson Family Charitable Fund
Sampson s Almshouses
Samrec 1993 Provident Fund
Samro Retirement Annuity Fund
Samro Staff Pension Fund
Sams Social Activities For Multiple Sclerosis
Sams Walk
Samson Trust
Samudra Buddhist Centre
Samuel And Elizabeth Wild Alms House Trust
Samuel Barker s Almshouses
Samuel Barlow Primary School Fund
Samuel Beasley For Crippled Soldiers
Samuel Beavan s Charity
Samuel Bentlif For Annuities For Poor Persons
Samuel Bishop Foundation Newenden Kent
Samuel Butler s Educational Foundation
Samuel Croker s Almshouse Charity
Samuel Crooke s Charities
Samuel Cross Charity
Samuel Dyer For Sunday School
Samuel Eden Charity
Samuel Edward Cook For Poor
Samuel Edwards Educational Foundation For Stamford
Samuel Emery Barnes
Samuel Fox s Stocksbridge Benefit Fund
Samuel Frank Fields Will Trust
Samuel Gurney Foundation
Samuel Hardgrave Harlequin Ichthyosis Research Trust s h h i r t
Samuel Henry Lyons Youth Centre
Samuel Higginson Almshouses Charity
Samuel Hunter Bequest For Shavington Church Of England
Samuel James Woodall Will Trust
Samuel Jobson For The Poor
Samuel Johnson Scholarship Fund Icw The Institute Of Agriculture Usk
Samuel Jones Scholarship
Samuel Keller Charitable Trust
Samuel Lewis Foundation
Samuel Lithgow Youth Centre
Samuel Manning s Charity
Samuel Maria Goldstein Charitable Trust
Samuel Mercy Orphanage
Samuel Montagu Youth Centre
Samuel Oldham
Samuel Pole
Samuel Prize Fund
Samuel Richardson s Charity For Poor Colliers
Samuel Shepherd
Samuel Sims
Samuel Skinner Holford
Samuel Smith Coventry
Samuel Sunderland Relief In Need Charity
Samuel Taylor Dawsons s Charity
Samuel Wallace Smedley Trust
Samuel Warneford Needy Patients Fund
Samuel Whitbread Community College Fund
Samuel William Eden
Samuel William Farmer Trust
Samuel Wilson s Loan Charity
Samuel Woolland Charity For Churchyard And Poor
Samuel Wordsworth
Samuels Childrens Charity
Samuels Christian Nursery
Samurai Judo Club
SAMWU National Provident Fund
SAMWU Pension Fund
Samye Foundation Wales
San Angelo Firemen s Relief Retirement Fund
San Antonio Fire Police Pension Fund
San Bernardino County Employees’ Retirement Association
San Diego City Employees’ Retirement System
San Diego County Employees Retirement Association
San Francisco City and County Employees Retirement System
San Joaquin County Employees Retirement Association
San Jose Calif Federated City Employees Retirement System
San Lameer Pension Fund
San Luis Obispo County Pension Trust
San Mateo County Employees Retirement Association
San Pedro Foundation
Sanaag Development Organisation Uk
Sanatan Cultural Society
Sanatan Dharm Hindu Temple Society
Sanatan Dharma Mandal And Hindu Community Centre
Sanatan Dharma Mission
Sanatan Seva Mandal Uk
Sanatan Vedic Cultural Society
Sanaton Association
Sanca National Provident Fund
Sanctity Trust
Sancton And District Youth Club
Sanctuary Christian Church
Sanctuary Family Support
Sanctuary For Veterans
Sanctuary Homes For The Homeless
Sanctuary Trust Limited
Sand And Gravel Allotment Charity
Sand And Gravel Allotment
Sand And Gravel Allotments
Sand Gravel And Clay Pits Charity
Sand Hutton And Claxton Village Hall
Sand Rose Project
Sandal Magna Relief In Need Charity
Sandally Education And Essential Development Scheme
Sandars Almshouse Charity
Sandbach Almshouse Charity
Sandbach Animal Rescue Society
Sandbach Community Primary School Pta
Sandbach Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Sandbach County Primary Home School Partnership
Sandbach Heath st John s Playgroup
Sandbach High School Trust
Sandbach Round Table Charitable Trust Fund
Sandbach School P T A
Sandbach Voices
Sandblast Ltd
Sandbrook Community Centre Association
Sandbrook Community Playgroup Limited
Sandburrows Recreation Ground
Sandcastles Playgroup
Sandcastles Pre School Playgroup
Sandcastles Pre School
Sandcross Church
Sandcross School Fund
Sandeep Foundation
Sandell Trust
Sandema Educational Resource Centre
Sanders Society
Sanderson wells Confidential Assistance Fund
Sanderstead e Townswomen s Guild
Sanderstead Neighbourhood Care
Sanderstead United Reformed Church
Sandford County Primary School Parent And Staff Association
Sandford Educational Foundation
Sandford Hill School Parent Teachers And Friends Association
Sandford Institute
Sandford Lido Limited
Sandford Millennium Green Trust
Sandford On Thames Village Hall
Sandford Orcas Village Hall
Sandford Parish Paths And Environment Group
Sandford Playgroup
Sandford Pre school
Sandford Preschool
Sandford Relief In Need Charity
Sandford School Fund
Sandford St Martin And Ledwell Parish Trust
Sandford St Martin church Of England Trust
Sandford St Martins Nursery Limited
Sandford Station Railway Heritage Ltd
Sandford Village Hall
Sandfordhill Playgroup
Sandgate Boys Club
Sandgate Community Trust Limited
Sandgate Conservation Society
Sandgate Heritage Trust Limited
Sandgate Primary School Pta
Sandham Memorial Hall
Sandham Memorial Village Hall
Sandhill Community Pre school
Sandhills County Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Sandhills Playgroup
Sandhurst And Newenden Womens Institute
Sandhurst Counselling Service
Sandhurst Day Centre Association
Sandhurst District corps Of Drums
Sandhurst Group Riding For The Disabled Association
Sandhurst Nursery School
Sandhurst owlsmoor college Town And Little Sandhurst Childminding Group
Sandhurst Silver Band
Sandhurst Station Nursery Group
Sandhurst Village Hall
Sandhurst Womens Institute
Sandhurst Yateley Round Table Charitable Trust Fund
Sandhutton Village Hall
Sandiway County Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Sandleheath Womens Institute
Sandling County Primary School Parent Teachers Association
Sandling Village Social Hall
Sandon Cygnets
Sandon Estate War Memorial Fund
Sandon Parish Room
Sandon Road Baptist Church Stafford
Sandon Road Trust
Sandon School Fund
Sandon Village Hall
Sandown And District Historical Association
Sandown And Shanklin Inshore Lifeboat
Sandown And Shanklin Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Sandown Masonic Lodge No 1869 benevolent Fund
Sandown Motors Provident Fund
Sandown Parents And Friends Association
Sandpiper Pre school
Sandpit Recreation Ground Charity
Sandra Charitable Trust
Sandridge Ecclesiastical Charity
Sandridge J M I School Parent Teacher Association
Sandridge Village Hall
Sandringham And West Newton Playgroup
Sandringham Estate Cottage Horticultural Society Trust
Sandringham Gardens Pension Fund
Sandringham Primary School Fund
Sandringham School Fund
Sandringham School Parent Teacher Association
Sandringham Women s Institute
Sandroyd School Trust Limited
Sands Cox Relief In Sickness Charity
Sands End Associated Projects In Action
Sands School
Sands Village Hall
Sandtoft Transport Centre Limited
Sandton Nissan Employee Benefits Retirement Fund
Sandton Wheel Engineering Provident Fund
Sandvik Group Retirement Fund Pension Section
Sandvik Group Retirement Fund Provident Section
Sandwell Adventure Play Association
Sandwell Advice Moneylink Trust
Sandwell African Caribbean Mental Health Foundation
Sandwell And District West Indian Community Association
Sandwell And Walsall Ia
Sandwell And West Birmingham Hospitals Nhs Trust Charities
Sandwell Arts Trust
Sandwell Asian Development Association
Sandwell Asian Family Support Service Limited
Sandwell Bangladeshi Development Association
Sandwell Cardiac Club
Sandwell Carers Centre Limited
Sandwell Citizens Advice Bureaux
Sandwell Citizens Advocacy
Sandwell Community Information And Participation Service Limited
Sandwell Council Of Voluntary Organisations s c v o
Sandwell Deaf Community Association
Sandwell District Spastics Society
Sandwell Friends Of The Hospitals
Sandwell Homeless And Resettlement Project Limited
Sandwell Hospital Radio
Sandwell Irish Community Association
Sandwell Irish Society
Sandwell Leisure Trust
Sandwell Mind
Sandwell Multi Care
Sandwell Multi Faith Network
Sandwell Parents For Disabled Children
Sandwell Special Olympics Association
Sandwell Third Age Arts
Sandwell Training Association Limited
Sandwell Unit 486 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Sandwell University Of The Third Age
Sandwell Visually Impaired
Sandwell Volunteer Bureau
Sandwell Welfare Trust
Sandwell Women s Aid
Sandwell Young Carers
Sandwich And District Choral Society
Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory Trust
Sandwich Deanery Church In Society
Sandwich Masonic Hall Benevolent Trust
Sandwich Music Group
Sandwich Sports And Leisure Centre Trust
Sandwich St Mary s Community Trust
Sandwich Toll Bridge Fund
Sandwith School
Sandy Gall s Afghanistan Appeal Charitable Trust
Sandy Hill Community Bungalow
Sandy Lane Centre
Sandy Lane Equestrian Rda Group
Sandy Lane Pre school
Sandy Lane School Association
Sandy Pre School
Sandy Skating Association 2000
Sandy Sports And Leisure Association
Sandy Upper School Fund
Sandy Village Hall
Sandycroft And Mancot Scout Group
Sandye Place School Fund
Sandylands Sports Centre
Sandymoor runcorn Community Association
Sandymount Regeneration Project
Sandys Recreation Ground otherwise Known As Red Flats
Sang Moo Educational Trust
Sang ngak cho dzong
Sangam Association Of Asian Women
Sangam the Confluence
Sangat Advice Centre Limited
Sangat Community Association
Sangat Sikh Community Association
Sangat Sikh Temple Ipswich
Sangat Trust
Sangayi Association
Sangeetha Of The Uk
Sangha Tri national Trust Fund Limited
Sanghata Global
Sangoco Provident Fund
Sanhorn Limited
Sanibel Psychological Therapies
Sanita Merali Trust
Sanitation In The Developing World
Sankara Eye Foundation Europe Limited
Sankara Nethralaya Trust
Sankey Clinico Pathological Meeting Fund
Sankey Valley Methodist Circuit
Sankofa Care Adoption Service
Sankofa Educational Foundation
Sanlam Adviseurs Aftreefonds A
Sanlam Adviseurs Aftreefonds B
Sanlam Futura Sambreel Aftreefonds
Sanlam Linked Retirement Annuity Fund
Sanlam Pensioenfonds Kantoorpersoneel
Sanlam Preservation Pension Fund
Sanlam Preservation Provident Fund
Sanlam Staff Umbrella Pension Fund
Sanlam Staff Umbrella Provident Fund
Sanlam Trust Beneficiary Fund
Sanlam Umbrella Pension Fund
Sanlam Umbrella Provident Fund
Sanofi Aventis Germany
Sanofi Aventis UK
Sanpaolo Previdenza
Sanparks Joint Pension Fund
Sans Fibres Provident Fund
Sansaar Limited
Sanskriti Uk
Sanskritik Centre Of Indian Arts Limited
Sanskruti Foundation uk
Sanspar Engineering Sales Pension Scheme
Sanstreet Youth And Community Centre
Sant Baba Bhag Singh Memorial Charitable Society
Sant Bani uk
Sant Ishar Singh Charitable Trust
Sant Nirankari Mandal Uk
Santa Barbara County Employees Retirement System
Santa Maria Education Fund
Santa Maria Foundation
Santa Maria Romania
Santa Rosa Fund
Santander UK Foundation Limited
Sante First Clinic
Santi Vanaram Buddhist Association
Santok Charitable Foundation
Santon All Saints Church Preservation Trust
Santon Bridge Institute
Santon Bridge Womens Institute
Sanu Maan Punjabi Hon Da
Sanvido Pension Fund
Sanwala Welfare Trust
Sanzaf Lotus Stationers Provident Fund
SAP Provident Fund
Sapcote Heritage Group
Sapcote Recreation Ground
Sapcote s Charity
Sapcote Women s Institute
Saphi Staff Pension Fund
Saplings Children s Day Nursery Ltd
Saplings Pre school Playgroup Association
Saplings Pre school
Saplings Preschool
Sapphire School Of Gymnastics Ltd
Sappi Management Executive Lifestyle Retirement Plan
Sappi Pension Fund
Sappi Provident Fund
Sapref Pension Fund
Sapref Provident Fund
Sara Hall Charity
Sara Lee Household And Body Care Provident Fund
Sara s Hope Foundation
Sara survivors After Rape And Abuse
Saracens Head Village Hall
Saracens Sport Foundation
Sarada Vedanta Centre
Sarah Ann Crossland Memorial Park
Sarah Ann Mackinder
Sarah Ann Marson
Sarah Ann Rigge
Sarah Ann Wallis Bequest
Sarah Barbara Taunton
Sarah Blasson s Charity
Sarah Brinton Sunday School
Sarah Brisco Charity
Sarah Buckley Fund
Sarah Conner
Sarah Daniel s Charity
Sarah Elden s Benefaction
Sarah Fothergill s Charity
Sarah Grace Heale
Sarah Gray For Poor Widows
Sarah Hammond s Charity
Sarah Hawkin s Charity
Sarah Hopkins Foundation
Sarah J Hinton
Sarah Jane Hughes ogmore Scholarships
Sarah Jane Wood
Sarah Junior School
Sarah Kinloch s School Foundation
Sarah Knowsley s Bread Charity
Sarah Lawrence At Oxford
Sarah Lees Relief Trust
Sarah Maria Waterhouse
Sarah Mills
Sarah Newton For Curate
Sarah Nowell s Educational Foundation
Sarah Preston s 1988 Charity Trust
Sarah Prytherch Charity
Sarah Rachael Titford s Charity
Sarah Robinson Memorial Fund
Sarah Rolle s Foundation
Sarah Roope s Almshouses
Sarah s Rural Library Fund
Sarah Smith s Clock Charity
Sarah Tegfan Davies Comforts Fund
Sarah Tegfan Davies Scholarship
Sarah Vicountess Falkland s Charity
Sarah Wade Charitable Trust
Sarah Wood Fogwell s Charity
Sarah Wood
Sarah Woodcock
Sarana education And Welfare Association
Saras Foundation
Sarasota Police Officers’ Pension Plan
Sarbat Da Bhala
Sarbat Da Bhalla Uk
Sarbat Education Welfare Association Croydon Ltd
Sarbojanin Baba Lokenath Association Uk
Sarbot Uk Underwater Rescue
Sarc South African Resources Counselling
Sarcoidisis And Interstitial Lung Association
Sarcoidosis And Related Conditions Of Inflammatory Disease Charitable Trust
Sarcoma Uk
Sarda south Wales Mountain Rescue Search Dogs
Sardar Zaman Welfare Trust
Sardis English Baptist Church Trust Property Held In Connexion
Sarehole Mill Recreation Ground foster For Botanical Gardens Etc
Sarfaraz Memorial Trust
Sargent Cancer Care For Children
Sargodhian Spirit Trust sst Uk Chapter
Saridian Concern Limited
Sarimilla Trust
Sarisbury And District Community Centre Association
Sarisbury Infant School Parent Teacher Association
Sarisbury Parish Room
Sarjudas Foundation
Sarn Memorial Hall
Sarn Recreation Association
Sarn Young Farmers club
Sarnau Village Hall
Sarnau Young Farmers Club
Sarnia Charitable Trust
Sarnia Evangelical Trust
Saron Congregational Chapel Fund
Saron Congregational Fund
Saron Evangelical Church
Saron Welfare Association
SARPBAC Retirement Fund Pension
SARPBAC Retirement Fund Provident
Sarpri Provident Fund
Sarratt And District U3a
Sarratt Ducklings Pre school
Sarratt School Parents Association
Sarratt Village Hall
Sarratt Women s Institute
Sarum Books Charitable Trust
Sarum Counselling Service
Sarum Hall Parents Association
Sarum Hall School Trust Limited
Sarum St Michael Educational Charity
Sarum University Of The Third Age u3a
Sarvdesic Satya Samaj Uk
Sarvodaya Uk
Sarwan Singh Bahra Trust
Sarwar Jan Foundation
Sarwar Jehan Charitable Foundation
Sarwary Foundation
SAS Scandinavian Airline Systems
Sasana Ramsi Vihara
Sasani Limited Group Provident Fund
Sascco Pension Fund
Saskatchewan Healthcare Employees Pension Plan
Saskatchewan Pension Annuity Fund
Saskatchewan Pension Plan SPP
Saskatchewan Research Council Employees Pension Plan
Saskatchewan Teachers Retirement Plan
Saskatchewan Transportation Company Superannuation Plan
Saskatchewan Workers Compensation Board
SaskTel Pension Plan
Sasol Coal Provident Fund
Sasol Negotiated Provident Fund
Sasol Pension Fund
Sassov Beis Hamedrash
Sat 7 Trust Limited
Sat Kaival Circle
Satawu National Provident Fund
Satchwell Controls Provident Fund
Satellite Consortium Ltd
Sathya Sai School Leicester Ltd
Satipanya Buddhist Trust
Satkaar Asian Elders Day Care Services
Satkar Health And Social Group
Satkarma Mission Uk
Satmar Gemach
Satmar Limited
Satnam Training And Education Project
Satu National Provident Fund
Saturation Trust
Saturday Club For Deaf Children
Satwara com
Satyam Gyanam Anandam Society United Kingdom
Saughall Colts Junior Football Club
Saughall Pre school Playgroup
Saul Under Fives Playgroup
Saunders Foundation
Saunders Wynn And Coventry Educational Foundation
Saundersfoot Playschool
Saunton Sands Surf Life Saving Club
Saurastra Sewa Association
Sausage Tree Charity
Savana Inc Ltd
Savannah Charitable Trust
Savannah Development Foundation Ltd
Savannah Engineering Pension Fund
Savannah Fine Chemicals Pension and Provident
Savannah Fine Chemicals Pension Fund
Savayra Foundation U k
Savcio Pension Fund
Save A Child s Heart
Save A Life uk Ltd
Save A Million Lives
Save A Valuable Elephant
Save An Orphan Global Trust
Save An Orphan today
Save Augusco
Save Babies Through Screening Foundation Uk
Save Britain s Heritage
Save Charlton Assembly Rooms Project
Save Children In Africa In Need
Save Children In Pain
Save China s Tigers
Save Europe s Heritage
Save Evangelical Church
Save Life
Save Me
Save Our Soldier
Save Our Strays
Save Our Swans
Save St Saviour s
Save The Afghans
Save The African Needy Foundation
Save The Age Ltd
Save The Babies Society
Save The Children International
Save The Congo
Save The Diabetic Life sdl
Save The Disadvantaged People
Save The Elephants
Save The Family Ltd
Save The Mothers Trust smt
Save The Orangutan
Save The Orphan Please International
Save The Orphans
Save The Planet
Save The Rhino International
Save The World Club
Save The World croydon
Save Vedic Heritage
Save Your Rights syr
Savera Liverpool
Savernake Hospital Lavington Fund
Savi Foundation
Savile Town Community Association
Savile Town Muslim Parents Association
Savill Memorial Hall
Saville Turner Holistic Trust
Savin Brow Quarry
Savin Hill Quarry
Savin Hill Toll Bar
Saving Lives
Savory For Parochial School
Savoy Educational Trust
Savsnet Ltd
Sawa african Horizon
Sawbridgeworth And District Council For Voluntary Service
Sawbridgeworth And High Wych District Girl Guides
Sawbridgeworth Ecclesiastical Charity
Sawbridgeworth Evening Women s Institute
Sawbridgeworth Memorial Hall
Sawbridgeworth United Charities
Sawbridgeworth Young People s Recreational Centre
Sawdon Village Hall
Sawhaa south Asian Women s Health Awareness Association
Sawiris Foundation
Sawley Community Association
Sawley Village Hall Trust
Sawley Village Hall
Sawley Women s Institute
Sawmill Division
Sawmills Village Hall
Sawrey Institute And Reading Room
Sawston And District Toy Library
Sawston Arts Appeal
Sawston Childcare Limited
Sawston Hall Heritage
Sawston Riding For The Disabled Group
Sawston Youth Group Ltd
Sawtry History Society
Sawtry Pre School Playgroup
Sawyers Church
Sawyers Hall Lane Chapel Christian Workers Trust
Saxby all saints Village Hall
Saxham Trust
Saxilby C e primary School Fund
Saxilby School Parent Teacher Association
Saxlingham Nethergate Church Lands
Saxlingham United Charities
Saxmundham Museum
Saxmundham Sports And Recreational Club
Saxmundham Welfare Charities
Saxmundham Woodbridge And Thorpeness Tennis Partnership
Saxon Advice Services
Saxon Hill School Fund
Saxon Pre school
Saxon Riding For Disabled Association
Saxon School Association
Saxon Weald Homes Limited
Saxon Wood Association
Saxongreen Playgroup
Saxonwold Provident Fund
Saxton Cricket Club
Saxton Village Hall And Green
Saxum Pension Fund
Say My Name
Sayaji U Ba Khin Memorial Trust
Sayers Charity
Sayers Common School
Sayes Court Parent Teacher And Friends Association
Saylani Welfare Uk Limited
Sayser Developments Ltd
Sayt sevenoaks Area Youth Trust
Sayyid Trust
SBA The Solicitors� Charity
SBDS Incorporated Pension Fund
SBH Cotton Mills Pension Plan
SBH Cotton Mills Provident Fund
SBSA Pension Fund
SBV Pension Fund
SBV Provident Fund
SBV Retirement Fund
Sbws shrewsbury
Sc Foundation international Welfare
Sc Help
SC Johnson and Son of SA Pension Plan
SC Johnson and Son of South Africa Employee Benefits
SC Provident Fund
SCA Hygiene Products Nederland Stichting Pensioenlonds
Scaitcliffe Community Centre
Scalabrini Fathers Company
Scalabrini Fathers
Scalby And Newby Women s Institute
Scalby newby And Burniston Coal Charity
Scalby School Fund
Scalby Village Trust
Scaldwell Parish Trust
Scaldwell Relief In Need Charity
Scaldwell Village Hall
Scale Sound Creation Advancing Learning And Education for Special Needs
Scaleby Village Hall
Scalford Playgroup
Scalliwags Pre school
Scallywags Parent Run Nursery
Scallywags Playgroup alcester
Scallywags Playgroup
Scallywags Pre school edgworth
Scallywags Pre school halwill
Scallywags Pre school
Scaltback Middle School Association
Scampps In Surrey
Scamps Parent Toddler And Baby Group
Scamps Youth Company
Scampton C Of E controlled Primary School
Scampton Playmates
Scantabout School Association
Scapa Provident Fund
Scapa South Africa Pension Fund
Scapegoat Hill Playgroup
Scarabeus Theatre
Scarborough 95 Trust
Scarborough And District Citizens Advice Bureau
Scarborough And District Civic Society
Scarborough And District Deaf Society
Scarborough And District Disablement Action Group
Scarborough And District Group Of Advanced Motorists
Scarborough And District Mencap
Scarborough And District Organists Association
Scarborough And Ryedale Astronomical Society
Scarborough And Ryedale Carers Resource
Scarborough And Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team
Scarborough Archaeological And Historical Society
Scarborough Athletic Club
Scarborough Bench Charity Fund
Scarborough Blind And Partially Sighted Society Including Whitby And Filey
Scarborough Cahir Community Trust
Scarborough Choral Society
Scarborough College
Scarborough Disabled Swimming Group
Scarborough District Scout Council
Scarborough Flower Fund Homes
Scarborough Gastroenterology Research Fund
Scarborough Homeless Support Services
Scarborough Indoor Bowls Centre Limited
Scarborough Islamic Society
Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre Company Limited
Scarborough Medics Accident Care Scheme
Scarborough Methodist Circuit
Scarborough Museums Trust
Scarborough Peasholm Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Scarborough Riding For The Disabled Association
Scarborough Schools Christian Worker Trust
Scarborough Shopmobility
Scarborough Social Action Centre st Mary s With Holy Apostles
Scarborough South Bay Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Scarborough Survivors
Scarborough Symphony Orchestra
Scarborough Talking News For The Blind And Partially sighted
Scarborough Theatre Development Trust
Scarborough Theatre Trust Limited
Scarborough Trinity House Seafarers Trust
Scarborough Unit Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Scarborough United Scholarships Foundation
Scarborough University Of The Third Age
Scarborough Whitby Ryedale Mind
Scarcroft Institute
Scarcroft School Fund
Scargill Church Of England Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Scargill Movement
Scargill s Educational Foundation
Scargreen Park Recreation In Norris Green spring
Scarisbrick Hall School Trust
Scarisbrick Village Hall
Scarisbrick Womens Institute
Scarlet Theatre Company
Scarlett Mackinnon Endowment Initiative
Scarning Endowed School
Scarning Fuel Allotment
Scarning Playing Field
Scarning Pre school
Scarning United Charities
Scarning Village Hall And Estate Trust
Scarning Women s Institute
Scarr hall Memorial Trust
Scarrington Women s Institute
Scars Of War Foundation
Scarsdale Playground Muggington
Scarth Memorial Hall
Scartho Celebration Church
Scartho Village Community Association
Scary Little Girls Association
Scaw Metals Pension Fund
Scawby Home And School Association
Scawby Under Fives
Scawby Village Hall
Scawthorpe Community Centre
Scaynes Hill Playgroup
Scaynes Hill Women s Institute
Scda somali Community Development Assocation
Scene And Heard
Sceptre Education
Sch Charitable Trust
Scharig Group Provident Fund
Schass Foundation
Schauenburg Flexadux Pension Scheme
Schaumburg Police Pension Fund
Schenker Pension Fund
Schering Pension Fund
Schering Plough Provident Fund
Schering Plough Staff Pension Fund
Schiffshul Ltd
Schilders Afwerkings en Glaszetbedrif BPF
Schilizzi Foundation In Memory Of Eleutherios And Helena Veniselos
Schindler Lifts Defined Contribution Pension Fund
Schindler Lifts Provident Fund
Schindler Lifts SA Pension Fund
Schindler Lifts Top Up Provident Fund
Schindler Pensionskasse
Schneider Electric South Africa Retirement Fund
Schnellecke SA Employees Provident Fund
Schoeman and van der Merwe Pension Fund
Schoeman Boerdery Provident Fund
Schoeman Park Recreation Club Retirement Fund
Schoenstatt Movement In England And Wales
Schofield Poor Fund
Scholar Green Primary School Parents Association
Scholar Green Village Hall
ScholarShare Investment Board
Scholarships For Street Kids
Scholes Educational Foundation
Scholes Village Hall
Scholes Womens Institute
Schon Family Charitable Foundation
School Aid 4 Africa
School Aid India
School aid Uk
School Allotments
School And Auxiliary Endowments
School Aycliffe Community Association
School Charities Of Booth Plydwell Symmer
School Charity blencarn Branch
School Charity culgaith Branch
School Charity Of John Braithwaite
School Charity Of William Gleave
School Charity
School Common
School Connect
School Councils Foundation
School Dayz
School Employees Retirement System of Ohio SERS
School Endowment Trust
School Endowments including Gift Of John Barber
School Field Or Emmanuel Dommett s Charity
School Food Matters
School Food Trust
School For Life Romania
School For Social Entrepreneurs
School Foundation
School Fund For Queen Eleanor Primary
School Fund Woodfield
School Fund
School Governors One Stop Shop
School home Support Service uk
School House In Connection With Norton St Philip Church Of England Primary School
School House Nursery sandwich Ltd
School House Salcombe Regis Devon
School Including Gifts Of Love And Beckford
School Land
School Lands Charity
School Lands Educational Foundation
School Lane Playgroup
School Library Association
School Me
School Money Foundation
School Of Hard Knocks
School Of Industry Or Girls School
School Of Protestant Dissenters twemlow s Charity
School Of Rock Outdoor Activity Club
School Of Sufi Teaching
School Or Church Land
School Partnership Trust
School Places
School Road Hall
School s Out The Chelmsford Day Care Centre
School s Out
School Scholarships Fund Of Bradford Grammar School
School Sisters Of Notre Dame
School Site Under Award Of 1857
School South Africa
School Ties
School Trust Fund
School Under The Tree
Schoolchildren For Children
Schoolhouse Education
Schoolmistresses And Governesses Benevolent Institution
Schoolroom In Connexion With The Congregational Chapel At Newbury
Schools 4 Schools Limited
Schools Aid For Gambian Education sage
Schools Amateur Boxing Association
Schools And Homes Energy Education Project
Schools And Police Liason Activities For Summer Holidays Wiltshire
Schools And Teachers Innovating For Results
Schools And Universities Polo Limited
Schools Around The World
Schools At Somerhill Parents Association
Schools For Africa
Schools For Children Of Cambodia
Schools For Gambia West Africa
Schools For Hope
Schools For Kenya
Schools For Progress
Schools Helping India Voluntary Association
Schools In Sudan
Schools Linking Network
Schools Northeast
Schools Of Chesham Carnival
Schools Of Science And Art sale Proceeds
Schools Out Cubbington C Of E School
Schools Out West Dorset Ltd
Schools Out
Schools Preston Leyland Area Trust
Schools Relief Initiative
Schools Work In Pendle Trust
Schoonmaak en Glazenwassers Cleaners BPF
Schorne Nursery Pre school Playgroup
Schreiber Charitable Trust
Schroder Charity Trust
Schroder Charity
Schroders Employee Trust
Schubert Institute uk
Schumacher College Foundation
Schweizerischen Gewerbe
Scidev net
Science Alive
Science And Arts Foundation
Science And Healing Foundation
Science And Religion Forum
Science Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies Alliance
Science For Humanity Limited
Science Lodge Benevolent Fund
Science Media Centre
Science Museum Foundation
Science Of Living Charitable Trust
Science Of Spirituality Charitable Trust united Knigdom
Science Of The Soul British Isles
Science Projects
Science Revision Limited
Sciences Po Alumni Uk Trust
Scientific Committee On Antarctic Research
Scientific Instrument Society
Scissett C E a First School Parent Teacher And Friends Association
Scjm Charitable Trust
Sclerder Carmelite Monastery Public Church Trust
Scole Community Centre And Playing Field
Scole Preschool Group
Scoliosis Association uk
Sconce Hills Pre School Playgroup
Scoo b doo Society For The Benefit Of The Special Babycare Unit Of The Gloucester Royal Hospital
Scoop Aid Limited
Scope East Sussex Group
Scope For Boston And District
Scope For St Austell
Scope In Bradford
Scope In Colchester And Tendring
Scope In Huddersfield
Scope In Wolverhampton
Scope Northamptonshire
Scope West Cornwall
Scope West Sussex
Scope4coventry And Warwickshire Limited
Scopus Jewish Educational Trust
Scopwick And Kirkby Green Village Hall
Score Supermarkets Provident Fund
Scorfen Charitable Trust
Scoriton Village Hall
Scorrier Chapel Trust
Scorton Kids Club
Scorton Playing Field
Scorton Public Hall
Scorton Village Pre school
Scorton War Memorial Institute
Scot Hay Social Centre And Recreation Ground
Scotby Pre school Playgroup
Scothern Kids Club
Scothern Pre school
Scothern Recreation Centre
Scotiabank Group Master Trust Fund
Scotswood Area Strategy Limited
Scotswood Natural Community Garden Limited
Scott Bolton Trust
Scott Educational Foundation
Scott eredine Charitable Trust
Scott Gould House
Scott Hampton Foundation For Burkitt s Research
Scott Hardy Foundation
Scott s Well
Scott Wilson Millennium Project
Scotter County Primary School Fund
Scotter Pre school
Scotter School Association
Scottish and Newcastle Pension Fund
Scottish Borders Council Pension Fund
Scottish Enterprise
Scottish Government
Scottish Homes Pension Fund
Scottish Hydro Electric Pension Scheme
Scottish Knitwear Provident Fund
Scottish Stationers Pension Scheme
Scottish Teachers Superannuation Scheme
Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Scheme
Scottish War Blinded
Scotton Lingerfield School Fund
Scotton New Village Hall
Scotton Village Hall
Scotts Project Trust
Scotty s Little Soldiers
Scouloudi Foundation
Scoulton Village Hall
Scout And Guide Building Fund
Scout Association 4th Boxmoor Group
Scout Association County Of Birmingham
Scout Association
Scout Dike Activity Centre
Scout Enterprises Ltd
Scout Road Community Group
Scouts Association Polyapes Scout Camp Site
Scrapstores Uk
Scredington Relief In Need Charity
Scredington Village Hall And Playing Fields
Scribante Construction Port Elizabeth Pension Fund
Scribante Construction Provident Fund
Scribante Construction Staff Provident Fund
Scribblers Playgroup
Script Worldwide Ltd
Script Yorkshire Limited
Scriptural Reasoning
Scripture Gift Mission incorporated
Scripture Union International Council
Scripture Union International Trust
Scripture Union Schools Work Eastbourne
Scripture Union
Scriven Park Playgroup
Scriven Park Pre school
Scropton Riding For The Disabled Centre
Scruples Whippet Rescue
Scruton Playing Field Association
Scruton Pre school Incorporating Headstart
Scuba Diving For All Limited
Scuba Trust
Scubroguis Parents Association
Sculpt The Future Foundation Limited
Sculpture For Norwich Limited
Sculpture House
Sculthorpe Village Hall
Scunthorpe Aid In Sickness Fund
Scunthorpe And District Choral Society
Scunthorpe And District Citizens Advice Bureau
Scunthorpe And District Disabled Access Group
Scunthorpe And District Mind
Scunthorpe And North Lincolnshire Concert Society
Scunthorpe Ashby Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Scunthorpe Baptist Church
Scunthorpe Berkeley Lodge e Townswomen s Guild
Scunthorpe Deaf Club
Scunthorpe Frodingham Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Scunthorpe Gay Men And Women s Group
Scunthorpe Group Of Advanced Motorists
Scunthorpe Hospitals Broadcasting Organisation
Scunthorpe Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Scunthorpe Little Theatre Club
Scunthorpe Male Voice Choir
Scunthorpe Mencap Society
Scunthorpe Methodist Circuit
Scunthorpe Mosque Committee
Scunthorpe Musical Festival Association
Scunthorpe Round Table Charitable Trust Fund
Scunthorpe Unit 298 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Scunthorpe United Fc Community Sports And Education Trust
Scunthorpe Westcliff Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Scurr s Charity
Scutt Educational Foundation
Scutt s Almshouse Charity
Scythe Wheel
Sda Reform Movement
SDK Provident Fund
SDM Optics Provident Fund
Sdsa Foundation
SDV South Africa Pension Fund
Sdvt Banner Fund
SE Holding A S
Se1 United Limited
Sea Change Projects Ltd
Sea Harvest Provident Fund
Sea Harvest Trawlermens Provident Fund
Sea Kids
Sea Life Marine Conservation Trust
Sea Lion Swimming Club
Sea Mills Boys Girls Club
Sea Mills Community Initiatives
Sea Palling With Waxham Community Trust
Sea Ranger Association
Sea Ranger Ship Urchin
Sea Ranger Ship Vandyck Solihull Sea Rangers
Sea Safety Group
Sea Sanctuaries Trust
Sea Sanctuary The Vessel For Change
Sea Shepherd Uk
Sea Watch Foundation The Cetacean Monitoring Unit
Seabrook Church Of England Primary School Pta
Seabrook Community Association
Seachange Community Trust
Seaclad Maritime Group Provident Fund
Seaclose Swimming Club
Seacology Uk
Seacombe Community Association
Seacourt Hall
Seacroft Village Hall darc y Wilson Memorial Hall
Seafarers Uk king George s Fund For Sailors
Seafarers UK
Seafood Provident Fund
Seaford And Bishopstone Neighbourhood Watch Association
Seaford Baptist Church
Seaford Community Trust
Seaford Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Seaford Downs Syndrome And Special Needs Support Group
Seaford Head Community College Parent Teacher And Friends Association
Seaford Independent Spiritualist Church
Seaford Lifeguards
Seaford Music Society
Seaford Musical Theatre
Seaford Responders
Seaford Rotary Charitable Trust
Seaford Silver Band
Seaford Stroke And Caring Club
Seaford University Of The Third Age
Seaford Women s Institute
Seaforth Hall
Seaforth Highlanders Pipes Drums Leicester
Seaforth Information Network Group
Seagrave Primary School Fund
Seagrave War Memorial Hall
Seagrove Pavilion Trust
Seagry Pre school
Seagry Startley And Great Somerford Villages Hall
Seagull Print Limited
Seaham Action 1978 Training Trust Limited
Seaham Central Townswomen s Guild
Seaham Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Seaham District Scout Council
Seaham Division Of The Girl Guides Association
Seaham Eastlea And District Community Association
Seaham Harbour Cricket Club
Seaham Philharmonic Society
Seaham Physically Disabled Club
Seaham Rock Bands
Seaham Seafarers Society
Seaham Town Park
Seaham Unit 299 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Seaham Youth Centre Management Committee
Seahaven District Scout Council
Seahaven Division Guides
Seahaven Lioness Club Charitable Trust
Seahouses Development Trust
Seahouses District Cancer Research Relief Fund
Seahouses First School Parent Teacher Association
Seahouses Hostel
Seal And Bird Rescue Trust
Seal School Pta
Seal Village Pre school
Sealake Provident Fund
Sealand Parish Room
Seale And Sands And Tongham Relief In Need Charity
Seale hayne Educational Trust
Seale Recreation Ground
Seale Religious Education Fund
Seale Village Hall
Sealed Air Africa Pension Fund
Seals Starfish Club
Seamen s Christian Friend Society
Seamen s Hospital Society
Seamens Shelter
Seamer And Irton War Memorial Hall
Seamer In Cleveland Memorial Institute
Seamer Pre school
Seamer Tots
Seamons Moss Community Association
Sean Devereux Children s Fund
Sean International
Sean Moses
Sean Uk
Seapoint Canoe Centre
Searah Studies Society
Search And Rescue Assistance In Disasters
Search And Rescue Dog Association wales
Search Dogs Buckinghamshire
Search Dogs Essex
Search For Common Ground Uk
Search Foundation Ministries
Search Partners International Provident Fund
Search Rights For The Elderly
Searchlight Educational Trust
Searchlight Sussex
Seardel Group Pension Fund
Seardel Group Retirement Fund
Seardel Retirement Benefit Fund
Searight Hospital And Welfare Society
Sears Group Trust
Sears Holding Corporation
Seasalter And District Women s Institute
Seasalter Parish Charities
Seascale And Bootle Health Practices Charity Fund
Seascale Bowling Club
Seascale Sports Hall Trust
Seashell Trust
Seaside Afternoon Townswomens Guild
Seaside Community Association Limited
Seaside Hospital Radio
Seaside Radio Limited
Seaside Venture Group Riding For The Disabled Association
Seasons For Growth england Wales Ltd
Seathorne School Fund
Seaton And District Hospital League Of Friends
Seaton And District Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Seaton And District Music Club
Seaton Bowling Club
Seaton Charitable Trust
Seaton Choral Society
Seaton Christadelphian Ecclesia
Seaton Club For Young People
Seaton Community Association
Seaton Delaval And Holywell Community Association Ltd
Seaton Delaval And Holywell Community Association
Seaton Delaval Arts Centre
Seaton Delaval Pre school Playgroup
Seaton Hirst Veterans institute
Seaton House School Limited
Seaton Phoenix
Seaton Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Seaton Ross Playing Fields Association
Seaton Ross Village Hall
Seaton Sluice Community Association
Seaton Sluice First School Parent Teachers Association
Seaton Valley Sri Lanka Schools Project
Seaton Village Hall And Recreation Ground
Seaton Village Hall
Seaton Visitor Centre Trust
Seaton Working Men s Institute
Seattle City Employees’ Retirement System SCERS
Seaview Playgroup
Seaview Project
Seavington Playing Field Association
Seaweb Uk
SEB Stiftelse Skandinaviska Enskilda Bankens Pensionsstiftelse
Seba Trust
Sebakwe Black Rhino Trust
Sebastian Rathbone Fund
Sebastian s Action Trust
Sebergham Village Hall
Sebergham Women s Institute
Sebright Cygnets
Sebright s Educational Foundation
Seckford Foundation
Seckford Lodge 6411 Masonic Benevolent Association
Seckham Bequest
Seco Tools Provident Fund
Second Avenue Resource Centre Limited
Second Caldicot Scout Group
Second Chance A Charity For Children Who Need Special Help
Second Chance Association
Second Chance Furniture
Second Chance Headway Centre
Second Chance Schools
Second Chances
Second Church Of Christ Scientist Birmingham
Second Church Of Christ Scientist London endowment Fund
Second Church Of Christ Scientist London Promotion And Benevolent Trust
Second Church Of Christ Scientist London
Second Generation Furnishings
Second Genesis
Second Halifax Housing Limited
Second Hope Charity
Second Junior Charitable Trust
Second Movement
Second Nature Life Support
Second Pembroke Scout Group
Second Poor s House
Second Ryde Sea Scout Group
Second Shirley Scout Group
Second Sight
Second University House Trust
Second Wave Centre For Youth Arts
Secondapensione Fondo Pensione Aperto
Secret World Wildlife Rescue
Secretaries And Administrators Christian Fellowship
Secular Clergy Common Fund
Secular Clergy New Common Fund
Securicor Benevolent Fund For Security Guards And Their Dependants
Securicor Group Pension Scheme
Security Academy Provident Fund Pup
Security Management Services Provident Fund
Seda Provident Fund
Sedbergh And District Community And Heritage Trust
Sedbergh British School
Sedbergh District Arts Heritage Trust
Sedbergh People s Hall
Sedbergh Pepperpot Club
Sedbergh Playgroup
Sedbergh School Bradford Boys Club
Sedbergh School
Sedbergh Town Band
Sedbergh United Charities And Widows Hospital
Sedbury And Beachley Village Hall
Seddon Park Or Recreation Ground
Sedel Collings Foundation
Sedgeberrow Village Hall
Sedgefield And District Agricultural And Horticultural Society
Sedgefield And District Young Farmers Club
Sedgefield Area And Surrounding Communities
Sedgefield Arts And Recreation Community Association
Sedgefield Civic Trust
Sedgefield Community College Association
Sedgefield Development Trust Limited
Sedgefield District Citizens Advice Bureau
Sedgefield Out Of School Fun Club
Sedgefield Out Of School Hours Fun Club
Sedgefield Primary School Ptfa
Sedgefield Womens Institute
Sedgeford Pre school
Sedgeford Village Hall And Recreation Ground
Sedgehill Village Hall
Sedgemoor Citizens Advice Bureau
Sedgemoor Community Partnership
Sedgemoor District Scout Council
Sedgemoor Furniture Store
Sedgemoor Group Committee Of Young Farmers Clubs
Sedgley And District Community Association
Sedgley Community Church
Sedgley International Christian Ministries
Sedgley Park Synagogue
Sedgwick And Crosscrake Playgroup
Sedgwick Village Hall
Sedibeng Water Retirement Pension Fund
Sedibeng Water Retirement Provident Fund
Sedlescombe Pre school
Sedlescombe Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Sedlescombe Restholme Fund
Sedlescombe Village Hall
Sedwa supporting Education Development In West Africa
See Change Uniting The Arts Giving
See saw Playgroup
See saw Pre school At Wingham
See The Difference
See The Future
Seechange uk Limited
Seechem Riding For The Disabled Association
Seed Bible Mission
Seed Community
Seed Corn Trust
Seed Eating Disorders Support Services
Seed Foundation Provident Fund
Seed International Fund Trust
Seed Sowers Trust
Seedbed Christian Community Trust Limited
Seedcorn Enterprises
Seedfield Methodist Church
Seedfield Trust
Seedfund Limited
Seedlings At Rufford Park
Seedlings For Christ
Seeds For Africa
Seeds For Development
Seeds For Growth
Seeds Limited
Seeds Of Hope Children s Garden
Seeds Of Hope Uganda north East
Seeds Of Hope
Seeds Of Peace
Seeds Of The Future
Seedtime And Harvest Church
Seeing Hands Nepal
Seeit Working Trust
Seek Diabetes Awareness Ltd
Seeker s Light Trust
Seekport Ltd
Seely Church Of England Primary School Fund
Seely Hall Brook
Seely Hirst House
Seend And District Link Scheme
Seend Church Of England Aided Primary School Parents Social Committee
Seend Community Bus
Seend Lye Recreation Field
Seend Playgroup
Seend Trust
Seend Woman s Institute
Seer Green Church Trust
Seer Green Nursery
Seer Green School Parent Teacher Association
Seer Green Village Hall
Seer Ministries scriptures For Eastern Europe And Romania
Seerah Foundation
Seerat Foundation uk
Seesaw Club Playgroup
Seesaw Pre school Playgroup
Seeta Nazigo Aids Project snap
Seething And Mundham Village Hall
Seething Charity
Seething Parish Trust
Seeway Trust
Sef Cymru
Sefton Advocacy
Sefton And West Lancashire Deaf Children s Society
Sefton Cancer Support Group
Sefton Carers Centre
Sefton Carers Saturday Club
Sefton Childrens Trust
Sefton Christian Fellowship
Sefton Council For Voluntary Service
Sefton Cu Trust
Sefton Gospel Hall Trust
Sefton Group Of Advanced Motorists
Sefton Hackney Drivers Association For Handicapped Children
Sefton Helping Hand Services
Sefton O p e r a
Sefton Park Palm House Preservation Trust
Sefton Park School Parent Teacher Association
Sefton Pensioners Advocacy Centre
Sefton Self Help Group
Sefton Sports And Athletic Trust
Sefton Theatre Company
Sefton Unit No 48 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Sefton Women And Childrens Aid
Sefton Women s Institute
Sefydliad Coleg Y Groes Foundation
Seghill Colliery Institute
Seghill Recreation Ground
Segontium Rovers Junior Football Club
Seifullah Islamic Centre sic
Seighford Village Hall
Seindorf Arian deiniolen Silver Band
Seindorf Arian Dolgellau
Seindorf Beaumaris Band
Seindorf Trefor
Seion Congregational Chapel Trust Fund
Seion Fund For Bethel Congregational Chapel
SEIU Health Care Employees
Sekai Kyusei Kyo United Kingdom
Sekenim Charitable Trust
Sekolo Projects
Sekunjalo 1998 Provident Fund
Sel Supplementary Pension Fund
Selah Foundation
Selassie Orthodox Tewahedo Assembly In Manchester
Selattyn C E School P T A
Selborne And Empshott Nursing Association
Selborne Carpets Pension Fund
Selborne Village Hall
Selbourne Hall Trust
SELBSTHILFE Pensionskasse der Caritas
Selby Abbey C e c Primary School Fund
Selby Abbey Trust
Selby Almshouses And Poor s Charity
Selby And District D I A L
Selby And District Lions Club
Selby And District Round Table Charitable Trust
Selby And District Young Farmers Club
Selby Community Pre school
Selby Community Trust
Selby Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Selby County Primary School Fund
Selby District Association Of Voluntary Service
Selby District Citizens Advice Bureau
Selby District Leisurability Group For People With Learning physical Disabilities
Selby District Peter Pan Nursery
Selby District Talking News
Selby District Vision
Selby Feoffee And Welfare Charity
Selby Guides
Selby Hands Of Hope
Selby High School General Fund
Selby Longman s Hill County Primary School Parent Teachers Association
Selby Senior Phab Club
Selden Society
Sele Farm Community Association
Sele Farm Community Centre
Sele Farm Womens Club
Sele Lions
Select Group North Provident Fund
Selective Mutism Information And Research Association
Selector Umbrella Pension Fund
Selector Umbrella Provident Fund
Self Assurance Domestic Employees Provident Fund
Self Assurance Pension Fund
Self Assurance Provident Fund
Self Employed and General Retirement Fund
Self Financed Retirement Annuity Fund
Self Harm Awarenss For The Furness Area safa
Self Help Africa uk
Self Help Enterprise Bristol 7
Self help For African Women Network sawn
Self help Group For The Visually Handicapped And Their Families
Self Help Nottingham
Self Help Services
Self Knowledge Global Responsibility
Self Motivation In Lasting Endorphins S m i l e
Self realization Fellowship Church uk
Self realization Meditation Healing Centre
Self Reliance In Africa
Selina Sayer
Selkirk No 2 Trust
Sella Di Monteluce Foundation
Sellack Village Hall
Sellafield Benevolent Society
Sellata Limited
Sellindge School Association
Selling Village Hall
Selly Oak Area Caretaker Society
Selly Oak Methodist Church
Selly Oak School Trust
Selly Park Baptist Church Manse
Selly Wick Pre school Playgroup
Selsdon Baptist Church Pre school
Selsdon Baptist Church
Selsdon Park Lodge Benevolent Fund
Selsey Amateur Choral And Operatic Society
Selsey And District Carers Support Group
Selsey Cancer Relief Fund
Selsey Christian Community Trust
Selsey Christian Spiritualist Church
Selsey Cycle Network
Selsey District Lions Club
Selsey Regeneration Ltd
Selsey Romania Orphans Appeal
Selsey Venture Club
Selsey Women s Institute
Selside Memorial Hall
Selside School Association
Selsig Amateur Operatic Society
Selsit Clothing Provident Fund
Selsley School Trust
Selsley Scout Group
Selston Arts Community College Fund
Selston Music Festival Society
Selston Parish Hall And Recreation Ground
Selwonk Charitable Trust Fund
Selwood Housing Society Limited
Selwood United
Selworthy House Addiction Recovery Enterprise
Selworthy School Parent Teacher And Friends Of Selworthy Association
Selwyn Charitable Trust
Selwyn College Cambridge
Selwyn Segal Hostel Pension Fund
Selwyn Trust
Sem Charitable Trust
Sembcorp Utilities U K Ltd Sembcorp Pension Scheme
Sembrador Charitable Trust
Semer Village Hall
Semere Recreation Ground
Semerwater Outdoor Pursuit Centre
Semi Bulk Pension Fund
Semi Colon Group Isle Of Wight
Semiliki Trust
Semington Women s Institute
Semley Village Hall
Senacre Community Hall Association
Senahasa Trust
Senators Pension Fund
Send a child to hucklow fund
Send A Cow
Send a Part Retirement Benefit Fund
Send And Ripley History Society
Send First School Parents Teachers Association
Send Play Project And Visitors Centre Association
Seneca College
Senegambia Dairatul Mahabba Association
Senex Interiors Staff Provident Fund
Senghenydd Action Linking Together salt
Senghenydd Youth Drop In Centre
Senhouse Museum Trust
Senior Citizen Liaison Team
Senior Citizens Club brownfield Estate
Senior Citizens Club Newquay
Senior Citizens Of Heath Hayes
Senior Citizens On Their Own
Senior Citizens Society spitalfields
Senior Freemen s Fund
Senior People s Forum Of Warwick District
Senior s Almshouses
Senior Urological Registrars Group
Senior Volunteer Network Trust
Seniors Health And Active Retirement Project
Senlac District Scout Council
Senlis Scallywags
Sennelager Training Camp Pri Fund
Sennen And Lands End Preschool
Sennen Churchtown Hall
Sennen Community Association
Sennen Old Folks Community Centre
Senni Village Hall
Sennocke Womens Institute
Sennybridge Parent Teacher Association
Sennybridge Playgroup
Sennybridge Young Farmers Club
Sens Foundation Europe
Sense About Science
Sense International
Sense Of Sound Training
Sense The National Deafblind And Rubella Association
Senses special Educational Needs Social And Emotional Support
Sensory And Physical Support Service Children s Fund
Sensory Trust
Sentech Pension Fund
Sentech Retirement Pension Fund
Sentech Retirement Provident Fund
Sentinel Leisure Trust
Sentinel Retirement Fund
Sentraal Suid Aftreefonds
Sentrachem Group Pension Fund
Sentrachem Group Provident Fund
Sentrasure Makelaars Pensioenfonds
Senwes Aftreefonds
Separation And Reunion Forum
Sephardi Congregation Zichron Yitzchak
Sephardi Kashrut Authority
Sephardi Voices Uk
Septimus Moore s Pension
Septimus Smith Kerswell s Charity
Seqol Charity
Sequela Foundation
Serbian Orthodox Church Of Holy Trinity Bradford
Serbian Orthodox Parish Of Oxford
Seren Ffestiniog Cyf
Seren House
Serena Trust Fund
Serenata Limited
Serendib Charitable Trust
Serendip Children s Home
Serendipity Nursery
Serenity bournemouth
Serenity Foundation
Serenity House Bristol Alcoholism Recovery Service
Serenje Orphans Appeal
Sereolipi Nomadic Education Trust
Serge Betsen Academy Ltd
Sergeants Mess 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards
Sergeants Mess Commando Training Centre Royal Marines
Sergeants Mess Raf Benson
Sergeants Mess Raf Coningsby
Sergeants Mess Rmb Chivenor
Sergeants Mess Royal Marines Poole
Serian Uk
Seric Advisory Support Agency
Serio Ensemble
Serious Fun
Serious Trust Limited
Serle s Gift
Serra u k Foundation
Serv Suffolk Cambridgeshire
Servant Arts Trust
Servant Ministries
Servant s Church Limited
Servants Fellowship International
Servants Of Christ Ministries Trust
Servants Of The Paraclete Ministries
Servants Of Yahweh
Servants To Asia s Urban Poor Trust
Servants With Jesus
Servator Lodge No 6115 Almoner s Samaritan Fund
Serve Afghanistan
Serve Africa
Service Access To Minority Ethnic Communities s a m e c
Service By Emergency Rider Volunteers Norfolk
Service By Emergency Rider Volunteers oxfordshire Buckinghamshire Berkshire And Northamptonshire
Service By Emergency Rider Volunteers surrey South London
Service By Emergency Rider Volunteers
Service First Group Pension and Life Assurance Scheme
Service Institute Fund Raf Benson
Service Institute Fund Raf mod St Athan
Service Of Hope
Service Six
Service To The Aged
Service User Network swindon
Services Employment And Enterprise Network Trust
Services For Independent Living
Serving And Caring International
Serving Autistic Adults In Life
Serving Humanity
Serving The Homeless
Servistar Pension Fund
Servite Begbroke Development Fund
Servite Secular Institute
Servochem Retirement Plan
Sesame Counselling Service Newport
Sesame Playgroup Limited
Sesaw suffolk And Essex Small Animal Welfare
Sesku Academy
Sessay School Fund
Sessay United Charities
Sessay Village Hall And Playing Fields Association
Sessions Nature Reserve Trust
Set Skyline Educational Trust
Set Them Free International
Setco Steel Provident Fund
Sethani Uk
Sethington Ltd
Sethule Orphans Trust
Setjhaba IIC Pension Fund
Setjhaba IIC Provident Fund
Setmurthy Educational Foundation
Seton C P School Fund
Seton Care
Seton SA Pension Fund
Setpoint Greater Manchester
Setpoint Hertfordshire
Setpoint London East
Setshaba Pension Fund
Setshaba Provident Fund
Setterfield Trust
Settington And Downsview Community Association
Settle And District Aid In Sickness Fund
Settle Area Disabled Swimmers Group
Settle Area Swimming Pool
Settle C E Primary School Fund
Settle C E Primary School Pta Fund
Settle Christian Fellowship
Settle Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Settle District Committee Of Young Farmers Clubs
Settle District U3a
Settle Educational Foundation
Settle High School And Community College Fund
Settle Middle School Fund
Settle Orchestral Society
Settle Stories Limited
Settle Victoria Hall Limited
Settle Women s Institute
Settlebeck High School Fund
Settrington All Saints Church Of England Primary School Fund
Seva Transport Limited
Seven Acres Trust
Seven Beach Aid Ltd
Seven Bridges Provident Fund
Seven Hills Educationaltrust
Seven Kings Muslim Educational Trust
Seven Locks Housing Limited
Seven Pillars Of Wisdom Trust
Seven Seas Club Baxter And Grimshaw Trust
Seven Sisters Educational Trust
Seven Sisters Miners Welfare Society
Seven Springs Camp
Sevenoak Kenya Education Trust sket
Sevenoaks And Swanley Citizens Advice Bureau Ltd
Sevenoaks Area Mind
Sevenoaks Christian Counselling Service
Sevenoaks Community Church
Sevenoaks Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Sevenoaks Day Nursery Trust
Sevenoaks District Scout Council
Sevenoaks Historical Society
Sevenoaks Lions Club Trust Fund
Sevenoaks Philharmonic Society
Sevenoaks Primary School Association
Sevenoaks Round Table No 258 Charitable Trust Fund
Sevenoaks School Foundation
Sevenoaks School
Sevenoaks Society For Mentally Handicapped Children And Adults
Sevenoaks Symphony Orchestra
Sevenoaks Three Arts Festival
Sevenoaks Town Juniors Fc Limited
Sevenoaks United Reformed Church Charity
Sevenoaks Volunteer Transport Group
Seventh day Adventist Association Limited
Seventh Day Adventist Church DC Pension Fund
Seventh Day Adventist Church Pension Fund
Seventh day Adventist Community Centre
Seventh Day Church Of God Reformed
Severn Almshouses
Severn Ambulance And Medical Services
Severn And Teme District Explorer Scout Unit
Severn And Teme District Scout Council Hereford And Worcester
Severn Area Rescue Association
Severn Beach Playgroup
Severn Beach Village Hall And Playing Fields
Severn Bridges Trust
Severn Centre Trust Ltd
Severn Freewheelers Emergency Voluntary Service
Severn Gorge Countryside Trust
Severn Gorge Day Centre
Severn Group Committee Of Young Farmers Clubs
Severn Hospice Limited
Severn Primary School Pta
Severn Rivers Trust
Severn Stoke Village Hall
Severn Trent Pension Scheme
Severn Valley Railway Charitable Trust Limited
Severn Valley Youth For Christ
Severn Vineyard
Severn Wye Energy Agency
Severnbanks Fund
Severndroog Castle Building Preservation Trust
Severnside Evangelical Churches Trust
Severnside Scout Group
Severnside Sirens Trust Limited
Sevington Playgroup
Sewa Day
Sewa International
Sewalanka Uk
Seward Cancer Foundation Limited
Sewards End Village Hall Trust
Sewell s Charity For The Benefit Of Wesleyan Ministers
Sewerby Womens Institute
Sexey s School Bruton
Sexeys School Psa
Sexton s Manor Helping Hands
Sexual Abuse And Incest Line
Sexual Advice Association
Sexual And Domestic Abuse Rape Advice Centre burton District
Sexual Health On Call
Sexually Transmitted Infection Research Foundation stirf
Seymour Fieldhouse Homes
Seymour Villa Football Club
Seys And Bridges Educational Foundation
SF Foundation
Sf Youth Centre sfyc
Sfice Foundation
Sfk Success For Kids Limited
Sfumato Foundation
SFW Pension Fund
SFW Provident Fund
Sga Community Services Ltd
Sgh Venue Management
SGS Pension Fund
SGS Umbrella Provident Fund
Sha arei Shalom The North Manchester Reform Congregation
Sha arei Tsedek North London Reform Synagogue
Shaare Ezra The Moses Foundation
Shaare Zedek Uk
Shaarei Orah Ltd
Shaarei Parnosoh Toiva
Shaarei Rachamim Limited
Shaarei Torah Buildings Limited
Shaarei Tzedakah
Shaarei Tzion Trust
Shaarei Yosher
Shabach Outreach Ministries
Shabang Inclusive Learning
Shabbington Group Riding For The Diasbled Association
Shac surrey Heath Age Concern
Shackerstone Church Restoration Trust
Shackerstone Village Hall
Shackleford St Mary s Church Of England School
Shackleton Preservation Trust
Shacks Barn Buckingham Rda Group
Shades Evangelistic Theatre Company
Shadforth Village Hall
Shadingfield Mission Room
Shadingfield Village Hall
Shadow Bird Trust
Shadow Employee Benefit Provident Fund
Shadow Of Heaven International Ministries
Shadow Womens Centre
Shadwell Childcare Limited
Shadwell County Primary School Parents Association
Shadwell Independent Library Limited
Shadwell Opera
Shadwell Playground Campaign
Shadwell Youth Organisation
Shady Bower Playing Field
Shady Pines Employee Trust Provident Fund
Shaftesbury Abbey And Museum Preservation Trust Company Limited
Shaftesbury And Cann Relief In Sickness Charity
Shaftesbury And District Carers Association
Shaftesbury And Gillingham Round Table
Shaftesbury And Gillingham U3a
Shaftesbury Area Talking Newspaper
Shaftesbury Arts Centre
Shaftesbury Charitable Trust
Shaftesbury Civic Society
Shaftesbury Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Shaftesbury Housing Group Charitable Trust
Shaftesbury Masonic Charities Association
Shaftesbury Municipal Almshouse Charity
Shaftesbury Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Shaftesbury School Foundation
Shaftesbury Town Twinning Association
Shaftesbury Trinity Centre Trust
Shaftesbury Youth Club
Shaftoe Educational Foundation
Shaftoe Trust Controlled First School Association
Shafton Playground Charity
Shafton Recreation And Pleasure Ground
Shagufta Yunis Butt Family Charitable Trust
Shah Baquibillah Orphanage Trust
Shah Bhagwanji Kachra Foundation
Shah e jilan Trust
Shah Jalal Bengali School And Islamic Centre
Shah jalal Islamic Centre
Shah Jalal Islamic Cultural Centre gateshead
Shah Jalal Madrasa And Eatim Khana Trust
Shah Jalal Mosque And Communities Trust
Shah Jalal Mosque And Madrasa
Shah Jalal Mosque Islamic Centre
Shah Poran Islamic Jami Mosque And Community Trust
Shah Walayat Foundation
Shahbagh Jamea Madania Quasimul Ulum Trust
Shahbazpur Women Education Trust
Shahdin Welfare Association
Shaheb Ali Khan Trust
Shaheed Bhagat Singh Welfare Centre Derby
Shaheed Bhagat Singh Welfare Centre Leicester
Shaheed Foundation Uk
Shaheed Madan Lal Dhingra Social And Welfare Centre
Shaheed Udham Singh Asian Community Centre Limited
Shaheed Udham Singh Welfare Trust birmingham
Shahforan Mosque And Islamic Centres trust
Shahid Nisa Welfare Trust
Shahim Provident Fund
Shahjalal Bangladesh Islamic And Cultural Association Reading
Shahjalal Centre
Shahjalal Community Centre
Shahjalal Islamic Centre Masjid
Shahjalal Jame Masjid e noor And Madrasha And Islamic Centre
Shahjalal Jame Mosque Trust
Shahjalal Latifia Madrasha And Islamic School
Shahjalal Latifiah Umed Nogor Sunniya Madrasha
Shahjalal Mosque And Islamic Centre Southampton
Shahnam Charity
Shahporan Masjid And Islamic Centre Trust
Shai Foundation
Shaikh Abdulqadir Jilani Trust
Shajalal Mosque Islamic Cultural Centre
Shajereh Tooba Charitable Trust
Shak safe Homes And Kindness
Shaka Services
Shake n Dance
Shake The Nations Ministries
Shakerley Community Partnership
Shakespeare At The George Trust
Shakespeare At The Tobacco Factory
Shakespeare C p School Home School Association
Shakespeare Hospice Limited
Shakespeare House Community Centre
Shakespeare Junior School Pta
Shakespeare Link
Shakespeare North Trust
Shakespeare Road Community Centre
Shakespeare Schools Festival
Shakespeare Temperance Trust
Shakespeare Walk Adventure Playground Association
Shakir Youth Trust
Shakti Anand Orphanage Trust
Shakuntala Devi Uk Educational Foundation
Shalbourne And Ham Women s Institute
Shalbourne Recreation Ground
Shalbourne Relief Fund
Shalbourne School Fund
Shalbourne School Parent Teacher And Friends Association
Shalden Village Hall
Shalden Womens Institute
Shaldon And Ringmore Village Hall
Shaldon Over sixty Club
Shaldon Parent Toddler Group And Preschool Learning Alliance
Shaldon Regatta Association
Shaldon Ringmore Women s Institute
Shaldon Wildlife Trust Limited
Shalfleet little Explorers Pre school
Shalford Autumn Club
Shalford Choral Society
Shalford County Primary School Pta
Shalford Infants School Pta
Shalford Pre school Limited
Shalford Village Hall surrey
Shallowford House
Shalom Baptist Ministries
Shalom Bonayich
Shalom Centre maidstone
Shalom Charity Trust
Shalom Childcare And Education
Shalom Christian Healing Centre
Shalom Christian Retreat Centre
Shalom Club Day Centre
Shalom Employment Action Centre
Shalom Foundation Of The Zionist Federation Of Great Britain And Ireland
Shalom House
Shalom Ministries International
Shalom Place Limited
Shalstone Coal Charity
Shama Womens Centre
Shamala Educational Trust
Shamley Green Village Hall
Shammah Humancare Ministry
Shammah International Ministries
Shampan Foundation
Shamrock Foundation Limited
Shamsi Lwimba Hospital Trust
Shamsun Nessa Organisation
Shanbury Charitable Trust
Shandon Community Association
Shane Alderman Charitable Trust
Shanklin C E Primary Home school Association
Shanklin Rifle And Pistol Club
Shanklin Theatre And Community Trust
Shanklin Town Brass Band
Shanklin United Reformed Church Charity
Shanklin Voluntary Youth And Community Centre
Shannon Trust
Shanshacade Education And Welfare Project
Shanthona Women s Group
Shanti Charitable Trust
Shanti Dham
Shanti International
Shanti Microfinance
Shanti Nagar St Andrew s Trust
Shanti Sadan
Shantideva Centre
Shantiniketan Ltd
Shantona Womens Centre
Shanty Theatre Company Ltd
Shap Local History Society
Shap Ltd
Shap Memorial Hall
Shap Pre School Playgroup
Shape Bucks Limited
Shape London
Shape uk Ltd
Shapeshifter Productions Ltd
Shaping Voices
Shapla Aid uk Ltd
Shapwick Squirrels Pre school
Shard End Trust
Shardlow Heritage Trust
Shardlow Village Hall
Shardlow Women s Institute
Share Abet
Share Christian Fellowship
Share Community Limited
Share dewsbury
Share Haiti
Share In Etruria
Share Jesus
Share Music South West
Share Of Charity Of Henry Smith warbleton Estate
Share Of The Charity Of Henry Smith warbleton Estate
Share Of The Charity Of Jane Brooks Hinxworth
Share Of The Sir Michael Stanhope Charity
Share Of Thomas Pattinson s Foundation
Share Psychotherapy
Share The Christian Encouragement Trust
Share The Vision libraries Limited
Shared Churches ely Limited
Shared Churches gloucester Limited
Shared Churches hertfordshire And Bedfordshire Limited
Shared Churches northampton Limited
Shared Churches peterborough Limited
Shared Earth Trust
Shared Experience Limited
Shared Horizons
Shared Interest Foundation
Shared Learning In Action
Shared Lives Plus Limited
Shared Lives South West
Shared Voices
Sharei Chesed london
Shareshill Village Hall
Shareshill Women s Institute
Sharing Christ Internationally
Sharing Learning
Sharing Life Trust
Sharing Of Ministries Abroad
Sharing One Language
Sharing Voices bradford
Shark And Coral Conservation Trust
Sharkey s Community Gymnasium
Sharks Community Trust
Sharlston Miners Recreation Ground And Institute
Sharmans Cross Junior School Parent Teacher Association
Sharmarke Development Association
Sharnbrook 53rd Bedfordshire Scout Group
Sharnbrook Amateur Theatre Trust Limited
Sharnbrook Evangelical Church
Sharnbrook Old Baptist Chapel Charity
Sharnbrook Playing Field Association
Sharnbrook Pre school
Sharnbrook Upper School Association
Sharnbrook Village Hall
Sharnbrook Women s Institute
Sharnford Evergreen Club
Sharnford Youth Club
Sharon Christian Fellowship uk
Sharon Full Gospel Church
Sharon Pentecostal Church
Sharon Spratt And Caroline Thomas Trust
Sharon Youth Association
Sharpe s Pottery Heritage And Arts Trust Limited
Sharples Park Playing Fields
Sharpness And District Village Hall
Sharpness Playgroup
Sharpness School Association
Sharpsburg Borough Police Pension Plan
Sharpthorne Women s Institute
Sharrington Village Hall
Sharrow Community Forum Limited
Sharrow School
Shassab Serat un nabi Welfare Trust
Shastonian Travel Scholarship Trust
Shatila Theatre Trust
Shattered Lives
Shatterford Village Hall
Shaugh Recreation Hall And Parish Room
Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust
Shaves Industrial Pension Scheme
Shavington Village Hall
Shavington Youth Club
Shaw And Denton Charity For A Preacher
Shaw And Denton Charity For Poor Children
Shaw And District Disabled Association
Shaw And Royton Methodist Circuit
Shaw And Whitley Friendship Club
Shaw Cross Boys Club Dewsbury
Shaw cum donnington Village Hall
Shaw Fund
Shaw Hill Playing Field And Village Hall
Shaw Lane Community Sports Association
Shaw Meades Charitable Trust
Shaw Park
Shaw Poor Clergy Endowment Augmentation Fund
Shaw Rascals
Shaw Ridge Playgroup
Shaw s Educational Endowment
Shaw Whitley Preschool
Shaw Wood Activities Group
Shawbury And District Day Centre
Shawbury Bells Restoration Fund
Shawbury County Primary School Parent Teachers Association
Shawbury Girl Guides Units
Shawbury Parish Hall
Shawbury Squirrels Early Years
Shawbury St Mary s C e school Parent Teachers Association
Shawbury United Junior Football Club
Shawbury Young Farmers Club
Shawco Midas Pension Plan
Shawe Hall And District Community Association
Shawell Memorial Hall
Shawfield School Association
Shawley Schools Amenity Fund
Shaykel Esuh
She Africa
She survivors Helping Each Other
Sheaf Citizens Advice Bureau
Sheaf Domestic Violence Project
Shears Green Infant School Parent Teacher And Friends Association
Shearsby And Arnesby Womens Institute
Shearsby Village Hall Charitable Trust
Shearwater Community Integrated Living And Learning Scheme
Sheba Academy
Sheba Trust Newham
Shebbear College
Shebbear Parish Lands Charity
Shebbear School Support Group
Shebbear Village Hall And Playing Fields
Shebbear Women s Institute
Shebbear Young Farmers Club
Shebeen sheffield Black And Ethnic Minority Environmental Network
Shecaniah Ministries
Shed 22
Shed The Park
Sheddingdean Community Association
Shedfield Recreation Ground
Shedfield Women s Institute
Sheds Lane Charity
Sheen Educational Charity
Sheen Lions Football Club
Sheen Mount Activities Association
Sheen Mount Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Sheen Village Hall
Sheep Dip Lane Primary School Fund
Sheep Music Ltd
Sheepmarket Patients Group
Sheepscombe School
Sheepscombe Village Hall
Sheepsetting Pre school
Sheepstor Village Hall st Leonards Room
Sheepstor Welfare Charity
Sheepwash Parish Hall
Sheepy Magna Parent Teachers Association
Sheepy Memorial Hall
Sheepy Recreation Ground
Sheering C Of E Primary School Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Sheering Village Hall
Sheering Womens Institute
Sheerness Christian Spiritualist Society
Sheerness Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Sheerness Enhancement Association For Leisure
Sheerness Youth
Sheerwater Churches Limited
Sheerwater Muslim Education And Welfare Trust
Sheerwater Scout Group
Sheerwater Senior Citizens Club
Sheet Metal Workers Local 280 Pension Plan
Sheet Village Community Trust
Sheet Women s Institute
Shefa Welfare Trust
Sheffcare Limited
Sheffield 50
Sheffield Academy Of Young Leaders
Sheffield Acca Student Prize Trust Fund
Sheffield Accommodation For Alcohol Rehabilitation
Sheffield African Caribbean Mental Health Association Limited
Sheffield Alcohol Support Service Limited
Sheffield And Balby Area Quaker Meeting Of The Religious Society Of Friends
Sheffield And District Advanced Motorcyclists
Sheffield And District Association For The Disabled
Sheffield And District Iyengar Yoga Association
Sheffield And District Orchid Society
Sheffield And District Reform Jewish Congregation
Sheffield And Rotherham Asbestos Group sarag
Sheffield And Rotherham Ia
Sheffield Anglican Cursillo
Sheffield Area Geology Trust
Sheffield Area Kidney Association
Sheffield Association For People With Cerebral Palsy
Sheffield Association For Spina Bifida And Hydrocephalus
Sheffield Association For The Voluntary Teaching Of English
Sheffield Astronomical Society
Sheffield Autistic Society
Sheffield Bach Society
Sheffield beauchief Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Sheffield Bird Study Group
Sheffield Birley Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Sheffield Bme Network Limited
Sheffield Botanical Gardens Trust
Sheffield Branch Riding For The Disabled Association
Sheffield brunswick Methodist Circuit
Sheffield Central Deaf Club
Sheffield Centre For Independent Living Limited
Sheffield Chapeltown Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Sheffield Chapeltown Ecclesfield a Townswomen s Guild
Sheffield Chinese Association
Sheffield Chinese Christian Church
Sheffield Chinese Community Centre
Sheffield Chinese Culture Exchange Community
Sheffield Chorale
Sheffield Christadelphian Ecclesia
Sheffield Christian Fellowship
Sheffield Christian Life Centre
Sheffield Church Burgesses Trust
Sheffield Churches Council For Community Care
Sheffield Citizens Advice Bureaux Debt Support Unit
Sheffield City Council
Sheffield City Opera
Sheffield City Trust
Sheffield Civic Trust
Sheffield Conservation Volunteers
Sheffield Conversation Club
Sheffield Corporation Norfolk Park Tenants Association
Sheffield Countryside Conservation Trust
Sheffield Cross Links
Sheffield Crossroads Ltd
Sheffield Deaf Childrens Society
Sheffield Deaf Sports And Social Club
Sheffield Diocesan Board Of Finance
Sheffield Disabled Fishing Group
Sheffield Dog Rescue
Sheffield Domestic Abuse Outreach Service
Sheffield Duke Of Edinburgh s Award Council
Sheffield ecclesall Methodist Circuit
Sheffield Ecclesfield Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Sheffield Engineering Cutlery And Silverware Training Association Limited
Sheffield Family Holiday Fund
Sheffield Federation For School Sports
Sheffield Firth Park Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Sheffield Futures
Sheffield Galleries Museums Trust
Sheffield General Benevolent Society
Sheffield Gleadless Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Sheffield Grammar School Exhibition Foundation
Sheffield Greystones Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Sheffield Group Of Advanced Motorists
Sheffield Hallam District Scout Council
Sheffield Hallam University Students Union
Sheffield Heeley Brook Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Sheffield Hillsborough Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Sheffield Hospitals Charitable Trust And Related Charities
Sheffield Hospitals Charitable Trust
Sheffield Independent Film And Television Ltd
Sheffield Industrial Museums Trust Limited
Sheffield Information Link
Sheffield Institute Foundation For Motor Neurone Disease
Sheffield Islamic Centre Madina Masjid Trust
Sheffield Jazz
Sheffield Jewish Congregation And Centre
Sheffield Jewish Education Organization
Sheffield Law Centre
Sheffield Leisure Library
Sheffield Life Education Trust
Sheffield Lishi Arts
Sheffield Living Waters Christian Fellowship
Sheffield Lodge Moor e Townswomen s Guild
Sheffield Lyceum Theatre Trust Limited
Sheffield M e Group
Sheffield Manor Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Sheffield Mencap
Sheffield Mental Health Citizens Advice Bureau Limited
Sheffield Metallurgical And Engineering Association
Sheffield Methodist District
Sheffield Mind Ltd
Sheffield Music Academy
Sheffield Occupational Health Advisory Service
Sheffield Open Heart Club
Sheffield Oratorio Chorus
Sheffield Organic Food Initiative
Sheffield Out Of School Network
Sheffield Palestine Women s Scholarship Fund
Sheffield Parent Carer Forum
Sheffield Philharmonic Chorus
Sheffield Philharmonic Orchestra
Sheffield Pilgrim Methodist Circuit
Sheffield Pregnancy Counselling Support
Sheffield Presbyterian Church Trust
Sheffield Rape And Sexual Abuse Counselling Service srsacs
Sheffield Reclamation Limited
Sheffield Regional Rugby League Development Partnership Trust
Sheffield Riverdale Round Table Charitable Trust Fund
Sheffield Rotary Charity
Sheffield Ryegate Phab Club
Sheffield s Green Bond
Sheffield Samaritans
Sheffield Schools Christian Worker Trust
Sheffield Scout Resources Charity
Sheffield Sheaf District Scout Council
Sheffield Sickle Cell And Thalassaemia Foundation
Sheffield South East Federation Of Townswomen s Guilds
Sheffield Sports Commentaries Committee For Hospital Patients And The Blind
Sheffield Talking News
Sheffield Theatres Crucible Trust
Sheffield Theatres Trust
Sheffield Thrombosis Haemostasis Trust
Sheffield Tinnitus Association
Sheffield Town Trust
Sheffield Triratna Buddhist Community
Sheffield U3a
Sheffield Unit 302 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Sheffield University Southern Africa Students Scholarship Fund
Sheffield Walkley Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Sheffield Wednesday Football Club Community Programme
Sheffield Well being Consortium
Sheffield west Methodist Circuit
Sheffield Wildlife Trust
Sheffield Women s Aid
Sheffield Women s Counselling And Therapy Service Limited
Sheffield Working Women s Opportunities Project
Sheffield Yoga For Me cfs
Sheffield Young Carers Project
Sheffield Young Women s Christian Association
Sheffield Youth Development Trust Limited
Sheffield Zimbabwe Hiv Action Group
Shefford Lower School Parents And Staff Association
Shefford Parent And Toddlers
Shefford Saints Football Club juniors
Shefford Sports Community Association Limited
Shefford Sports Trust
Shefford Town Memorial Association
Shefford Women s Institute
Sheikh Abdullah Foundation
Sheikh Ali Sufi Community Association
Sheila Hind Trust
Sheila Johnston Hume s Little Pot
Sheila Kay Fund
Sheila Silverbeck Memorial
Sheila Spoerer Trust Fund
Sheila Whiting Charitable Trust
Sheila Whitley Trust
Shekel Limited
Shekinah Christian Church Penzance Trust
Shekinah elim
Shekinah Glory Tabernacle International
Shekinah Ministries The Glory Centre
Shekinah Mission plymouth Limited
Shekinah Shur Ministries
Shelby County Retirement System
Shelco Provident Builda
Sheldon Community Church
Sheldon Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Sheldon Lodge Of The Royal Antediluvian Order Of Buffaloes Grand Lodge Of England
Sheldon Memorial Trust
Sheldon Residents Community Association
Sheldon School Enrichment Fund
Sheldon School Foundation
Sheldon Singers
Sheldon Village Hall
Sheldwich County Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Sheldwich Village Hall
Shelf Pre school
Shelfanger Village Hall And Recreation Ground
Shelfield Male Voice Choir
Shelfield Playing Fields
Shelfield Youth Support Group
Shelford Gospel Trust
Shelford School Pta
Shelford stapleford Youth Initiative
Shell Canada
Shell Contributory Pension Fund
Shell Foundation
Shell Nederland Pensioenfonds Stichting SNPS
Shell Oil America
Shell Overseas Contributory Pension Fund
Shell Pensioenfonds
Shell SA Pension Fund
Shell South Africa Retirement Fund
Shellard Media Provident Fund
Shelley Charitable Trust
Shelley Community Association
Shelley Community Hall Association
Shelley Copthorne Educational Foundation
Shelley Educational Foundation
Shelley Farm Parent And Toddler Group
Shellix Co Limited
Shellrock Circle
Shelly Farm Community Centre Association
Shelswell And Fringford Playgroup
Shelter Community
Shelter Don Bosco
Shelter From The Storm
Shelter Housing Aid And Research Project leicester Also Known As Sharp
Shelter National Campaign For Homeless People Limited
Shelter Of Elyon Ministires
Shelter Providers Limited
Shelterbox Trust
Sheltered Housing Uk
Sheltered Work Opportunities Project
Shelton Infant School Parent And Teacher Association
Shelton Lock Community Welfare Centre
Shelton Lower School Ptfa
Shelton Swimming For Therapy Club
Shem Chai Charitable Trust
Shema Hearing Support
Shema Koli
Shema Yisrael Uk Limited
Shemtov Charitable Trust
Shencare Voluntary Transport Limited
Shenderey Charitable Trust
Shenfield And Hutton Morning W I
Shenfield Parish Hall
Shenfield St Mary s Ceva Primary School Parents And Friends Association
Shenfield University Of The Third Age
Shenington School Pta
Shenington With Alkerton Village Hall Charitable Trust
Shenley Brook End Community Centre
Shenley Brook End Village Hall
Shenley Christian Fellowship Trust
Shenley Christian Fellowship
Shenley Church End Pre school
Shenley Church End Village Hall
Shenley Fields Preschool
Shenley Lane Community Association And Sports Centre
Shenley Leisure Centre Trust Limited
Shenley Lodge Meeting Place
Shenley Lodge Pre school
Shenley Manor Resident s Association
Shenley Park Trust
Shenley Primary School Pta
Shenley Village Hall
Shenley Youth And Community Trust
Shenleys And Loughton Womens Institute
Shenpen Uk
Shenstone Day Care Centre
Shenstone Evening Women s Institute
Shenstone Playing Fields
Shenstone Relief In Need Charity
Shenstone Village Hall
Shenstonecares Elderly Support Group
Shenu Trust Leicester
Shephall Relief In Need Charity
Shepherd and Shepherd Incorporated Staff Pension Fund
Shepherd Food Ministries
Shepherd King Ministries
Shepherd Paul s Fund
Shepherd s Stream
Shepherd s Voice Ministries
Shepherdfold Ministry
Shepherds Bush Cricket Club
Shepherds Bush Families Project Childrens Centre
Shepherds Bush Islamic Cultural Centre
Shepherds Bush Mosque
Shepherds Dene
Shepherds Down School Fund
Shepherds Heart Ministries Uk
Shepherds Hill Preschool
Shepherds Spring Pre school Playgroup nursery
Shepherdswell Pre school
Shepherdswell Village Hall
Shepherdswell Women s Institute
Shepley Baby And Toddler Group
Shepley First School Appeal Trust
Shepley Pre school Playgroup
Sheppard s Almshouses
Sheppards Educational Foundation
Shepperton And Littleton Relief In Sickness Fund
Shepperton Community Church
Shepperton Pre school Ltd
Sheppey Big Fish Theatre Trust Ltd
Sheppey Division Guides
Sheppey General Hospital Trust Fund
Sheppey Hospital League Of Friends Trust
Sheppey Islamic Cultural Centre
Sheppey Matters
Sheppey Unit 301 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Shepreth Parish Recreation Field
Shepreth Reading Room Known As Shepreth Village Hall
Shepreth School Trust
Shepreth Wildlife Conservation Charity
Shepshed Alley Group
Shepshed And District Stroke And Heart Club
Shepshed Community Toy Library
Shepshed Dolphin Swimming Group
Shepshed Glenmore Community Association
Shepshed Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Shepshed Non conformist Educational Trust Fund
Shepshed Word Of Life Church
Shepton Beauchamp Playgroup
Shepton Mallet Amenity Trust Limited
Shepton Mallet Cenotaph Charity
Shepton Mallet Collett Park Charity
Shepton Mallet Community Recreational Charity
Shepton Mallet Heritage Society
Shepton Mallet Relief In Need Charity
Shepton Mallet Round Table Trust Fund
Shepton Mallet United Charities
Shepton Mallet Women s Institute
Shepway And District U3a
Shepway And Dover Mediation
Shepway Association Of Neighbourhood Watch Schemes
Shepway Blind Support Group
Shepway Citizens Advice Bureau
Shepway Disabled And Physically Handicapped Sports And Social Club
Shepway Volunteer Centre
Sher Hands
Sheraton Group Provident Fund
Sherborne And District Citizens Advice Bureau
Sherborne And Yeovil Methodist Circuit
Sherborne Arts Link Ltd
Sherborne Association Uk
Sherborne Chamber Choir
Sherborne Community Arts Centre Trust
Sherborne Community Church
Sherborne Community Orchestra
Sherborne Douzelage
Sherborne Festival Chorus
Sherborne House sherborne Trust 1995 Limited
Sherborne In The Community
Sherborne Masonic Charities Association
Sherborne Museum Association
Sherborne Old Girls Union Bursary Fund
Sherborne Parochial Charities
Sherborne Playgroup
Sherborne Preparatory School
Sherborne School For Girls Prize Fund
Sherborne School For Girls Scholarship Fund
Sherborne School For Girls The Winifred Spooner Memorial Fund
Sherborne School For Girls
Sherborne School
Sherborne Sports And Leisure Limited
Sherborne Sports Trust Limited
Sherborne St John School Association
Sherborne St John Toddler Group
Sherborne St John Village Hall
Sherborne Steam And Waterwheel Centre
Sherborne Town Band
Sherborne U3a
Sherborne West End Community Centre
Sherbourne Village Hall
Sherbrook Primary School Fund Cannock
Sherbrook Primary School
Sherburn Community Association
Sherburn Future Limited
Sherburn High School Fund
Sherburn Hill Group Welfare Recreation Ground
Sherburn House Charity
Sherburn Hungate C p School Fund
Sherburn in elmet Area Community Minibus Association
Sherburn in elmet Recreation And Sports Ground
Sherburn Outdoor Action For Kids
Sherburn Village Hall
Sherburn Visiting Scheme Supporting Seniors
Sherburne Heatley Trust
Shere And Peaslake Scout Group
Shere Charity For Relief In Need
Shere Museum
Shere Recreation Ground
Shere Village Hall
Shere Village Nursery
Sheredes School Association
Sherfield English Recreation Project 2000
Sherfield English School Trust
Sherfield English Village Hall
Sherfield on loddon Village Hall
Sherfield On Loddon Welfare Trust
Sherfield On Loddon Women s Institute
Sherfield Park Community Association
Sherford Village Community Association
Sheriff Hill Friday Morning mums And Tots Group
Sheriff Hutton County Primary School Fund
Sheriff Hutton Pre School Playgroup
Sheriff Hutton Village Hall Trust
Sheriffhales Village Hall
Sheringham And Beeston Regis Scout Group
Sheringham And Cromer Choral Society
Sheringham And District Society
Sheringham Baptist Church
Sheringham Christian Spiritualist Church
Sheringham District Guide Association
Sheringham Evening Women s Institute
Sheringham Little Theatre Society
Sheringham Museum Norfolk Trust Ltd
Sheringham Museum Trust
Sheringham Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Sheringham Youth Centre
Sherington Pre school
Sherlock Charitable Trust
Sherman Cymru
Shermanbury Church Of England School
Shernhall Pre school
Sherrardswood Parents And Teachers Association
Sherrardswood School
Sherrier Parent Teacher Association
Sherston Busy Hands Pre school
Sherston Community Congregational Chapel Buildings Trust
Sherston Village Hall
Sherston Womens Institute
Shervington Third World Trust
Sherwell Valley Primary School Fund
Sherwood And Waudby Charity
Sherwood Archers
Sherwood Colliery Recreation And Social Welfare Centre
Sherwood Communities Development Trust Limited
Sherwood Community Association
Sherwood Community Care Group Inc Sherwood Age Concern
Sherwood Forest Community Church
Sherwood Forest Hospitals General Charitable Fund And Other Related Charities
Sherwood Methodist Church
Sherwood Park School Parent Teachers Association
Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry Museum Trust
Sherwood Recreation Ground
Shetland Charitable Trust
Shetland Islands Council
Shetland Islands Pension Fund
Shetland Rescue
Sheves Achim Reception Trust
Shevet Achim Uk
Shevington And District Community Association
Shevington Youth Club
Sheviock Memorial Hall
Shewringe s Hospital
Shewula Health Intergration Project ship
Shi a Islamic Advisory Forum
Shia Islamic Centre Blackburn
Shia Ithna asheri Muslim Community Of Bedford
Shia Welfare Association
Shibden Park
Shiec sustainable Hub Of Innovative Employment For People With Complex Needs
Shiefton Youth Group
Shiela Freedman Memorial Trust
Shield Of Faith Ministries
Shield South Yorkshire Hiv Support Group
Shields Parliament
Shifford Group Riding For The Disabled Association
Shifnal And Albrighton Youth For Christ Limited
Shifnal Community Swimming Pool
Shifnal County Primary School Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Shifnal District Male Voice Choir
Shifnal Exhibition Foundation
Shifnal Old Peoples Welfare Committee
Shifnal Village Hall
Shift ms
Shika Tamaa Support Services
Shilbottle Community Hall Limited
Shilbottle Friendly Frogs Ltd
Shilbottle Miners Welfare Recreation Ground
Shilbottle Women s Institute
Shildon And Darlington Training Limited
Shildon Children And Young People s Action Network
Shildon Community Bus
Shildon Community Safety Group
Shildon Peoples Centre Limited
Shillingford St George Village Hall
Shillingstone Recreation Ground
Shillington And Stondon Relief In Need Charity
Shillington Car Park Charity
Shillington Memorial Playing Field
Shillington Toddler Group
Shillington Under Fives
Shillington Village Hall
Shillington Womens Institute
Shiloh Church Of The Lord Jesus Apostolic
Shiloh Clatter Graveyard Trust
Shiloh Pentecostal central Trust
Shiloh Pentecostal Church
Shiloh Pentecostal Fellowship birmingham
Shiloh rotherham
Shiloh Sabbatharian Spiritual Church Limited
Shiloh United Church Of Christ Apostolic Worldwide
Shiloh Worship Centre
Shilton Baptist Chapel
Shilton Old School Village Hall
Shilton Village Hall
Shilton Welfare Trust
Shimbwe Development Trust tanzania
Shimeijurasan Mac
Shimon Yehuda Limited
Shin Resh Charitable Trust
Shincliffe Baby And Toddler Group
Shincliffe Community Association
Shine a light Children Foundation
Shine African Children s Trust
Shine Again
Shine Cancer Support
Shine In The Community
Shine Like Stars
Shine Mentoring Limited
Shine Ministries International
Shine Relief Trust
Shine share Holding In Nursery Education Africa
Shine Support And Help In Education
Shine Theatre Trust
Shine Trust Uk Limited
Shinewater Community Church
Shinewater Shaftesbury Centre Trust
Shiney Advice And Resource Project
Shiney Row And District Community Association
Shinfield Adult School Trust
Shinfield Association
Shinfield C e Junior School Pta
Shinfield St Mary s Church Of England School Trust piggatt And Feilde Foundation
Shinfield United Charities
Shining Faces
Shining Hope Foundation
Shining Horizons Foundation
Shining Life Children s Trust
Shining Light
Shining Star Trust
Shining Stars Pre school
Shinji Shumeikai uk
Shinnyo en Uk
Shipbourne School Pta
Shipbourne Village Hall
Shipbourne Womens Institute
Shipbrook Road Playgroup
Shipbuilding Industries Pension Scheme SIPS
Shipdham Parochial And Fuel Allotment Charity
Shipdham Playgroup
Shipham Pre school
Shipham Rowberrow And Star Women s Institute
Shipham Village Hall Trust
Shiplake Court Limited
Shiplake Harpsden Dunsden And Peppard Sick Poor Fund
Shiplake Parish Churchyard Fund
Shiplake School Parent Teacher And Friends Association
Shiplake Women s Institute
Shipley And Baildon Blind Welfare Association
Shipley And Bingley Voluntary Services
Shipley Baptist Chapel
Shipley Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Shipley Juniors Football Club
Shipley Masjid Association
Shipley Parish Room Trust
Shipley Youth Cafe
Shipmates Hilltop Infant School
Shipperdson Educational Foundation
Shipperys Educational Foundation
Shipston Home Nursing
Shipston Joint Churches Youth Project
Shipston on stour And District Local History Society
Shipston On Stour Baby And Toddler Group
Shipston on stour Church School Foundation
Shipston On Stour Town Silver Prize Band
Shipston on stour Young Farmers Club
Shipton Bellinger Community Church
Shipton Bellinger Playgroup
Shipton Bellinger Village Centre
Shipton Bellinger Women s Institute
Shipton Gorge Heritage Ltd
Shipton Gorge Village Hall
Shipton Moyne Village Hall
Shipton Oliffe Reading Room
Shipton Oliffe Women s Institute
Shipton on cherwell And Thrupp Millennium Village Hall
Shipton Pre school
Shipton Stanton Long And Easthope Memorial Hall
Shipton Under Wychwood New Village Hall Appeal Fund
Shipton under wychwood United Charities
Shipton under wychwood Wild Garden And Woods
Shipton under wychwood Women s Institute
Shipton Village Hall
Shiptonthorpe Playing Fields Association
Shiptonthorpe Village Hall
Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariners Royal Benevolent Society
Shir Hayim hampstead Reform Jewish Community
Shirat Devora And Chochmat Shlomo Trust
Shiraz Mirza Community Hall Trust
Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Association Of London
Shire And Soke Churches Together In Northamptonshire And Peterborough
Shire Community Services Ltd
Shire Oak Charitable Trust
Shire Oak leeds District Scout Council
Shire Oak Saints J f c
Shire Training Workshops Limited
Shire Way Community Association
Shirebrook Academy Endowment Fund
Shirebrook Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Shirebrook Miners Welfare Centre
Shirebrook Model Village Recreation Ground Welfare Scheme
Shirecliffe Community Forum
Shiregreen And District Community Association
Shirehall Tzedaka Company Limited
Shirehampton Community Action Forum
Shirehampton Public Hall Community Association
Shirehampton Public Hall
Shiremoor Community Association
Shiremoor District Children s Treat
Shirenewton And Mynyddbach Fields Association Limited
Shirenewton Kids Club
Shirenewton Primary School Pta
Shirenewton Recreation Association
Shireoaks Miners Welfare Recreation Ground
Shirephase Ltd
Shirland Miners Welfare
Shirland Primary School Ptfa
Shirland Village Hall Management Committee
Shirley And District Unit No 481 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Shirley Baptist Church Shirley Solihull
Shirley Baptist Church Southampton
Shirley Church Of England School
Shirley Community Association
Shirley Community Centre Association
Shirley e Townswomen s Guild
Shirley Heath Junior School Parent Teacher Association
Shirley Junior School Pta
Shirley Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Shirley Methodist Church Solihull
Shirley Methodist Church
Shirley Neighbourhood Care Scheme
Shirley Old Peoples Welfare Committee
Shirley Parish Hall
Shirley Round Table Charitable Trust
Shirley Spiritualist Church
Shirley Women s Institute Hants
Shirley Women s Institute
Shirrell Heath Recreation Ground And Allotment Charity
Shirwell Village Hall
Shiseido Co Ltd
Shiselweni Forestry Group Provident Fund
Shiv Nadar Foundation
Shiv Sai Seva Trust
Shiva Cultural And Community Centre
Shiva Trust
Shivabala shivarudrabalayogi Mission uk
Shivsakti Seva Trust
Shlomo Memorial Fund Limited
Shmeichel Limited
Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company
Shobdon Arches Trust
Shobdon Church Preservation Trust
Shobdon Village Hall
Shobdon Village Trust
Shobnall Community Centre
Shoc Slough Homeless Our Concern
Shocklach And Threapwood School Association
Shocklach Village Hall
Shoeburyness And Thorpe Bay Baptist Church
Shoeburyness Community Centres Association
Shoeburyness County High School Parent Teacher Association
Shofar Christian Church Ltd
Shofar Foundation International
Shofar Uk
Shokat Zaman Orphan Relief Limited
Sholden Parish Hall
Sholing Community Association
Sholing Community Centre Preschool
Sholing Valleys Study Centre Association
Sholing Young People s Project
Sholom Umarpe Ltd
Sholto Vere Hare And George Harry Wickes
Shomaj Sheba Trust
Shooting Star Chase
Shooting Stars Gymnastics Club
Shootingstars Preschool
Shopmobility Basingstoke
Shopmobility Derbyshire Limited
Shopmobility Furness
Shopmobility harlow
Shopmobility Leatherhead
Shopmobility Ltd
Shopmobility Manchester
Shopmobility Market Harborough
Shopmobility Melton Mowbray
Shopmobility Newport
Shopmobility Sheffield
Shopmobility Shrewsbury
Shopmobility St Helens
Shopmobility Stockport
Shopmobility Watford
Shopmobility Worcester
Shopmobility York
Shopmobilty South Gloucestershire
Shopworkers Industrial Union Local 1928 Pension Plan
Shoreditch Community Playspace
Shoreditch Masjid Trust And Islamic Cultural Education Centre
Shoreditch Tabernacle Baptist Church
Shoreditch Town Hall Trust
Shorefield School Parents And Staff Association
Shoreham Almhouses
Shoreham And District Girl Guides
Shoreham And District Mental Health Association
Shoreham Baptist Church
Shoreham Beach First School Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Shoreham Community Association Ltd
Shoreham Society
Shoreham Southwick U3a
Shoreham Village Hall
Shoreham Village Pre school
Shoreham Village School School Fund
Shoreham Women s Institute
Shoreline Calvary North London Limited
Shoreline Church
Shoreline Housing Partnership Limited
Shoreline Trust
Shoresh Charitable Trust dr Ruth Borchard Gift
Shoresh Charitable Trust
Shoreside Appeal Trust
Shoreside Out Of School Services
Shoreworker Pension Plan Administered By the United Fishermen and Allied Workers Union
Shorncliffe Community Centre
Shorncliffe Station Nursery School
Shorndene Women s Club
Shorne United Charities
Shorne Village Hall
Short Bowel Survivor And Friends
Short Breaks Network
Short Term Family Accommodation Centre
Short Term Wheelchair Loan Charity
Shortenills Environmental Education Trust
Shorthorn Society Of The United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Ireland
Shortlanesend Pre School
Shortlanesend School P T A
Shortlanesend Village Hall
Shortstown Community Trust
Shortstown Lower School Pta
Shortstown Pre school
Shorwell Parish Hall
Shoscombe Social Welfare Centre And Recreation Ground
Shotesham Common
Shotgate Community Association
Shotley And Erwarton Jubilee Community Council
Shotley Bridge Village Community Trust
Shotley Bridge Village Hall Association
Shotley Bridge War Memorial Cottages Trust
Shotley Kidzone
Shotley Village Hall
Shotley Women s Institute
Shotley Youth News Crew
Shottermill Recreation Ground And Swimming Pool
Shottery Memorial Hall
Shottery St Andrews Primary School Pta
Shottesbrooke Charitable Trust
Shotteswell Charities
Shotteswell Village Hall
Shottisham Womens Institute
Shotton And District Community Association
Shotton Community Association
Shotton Partnership 2000
Shotton Playing Field
Shotton Primary Out Of School Hours Club
Shotton Recreation Ground
Shotton War Memorial Recreation Grounds
Shotwick Lake Sailing
Shout scheme To Help Others By The Under Twenties
Shout Youth Group Limited
Show A Child You Care Foundation
Show Of Strength Theatre Company
Show Racism The Red Card
Show That You Care For The Orphans
Showcase Sioe Gerdd Performing Arts Association
Showers Of Mercy Ministries
SHP Pensionskasse
Shpresa Programme
Shrawley Parish Hall
Shree Aden Depala Mitramandal Uk
Shree Bharatiya Mandal indian Association Tameside
Shree Birmingham Pragati Mandal
Shree Damania Machhi Mahajan Leicester Uk
Shree Darji Gnati Mandal s d Leicester
Shree Digamber Jain Association
Shree Geeta Bhawan
Shree Girnara Soni Samaj uk
Shree Gujarati Hindu Centre
Shree Gujarati Hindu Satsang Mandal coventry
Shree Gurjar Kshatriya Samaj Leicester Uk
Shree Hindu Gujrati Samaj
Shree Hindu Samaj Mandal
Shree Hindu Temple And Community Centre
Shree Jain Sangh East London And Essex
Shree Jalaram Seva Trust
Shree Jansari Gnati Mandal
Shree Kalyan Mandal
Shree Krishna Community Centre
Shree Krishnagiri Parshwa Padmavathi
Shree Kshatriya Association Of Uk
Shree Kutch Leva Patel Community uk
Shree Kutch Satsang Swaminarayan Temple east London
Shree Kutch Satsang Swaminarayan Temple mandir London
Shree Kutch Satsang Swaminarayan Temple South East London
Shree Limbachia Gnati Mandal Leicester
Shree Mahanand Dham
Shree Mandhata Youth Community Association East London And Essex
Shree Matiya Patidar Samaj london
Shree Meladi Maa Tb Hospital Trust
Shree N K Singhania Foundation
Shree Navdurga Association
Shree Navyug Jain Pragati Mandal
Shree Prajapati Association bolton
Shree Prajapati Association Bradford
Shree Prajapati Association Coventry
Shree Prajapati Association Leicester
Shree Prajapati Association Uk london Branch
Shree Prajapati Association uk
Shree Ram Krishna Centre
Shree Ram Krishna Community Project
Shree Ram Mandir Shree Jalaram Bhajan Mandal
Shree Ram Mandir walsall
Shree Sakthy Ghanapathy Temple
Shree Sanatan Dharm Mandal Ilford
Shree Sanatan Mandir And Community Centre
Shree Sanatan Seva Samaj
Shree Sarvodaya Samaj u k
Shree Sattavis Gam Patidar Samaj europe
Shree Shakti Mandir Temple
Shree Shree Baba Lokenath Trust
Shree Shree Loknath Bhakta Porishad uk
Shree Shree Radha Krishna Cultural Centre coventry
Shree Shree Radha Krishna Cultural Centre south London
Shree Sorathia Prajapati Community Uk
Shree Sukhpur Earthquake Relief Trust
Shree Swaminarayan Agyna Upasna Mandal Uk
Shree Swaminarayan Satsang s s s
Shree Swaminarayan Sidhant Sajivan Mandal London
Shree Swaminarayan Temple Cardiff
Shree Swaminarayan Temple Oldham
Shree Swaminarayan Temple
Shree Thiruthanigai Vale Murugan Temple
Shree U K Luhar Gnati Mandal
Shree Veljibhai Harji Bhudia Trust
Shree Vishwakarma Association Of United Kingdom
Shree Vishwakarma Vainsh Suthar Mandal midlands Leicester
Shree Vrindavan Trust
Shree Wanza Community Leicester
Shree Yamuna Mandal Leicester
Shree Yuvak Mandal Dandi uk
Shreebai Welfare Foundation uk
Shreenathji Sanatan Trust s s t
Shrewley Village Hall
Shrewsbury And District Arts Association
Shrewsbury And District Stroke Club
Shrewsbury Baptist Church
Shrewsbury Bellringers Towers Restoration Fund
Shrewsbury Brass Band
Shrewsbury Cantata Choir
Shrewsbury Cathedral Catholic Primary School Ptfa
Shrewsbury Central Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Shrewsbury Children s Bookfest
Shrewsbury Choral Society
Shrewsbury Civic Society Trust Limited
Shrewsbury Consort Of Recorders
Shrewsbury Deep Waters Trust Limited
Shrewsbury Dispensary Fund
Shrewsbury Drapers Hall Preservation Trust
Shrewsbury Drapers Holy Cross Limited
Shrewsbury Harlescott Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Shrewsbury Homes For All
Shrewsbury House Community Association
Shrewsbury House School Trust Limited
Shrewsbury House
Shrewsbury Light Orchestra Society
Shrewsbury Lions Club Charitable Trust Fund
Shrewsbury Lodge School Trust
Shrewsbury Mencap
Shrewsbury Music Therapy Unit Trust Fund
Shrewsbury Opportunity Group
Shrewsbury Orchestral Society
Shrewsbury Oswestry Crucial Crew
Shrewsbury Police Choir
Shrewsbury Railway Heritage Trust
Shrewsbury Retirement Board
Shrewsbury Roman Catholic Diocesan Trust poor Of Salop
Shrewsbury Roman Catholic Diocesan Trust poor Of Sandbach
Shrewsbury Roman Catholic Diocesan Trust
Shrewsbury School Foundation
Shrewsbury School Musical Activities
Shrewsbury School
Shrewsbury Secular Clergy Fund
Shrewsbury Street Pastors
Shrewsbury Theatre Guild
Shrewsbury Town Fc Community Sports Trust
Shrewsbury U3a
Shrewsbury Unitarian Church
Shrewsbury United Reformed Church
Shrewsbury Youth For Christ
Shrewton And District Womens Institute
Shrewton Charitable Trust
Shrewton Pre School
Shrewton Recreational Charity
Shri 108 Sant Sarwan Dass Charitable Trust uk
Shri Bhagwati Mata Mandir Trust And Sanatan Community Centre nottingham
Shri Durga Bhawan Temple International Ltd
Shri Durga Bhawan
Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Gurdwara
Shri Guru Nanak Devji Charitable Trust
Shri Guru Nanak Gurdwara Kembrey Street Swindon
Shri Guru Ravi Dass Sabha
Shri Guru Ravidas Mission london
Shri Guru Ravidass Cultural Association Birmingham
Shri Guru Ravidass Dharmik Sabha willenhall
Shri Guru Ravidass Gurdwara Gravesend
Shri Guru Ravidass Mission International
Shri Guru Ravidass Sabha And Welfare Cultural Association
Shri Guru Ravidass Sabha Bradford
Shri Guru Ravidass Sabha newham london
Shri Guru Ravidass Sabha Slough Berkshire
Shri Guru Ravidass Sabha United Kingdom
Shri Guru Ravidass Sangat Luton Bedfordshire
Shri Guru Ravidass Temple And Community Centre
Shri Guru Ravidass Welfare Association
Shri Guru Tegh Bahadhur Gurdwara
Shri Guru Valmik Sabha
Shri Hindu Community Centre
Shri Kanagathurkkai Amman hindu Temple Trust
Shri Krishan Mandir
Shri Nand Lal Foundation
Shri Paramhans Advait Mat Uk
Shri Ram Chandra Mission Uk
Shri Sai Sidh Baba Balak Nath Mandir
Shri Shiv Shakti Seva Trust
Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj Trust
Shri Siddhi Vinayak Ganapati Temple Trust
Shri Sithi Vinayagar Thevasthanam
Shri Swami Satyanand Dharmarth Trust
Shri Vallabh Nidhi Uk
Shri Venkateswara balaji Temple Of The United Kingdom
Shri Vishwakarma Sabha london
Shri Yoga Vedanta Seva Samiti Europe
Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur uk
Shrine Of The Sacred Heart And Tyburn Martyrs congregation Of The Adorers Of The Most Sacred Heart Of Jesus Of Montmartre
Shriners Hospitals for Children
Shrivenham United Charities
Shromani Panth Akali Dalkhalsa Nihang Singha Uk
Shropham Recreation Ground And Village Hall
Shropshire Ambulance First Emergency Responder Rea Valley Scheme
Shropshire Ambulance First Emergency Responder Telford Scheme
Shropshire And District Ia
Shropshire And Mid Wales Kidney Patients Association
Shropshire And West Midlands Agricultural Society
Shropshire Archaeological Society
Shropshire Association Of Senior Citizen Forums
Shropshire Autistic Supporters
Shropshire Badger Group
Shropshire Bangladeshi Welfare Society
Shropshire Beekeepers Association
Shropshire Building Preservation Trust
Shropshire Cat Rescue
Shropshire Cerebral Palsy Society
Shropshire Charity Concerts
Shropshire Child Contact Centre
Shropshire Children s Scrapstore Recycling And Resource Centre Scrappies
Shropshire Christian Association With Deaf People
Shropshire Community Health Nhs Trust General Charitable Fund
Shropshire County Pension Fund
Shropshire County Scout Council
Shropshire Cricket Board Limited
Shropshire Crossroads Caring For Carers
Shropshire Deaf Children s Society Incorporating Telford And The Wrekin
Shropshire Disability Network
Shropshire Education And Conference Centre
Shropshire Family History Society
Shropshire Federation Of Young Farmers Clubs
Shropshire Fiwila Partnership
Shropshire Football Association Benevolent Fund
Shropshire Foster Care Association
Shropshire Group I A M Affiliated To The Institute Of Advanced Motorists Ltd
Shropshire Historic Churches Trust
Shropshire Housing Alliance
Shropshire Independent Advocacy Scheme Limited
Shropshire Marches Methodist Circuit
Shropshire Masonic Charitable Association
Shropshire Mid Wales Federation Of Townswomen s Guilds
Shropshire Mind
Shropshire Mines Trust Ltd
Shropshire Music Trust
Shropshire Ornithological Society 2005
Shropshire Ornithological Society
Shropshire Parent And Carer Council
Shropshire Parks And Gardens Trust
Shropshire Peer Counselling And Advocacy Service
Shropshire Playbus Association
Shropshire Playing Fields Association
Shropshire Regimental Museum Trust
Shropshire Reminiscence
Shropshire Rugby Rebels
Shropshire Rural Support
Shropshire Sailing Club
Shropshire Severn And Teme District Scout Council
Shropshire Sharks
Shropshire Union Fly boat Restoration Society Limited
Shropshire Voluntary Helping Hand Association
Shropshire Wildlife Trust
Shropshire Wrekin Me Support
Shropshire Yeomanry Comrades Association
Shropshire Young Musicians Parents And Helpers Organisation
Shropshire Youth Association
Shrub End Social Centre
Shrubberies School Parent teacher Association
Shrublands Youth And Adult Centre Charitable Trust
Shu Trust
Shubbak a Window On Contemporary Arab Culture
Shulem B Association Limited
Shulom Rov Charities
Shumar Engineering Staff Assurance Scheme
Shumei Eiko Limited
Shunar Bangla Association
Shunem Trust
Shunt Events
Shurdington Pre school
Shurdington Social Centre
Shute Little Acorns Pre school
Shutlanger Village Hall
Shutlingfield Charity For Walton le dale
Shuttington And Alvecote Parish Hall
Shuttleworth Charitable Trust
Shuttleworth Charity For The Poor
Shuttleworth Veteran Aeroplane Society
Shuvo Yisroel
Shy Lowen Horse And Pony Sanctuary
Shyam Education Trust
Shyira Trust
Shyn Limited
SIA Latvijas Garantiju aģentūra
Siam Care
Siawns Teg Limited
Sibbertoft Reading Room
Sibdon Church Trust
Siberian Appeal
Sibford Gower Educational Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Sibford School
Sibford Village Hall
Sible Hedingham Recreation Ground
Sible Hedingham Women s Institute
Siblings United
Sibs for Brothers And Sisters
Sibsey Free School Fund
Sibsey Joint School Trust 1993
Sibsey Northlands Village Hall
Sibsey Village Hall
Sibson s School Plumbland
Sibson Village Hall
Sibz siblings Support Group
Sica Fica
Sicad Pension Fund
Sicad Provident Fund
Sick Man s Friend Society
Sick Poor Fund
Sicke s Charity
Sickle Cell And Thalassaemia Care Forum
Sickle Cell And Thalassaemia Support Group Of Barking Dagenham And Havering Bdh
Sickle Cell And Thalassaemia Support Project wolverhampton
Sickle Cell And Young Stroke Survivors
Sickle Cell Support Scheme
Sicklinghall Community Primary School Fund
Sicklinghall Community Primary School Ptfa
Sicklinghall Village Hall
Sid And Otter Vale Young Farmers Club
Sid Vale Africa Link
Sid Vale And Eastern Devon Talking Newspaper
Sid Valley Practice Equipment Fund
Sidas Action Guards Provident Fund
Sidas Provident Fund
Sidbury Millennium Green Trust
Sidbury School Parents Teacher And Friends Association
Sidbury United Charities
Sidbury Village Hall
Sidbury Women s Institute
Sidcot Bursary Trust
Sidcot School
Sidcup Baptist Church
Sidcup Rotary Club Benevolent Trust
Sidcup Symphony Orchestra
Siddal Moor Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Siddha Yoga Sangham Of Europe
Siddhyog Mandir Trust United Kingdom
Siddick Community Asociation
Siddington And Capesthorne Village Hall
Siddington Trust Limited
Siddington Village Hall
Siddiq Foundation
Siddiqi Trust Uk
Siddiqiyya Educational Trust
Siddiquia Education Trust
Side By Side buildings Limited
Side By Side children Limited
Side By Side Theatre Group stourbridge
Side By Side Theatre Group
Sidegate Lane Neighbourhood Group
Sidegate Primary School Association
Sidemoor Pre school Playgroup
Sideras Charitable Trust
Sidestrand Hall School Fund
Sidestrand Reading Room 21
Sidford Playgroup
Sidford Social Hall
Sidford Women s Institute
Sidh Baba Balak Nath Ji Society Of Coventry England
Sidlesham Good Companions Transport Club
Sidlesham Women s Institute
Sidley Community Association
Sidlow Bridge Young People s Trust
Sidmouth Amateur Dramatic Society Ltd
Sidmouth And District Dyslexia Association
Sidmouth Animal Welfare Society And Animal Rescue Centre
Sidmouth Choral Society
Sidmouth College Association
Sidmouth College School Fund
Sidmouth Concert Society
Sidmouth Consolidated Charities
Sidmouth Day Care Nursery
Sidmouth Daycare Nursery Pre school
Sidmouth District Guide Association
Sidmouth Folk Week Limited
Sidmouth Help Link
Sidmouth Hospiscare
Sidmouth Lifeboat
Sidmouth Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Sidmouth Living With Cancer Support Group
Sidmouth Millennium Walkway Group
Sidmouth Pre school Playgroup
Sidmouth Twinning Circle Trustees Charity
Sidmouth Victoria Hospital Comforts Fund
Sidmouth Voluntary Services
Sidney And Jeanette Beckofsky Charitable Trust
Sidney Andrew Scholarship Fund
Sidney Bloch Memorial Trust
Sidney George Chamberlain Goodwill Trust
Sidney Groves Memorial Hall fund
Sidney Ivor Luck Counselling Trust
Sidney Joseph Richard Stammers For Poor
Sidney Michael Poland Charity
Sidney Michael Poland For Home And Recreation Ground
Sidney Sanders Charitable Trust
Sidney Walter Centre
Sidney West Centre Charity
Sidrama Ltd
Siegfried Sassoon Fellowship
Siegwerk Provident Fund
Siemens Business Services Pension Fund
Siemens Corporation America
Siemens Germany
Siemens Global Shared Services Benefits Scheme
Siemens Schweiz PK PK SGS
Siemens Superannuation Fund
Sierra Charitable Trust sct
Sierra Foundation For Life Skills
Sierra Leone Association birmingham And Midlands
Sierra Leone Association Nottinghamshire Branch
Sierra Leone Association Of Greater Manchester
Sierra Leone Association Tyne And Wear
Sierra Leone Bicentenary Trust
Sierra Leone Cancer Charity viji
Sierra Leone Congo Town Association uk
Sierra Leone Cultural Women Organisation essex
Sierra Leone Development Action Support Agency dasa
Sierra Leone Development And Relief Aid
Sierra Leone Foundation
Sierra Leone Grammar School Old Boys Association Foundation Trust uk Slgsoba
Sierra Leone Hajj Centre
Sierra Leone Inter diocesan Association
Sierra Leone Muslim Women Cultural Organisation
Sierra Leone Poverty Relief
Sierra Leone Rebuilding And Development Charity Trust
Sierra Leone Refugee Welfare Association Sirewa
Sierra Leone Sickle Cell Disease Society
Sierra Leone Society uk
Sierra Leone Umbrella Group
Sierra Leone War Trust For Children
Sierra Leone Welfare Trust al Ma un
Sierra Leonean Adventists Abroad
Sievemk Gateway Ltd
Sifa Fireside
Sigginstone Village Hall
Sigglesthorne School Parent Teacher Association
Sigh Of Relief Trust
Sight 2020 Direct
Sight Action havering
Sight Advice South Lakes
Sight Airedale
Sight By Wings Uk
Sight Concern Bedfordshire
Sight Cymru
Sight Of Eternal Life Church
Sight Support Ryedale
Sighthounds Online
Sightline Vision north West Limited
Sightlines Initiative
Sigmund Vogel Medical Aid Trust
Sign Hi Say Hi Blackpool Wyre And Fylde Deaf Children s Society
Signal Family Support Limited
Signal Film Media Limited
SIGNAL IDUNA Pensionskasse
Signal Sensory Impairment Globally Nationally And Locally
Signals Essex Media Centre Ltd
Signed Performance In Theatre
Signhills Home School Association
Signor Favale s Marriage Portion Charity
Signpost Advice And Information Centre
Signpost And Youth Enquiry Service
Signpost Broadway
Signpost colchester Limited
Signpost Gunton
Signpost International
Signpost Rite Direkshon
Signpost Stockport For Carers
Signposts luton
Signposts mid sussex Ltd
Signposts Multi agency Resource Centre Limited
Signposts stafford Limited
Signs Of God
Sigta Limited southern Industries Group Training Association
Sigvoed Pension Fund
Sikh Arts And Cultural Association
Sikh Association Kingston
Sikh Commonwealth
Sikh Community And Youth Service nottinghamshire
Sikh Community And Youth Services Slough
Sikh Community Care Project
Sikh Community Centre And Youth Club
Sikh Community Centre Crawley
Sikh Education Council Limited
Sikh Gurdwara Darlington
Sikh Gurdwara South London
Sikh History And Religious Education share
Sikh Leisure Centre
Sikh Media
Sikh Muslim Forum
Sikh Nari Manch U k
Sikh Organisation For Prisoner Welfare
Sikh Resource And Community Development Centre
Sikh Sangat Gurdwara Association
Sikh Sangat London East
Sikh School Of Arts
Sikh Society Of Hull And East Riding running As Guru Nanak Gurdwara hull
Sikh Society
Sikh Sport Uk
Sikh Temple Trust Nottingham
Sikh Union Limited
Sikh Welfare And Research Trust
Sikh Welfare Awarness Team
Sikh Youth Sports Foundation Limited
Sikhi Sewa Mission Uk
Silai For Skills
Silberbauers Pension and Life Assurance Fund
Silchester Playground Association
Silchester School Pta
Silchester Village Hall
Sileby Scout Group
Sileby Swimming Pool Fund Charity
Sileby Youth Centre
Silecroft School Educational Charity
Silecroft Village Hall
Silecroft Womens Institute
Silence Heritage Site
Silhill Women s Institute
Silicon Smelters Pension Fund
Silk and Textile Industries Pty Ltd Provident Fund
Silk Brass Band
Silk Road Ministries International
Silk Willoughby Village Hall
Silkstone Common Recreation Ground
Silkstone Community Centre
Silkstone Playgroup
Silkstone Primary School Pta
Silksworth Heritage And History Group
Silksworth Recreation And Playing Field
Silloth And District Community Transport Limited
Silmars Provident Fund
Silo Central
Siloam Christian Ministries Limited
Siloam Full Gospel Church
Siloam International Ministry
Siloam Redemption Apostolic Centre carems
Siloe Tabernacle
Silsden Aid In Sickness Fund
Silsden Methodist Playgroup
Silsden With Skipton Young Farmers Club
Silsoe Aid For Appropriate Development
Silsoe Lower School Parent Teacher Association
Silsoe Millennium Green Trust
Silsoe Pre school
Silsoe Women s Institute
Silsoe Young Farmers Club
Siltek Group Pension Fund
Siltek Group Retirement Fund Pension Section
Siltek Group Retirement Fund Provident Section
Silton Village Hall Trust
Silver Circle Club
Silver Cord Healers Association
Silver Dolphin Ocean Education Centre
Silver End Seedlings Pre school
Silver Family Charitable Trust
Silver Felix Hythe Youth Club
Silver Florin Equine Welfare
Silver Jubilee Pleasure Ground
Silver Jubilee Sports Club
Silver Leys bishops Stortford Scout Group
Silver Leys Trust
Silver Pearl Trust
Silver Ring Choir Of Bath
Silver Ring Thing Uk
Silver Street Christian Fellowship
Silverdale Bizzy Beez
Silverdale Bowling Club
Silverdale Children s Playground
Silverdale Community Association
Silverdale Community Centre
Silverdale Day Centre
Silverdale Lodge Benevolent Fund
Silverdale Recreation Ground
Silverdale St John s Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School Parent Teachers Association
Silverdale Village Institute
Silverdale Women s Institute
Silverfish Jewellery Treasured Foundation Limited
Silverhill Playgroup
Silverhill Primary School
Silveroak Pension Fund
Silverquote Ltd
Silverspruit Provident Fund
Silverstone Group Riding For The Disabled Association
Silverstone Preschool Group
Silverton Parochial Charity
Silverton Pre school Playgroup
Silverton School Pta
Silverton Village Hall
Silverton Women s Institute
Silverwood Miners Welfare And Resource Centre
Silwood Youth Centre
Sim International uk
Simba Provident Fund
Simba Retirement Fund
Simcha Gemach
Simcock Charity
Simeon Centre Counselling Service
Simeon Gaunt Memorial Musical Competitions
Simeon s Trustees
Simest Charitable Trust
Simmer and Jack Mines Ltd Provident Fund
Simmondley And District Women s Institute
Simmondley Pre school
Simmondley School Parents Association
Simmons Canada Inc Exhibit XXXVII
Simmons Canada Inc
Simmons Homes
Simmons Park
Simnet Outreach Ministries
Simon And Tanya Lowe Foundation
Simon Balle School Psa
Simon Benjamin Bamberger Trust
Simon Clarkson Memorial Fund
Simon De Montfort Society
Simon De Senlis Lower School Association
Simon Digby Charitable Trust
Simon Drew Foundation
Simon Fraser University Pension Plan for Administrative Union Staff
Simon Fraser University Pension Plan for the Members of Academic Staff
Simon Greenwood s 1988 Charity Trust
Simon Hartford Provident Fund
Simon Heller Charitable Settlement
Simon Langton Lodge Benevolent Fund No 7586
Simon Langton Schools
Simon Marks Jewish Primary School Trust
Simon On The Streets
Simon s Charity
Simon Says
Simon Thorogood
Simon Whitbread Charitable Trust
Simon Wiesenthal Centre In The United Kingdom
Simon Wolton Memorial Trust Fund
Simonburn Village Hall
Simone Cowland Charitable Trust Limited
Simonside Community Association
Simplex Pension Fund
Simply A Pound Limited
Simply Christians
Simply Church
Simply Cycling
Simply Limitless
Simply Love And Care
Simpson Association
Simpson Cross Activities Group
Simpson Family Charity Trust
Simpson Memorial Community Association Moston
Simpson s Trust
Simpsons Almshouses
Simron Pension Reserve Fund
Simunye Zulu Lodge Provident Fund
Sinai Born Again Church Of God
Sinai Mar Thoma Church North London
Sinai Synagogue Leeds
Sinai Synagogue
Sincere Support
Sinclair Charitable Trust
Sinclair Holdings Group Pension Fund
Sinderby Village Hall
Sindh Doctors Association uk
Sindhi Association Of United Kingdom
Sindhi Community Network
Sindhi Cultural Charitable Trust
Sindicatum Climate Change Foundation
Sine Nomine Singers
Sinfonia Cymru
Sinfonia Of Leeds
Sinfonia Tamesa
Sinfonietta Productions Limited
Sing For Joy
Sing For The Starving
Sing For Your Life Limited
Sing For Your Life south West Ltd
Sing With Me Happily
Sing Youth And Children Choirs
Singcircle Limited
Singer Foundation
Singerkach Development Committee
Singh Sabha Gurdwara Limited
Singh Sabha Gurdwara North East London
Singh Sabha London East
Singhania Foundation education Trust
Single Homeless Action Initiative In Derwentside Limited
Single Parent Action Network
Single Parents Holistic Project
Singleton Church Hall Trust
Singleton Church Of England School House
Singleton Fund
Singleton fylde Village Hall
Singleton Playschool
Singleton Relief In Sickness Fund
Singleton s Dole
Singleton Singers
Singleton Village Hall
Singleton Women s Institute
Singlewell Village Hall Gravesend
Singlive Foundation
Sinnington Playgroup
Sinnington School Fund
Sinnington Village Hall
Sino British Fellowship Trust
Sinodale Pensioenfonds van die Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk in die Oranje Vrystaat
Siobhan Davies Dance Company
Siobo Protective Services Provident Fund
Sion College
Sion Day School Trust
Sipson Community Association
Sir Abraham Dawes Almshouses
Sir Alec Black s Charity
Sir Alexander Lawrence Woodlands Trust
Sir Alfred Jermyn And Others For The Poor
Sir Anthony Ashley s Almshouses
Sir Antony Browne s School Trust Brentwood
Sir Arthur Hall Memorial Lecture Fund
Sir Arthur Sullivan Society
Sir Baptist Hicks Almshouses
Sir Barry Jackson Trust
Sir Charles Barratt Memorial Foundation
Sir Charles Booth s Charity
Sir Charles Henry Brownlow Charity For The Poor
Sir Charles Jessel Charitable Trust
Sir Charles Sullivan No 2 Fund
Sir Christopher Hatton Home School Association
Sir Clive Bourne Family Trust
Sir David Evans bevan Bursary
Sir Denis Browne Memorial Fund
Sir Denis Mahon s Charitable Trust
Sir Donald And Lady Edna Wilson Charitable Trust
Sir E D Walker Trust
Sir E Miller p Wood
Sir Edmund De Moundeford Charity
Sir Edmund Gregory Samson Burford Alfred Mannerings Kemsley Chatham Sick Poor Fund
Sir Edmund Hillary Parent Teacher Association sehpta
Sir Edmund Turnor s Hospital
Sir Edmund Wilde
Sir Edward Alleyne s Educational Foundation
Sir Edward Blount s Charity
Sir Edward David Stern For Chertsey Nursing Association
Sir Edward David Stern For Recreation Ground
Sir Edward Gile s Gift
Sir Edward Hales Charity otherwise Known As Legge Farm Charity
Sir Edward Hext s Almshouses
Sir Edward Marshall Hall For Needy Members Of The Inner Temple
Sir Edward Nicolls Charity
Sir Edward Smith s Trust 1716 Great Carlton
Sir Edwin Rich
Sir Eliab Harvey s Foundation
Sir Ernest Bruce Charles Charity
Sir Ernest Cassel Educational Trust
Sir Everard Duncombe For Parish Hall
Sir Francis Crossley s Loan Fund
Sir Francis Festing Fund
Sir Francis Nethersole s School Foundation
Sir Francis Popham s Charity
Sir Frank Brown s Exhibition Fund For Girls
Sir Frederic Osborn School Parents Association
Sir Frederick Ashton Rights Holders Trust
Sir Frederick Hiam Charitable Trust
Sir George Beilby Memorial Fund
Sir George Brown
Sir George Cary s Charity
Sir George Colvile Hayter hames
Sir George Cooke
Sir George Croke s Charity
Sir George Franklin s Pension Charity
Sir George Garnett Trust
Sir George Martin Trust
Sir George Monoux s Exhibition Foundation
Sir George St Paul free School
Sir George Wheler
Sir Gerard Newman Charitable Trust
Sir Graham Balfour School Fund
Sir Halley Stewart Trust
Sir Harold Hood s Charitable Trust
Sir Harry Pilkington Fund
Sir Henry Atkins
Sir Henry Bushman Fund
Sir Henry Edwards Charities
Sir Henry Fermor s Church Of England School
Sir Henry Fermor School Fund
Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School
Sir Henry Jones Memorial
Sir Henry Peek s Bequest
Sir Henry Price Trust priceholme
Sir Henry Unton s Charity
Sir Henry Willoughby And Others For Poor
Sir Hickman Beckett Bacon Memorial
Sir Howell J Williams Scholarship Fund
Sir Hubert Von Herkomer Arts Foundation
Sir Hugh Bethell s Almshouses
Sir Hugh Wontner s Charitable Trust
Sir Hugh Wyndhams Charity
Sir Ian Dixon Trust
Sir J H Lewis Prize Fund
Sir James Martin Lodge Benevolent Fund
Sir James Scott Memorial Trust
Sir James Smith s Foundation
Sir James Thynne s Almshouse
Sir Jarvis Scroope s Charity For The Poor
Sir Jeffery Burwell s Charity
Sir Jeremiah Colman Gift Trust
Sir Job Charlton s Hospital
Sir John Amory s Old People s Trust
Sir John And Lady Heathcoat Amory s Charitable Trust
Sir John Cass s Foundation
Sir John Cotton or The Flitwick Charity
Sir John Cotton s Educational flitwick Charity
Sir John Cotton s Educational Foundation
Sir John Cousin Horsfall Baronet Exhibitions
Sir John Davy
Sir John Deane s College Foundation
Sir John E Monson Bede House Charity
Sir John Eastwood Foundation
Sir John Evelyn s Charity
Sir John Fortescue Aland s Educational Charity
Sir John Fowells Charity
Sir John Fowle
Sir John Gleed Technology School Fund
Sir John Grafton
Sir John Harrison s Charity
Sir John Harte s Educational Endowment
Sir John Henry Morris jones Trust Fund
Sir John Hicks College Of Economics And Management Ltd
Sir John Hicks Foundation
Sir John Humphrey
Sir John J Hunt Almshouses
Sir John Jackson Will Trust
Sir John Knightley s Foundation
Sir John Lawes School Association
Sir John Leman High School Trust
Sir John Lewis s Hospital Charity
Sir John Maynard s School Foundation
Sir John Moore Primary School Fund
Sir John Moore s School And Exhibition Foundation
Sir John Musker s Trust For St andrews Church Brettenham
Sir John Norwich s Charity
Sir John Offley Parent Teacher And Friends Association
Sir John Offley s Almshouses
Sir John Pakington s Bequest
Sir John Perrot Trust
Sir John Plumb Charitable Trust
Sir John Popham s Educational Foundation
Sir John Port And John Osbourne Almshouses
Sir John Port s Charity
Sir John Priestman Charity Trust
Sir John Robinson Homes
Sir John Soane s Museum Trust
Sir John Soane s Museum
Sir John St Barbe Foundation
Sir John Strangeways
Sir John Swire s St Nicholas School And Educational Charitable Trust
Sir John Talbot s School Charity
Sir John Talbot s School Parents Association
Sir John Williams Foundation
Sir John Wolstenholme s Charity
Sir Jonathan North Endowment
Sir Joseph Bailey s Charity
Sir Joseph Banks Archive Project
Sir Joseph Banks Society
Sir Joseph Williamson s Mathematical School
Sir Joshua Reynolds Women s Institute
Sir Josiah Mason s Almshouse Charity
Sir Josiah Mason s Care Charity
Sir Josiah Mason s Relief In Need And Educational Charity
Sir Juice Provident Fund
Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust
Sir Kenneth Cork Charitable Trust
Sir Kyffin Williams Trust
Sir Malcolm Stewart Bart General Charitable Trust
Sir Mark Baring Foundation
Sir Mark Milbank s Charity
Sir Martin Bowes
Sir Matthew Holdworthy s Educational Foundation
Sir Max Bemrose Bursary Trust
Sir Michael Marshall Charitable Trust
Sir Moses Montefiore For Coals And Blankets
Sir Nicholas Sherburn s Charity
Sir Nigel Broackes 1993 Charitable Trust
Sir Norman Lockyer Memorial Trust
Sir Peter O sullevan Charitable Trust
Sir Peter Seaman s Charity
Sir Philip Game Boys Club
Sir Philip Gell s Hospital
Sir Pierce Lacy Charitable Trust
Sir Ralph Hare s Almshouses
Sir Ralph Pendlebury s Charity For Orphans
Sir Ralph Pendlebury s Charity For The Aged
Sir Reuben Vincent Barrow For Poor Of Woodside Baptist Chapel
Sir Richard Howe
Sir Richard Rothwell s Charity
Sir Richard Winfrey Memorial Scholarship
Sir Robert Christopher s Almshouses
Sir Robert Dallington And Thomas Rippin Charity
Sir Robert Drury s Charity
Sir Robert Geffery Memorial Hall
Sir Robert Geffery s Almshouse Trust
Sir Robert Geffery s Preschool
Sir Robert Gervaise
Sir Robert Harvey Memorial Hall
Sir Robert Hitcham s Almshouse Charity At Levington
Sir Robert Hitcham s Almshouse Charity
Sir Robert Hitcham s Exhibition Foundation
Sir Robert Hitcham s School Foundation
Sir Robert Hitcham s Schools
Sir Robert Kemp s Educational Foundation
Sir Robert Lee s Charity
Sir Robert Peel s Statue
Sir Robert Speed Charitable Trust
Sir Roger Cholmeley s School At Highgate
Sir Roger Manwood s Hospital
Sir Roger Stoughton
Sir Roger Wilbraham Almshouse Charity
Sir Ronald Holroyd s Charitable Trust
Sir Rowland Hill s Educational Foundation
Sir Samuel Mico s Charities
Sir Samuel Scott Of Yews Trust
Sir Siegmund Warburg s Voluntary Settlement
Sir Stephen Cave Charity
Sir Stephen Leech For Church And Churchyard
Sir Stephen Soame s Almshouses
Sir Thomas Beecham Trust Limited
Sir Thomas Collins Benevolent Fund
Sir Thomas Crewe s Almshouses
Sir Thomas Fowle And Isaac Smith For Apprenticing
Sir Thomas Gresham Charities
Sir Thomas Grey Egerton s Charity
Sir Thomas Jones Prize Fund in Connection With Each Of The Secondary Schools In County Of Anglesey
Sir Thomas Mansel Franklen Trust
Sir Thomas Meddlecott s Charity For The Poor
Sir Thomas Middlecotts Exhibition Foundation
Sir Thomas Musgrave
Sir Thomas Picton Home school Association
Sir Thomas Rowe s Charity
Sir Thomas Smythe For The Poor
Sir Thomas Smythe s Poor Fund skinners Company
Sir Thomas Trevor fishmongers Co
Sir Thomas White Lodge Benevolent Fund
Sir Thomas White s Charity
Sir Thomas White s Northampton Charity
Sir Thomas Widdrington educational Trust
Sir Thomas Wilbraham
Sir Titus Salt s Charity
Sir Tom Finney Foundation
Sir Walter Moyle s Almshouses St Germans
Sir Walter St john s Educational Charity
Sir Walter Willson s Voluntary Settlement
Sir William Beveridge Foundation
Sir William Boreman s Foundation
Sir William Borlase Boat Club Support Group
Sir William Borlase s Grammar School Fund
Sir William Borlase s Grammar School Parents Association
Sir William Borlase s School
Sir William Brampton Gurdon Cottage Trust
Sir William Burrough School Trust
Sir William Crookes Spiritist Society
Sir William J Jordon Bequest Icw Ellington Infant School
Sir William Laxton s Pension Charity
Sir William Lyons Charitable Trust
Sir William Mallinson Scholarship Trust
Sir William Matthews Pension Fund
Sir William Paston
Sir William Perkins s Educational Foundation
Sir William Perkins s School
Sir William Petre s Almshouses And Chapel
Sir William Plomer s Charity
Sir William Ramsay School Association
Sir William Ramsay School Fund
Sir William Roberts Relief In Need Charity
Sir William Robertson Association
Sir William Roger Brown s Charity
Sir William Staine s Charity
Sir William Stede s Charity
Sir William Stede
Sir William Thornton
Sir William Turner s Hospital
Sir William Whorwood
Sir Winston Churchill Educational Trust For The Deaf Limited
Sircer Pasha Welfare Trust
Sirdar Wools
Siren Conservation Education
Siri Guru Nanak Darbar sikh Temple
Siri Guru Nanak Gurudwara
Siri Guru Singh Sabha Croydon
Siri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara
Siri Guru Singh Sabha Gurudawara
Siri Guru Singh Sabha Northampton
Siri Guru Singh Sabha
Siri Guru Teg Bahadar Sahib
Sirius Foundation
SIS Estates Provident Fund
Sisi And Savita Charitable Trust
Sisonke Health Project
Sissinghurst Bun Penny Club
Sister Anna s Fund
Sister s Keeper Empowered International Ministries
Sisters of Bon Secours de Paris British Province
Sisters of Charity of St Paul the Apostle
Sisters Of Christ Uk Development Fund Charity
Sisters Of Jesus Way
Sisters of La Retraite
Sisters Of Mercy community Established At Woodley
Sisters Of Mercy Gravesend Kent
Sisters of Mercy of the Union of Great Britain
Sisters of Mercy Sunderland
Sisters of Notre Dame of Namur
Sisters Of Our Lady Of Mercy midhurst Uckfield And Shoreham by sea
Sisters Of St Dorothy
Sisters Of St Paul De Chartres
Sisters Of The Blessed Virgin Mary Trust
Sisters of the Cross and Passion
Sisters Of The Holy Cross Charitable Trust
Sisters Of The Holy Family
Sisters Of The Sacred Heart Of Saint Jacut
Sisters Trust
Siston Church Of England School Fund
Sita Cornwall Trust Limited
Sitacy Community Culture And Sport Centre Limited
Sitagu International Missionary Trust
Site For A School 1848 Enclosure Award
Site Gallery media Art Photography Ltd
Site Of Great Wakering Former Primary School
Site Of The Greig City Academy Haringey
Sitex Paid Up Provident P and P Services
Sitlington And District Round Table Number 1088 Charitable Trust Fund
Sitra services
Sittingbourne And Kemsley Light Railway Limited
Sittingbourne And Milton Unit 307 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Sittingbourne And Sheppey District Care Committee For Chest Heart And Stroke
Sittingbourne Baptist Church
Sittingbourne Christian Bookshop Limited
Sittingbourne Community College Friends Association
Sittingbourne Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Sittingbourne Heritage Museum
Sittingbourne Islamic Cultural Centre
Sittingbourne Memorial Hospital Trust
Sittingbourne Milton And District Scout Council
Situations Trust
Sitwell Literary Prize Fund
Sitwell s Charity And Town Lands
Siva Charitable Fund
Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre
SIVU Bordeaux Mérignac
Sivuno Provident Fund
Siward James And Arkwright Trust Charity
Six Counties Kidney Patients Association
Six Point Foundation
Sixpenny Handley Village Hall
Sixth Sense Theatre Company
Sixty Plus potters Bar And South Mimms
Siya Phulaphula we Listen
Siyathuthuka Security Services Provident Fund
Sizanani Africa
Sizanani Provident Fund
Sizanani Voorsorgfonds
Size Of Wales
Size Zero Opera
Sizewell Hall Limited
Sjp Charity Trust Limited
Skaigh Wood Trust
Skal Club Of London Benevolent Fund
Skandia Liv
Skateistan Uk
Skcv Children s Trust uk
Skedsmo Kommune
Skeeby Jubilee Village Hall
Skeeles Educational Charity
Skeet Hill House Management Trust
Skegby Recreation Ground
Skegby St Andrew s School Fund
Skegness Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Skegness Day Centre Limited
Skegness Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Skegness Round Table Number 266 Charitable Trust
Skegness Silver Band
Skegness spilsby And District Scout Council
Skegness Sports Association Limited
Skeletal Cancer Action Trust
Skeletal Dysplasia Group For Teaching And Research
Skellingthorpe Village Hall And Community Centre
Skellingthorpe Women s Institute
Skellingthorpe Youth Centre
Skelmanthorpe Cemetery
Skelmanthorpe Community Playgroup
Skelmanthorpe Cottage Homes
Skelmanthorpe Savoy Sports Club
Skelmanthorpe Youth Club
Skelmersdale Community Church
Skelmersdale Community Food Intiative Limited
Skelmersdale Congregation
Skelmersdale Ecumenical Centre
Skelmersdale Information For Young People Association
Skelmersdale Lodge No 141 Arthur Lomax Trust
Skelmersdale Prize Band
Skelmersdale West Lancs District Unit 601 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Skelsmergh Community Hall
Skelton And District Young Farmers Club
Skelton Bounty
Skelton Community Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Skelton Nursery Group
Skelton School Fund York
Skelton Squirrels
Skelton United Charities
Skelton Village Hall
Skelton Woods Environment Group
Skelwith And District Community Trust
Skendleby Old School
Sker Women s Institute
Skerne Park Youth And Community Centre
Skerne s Exhibition Foundation
Skerritt Trust
Skerton lancaster Community Association
Sketchley Hill Primary School Association
Sketty Baptist Church
Sketty Club Benevolent Trust
Sketty Parochial Church Council
Sketty School Association
SKF Hourly Paid Provident Fund
SKF Salaried Staff Provident Fund
Ski 2 Freedom Foundation
Ski Kommune
Skidby Church Of England School Parents And Friends Association
Skiddaw House Foundation
Skids street Kids
Skidz The Banbury Motor Project Limited
Skidz The Hillingdon Road User Education Project Ltd
Skidz The Wycombe Motor Project Limited
Skiers Trust Of Great Britain Limited
Skiing With Heroes
Skilgate Village Hall
Skill Force Development
Skillfast uk Limited
Skillington Community Centre
Skills Active Forward
Skills Active Uk
Skills Cfa
Skills Enterprise Limited
Skills Factory
Skills For Care Ltd
Skills For Communities Ltd
Skills For Development
Skills For Health Limited
Skills For Life Trust
Skills For Living
Skills For Logistics
Skills For People
Skills For South Sudan
Skills For The Third Sector
Skills Training Charity
Skills Training Workshop For Potters
Skills Workshop For Anatomical Prosection Trust
Skillshare International
Skillshare North East Limited
Skillshop Limited
Skillswise Community College Limited
Skilts School Fund
Skin Care Cymru
Skin Education Research Trust
Skin Treatment And Research Trust
Skinnergate Almshouses
Skinners Benevolent Trust
Skinningrove Link Up
Skinningrove Village Hall
Skinship uk
Skippko Arts Team
Skipsea History Workshop
Skipsea Reading And Recreation Room
Skipsea Village Hall
Skipton And Craven Action For Disability
Skipton And Craven Advanced Motorists Group
Skipton And Craven Culture Company Limited
Skipton And Grassington Methodist Circuit
Skipton Baptist Church
Skipton Building Society Charitable Foundation
Skipton Camerata Limited
Skipton Christ Church Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Skipton Christ Church School Fund
Skipton Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Skipton Extended Learning For All
Skipton Flower Fund
Skipton Girls High School Foundation
Skipton in craven Civic Society
Skipton Mechanics Institute
Skipton Music Festival Association
Skipton Music
Skipton Parish Church Of England controlled Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Skipton St Thomas Charity
Skipton Swadford Centre
Skipwith Village Hall
Skirbeck St Nicholas Community Centre
Skirlaugh And District Young Farmers Club
Skirlaugh Village Hall
Skirwith Parish Trust
Skirwith Village Hall
SKL Kommentus Inköpscentral AB
Skola International Trust For Special Education
Skoodhya Limited
Skovde Kommun
Skt Nikolaj Danish Seamen s Church In Hull
Sky Badger
Sky Blues In The Community
Sky Development Network
Sky Market Financial Services Pension Fund
Sky Visual
Sky Watch Civil Air Patrol
Skye Wellesley Foundation
Skyhigh International
Skylarks Endowment Fund
Skylarks Playgroup
Skylight Circus In Education
Skyrme Hart Charitable Trust
Skyrose Welfare Fund Uk
Skyway Charity
Slack And Tight Amateur Repertory Society
Slack Top Centre heptonstall Slack Baptist Chapel And Cultural Trust
Slackside Wesleyan Reform Union Church
Slade Community Centre
Slade Gardens Adventure Playground Association
Slade Gardens Community Play Association
Slade Green Community Forum
Slade Lane Neighbourhood Centre
Slade Parent Teacher Association
Sladen Charity
Slaidburn Property Trust
Slaidburn Village Hall
Slaithwaite Brass Band
Slaithwaite Community Association
Slaithwaite Educational Foundation
Slaithwaite Moonraking Festival
Slaithwaite Philharmonic Orchestral Society
Slaithwaite Playgroup And Toddlers
Slaley Commemoration Hall
Slaley Riding For The Disabled Association
Slaley Show
Slam Community Development Trust Limited
Slaney s Almshouse Charity
Slapton And Wappenham Independent Evangelical Church
Slapton Poor Land
Slapton Village Hall
Slate Hall Trust
Slate Heritage International Limited
Slattery Pension Fund
Slatyford Youth Centre
Slav Lands Christian Fellowship
Slavic Gospel Association british Section Limited
Slawston Village Hall
Sleaford And District Citizens Advice Bureau
Sleaford And District Civic Trust
Sleaford And District Furniture Recycling Project
Sleaford And District Lions Club
Sleaford And District Round Table Charitable Trust
Sleaford And District Talking Newspaper Association
Sleaford And District Toy Library
Sleaford Caring Trust
Sleaford Choral Society
Sleaford Concert Band
Sleaford Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Sleaford Gallery Arts Trust Limited
Sleaford Hospital
Sleaford In Bloom Ltd
Sleaford Little Theatre
Sleaford Museum Trust
Sleaford Music Club
Sleaford R C School Voluntary Fund
Sleaford Sports Association
Sleaford Swaziland Community Friendship
Sleaford United Charity
Sleaford University Of The Third Age
Sledmere Centre Association
Sledmere Village Hall
Sleep Apnoea Trust
Sleights Institute
Sleights School Fund
Slemish Trust
Slide Away
Slimbridge Playgroup
Slimmers Making It A Little Easier For Someone
Slindon College Limited
Slindon Coronation Hall
Slindon Relief In Need Charity
Slindon Village Hall
Slinfold And Barns Green Scout Group
Slinfold And District Nursing Association
Slinfold Parish Cottages
Slingsby School Fund
Slinn Street Starters Community Pre school
Slip End Playgroup
Slip End Playing Field
Slip End Scout Group
Slip End Village Hall
Slipper Mill Pond Preservation Association
Slippers Extended Provision
Slitting Mill Victory Hall
Sll Sete Lorient London
Sloane Robinson Foundation
Sloane Street Trust
Sloley Charities
Sloswicke s Almshouse Charity
Slough And Windsor Railway Society
Slough Arts Festival
Slough Baptist Church
Slough Childminding Group
Slough Community Leisure
Slough Community Transport Shopmobility
Slough Council For Voluntary Service
Slough Crossroads Caring For Carers
Slough Disabled Mens Club
Slough District Deaf Centre
Slough Environmental Education Development Service
Slough Equalities Commission
Slough Furniture Project
Slough Glyndwr Trust
Slough Grammar School Parent Staff Association
Slough Immigration Aid Unit
Slough Islamic School Project
Slough Langley Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Slough Learning Partnership
Slough Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Slough manor Park Congregation Of Jehovahs Witnesses
Slough Museum
Slough Musical Theatre Company
Slough Pit Stop Project Limited
Slough Refugee Support
Slough Society For Mentally Handicapped Chldren And Adults
Slough Spiritualist Centre Building Fund
Slough Unit 310 Of The Sea Cadets Corps
Slough Upton Lea Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Slough Volunteer Bureau
Slough Weekend Islamic School
Slough West Indian Peoples Enterprise s w i p e Ltd
Slough Ymca
Slower Speeds Trust
Slsco flame Sri Lanka Social And Cultural Organisation Friends Of Lanka For Aid Mentoring And Education
Slt Building Preservation Trust Limited
Slumdoctor Project
Slymbridge Village Hall
Slyne With Hest Memorial Hall
Slyne With Hest Pre school
Slyne with hest Scouts
SM and HA Pension Fund
SM Goldstein Pens and Life Ass Scheme For Hourly Paid Employees
Sma Freemasonry In The Community Charity Fund
Sma Trust
Smale and Partners Pension Fund
Small Bears Pre school
Small Change
Small Church Charities
Small Dole Village Hall
Small Employers Joint Pension Fund Umbrella
Small Enterprise Provident Fund of South Africa
Small Heath Baptist Church
Small Heath Community Federation
Small Heath Somali Community Organisation Ltd
Small Is Beautiful africa And Nepal siban
Small Kindness Limited
Small Kindness The Waqf Al ma un
Small Miracle Pre school
Small Pet Cat Care
Small Saints Pre school
Small Scale Miners Provident Fund
Small Steps ellerslie Child Development Centre Support Group
Small Steps Foundation
Small Steps Pre School Boreham
Small Steps Project Limited
Small Steps School For Parents Greenmead
Small Steps Seize The Day
Small Steps Sfp Limited
Small Wonders Community Programme Ltd
Small Wonders Pre school
Small Woods Association
Small World Cultural Arts Collective
Small World Theatre Ltd
Smallburgh Village Hall And Playing Field
Smalley Common Recreation Ground
Smalley Over Sixties Fellowship
Smalley Pre School Playgroup
Smalley Recreation Ground
Smalley Richardson Ptfa
Smallfield Community Care Association
Smallhythe Old National School Foundation
Smallpeice Trust Limited
Smalls Charity
Smallwood Ce Primary School Ptfa
Smallwood Manor Preparatory School Limited
Smallwood Village Hall Fund
Smallwood Women s Institute
Smarden Good Neighbours Scheme
Smarden Pre school
Smarden School P t f a
Smarden Sports And Leisure Association
Smarden Village Hall
Smart And Humble Homes
Smart Criminal Justice Services
Smart Kids Childcare
Smart Network
Smart Start Wistow Community Pre school
Smarties Pre school And Out Of School Club
Smartrisk Foundation Uk
Smartys Activity Group
Smartys Day Nursery hitchin
Smartys Pre school Of Dedham
Smawthorne Community Project
Sme Charitable Trust
SME Wholesale Finance London Ltd
Smeatharpe Village Hall
Smeatharpe Womens Institute
Smeed s Charity
Smeeth Play Club
Smeeton Westerby Village Hall
Smerdon Parent And Staff Association
Smethurst Ministries Trust
Smethwick Asra Limited
Smethwick Bangladeshi Muslim Welfare Association
Smethwick Gospel Hall
Smethwick Heritage Centre Trust
Smethwick Local History Society
Smethwick Pakistani Muslims Association Ltd
Smethwick Photographic Society
Smethwick Punjabi Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Smethwick Rotary Club Charitable Trust
Smethwick United Academy
Smethwick Youth And Community Centre Limited
SMH Group Pension Fund
Smile Again
Smile Education Provident Fund
Smile For Life Childrens Charity
Smile International
Smile Malawi
Smile preston self Motivation In Lasting Endorphins
Smile With Siddy
Smile2live Ltd
Smiles Across Nepal
Smiles With Grace
Smilesons Provident Fund
Smiley Club
Smiley Face Nursery
Smiley Tots
Smiling Faces Pre school
Smiling World Foundation
Smith And Crowther Almshouse Charity
Smith And Leeves
Smith and Nephew Retirement Fund
Smith And Nephew Staff Provident Fund
Smith Bradbeer Charitable Trust
Smith Charitable Trust
Smith Mining Group Pension Fund
Smith Pearman Charitable Trust
Smith Recreation Ground
Smith Ryland Memorial Hall
Smith s And Brown s Charity
Smith s Charity Warbleton Estate malden Share
Smith s Charity
Smith s Cirencester Poor Charity
Smitham School Association
Smithcorp Charitable Trust
Smithies Wesleyan Reform Church
Smiths Charity
Smiths Dock Park Trust
Smiths Group plc
Smiths Manufacturing Provident Fund
Smithson Recreation Ground
Smithsonian Uk Charitable Trust
Smithy Green District Girl Guides
Smithy Moor Community Association
SMK Aftreefonds
Smollan Group Pension Fund
Smoothedge Pension and Life Assurance Fund
SMP Pty Ltd Pension Scheme
Smr Phoenix
SMS Demag SA Pension Fund
Smt Kamalaben Bhanushanker Joshi Samasta Bardai Widows Trust
Smugglers Den Pre school Goudhurst
Smva Trust uk
Smyth s Charity otherwise Parish Close
Smyth s Educational Foundation
Smyth s Educational
Smyths Or Hill Hall Charity
SMZ Pharmaceuticals Provident and Life Assurance Plan
SNA Pensioenfonds
SNA Provident Fund
Snailbeach Village Hall
Snainton And District Young Farmers Club
Snainton Common Right Charity
Snainton Playing Field And Village Hall
Snainton School Pta
Snainton Women s Institute
Snaith And Cowick Relief In Need Charity
Snaith And District Community And Sports Association
Snaith Community Playing Field Association
Snaith School Association
Snaith Selby Methodist Circuit
Snap Cymru
Snap Development Project
Snap on SA Provident Fund
Snap special Needs Adventure Playground Ltd
Snapdragons Northam Preschool
Snapdragons Preschool
Snape School Parent And Staff Association
Snape Village Hall
Snape Wood Primary School Fund
Snaresbrook Primary Parent Teachers Association
Snarestone C Of E aided Primary School P T A
Snarestone School And Exhibition Charity
Sneath s Mill Trust Ltd
Sneh Arth Yog Trust uk
Sneh Sangam Day Centre 50 Plus
Sneinton Hermitage Community Association
Snelston Reading Room
Snettisham Bobtails
Snettisham Christian Fellowship
Snettisham Memorial Village Hall
Snettisham Women s Institute
Sneyd Community Association
Sneyd Green Community Hall Association
Sneyd Green Out Of School Care Group
Snibston And Desford Colliery Bands Comprising The Snibston And Desford Colliery Band The Desford Colliery Band And The Desford Academy
Sniffer Dogs Uk International Ltd
Snip International
Snipe Clough
Snipes Short Mat Bowls Club
Snitterby Village Hall
Snitterfield Nursery School
Snitterfield Playing Field
Snitterfield Sports Club
Snj Educational Trust
Snocooled Vrugte Aftreefonds
Snodland Clock Tower Trust
Snodland Partnership Charitable Trust
Snoos Special Needs Out Of School Club
Snow camp
Snow Leopard Trust uk Limited
Snowball Trust
Snowboarders And Skiers For Christ Uk
Snowdonia Christian Fellowship Evangelical Church
Snowdrop For Brain Injured Children
Snowflake School For Children With Autism Limited
Snowgoose Wildlife Trust
Snowy s Nursery And Pre school
SNS Reaal Pensioenfonds
Snugglers Manufacturing Pty Ltd Classic Group Prov
So The Child May Live
Soadas Observatory Trust
Soapbox Communications Trust
Soapbox Training Trust
Soar Ahead
Soar Baptist Chapel Fund
Soar Valley Music Centre
Soar Valley U3a
Soaring Eagle Distributors Pty Ltd T A Harley Davidson Pretoria Provident Fund
Soas Students Union
Sobell House Hospice Charity Limited
Sobell House Hospice Charity
Soberton And District Sick Poor Fund
Soberton And Newtown Company Of The Girl Guides Association
Soberton Village Hall
Sobis Young People s Club
Soccarena Foundation
Social Action And Poverty Alleviation saapa
Social Action For Health
Social Affairs Unit
Social Aid Foundation
Social And Economic Action Resource Of Churches In Hull And District
Social And Education Centre birmingham
Social Arts For Education
Social Business Network
Social Business Trust
Social Care Association education
Social Care Housing Trust
Social Care In Action
Social Care Institute For Excellence
Social Care World scw
Social Centre Avebury
Social Centre
Social Educational Environmental Development
Social Eyes Children And Young Persons Initiative
Social Hall
Social Health Assistance Reconciliation Education
Social Housing Enterprise Durham Limited
Social Housing Pension Scheme
Social Information On Disability sid Limited
Social Life And Agricultural Development Organisation sado Uk Limited
Social Link
Social Organisation For Unity And Leisure soul
Social Perspectives Network For Modern Mental Health
Social Training Activities And Recreational Sport Limited
Social Unity Foundation Of Innovation Trust Limited
Social Welfare And Education Centre
Social Work Christian Fellowship
Social Work Education Participation
Social Workers Benevolent Trust
Social Workers Educational Trust
Socialradgivere og Socialpaedagoger ved Institutioner under Amstkommunernes
Societa per lo Sviluppo del Mercato dei Fondi Pensione per Azioni Mefop S P A
Societe Generale South Africa Pension Fund
Societe Generale UK DB Pension Scheme
Societe Générale d Affichage Succle de Geneve
Society For Abandoned Animals
Society For Algerian Studies
Society For Anglo chinese Understanding Limited
Society For Applied Microbiology
Society For Applied Philosophy
Society For Caribbean Studies
Society For Co operation In Russian And Soviet Studies
Society For Computers And Law
Society For Computing And Technology In Anaesthesia
Society For Economic Analysis Limited
Society For Education Limited
Society For Education Music And Psychology Research
Society For Endocrinology
Society For Free Radical Research International
Society For French Studies
Society for General Microbiology
Society For Horticultural Therapy
Society For Interdisciplinary Studies
Society For Italian Studies
Society For Jewish Study
Society For Landscape Studies
Society For Longitudinal And Life Course Studies
Society For Medieval Archaeology
Society For Moroccan Studies
Society For Name Studies In Britain And Ireland
Society For Nautical Research
Society For Promoting The Training Of Women women s Loan Training Fund
Society For Renaissance Studies
Society For Reproduction And Fertility
Society For Research Into Higher Education
Society For Research Into Hydrocephalus And Spina Bifida
Society For Research On Nicotine And Tobacco Europe
Society For Seventeenth century French Studies
Society For Storytelling
Society For The Advancement Of Black Arts saba
Society For The Advancement Of The Jewish Faith In Israel And The Diaspora
Society For The Assistance Of Ladies In Reduced Circumstances also Known As Miss Smallwood s Society
Society for the Assistance of Ladies in Reduced Circumstances
Society For The Blind Of Dewsbury Batley And District
Society For The History Of Alchemy And Chemistry
Society For The History Of Natural History
Society For The Maintenance Of The Faith
Society For The Preservation Of Blisland With Temple Church
Society For The Promotion And Advancement Of Romany Culture
Society For The Promotion Of Hellenic Studies
Society For The Promotion Of Roman Studies
Society For The Promotion Protection Of Poultry Ltd
Society For The Protection And Re homing Of Animals
Society For The Protection Of St Michael s Church Rendham
Society For The Relief Of Distress
Society For The Relief Of Necessitous Protestant Ministers Their Widows And Orphans also Known As Ministers Relief Society
Society For The Social History Of Medicine
Society For The Study Of Androgen Deficiency the Andropause Society
Society For The Study Of Behavioural Phenotypes
Society For The Study Of French History
Society For The Study Of Medieval Languages And Literature
Society For The Tiber Island History Museum
Society For The Welfare Of Horses And Ponies
Society For Vascular Technology Of Great Britain And Ireland
Society Network Foundation
Society Of Academic Research Surgery
Society Of Afghan Residents In The Midlands
Society Of Afghan Residents In Uk
Society Of African Missions Trust Property At Ore Place Hastings Held In Connexion With
Society of Antiquaries of London
Society Of Archer antiquaries
Society Of Architectural Illustration
Society Of Bookbinders
Society Of British Theatre Designers Limited
Society Of Cartographers
Society of Chemical Industry
Society Of Christ great Britain
Society Of Consulting Marine Engineers And Ships Surveyors Benevolent Fund
Society Of Diagnostic Engineers
Society Of Divine Vocations england Wales
Society Of Environmental Engineers
Society Of Equestrian Artists
Society Of Friends charities Administered In Connection With Lincolnshire Area Meeting
Society Of Friends Charities Administered In Connexion With Luton And Leighton Monthly Meeting
Society Of Friends Charities Held In Connexion With The Worcester And Shropshire Monthly Meeting
Society Of Friends Charney Manor
Society Of Friends Daisy Thomas Bequest
Society Of Friends Dunster Estate Charity
Society Of Friends For Africa s Development
Society Of Friends Hardshaw Estates Charities
Society Of Friends Hoo County Primary School
Society Of Friends Of Christ College Brecon
Society Of Friends Of Foreigners In Distress
Society Of Friends Of Jewish Refugees
Society Of Friends Of Selsey Medical Centre
Society Of Friends Of St Paul s Medical Centre
Society Of Friends Of The Parish Church Of Saint Mary Magdalene Cobham In The County Of Kent
Society Of Friends Of The Royal Navy Submarine Museum
Society Of Friends Of The Torah Limited
Society Of Friends Of Westminster Cathedral
Society Of Genealogists
Society Of Glass Technology
Society Of Indian Teachers Associates
Society of Jesus Trust of 1929 for Roman Catholic Purposes
Society of Mary at Notre Dame de France
Society Of Mary Reparatrix
Society Of Our Lady Of Lourdes
Society Of Patrons Of Charity School
Society Of Petroleum Engineers Europe Limited
Society Of Ploughmen Ltd
Society Of Saint Francis Central Fund
Society Of Saint Gregory
Society Of St Augustine Of Canterbury
Society Of St Catherine Of Siena
Society Of St Luke
Society Of Stars
Society Of The Friends Of Chester Cathedral
Society Of The Friends Of Mvumi Hospital Dodoma
Society Of The Friends Of St Mary s Shortlands
Society Of The Friends Of Wakefield Cathedral
Society of the Helpers of the Holy Souls
Society of the Holy Child Jesus Charitable Trust
Society Of The Holy Cross also Known As Societas Sanctae Crucis
Society Of The Sacred Cross
Society of the Sacred Heart Charitable Trust
Society Of The Sacred Heart
Society Of The Sacred Mission Europe
Society Of The Sacred Mission southern Africa
Society Of The Sisters Of Bethany anglican Religious Community
Society Of Women Artists Limited
Society Outreach
Société Générale d Affichage Succle de Genève
SOCSO Social Security Organisation
Sodality Of St peter Claver
Sodbury Vale Musical Comedy Club
Sodbury Vale Young Farmers Club
Sodexho Provident Fund
Sodexo Foundation
Sodha Accounting Services Pension Fund
Sodje Sports Foundation
Sofamor Danek Pension Pup Fund
Sofas Stuff
Sofer schreiber Charitable Trust
Sofii Foundation
Soflens Retirement Fund 1997
Sofronie Foundation
Soft Touch Arts Limited
Soft Uk
Softpower Education com
Soghra Ghiassi Charitable Trust
Soham Action 4 Youth
Soham And District Sports Association
Soham Community Hall Charitable Trust
Soham For Kids
Soham Museum
Soham North Chapel Charitable Trust
Soham Playgroups Windmills Under Fives
Soham Relief In Need Charity
Soham Relief In Sickness Charity
Soham Scout And Guide Community Centre
Sohn Foundation London
Soho Child 2000
Soho Community Centre Trust
Soho Family Centre Trust
Soho Green Limited
Soho Parish School Pta
Soho Theatre Company Limited
Soi Dog Uk
Soilco Provident Fund
Soimech Noiflim
Soka Gakkai International Uk
Sol Danka Provident Fund
Sol Kids Mexico Trust
Sol Plaatje Educational Project
Sola Arts
Solace Community
Solace ministries Uk
Solace Surviving Exile And Persecution
Solace uk Limited
Solace Women s Aid
Solander Gardens Muslim Community And Education Centre sgmcec
Solar Aid
Solden Hill House Limited
Soldier On Organisation
Soldiers And Airmen s Scripture Readers Association
Soldiers For Youth Limited
Soldiers Off The Street
Soldiers Sailors And Airmen s Families Association warwickshire War Relief Fund
Sole Street Women s Institute
Solea Foundation
Solebay Care Fund
Solefield Parents Association
Solefield School Educational Trust Limited
Solent Advanced Motorcyclists
Solent Community Trust
Solent Education Trust
Solent Evening Women s Institute
Solent Junior School Pta
Solent Mind
Solent Multiple Sclerosis Therapies Ltd
Solent Nhs Charity
Solent Rescue
Solent Scout Training Centre
Solent Sea rescue Organisation
Solent Students Union
Solent U3a Trust
Solent Youth Action
Solent Youth For Christ
Solev Co Limited
Soli And Leah Kelaty Family Trust Fund
Soli Kelaty And Isaac Levy Memorial Trust
Soliana Mother And Child Centre
Solicitors Benevolent Association Limited
Solicitors Pro Bono Group
Solid Rock Deliverance Baptist Church
Solid Rock Triumphant Ministry Uk
Solidarieta Veneto Fondo Pensione
Solidarity And Community For Action
Solidarity Catalyst Limited
Solidarity Retirement Plan
Solidarity Spiritist Society
Solidarity Sports
Solidarity Union Provident Fund for Continental Tyres SA Employers
Solihull Action Through Advocacy
Solihull Advanced Motorists
Solihull And District Girl Guides Local Association
Solihull And District Hebrew Congregation
Solihull Archaeological Group
Solihull Association For The Blind
Solihull Autistic Spectrum Support And Information
Solihull Bereavement Counselling Service
Solihull Borough Childminding Association
Solihull Cancer Support Group
Solihull Canoe Club
Solihull Carers Centre
Solihull Chandos Choir
Solihull Child Contact Centre
Solihull Childminding Group
Solihull Children s Special Needs Association
Solihull Choral Society
Solihull Christian Fellowship
Solihull Churches Action On Homelessness
Solihull Community Foundation
Solihull Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Solihull Conservation Volunteers
Solihull County Scout Council
Solihull Deaf Children s Association
Solihull Decorative Fine Arts Society
Solihull Down Syndrome Support Group
Solihull Gateway Club
Solihull Independent Hospital Limited
Solihull Indoor Bowls Club Limited
Solihull Islamic Education Academy Ltd
Solihull Life Opportunities
Solihull Lions Club Trust Fund
Solihull Lodge Community Association
Solihull Methodist Church
Solihull Metropolitan Borough Retirement Council
Solihull Mind
Solihull Muslim Community Association
Solihull Nhs Care Trust Charitable Fund
Solihull Presbyterian Church Trust
Solihull Round Table No 209 Charitable Trust
Solihull School Parent s Association
Solihull School
Solihull Shopmobility
Solihull Society Of Arts
Solihull Sports Club For The Disabled
Solihull Swimming Club For The Disabled the Seals
Solihull Symphony Orchestra
Solihull Theatre Company Limited
Solihull University Of The Third Age
Solihull Young Musicians Support Association
Soll daventry Limited
Soll south Oxfordshire
Soll vale
Solleftea Kommun
Sollentuna Kommun
Solly Leboff Charitable Trust
Solo Housing east Anglia
Soloman Balas Charitable Trust
Solomon Academic Trust
Solomon Cox s Educational Foundation
Solomon s Knot Productions Limited
Solomon s Porch
Solon Services Provident Fund
Solothurn Kantonale Pensionskasse PKSO
Soloway Charitable Trust
Solu Khumbu Schools Trust
Solution House
Solution International Christian Centre
Solutions For Communities
Solva Memorial Hall
Solva Recreation Ground
Solva Women s Institute
Solve It Vsa
Solvesborgs kommun
Solway Methodist Circuit
Solway Pta
Solwick Limited
Som Development Trust Limited
Somali Action On Youth Crime
Somali Adult Social Care Agency
Somali Advice And Education Project
Somali Advice And Resource Centre london The South East
Somali Advice Group sag
Somali Advice Link
Somali Aid And Development Association
Somali And Somaliland London Commuinity Ltd
Somali Association For The Elderly And Disabled
Somali Association Uk
Somali Banadir Association In Uk
Somali Bravanese Association In London
Somali Bravanese Community Of Manchester
Somali Bravanese Welfare Association In Barnet
Somali Carers Project
Somali Caring And Education Association
Somali Children And Women Focus Group
Somali Children s And Women s Project
Somali Community And Family Support Association Midlands
Somali Community And Relief Association
Somali Community Centre
Somali Community Cultural School Consisting Parents Forum languages School skills Centre
Somali Community Development Trust
Somali Community Hanwell Centre
Somali Community Information Centre
Somali Community Parents Association socopa
Somali Community Support Centre
Somali Community Training And Welfare Centre
Somali Comprehensive Development Association
Somali Counselling Project
Somali Cultural Resource Centre
Somali Cultural Watch Centre
Somali Development And Disability Programme
Somali Development And Relief Fund
Somali Development Association england And Wales
Somali Development Programme
Somali Diaspora Culture And Sports Association
Somali Disability Association sda
Somali Disability Elderly Support Group
Somali Disable Support Project
Somali Disabled And Elderly Group
Somali Education And Advice Service
Somali Education And Cultural Centre
Somali Education And Cultural Project east London
Somali Education Breakthrough
Somali Education Centre
Somali Education Community Association
Somali Education Cultural Development Project
Somali Education Development Centre sedec
Somali Education Development Society Of Bristol
Somali Elderly And Disabled Centre
Somali Employment And Training Project Limited
Somali Employment Educational Development seed
Somali Employment Training And Unemployment Project Liverpool
Somali Family Learning And Regeneration Project
Somali Foundation For Advocacy And Reform Sofar
Somali Golden Centre Of Opportunities
Somali Health Advocacy Project
Somali Health Awareness Foundation
Somali Healthcare And Advocacy Services
Somali Healthy Living Trust
Somali Help The Children Trust
Somali Human Hope
Somali Humanitarian Aid
Somali Infoline
Somali Initiative For Dialogue And Democracy
Somali Orphanage Care And Development Organisation
Somali Orphans Charity Umul Qura
Somali Parent s Initiative
Somali Parents And Children Play Association Limited
Somali Poverty Relief And Rural Development Organisation sprrdo
Somali Professionals Trust
Somali Progressive Association
Somali Refugee Aid Projects
Somali Refugee Resource And Cultural Centre
Somali Relief And Development Forum
Somali Relief And Development Organisation
Somali Relief And Islamic Cultural Centre
Somali Relief Rehabilitation Organisation
Somali Relief Society
Somali Self help Group
Somali Senior Citizens Club
Somali Speakers Association
Somali Sports Children Education Service
Somali Supplementary Schools Association
Somali Support Association
Somali u k Community Association Link
Somali Umbrella Group
Somali Union Community Centre
Somali Welfare Centre
Somali Welfare Development Trust
Somali Welfare Trust
Somali Well Women Project
Somali Women Against Female Genital Mutilation
Somali Women And Children Community Development Group swaco
Somali Women s Group Of Manchester
Somali Women s Refugee Centre
Somali Women Support Development Group
Somali Womens Group
Somali Youth Action
Somali Youth Community Coventry
Somali Youth Development And Cultural Centre
Somali Youth Development Resource Centre
Somali Youth Helpline
Somali Youth Union In Uk
Somaliland Birmingham Community
Somaliland Education And Environmental Relief Organisation
Somaliland Lewisham Community
Somaliland Mental Health
Somaliland s Centre For Hope
Somaliland Women Children s Group Liverpool
Somborne And District Society
Somdev Ltd
Some s Educational Foundation
Somebody s Daughter Memorial Fund
Somer Community Housing Trust
Somerby Memorial Hall
Somercotes Childminding Support Group
Somerford Keynes Village Hall
Somerford Kindergarten
Somerfords Walter Powell Home School Association
Somerhill Charitable Trust Limited
Someries Infant School Fund
Someries Junior School Fund
Someries luton District Scout Council
Someries School Parents Association
Somerlea Park Community Centre
Somerleyton Award Charity
Somerleyton Community Association
Somers Town Community Sports Centre Limited
Somersal Herbert Parish Room Group
Somersault Trust
Somerset Accident Voluntary Emergency Service saves
Somerset Activity And Sports Partnership
Somerset Advanced Motorcyclists taunton
Somerset Advocacy
Somerset And Dorset Railway Heritage Trust
Somerset And Dorset Railway Restoration Trust
Somerset And Wessex Eating Disorders Association
Somerset Association For The Blind
Somerset Association For The Care And Re settlement Of Offenders
Somerset Beekeepers Association
Somerset Bowel Cancer Support Group
Somerset Building Preservation Trust Company Limited
Somerset Chamber Choir
Somerset Childminding Association s c m a
Somerset Chinese Association
Somerset Churches Together
Somerset Community Food Projects Network
Somerset Community Foundation
Somerset Community Justice Panel
Somerset Counselling Centre
Somerset County Council Pension Fund
Somerset County Federation Of Women s Institutes
Somerset County Nursing Association Trust
Somerset County Orchestra
Somerset County Scout Council
Somerset Cricket Museum Limited
Somerset Crimebeat
Somerset Earth Science Centre
Somerset Evangelistic Work Trust
Somerset Federation Of Young Farmers Clubs
Somerset Fellowship Of Drama
Somerset Film And Video Ltd
Somerset Gardens Trust
Somerset Gardens Volunteers Cancer Support Group
Somerset Group Of The National Council For The Conservation Of Plants And Gardens nccpg
Somerset Guild Of Weavers Spinners And Dyers
Somerset House Trust
Somerset Levels Rda Carriage Driving Group
Somerset Local Medical Benevolent Fund
Somerset Masters Lodge Benevolent Fund
Somerset Mendip Circuit Methodist Church
Somerset Music Trust
Somerset Opera
Somerset Partnership Arts Education Agency
Somerset Partnership Nhs Foundation Trust
Somerset Paving Provident Fund
Somerset Play Forum
Somerset Prostate Support Association
Somerset Racial Equality Council Ltd
Somerset Record Society
Somerset Redstone Trust
Somerset Road Playgroup
Somerset Rural Music School
Somerset Rural Youth Project
Somerset Singers
Somerset Spina Bifida hydrocephalus Information networking Equality Shine
Somerset Trust For Arts Recreation
Somerset Trust For Intergrated Healthcare
Somerset Unit For Radiotherapy Equipment
Somerset Voluntary Sector Network
Somerset Waterways Development Trust
Somerset Wildlife Trust
Somerset Youth And Community Sailing Association
Somerset Youth Volunteering Network
Somersham And District Community Association
Somersham Community Library fosl
Somersham Sports And Leisure Association
Somersham Support Group
Somersham Town Band
Somersham Victory Hall
Somersham Village Hall
Somerstown Islamic Cultural And Education Centre
Somerton Christian Fellowship
Somerton Education Trust
Somerton Historic Buildings Preservation Trust
Somerton Infants School Parent Friend Association
Somerton Relief In Need Charity
Somerton Scout Group
Somerton Staithe And Boat Dyke
Somerton Village Hall
Somervale School Parent Teacher Association
Somervell Trust In Connection With Zion Chapel Kendal Also Known As Kendal United Reformed Church
Somerville Adventure Playground Limited
Somerville Community Scheme
Somerville Pre school
Somewhere To Go Limited
Sommer Family Charitable Trust
Sompting Village Hall
Sompting Village Womens Institute
Son Rise Christian Ministries
Sonae Pension Fund
Sonae Provident Fund
Sondes Lodge Masonic Charities Association
Sondor Industries Retirement Fund
Song In The City Charity Trust
Songbird Survival
Songbrook Limited
Songdale Limited
Songdalen Kommune
Songs For Us
Sonnenberg Hoffmann and Galombik Midas Pension Plan
Sonnie Badu Ministries
Sonning And District Welfare And Educational Trust
Sonning C Of E Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Sonning Common County Primary School Association
Sonning Common Pre school
Sonning Common Recreational Playground
Sonning Common Society
Sonning Common Village Hall
Sonning Common Women s Institute
Sonning Glebe Women s Institute
Sonning Volunteer Fire Brigade Trust
Sonoma County Employees’ Retirement Association SCERA
Sonrise Church
Sonrise Trust
Sons Of Rest sutton Coldfield
Sonset Trust
Sonshine Club
Sony Global Pension Management Corporation
Sony U K Limited Pension Scheme
Sood Association uk
Soomaal Education And Development Agency
Sooper Troopers
Soor Sangam Charity
Soothern And Craner Educational Foundation
Soothill Community Association
Soper Hall Community Centre Limited
Sophia And Elizabeth Barnard Trust
Sophia Ann Pope s Charity For A Nurse
Sophia Ann Pope s Charity For Cemetery
Sophia Anne Mosley Bequest
Sophia Evans Foundation
Sophia Forum
Sophia Network
Sophia s Alpine Disabled Adventures
Sophia Walker s Day And Sunday School Charity
Sophie Hayes Foundation
Sophie s Silver Lining Fund
Sopley Village Hall Trust
Sopley Women s Institute
Sopworth Village Hall
Sor Varanger Kommune
Sorby Natural History Society Sheffield
Sorkin Family Charitable Trust
Soroptimist Club Of Ashford kent Charitable Trust
Soroptimist fylde Limited
Soroptimist International Of Cardiff District Education Trust
Soroptimist International Of Great Britain And Ireland Benevolent Fund
Soroptimist International Of Norwich s Charitable Fund
Soroptimist International Of Rugby Charitable Trust
Soroptimist International Of Southampton And District Charitable Fund
Soroptimist International Of Wales South Health Education Hygiene Trust
Soroptomists International Of Cirencester Charitable Trust
Sorreisa kommune
Sorrel Youth Cafe
Sorted Counselling Services
Sortland Kommune
Sos Africa
Sos Children s Villages Uk
Sos Domestic Abuse Projects
Sos Education Organisation
Sos Kit Aid Ltd
Sos Lord s Taverners Kit Aid Limited
Sos Polonia
Sos Rape Crisis
Sos Sahel International Uk
Sos sleeping On The Streets
Sos Somalia
Sos Special Educational Needs
Soteria Network
Soteria Trust
Sotterley Charitable Trust
Soudley Recreation Ground And Village Hall Trust
Soughton Women s Institute
Soukous Koumbele
Soul Of Africa Uk Charitable Trust
Soul Of Africa
Soul s Harbour Pentecostal Church
Soul Survivor International
Soul Survivor
Soulbury Millennium Green
Soulby Memorial Hall Trust
Souldern Trust
Souldern Village Hall
Sound Advice Cumbria
Sound Affairs
Sound Architect Creative Media
Sound Base Studios Trust
Sound Connections
Sound Foundation
Sound It Out Community Music
Sound Minds
Sound News Milton Keynes
Sound Of Life
Sound Pressure
Sound Resource
Sound Sense Respite And Entertainment Limited
Sound Sense
Sound Solution dorset
Sound Waves South West Music And Music Therapy Trust
Sound Waves
Soundaffects The World
Soundlincs Limited
Sounds New Limited
Sounds Of Life Trust
Soundscape London Limited
Soundscene Talking Magazine For The Blind
Soundwaves Festival
Soundwaves Music Project
Soundwell Music Therapy Trust
Soup Kitchen Charity
Source Mark 2
Source Of Life Church In Fellowship With Assemblies Of God
Source Of The Nile Community In Uk
Sourton Village Hall
South Acton Skills And Arts Collaborative
South Africa Bank of Athens Provident Fund
South Africa Nursing Council 1973 Provident Fund
South African Bank Note Company Pension Fund
South African Bank Note Company Provident Fund
South African Beer Distributors Association Top Hat Provident Fund
South African Breweries Ltd Pension and Life Assurance Scheme
South African Children s Resource For Education Development
South African Christian Congregation Uk
South African Church Development Trust
South African Civil Aviation Authority Provident Fund
South African Congregation
South African Cooperative Citrus Exchange Limited London Office Staff Pension and Life Assurance Scheme
South African Council of Churches Pension Fund
South African Dental Technician Employees Umbrella Fund
South African Eagle Provident Fund
South African Institute For Medical Research Pension Fund
South African Legal Education Foundation
South African Local Authorities Beneficiary Fund
South African Local Authorities Pension Fund
South African Local Authorities Provident Fund
South African Medical Association Pension Fund
South African National Biodiversity Institute Pension Fund
South African National Biodiversity Institute Provident Fund
South African National Blood Service Eastern Cape Branch Retirement Fund
South African National Blood Service Provident Fund
South African National Parks Pension Fund
South African Reserve Bank Retirement Fund
South African Retirement Annuity Fund
South African Sea Products Ltd Staff Pension Fund
South African Sports Commission Provident Fund
South African Sugar Association DC Pension Fund
South African Sugar Association Pension Fund
South African Sugar Association Provident Fund
South African Threads and Cottons Pension Fund
South African Tourism Retirement Fund
South African Tourism Services Association Umbrella Provident Fund
South African War Memorial moseley Legacy
South African Young Mens Christian Association Pension Fund
South African Youth Education For Sustainability Ltd
South African Zionist Federation Staff Pension Fund
South And Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team tim Achub Ogofau De A Chanolbarth Cymru
South And South East In Bloom
South Ascot District Guide Association
South Asia Archive And Library Group
South Asia Society
South Asian Arts Cultural Association
South Asian Arts uk
South Asian Concern Charitable Trust
South Asian Consortium Kirklees sack
South Asian Development Charitable Trust
South Asian Diaspora Literatures And Arts Archive salidaa
South Asian Elderly Organisation
South Asian Society saas
South Aston Community Association
South Aston United Reformed Church
South Atlantic Medal Association 82 Wales Branch
South Axholme Community Swimming Pool Association
South Baddesley Women s Institute
South Bank Brass Band
South Bank Neighbourhood Association
South Bank Tomorrow
South Barrow Recreation Trust
South Beach Residents Association
South Beaufort Young Farmers Club
South Beccles Playgroup
South Bedfordshire Dyslexia Association
South Benfleet School Association
South Benfleet Womens Institute
South Birmingham Friends Institute Trust
South Birmingham Primary Care Trust General Charity
South Birmingham Sports Club For Disabled People
South Birmingham Young Homeless Project
South Bookham Youth And Community Association Limited
South Bradford Community Network
South Bradford Vocational Centre Limited
South Bransholme Community Association
South Brent District Caring
South Brent Old School Community Centre Ltd
South Brent Pre school
South Brent Recreation Association
South Brent School Association
South Brent Village Hall
South Bretton Community Association
South Bretton Pre school
South Bristol Advice Services
South Bristol Child Contact Centre
South Bristol Christian Centre
South Bristol Consortium For Young People
South Bristol Methodist Church
South Bristol Outreach Trust
South Bristol Phab Club physically Handicapped And Able Bodied
South Bristol Sports Centre
South Bromley Forum
South Broom Junior School Parent Staff Association
South Broomhill Phab Club
South Buckinghamshire Choral Society
South Buckinghamshire Nhs Trust Charitable Fund
South Buckinghamshire Riding For The Disabled Association
South Buckinghamshire University Of The Third Age
South Bucks And Chiltern Access Group
South Bucks Association For Speech Communication Help
South Bucks Association For The Disabled
South Bucks Berks Dyslexia Association
South Bucks Counselling
South Bucks Down s Syndrome Group
South Bucks Hospice
South Bucks Jewish Community
South Bucks Supporters For Cerebral Palsy
South Cadbury Village Hall
South Cambs Decorative And Fine Arts Society
South Cambs Gospel Trust
South Cambs Riding For The Disabled Association
South Canning Town Detached Youth Project
South Carolina Retirement Systems
South Carshalton Seniors Centre
South Cave Kids Club
South Cave Playgroup
South Cave Scout Group
South Cave Social And Recreational Trust
South Cefncaeau Family Centre ty Enfys
South Central Ambulance Charitable Trust
South Central Ambulance League Of Friends
South Central Community Transport Limited
South Central Gospel Partnership
South Central Youth Limited
South Cerney Flower Show
South Cerney Helping Hands
South Cerney National Angling Festival
South Cerney Pre school Playgroup
South Charlton Village Hall
South Cheshire Child Contact Centre
South Cheshire Clasp
South Cheshire Community Council
South Cheshire Orchestra
South Cheshire Postgraduate Medical Centre
South Chiltern Choral Society
South City Brokers Provident Fund
South City Group Pension Fund
South City Group Provident Fund Umbrella
South Cleveland Heart Fund
South Clifton And District Sports Association
South Coast Bus Service Staff Provident Fund
South Coast Church Ltd
South Coast Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue
South Coast Wrap
South Connections Limited
South Copeland Disability Group
South Creake Charities
South Creake War Memorial Institute
South Crosland And Netherton War Memorial
South Croxton Village Hall
South Croydon Centre
South Cumbria Dyslexia Association
South Cumbria Musical Festival Association
South Cumbria Rivers Trust Limited
South Dakota Investment Council
South Dalton Playgroup
South Darley Pre School Playgroup
South Darley Village Hall
South Dartmoor Group Of Yfc s
South Dartmoor Riding For The Disabled Association
South Denbighshire Community Partnership
South Derbyshire Citizens Advice Bureau
South Derbyshire Cvs
South Derbyshire Forum
South Derbyshire Mental Health Association
South Derbyshire Methodist Circuit
South Derbyshire Music Trust
South Derbyshire Paraplegic Miners Benevolent Trust Funds
South Derbyshire Shopmobility And Disabled Scheme Association
South Derbyshire Youth For Christ
South Devon And Cornwall Institution For The Blind
South Devon Aspergers Group
South Devon Carers Consortium
South Devon Cats Rehoming
South Devon Choir
South Devon Circuit Of The Methodist Church
South Devon College Charitable Trust
South Devon Community Housing Society
South Devon Evangelical Trust
South Devon Healthcare Charitable Fund
South Devon Herd Book Society
South Devon Nature Trust
South Devon Play Resource Centre Limited
South Devon Railway Trust
South Devon School Of Gymnastics
South Devon Seabird Trust
South Devon Singers
South Dorset Community Sports Trust Limited
South Downe Musical Society
South Downs Association Of Disabled People
South Downs Education Trust
South Downs Planetarium
South Downs Riding For The Disabled Association
South Downs Society
South Ealing Playgroup
South East And Central Essex Mind Limited
South East Archaeological Divers
South East Area Association Of The Congregational Federation
South East Area Committee Of The National Federation Of Young Farmers Clubs
South East Asia Children s Charity
South east Asia Library Group
South East Berks Emergency Volunteers
South East Berkshire District Scout Council
South East Berkshire Methodist Circuit
South East Cancer Help Centre Limited
South East Coast Ambulance Service Charitable Fund
South East Counties Benevolent Fund
South East Dance Limited
South East Dorset Community Accessible Transport
South East Essex Advocacy For Older People
South East Essex Animal Trust
South East Essex Association Of Womens Clubs
South East Essex Chinese School Trust
South East Essex Cultural Centre
South East Essex Federation Of Townswomen s Guilds
South East Essex Local Evangelical Fellowship Trust
South East Essex Self Harm Support
South East Essex Technology Centre
South East Folk Arts Network
South East Gymastics Youth Trust
South East Hampshire Community Outlook
South East Hants Young Farmers Club
South East Harlow Sports Youth Association
South East Hindu Association
South East Kent Sports Association For People With A Learning Disability mental Handicap
South East London And Bexleyheath Chrysanthemum Society
South East London And West Kent Ia
South East London Army Cadet Force Welfare Support Group
South east London Baitul Aziz masjid And Madrassa Islamic Cultural Trust
South East London Breast Cancer Trust
South east London Christadelphian Ecclesia
South East London Christian Camps
South East London Family Mediation Bureau
South East London Tamil Elders And Family Welfare Association
South East Music Trust
South East Muslim Association
South East Northumberland Stroke Support Group
South East Psychotherapy Group
South East Research Centre For Hand And Reconstructive Surgery
South East Reserves And Cadets Welfare Fund
South East Rural Community Councils
South East Sheffield Citizens Advice Bureau
South East Somerset Linx Project
South East Staffordshire Citizens Advice Bureau
South East Surrey Dyslexia Association
South East Surrey Spastics Group
South East Wales Down s Syndrome Support Group
South East Wales Energy Agency
South East Wales Organists Association
South East Wales Rivers Trust
South East Wales Unitarian Society
South East Wales Womens Arts Association
South East Ymca Trust Fund
South Eastern Baptist Association
South Eastern Group Of Advanced Motorists
South Eastern Kidney Patients Association
South Eastern Shire Horse Association
South Elkington Women s Institute
South Elm Women s Club
South Elmham St Margaret Village Hall
South Elmsall And District Unit 575 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
South Elmsall Community Facilities Ltd
South Elmsall Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
South Elmsall United Charities
South England Conference Of Seventh Day Adventists
South Essex Building Preservation Trust
South Essex Federation Of Townswomen s Guilds
South Essex Group Of Advanced Motorists
South Essex Gymnastics Club Limited
South Essex Islamic Trust
South Essex Methodist Circuit
South Essex Natural History Society
South Essex Partnership Nhs Foundation Trust Charities
South Essex Rape And Incest Crisis Centre
South Essex Teaching School Alliance Trust
South Essex Wildlife Hospital
South Essex Youth Symphony Orchestra
South Ethiopia Diaspora Development Link seddl
South Failsworth Primary School Parent Teacher Association
South Farnborough County Junior School Parents And Teachers Association
South Farnham Infants Parent Andteacher Association sfipta
South Farnham School Parents And Friends Association
South Farnham School Trust
South Ferriby Church Estate
South Ferriby Pre school
South Ferriby Village Hall
South Furzton Meeting Place
South Fylde Methodist Circuit
South Glamorgan Festival For Young Musicians Association
South Gloucestershire Child Contact Centre
South Gloucestershire Citizens Advice Bureau
South Gloucestershire Deaf Association
South Gloucestershire Environmental Body
South Gloucestershire Youth Initiative
South Gosforth First School Parents Association
South Gosforth Pre school Playgroup
South Gosforth Residents Association
South Green And District War Memorial Fund
South Green Women s Institute
South Grove Community Association
South Gwent Breast Cancer Support Group
South Gwent Children s Foundation
South Hackney Parochial Charity
South Hackney Parochial School Charity
South Hampshire Deaf Children s Society
South Hampshire Reform Jewish Community
South Hampstead And Kilburn Community Partnership
South Hampstead Charitable Trust
South Hampstead High School Gdst junior Department Parent Teacher Association shjs Pta
South Hampstead Junior School Hardship Fund Limited
South Hams Citizens Advice Bureau
South Hams Community Voluntary Services
South Hams District Scout Council
South Hams Lifestyles
South Hams Society
South Hams Support Services Limited
South Hanningfield Parish Allotments
South Hanningfield Village Hall Charity
South Hanningfield Womens Institute
South Hants Bible Camps Trust
South Hants Pony And Horse Protection Group
South Harford Tuckswood Community Association
South Headingley Community Association
South Heighton Village Hall
South Heighton Womens Institute
South Herts Moor Park Lions Club Charitable Trust Fund
South Hetton And District Community Association
South Hetton Miners Welfare Recreation Ground
South Hiendley Recreation Ground
South Hill Centre
South Hill Church hemel Hempstead
South Hill Park Pre school
South Hill Park Trust Limited
South Hill School Pta
South Hill Village Hall
South Hill Women s Institute
South Hills School Home School Association
South Hinksey Village Hall
South Holland Citizens Advice Bureau
South Holland Community Church
South Holland Community Furniture Recycling Project
South Holland Concert Club
South Holland District Nightstop
South Holland Enterprise For The Disabled
South Holland Parish Voluntary Car Service
South Holland Phab
South Holland Women s Resource Centre
South Hornchurch Community Association
South House Silver Workshop Trust
South Huish Parish Church Perpetual Ecclesiastical Trust Fund
South Humber Racial Equality Council
South Hykeham Community Primary School Fund
South Hykeham Village Hall
South Hylton Community Project
South Hylton Primary School Parent Teacher Association
South Indian Community Trust
South Indian Rural Development Trust
South Indian Society
South Islington Mothers And Babies Welfare Fund
South Islington Stroke Club
South Kelsey Village Hall
South Kempshott Community Association
South Kent Dyslexia Association
South Kent Education Business Partnership
South Kerrier Heritage Trust
South Kesteven Citizens Advice Bureaux
South Kilburn Muslim Community Association
South Kilburn Neighbourhood Trust
South Kilworth Village Hall
South Kingstown School Funds
South Kirkby And Hemsworth Miners Welfare Fund
South Kirkby Darby And Joan Club
South Kirkby Miners Welfare Scheme
South Kirklees Day Services Association
South Kyme Coronation Hall
South Lafford Ecumenical Association For Christian Ministry
South Lake Primary School Parent Teachers And Friends Association
South Lakeland Action On Climate Change Towards Transition
South Lakeland Carers
South Lakeland District Council Fund In Commemoration Of The Wedding Of His Royal Highness Prince Charles To Lady Diana Spencer
South Lakeland Hydrotherapy Limited
South Lakeland Leisure
South Lakeland Mind
South Lakes U3a
South Lakes Youth For Christ
South Lambeth Neighbourhood Care Association
South Lancashire Advanced Motorcyclists
South Lancashire Bat Group
South Lancashire Learning Disability Training Consortium
South Lane Meadow Trust
South Lee School Limited
South Lee School Parent Teachers Association
South Leeds Alternative Trading Enterprise Limited
South Leeds Christian Fellowship
South Leeds Community Alliance
South Leeds Team Ministry Charity Limited
South Leicestershire Mencap Society
South Leicestershire Mobile Toy Library
South Leigh Charity
South Leverton Memorial Institute
South Leytonstone Area Development Association
South Lincolnshire Blind Society
South Lincs Church
South Liverpool Arts Group
South Liverpool Citizens Advice Bureau
South Liverpool Domestic Abuse Services
South Liverpool Education Trust
South Liverpool Unit No 467 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
South Liverpool Vineyard Christian Fellowship
South London African Organisation
South London African Women Association slawa Limited
South London African Women s Organisation
South London Alliance Church
South London Church Fund and Southwark Diocesan Board of Finance
South London Communal Mikveh Committee
South London Community Music
South London Congolese Association
South London Counselling Services
South London Cvs Partnership
South London Fine Art Gallery And Library
South London Health Care Nhs Charitable Fund
South London Liberal Synagogue
South London Mosque And Islamic Centre
South London Raynet
South London Refugee Association
South London Relief In Sickness Fund
South London Resource Centre For Visually Impaired People building For Sight
South London Rifle Club
South London Singers
South London Somali Community Association
South London Special League
South London Tamil Church sltc
South London Tamil Welfare Group
South London Theatre Centre Limited
South London Turkish Cultural Society
South London Turkish Elders Association
South London Ymca
South Lopham Fuel Allotment Trust
South Malling Pre school
South Manchester Down s Syndrome Support Group
South Manchester Gymnastics Centre
South Manchester Jewish Student Trust Limited
South Manchester Law Centre
South Manchester Mikva
South Manchester Sports Club Limited
South Manchester Synagogue
South Manchester Wildlife Rescue
South Mansfield Community Association
South Marches District Scout Council
South Marston Pre school
South Marston Recreation Association
South Mid sussex Community First Responders
South Milford Memorial Playing Fields Association
South Milford Women s Institute
South Milton Parent And Toddler Group
South Milton Village Hall
South Milton Womens Institute
South Mitcham Community Association
South Molton And District Volunteer Bureau
South Molton And District Young Men s Christian Association
South Molton Community Hospital League Of Friends
South Molton Gospel Hall Trust
South Molton Municipal Charities
South Molton Pre School
South Molton Swimming Pool
South Molton University Of The Third Age
South Montgomeryshire Volunteer Bureau Limited
South Moor Partnership
South Moreton Pre school
South Moreton School Parent Teacher Association
South Mountain Chinese Older People s Association
South Muskham Village Hall
South Mymms Parochial Charities
South Newton And Wishford Recreation Centre
South Newton Peace Memorial Bungalows Charity
South Newton Wishford And Stapleford Wi
South Norfolk Buildings Preservation Trust
South Norfolk Youth Symphonic Band
South Normanton And Pinxton Club For The Disabled
South Normanton Community Church
South Normanton School Of Boxing And Boys Club
South Northamptonshire Mencap Gateway Club
South Northants Community Responders
South Northants Volunteer Bureau
South Norwood And Woodside Community Association
South Norwood Woodside Community Association
South Nottinghamshire Academy Fund
South Nottinghamshire Centre Fund
South Nottinghamshire Riding For The Disabled Association
South Notts Hussars Yeomanry Welfare Fund
South Ockendon Community Forum Limited
South Of England Foundation
South Of England Hedge laying Society
South Of England Lacrosse Educational Trust
South Of London Group Of Advanced Motorists
South Ossett Baptist Church
South Otterington Maunby And Newby Wiske Village Hall
South Otterington Playgroup
South Otterington School Fund
South Oxford Adventure Playground Association
South Oxford Community association
South Oxfordshire Mencap Society
South Parade Baptist Church
South Park Chapel
South Park Playing Field And Recreation Ground
South Park Recreation Ground
South Park School Playing Field
South Park Women s Institute
South People s Projects soppro
South Perrott And Chedington Millennium Green
South Perrott Village Hall
South Petherton And Crewkerne Methodist Circuit
South Petherton Relief In Need Charity
South Petherton School P t a
South Petherton Women s Institute
South Petherton Youth Club
South Petherwin Pre school
South Petherwin Village Hall
South Place Ethical Society
South Powys Youth Music
South Reston Womens Institute
South Ribble District Scout Council
South Ridgeway Community Association
South Riverside Community Development Centre Ltd
South Road Senior Citizens And Disabled Club
South Ruislip Christian Trust
South Ruislip Community Association
South Ruislip Fairway m Townswomen s Guild
South Sefton Development Trust
South Sefton Mencap
South Shields Cleadon Park a Townswomen s Guild
South Shields Division Of The Guide Association
South Shields Indigent Sick Society
South Shields Marsden Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
South Shields Sailing Club
South Shields Shopmobility
South Shields Tyne Dock Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
South Shields Unit 315 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
South Shields Volunteer Life Brigade
South Shropshire Furniture Scheme
South Shropshire Youth Forum
South Sinai Foundation
South Snowdonia Search And Rescue Team
South Somercotes Educational Charity
South Somerset Association For Voluntary And Community Action Limited
South Somerset Choral Society
South Somerset Citizens Advice Bureau
South Somerset Community Accessible Transport
South Somerset District Scout Council
South Somerset Domestic Abuse Service
South Somerset Mind
South Somerset Muslim Cultural Association
South Staffordshire And District Beekeepers Association
South Staffordshire Citizens Advice Bureau
South Staffordshire Community And Mental Health Charitable Fund And Other Related Charities
South Staffordshire Community And Voluntary Action
South Staffordshire Deaf Children s Society
South Staffordshire Family Mediation Service
South Staffordshire First Responders
South Staffordshire Local Village Transport
South Staffordshire Medical Centre Charitable Trust The Rotha Abraham Bequest
South Staffordshire Narrowboat Company Limited
South Staffordshire Network For Mental Health
South Staffordshire Work Clubs
South Staffordshire Youth For Christ
South Stainmore Parish Institute
South Stoke Educational Charity
South Stoke Village Hall And Recreation Ground
South Street Baptist Church Exeter Brampford Speke
South Street Evangelical Church Braunton Trust
South Street Pre school
South Street School Parent teachers And Friends Association
South Street United Reformed Church Ministers Fund
South Street Women s Institute
South Sudan Mission
South Sudan Women Concern
South Sudan Women Skills Development
South Sudanese British Community Association ssbca
South Sudanese East Bank Community Association
South Suffolk Leisure
South Suffolk Young Farmers Club
South Surma Welfare Organisation
South Tawton Charities
South Tees Advocacy In Mental Health Project
South Tees Hospitals General Charitable Fund And Other Related Charities
South Tenerife Christian Fellowship Trust
South Thames Crossroads Caring For Carers Limited
South Tottenham Kehila Limited
South Tottenham Muslim Community Association
South Trafford Archaelogical Group
South Tynedale Railway Preservation Society
South Tyneside Animal Rescue
South Tyneside Association For Sport And Recreation
South Tyneside Cardio Unit Voluntary Support Group
South Tyneside Central Organisation On Disabilities
South Tyneside Churches Key Project
South Tyneside Citizens Advice Bureau
South Tyneside Council For Voluntary Service
South Tyneside Deaf Club
South Tyneside District Scout Council
South Tyneside Education Centre
South Tyneside Football Trust
South Tyneside Positive Activities Targeted Youth Support Group
South Tyneside Talking Newspaper Association
South Tyneside Training And Enterprise Network Limited
South Tyneside Trust General Charitable Fund
South Tyneside Visually Impaired Council
South Tyneside Women s Aid
South Tyneside Yemeni Arab Community Welfare Association
South Tyneside Youth Action Volunteers
South Vale Playgroup
South Valley Children s Action Group
South View C p School Fund
South Wales Advanced Motorcyclists
South Wales And Monmouthshire Convalescent Home Endowment Fund Scheme
South Wales Area Miners Benevolent Fund
South Wales Area Quaker Meeting
South Wales Association For Prevention Of Addiction Limited
South Wales Baptist Association Bugb
South Wales Baptist College
South Wales Bobby Van
South Wales Construction Safety Group
South Wales Ethnic Arts Team
South Wales Federation Of Townswomen s Guild
South Wales Guitar Society
South Wales I A
South Wales Institute Of Engineers Educational Trust
South Wales Islamic Educational Trust
South Wales Miners Museum
South Wales Miners Welfare Trust Fund Scheme
South Wales Police Youth Trust
South Wales Postal Bible School
South Wales Record Society
South Wales Shire Horse Society
South Walney County Junior School Parent Teacher Association
South Walsham And District Women s Institute
South Walsham Parish Charity
South Ward Playing Field
South Warnborough Recreation Area Charity
South Warwickshire Heart Failure Education And Cardiac Rehabilitation Trust
South Warwickshire Hospital Broadcasting Association
South Warwickshire Nhs Foundation Trust Charitable Fund
South Warwickshire Plato Trust
South Weald Parish Hall
South Wessex Archaeological Association
South West Action For Learning And Living Our Way Ltd
South West Adoption Network
South West Airfields Heritage Ltd
South West Area Committee Of The National Federation Of Young Farmers Clubs
South West Area Of Nafas
South West Baptist Association
South West Baptist Trust Corporation
South West Birmingham Community Association
South West Chamber Choir
South West Cheshire District Scout Council
South West Children s Heart Circle
South West Coast Path Association
South West Community Chaplaincy Limited
South West Cornwall Riding For The Disabled Association
South West Crossroads caring For Carers Limited
South West Division Of The Hertfordshire County Guides
South West Dorset Multicultural Network
South West Dorset Talking Newspaper
South West England Dry Stone Walling Association
South West England European Prayer And Support
South West England Rescue Association
South West Environmental Parks Limited
South West Equine Protection Limited
South West Equipping And Training
South West Essex Choir
South West Essex Settlement Reform Synagogue
South West Family Support Ltd
South West Film And Television Holdings Limited
South West Forum
South West Golden Retriever Rescue Trust
South West Gospel Partnership
South West Grid For Learning Trust
South West Ham Child Welfare Society
South West Herts Archaeological And Historical Society
South West Herts U3a
South West Herts Youth And Community Narrow Boat Project
South West Lakes Trust
South West Lancashire Independent Community Advice Network Ltd
South West Lancashire Ringing Group
South West Legal Support Trust
South West London And St George s Mental Health Nhs Trust Charitable Fund
South West London Choral Society
South West London Environment Network
South West London Evangelistic Mobile Unit
South West London Law Centres
South West London Stroke Club Moving On
South West Main Line Steam Company
South West Maritime History Society
South West Ministry Training Course
South West Music School
South West Norfolk District Scout Council
South West Nottinghamshire District Scout Council
South West Oxfordshire Mencap
South West Peninsula Football League Benevolent Fund
South West Pentecostal Alliance
South West Regional Anaesthesia Group
South West Somali Community Association
South West Surrey Association For Mental Health Limited
South west Surrey Mobile Physiotherapy Service
South West Sussex United Area
South West Thames Kidney Fund
South West Tyneside Methodist Circuit
South West Wales Family And Friends Of Prisoners
South West Wildlife Trusts
South West Yorkshire Partnership Foundation Trust And Other Related Charities
South West Youth Ministries
South Western Ambulance Service Foundation Trust Fund
South Western Federation Of Museums And Art Galleries
South Western Guernsey Cattle Breeders Association
South Western Laryngological Association
South Western Obstetrical And Gynaecological Society
South Westminster Community Festival
South Westminster Legal Advice Centre
South Weston Activity Network
South Whitehaven Communities Together Ltd
South Wight Youth Theatre
South Wigston High School Supporters Association
South Wilford School Parent Teacher Association
South Willesborough And Newtown Community Association
South Willesborough Community After School Club
South Willingham Parish Hall
South Wilts Mencap
South Wimbledon Community Association
South Wimbledon District Guides
South Wingfield Miners Welfare Recreation Or Pleasure Ground
South Wingfield Pre school Playgroup
South Wirral High School School Fund
South Witham Village Playgroup
South Wolds School Fund
South Wonston County Primary School Parent Teacher Association
South Wonston Institute
South Wonston Swifts F c
South Wonston Village Hall
South Wonston Womens Institute
South Wood Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
South Woodford The Grove E Townswomen s Guild
South Woodham Amateur Theatre Society swats
South Woodham Ferrers Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
South Woodham Ferrers District Guides
South Woodham Ferrers Lions Club Charitable Trust Fund
South Woodham Ferrers Male Voice Choir
South Woodham Pre school
South Wootton County First School Parent Teachers Association
South Wootton Grant Maintained Junior School Association
South Wootton Mother And Toddler Group
South Wootton Pre school
South Worcestershire Citizens Advice Bureau
South Workington Youth Partnership
South Wraxall Village Hall
South Wye Community Association
South Wye Development Trust Limited
South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum
South Yorkshire And Hallamshire Clubs For Young People
South Yorkshire Animal Rescue
South Yorkshire Badger Group
South Yorkshire Buildings Preservation Trust Limited
South Yorkshire Centre For Inclusive Living
South Yorkshire County Of The Guide Association
South Yorkshire County Scout Council
South Yorkshire Eating Disorders Association
South Yorkshire English Springer Spaniel Rescue
South Yorkshire Federation Of Women s Institutes
South Yorkshire Funding Advice Bureau
South Yorkshire Higher Education Development Trust
South Yorkshire Independent Schools Trust Limited
South Yorkshire Industrial History Society
South Yorkshire Integrated Transport Authority
South Yorkshire Neighbourhood Watch Association
South Yorkshire North Derbyshire Group Of Friends Of Chernobyl s Children
South Yorkshire Pension Fund
South Yorkshire Refugee Law And Justice
South Yorkshire Schools Athletic Association
South Yorkshire Schools Football Association
South Yorkshire Trades Historical Trust Limited
South Yorkshire Transport Museum Ltd
South Yorkshire Voluntary And Community Sector Training Consortium
South Yorkshire Women s Club
South Yorkshire Workplace Chaplaincy
South Zeal Pre school
South Zeal Recreation Ground
Southall Baptist Church
Southall Black Sisters Trust
Southall Christian Fellowship
Southall Community Alliance
Southall Day Centre Limited
Southall District Guide Association Headquarters
Southall Operatic Company
Southall Opportunity Pre school
Southall School Fund
Southall School Of Languages And Missionary Orientation
Southall Sports Trust Ltd
Southam And District Childminders Association
Southam And District Theatrical Society
Southam Church And Community Project Ltd
Southam College Parent Teacher Association
Southam Community Church
Southam Lions Club Charitable Trust Fund
Southam Primary Pre school
Southam Round Table Charitable Trust
Southam United Charity
Southam Village Hall
Southam Womens Institute
Southampton Action For Access
Southampton Action For Employment
Southampton Advanced Motorists
Southampton Advice Representation Centre
Southampton Afghani Shia Association
Southampton And District Sick Poor Fund And Humane Society
Southampton And District Spina Bifida And Hydrocephalus Association
Southampton And Winchester Visitors Group
Southampton Area Talking Echo
Southampton Asbestosis Mesothelioma Society
Southampton Bursledon Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Southampton Central Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Southampton Children s Play Association
Southampton Chinese Christian Church
Southampton Chinese Christian Fellowship
Southampton Choral Society
Southampton Christadelphian Ecclesia
Southampton Christian Science Society
Southampton Churches Rent Deposit Scheme
Southampton Citizens Advice Bureau
Southampton City And Region Action To Combat Hardship
Southampton City District Scout Council
Southampton City Mission
Southampton City Museums Archaeological Society
Southampton Classical Guitar Society
Southampton Commons And Parks Protection Society
Southampton Community Family Trust
Southampton Complementary Medical Research Trust
Southampton Council Of Faiths
Southampton Counselling And Therapy Centre
Southampton Counselling Ltd
Southampton Cultural Development Trust
Southampton Elderly Citizens Trust
Southampton Engineering Training Association Ltd
Southampton Fc Old Boys Association ex saints Ltd
Southampton Festival Of Music And Drama
Southampton Film Theatre
Southampton hardmoor Opportunity Group
Southampton Hedge End Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Southampton Hospital Broadcasting Association
Southampton Hospital Charity
Southampton International Evangelical Church
Southampton Lifesaving Club
Southampton Lighthouse International Church slic
Southampton Medical Society
Southampton Medina Mosque Trust Limited
Southampton Mencap
Southampton Methodist Circuit
Southampton Methodist District
Southampton Millbrook Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Southampton Musical Society
Southampton Natural History Society
Southampton Operatic Society
Southampton Penguin Swimming Club For The Orthopaedically Disabled
Southampton Philharmonic Society
Southampton Portswood Congregation Of Jehovahs Witnesses
Southampton Rape Crisis Sexual Abuse Counselling Service
Southampton Rheumatology Trust
Southampton Rlss Uk Lifeguard Club
Southampton Row Trust Limited
Southampton Service User Network
Southampton Shirley Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Southampton Society For The Blind
Southampton Solent Lions Club Trust Fund
Southampton Solent University Research Fund
Southampton Somali Community Association
Southampton Stage Dance Festival
Southampton Street Pastors
Southampton Sunday Lunch Project
Southampton Test District Guides
Southampton Twins And Supertwins
Southampton Unit 311 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Southampton University Of The Third Age
Southampton Voluntary Services
Southampton West End Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Southampton Women s Aid
Southampton Woolston Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Southbakels Pension Fund
Southbakels Provident Fund
Southbank Centre
Southbank Enterprise Trust Ltd
Southbank International School Kensington Pta
Southbank Parents Association
Southbank Sinfonia
Southborough And District Lions Club Charitable Trust Fund
Southborough And High Brooms Age Concern
Southborough Church Of England Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Southborough Lane Baptist Church
Southborough Pre school
Southbourne And District Age Concern
Southbourne Bournemouth Surf Life Saving Unit
Southbourne Evangelical Church Bournemouth
Southbourne Primary Schools Parent Teacher Association
Southbourne Village Hall
Southbourne west Sussex Lions Club Charitable Trust Fund
Southbourne Women s Institute
Southbrook Community Association
Southchurch Park Playgroup
Southcomb Poor s Allotments
Southcott School Association
Southcourt Baptist Church Trust
Southdene And District Community Association
Southdown Methodist Church
Southdown Omnibus Trust
Southdown Sheep Society
Southdown Trust
Southeast Asian Outreach
Southend And District Aid Society
Southend And District Association For Kidney Care
Southend And District Building Preservation Trust east
Southend And District Hospital Radio Service
Southend And District Reform Synagogue
Southend And District Riding Club For The Disabled
Southend Association Of Voluntary Services
Southend Bach Choir
Southend Borough Childminding Association
Southend Boys Choir And Southend Girls Choir Trust
Southend Carers Forum
Southend Choral Society
Southend Christian Counselling Service
Southend Christian Fellowship
Southend Community in harmony Partnership
Southend Cystic Fibrosis Association
Southend District Mental Health Association
Southend East Division Guide Association
Southend Education Trust
Southend Estuary District Scout Council
Southend Festival Chorus
Southend High School For Boys Activities Fund
Southend High School For Boys Parents Association
Southend Hospital Charitable Foundation
Southend Junior Phab Club
Southend Malayalee Association
Southend Mencap
Southend on sea Arts Council
Southend on sea Association For The Physically Handicapped
Southend on sea Blind Welfare Organisation
Southend On Sea Chinese Christian Church
Southend on sea Darby And Joan Organisation formerly The Council For The Welfare Of Elderly People Southend on sea
Southend On Sea Guild Of Help And Citizens Advice Bureau
Southend On Sea Leigh Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Southend On Sea Lions Club Trust Fund
Southend on sea Musical Festival Association
Southend on sea Priory Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Southend on sea Prittlewell Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Southend on sea Round Table Charitable Trust
Southend on sea Shoebury Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Southend on sea Southchurch Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Southend On Sea Unit 312 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Southend on sea Westcliff Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Southend on sea Young Mens Christian Association
Southend Philharmonic Orchestra
Southend Senior Phab Club
Southend United Community Educational Trust
Southend University Hospital Nhs Foundation Trust Charity
Southend Vineyard
Southend West District Scout Council
Southend West Division Guide Association
Southend Westcliff Hebrew Congregation
Southend Wind Orchestra
Southern Addictions Advisory Service
Southern Africa Aids Foundation saaf
Southern Africa Development Co operation sadc Rehabilitation Trust
Southern Africa Educational Trust
Southern Africa Resources Centre
Southern Africa s Children
Southern African Children And Family Welfare Association
Southern African Development Community Support Agency sa dc sa
Southern African Women s Affairs Aids Refugees sawaar
Southern Aurora Drum And Bugle Corps
Southern Australian State Pension Fund
Southern Brooks Community Partnership
Southern California Edison Company
Southern Cathedrals Festival Society
Southern Company
Southern Counties German Shepherd Rescue
Southern Cross Community Playgroup
Southern Derbyshire Voluntary Sector Mental Health Forum
Southern Development Trust
Southern Domestic Abuse Service
Southern East Anglia Quaker Meeting Of The Religious Society Of Friends quakers In Britain
Southern Educational Leadership Trust
Southern Electric Group ESPS
Southern Electric Heritage Limited
Southern England Consortium For Credit Accumulation And Transfer seec
Southern Engraving Additional Retirement Benefit Fund
Southern Ethiopian Peoples Action Group sepag
Southern Field Staff Defined Contribution Pension Fund
Southern Golden Retriever Rescue
Southern Health Nhs Foundation Trust General Fund
Southern History Society
Southern Holderness Resource Centre
Southern Ignatian Network
Southern Jersey Cattle Club
Southern Knights Performing Arts
Southern Life Classic Group North Pension Fund
Southern Life Classic Group South Pension Fund
Southern Life Classic Group South Provident Fund
Southern Life Select Group North Pension Fund
Southern Life Select Group South Provident Fund
Southern Light Community Church
Southern Lurcher Rescue
Southern Marches Area Quaker Meeting
Southern Neighbourhood Council
Southern North West Training Partnership
Southern Norwich District Scout Council
Southern Pro Musica
Southern Railway of British Columbia Pension Plan for Unionized Employees
Southern Railway of Vancouver Island Limited Pension Plan
Southern Shih Tzu Rescue
Southern Sinfonia
Southern Ski Club For The Disabled
Southern Skirmish Association
Southern Staff Pension Fund
Southern Sudanese Welfare Association
Southern Sun Group Retirement Fund
Southern Union Pension Fund
Southern Universities Management Services
Southern Voices
Southern Water Charitable Trust Fund
Southern Way And St Mary s Community Association
Southern Wildlife Ambulance Network
Southerndown Surf Life Saving Club
Southernhay United Reformed Church Charity
Southery Feltwell And Methwold Relief In Need Charity
Southery Playgroup
Southery Village Hall
Southey And Owlerton Area Regeneration
Southey Group Provident Fund
Southey Pre school Learning Alliance
Southey Transport Voorsorgfonds
Southfield Church Limited
Southfield Community Action Forum Limited
Southfield Parents Association
Southfield Primary School Parent Staff Association
Southfield Riding Group
Southfield School Friends Association
Southfield Women s Institute
Southfields Baptist Church
Southfields Community Association
Southfields Community Playgroup
Southfields Drive Community Association
Southfields Nursery
Southfleet Memorial Fund
Southfleet Village Hall
Southfleet west Kent Women s Institute
Southgate Christian Fellowship Trust
Southgate Church Bury St Edmunds Suffolk
Southgate Cultural Fund
Southgate District Scout Council
Southgate Division Guides
Southgate Family Church
Southgate Homebound And Disabled Association
Southgate Lions Club
Southgate Methodist Church
Southgate Pre school
Southgate Progressive Synagogue
Southgate Relief Charity
Southgate School Pta
Southgate Symphony Orchestra
Southgate the Bourne Methodist Church
Southgate Turkish Parent Association
Southgate Village Hall And Mission Room
Southgate West Playgroup
Southill Almshouse Charity
Southill Parish Hall
Southill Pre school
Southland s Educational Charity
Southlands Christian Church
Southlands College
Southlands Methodist Trust
Southlands Ptfa
Southleigh Parish Hall
Southleigh Youth Recreation And Community Hall Association
Southmead Adventure Playground Association
Southmead Community Association
Southmead Community Council
Southmead Development Trust
Southmead Friends Association
Southmead Hospital League Of Friends
Southmead Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nicu Parents Group
Southmead Preschool
Southminster And District Young Farmers Club
Southminster And Maylandsea Scout Group
Southminster Memorial Hall
Southminster Pre school Learning Alliance
Southmoor Preschool
Southoe Village Hall
Southolt Town Lands
Southover Church Trust
Southover Manor General Educational Trust Limited
Southowram Community Association
Southowram Wesley Methodist Sunday School
Southport Adult Training Centre Support Group
Southport Ainsdale a Townswomen s Guild
Southport And Area Schools Worker Trust
Southport And District Centre For The Deaf
Southport And District Chrysanthemum And Gardening Society
Southport And District Gramophone Society
Southport And District Provincial Grand Lodge Of Royal Antediluvian Order Of Buffaloes Benevolent Fund
Southport And Formby Special Athletes
Southport And Ormskirk Bantam Society
Southport And Ormskirk Hospital Nhs Trust Charitable Fund
Southport Bach Choir
Southport Birkdale Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Southport Churches Welfare Committee
Southport Churchtown Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Southport District Scout Council
Southport Dramatic Club
Southport Flower Show
Southport Hebrew Philanthropic Society
Southport Hesketh Park Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Southport Hesketh Round Table
Southport Horticultural Society
Southport Junior Phab Club
Southport Kidney Fund [patient Support And Research]
Southport Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Southport Marine Detachment Unit No 314 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Southport Methodist Circuit
Southport Music Festival Association
Southport Muslim Society
Southport New Synagogue
Southport northwest Macular Support Group
Southport Offshore Rescue Trust
Southport Paraplegic Sports And Social Club
Southport Photographic Society
Southport Relief Society
Southport Rest Home
Southport Scientific Society
Southport Soup Kitchen
Southport Spotlights Musical Theatre Society
Southport Stroke Club
Southport Woodvale Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Southport Ymca
Southrepps Commons Trust
Southrepps New Village Hall
Southrey Village Hall
Southridge Women s Institute
Southrop School Pta
Southsea Afternoon Womens Institute
Southsea Community Association
Southsea Morning Women s Institute
Southsea Skatepark Company
Southside District Scout Council
Southside Family Project
Southside Partnership
Southside Rehabilitation Limited
Southside Young Leaders Academy
Southstoke Village Hall
Southview Pool Appeal
Southview School Fund
Southville Community Development Association
Southville Infants School Parent Teachers Association
Southville Primary School Pta
Southwark And Deptford Circuit
Southwark And Lambeth Archaeological Excavation Committee
Southwark And Lambeth Archaeological Society
Southwark Anglican Cursillo
Southwark Arts Forum
Southwark Association For Mental Health Ltd
Southwark Association For Mental Health
Southwark Carers
Southwark Caribb Youth Football Sports Academy
Southwark Cathedral Development Trust
Southwark Charities
Southwark Childminding Association
Southwark Children s Brass Band
Southwark Children s Foundation
Southwark Citizens Advice Bureaux Service
Southwark City Tennis Club
Southwark Community Education Council
Southwark Council
Southwark Cypriot Day Centre
Southwark Cyprus Turkish Association
Southwark Day Centre For Asylum Seekers
Southwark Diocesan Church Of England Council For Social Aid
Southwark Diocesan Welcare
Southwark Disablement Association
Southwark District Scout Council
Southwark Education Partnership Ltd
Southwark Equestrian Association For The Disabled
Southwark Ethnicare
Southwark Good Stewards Company Limited
Southwark Group Of Tenants Organisation
Southwark Habitat For Humanity
Southwark Helping Hands Club
Southwark Heritage Association
Southwark Hindu Centre
Southwark Irish Pensioners Project
Southwark Law Centre
Southwark Muslim Women s Association
Southwark Newington And Walworth Relief In Sickness Fund
Southwark Pensioners Centre
Southwark Playhouse Theatre Company
Southwark Refugee Communities Forum
Southwark Refugee Project Limited
Southwark Somali Refugee Council
Southwark Taylor Educational Trust
Southwark Theatres Education Partnership
Southwark Tigers Rugby Club
Southwark Turkish Education Group
Southwark Unit 348 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Southwark Vietnamese Chinese Community
Southwater Area Community Centre
Southwater Infant And Junior Academies Parent Teacher Friends Association
Southwater Junior School
Southwater Medical Foundation
Southwater Responders
Southwater Village Hall Pre school
Southwater Village Hall
Southway Community College Memorial Trust
Southway Home And School Association
Southway Information Centre
Southwell And District Agricultural Society
Southwell And District Lions Club Charitable Trust Fund
Southwell And District Nottinghamshire U3a
Southwell And District Young Farmers Club
Southwell and Nottingham Diocesan Board of Finance
Southwell And Nottingham Diocesan Guild Of Church Bell Ringers Bell Fund
Southwell Anglican Cursillo
Southwell Care Project
Southwell Charities For The Poor
Southwell Charities For The Sick Poor
Southwell Choral Society
Southwell Heritage Trust
Southwell Holy Trinity Parent Teacher Association
Southwell House Charity
Southwell House Hostel Charity
Southwell Leisure Centre
Southwell Lowe s Wong Junior School Parent teacher Association
Southwell Minster School Parent Teacher Association
Southwell Minster School
Southwell Pre school
Southwell Scout Group
Southwell Town Bowls Club
Southwick And Monkwearmouth Community Transport smct
Southwick And North Bradley Scout Group
Southwick Christian Community Church
Southwick Community Association
Southwick Downsway Evening Women s Institute
Southwick Golden Gloves Abc
Southwick Health And Community Forum
Southwick Lodge Benevolent Fund
Southwick Neighbourhood Youth Project
Southwick Opera
Southwick Pre school Playgroup
Southwick Rangers Youth Football Club
Southwick sussex Society
Southwick Village Hall
Southwick Youth And Community Association
Southwold Aldeburgh Theatre Trust
Southwold And District Tennis Club
Southwold Community Association
Southwold Decorative And Fine Arts Society
Southwold District Girl Guides Association
Southwold Film Society
Southwold Maritime Museum Charitable Trust
Southwold Millennium Foundation
Southwold Museum And Historical Society
Southwold Parochial Charities
Southwold Railway Trust
Southwold Sailors Reading Room Association
Southwold Young People s Housing Association
Southwood Family Pre school
Southwood School Fund
Sovereign Church Eastbourne
Sovereign Employee Benefits Ltd
Sovereign Fund of Brazil
Sovereign Grace Ministries uk Trust
Sovereign Grace Trust merthyr
Sovereign Health Pension Fund
Sovereign Hospitaller Order Of St John Of Jerusalem
Sovereign Place Trust
Sovereign s Peace Lodge No 8911 Benevolent Fund
Sovereign Swimming Club For Disabled People
Sovereign Trust International Ministry Team
Sovereign World Trust
Sow Lights Limited
Sowerby Bridge Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Sowerby Community Primary School Fund
Sowerby Engineering Company Pty Ltd Provident Fund
Sowerby Music
Sowerby Nursery School
Sowerby Village Primary School Parent Teachers Friends Group
Soweto City Council Pension Fund
Sowing Seeds Ministries
Sowood Community Centre Association
Sowood Pre school And Toddler Group
Sowter Clerical Library
Soytten Sen School Of Performing Arts
Sozein A Churches Ministry Of Healing Trust
Sozo House Of Praise
Sozo Ministries International
Sp hear Trust
Spa peggy Dodd Bath
Spa Theatre Company
Space 109
Space Education Trust
Space For Giants
Space Oxford
Space Science And Engineering Foundation
Space Single Parents And Children Empowered
Space To Contemplate
Space Youth Project
Space2 Leeds
Spacelink Learning Foundation
Spacex Limited
Spacious Places
Spadework Limited
Spalden Educational Foundation
Spalding After School Project
Spalding And District Civic Society
Spalding And District Round Table Charitable Trust Fund
Spalding And District Scout Association
Spalding And District Young Farmers Club
Spalding Baptist Church
Spalding Common Village Hall
Spalding Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Spalding Flower Parade Carnival Trust Limited
Spalding Gentlemen s Society
Spalding Grammar School boys
Spalding Hands
Spalding High School Fund
Spalding High School Parents And Staff Association
Spalding Hospice Foundation
Spalding Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Spalding Mencap Society
Spalding Monday Group For Mental Health
Spalding Rectory Feoffees
Spalding Relief In Need Charity
Spalding Street Pastors
Spaldwick Out Of School Club
Spaldwick Village Hall
Span Arts Ltd
Spaniorum Trust
Spanish And Portuguese Jews Home For The Aged
Spanish And Portuguese Jews Synagogue Common Investment Fund
Spanish And Portuguese Synagogue Welfare Board
Spanish And Portuguese Synagogue
Spanish Evangelical Trust
Spanish Gospel Mission
Spanish Outreach Ministries
Spanish Place Trust
Spanned Supporting People With Additional Needs In The Nottingham Diocese
Spar Charitable Fund
Spar DB Pension Fund
Spar Group Ltd Defined Contribution Pension Fund
Spar Group Ltd Management Provident Fund
Spar Group Ltd Staff Provident Fund
Spare Tyre Theatre Company Limited
Sparham Village Hall
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Spark And Mettle
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Sparkbridge Village Hall
Sparke Evans Park
Sparkes Home Sri Lanka
Sparkford Parish Hall
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Sparkhill Youth Club
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Sparrows Playgroup
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Sparsholt Educational And Recreational Trust
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Sparsholt Women s Institute
Sparta Beef Pension Fund
Sparta Beef Provident Fund
Spartak 78 Youth Sports Club
Spartan Rand Warehouse Retirement Fund
Spartan Swimming Club For The Physically Disabled
Spartan Truck Hire Provident Fund
Spartans Youth Fc
Sparth Asian Association
Sparth Community Centre Association
Sparth Nursery
Sparx Theatre Company
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