M A And B Venitt Charitable Trust
M A B Charitable Trust
M A D Make A Dream
M A F Charitable Settlement
M a l s Merseyside
M A M Hart Will Trust
M a Mission Learning Centre
M A S T S multi agency Supported Tenancies Scheme
M And A Young Charitable Trust
M And C Trust
M And H Cadbury Trust
M and H Cohen Group Provident Fund
M And H Jones Trust
M and I Pension Fund
M and I Retirement Fund
M And L Cohen Charitable Trust
M and L Distributors Pension Fund
M And M Foundation
M and P Mining Consultants Provident Fund
M And R Gross Charities Limited
M B Charitable Trust
M B Foundation also Known As Mossad Horav Moshe Aryeh Halevy
M B Sanders For Pasture Park Or Recreation Ground
M C A Charitable Trust
M C Audley Settlement
M Cannon brookes Charitable Settlement
M Club Foundation Ltd
M D Brown Fund
M D C Jenks Charitable Trust
M E Charitable Trust
M E Leech Prize Fund
M e North Devon
M E Pearce Charitable Trust
M e s s a g e Mepal Sports Action Group
M E Whyte Bequest
M F Heathcoat Amory Charitable Trust
M Factors and Trade Finance Pty Ltd Pension Fund
M G S Trust
M H Davies Prize For Mathematics
M I B Charitable Trust
M I Charitable Trust
M J C Stone Charitable Trust
M J Camp Charitable Foundation
M K Family Charitable Trust
M K Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Group Limited
M k Rose Charitable Trust
M l Saich Charitable Trust
M l t Belz
M M Holiday Project
M M Woodhouse Trust
M Nazir Educational Trust
M O A Foundation
M O Charitable Trust
M path European Mental Health Trust
M R Cannon 1998 Charitable Trust
M r Foundation
M S C Charity Trust
M S Information And Therapy Centre Ltd
M s Research Training And Education Limited
M St J Way Charitable Trust
M T O College
M T Trust
M V Wincham Preservation Society Limited
M Valentine
M W And A B Ingram s Charitable Trust
M Williams
M Z And K Z Shah Foundation
M13 Youth Project
M25 Consortium Of Academic Libraries
M4s Maidstone Special Needs Support Service
M5nine Community Projects
M6 Theatre Company Limited
Ma Aser K Sofim Limited
Ma Centre Uk
Ma da Association
Ma oz Charitable Trust Incorporating Isaac Arkoff Deceased
Maa Charity Trust
Maa Krupa Foundation
Maahad Neighbourhood Nursery
Maahadus Shuhada Trust
Maaike Mcinnes Charitable Trust
Maakoyoo Buloo Helping Hands
Maan Somali Mental Health Sheffield
Maanya Devi Charitable Foundation
Maas Staff Provident Fund
Maasai Evangelistic Association Uk Trust
Maasai Heritage Preservation Foundation Uk
Maaseh Chiya
Maaser Limited
Mabe Village Hall And Women s Institute
Mabe Youth And Community Project
Mabel Cooper Charity
Mabel Dunk s Benefaction
Mabel Evans Trust
Mabel Gale Bequest
Mabel Grant Trust
Mabel Hill Trust Fund
Mabel Verney Memorial Fund
Mablethorpe And District Swimming Pool Association
Mablethorpe And Donna Nook Coastguard Association
Mablethorpe Athletic Sports Association
Mablethorpe Christian Fellowship
Mablethorpe Community Hall
Mablethorpe Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Mablethorpe Guide Association
Mablethorpe Sutton And District Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Mablins Lane Pta
Mac Aids Fund
Mac Keith Press
Mac Multiple Abilities Club
Mac New Work Trust
Mac uk
Macadams Baking Systems Pension Fund
Macaulay Area Action Group
Macca Aid And Education Fund
Maccabi Association Gb
Maccabi Gb
Maccabi London Brady Recreational Trust
Macclesfield Accommodation Care And Concern Limited
Macclesfield Amateur Dramatic Society
Macclesfield And Congleton District Scout Council
Macclesfield And District Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Macclesfield And District Relief In Sickness Charity
Macclesfield And District Round Table 332
Macclesfield And District Talking Newspaper
Macclesfield Area Womens Institute Show Committee
Macclesfield Athletics Development Fund
Macclesfield Barnaby Festival Limited
Macclesfield Cancer Help Centre
Macclesfield Child Contact Centre
Macclesfield Christadelphian Ecclesia
Macclesfield Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Macclesfield Cradle Concern
Macclesfield Drill Hall Trust
Macclesfield Family Church
Macclesfield Forest And Wildboarclough Charity For The Benefit Of The Inhabitants
Macclesfield Forest And Wildboarclough Women s Institute
Macclesfield Handicapped Social Club
Macclesfield High School Trust Fund
Macclesfield Male Voice Choir
Macclesfield Methodist Circuit
Macclesfield Mind
Macclesfield Music Centre
Macclesfield Mydel Ladies Choir
Macclesfield Rural U3a
Macclesfield Society For The Blind
Macclesfield Speaking Up Speaking Out
Macclesfield Town community Sports Trust Limited
Macclesfield United Reformed Church Charity
Macclesfield Womens Aid
Macclesfield Youth Brass Band
Macdermot And Poor s Land Charities
Macdonald buchanan Bursaries And Scholarship Trust
Mace Foundation
Macedonia House Of Faith Ministries International
Machair Social Enterprise
Machen And Pershouse Charity
Machen Primary School Pta
Machen Recreation Welfare Association Recreation Ground
Machen Village Hall
Machine Moving and Engineering Group Pension Builda
Machinery Mart Pension Fund
Machinists Construction Shipyards Industry
Machinists Fitters Helpers Local 3 Pension Plan
Machne Israel Loan Fund
Machon Mayim Chaim
Machynlleth And District Music Club
Machynlleth Community Children s Project Ltd
Machynlleth Girl Guides
Machzike Hadath Community
Machzikei Edgware Trust
Machzikei Hadass Mikvo ois Trust Ltd
Macintyre Care
Mackay Family Charitable Trust
Mackenzie Bell Trust Fund in Connection With The London Museum
Mackenzie Hall
Mackenzie Medical Centre
Mackintosh Association For The Community
Mackintosh Foundation
Mackrell s Charity
Mackworth Community Association
Mackworth Estate Community Association Limited
Macmillan Cancer Support
Macmillan Caring Locally
Macmillan Pension Fund
MacMillan Publishers Ltd
Macnair Trust
Macnay CC SAPSA Umbrella Pension
Macpherson easton Schoolfield Trust
Macpherson Memorial Trust Fund
Macrobert incorporated Staff Provident Fund
Macs Food Traders Provident Fund
Macsteel Group Pension Plan
Macsteel Group Provident Plan
Macsteel International Retirement Fund Section 1 Pension Fund
Macsteel International Retirement Fund Section 2 Provident Fund
Mact Bridge The Gap Limited
Macular Foundation
Macys Memory
Mad 4 Africa
Mad About Art
Mad aid Limited
Mad Charity Ball
Mad Dogs And Englishmen Theatre Company Limited
Mad Foundation Limited
Mad Hatters Tea Party Childrens Charity Limited
Mad Theatre Company
Mada Clinics International
Madagascan Organisation For Saving Sight moss
Madam Alexander s Gift
Madani Academy And Muslim Community Centre
Madani Education Centre
Madani Girls School
Madani Jamia Masjid Association
Madania Welfare Trust
Madaris Le Banaat Il Islam
Madarsa Taleem ul quran
Madarssa Al Furqan Education Centre
Madcap Trust Limited
Madden Fund For The Poor
Maddermarket Theatre Trust Limited
Maddi s Butterflies
Maddie Mcgregor Fund
Maddison Bignall Trust
Maddock Leicester And Burslem Educational Charity
Made Africa Limited
Made For Ever Pre school
Made For Life Foundation
Made In Europe muslim Agency For Development Education
Made In Heaven
Made In Malawi
Made In Wales Stage Company Limited
Madeleine Mary Walker Foundation
Madeley And District Community Association
Madeley District Community First Response Group
Madeley Living History Project
Madeley Practice Patients Fund
Madeley Schools Charity
Madeley United Charity
Madeley Village Hall
Madeline Robertson Trust
Madeline Watson
Madge Trust
Madginford bearsted Women s Institute
Madginford Hall
Madginford Parent Teacher And Friends Association
Madginford Pre school
Madhatters Theatre Club
Madhepur Education And Welfare Trust
Madhobpur And Galimpur Muhammadia Dakhil Madrassa Trust Uk
Madhyamaka Kadampa Meditation Centre Ltd
Madina Academy
Madina Education Academy
Madina Education Ltd
Madina Education Trust
Madina Help Foundation
Madina Institute
Madina Islamic Centre
Madina Islamic Education Centre
Madina Islamic Mission And Islamic Centre Heathrow
Madina Masjid Community Centre
Madina Mosque And Islamic Centre
Madina Mosque And Muslamic Community Centre
Madina Mosque Cardiff
Madina Mosque Horsham
Madina Mosque Trust
Madina Trust
Madina tul Islam
Madina tul uloom Al Islamiya
Madina tul uloom Education Welfare Trust
Madina tul uloom uk
Madinah al ghous Relief
Madinatul Khairi Al Islami
Madinatul Uloom Jami Masjid Trust
Madinatul Uloom Madrasa And Islamic Advice Centre
Madinatul Uloom Welfare Trust
Madingley Village Hall
Madison s Dream
Madley Charities
Madley Environmental Study Centre mesc
Madley Parish Hall
Madley Park Hall Trust
Madley Pre school
Madni Trust
Madonna House united Kingdom
Madrasa Arabia Islamia
Madrasa Ibrahim
Madrasa Saut ul qura an
Madrasa Tul Imam Muhammad Zakariya
Madrasah Baytul Ilm
Madrasah e ashraful Uloom
Madrasah Imam Bukhari
Madrasah Nur Ul Qur an
Madrasatul Aqsaa Coventry supplementary School
Madrasatul Banat Al islamiah
Madrasatul Imam Muhammed Zakariya
Madrasatunnur Educational Trust
Madrassa Arbia Taleem ul quran Mosque
Madrassa Community Education Trust
Madrassa Faiz ul quran Ghousia
Madrassa Faizul Islam Witton Masjid
Madrassa Islamia Rizvia
Madrassa Tadrees Ul Quran
Madrassa Talim ul quran
Madrassa Talimul Islam
Madrassa Zia ul Ouran
Madrassatul Noor Leicester
Madresfield Relief In Need Charity
Madressa Gharib Nawaaz Association
Madressa Himayate Islam Bhatai Uk Trust
Madressa Mahmoodia
Madressa Taleem ul islam
Madron war Memorial Nurses Home
Madron Young Farmers Club
Mae Foundation
Maeldune Trust
Maelor Voluntary Service
Maelor Young Farmers Club
Maen Alaw Cyfyngedig
Maendeleo Trust
Maendy Young Farmers Club
Maerdy Community Centre Limited
Maerdy Workmen s Hall And Institute
Maes Chwarae Trefdraeth Newport Playing Field
Maes y bryn Parent Teacher Association
Maes Yr Haul Primary School Pfa
Maes yr yrfa Comprehensive School Cross Hands Carnival Award
Maesbrook Village Hall
Maesbury Womens Institute
Maesteg Animal Welfare Society
Maesteg Comprehensive School Parent Teacher Association
Maesteg Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Maesteg Park Afc Mini Junior Football Club
Maesycoed Childrens Playgroup
Maesyryrfa School Fund
Maesywaen Village Hall
Mafikeng City Council Pension Fund
Mafube Publishing Pension Fund
Mag Foundation Limited
Magacley Relief And Development Association
Magalies Water Retirement Fund
Magar Association
Magdalen And Lasher Educational Foundation
Magdalen College School Oxford Limited
Magdalen College Trust
Magdalen Gates First School Fund
Magdalen Gates Pre school
Magdalen Hospital Trust
Magdalen Lands Ecclesiastical Charity
Magdalen Laver Village Hall
Magdalen Museum
Magdalen Playing Fields Association
Magdalen Road Evangelical Free Church
Magdalen Road Studios
Magdalen Village Hall
Magdalen Wood Women s Institute
Magdalena Consort Limited
Magdalena Project
Magdalene Foundation
Magdi Yacoub Research Network
Magelake Hall And Recreation Ground
Magen Ari Trust
Magen Charitable Trust
Magen David Adom Uk
Maggie Higgins Memorial School Charitable Trust
Maggie Keswick Jencks Cancer Caring Centres Trust England
Maggie s Pet Rescue And Re homing Service
Maggini Quartet Charitable Fund
Maggs Day Centre
Maghull And District Women s Club
Maghull Chapel Congregational Trust
Maghull Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Maghull District Foodbank
Maghull Horticultural And Gardening Club
Maghull Musical Theatre Company
Maghull Parish Institute
Magic Box Playgroup
Magic Breakfast
Magic Bus Uk
Magic Carousel
Magic Carpet Appeal
Magic Carpet Drama Surrey
Magic Carpet exeter
Magic Dragon Pre school
Magic Gardens Project
Magic Lantern
Magic Mathworks Travelling Circus
Magic Me
Magic Moments For Autistic Kids
Magic Moments Playgroup
Magic Moments
Magical Moments Playgroup
Magma Poetry
Magna Trust
Magnet Resources
Magneti Marelli Pension Fund
Magneti Marelli Provident Fund
Magnificent Ministries
Magnolia Group Pension Scheme
Magnolia Senior Citizens Club
Magnolia Women s Institute
Magor V a p School P t a
Magor Voluntary Aided Primary School Fund
Magor With Undy Sports Ans Leisure Association
Magpie Community Planning Fundraising Resource Library
Magpie Dance
Magpie Playgroup
Mah Tovu Oholecho Trust
Maha Lakshmi Vidya Bhavan
Maha Shiv Shakti Mandir
Mahabba Network International Mni
Mahak Foundation
Mahamevnawa International Meditation Centre
Mahanayim Publications
Maharaja Duleep Singh Centenary Trust
Maharaja Life Foundation
Maharashtra Mandal London
Maharashtra Mandal Uk Ltd
Maharishi Foundation
Maharishi School Trust Limited
Maharishi Valmik Sabha Coventry england Trust
Mahasi Dhamma Fellowship
Mahavir Foundation Limited
Mahdi Deaf Support Network
Maher Community Association leicester U K
Mahila Jagruti Group
Mahmud Hussain Education And Welfare Trust
Mahmuda Afruz Orphanage Education Complex Trust
Mahogany Opera Trust
Mahon Evangelical Church Provident Fund
Mahraz Darshan Das Charitable Trust
Maida Vale Lodge Benevolent Fund freemasons
Maiden Erlegh Pre School
Maiden Erlegh School Parent Teacher Association
Maiden Erlegh Women s Institute
Maiden Erleigh Parent And Toddler Group
Maiden Lane Community Centre Ltd
Maiden Newton And District Preschool
Maiden Newton Village Hall
Maiden Newton Youth And Community Centre
Maidenbower Pre School Playgroup
Maidendale Nature And Fishing Reserve Trust
Maidenhall Community Pre school
Maidenhead And District Arts Council
Maidenhead And District Talking Newspaper Association
Maidenhead And District Young Farmers Club
Maidenhead Archaeological And Historical Society
Maidenhead bray Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Maidenhead Care
Maidenhead Childminding Group
Maidenhead Choral Society
Maidenhead Citizens Advice Bureau
Maidenhead Civic Society
Maidenhead Cookham Congregation Of Jehovahs Witnesses
Maidenhead Cox Green Townswomen s Guild
Maidenhead District Scout Council
Maidenhead Division Guide Association
Maidenhead Heritage Trust
Maidenhead Lodge Masonic Benevolent Association
Maidenhead Mencap
Maidenhead Music And Dance Festival Association
Maidenhead Music Society
Maidenhead Operatic Society
Maidenhead Phab
Maidenhead Postnatal Help Group
Maidenhead Synagogue Limited
Maidenhead Thames Rotary Club Millennium Trust
Maidenhead Unit Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Maidenhead United Reformed Church Charity
Maidenhead Volunteer Bureau
Maidenhead Waterways Restoration Group
Maidensgrove Group Riding For The Disabled Association
Maidford Village Hall
Maids Moreton C Of E School Parent Teachers Association
Maids Moreton Pre school Playgroup
Maids Moreton Village Hall
Maidstone Allington Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Maidstone And District Neighbourhood Watch Association
Maidstone And Tunbridge Wells Nhs Charitable Fund
Maidstone Area Archaeological Group
Maidstone Association For Mental Health
Maidstone Baptist Church
Maidstone Choral Union
Maidstone Christian Care
Maidstone Citizens Advice Bureau
Maidstone Community Support Centre
Maidstone Domestic Violence Forum
Maidstone East District Scout Council
Maidstone Family Church
Maidstone Hall Trust
Maidstone Hospitals Broadcasting Service
Maidstone Independent Christian Spiritualist Church
Maidstone Infants Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Maidstone Link Families Association
Maidstone Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Maidstone Mencap Charitable Trust Limited
Maidstone Portuguese Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Maidstone Prisoners Of War Fund
Maidstone Relief In Need Charities
Maidstone Relief In Need Charity Of The Reverend Robert Gunsley
Maidstone Shepway Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Maidstone South District Scout Council
Maidstone Swimming Club For The Disabled
Maidstone Tovil Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Maidstone Town Centre Youth Cafe
Maidstone Trust Limited
Maidstone Unit 229 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Maidstone West District Scout Council
Maidstone Ymca
Maidstone Youth Music Society
Maidwell Hall School
Maidwell Primary School P t a
Maigret Pty Ltd Workers Provident Fund
Maillard House Charity Trust
Main Electrical Provident Fund
Main Retail Wholesale Union Division Exhibit X
Main Road Preschool
Maindee Festival Association
Maindy Park
Maine Public Employees Retirement System
Mainsforth And District Community Association
Mainsforth Recreation Ground Ferryhill
Mainstone Community Association Limited
Mainstone Preschool
Mainstone Village Hall Trust
Mainwaring Education Trust
Mainz Charitable Trust
Mair Eluned Thomas Prize
Maisemore Group Riding For The Disabled Association
Maisemore Village Hall
Maisha Africa Development Initiative
Maisha Bora Foundation
Maison Costa Pension Fund
Maison De L institut De France A Londres fondation Edmond De Rothschild
Maisons Du Monde
Maitlands Fund Charitable Trust
Maitreya Buddhist Centre
Maitreya Heart Shrine Relic Tour
Maitreya School Of Healing
Maizefield Trust Pension Scheme
Maizefield Trust Provident Fund
Maizey Pension Fund
Majajani Primary School Trust
Majendie Will Trust
Maji Mazuri Social Economic Development Services Kenya
Maji Safi Projects
Majlis Al falah Trust uk
Majlis Ansarullah uk Ltd
Majlis E Dawat ul Haq uk
Majlis e ishaatul Qur aan
Majlis e qadaria Hazrat e dewan Hazoori Uk Overseas
Majlis Islahul Muslimeen Slough Uk
Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya uk
Majlish Homecare Services
Major Charles Hall Memorial Charity
Major M R W Duberly s Bequest
Major Move Eleven Pty Ltd Trading as Pick n Pay Family Sage Umbrella Provident Fund
Major Music
Major Oliver Memorial Bungalows
Major Richardson Eleemosynary And Prize Fund
Major Road Limited
Makan Management Trust Provident Fund
Make A Better Life Trust solihull
Make A Difference At Sandies
Make A Difference sri Lanka Ltd
Make A Difference Tavistock
Make A Difference Uk
Make A Dream Come True
Make A Memory
Make A Million Appeal
Make A Move
Make A Special Kid Smile masks
Make a wish Foundation Uk
Make Every Woman Count
Make It Happen Appeal
Make It Happen In Sierra Leone
Make Jesus Known
Make Me Smile
Make My Day Better Limited
Make Our Mothers Smile
Make Some Noise West Midlands Limited
Make The Difference
Make Them Smile
Makebelieve Arts
Makeni Trust Fund
Maker With Rame Community Bus Service
Maker With Rame Community Hall
Making A Difference In The Gambia
Making A Difference International
Making A Difference knowsley
Making A Difference Locally Ltd
Making A Difference Locally swansea
Making A Difference Seaford Primary School Pta
Making a difference south Bucks Ltd
Making A Difference Tameside
Making A Difference
Making Changes
Making Communities Work Grow mcwg
Making Dance Music And Drama Arts And Sports
Making It Better The Daniel Courtney Trust
Making Life Complete The Emma Hazarika Foundation
Making Music Changing Lives mmcl Creu Cerddoriaeth Newid Bywydau
Making Space
Making The Change Limited
Making The Difference
Making Waves
Makiya kufa Gallery
Makkah International Ltd
Makki Madrassa Trust
Makki Masjid
Makki Mosque Organisation Sheffield
Makki Muslim Society
Makor Charitable Trust
Maktab e rasool
Maktab Tarighat Oveyssi Shahmaghsoudi school Of Islamic Sufism
Makwawa Malawi Limited
Mala Mala Ranch Pension Fund
Malabar Independent Syrian Church Support Charity
Malachi Community Trust
Malachite Foundation
Malago Play Association Ltd
Malaika Kids Uk
Malambe Education Foundation
Malanseuns Kwekery Groeppensioenfonds
Malarchi Pooncholai Trust
Malaria Consortium
Malaria No More United Kingdom
Malawi Association For Christian Support
Malawi Association Midlands
Malawi Association uk
Malawi Dream
Malawi Education Link
Malawi Education Project
Malawi Health Care Support uk
Malawi Hindu Association uk
Malawi Home Based Care Charitable Trust
Malawi Link Trust
Malawi Orphan Fund
Malawi Relief Fund Uk
Malawi Support
Malawian Orphans Sponsored Education Scheme
Malayaga Makkal Ondrium uk
Malayalam Christian Church uk
Malayalam Church bristol
Malayalee Association Of The Uk
Malayalee Muslim Cultural And Welfare Association uk
Malbak Group of Companies Pension Fund
Malbak Group Pension Fund
Malbak Group Provident Fund
Malbank School Association
Malben Engineering Pension Fund
Malbin Trust
Malborough And South Huish Pre school
Malborough Village Hall And Playing Field
Malchut David
Malcolm Arnold Festival
Malcolm Arnold Trust
Malcolm Macewen Trust
Malcolm X Community Centre Ltd
Malden And Cuddington Jubilee Club And Institute
Malden Care Scheme
Malden Emergency First Aid Society
Malden Lodge Benevolent Fund
Malden Parochial School Parents And Teachers Association
Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme Limited
Maldon And District Community Voluntary Service
Maldon And District University Of The Third Age
Maldon And District Vision Impaired Club
Maldon And District Young Farmers Club
Maldon And East Essex District Scout Council
Maldon Archaeological And Historical Group
Maldon Choral Society
Maldon Community Pre school
Maldon Community Preschool
Maldon Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Maldon Council Of Churches
Maldon District Community Transport
Maldon District E Townswomen s Guild
Maldon District Islamic Cultural Association Mica
Maldon District Unit 618 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Maldon Housing Association Ltd
Maldon Wycke Women s Institute
Maldon Youth Orchestra
Maldwyn Nursery And Family Centre
Male Cancer Awareness Campaign
Malenge Provident Fund
Malham Village Hall
Malhamdale Agricultural And Horticultural Society
Mali Development Group
Malian Community In The Uk
Malin Bridge Pre school Plus
Malin Bridge School Parent Teachers Association
Malinslee Day Centre
Mallard Primary School Fund
Mallinckrodt Pension Fund
Malling Community Association
Malling District Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Malling District Scout Council
Malling Windmill Nursery
Mallinson Park Trust
Malmesbury Abbey Music Society
Malmesbury And District Community Transport
Malmesbury And District Link
Malmesbury Carnival
Malmesbury Centre For The Physically Handicapped
Malmesbury Civic Trust
Malmesbury Community Projects
Malmesbury Community Trust
Malmesbury League Of Friends
Malmesbury Park School Parents Staff And Friends Association
Malmesbury Primary School Parents Teachers Friends Association
Malmesbury River Valleys Trust
Malmesbury School Home And School Association
Malmesbury Young Farmers Club
Malone Society
Malorees Infant School Parent Staff Association
Malorees Junior Parents Staff And Friends Association
Malorees Schools Educational Trust
Malpas Church Infants School Pta
Malpas Court Building Preservation Trust
Malpas Park Primary School Parent Staff Association
Malpas Recreation Ground Trust
Malpas Road Evangelical Church
Malpas Victoria Jubilee Hall
Malpas Village Hall
Malpas Vintage Machinery Association Limited
Malpas Young Persons Project
Malshanger Benevolent Trust
Malsis School Trust
Malt Cross Trust Company
Maltby And District Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Maltby Colliery Institute And Recreation Ground Scheme
Maltby Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Maltby School Lands Foundation
Maltby Sports Society
Malthouse Square Playground Association
Maltman s Green School Trust Limited
Malton C P School Fund
Malton Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Malton Dodger Limited
Malton Norton And District Lions Club Charitable Fund
Malton School Fund
Malton School
Maluju South African Artists For Peace
Maluleke Supermarket Pension Fund
Maluti A Phofung Water Retirement Pension Fund
Maluti A Phofung Water Retirement Provident Fund
Malvern Chase Brass Band
Malvern Churches Community Network
Malvern Civic Society
Malvern College
Malvern Community Forest
Malvern Concert Club
Malvern Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Malvern Evangelical Church
Malvern Festival Chorus
Malvern Fringe Arts Limited
Malvern Hills Conservators
Malvern Hills District Citizens Advice Bureau
Malvern Hills Foodbank
Malvern Hills Group Riding For The Disabled Association
Malvern Hills Life Church
Malvern Hills Lions Club Charitable Trust Fund
Malvern In The Gambia
Malvern Maternity Charity
Malvern Mencap Society
Malvern Natural Health Centre
Malvern Parish C e school Parent Teacher Association
Malvern Special Families Including Worcester
Malvern Special Families
Malvern St James Limited
Malvern St James Old Girls Association Bursary Trust Fund
Malvern Suzuki
Malvern Theatres Trust Limited
Malvern U3a
Malvern Unit 582 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Malvern Wells Village Hall
Mama Afrika Community Association
Mama Asha Foundation
Mama Enterprises
Mama Upendo Children s Trust
Mama Youth Project
Mamas And Papas Children Association
Mamble Village Hall
Mamhead Village Hall
Mamosh Worldwide Limited
Mamta Welfare Trust Uk
Man Assembly Plant Retirement Fund
Man B W Diesel Ltd
Man Dirk Group Pension and Life Assurance Scheme
Man Group Plc Charitable Trust
Man Made Log
Man Of The People Appeal Fund
Man Turbomachinery Pension Fund
Man Turbomachinery South Africa Provident Fund
Manacare Foundation
Manaccan And St Anthony Community Association
Manaccan And St Anthony Institute And War Memorial
Manaccan Pre school Playgroup
Management Accounting For Non Governmental Organisations
Management Control Association
Management Employees Pension Plan MEPP
Management Strategies For Africa Limited
Management Training And Education Centre mtec
Manages Fund
Manarat Foundation
Manaton And East Dartmoor Theatre
Manaton Church Field
Manaton Green
Manav Dharm Society
Manby And Grimoldby Village Institute
Mancetter Memorial Hall
Manchester 500 Group Of Advanced Motorcyclists
Manchester Action For Children
Manchester Action On Street Health
Manchester Aid To Kosovo
Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund
Manchester Airports Group Pension Fund
Manchester Alliance Church
Manchester Alliance For Community Care
Manchester And District Battalion The Boys Brigade
Manchester And District Council Of Synagogues
Manchester And District Home For Lost Dogs Limited
Manchester And District Social Club Of The Blind
Manchester And Salford Counselling Service
Manchester And Salford Samaritans
Manchester And Stockport Canal Society Limited
Manchester And Warrington Area Quaker Meeting religious Society Of Friends
Manchester Assembly Hall Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Manchester Balfour Trust
Manchester Bangladeshi Women s Project
Manchester Beth Din Ltd
Manchester Broughton Congregation Of Jehovahs Witnesses
Manchester Buddhist Centre
Manchester Camerata Limited
Manchester Care And Repair
Manchester Carers Centre
Manchester Carers Forum
Manchester Cathedral Choir Schools Foundation
Manchester Cathedral Development Trust
Manchester Central Board For Hebrew Education And Talmud Torah
Manchester Central Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Manchester Central Library Development Trust
Manchester Chamber Choir
Manchester Chamber Concerts Society
Manchester Charitable Trust Ltd
Manchester Charitable Trust
Manchester Children s Relief In Need Charity
Manchester Chinese Centre
Manchester Chorlton Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Manchester Christian College Limited
Manchester Citizens Advice Bureaux Service
Manchester City Chapel
Manchester City F c City In The Community Foundation
Manchester City Galleries Trust
Manchester City Mission
Manchester College Oxford Chapel Society
Manchester Community Spirit
Manchester Congolese Organisation Ltd
Manchester Council For Community Relations
Manchester Cp Society
Manchester Dawa Office Limited
Manchester Dental Education Trust
Manchester Development Education Project Ltd
Manchester Diocesan Board Of Education
Manchester Diocesan Board of Finance
Manchester Diocesan Church Of England Council For Social Aid
Manchester Disabled People s Access Group
Manchester District Nursing Institution Fund
Manchester Domestic Mission Society
Manchester Droylsden Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Manchester Eccles Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Manchester Education Training
Manchester Employees Contributory Retirement System
Manchester Environmental Education Network
Manchester Environmental Resource Centre Initiative Ltd
Manchester Failsworth Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Manchester Farnworth Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Manchester Foster Care Association
Manchester Fountain Of Life Christian Church
Manchester French Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Manchester Geographical Society
Manchester Girls Institute Trust Fund
Manchester Glyndebourne Association
Manchester Great New Central Synagogue
Manchester Group Of Rospa Advanced Drivers And Riders
Manchester Hachnosas Kalloh Fund
Manchester High School For Girls
Manchester Historic Buildings Trust
Manchester Histories
Manchester International Churches Of Christ Estates
Manchester International Festival
Manchester Irish Education Group
Manchester Irlam Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Manchester Islamic And Cultural Centre
Manchester Islamic Educational Trust Ltd
Manchester Japanese School
Manchester Jazz Festival
Manchester Jewish Community Care
Manchester Jewish Community Centre
Manchester Jewish Federation
Manchester Jewish Grammar School
Manchester Jewish Museum
Manchester Jewish Philanthropic
Manchester Jewish School For Special Education
Manchester Jewish Soup Kitchen
Manchester Junior Girls School
Manchester Kashrus
Manchester Korean Church
Manchester Law Society Educational Foundation
Manchester Lesbian And Gay Switchboard Services Limited
Manchester Lesbian Community Project
Manchester Liberal Jewish Community
Manchester Library Theatre Development Trust Limited
Manchester Lingala Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Manchester Lishi Arts
Manchester Literature Festival
Manchester Little Hulton Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Manchester Local Medical Committee Compassionate Fund
Manchester Maccabi Community And Sports Club
Manchester Mandarin Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Manchester Medical Society
Manchester Mencap
Manchester Middleton Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Manchester Mind
Manchester Montefiore Kollel
Manchester Muslim Funeral Committee
Manchester Neurological Research Trust Fund
Manchester New Moston Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Manchester Nile Valley Conservation And Education Network
Manchester Old Trafford Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Manchester Organists Association
Manchester Oriental Organisations Alliance
Manchester Pentecostal Church
Manchester People First
Manchester Persian Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Manchester Phoenix Community Sports Foundation
Manchester Portuguese Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Manchester Pride Limited
Manchester Public Health Laboratory Trust
Manchester radcliffe Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Manchester Rape Crisis Rape And Sexual Abuse Counselling Service M r c rasacs
Manchester Reform Congregation
Manchester Refugee Support Network
Manchester Relief In Need Charity
Manchester Road Community Centre
Manchester Sale Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Manchester Settlement
Manchester Sign Language Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Manchester Societies
Manchester South District Scout Council
Manchester Spanish Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Manchester Sport And Leisure Trust
Manchester Statistical Society
Manchester Street Pastors
Manchester Stretford Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Manchester Sudanese Tree Development Community
Manchester Supplementary Schools Network Limited
Manchester Talmudical College And Theological Seminary
Manchester trafalgar Unit 230 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Manchester Transport Museum Society Limited
Manchester Turkish Community Association
Manchester Unitarian Congregational Fund
Manchester United Foundation
Manchester Urdu Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Manchester Urmston Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Manchester Victoria Baths Trust
Manchester Whitefield Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Manchester Withington Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Manchester Women s Aid
Manchester Wythenshawe Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Manchester Young Lives Ltd
Manchester Youth Trust
Mancot And Moor Village Hall Association
Mancroft Advice Project map
Mancunian Way
Manda Wilderness Community Trust
Mandal Kommune
Mandala Charity Works
Mandala Yoga Ashram
Mandate Men s Ministries
Mander Kidd Non European Pension Scheme
Manderson Trust For The Disabled
Mandeville Hall
Mandhata Youth And Community Association Myca
Mandimba Alliances In Mozambique Africa
Mandy Thornton Memorial Trust
Mane Chance Sanctuary
Manea Silver Band
Manea Village Hall
Manet london Charitable Trust
Maney Chapel Fund For Rehoboth Strict Baptist Chapel
Maney Hill School Association
Manfo Beleggings Pensioenskema
Manger Gospel Church
Manglibai Haridas Khiara uk Charitable Trust
Mango Tree Goa
Mangotsfield Church Of England Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Mangotsfield School Association
Mangotsfield Sports Field
Mangravet Church
Mangreen Trust
Manhattan Manufacturers Pension Fund
Manhattan Pension Fund
Manhood Wildlife And Heritage
Mani s Helping Hands
Maniema Uk Association
Manifold Charitable Trust
Manifold Pre school
Manik Kuna Hawor Tola Madrasha
Maninagar Shree Swaminarayan Gadi Sansthan Shree Muktajeevan Swamibapa Sthapit Shree Swaminarayan Sidhant Sajivan Mandal Bolton
Manisha Child Welfare Foundation Nepal uk
Manitha Neyam
Manitoba Teachers Retirement Allowances Fund Board
Mankind Initiative
Mankind Uk
Mankind United
Mankind Welfare Trust
Manland Home And School Association
Manley And Mouldsworth Pre school
Manmoel Community Centre
Mann and Mccann Provident Fund Paid Up
Mann Memorial Cottages
Manna Christian Centre
Manna Christian Fellowship
Manna House cumbria
Manna House hanley
Manna House Project
Manna International
Manna Ministries Europe
Manna Mission Of Europe Ltd
Manna Of Grace Ministry
Manna Society
Manna Trust worsfold 1994
Mannesmann SA Pension Fund
Mannesmann SA Retirement Fund
Mannesmann VDO Provident Fund
Manning And Anderdon Almshouses
Manning Camerata
Manning School Fund Charity
Manningham Community Development Centre Ltd
Manningham Mills Community Association Limited
Manningham Mills Sports And Community Association
Manningham Project Limited
Mannings Heath Village Hall
Mannings Heath Womens Institute
Manningtree And District Community Bus
Manningtree And Mistley Welcome Home And Memorial Fund
Manningtree Museum And Local History Group
Manor After School Kids Klub
Manor And Castle Development Trust Limited
Manor Building Preservation Trust Limited
Manor C e School Fund
Manor Child Care Centre
Manor Community Childcare Centre Limited
Manor Community Limited
Manor Community Transport Association
Manor Court Baptist Church Nuneaton
Manor Court Scout Group
Manor Day Centre
Manor Development Company Limited
Manor Early Years Pre School
Manor Farm Boys Club
Manor Farm Community Association
Manor Farm Community Junior School Fund
Manor Farm County First School Fund
Manor Farm Pre school
Manor Farm thorogate Community Association
Manor Farm Women s Institute
Manor Field Action Zone
Manor Field Association
Manor Field First School Pta
Manor Field Hall
Manor Field Magpies Association
Manor Fields School Association
Manor Gardens Welfare Trust Ltd
Manor Green Community Special Primary School Fund Trust
Manor House Amenities Fund
Manor House Christian Trust
Manor House Development Trust
Manor House Forest School Ltd
Manor House Group
Manor House Nursery
Manor House School Trust Ltd
Manor Junior School Association
Manor Lodge School
Manor Of Briestwistle Allotment Charity
Manor Of Faversham Lodge No 8248 Benevolent Fund
Manor Of Newland Lodge Charities Association
Manor Park C Of E First School Pta dorchester
Manor Park Christian Centre
Manor Park Community Association
Manor Park East Ham African Caribbean Association
Manor Park Fund
Manor Park Islamic Cultural Centre
Manor Park School Association knutsford
Manor Park School Parent Teacher Association
Manor Pre school Unit And Out Of School Club
Manor Pre school
Manor Primary
Manor Residents Association
Manor Rights And Advice Service
Manor Road Community Playgroup
Manor Road Gym Sports Club
Manor Road Parent Teacher Friends Association
Manor Road Playgroup
Manor Road Pre school Playgroup
Manor Road Primary P t f a
Manor Road Trust
Manor Training And Resource Centre Ltd
Manor Twiglets Nursery Limited
Manor Way Pre school Group
Manoranjan Asian Women s Support Group
Manorbier And District Community Association
Manorcroft Nursery School
Manorcroft School Parent Teacher Association
Manorfield School Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Manorial Lands Trust
Manors Of Reigate And Horley Public Open Space
Manse And Trust Property Held In Connexion With Trinity Church
Manse Connected With The Metropolitan Tabernacle
Manse For A Minister In Connection With Bethel Baptist Church Barry
Manse For Minister Of Congregational Chapel
Manse For Minister Of The Independent Chapel Stalbridge
Manse For Minister Of United Reformed Church felton
Manse For The Minister Of Bethany Baptist Chapel
Manse For The Minister Of Buttershaw Baptist Church
Manse For The Minister Of Driffield Congregational Church
Manse For The Minister Of Eldon Road Baptist Church
Manse For The Minister Of Greenfield Baptist Chapel Llanelli
Manse For The Minister Of Melksham Baptist Chapel
Manse For The Minister Of Penyparc Baptist Chapel
Manse For The Minister Of Presteigne Baptist Church
Manse For The Minister Of Queensberry Street Baptist Church Old Basford
Manse For The Minister Of The Dean Row Chapel And The Norcliffe Chapel
Manse Held In Connection With Hope Strict Baptist Chapel
Manse Held In Connexion With Bethel Baptist Church
Manse Held In Connexion With Broadway Baptist Church
Manse Held In Connexion With The Baptist Church New Lane Oswaldtwistle
Manse Held In Connexion With The Free Church Of Scotland
Manse In Connexion With Aston Clinton Baptist Chapel
Manse In Connexion With Mill Road Baptist Church
Manse Known As Llysygraig
Mansel Mini s Community Playgroup
Mansell pleydell And Cecil Trust
Mansergh s Apprentices Trust
Mansfield And Ashfield Bangladeshi Association
Mansfield And District Area Committee For The Welfare Of Physically Disabled People
Mansfield And District Autism Support Group
Mansfield And District Citizens Advice Bureau
Mansfield And District Foster Care Association
Mansfield And District Scout Council
Mansfield And District Society For Mentally Handicapped Children And Adults
Mansfield And District Sports Club For The Disabled
Mansfield And District Stroke Club
Mansfield And North Nottinghamshire Society For Deaf People
Mansfield And Sutton Astronomical Society
Mansfield Baptist Church
Mansfield Berry Hill Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Mansfield Bowling Club
Mansfield Cassette Magazine Association mansfield And Ashfield Echo
Mansfield Children s Community
Mansfield Choral Society
Mansfield Christian Book Centre
Mansfield Church Estate Charity
Mansfield Colliery Miners Welfare Trust
Mansfield Community And Voluntary Service cvs
Mansfield District Friends Of Scope Group
Mansfield Family Life Centre
Mansfield Group Of Advanced Motorists
Mansfield Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Mansfield Mechanics Institute Limited
Mansfield Methodist Circuit
Mansfield Music And Drama Festival Association
Mansfield Pentecostal Church
Mansfield Play Forum
Mansfield Redcliffe Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Mansfield Relief In Need Charity
Mansfield Road Baptist Church Nottingham
Mansfield Street Pastors
Mansfield Town Football In The Community Ltd
Mansfield Unit 233 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Mansfield Woodhouse Community Development Group
Mansfields Heroes Memorial Fund
Manshead Archaeological Society Of Dunstable
Mansill s Gift
Mansion House Pre School Playgroup
Mansion House Scholarship Scheme
Mansion House Staff Fund
Manston Baby And Toddler Group
Manston St James Ptfa
Manston Village Hall
Manstone Recreation Ground
Mantell Gwynedd Cyf
Manthorpe Pre school Playgroup
Manthorpe Womens Institute
Manton Colliery Athletic Club And Institute
Manton Mutual Education Training And Recreational Organisation
Manton Preschool Association
Manton Reading Room
Manton Village Hall
Manuden Almshouse Trust
Manuden Playing Field Association
Manuden United Charities
Manuden Village Hall
Manuden Women s Institute
Manufacturing Fibres Bargaining Council Industry Provident Fund
Manvers Lake And Dearne Valley Trust Ltd
Manvers St Baptist Church Benevolent Fund
Manvers Street Baptist Church Bath
Manweb Group of the ESPS
Many Lives One Heart
Manydown Charitable Trust
Manzini Youth Care
Maokeng Provident Fund
Maoz Uk
Map Foundation
Map House Pension Fund
Maperton Village Hall
Maple Cross Club
Maple Cross School Pta
Maple Grove Community Group
Maple Grove Day Centre
Maple Leaf Pre school
Maple Leaf Trust
Maple Ridge School Association
Maple Womens Club
Mapletoft Scholarship Foundation
Mapleton Village Social Club
Maplewood School Parents Staff Friends Association
Maplin Womens Institute
Mapperley Church Of England Controlled Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Mapperley Community Association
Mapperley e
Mapperley Hospital Medical Staff Research Fund
Mapperley Plains Pta
Mapperley Plains Recreation And Social Centre Trust
Mapperley Road Heritage Garden Charitable Trust
Mappleborough Green Village Hall
Mappleton Village Hall
Mapplewell And Staincross Village Hall Limited
Mappowder Village Hall
Marah Trust
Maran Atha Trust
Maranatha Asemblies Of God International
Maranatha Care Children
Maranatha Christian Church Uk
Maranatha Christian Church
Maranatha Christian Trust
Maranatha Church Exeter
Maranatha Community Church
Maranatha Communtiy Church wiltshire
Maranatha Foundation
Maranatha International Prayer Centre Uk
Maranatha Ministries Exeter
Maranatha Ministries
Maranatha Revival Crusade
Maranatha Trust
Marantha Evangelistic Ministries International
Marathon Relay Gb
Marazion C p School Parent Teacher Association
Marazion Community Association
Marazion Playing Field
Marbeh Torah Trust
Marbitzei Torah
Marble Foundation Limited
Marble Hill Playcentres
Marble Lime and Associated Industries Ltd Pension and Life Assurance Scheme
Marbury Women s Institute
Marc Fisher Trust
Marc Fitch Fund
Marcel Multimedia Art Research Centres And Electronic Laboratories
March Almshouse And Pension Charities
March And Chatteris Talking Newspaper Association
March And District Handicapped Swimmers Club
March And District Museum Society
March And District St raphael Club For The Disabled
March And District Young Farmers Club
March Christian Book shop
March Civic Trust
March Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
March District Nursing Association
March Evangelical Fellowship
March Foundation
March Guides Association
March Morning Women s Institute
March Of The Living uk Limited
Marcham Ce vc Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Marcham Community Group
Marcham Pre school Playgroup
Marcham Recreation Ground
Marchant Charitable Trust
Marchant holliday School Limited
Marcher Apple Network
Marches Counselling Service
Marches Family Network
Marches Housing And Charitable Trust
Marches Riding For The Disabled Association
Marchesi Centre
Marchig Animal Welfare Trust
Marching Performing Arts United Kingdom
Marchington Village Hall
Marchioness Of Northampton
Marchwiel Village Hall
Marchwood Church Of England Infant School Parent Teacher Association
Marchwood Junior School Parent Teacher Association
Marchwood Village Hall Management Committee
Marchwood Women s Institute
Marco Old Care Trust Fund
Marconi Communications South Africa Group Pension Scheme
Marcopolo South Africa Provident Fund
Marcorp Provident Fund
Marcroft Langfield Scholarships
Marcs Friends
Marcus Garvey Day Centre
Marcus Garvey Development Foundation
Marcus Garvey International Community Association
Marden Community Centre
Marden Consolidated Charities
Marden Lodge Early Education And Childcare Centre
Marden Parochial Church Council
Marden Pre school Playgroup
Marden Recreation Ground
Marden Scout Group
Marden Victory Fund 1959
Marden Village Hall
Marden Village Trust
Marden Women s Institute
Marden Womens Institute
Marder Almshouses
Mardi Limited
Mardia Punya Trust
Mardyke Youth And Community Association
Mare And Foal Sanctuary
Mareham Le Fen School Pta
Mareham Le Fen Village Hall And Memorial Lawn
Marehay Miners Welfare Institute And Recreation Ground
Marek Foundation
Maremma Welfare And Training
Maresfield Conservation Group
Maresfield Lawn Tennis Club
Marfan Association Uk
Marford Pre school Playgroup And Toddler
Margam Youth Centre
Margaret Allen Foundation
Margaret And Alfred Denny Christmas Charity
Margaret Ann Smith Charity
Margaret Bonner Award
Margaret Brown Trust
Margaret Bushby
Margaret Carey Foundation
Margaret Champney Rest And Holiday Fund
Margaret Clerke
Margaret Colquhoun Chavasee Almshouses
Margaret Davies Charity
Margaret Delabere s Almshouse Charities
Margaret Duncan Dunn
Margaret Dyos
Margaret Earle For The Poor
Margaret Eluned James Charitable Trust
Margaret Giffen Charitable Trust
Margaret Goodfellow s Charity
Margaret Green Animal Rescue
Margaret Guido s Charitable Trust
Margaret Haes Riding Centre Ltd
Margaret Hayman Charitable Trust Fund
Margaret Hyde
Margaret Isabella Whitfield
Margaret Jane Whitling Stewart Trust
Margaret Jeannie Hindley Charitable Trust
Margaret Joan Campion Charitable Trust
Margaret Jones School Charity
Margaret Lloyd Playgroup
Margaret Lomas Foundation
Margaret Lowes
Margaret Mack Room Rockland St Mary Norfolk
Margaret Mary Danks Charities For St Andrews Church Netherton Dudley
Margaret Mary Shephard s Fund
Margaret Mason
Margaret Mcmillan Adventure Playground Association
Margaret Mcmillan Children s Centre
Margaret Mcmillan Limited
Margaret Mead For Apprenticing In The Parish Of Belton
Margaret Mead For Apprenticing In The Parish Of Osgathorpe
Margaret Mead For Bread
Margaret Mead For Minister
Margaret Moore
Margaret Morgan Prize
Margaret Newton
Margaret Ogilvie Almshouse Charity
Margaret Ogilvie Religious Assistance Charity
Margaret Owen Trust
Margaret Perkins
Margaret Petronelle Wilderspin Charitable Trust
Margaret Phyllis Mewhort nee Bainbridge Trust
Margaret Pope s Educational Charity
Margaret Pyke Trust
Margaret Quiller Couch
Margaret Reeve Foundation
Margaret Round s Educational Foundation
Margaret Sheffield Memorial Fund
Margaret Sherbrooke
Margaret St Church
Margaret Street Mission Room
Margaret Underhill s Charity
Margaret Welsh
Margaret Westwood Memorial Charity
Margaret Wix Jmi School Parent Teacher Association
Margaret Wynne For Llanbedrgoch
Margaret Wynne For Llechcynfarwy
Margaretting Relief In Need Trust
Margate And Dr Peete s Charity
Margate Central e Townswomen s Guild
Margate Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Margate Hebrew Congregation
Margate Northdown [a] Townswomen s Guild
Margate Unit 235 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Margo Trust
Margot Lamond Charitable Trust
Margrove Park Village Association
Marguerite Berthe How Charity
Marhaba Charitable Trust mct
Marham Poor s Allotment
Marham Village Pre school
Marhamchurch Playschool
Marhamchurch Revell Field Trust
Marhamchurch Village Hall
Marhamchurch Womens Institute
Marholm Village Hall Trust
Mari Girgis Trust
Maria And Liberdade Foundation
Maria Assumpta Trust
Maria Bjornson Memorial Fund
Maria Cristina Foundation
Maria Falco Memorial Trust
Maria Harriet Lowe
Maria Holland And St Joseph s Charity
Maria Jane Rinder s Charity
Maria Mathews School Endowment
Maria Mercer For A Recreation Ground
Maria Montessori Training Organisation
Maria Pheasant s Bequest
Maria Rees Memorial Trust
Maria Relief Fund
Maria Serena Lowe
Maria Taylor Charity
Maria Young s Spinsters Fund
Mariagerfjord Kommune
Marian College Pension Fund
Marian Community Of Reconciliation
Marian Cowie Charitable Trust
Marian Fathers Charitable Trust
Marian Mission For The Poor
Marian Study Centre
Marian Vian Parent Teacher Association
Marianas Public Land Trust
Mariapolis Limited
Marias Animal Shelter
Marie Celeste Benefaction
Marie Celeste Samaritan Society Consolidated Charitable Trust General Fund
Marie Celeste Samaritan Society Consolidated Charitable Trust Past And Present Nurses Fund
Marie Celeste Samaritan Society
Marie Collins Foundation
Marie Curie Cancer Care
Marie Louise Von Motesickzky Charitable Trust
Marie louise Von Motesiczky Charitable Trust
Marie Stopes Clinic Society Bangladesh
Marie Stopes International
Marigold Centre League Of Friends
Marigolds Recreation Ground
Marilyn Baker Ministries
Marin County Employees Retirement Association
Marina Recreation Centre Association
Marina Theatre Trust
Marine and Shipbuilders Pension Plan Local 506
Marine Cadet Corps
Marine Conservation Society
Marine Education And Conservation Trust
Marine Education And Research Limited
Marine Education Trust
Marine Mammal Foundation
Marine Park Parents Association
Marine Stewardship Council
Marine Support Training Service
Marine Workers Pension Plan
Mariners Of Bewl
Marins Printing Pension Fund
Mario Borrelli Naples Fund
Marion Elizabeth Kennedy For An Open Space And Children s Playground
Marion Isabel Rylatt Will Trust
Marion Road Centre Trust
Maritime Archaeology Sea Trust
Maritime Christian Ministries
Maritime Community Development Agency Ltd
Maritime Engineering College North West
Maritime Industry Foundation
Maritime London Officer Cadet Scholarship
Maritime Super
Maritime Volunteer Service
Marjon Student Union
Marjorie Cole Charitable Trust
Marjorie Coote Animal Charity Trust
Marjorie Coote Old Peoples Charity Fund
Marjorie Cousens Memorial Fund
Marjorie Deane Financial Journalism Foundation
Marjorie Emma Hall smith For Christmas Gifts
Marjorie Mcclure School Fund
Marjorie Richardson s
Marjorie Treves Charitable Trust
Marjorie Turpin Trust
Marjorie Viggars Charitable Trust
Marjorie Willis Educational Foundation
Mark Armitage Charitable Trust
Mark Burrell s 1988 Charity Trust
Mark Curtis Evangelism Trust Incorporating Passion For Jesus Ministries
Mark Davies Injured Riders Fund
Mark Educational Foundation
Mark Elie Dance Foundation
Mark Evison Foundation
Mark First School Parent Teacher Friends Association
Mark Goldberg Charitable Trust
Mark Hall And Netteswell Community Centre
Mark Harvest Pre school
Mark Jones Memorial Trust Fund
Mark Lay s Charity Great Tey
Mark Leonard Trust
Mark Marshall Youth Fund
Mark Master Masons Of The Province Of Nottinghamshire
Mark Mccarthys Magic Moments
Mark Nyarko Evangelistic Ministries
Mark Provincial Grand Lodge Of Derbyshire Benevolent Fund
Mark Quested s Exhibition
Mark Rutherford School Fund
Mark Samuel Foundation
Mark Stolkin Foundation
Mark Torkington Charitable Trust
Markabley Relief And Development Trust
Markaz al huda Ltd
Markaz E L Tathgheef E L Eslami the Centre For Islamic Enlightening
Markaz Islaami Wood Green
Markaz Muaadh Ibn Jabal Islamic Centre
Markaz Of Al imam Alawzaee Cultural Educational Centre
Markaz Ud Dawat Wal Irshad London Uk Muslim Community Centre
Markazi Jamat e ahle Sunnat Britania And Europe
Markazi Jamat E Ahle Sunnat Uk And Overseas Trust
Markazi Jamia Masjid Ghausia
Markazi Jamia Mosque Charitable Trust
Markazi Jamia Mosque Riza Islamic Centre
Markazi Jamia Mosque Wakefield
Markazi Jamiat Ahl e hadith Maidenhead
Markazi Jamiat Ahl E Hadith
Markazul uloom al islamiyya
Markazul Uloom London
Markazul Uloom
Markbeech Club
Markeaton Primary School Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Markeaton Recreation Ground
Market Bosworth Agricultural Horticultural And Equestrian Society
Market Bosworth Festival Limited
Market Bosworth Playgroup
Market Bosworth Riding For The Disabled Association
Market Bosworth Young Farmers Club
Market Community Centre
Market Deeping Relief In Need Charity
Market Drayton Amateur Operatic And Dramatic Society
Market Drayton Choral Society
Market Drayton Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Market Drayton Junior School Fund
Market Drayton Junior School Parent Teachers Association
Market Drayton Mencap
Market Drayton Musicland
Market Drayton Rotary Trust
Market Drayton Young Farmers Club
Market Feoffment Charity
Market Hall
Market Harborough And District Scout Council
Market Harborough And The Bowdens Charity
Market Harborough Baptist Church
Market Harborough Building Society Charitable Foundation
Market Harborough C Of E School P t a
Market Harborough Choral Society
Market Harborough Community Service Vehicle Fund
Market Harborough Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Market Harborough Drama Society
Market Harborough Historical Society
Market Harborough Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Market Harborough Musical Theatre
Market Harborough Round Table Charitable Trust
Market Hill Almshouses
Market House And Tolls
Market Lavington And Easterton Womens Institute
Market Lavington Community Hall Management Trust
Market Overton Village Hall
Market Playgroup Limited
Market Rasen And District Round Table Charitable Trust Fund
Market Rasen And District Young Farmers Club
Market Rasen C E Primary School Fund
Market Rasen Church Of England Primary School Friends Of School Association
Market Rasen Eleemosynary Charities
Market Rasen New Life Christian Fellowship Trust
Market Securities Charitable Foundation
Market Square Toilets
Market Theatre Foundation Uk
Market Weighton Civic Trust
Market Weighton Community Hall
Market Weighton Infant School Fund Raising Committee pta
Market Weighton Medical Equipment Charity
Market Weighton Pre school Toddler Group
Market Weighton United Charities
Market Weighton War Memorial Institute
Market Weighton Young Farmers Club
Market Weston United Charities
Market Weston Village Hall
Marketplace Ministries
Markfield Beam Engine And Museum
Markfield Community Association
Markfield Recreation Ground Trust
Markham And District Colliery Band
Markham Burial Ground Trust
Markham Community House
Markham Miners Welfare Scheme
Markham s Charity Boughton
Markington Memorial Institute
Markington Pre School
Markington School Fund
Markland Hill County Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Marks Hall Estate
Marks Spencer Group
Marks Tey St Andrews Primary School Pta
Marksbury And District Playgroup
Marksbury Road Library
Marksbury Village Hall
Markyate And Flamstead Care Group
Markyate Baptist Church
Marlais Trust Fund For The Relief Of Rett Syndrome And Spina Bifida And Hydrocephalys
Marland Fold School Fund formerly Chaucer Street Holiday Fund
Marlborough And District Dyslexia Association
Marlborough And District Talking Newspaper
Marlborough Arts Association
Marlborough Choral Society
Marlborough College Trust
Marlborough College
Marlborough District Link Scheme
Marlborough Group Of The Riding For The Disabled Association
Marlborough House School
Marlborough Literature Festival
Marlborough Retirement Board
Marlborough Road Methodist Church
Marlborough Rovers Junior Football Club
Marlborough School Trust Fund
Marlborough St Mary s And St Peter s Schools Trust
Marldon Preschool Playgroup
Marldon Village Hall
Marlesford Community Council
Marlesford Village Hall
Marley Hill Community Centre
Marley Hill Park
Marley Johannesburg Provident Fund
Marley Pension Fund
Marley Retirement Fund
Marlfield Women s Institute
Marlin Group Pension Fund
Marlin Group Provident Fund
Marlin Swimming Club
Marling School Parent Teacher Association
Marlingford Church Restoration Trust
Marlins Special Needs Activities Club
Marlow Age Concern
Marlow And District Round Table Charitable Trust
Marlow Archaeological Society
Marlow Bottom Pre school Playgroup
Marlow Bottom Village Hall Trust
Marlow Choral Society
Marlow Christian Fellowship Trust
Marlow Church Of England Infant School Fund
Marlow Community Association
Marlow District Guide Association
Marlow District Scout Council
Marlow Evening Townswomen s Guild
Marlow Museum Centre Project
Marlow Music Festival Association
Marlow Opportunity Playgroup
Marlow Rowing Club
Marlow Sports Club Limited
Marlow Unit 482 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Marlpit Community Centre
Marlwood School Parents And Teachers Association
Marmaduke Constable School Endowment
Marmaduke Langdale Charity
Marmaduke Sigsworth Trust
Marmaris Cat Welfare Trust
Marmot Charitable Trust
Marnhull Preschool
Marnhull Recreation And Tennis Court Trust
Marnhull Recreation Ground
Marnhull Village Hall
Maroa Christian Counselling International
Marondera Christian Schools uk Trust
Marpe Shalom Trust
Marpet Fund
Marple Cancer Charities Committee
Marple Choral Society
Marple Civic Society
Marple Congregationa Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Marple District U3a
Marple Division Of The Girl Guides Association
Marple Local History Society
Marple Senior Citizens Association
Marpool School Association
Marr Munning Trust
Marriage Care Ltd
Marriage Resource greater London South East
Marriage Resource South West London
Marrick Institute Community Association
Marrick Priory Trust Ltd
Marriott Preservation Pension Fund
Marriott Preservation Provident Fund
Marriott Retirement Annuity Fund
Marriott s Almshouses
Marriott s And Hague s Educational Foundation
Marriott Trust
Marriott Umbrella Pension Fund
Marriott Umbrella Provident Fund
Marritt And Ombler Foundation
Mars Hill Church Teignmouth
Mars Jones Fund
Mars Trust
Marsden Adult School
Marsden Community Association
Marsden Cricket Club
Marsden Infant And Nursery Friends Organisation
Marsden Jazz Festival Limited
Marsden Mechanics Hall Management Association
Marsden Memorial Homes
Marsden Pre School Playgroup And Toddlers
Marsden Sports Hall
Marsh Companions
Marsh Farm Futures
Marsh Gibbon C Of E Controlled First School Parent Teacher Association
Marsh Gibbon Pre school
Marsh Gibbon Village Hall
Marsh Green Pre school
Marsh Green Village Hall
Marsh Ladies Choir
Marsh Lane Under Fives
Marsh Park Brierley Hill
Marsh Pension Fund
Marsh Playing Fields Bequest
Marsh Recreation Ground And Community Centre Trust
Marsh School Fund
Marsha Phoenix Memorial Trust
Marshal Beresford s Fund
Marshall grant Trust
Marshall Nicholls Poor Charity
Marshall s Charity
Marshall s Educational Foundation
Marshalswick Baptist Free Church
Marsham Older Peoples Project
Marsham Village Hall
Marshbrook School Pta
Marshchapel Charity
Marshchapel Village Hall
Marshes Relief Foundation m R F
Marshfield And Cold Ashton Women s Institute
Marshfield Chapel
Marshfield Community Centre Association
Marshfield Consolidated Charities
Marshfield Education Foundation
Marshfield Pre school
Marshfield Village Hall
Marshfield Women s Institute
Marshfields League Of Friends
Marshgate Primary School Pta
Marshland St James Jubilee Hall
Marshlands Day Special School Parent teacher And Friends Association
Marshside Temperance Hall
Marshwood Vale Young Farmers Club
Marske And New Marske District Guide Association
Marske Recreation Ground
Marske United Charities
Marske Village Hall Association
Marston And Worton United Charities
Marston Charitable Trust
Marston Church Properties Limited
Marston Ecclesiastical Charity
Marston Green District Lions Club Charitable Trust Fund
Marston Green Football Club
Marston Green Parish Hall
Marston Green Playgroup
Marston Green Potterne
Marston Green Village Hall
Marston Magna Village Hall
Marston Meysey Parish Room Committee
Marston Montgomery Coronation Hall
Marston Montgomery Inclosure Trust
Marston Montgomery Relief In Need Charity
Marston Moreteyne Village Hall
Marston Mums And Tots Group
Marston On Dove And District Relief In Need Charity
Marston s Employees Charity Fund
Marston St Lawrence Village Hall
Marston Thorold s Charity C E a School Fund
Marston Trussell Charities
Marsworth Pre school And Mother And Toddler Group
Marsworth Social Centre
Marsworth Womens Institute
Martelle Limited
Martha Adelaide Davis For Emmanuel Church
Martha And Mary Association
Martha Ann Brough For Upkeep Of St Mary s Church
Martha Barrett
Martha Booth For Monton Church
Martha Butler Trust
Martha Care
Martha Flint And Emma Osmond Educational Foundation
Martha Louise Jackson Bequest
Martha Penelope Leggatt For A Parish Hall
Martha Trust Hereford Limited
Martha Trust
Martha Walker Almshouses
Martha Wilson Bequest For A Ladyworker
Marthall Ollerton And Little Warford Village Hall Association
Martham Boat Dyke
Martham Coronation Recreation Ground
Martin And Damerham Women s Institute
Martin And Nancy Dean Charitable Trust
Martin Charitable Trust
Martin Creamer Media Provident Fund
Martin Davies s Charitable Trust
Martin Doyle Memorial Handicapped Children s Fund
Martin Heath Memorial Fund
Martin Home School Association
Martin House
Martin Luther King Playground Association
Martin Luther Kirche german Protestant Church At Manchester
Martin Mackintosh Charitable Trust
Martin Nursery
Martin Roberts Childrens Fund
Martin s Heron Community Association
Martin Shaw King Trust
Martin Wills Memorial Trust
Martin Wills Wildlife Maintenance Trust
Martin Woodward Cancer Trust
Martindale Educational Charity
Martindale School Parent teacher Association
Martineau Gardens
Martineau Johnson Charitable Trust
Martineau Memorial Hall
Martineau School Trust
Martineau Trust
Martlesham Brass
Martlesham Christian Fellowship
Martlesham Community Hall
Martlesham Conservation Group
Martlesham Heath Aviation Society
Martlesham Heath Pavilion
Martlesham Parish Institute
Martlesham Playschool
Martlesham Recreation Ground
Martley And District Playgroup
Martley Millennium Green Trust
Martley Old Grammar School Charity
Martley Recreation Association
Martley Relief In Need Charity
Martley Village Memorial Hall
Martley Young Farmers Club
Martman Group Pension Fund
Martock Charity Shop
Martock Christian Fellowship Trust
Martock Va Primary School Pta
Martock Youth Club
Marton And District Ce Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Marton And Gate Burton Parish Hall
Marton Community Centre Group
Marton cum grafton Church Of England Primary School Fund
Marton Cum Grafton Memorial Hall
Marton Le Moor Meeting Room
Marton Mornings Jubilee Charity
Marton Village Hall
Marton War Memorial Playing Fields Trust
Martons Both Endowed School Foundation
Martyn Lodge No 1983 Charities Association
Martyr Worthy Parish Hall
Marubeni Corporation Pension Fund
Marudyan Uk
Maruti Trust
Maruva Trust
Marvellous Light Ministries International
Marvels Lane Ptfa
Marwell Wildlife
Marwood And Langleydale Social Centre
Marwood C Of E Infants School Great Ayton Parent Teachers And Friends Association
Marwood Ce Infant School great Ayton School Fund
Marwood Church Of England School
Marwood Community Hall
Marwood Poor Lands Charity including Acland s Gift
Marwood Pre school
Marwood School Association
Marx Memorial Library
Mary Agate Hall Trust Fund
Mary Alice Harris Charitable Trust
Mary Ann Crompton s Gift Charity
Mary Ann Ellen Frow For Almshouses In Connection With The John Robinson Memorial Church
Mary Ann Evans Hospice
Mary Ann Hazlehurst Charity
Mary Ann Hibbert Bequests
Mary Ann Rawson For Wincobank School
Mary Ann Smith
Mary Ann Wood For Poor Of Haselbury Plucknett
Mary Anne Kirsopp s Trust
Mary Atwood s Churches Charity
Mary Audus Trust
Mary Bailey smith Almshouses
Mary Baily Playing Field
Mary Bainbridge Educational Foundation
Mary Barnes Charity
Mary Bass Charity
Mary Beatrice Ness Annuity
Mary Bellamy
Mary Bishop Prize Fund
Mary Bottjer Charitable Trust
Mary Bridgeman Ecclesiastical Charity
Mary Bridgeman Non ecclesiastical Charity
Mary Briggs Trust
Mary Brown Trust
Mary Burell
Mary Burgess Sargent Charity
Mary Cecily Woods Charitable Trust
Mary Chapman Charity Or Dole
Mary Christie Memorial Scholarships Fund in Connection With Wycombe High School
Mary Clowes Hall
Mary Coates
Mary Coffin Scholarship Fund
Mary Curtis s Maternity Charity
Mary Dains Cottages
Mary Dains s Mission And Holiday Fund Charity
Mary Day Charity
Mary De Montfichet Johnes Poor Fund
Mary Dean s School Foundation
Mary Dormer Harris Bursary
Mary Dorothy Lucas For The Poor
Mary Drew Almshouses
Mary Eleanor Benson Memorial Fund
Mary Elena Smith Trust
Mary Elizabeth Barrow Prize Scheme
Mary Elizabeth Campbell Charity
Mary Elizabeth Penk For Presbyterian Chapel
Mary Elizabeth Ullock
Mary Ellen Allen
Mary Ellen Scott For Poor
Mary Elton Home school Association
Mary Esther Hollway Memorial Reading Room
Mary Evans For Poor Of Ebenezer Congregational Church
Mary Exton School Pta
Mary Farrar s Benevolent Trust Fund
Mary Feilding Guild
Mary Freeman Braithwaite Bequest
Mary Freke
Mary Fry Heckscher
Mary Gaynor Prize Trust In Connexion With Tiverton Grammar School
Mary Godwin Under Fives
Mary Granger s Charity
Mary Greathed s Educational Foundation
Mary Green Improvement Committee Magic
Mary Hamer Hoyle Technical Scholarship Fund
Mary Hannah Almshouses
Mary Hare Grammar School Parent Teacher Association
Mary Hare
Mary Harrison
Mary Hattersley Memorial Home At Swinton
Mary Heard s Charity
Mary Herbert s Educational Foundation
Mary Herbert
Mary Hodgkins Charity
Mary Hope Greg Known As T And M Greg Trust
Mary Hughes Memorial Playing Fields
Mary Hughlings Trust
Mary Hurst s Charity
Mary Hutchinson Memorial
Mary Huxtable Sutton Relief In Need Trust
Mary Irene Atwood St Clement s Church Charity
Mary Jack s Educational Foundation
Mary Jackson s Charity For Widows
Mary Jackson Will Trust
Mary Jane Butler Trust
Mary Jane Gresswell Trust
Mary Jane Hodgson
Mary Joan Hawley Charity
Mary Kelly s Gift
Mary Key
Mary Kingsley Zochonis Lecture Trust
Mary Langton
Mary Law For Poor Widows
Mary Laycock Boyce Bequest
Mary Layton Almshouse Charity
Mary Leapman Charitable Trust
Mary Leeke
Mary Lidstone Trust
Mary Linton And Others
Mary Lockington Charity
Mary Lowther s Educational Foundation
Mary Luis Charitable Trust
Mary Macarthur Holiday Trust
Mary Middleton Ecclesiastical Charity
Mary Newell s Apprenticing Charity
Mary Parnham s Lenton Charity
Mary Parnham s Lyddington Charity
Mary Parson s Charity
Mary Pease s Almshouse Charity
Mary Petley
Mary Pittis For Widows
Mary Plant s Charity for The Sick Poor
Mary Platt Methodist Church Pre school
Mary Plowman s Gift
Mary Prowse
Mary Ramsden
Mary Rebecca Peel Trust
Mary Richmond Trust
Mary Rowley Pensions For Kennington Aged Poor
Mary Ruttle Charitable Settlement
Mary Seacole Day Nursery And Family Support Unit
Mary Seacole Memorial Statue Appeal
Mary Seacole Nurses Association
Mary Sinclair Watson Charitable Trust
Mary St John
Mary Stephens Foundation
Mary Strand Charitable Trust
Mary Tate s Almshouses
Mary Tavy Coronation Hall
Mary Tavy Parish Reading And Recreation Rooms
Mary Tavy Victory Memorial Recreation Ground Trust
Mary Treece
Mary Waldron
Mary Wandesford s Charity
Mary Ward Legal Centre
Mary Ward Settlement
Mary Warner s Charity
Mary Warner s Educational Foundation
Mary Waud s Foundation
Mary Webb School Pta
Mary Welch Trust
Mary Wharrie Trust
Mary Wheat s Gift
Mary Whetton or Witton Charity
Mary Wilkins Travelling Scholarship
Mary Woolhouse
Mary Wrench Charity
Marybone Youth And Community Association
Marygate House Holy Island
Marygate Playgroup
Maryjim Trust
Maryland Local Government Investment Pool
Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission Employees’ Retirement System
Maryland State Retirement and Pension System
Maryland Teachers State Employees Supplemental Retirement Plans
Marylebone Bangladesh Society Ltd
Marylebone Bangladesh Society
Marylebone Charitable Foundation
Marylebone Cricket Club Foundation
Marylebone Health Centre Trust
Marymount International School
Maryport Amateur Operatic And Dramatic Society
Maryport Boys Girls Club
Maryport Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Maryport Educational Settlement Limited
Maryport Inshore Rescue Boat
Maryport Pentecostal Church
Maryport Solway Unit 541 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Maryvale Community Project
Maryvale Institute
Mas Foundation
Masakhane Provident Fund 1998
Masakhane Retirement Fund
Masanga Uk
Masano Sports And Cultural Association
Masborough And Thornhill Community Association
Mascalls School Pta
Masefield Lodge 2034 Charity Fund
Mash mutual Aid And Self Help
Masham Church Of England V A School Fund
Masham Endowed School
Masham Sports Association
Masham Town Hall Community Charity
Mashed Youth Project
Masiphumelele Trust Limited
Masjid Abu Bakr
Masjid Ad dawah Ila Allaah
Masjid Al Aqsa
Masjid Al furqan
Masjid Al Huda
Masjid Ali Charitable Trust
Masjid And Madrasah Al tawhid Trust
Masjid And Madrasah Faiz ul quran
Masjid Assahabah And Islamic Cultural Centre
Masjid At taqwa Community Education Trust
Masjid Bait attawheed And Dar e arqam Muslim Welfare Trust
Masjid Bilal And Islamic Centre
Masjid e ali a s
Masjid E Bilal Trust
Masjid E Noor And Madressah Anwarool Islam
Masjid e noor Association
Masjid e noor birmingham Trust Limited
Masjid E Noor blackburn
Masjid e noorul Islam
Masjid e owais e qarni
Masjid e sajedeen And Madressa Islamia
Masjid e salaam And Madrasah Trust Bolton
Masjid E Tauheedul Islam
Masjid E Umar
Masjid e umer Trust
Masjid e usman And Madrasah Trust Bolton
Masjid Hazrat Shahjalal Trust
Masjid Salahuddin
Masjid Tooba
Masjide E Irfan
Maskew Miller Longman Provident Fund
Mason Medical Research Trust
Masonge Umbrella Pension Fund
Masonge Umbrella Provident Fund
Masonic Benevolent Fund eastern Division Of South Wales
Masonic Benevolent Fund For West Essex Hospices
Masonic Care Limited
Masonic Charitable Services
Masonic Hall Ipswich Ltd
Masonic Samaritan Fund
Masonic Trout And Salmon Fishing Charity
Masonic Trust Of East Africa
Masonite Provident Fund No 2
Masonite Provident Fund
Masoom Support International
Masowe Echishanu Uk
Masque Theatre
Masquerade 2k
Mass Extinction Monitoring Observatory
Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency Retirement System
Massachusetts Pension Reserves Investment Management Board
Massada Charitable Trust
Massaleit Community In The United Kingdom
Massey s Folly Preservation Trust
Massey Shaw And Marine Vessels Preservation Society Limited
Massmart Group Retirement Fund
Massmart Pension Fund
Massmart Provident Fund
Masson Plantation Charity
Mast Sanity
Master Fellows And Scholars Of Pembroke College
Master Innholders Charitable Trust
Master Park
Master Torah Uk
Masterbake Provident Fund
Masterbore Pension Fund
Mastercare Provident Fund
Mastermind Tobacco Provident Fund
Masterpack Provident Fund
Masters Foundation
Masters Training Centre
Mastersingers 1998 Limited
Mastertreads Pension Scheme
Mastin Moor Community Association
Mastin Moor Miners Welfare Scheme
Masvingo middlesbrough Link Trust
Maswell Park Church
Mat to fore
Mata Khiwi Ji Sikh Seva Society
Matan Beseiser Kiryat sefer Beis Aron
Matchbox Day Nursery Limited
Matching Partners Canine Rescue
Matching Playgroup
Matching Village Hall
Matching Women s Institute
Matebeleland midlands Gukurahundi Victims Development Association mgvda
Matema Educational Trust
Mater Ecclesiae Trust Fund
Maternal And Childhealth Advocacy International
Maternity Action
Maternity Worldwide Limited
Matfen Village Hall
Matfield Village Hall
Matfield Womens Institute
Mathematical Education On Merseyside
Mathematics In Education And Industry
Mathern And District Club
Mathern Over 60 s Club
Mathilda Marks kennedy School Parent teacher Association
Mathomo Group Provident Fund
Mathry Community Hall
Maths On Toast
Matilda Community Day Nursery
Matilda Crowe s Charity
Matilda Jones Ecclesiastical Charity
Matilda Rickman s Gift
Matilda Stainbank Bequest
Matki Charity Fund
Matlaske Church Buildings Trust
Matley Out Of School Club
Matley Under Fives Group
Matliwala Darul Aloom Charitable Trust
Matlock All Saints Junior School Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Matlock And District Hard Of Hearing Club
Matlock And District Mencap Society
Matlock Area Schools Trust mast
Matlock Bath Parochial Church Hall
Matlock Bath Pre School Playgroup
Matlock Bath Youth Centre Association
Matlock Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Matlock Derwent Valley Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Matlock Green Guide Group
Matlock Hospitals League Of Friends
Matlock Pre school Playgroup Association
Matlock St Joseph s Limited
Matnas Shai
Matravers School Association
Matrix Arts Centre
Matrix Torbay
Matsepes Bloemfontein Incorporated
Matson And Atkinson s Charities
Matstrans Provident Fund
Matsushita Electric Industrial
Matt s Canaan Trust
Matt s Mission
Matt s Trust Fund For Cancer
Matterdale And District First Responders
Matterdale Community Association
Mattering Press
Mattersey Church Trust
Mattersey Millennium Green Trust
Matthaeus Trust
Matthew And Mary Simpson Annuities Trust
Matthew Arnold Home School Association
Matthew Dear Foundation
Matthew Eyton Animal Welfare Trust
Matthew Good Foundation
Matthew Hall Staff Charitable Trust Fund
Matthew Henry s unitarian Chapel And Charities
Matthew Henry Trust
Matthew Hewitt Educational Foundation
Matthew Hodder Charitable Trust
Matthew Johnson s Educational Foundation
Matthew Needhams Treasure Chest
Matthew Nelson Braithwaite Educational Trust
Matthew Nicholson Orr Charitable Trust
Matthew Ridley Memorial Hall
Matthew Smith s Almshouses
Matthew Topham Gibson Charity
Matthew Trust Uk
Matthew Twentyfive Forty Trust
Matthew Tyndall s Educational Foundation
Matthew Wistrich Trust
Matthew Wyldbore s Charity
Matthews Friends
Mattioli Woods Pensions Consultants
Mattishall And Burgh Charity
Mattishall And District W I
Mattishall And Lenwade Surgeries Equipment Fund
Mattishall Society
Maud Hardman hoyle Memorial Hall
Maud Heath s Trust
Maude Mary Tacon
Maudlin Street School Charity
Maudsley Charity
Mauerberger Holdings Pty Ltd Group Pension Fund
Mauerberger Holdings Pty Ltd Pension Fund
Maulana Fokhrul Islam Trust
Maulana Hussain Ahmed Madni Educational Trust
Maulana Khushtar Memorial Trust International
Maulden Pre school
Maulden School Association
Maulden Village Hall
Maulden Welfare Trust
Maulden Women s Institute
Maulds Meaburn Recreation Ground
Maulds Meaburn Village Institute
Maundy Relief pastoral Care In The Community
Maureen Bateman Charitable Trust
Maureen s Sanctuary Trust Fund
Maurice And Jacqueline Bennett Charitable Trust
Maurice Benington Reckitt Charitable Discretionary Trust
Maurice Chandler Sports Centre
Maurice Daphne Bequest teachers Fund
Maurice Freedman Research Trust Limited
Maurice Ingram Fund
Maurice Leonard Jacks Deceased Will Trust
Maurice Myers Charitable Foundation
Maurice Rowson Hall
Maurice Samuel Trust
Maurice Upperton Charitable Trust
Maurice Watt s Charity
Mauritian Christian Church
Mauritian Marathi Society
Mauritian Pentecostal Fellowship
Mauritius Tamil Maha Sangam uk
Maurits Mulder Canter Charity
Maverick Theatre Company
Mavesyn Ridware Relief In Need Charity
Mavesyn Ridware Village Hall
Mavesyn Ridware Women s Institute
Mavis Jean Morse Charitable Trust
Mavuno Christian Community Development Centre
Mawdesley And Neighbouring Villages University Of The Third Age u3a
Mawdesley Equine And People Trust
Mawdesley Millennium Green Trust
Mawdesley Pre school Playgroup
Mawdesley Tennis Club
Mawdesley Village Hall
Mawdesley Women s Institute
Maweni School Appeal
Mawenzi Resources Provident Fund
Mawenzi Retirement Fund
Mawgan in meneage Church Room
Mawgan in meneage Recreation Hall And Ground
Mawgan Porth Village Hall
Mawlawi Kurdish Cultural Centre
Mawnan Community Association
Mawnan Pre school
Mawnan Recreation Ground
Mawnan Smith Churches Building Trust
Mawsley Villagers Association Limited
Max And Steffie Leyens Charitable Trust
Max Appeal
Max Borkenstein Foundation
Max D Steinkopf Charitable Settlement
Maxey Community Association
Maxey Relief In Need Charity
Maxi Beton Provident Fund
Maxiflex Staff Retirement Fund
Maximised Living uk
Maximum Miracle Centre
Maxine Wright Appeal For Hope
Maxiprest Provident Fund
Maxiprest Retirement Fund
Maxonia Appeal Fund
Maxpol Computer Services Pension And Life Assurance Scheme
Maxstoke Village Hall
Maxted Trust
Maxwell Workman Trust
May And Walter Martin Trust
May Baker Eastbrook Community Club Limited
May Erskine Charitable Trust
May Hearnshaw Charitable Trust
May Hill Village Hall
May Hill Village Playground
May Lodge Property Trust
May Memorial Fund
May Moore Trust
Maya Childcare Trust
Maya Productions Ltd
Mayals Live And Kicking Pta
Mayamiko Trust
Mayan Rural Development Trust
Mayanot Foundation
Maybank Community Association
Maybank Infants School Parent Teachers Association
Maybridge Community Church
Maybridge Keystone Club
Maybury And Sheerwater Community Trust
Maybush And District Community Association
Mayday Rooms
Mayday Trust
Mayden Foundation
Mayer Hall Bebington Trust
Mayfair Charities Limited
Mayfield And Ellastone Community First Responder Group
Mayfield Association Of Parents And Staff
Mayfield Band
Mayfield Ce Middle School Parent Teacher Association
Mayfield Charity
Mayfield Children s Centre
Mayfield Community Church
Mayfield Development Fund Association
Mayfield Fellowship
Mayfield Home Trust Limited
Mayfield Memorial Hall
Mayfield Nurseries
Mayfield Pre school
Mayfield Primary School Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Mayfield Recreational Association
Mayfield Scouts And Guides Trust
Mayfield Wesleyan Reform Church
Mayfields Community Centre
Mayflower High School Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Mayflower Linens Pty Ltd Provident Fund
Mayflower Performing Arts Group
Mayflower Playgroup Haywards Heath
Mayflower Sanctuary Limited
Mayford Athletic Football Club
Mayford Evening W I
Mayford Village Hall
Mayheights Limited
Mayhem Tmc Limited
Mayhew Charitable Trust
Mayibuye Transport Corporation Pension Fund
Mayibuye Transport Corporation Retirement Fund
Maymyo Expatriates Charitable Trust
Maynard And Cotton s Hospital
Maynard Parents Association
Maynard Retirement System
Maynard s Educational Foundation
Mayneord phillips Memorial Trust
Mayo Clinic
Mayo Road Recreation Ground Shipston On Stour Warwickshire
Mayor Of Bath s Relief Fund
Mayor Of Bournemouth s Charity Appeal
Mayor Of Carlisle s Local Distress Relief Fund
Mayor Of Cheltenham s Charity
Mayor Of Eastleigh Charity Appeal Fund
Mayor Of Elmbridge s Trust Fund
Mayor Of Harrow s Charity Fund
Mayor Of Hyde s Trust Fund
Mayor Of Kensington And Chelsea s Fund
Mayor Of Lambeth s Welfare Fund
Mayor Of Margate s Charity Fund
Mayor Of Medway s Welfare Fund
Mayor Of Newbury s Benevolent Fund
Mayor Of Oldham s Memorial Hall Fund
Mayor Of Poole s Appeal Fund
Mayor Of Royal Borough Of Windsor And Maidenhead Benevolent Fund
Mayor Of Sefton s Charity Fund
Mayor Of Shrewsbury s Camp Fund For Children
Mayor Of Southampton Charity Fund
Mayor Of Stockport Charity Fund
Mayor Of The Borough Of Havant s Appeal Fund
Mayor Of The London Borough Of Havering s General Appeal Fund
Mayor Of Tower Hamlets Committee For Local Charities
Mayor Of Wandsworths Charity
Mayor Of Wigan s Charity Appeal
Mayor s Charity Fund
Mayor s Christmas Fund
Mayor s Fund For Necessitous Children
Mayor s Fund Society Of Stratford Upon Avon
Mayor s Fund Worcester
Mayoress Of Durham s Fund
Mayors Appeal Fund
Mayplace Friends Parent Teacher Association
Mayplett Educational Fund
Maypole Community Project
Maypole Science Scholarship
Maypole Women
Maypride Limited
Maytree Pre school Woodbury
Mayville Golden Oldies Senior Citizens And Disabled Group
Mayville High School Limited
Mayville High School Trust
Mazahirul Uloom London
Mazars Charitable Trust
Mazda Motor Corp
Mazenod Retreat Centre Pension Fund
Mazkereth Gittel Limited
Mazzini Garibaldi Foundation
Mb Ministries
MB Technologies Pension Fund
MB Technologies Provident Fund
Mb Trust
Mba Association
MBA Wits B Pretorius
Mbano Community Development Help Project
MBB Pensioenfonds
MBB Pension Fund
Mbc heritage Of Islam Trust
Mbh Fund
Mbi Al Jaber Foundation
Mbj Charitable Fund
Mbna General Foundation
MBS Capital Advice
MBS Pension Fund
MC Causland Ross Pension Fund
Mc Fund
MCC Group Provident Fund
Mccabe Day Centre Group
Mccabe Educational Trust
McCain Foods SA Provident Fund
McCain Foods South Africa Pension Fund
Mccartan Fund For The Poor
McCarthy 1977 Pension Fund
McCarthy Group Retirement Plan
McCarthy Group Supplementary Retirement Fund
McCarthy Retirement Fund
Mcclure Memorial Trust
McCormick South Africa Provident Fund
McDonalds SA Pension Fund
McDonalds SA Provident Fund
Mcgill University Trust
Mcgreevy No 5 Settlement
MCI Provident Fund
Mcindoe Burns Support Group
Mcintosh Travelling Scholarship Fund
McKnight Foundation
Mcks Charitable Foundation Uk
Mcminn Charitable Trust
Mcnaughtans Pension Scheme
Mcneill Prize For Marine Insurance Clerks
MCOC Eclipse Office Supplies Retirement Fund
MCOC Peter Martin and Associates Close Corporation Pension and GLA
MCOC Standerton Boeremeule Close Corporation Pension and GLS
Mcs aware
Mctimoney College Trust
Mcw Rafiki Trust
MD Frysh International Pension Fund
Mdf The Bipolar Organisation
Mdj Ministries Ltd
Mdm Memorial Trust
Mds Uk Patient Support Group
Me Dee
Me Myself I
Me North East
Me Too Co
Me Too
Me Woolfe Charitable Trust
Mead Charitable Trust
Mead County Infant School Parents Association
Mead House Day Centre mhdc
Mead Road Infant School Parent teacher Association
Mead Vale And District Community Association
Meade Charity
Meadgate Primary School Parent teacher Association
Meadow Arts
Meadow Brook Playcare
Meadow Farm Playbus Association
Meadow Farm Pre school
Meadow Lane Infants School Fund
Meadow Millennium Green
Meadow Nursery School Parents Association
Meadow Out Of School Club
Meadow Preschool
Meadow Primary School Pta
Meadow Primary School Trust Fund
Meadow Prospect
Meadow School Parent Teacher Association
Meadow Sports And Old Wokingians Ltd
Meadow Sports Football Club
Meadow Vale Community Association
Meadow Vale School Association
Meadow View Jmi School Parents Association
Meadow Way Community Association
Meadow Well Connected
Meadowdale School Association
Meadowfields Community Centre Association
Meadowgold Limited
Meadowhall Education Centre
Meadowhead Christian Fellowship
Meadowhead Community Learning Trust
Meadowhead Home And School Association
Meadowlands Pre school
Meadowlands Sanctuary
Meadows Parents Association
Meadows Play Project
Meadows Playing Field Management Association
Meadows Pre school
Meadows Shopmobility chelmsford
Meadows Youth And Community Centre
Meadowside Infants School Parents And Friends Association
Meadowside Parent Teacher Association
Meadowside Pta Knaresborough
Meadowview Pre School
Meads Women s Institute
Meadway Houses winchester Limited
Meals On Wheels stoke On Trent
Meanfield Estate excluding Meanfield Estate Educational Foundation
Means Of Survival And Development
Meanwhile Foundation
Meanwhile Gardens Community Association
Meanwood Church Of England School Parents Association
Meanwood School Parent Teacher Association
Meanwood Valley Urban Farm Limited
Meare And Westhay Village Hall And Playing Field
Meare Moles Playgroup
Meare School Parent Staff Association
Mears Ashby C e primary School Fund
Mears Ashby Village Hall
Mease Valley Pre school
Measham And District Youth Club
Measham C e Primary School Parents And Friends Association
Measham Community And Recreation Centre
Measham Community Centre Fund
Measham Mobility Bus
Measham Museum Society
Measham United Charities
Measured Farming Pension Group Life and ISS
Meat Trade Pension Fund
Meat Trade Provident Fund
Meat Training Council Limited
Meath Green Infant School Hsa
Meavy And Yelverton Pre school
Meavy Parish Hall
Mecca Mosque
Mech Five Service Centre Provident Fund
Mechanic s Institute
Mechanical Music Museum And Bygones
Mechanics For Africa
Mechinah Golders Green Limited
Meci Uk
Meco Pension Fund
Meco Uk And Ireland
Med Alert
Medaid United Kingdom
Medair Uk
Medbourne Playgroup
Medbourne Village Hall
Medburn Lodge No 8841 Benevolent Fund
Medcliffe Community Nursery
Medd Scarth
Meddon Village Hall
Medecins Sans Frontieres uk
Medehamstede District Scout Council
Meden Charitable Fund
Meden Vale The Future
Medeshamstede Education Trust
Medhane Alem Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Church Of Greater Manchester
Medi Tech Trust
Media 24 Retirement Fund
Media Action Group For Mental Health
Media Archive Of Central England Limited
Media Associates International
Media By Storm Pty Ltd Provident Fund
Media Community Network Limited
Media Diversity
Media Education Association
Media For All
Media Integrated Learning Centre mlc Ltd
Media Legal Defence Initiative
Media Matters Ministries
Media Pensioen Diensten
Media Standards Trust
Media Super
Media4good Limited
Mediaserve Incorporating David House Fellowship
Mediaserve Incorporating The David House Fellowship
Mediation And Community Support Ltd
Mediation Buckinghamshire
Mediation Dorset
Mediation First
Mediation Herefordshire
Mediation North Surrey
Mediation Plus
Mediation Somerset Limited
Medic Assist International
Medic Malawi
Medic Transport
Medicaid Action Limited
Medical Aid And Relief For The Children Of Chechnya
Medical Aid Films Limited
Medical Aid For Free Romania
Medical Aid For Palestinians
Medical Aid Relief
Medical Aid Trust
Medical Aid
Medical Ancillary Aid Association
Medical And Educational Aid To Kenya
Medical And Life Sciences Research Fund
Medical And Scientific Aid For Vietnam Laos And Cambodia
Medical And Surgical Trust
Medical Artists Education Trust
Medical Assistance Sierra Leone
Medical Association Of Nigerians Across Great Britain
Medical Council On Alcohol
Medical Detection Dogs
Medical Educational And Financial Trust
Medical Educational Social Help
Medical Emergency Doctor Service wales
Medical Emergency Relief International
Medical Engineering Resource Unit
Medical Equestrian Association
Medical Equipment Fund
Medical Foundation For The Care Of Victims Of Torture
Medical Institute Of Tamils
Medical Justice Network Limited
Medical Labour Brokers Pty Ltd Provident Fund
Medical Mission International uk
Medical Missionary News Fund
Medical Relief Agency
Medical Research Council Staff Benevolent Fund Association
Medical Research Council Technology
Medical Research Foundation
Medical Research Scotland
Medical Sciences Historical Society
Medical Screening Society
Medical Security Plan
Medical Service Ministries
Medical Support In Romania
Medical Ultrasound Trust southern Ethiopia
Medical Welfare Society liverpool
Medical Women s Federation Grant Fund
Medical Women s Federation
Medicare Francais
Medicash Charitable Trust
Medici Choir
Medicine And Chernobyl united Kingdom
Medicine Buddha Foundation
Medicine On The Move
Medicines For Muheza
Medico legal Society
Medics Act
Medieval Pottery Research Group
Medieval Settlement Research Group
Medifund International
Medikidz Foundation
Medikredit Retirement Fund
Medina Charity
Medina Ghosia Education Centre
Medina Islamic Educational Cultural Centre
Medina Marching Band
Medina Mariners Association
Medina Masjid
Medina Valley Centre Limited
Mediscor Provident Fund
Meditech Pty Ltd Select Pension Fund
Mediterranean Archaeological Trust
Mediterranean Resources Network
Mediterranean Shipping Company Pension Fund
Mediterranean Shipping Company Provident Fund
Mediterranean Woolen Mills Monthly Paid Provident Fund
Medivet Animal Trust
Medizinische Universität Wien
Medlar with wesham Old Folks Party Committee
Medlock And Tame Valley Conservation Association
Medmenham Amenities Council
Medmenham Collection
Medomsley Community Centre
Medprak Provident Fund
Medrwn Mon
Medscheme Holdings Pension Fund
Medscheme Retirement Fund
Medscheme Union Provident Fund
Medsin uk
Medstead Pre school And Nursery
Medstead Voluntary Care Group
Medstead Women s Institute
Medunsa Pension Fund
Medunsa Provident Fund
Medway African Caribbean Association
Medway And Maidstone Athletic Club
Medway And Swale Advocacy Partnerships
Medway Area Sunday Football League Benevolent Fund
Medway Asthma Self Help Group
Medway Cancer Scanner Appeal
Medway Cares
Medway Centre Community Association
Medway Chatham Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Medway Crossroads Caring For Carers
Medway Cuxton Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Medway Cyrenians Limited
Medway District Citizens Advice Bureau Service
Medway Education Trust
Medway Family Church Trust
Medway Family Church
Medway Festival Of Music Speech And Drama Association
Medway Gillingham Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Medway Hindu Community Centre
Medway Historical Ordnance
Medway League Of Friends
Medway Little Theatre Limited
Medway Lordswood Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Medway Maritime Trust
Medway Mediation
Medway Neighbourhood Watch Association
Medway Nhs Foundation Trust Charitable Fund
Medway Older People Partnership
Medway Opera
Medway Rainham Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Medway Rochester Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Medway Sailability
Medway Sculpture Trust
Medway Society Of Clubs For The Physically Handicapped
Medway Strood Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Medway Towns District Scout Council
Medway Towns Unit 238 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Medway University Of The Third Age
Medway Watersports Trust Limited
Medway Youth And Community Trust
Medway Youth Trust
Meeching Women s Institute
Meenawala Charitable Foundation Limited
Meer Limited
Meerbrook Village Green Trust
Meerbrook Village Hall
Meersbrook Park After School Club
Meersbrook Playcentre
Meesden Village Hall
Meet N Greet
Meeth Parish Hall
Meeting Friends In Wales Of The Religious Society Of Friends quakers In Britain cyfarod Y Cyfeillion Yng Nghymru Cymdeithas Grefyddol Y Cyfeillion
Meeting Point Chorley
Meeting Point Theatre Company
Meeting Point Trust Limited
Meeting The Needs
Meetings Industry Meeting Needs
Megafaun org
Megaforce Provident Fund
Megan Baker House
Megan Van t Hoff Charitable Trust
Megans World Limited
Megchem Pensioenfonds
Megex Preservation Pension Fund
Megex Umbrella Pension Fund
Megex Umbrella Provident Fund
Meggs Almshouse Charity
Megson s Almshouses
Meh Charitable Trust
Mehr Cultural Foundation
Mehr Mutual Concern
Mehria Naseeria Trust Limited
MEIBC Staff Pension Fund
Meifod Playgroup
Meifod Relief In Need Charity
Meifod Village Hall
Meinciau Sports And Recreation Club
Meir Amateur Boxing Club
Meir Hatorah
Meir Heath And Rough Close Village Hall
Meir Heath Primary School Parents Association
Meir Heath Windmill Preservation Group
Meirionnydd Artists Society
Meirionnydd Riding For The Disabled Group
Meirionydd Mencap Society
Meithrin Terrig
Meithrinfa Meirion Cyf
Mejaai Charitable Trust
Mejer And Gertrude Miriam Frydman Foundation
Mekadshei Shevei Charitable Trust
Meketa Investment Group as search consultant
Melanie Braysher Trust
Melanie Sharer Trust
Melanoma Research Foundation Limited
Melanoma Study Group
Melbourn Community Swimming Pool Association
Melbourn County Primary School Parent Teacher And Friends Association
Melbourn Playgroup
Melbourn Recreation Ground
Melbourn Village College Educational Trust
Melbourn Village College Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Melbourne Almshouses
Melbourne And District Community Care Group
Melbourne Civic Society
Melbourne District Of The Girl Guides Association
Melbourne Hall Evangelical Free Church
Melbourne Infant School Parents Association
Melbourne Junior School Parents Association
Melbourne Male Voice Choir
Melbourne Old People s Welfare Committee
Melbourne Operatic Society
Melbourne Recreation Ground
Melbourne Seaton Ross Pre school
Melbourne Terrace Playgroup
Melbury Abbas And Cann Millennium Group
Melbury Abbas And Cann Village Hall
Melbury Abbas And Cann Women s Institute
Melbury Osmond United Charities
Melbury Osmond Village Hall
Melchbourne Village Hall
Melcren Limited
Meldon Viaduct Company Limited
Meldon Village Hall
Meldreth Parish Charities
Meldreth Pre school
Meldreth Village Hall Trust
Meliden Community Association
Melin Junior School Home School Association
Melincryddan Community Conference
Melior Community College Parents Association
Meliora Adlercron s Relief In Sickness Charity
Meliora Gorges Charity
Meljon Singers
Melkite Greek Catholic Association Uk
Melksham Adventure Centre Association
Melksham Almshouses Public And Eleemosynary Charities
Melksham And Corsham Gateway Club
Melksham And District Group Of Advanced Motorists
Melksham And District Guide Association
Melksham And District Link Scheme
Melksham And District Young Farmers Club
Melksham Council Of Community Service
Melksham Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Melksham Phab Club
Melksham Scout Group
Melksham Town Trust Limited
Mellin en Vennote Groeppensioenfonds
Melling Scout Group
Melling Tithebarn Arts Association
Melling Village Institute
Mellis Memorial Hall
Mellis School Parents Association
Mellor Archaeological Trust
Mellor Brook And District Community Centre
Mellor Fund
Mellor Hall Foundation
Mellor War Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mellow Dramatics Music Theatre Group
Mells Nursery
Mells Village Hall
Melmaruvathur Adhi Parasakthi Spiritual And Cultural Organisation
Melmerby And Middleton Quernhow Village Hall
Melmerby Church School
Melmerby Play And Pre school
Melmerby Village Hall
Melmerby Water Trust Limited
Melodians Steel Orchester Uk
Melodor Limited
Melomed Holdings Pension Fund
Melorheostosis Association Uk
Melplash Agricultural Society Limited
Melplash Village Hall
Melrose Community Association
Melrose Pre school Playgroup
Melsetter Trust Pension Fund
Melsetter Trust Provident Fund
Melson Memorial Park
Melsonby Methodist Primary School Parent And Teacher Association
Meltham Community Pre school
Meltham Environment Ltd
Meltham Mills Pleasure Grounds
Meltham Moor Primary School Pta
Meltham Mustard Seed
Meltham Parsons Trust
Meltham Pre school Playgroup
Meltham Recreation Ground
Meltham Scholarship Fund
Meltham Sports And Community Group Limited
Melting Pot
Melton And Belvoir E learning Foundation
Melton And District Furniture Project
Melton Borough Citizens Advice Bureau
Melton Church Estate Charity
Melton Learning Hub
Melton Mowbray And District Boy Scouts Association
Melton Mowbray Building Society Charitable Foundation
Melton Mowbray Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Melton Mowbray Lions Club Welfare Account
Melton Mowbray Mencap And Gateway
Melton Mowbray Parish Church Restoration Appeal Fund
Melton Mowbray Town Estate
Melton Mowbray Young Farmers Club
Melton Oakham Waterways Society
Melton Tigers Sports And Social Club For The Disabled
Melton U3a
Melton Under Five s Pre School Limited
Melton Vineyard
Melton Young Singles Trust
Meltz Group Pension Plan
Melverley Poor s Land
Melverley Village Hall
Melville And Brompton Community Association
Melvyn s Trust
Member Contributions Pension Fund
Members Church Of God International Uk Chapter
Members Emergency Benevolent Fund Of The Institute Of Chiropodists And Podiatrists
Members Emergency Fund For Business And Professional Women Uk Limited
Members Of Disabled Community Aiding Themselves Sucessfully
Members of the Legislative Assembly Benefits
Membury Parish Hall
Memhay Limited
Memon Association Leicester Limited
Memon Association Uk
Memorial 2007
Memorial Children s Playing Field
Memorial Community Centre
Memorial Community Church
Memorial Hall Almshouses
Memorial Hall And Playing Fields Middleton Cheney
Memorial Hall And Playing Fields
Memorial Hall And Theatre
Memorial Hall Arts Leisure Company
Memorial Hall Barrowby
Memorial Hall Braunston
Memorial Hall chwilog
Memorial Hall dulas ewyas Harold kenderchurch kentchurch Memorial Hall
Memorial Hall Farrington Gurney
Memorial Hall Felinfach
Memorial Hall Lee
Memorial Hall Neuadd Goffa
Memorial Hall Ombersley
Memorial Hall Walsham le willows
Memorial Hall Wilmington
Memorial Hall
Memorial Institute Brynsiencyn Anglesey
Memorial Institute Sandiacre
Memorial Park Trust
Memorial Sports Ground
Memorial To The Officers And Men Of The Sherwood Foresters nottinghamshire And Derbyshire Regiment
Memorial University of Newfoundland Pension Plan
Memory Lane Singing Club
Memralife Group
Memtek Distribution Pty Ltd Pension Fund
Memtek Distribution Pty Ltd Provident Fund
Men Behaving Dadly
Men For Tomorrow
Men Get Eating Disorders Too
Men Of The Stones
Men Of Wordsley War Memorial Trust
Men s Aid
Men s Convalescent Institution Charity
Menachem General Charitable Trust
Menagerie Theatre Company
Menai Bridge Band Porthaethwy
Menai Bridge Community Heritage Trust Ltd
Menai Bridge Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Menai Bridge Guides
Menai Bridge Old Age Pensioners Welfare Committee
Menai Bridge Raft Run Charity Fund
Menai Bridge War Memorial Community Centre
Mencap Ceredigion
Mencap Hillingdon North
Mencap Hillingdon South
Mencap In Kirklees
Mencap Liverpool
Mencap Mon
Mencap St Helens
Mencap Wolverhampton
Mencop west Herts
Mend The Gap
Mendham And Withersdale Village Hall
Mendip Caving Group
Mendip Christadelphian Church
Mendip Citizens Advice Bureau
Mendip Community Support
Mendip Community Transport
Mendip Disabled Association
Mendip Nature Research Committee
Mendip Young Mens Christian Association
Mendlesham Community Council
Mendlesham Educational Foundation
Mendlesham Playing Field
Mendlesham Pre school
Mendocino County Employees’ Retirement Association
Menelik Education Ltd
Menevia And Wrexham Infirm Secular Clergy Fund
Menevia Diocesan Trust
Menevia st Davids Women s Institute
Menfa Mentoring For All
Menheniot Legion Hall
Menheniot Old School Trust
Menheniot Playgroup
Menheniot Playing Field
Menheniot School Association
Menheniot Sports Association
Meningitis Help
Meningitis Merseyside Support Group
Meningitis Research Foundation
Meningitis Trust
Meniscus Community Film Society North East Lincolnshire
Menith Wood Community Association
Menithwood Millennium Green Trust
Menkes Foundation Uk
Menm Biten Menm Bagay The French Caribbean Association
Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin Keshena
Menora Mivtachim Senior Pension Fund
Menorah Foundation
Menorah Grammar School Limited
Menorah High School For Girls
Menphys Limited
Menphys Sport Play And Leisure
Menroc Tzedaka Limited
Mens Accommodation And Support
Menston Community Association
Menston Memorial Cottage Charity
Menston Pre school
Mental Disability Advocacy Center Uk
Mental Handicap Resource Centre
Mental Health Action Group
Mental Health Advocacy Providers map
Mental Health Care
Mental Health Concern
Mental Health Educators In The Diaspora mhed
Mental Health Helplines Partnership
Mental Health Matters Wales Limited
Mental Health Matters
Mental Health North East Limited
Mental Health Pension Fund
Mental Health Provident Fund
Mental Health Research Uk
Mental Health Residential Limited
Mental Health Support Association
Mental Health Support In Hambleton And Richmondshire
Mental Illness National Trust
Mental Wealth Foundation Ltd
Mentally And Physically Handicapped Holidays mph
Mentek Foundation
Menter Bro Aled Cyf
Menter Bro Ogwr
Menter Caerdydd
Menter Cwm Gwendraeth Cyfyngedig
Menter Fachwen
Menter Gorllewin Sir G
Menter Iaith Rhondda Cynon Taf
Menter Iaith Sir Benfro
Menter Iaith Sir Caerffili
Menter Iaith Sir Ddinbych
Menter Rhosygilwen
Menter Y Felin Uchaf Cyf
Menter Y Moelwyn
Menter Ysgolion Cymraeg
Mentmore Road Under Fives
Mentone Staff Provident Fund
Mentor Foundation Uk
Mentor Link
Mentor Lodge Benevolent Fund
Mentoring And Befriending Foundation
Mentoring Plus Bath And North East Somerset
Mentro Lluest
Menuchar Limited
Meole Brace School Fund
Meole Brace Scouts
Meols Cop Grapevine
Meols Southport U3a
Meon Hall
Meon Valley Beekeepers Association
Meon Valley Carers Group
Meon Valley District Scout Council
Meon Valley Lions Club
Meopham And District Young Farmers Club
Meopham Colts Football Club
Meopham Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Meopham Evening Women s Institute
Meopham School Association
Meopham Sports And Leisure Association
Meopham Village Hall
Meopham Welfare Committee
Mepal And Witcham Pre school
Mepal Village Hall
Meppershall Pre School Playgroup
Meppershall V A Lower School Association
Meppershall Village Hall
MER Pensionskasse
Mera Pakistan
Merafe Resources Limited Provident Fund
Mercantile Pension Fund
Mercantile Provident Fund
Mercaz Chasidei Wiznitz Trust
Mercaz Torah Vechesed Limited
Merced County Employees’ Retirement Association
Mercedes Benz South Africa Defined Contribution Provident Fund
Mercedes Benz South Africa Pension Fund
Mercedes Benz South Africa Pty Ltd Provident Fund
Mercedes Benz South Africa Retirement Fund
Mercedes Curnow Foundation
Mercedes Gleitze Relief In Need Charity
Mercenfeld Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Mercer County Community College
Mercers grocers And Haberdashers Of Richmond yorkshire Charitable Trust
Mercers School Memorial Trust
Merchant Navy Association Harwich District Branch
Merchant Navy Association
Merchant Navy Locomotive Preservation Society Limited
Merchant Navy Lodge Benevolent Fund
Merchant Navy Officers Pension Fund
Merchant Navy Welfare Board
Merchant Taylors Consolidated Charities for the Infirm
Merchant Taylors Consolidated Charities For The Poor
Merchant Taylors Consolidated Loan Charities
Merchant Taylors Educational Trust
Merchant Taylors School Boys Club
Merchant Taylors School
Merchants Against Poverty Sickness
Merchants Of India Trust
Merched Y Wawr
Mercia Accident Rescue Service
Mercia Inshore Search And Rescue
Mercia Ms Therapy Centre Ltd
Mercian Ability Partnership
Mercian Regiment Museum worcestershire
Mercian Trust
Mercian Volunteers Regimental Association
Mercies Of David
Merck Company
Mercread Youth Centre incorporating The Seaford Boys Club
Mercurial Arts Limited
Mercurius Company
Mercury Lodge No 4581 Benevolent Fund
Mercury Musical Developments
Mercury Phoenix Trust
Mercy And Medical International Aid
Mercy Central
Mercy Centre Uk
Mercy Flyers Uk
Mercy Forever Ltd
Mercy Foundation Centre
Mercy House Of William Fry
Mercy In Action
Mercy Ministries Uk
Mercy Mission International
Mercy Mission Uk
Mercy Mission Welfare Society
Mercy Outreach
Mercy Projects Uk
Mercy Relief
Mercy Rescue Trust
Mercy Restoration Foundation
Mercy Ships U k Ltd
Mercy Trucks Limited
Mercy Universal
Mercy Vineyard Southampton Limited
Mercy Worldwide Trust
Mercyline Africa Trust International m a t i
Merdon Association
Mere Allotment Charity
Mere Brow And District Institute
Mere Brow And District Women s Institute
Mere Brow Autumn Club
Mere Charity
Mere Green Chapel
Mere Green Under Fives
Mere Hall
Mere Lecture Hall Trust
Mere Linches Preservation Trust
Mere Moorsom Charitable Trust
Mere Museum
Mere Peace Memorial Sports And Recreation Ground
Mere Pre school nursery
Meredith Road Baptist Church
Mereside Brass
Mereside Village Association
Merevale Aid In Sickness Fund
Mereway Butterfly Pre School Ltd
Merewether Church School Fund
Mereworth County Primary School Parent Teacher And Friends Association
Mereworth Pre school Playgroup
Mereworth Village Hall
Meriden Christian Fellowship
Meriden Municipal Employee Pension Board
Meriden School Parent Teacher Association
Meriden Village Hall
Meriden War Memorial Trust
Meridian Evening Womens Institute
Meridian Link ltd By Guarantee
Meridian Money Advice
Meridian School Parent Teacher Association
Meridian Theatre Company
Meridian Winds
Meridian Women s Association
Merioneth County Girl Guides
Merionethshire Further Education Trust Fund
Merisant SA Pension Fund
Meritum Umbrella Pension Fund
Meritum Umbrella Provident Fund
Merkaz Hatorah Vehachinuch Limited
Merle Common Area Trust Trust
Merley Community Association
Merley Community Pre school Playgroup
Merley School Association
Merlin Locomotive Group
Merlin Music Society
Merlin Theatre Trust Limited
Merlin Youth Theatre Carmarthen
Merlins Bridge Welfare Centre
Merlins Wish Foundation
Merlyn s Life flight For Children
Merpak Envelopes Provident Fund
Merriman Charitable Foundation
Merriott Pre school
Merriott Village Hall
Merrow C Of E Infants School Parent Teacher Association
Merry Go Round Pre school And Toddler Group stokenham
Merry Go Round Pre School Sandwich
Merry Go Round Preschool Nursery
Merry Go Round Toddler Group
Merry go round Toy And Leisure Library
Merry Go Round Toy Leisure Library
Merry go round Under 5 s
Merryfields Playschool
Merryfields School Parent Teachers And Friends Association
Merryhills Parents Association
Merrykids Foundation
Mersea Island Community Association
Mersea Island Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Mersea Island Museum Trust
Mersea Island Trust
Mersen South Africa Pty Ltd Pension Fund
Mersen South Africa Pty Ltd Provident Fund
Mersey Counselling And Therapy Centre
Mersey Estuary Conservation Group
Mersey Gateway Environmental Trust
Mersey Kidney First
Mersey Kidney Research
Mersey Otters Women s Club
Mersey Park Primary School Pta
Mersey Region Epilepsy Association
Mersey Regional Kidney Patients Support Group
Mersey School Of Anaesthesia
Mersey Volunteer Bureau
Mersey Weaver District Scout Council
Mersey Youth Support Trust
Merseycare Transport Services Ltd
Merseyside Adventure Sailing Trust
Merseyside Aid Convoy
Merseyside And Cheshire One Fund For All Limited
Merseyside And District Missionary Association
Merseyside Archaeological Society
Merseyside Asbestos Victims Support Group
Merseyside Association Of Ghanaians
Merseyside Asylum Seekers And Refugees Pre And Post natal Support Group
Merseyside Autistic Children s Society
Merseyside Bangladesh Association
Merseyside Black History Month Group
Merseyside Buildings Preservation Trust
Merseyside Cheshire Greater Manchester Teacher Training Consortium
Merseyside Children s Holiday Fund
Merseyside Chinese Community Development Association
Merseyside Church Watch
Merseyside Coalition Of Inclusive Living
Merseyside Community Transport Limited
Merseyside Council Of Faiths
Merseyside County Scout Council
Merseyside Cultural Organisation
Merseyside Dance Initiative
Merseyside Development Foundation
Merseyside Disability Federation
Merseyside Domestic Violence Service Ltd
Merseyside Employment Law Limited
Merseyside Environmental Trust
Merseyside Fertility Fund Limited
Merseyside Ia
Merseyside Jewish Community Care
Merseyside Jewish Representative Council
Merseyside Jewish Women s Aid Society
Merseyside Learning Disability Sports
Merseyside Malaysian Singapore Community Association
Merseyside Media Trust
Merseyside Medical Benevolent Fund
Merseyside Naturalists Association
Merseyside Network For Change Limited
Merseyside Partners In Policymaking
Merseyside Pension Fund
Merseyside People Matter Limited
Merseyside Play Action Council
Merseyside Police Federation Charitable Trust
Merseyside Probation And Quaker Trust For The Assistance Of Offenders
Merseyside Refugee Support Network
Merseyside Ringing Group
Merseyside Sea Cadet Training Centre
Merseyside Society For Deaf People
Merseyside Somali Community Association
Merseyside Sports Foundation
Merseyside Stroke Network
Merseyside Tamil School
Merseyside Third Sector Technology Centre
Merseyside Transport Trust
Merseyside Tuesday And Thursday Clubs
Merseyside Welfare Rights Resource Centre Ltd
Merseyside Yemeni Community Association
Merseyside Youth Association Limited
Merseyside Youth Challenge Trust
Mersham Cp School Pta
Mersham Millennium Green Trust
Mersham Village Hall
Merstham Aid Project
Merstham Community Facility Trust
Merstham Millennium Trust
Merstham Public Park
Merstham Women s Institute
Merstham Youth Centre
Merthyr And District Knight s Chapter No 2 Lodge Of The Raob
Merthyr And Rhondda Cynon Taff Groundwork Trust
Merthyr And The Valleys Mind
Merthyr Animal Rescue
Merthyr Cynog Community Hall informal Title Conferred
Merthyr Cynon Foodbank
Merthyr Dyfan Charities
Merthyr Mencap
Merthyr Phab
Merthyr Tydfil And District Model Engineering Society
Merthyr Tydfil Association Of Neighbourhood Watch Groups
Merthyr Tydfil Association Of The Disabled Transport Group
Merthyr Tydfil Citizens Advice Bureau
Merthyr Tydfil College Limited
Merthyr Tydfil Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Merthyr Tydfil Contact Centre
Merthyr Tydfil Further Education Trust Fund
Merthyr Tydfil Global Village
Merthyr Tydfil Heritage Trust Limited
Merthyr Tydfil Historical Society
Merthyr Tydfil Institute For The Blind
Merthyr Tydfil Museum And Heritage Group
Merthyr Tydfil Settlement Trust
Merton African caribbean Organisation
Merton And Lambeth Citizens Advice Bureaux Limited
Merton And South West London Dyslexia Association
Merton And Sutton Mediation
Merton Community Transport
Merton Evangelical Church Trust
Merton Hall Recreation Centre
Merton Home Tutoring Service
Merton House Holiday Hotel Limited
Merton Mencap
Merton Mind merton Association Of Mental Health
Merton Music Foundation
Merton Oasis
Merton Park Primary School After School Club
Merton Park Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Merton Phab Club
Merton Priory Trust
Merton Refuge Limited
Merton Seniors Forum
Merton Sickle Cell Thalassaemia Group
Merton Somali Community mesco
Merton Sports And Social Club For The Blind
Merton Street Pastors
Merton Talking Newspaper Association
Merton Unit 368 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Merton United Charities
Merton Unity Network
Merton Village Hall
Merton Voluntary Association For The Blind
Merton Voluntary Service Council
Merton Welcare Association
Mervyn Bennett Memorial Trust
Mervyn Herbert Trust
Mes Bach Little Acorns Child Care
Mesen Educational Trust
Mesfiney s Love Foundation
Mesh Community Cohesion Services
Meshaal Orphans Foundation
Meshaw And District Young Farmers Club
Mesifta Talmudical College
Mesila Uk
Mesopatamium Cultural Association
Mesopotamian Cancer Relief Trust
Mesopotamian League
Mesothelioma Uk Charitable Trust
Message Of Islam
Message On The Move
Message To The Masses
Messaris Brothers Provident Fund
Messerschmitt Foundation Of Great Britain
Messiah Church
Messianic christian Educational Trust
Messianic Congregation Beit Nitzachon house Of Victory
Messianic Education Trust
Messianic Testimony
Messing Village Hall
Messingham Alms Acre Charity
Messingham Memorial Playing Field Association
Messingham Temperance Hall Fund
Messingham Village Hall
Messiter terry Coal Charity
Messy Tots
Mesv Trust
Metabo Power Tools Retirement Fund
Metair Group Pension Fund
Metal Box South Africa Provident Fund
Metal Culture Limited
Metal Electroplating Pty Ltd Provident Fund
Metal Industries Provident Fund
Metallurg SA Pension Fund
Metanoia Trust
Metcalf s General Charity
Metcalfe Smith Trust
Metchley Park Medical Society
Meteoquake Research Centre
Metex Provident Fund
Metfield Under Fives
Metfield United Charities
Metfield Village Hall
Metheringham Preschool
Metheringham Primary School
Metheringham Village Hall
Methley Mites Playgroup And Toddlers
Methodist Action north West Limited
Methodist Arts Limited
Methodist Asylum Project Middlesbrough
Methodist Central Buildings Management Committee
Methodist Central Hall Coventry
Methodist Central Hall Westminster
Methodist Charities For Youth Work
Methodist Church Bromley Circuit
Methodist Church In Tower Hamlets
Methodist Church In Wales Wales Synod
Methodist Church Manchester Stockport District
Methodist Church of South Africa Lay Staff Pension Fund
Methodist Church of South Africa Provident Fund
Methodist Church Redhill And East Grinstead Circuit
Methodist Church Southend And Leigh Circuit
Methodist Church York South Circuit
Methodist Evangelicals Together
Methodist Girls High School Old Girls Association uk Branch
Methodist Homes
Methodist Independent Education Trust
Methodist Independent Schools Trust
Methodist Local Preachers Mutual Aid Association
Methodist Of The Diaspora
Methodist Supernumerary Fund
Methodist Youth Activities Limited
Methodists For World Mission
Methwold High School Parent Teachers Association
Metlife Booster Fund
Metorex Pension Fund
Metorex Provident Fund
Metro Christian Centre Bury
Metro Church International
Metro Executive Provident Fund
Metro Goldwyn Mayer Films Staff Benefit Fund
Metro Granite Profit Share Scheme Provident Fund
Metro Group Retirement Fund
Metro Ministries uk
Metrodome And Rockley Sports Association For The Disabled
Metrofile Provident Fund
Metroline London Northern Pension Scheme
Metroline Pension Scheme
Metropolitan Benefit Societies Almshouses
Metropolitan Borough Of Rotherham Talking Newspaper Association
Metropolitan Care Charity
Metropolitan Community Church In Newcastle Upon Tyne
Metropolitan Community Church Manchester
Metropolitan Community Church Of Bournemouth
Metropolitan Community Church Of North London
Metropolitan Community Church Of South London
Metropolitan Community Church Of Torbay
Metropolitan Health Group Retirement Fund
Metropolitan Insured Umbrella Pension Fund
Metropolitan Insured Umbrella Provident Fund
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
Metropolitan Neon Umbrella Pension Fund
Metropolitan Neon Umbrella Provident Fund
Metropolitan Pier Exposition Authority
Metropolitan Police Benevolent Fund
Metropolitan Police Commissioner s Fund
Metropolitan Police Sikh Association
Metropolitan Police Sports Fund
Metropolitan Police Staff Welfare Fund
Metropolitan Preservation Pension Fund
Metropolitan Preservation Provident Fund
Metropolitan Public Gardens Association
Metropolitan Resources Support Services
Metropolitan Retirement Annuity Fund
Metropolitan Sports And Social Club For The Visually Impaired
Metropolitan Staff DB Pension Fund
Metropolitan Staff DC Pension Fund
Metropolitan Staff DC Provident Fund
Metropolitan Staff Pension Fund
Metropolitan Staff Retirement Fund Pension Fund Section
Metropolitan Staff Retirement Fund Provident Fund Section
Metropolitan Support Trust
Metropolitan Tabernacle
Metropolitan Unclaimed Benefit Pension Preservation Fund
Metropolitan Unclaimed Benefit Provident Preservation Fund
Metropolitan Visiting And Relief Association
Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Retirement Fund of Chicago
Metropolitan Wigan Rotary Life Education Project
Metroselskabet I S
Metso South Africa Pension Fund
Metso South Africa Provident Fund
Metta Theatre Ltd
Mettingham Orthodox Trust
Mettler Toledo Pensionskasse
Metumog Club International
Metzach Trust
MEU Retirement Fund
Mevagissey And District Museum Society
Mevagissey Harbour Aquarium
Mevagissey Jubilee Hall Association
Mevagissey little Nippers Pre school
Mevagissey On The Move
Mevagissey Piers And Harbour
Mevagissey Playing Field Management Committee
Mewn Cymru A Network Of Black And Minority Ethnic Women
Mexborough And Swinton Astronomical Society
Mexborough Charitable Educational Trust
Mexborough Citizens Advice Bureau
Mexborough Community Partnership
Mexborough Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Mexborough Glebe Field Riding For The Disabled Group
Mexborough Highwoods Primary School Fund
Mexborough Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Mexborough Miners Welfare Institute And Recreation Ground
Mexborough New Life Church
Mexborough Youth Club
Mexican Disabled Children s Trust
Mexico Amigo
Meynell Kindergarten
Meyraley Development Organisation
Meysey Hampton Memorial Hall
Meysey Hampton Women s Institute
Mezzanine 2 Limited
Mfantsiman Old Girls Uk Association
MFI Trust Fund KZN Provident Fund
MFI Trust Provident Fund
Mfs Research And Educational Charitable Trust
MGD Pension Fund
Mgs Charitable Trust
MGX Eureka Group Pension Fund
MH Automation Provident Fund
Mhango Trust
MHG and L Provident Fund
Mhg Staff Benevolent Fund
Mhist mental Health Independent Support Team
Mhlathuze Water Provident Fund
Mhs Community Charity Limited
Mi K amcho
Mi Yu Foundation
Miami Beach Employees Retirement System
Miami Shores Village Police Pension Fund
Mian Muhammad Bukhsh Trust
Mic Morris Memorial Sporting Trust Fund
Micah Christian Ministries
Micah Mobile Ministries
Micahs Call International
Michael And Lesley Bennett Charitable Trust
Michael And Peter Bogod Charitable Trust
Michael And Shirley Hunt Charitable Trust
Michael Aris Memorial Trust For Tibetan And Himalayan Studies
Michael Austin Harlick Memorial Fund
Michael B Hacker Charitable Settlement
Michael Batt Charitable Trust
Michael Blake Foundation
Michael Calleja Educational Charity
Michael Causer Foundation
Michael Charles Adams Mbe Memorial Trust
Michael Cornish Charitable Trust
Michael Crawford Childrens Charity
Michael D Martin Charitable Trust
Michael Davies Charitable Settlement
Michael Drummond and Associates Umbrella Provident Fund
Michael Hackett Memorial Trust Fund
Michael Hall School
Michael Hardinge s Charity For A School
Michael House Association Limited
Michael John Lewis Charitable Trust
Michael Jones Community Limited
Michael Lowe s And Associated Charities
Michael M Payne and Associates Architects Close Corporation
Michael Maughan Charitable Trust
Michael Mount Waldorf School Pension Fund
Michael Norwood Memorial Trust
Michael Peck Adventure Scholarship Trust
Michael Roberts Charitable Trust
Michael Robertson Scholarship Fund
Michael Robinson Sailing Trust
Michael Sobell Sinai School Parent Staff Association
Michael Syddall Church Of England aided School Fund
Michael Todd
Michael Ventris Memorial Awards
Michael Watson Trust For Psychodrama
Michael White
Michael Wilson Charitable Trust
Michael Yoakley s Charity
Michaelchurch Escley And District Community Centre the Escleyside Hall
Michaelchurch Pre school
Michaelhouse Uk Trust
Michaels Limited
Micheldever And Stratton Pre school Group
Micheldever C Of E Primary School Parents And Friends Association
Micheldever Station Community And Recreation Centre
Micheldever Womens Institute
Michele And Adrian Freeman Charitable Trust
Michelham Lodge Benevolent Trust Fund
Michelin South Africa Provident Fund
Michelin Tyre plc Pension Life Assurance Plan
Michelle Sherwood Cancer Fund
Michelmas Singers
Michelmersh Silver Band
Michigan Commercial Board of Realtors CBOR
Michigan Department of Treasury
Michigan Municipal Employees Retirement System
Mickfield Village Centre
Micklands Pre school
Mickle Trafford And District Womens Institute
Mickle Trafford County Primary School Parent teachers Association
Mickle Trafford Pre school
Mickle Trafford Village Hall
Mickle Trafford Village School Appeal Trust
Micklefield Community Association
Micklefield Male Voice Choir
Micklefield Nursery School seaford
Micklefield Recreation Ground
Micklefield School reigate Limited
Micklegate Strays Charity
Mickleham Children s Playground
Mickleham Choral Society
Mickleover Churches Youth Trust
Mickleover Memorial Hall
Mickleover Methodist Church
Mickleton Junior Playing Field
Mickleton Playing Field
Mickleton Poor s Land
Mickleton Pre School Playgroup
Mickleton Village Hall Association
Mickley And District Community Association
Mickley Community Association
Mickley County First School Parent Teacher Association
Micro And Anophthalmic Childrens Society
Microaid Projects Ltd
Microbiology In Schools Advisory Committee misac
Microenterprise Africa
Microloan Foundation
Microsoft Corporation
Mid aeron Community Association
Mid And North Wales Training Group Limited
Mid And South Warwickshire Lifeline Trust
Mid And West Wales Alcohol And Drug Advisory Service
Mid Bedfordshire Citizens Advice Bureau
Mid Border Community Arts Ltd
Mid bucks aylesbury U3a
Mid Bucks Beekeepers Association
Mid cheshire Animal Welfare
Mid Cheshire Branch Of The Samaritans
Mid Cheshire District Scouts
Mid Cheshire Foodbank Ltd
Mid Cheshire Footpath Society
Mid Cheshire Hospitals Charitable Fund
Mid cheshire Mencap
Mid Cheshire Mind
Mid Cheshire Musical Theatre Company
Mid Cheshire Riding For The Disabled Association
Mid Cornwall Christian Church
Mid Cornwall Lifestyles
Mid cornwall Scout District Campsite
Mid Derbyshire Riding For The Disabled Association
Mid Devon Alliance For Special Children
Mid Devon Town And Country Show Society Limited
Mid Dorset Mencap
Mid Downs Hospital Radio
Mid Essex Doctors Immediate Care Scheme
Mid Essex Historic Buildings Trust
Mid Essex Hospitals Nhs Trust Charitable Fund
Mid Essex Mind
Mid Essex Riding For The Disabled Association
Mid Essex Talking News
Mid Glamorgan Area Scout Council
Mid Glamorgan Mission Of The Methodist Church
Mid Glamorgan Savoyards
Mid hants Railway Preservation Society Limited
Mid Hants Wilts Federaton Of Townswomen s Guilds
Mid Herts District Scout Council
Mid herts Raynet Group
Mid Illovo Retirement Fund
Mid Kent Decorative And Fine Arts Society
Mid kent Group Of Advanced Motorists
Mid Lincolnshire Methodist Circuit
Mid Mediation And Counselling Ltd
Mid Norfolk Foodbank
Mid norfolk Mencap
Mid Norfolk Riding For The Disabled Association
Mid norfolk Singers
Mid Pennine Arts Association
Mid Pennine Arts
Mid Powys Mind radnor And North Brecknock Mental Health Association
Mid rhondda Band
Mid somerset Festival
Mid Stafffordshire Chest Diseases Fund
Mid Staffordshire Hospitals Charity
Mid Staffordshire Medical Education Centre
Mid Staffordshire Mencap
Mid Staffordshire Postgraduate Medical Centre education
Mid staffordshire Youth Net
Mid Staffs Mind
Mid Suffolk Axis
Mid Suffolk Carriage Driving For The Disabled
Mid Suffolk Citizens Advice Bureau
Mid Suffolk Gymnastic Club
Mid suffolk Light Railway Company
Mid Suffolk Voluntary Organisations Forum
Mid Surrey Dementia Care Trust
Mid surrey Mediation Service
Mid Surrey Mencap
Mid Surrey Palliative Care Trust Fund
Mid Surrey Theatre Company
Mid sussex Christian Centre
Mid Sussex Citizens Advice Bureaux
Mid Sussex Community Support Association
Mid sussex Counselling Centre
Mid Sussex District Scouts
Mid sussex Mencap
Mid sussex Postgraduate Medical Centre Trust Limited
Mid Sussex Riding For The Disabled Association
Mid Sussex Sinfonia
Mid Sussex South Council For Voluntary Service
Mid teesdale Project Partnership
Mid Tendring Education Partnership
Mid Thames Area Quaker Meeting And Related Charities
Mid thames Raynet
Mid Tyne Kids Club
Mid Tyne Lions Club
Mid Wales Advanced Motorists
Mid Wales And The Marches Opus
Mid Wales Association For Spina Bifida And Hydrocephalus
Mid Wales Chamber Orchestra
Mid Wales Circuit Limited
Mid Wales Opera Limited
Mid Wales Rape Support Centre
Mid wales Rural Training Partnership
Mid Warwickshire Society For Mentally Handicapped Children And Adults
Mid wessex Camps Trust
Mid wessex Lodge Benevolent Fund
Mid Wessex Singers
Mid West And South Wales Fire Engine Preservation Group
Mid Wirral Crime Prevention Panel
Midas Ltd Paid Up Provident Fund
Midas Paints Pension Fund
Midas Pension Fund
Midas Provident Fund
Midasplus Fundraising for Worthy Causes In The Middlesex And Surrey Plus Surrounding Areas
Midaye Somali Development Network
Midcounties Co operative Pension Scheme
Middelburg Rural Provident Fund
Middelwit Stene Provident Fund
Middle Barton Preschool
Middle Barton Village Hall
Middle C Training
Middle East Christian Minorities Advisory Centre
Middle East Development Services
Middle East Gospel Outreach
Middle East Media
Middle East Navigation Aids Service
Middle East Nonviolence And Democracy
Middle East Reformed Fellowship england
Middle Eastern Women And Society Organisation
Middle Essex Guild Of Weavers Spinners And Dyers
Middle Marches Lions Club Charitable Trust Fund
Middle Of The Road Eastbourne more
Middle Of The Road Trust Fund
Middle Park Community Centre Limited
Middle Park Playscheme
Middle Rasen And District Pre school
Middle Rasen Community Fund
Middle Rasen Village Hall
Middle Wallop Officers Mess
Middle Wood Centre
Middlebury College Uk Trust Limited
Middlefield School Fund
Middleforth Playgroup
Middleham C e school Fund
Middleham Key Centre Limited
Middlemore Educational Foundation
Middlemore s Almshouses
Middlepark Division Guide Association
Middleport Environment Centre
Middlesborough North Ormesby Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Middlesbrough And Eston Methodist Circuit Youth Works Project
Middlesbrough And Teesside Philanthropic Foundation
Middlesbrough Central Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Middlesbrough Central Masjid And Community Centre
Middlesbrough Christadelphian Ecclesia
Middlesbrough Citizens Advice Bureau
Middlesbrough Community Church Trust
Middlesbrough Competitive Music Festival Association
Middlesbrough Diocesan Trust
Middlesbrough District Scout Council
Middlesbrough Division Of Girl Guides
Middlesbrough Educational Trust Fund
Middlesbrough Environment City Trust Limited
Middlesbrough Eston Methodist Circuit
Middlesbrough First
Middlesbrough Foodbank
Middlesbrough Gateway Club
Middlesbrough Little Theatre Limited
Middlesbrough Little Theatre Trust
Middlesbrough M S Therapy Centre Limited
Middlesbrough Mind Limited
Middlesbrough Shopmobility
Middlesbrough Spiritualist Church
Middlesbrough Sportability Club
Middlesbrough t And B Charitable Trust
Middlesbrough Teesside Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Middlesbrough Unit 241 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Middlesbrough Voluntary Development Agency
Middlesex Advanced Motorcyclists
Middlesex Colts Association
Middlesex County Association Of Church Bell Ringers Bell Restoration Fund
Middlesex County Cricket Club Centenary Youth Trust
Middlesex County Retirement System
Middlesex East Guides
Middlesex Hospital And Medical School General Charitable Trust
Middlesex Information Technology Centre Ltd
Middlesex New Synagogue
Middlesex North West County Guide Association
Middlesex Sports Foundation
Middlesex University Students Union
Middlesex Young People s Clubs
Middlestown Playgroup
Middleton And Aislaby Village Hall
Middleton And Chadderton Unit 73 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Middleton And Todridge Village Hall
Middleton By Wirksworth Recreation Ground
Middleton Cheney County Primary School Parents Association
Middleton Cheney Pre school Limited
Middleton Cheney Pre school
Middleton Cheney Primary School Fund
Middleton Cheney United Charities
Middleton Cheney Village Hall
Middleton Child Contact Centre
Middleton Community Council
Middleton Community Trust
Middleton Day Centre
Middleton Educational Trust
Middleton Elderly Aid
Middleton Hall Trust
Middleton Heartline
Middleton in teesdale And District Community Association
Middleton in teesdale Educational Foundation
Middleton on sea Playing Fields
Middleton on sea Village Hall
Middleton on sea Women s Institute
Middleton on the hill Parish Charity
Middleton on the wolds School Association
Middleton Parish Pit
Middleton Park Equestrian Centre Riding For The Disabled Association
Middleton Playing Field
Middleton Plus Development Trust
Middleton Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Middleton Railway Trust Limited
Middleton Recreation Room
Middleton Relief In Need Charity
Middleton s Charity For The Poor
Middleton School Foundation
Middleton School Parent Teachers Association
Middleton St George Community Association
Middleton St George Playgroup
Middleton Stoney Chapel Trust
Middleton Tyas Church Of England Primary School Fund
Middleton Tyas Memorial Hall Trust
Middleton United Foundation
Middleton Village Hall Trust northants
Middleton Village Hall
Middleton Voluntary Aid In Sickness Fund
Middletown Village Hall
Middlewich And District Community Association
Middlewich Community And Youth Project
Middlewich Pentecostal Church
Middlewich Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Middlewood And Higher Poynton Women s Institute
Middlewood House Limited
Middlewood Riding For The Disabled Association
Middlewood Winners
Middlezoy Community Project
Middlezoy Pre School Playgroup
Middridge Village Association
Midgeland Riding For The Disabled Association
Midgham Village Hall
Midhurst And District Old People s Welfare Committee
Midhurst Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Midhurst Infant Welfare Trust
Midhurst Lodge Benevolent Fund
Midhurst Music Society
Midhurst Pensions Trust
Midhurst Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Midhurst Rother College Association
Midhurst U3a
Midhurst W i
Midhurst Youth Club
Midland Actors Theatre
Midland And Great Northern Joint Railway Society
Midland And Southern Area Branch Of The Suffolk Sheep Society
Midland Association For Amputees And Friends
Midland Catholic History Society
Midland Doctors Association Uk
Midland Festival Chorus
Midland Find Arts And Language Academy
Midland Freewheelers Emergency Rider Voluntary Service
Midland Group Training Services Limited
Midland Indian Association
Midland International Aid Trust uk
Midland Kashattri taank Society
Midland Legal Support Trust
Midland Mencap
Midland Music Makers
Midland Railway Trust Limited
Midland Region Chaplaincy Board
Midland Section Benevolent Fund Showmen s Guild Of Great Britain
Midland Sports Centre For The Disabled Trust Limited
Midland Thoracic Society
Midland Unitarian Association
Midland Vietnamese Community Association
Midland Youth Jazz Orchestra Association Limited
Midlands Academy Of Dance And Drama Limited
Midlands Air Ambulance Charity
Midlands And East Anglia Hereford Breeders Association
Midlands And Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Support And Rescue Trust
Midlands Animal Rescue Team
Midlands Architecture And The Designed Environment
Midlands Arts Centre
Midlands Bristol Refugee Housing Limited
Midlands Buddhist Association
Midlands Building Industry Retirement Fund
Midlands Cabindians Community
Midlands Chorale
Midlands Christian Fellowship
Midlands Churches Of Christ
Midlands Community Training And Employment
Midlands Cricket Foundation
Midlands Early Music Forum
Midlands Ethnic Albanian Foundation
Midlands Ex boxers Association
Midlands Fretted Orchestra mfo
Midlands Hospitals Choir
Midlands Ileostomy Association
Midlands Life Education Centres Trust
Midlands Ogaden Community Association
Midlands Regen Limited
Midlands Social Care Management Trust
Midlands Tamil Cultural Association
Midlands Women s Aid
Midnight Cry Fellowship
Midrand Steel Services Provident Fund
Midshire Caring Trust
Midshires Search Rescue Organisation
Midsomer Norton And Radstock Silver Band
Midsomer Norton Community Association
Midsomer Norton Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Midsomer Norton Methodist Church
Midsomer Norton Radstock Ring Ride
Midsomer Norton Recreation Ground
Midsomer Norton Units Of The Guides Association
Midstream west Lancs Ltd
Midsummer Music
Midsummer Opera
Midway F c
Midway Pre school
Midwifery And Diabetes Educational Trust
Midwives ethiopia
Midwives Information And Resource Service
Mifal Hachesed Vehatzedokoh
Mifal Hamishnayos
Mifal Hashas
Mifal Hatruma
Mifal Temicha Lenesiyin Trust
Mifal Tov Vachesed
Mifal Tzedoko V chesed Limited
Miftah ul uloom Muslim Trust
Miftahul Quran Education Trust
Migdal Emunah Ltd
Migdal Makefet
Mighty God C s Church Outreach
Mighty Men Of Valour
Mighty Rock Assembly
Migraine Action Association
Migrant And Refugee Communities Forum
Migrant Helpline
Migrant Organisations Development Agency moda
Migrant Training Company
Migrant Voice
Migrant Workers Sefton Community
Migrants Resource Centre
Migrants Rights Network
Migration Museum Project
Migrationwork Trust
Migros Pensionskasse
Mihran Essefian Charitable Trust also Known As The Mihran And Azniv Essefian Charitable Trust
Mijn Heinz Pensioen
Mike Andam Ministries
Mike Campbell Foundation
Mike Nightingale Fellowship Charitable Trust
Mike Ockrent Charitable Trust
Mike Pieterse Ondernemings Pensioenfonds
Mike Thurston Water Activities Centre
Mikon Transport Express Cartage Botswana Provident Fund
Mikron Theatre Company Limited
Mikvah Uk
Mikwano Children s Trust Uganda
Milaap Multicultural Day Centre
Milap Festival Trust
Milberrow Doelittle s Charity For Poor Widows
Milborne Ladybirds Playgroup
Milborne Port Christian Fellowship
Milborne Port Memorial Playing Field
Milborne Port Primary School P T F A
Milborne Port Womens Institute
Milborne St Andrew Sports Club
Milborne St Andrew Under Fives
Milborne St Andrew Village Hall
Milbourn Charitable Trust
Milburn Village Hall
Milby Nursery And Kids Club
Milby Nursery Kids Club
Mildenhall And District Sick Poor Fund
Mildenhall Baptist Church
Mildenhall Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Mildenhall District Unit No 574 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Mildenhall Museum Society
Mildenhall Parish Charities
Mildenhall Recreation Ground
Mildenhall Road Estate Community Association
Mildenhall Scout Group
Mildmay Community Nursery Limited
Mildmay Community Partnership
Mildmay Institutions
Mildmay Junior School Parents Association
Mildmay Mission Hospital Uk
Mildmay Mission Hospital
Mile Cross Phoenix Childrens Project
Mile End Nursery And Playgroup
Mile End Womens Institute
Mile Oak And District Ambulance Benevolent Fund
Mile Oak Village Hall And Community Centre
Mile Oak Women s Institute
Mile Walk Fundraisers
Mile Walk Project
Mileham Playing Field
Mileham Village Hall
Milele Sponsorship Programme
Milen Care
Miles Allotments
Miles Hilton s Charity
Miles Huntley
Miles Jesu Trust
Miles Of Smiles chester Limited
Miles Of Smiles
Miles Trust For The Putney And Roehampton Community
Milestone Covenant Ministries Ltd
Milestone Holiday Activity Scheme
Milestone Society
Milestones Childcare Limited
Milestones Trust
Milfield Reading Room
Milford And Keyhaven Sea Scout Group
Milford Haven Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Milford Haven Heritage And Maritime Museum
Milford Haven International Seafarers Centre
Milford Haven School Memorial Fund
Milford Haven School Parent Teacher Association
Milford Haven Unit 564 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Milford Junior School Pta
Milford On Sea Arts And Music Festival
Milford On Sea Community Care Group
Milford Playgroup
Milford Pre school Plus Ltd
Milford Primary School Fund
Milford Recreation Ground
Milford School Parents And Friends Association
Milford United Charities
Milford Village Association
Milford Village Hall Fund
Milford Villages Day Centre
Military Debt Help uk
Military Gardeners
Military Heroes Trust
Military Jubilee Lodge No 2195 Benevolent Fund
Military Knights Of Windsor Charity
Military Lodge No 2621 Benevolent Fund
Military Superannuation and Benefits Scheme
Military Wags Choir Catterick Garrison
Militia Immaculatae
Milk And Honey
Milking Bank Home And School Association
Milking The Clouds
Milkrite Pty Ltd Provident Fund
Milky Way uk Trust
Mill Dam Trust
Mill End And District Community Association
Mill End Baptist Church
Mill End Community Trust
Mill Green Ptfa
Mill Grove Christian Charitable Trust
Mill Hall Day Nursery
Mill Hall Oral School For The Deaf Ltd
Mill Hill Chapel Trust
Mill Hill East Playgroup
Mill Hill Eruv Committee
Mill Hill Music Club
Mill Hill Out Of Hours Club And Holiday Playscheme
Mill Hill Preservation Society
Mill Hill School Fund
Mill Hill School Prizes Trust
Mill Hill School Scholarships And Bursaries Trust
Mill Hill School University Entrance Scholarships Trust
Mill Lane Pre school Association
Mill Lane Recreation Ground
Mill Lane School Association
Mill Lodge Parent Teacher Association
Mill Meadow Charitable Trust
Mill Rythe Junior School Parent teacher Association
Mill Vale Middle School
Millais Pta
Millan Centre
Milland And Rake Church Of England School Charity
Milland Recreation Ground
Milland Valley War Memorial Hall
Millat e Islamia Islamic Cultural Education Association
Millat e jaffariya
Millbrook Charities
Millbrook Cheshunt School Fund
Millbrook Christian Centre
Millbrook Combined And Nursery School Fund
Millbrook Community Association
Millbrook District Guide Association
Millbrook Friends Swindon
Millbrook Park Millennium Green
Millbrook Pre school Playgroup
Millbrook School Friends Association
Millbrook Village Hall Charitable Trust
Millbrook Village Hall Trust
Millbrook Womens Club
Millcreek Township Combined Pension Plan
Milldene Psa parent School Association
Millenium Oak Sculpture And Garden Trust
Millenium Vision
Millennium 3 Music
Millennium Centres Charitable Development Company Limited
Millennium College Uk Limited
Millennium Farm Trust
Millennium Hall longsands Fulwood
Millennium Harvest Church
Millennium Health Microscope Foundation
Millennium Point Trust
Millennium Primary Supporters Club
Millennium Promise Uk
Millennium Publishing House
Millennium Retirement Fund Pension Section
Millennium Retirement Fund Provident Section
Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust
Millennium Stage Productions
Millennium Youth Bar Trust to Be Known As The Mill
Miller Charitable Trust
Miller Philanthropy
Miller Riches Trust
Miller s Ark
Miller s Nook Riding School Ltd
Millers Dene Day Care
Millers Dene Family Centre
Milles Charitable Foundation Limited
Millfield Community Association
Millfield Community Primary School
Millfield Foundation
Millfield Playgroup
Millfield Pre school
Millfield Primary School Parent teachers Association
Millfield Pta
Millfield School Association
Millfields Amenity Land Trust
Millfields Community School Parents And Staff Association
Millfields Inspired
Millford Friends
Millgate Area Community Association
Millgate Arts Centre Limited
Millhead Village Hall And Playing Field Association
Millhouse Green Male Voice Choir
Millhouse Village Hall
Millie Bus Trust Fund tile Hill College
Millie Mittoo Children s Projects
Millie s Foundation
Millie s Trust
Millin Centre
Millington Road Nursery School Trust
Millington s Charity
Millington Village Hall
Million Minutes
Millmead Financial Lifeboat Trust
Millmead Hall Limited
Millom Amateur Operatic Society
Millom And Broughton Agricultural Society Ltd
Millom And District Sports Association For The Disabled
Millom Community Church
Millom Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Millom District Guides
Millom Folk Museum Society
Millom Network Centre Limited
Millom Recreation Centre Limited
Millom School Fund
Millom Stepping Stones
Millom Youth Partnership
Millpool Hill Pentecostal Church
Millpool Pre school
Mills And Reeve Charitable Trust
Mills Hall carharrack
Mills Hill Playgroup Chadderton
Millside Hospital Radio
Millstead Parents Teachers Association
Millstream Animal Shelter
Millthorpe School Fund
Millwall Community Association
Millwall Community Scheme
Millward Charitable Trust
Millway Primary School Pta
Millwood Women s Institute
Millwrights Machine Erectors Maintenance Union Local 2736 Pension Plan
Milner Church Institute
Milner Educational Foundation
Milnrow Evangelical Church
Milnrow Pre school Playgroup
Milnsbridge Community Trust
Milnthorpe Family Centre
Milnthorpe Memorial Hall
Milstead Village Hall
Milston Village Hall
Milton Abbas Emily Faulkner Trust
Milton Abbas Riding For The Disabled Association Group
Milton Abbas Sick Poor Fund
Milton Abbas Trust For The Community And Heritage
Milton Abbas Village Hall
Milton Abbey Music And Arts Festival Society
Milton Abbot Under Fives
Milton Abbot Village Hall
Milton Baptist Church Weston super mare
Milton Baptist Preschool
Milton Bryan Village Hall Association
Milton Combe Village Hall
Milton Community Centre And Recreation Grounds
Milton Community Partnership
Milton Cottage Trust
Milton Damerel Parish Hall
Milton District Guide Association
Milton Ernest Village Hall
Milton Ernest Women s Institute
Milton Free Baptist Church
Milton Haydock Bequest for Library Etc
Milton Institute
Milton Keynes Advanced Motorists
Milton Keynes Amateur Operatic Society
Milton Keynes And Broughton Village Hall
Milton Keynes And District Reform Synagogue
Milton Keynes Astronomical Society
Milton Keynes Bereavement Service
Milton Keynes Bletchley Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Milton Keynes Bridgebuilder Trust
Milton Keynes Cenotaph Trust
Milton Keynes Children s Contact Centre
Milton Keynes Chinese School And Community Centre
Milton Keynes Chorale
Milton Keynes Christian Centre
Milton Keynes Christian Foundation Limited
Milton Keynes Churches Council Mission Partnership
Milton Keynes Citizens Advice Bureau
Milton Keynes City Counselling Centre
Milton Keynes City Football Club
Milton Keynes City Orchestra Foundation
Milton Keynes Community Cardiac Group
Milton Keynes Community Foundation Limited
Milton Keynes Community Mediation Service Limited
Milton Keynes Community Mediation Service
Milton Keynes District Scout Council
Milton Keynes Division Guide Association
Milton Keynes Dons Football Club Sports Education Trust
Milton Keynes Family Mediation Limited
Milton Keynes Fenny Stratford Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Milton Keynes Festival Of The Arts
Milton Keynes Gymnastic Limited
Milton Keynes Hindu Association
Milton Keynes Hospital Nhs Foundation Trust
Milton Keynes Hospital Radio Service
Milton Keynes Irish Community Association
Milton Keynes Irish Welfare Support Group
Milton Keynes Islamic And Cultural Association
Milton Keynes Islamic Society
Milton Keynes Jamee Masjid
Milton Keynes Mencap Society
Milton Keynes Methodist Circuit
Milton Keynes Murugan Temple Trust
Milton Keynes Museum Trust Limited
Milton Keynes Muslim Association
Milton Keynes Newport Pagnell Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Milton Keynes North Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Milton Keynes Open Door Hostel Project
Milton Keynes Parks Trust Limited
Milton Keynes Play Association
Milton Keynes Pregnancy Crisis Centre
Milton Keynes Racial Equality Council
Milton Keynes Reader Service
Milton Keynes Reiki Cancer Support Group
Milton Keynes Shenley Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Milton Keynes South Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Milton Keynes Special Needs Advancement Project
Milton Keynes Tabernacle
Milton Keynes Talk Back Association
Milton Keynes Theatre And Gallery Company
Milton Keynes U3a university Of The Third Age
Milton Keynes Unit 596 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Milton Keynes Wolverton Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Milton Keynes Women And Work
Milton Keynes Womens Aid
Milton Keynes Ymca Limited
Milton Keynes Young Mens Christian Association
Milton Keynes Youth Choir
Milton Keynes Youth Counselling And Information Service Foundation Limited
Milton Lilbourne Village Hall And Recreation Ground Charity
Milton Malsor Playgroup
Milton Malsor Village Hall
Milton Mount Foundation
Milton Mount Playgroup
Milton Mountaineers
Milton Parish Amenity Trust
Milton Park Preschool
Milton Parochial Church Of England Primary School Foundation
Milton Primary School Parents Staff And Friends Association
Milton Road Primary School s Parent Teacher Association
Milton Rooms Management Committee
Milton School Association
Milton under wychwood Recreation Ground
Milton under wychwood Village Hall
Milton under wychwood Welfare Trust
Milton Village Community Association
Milton Village Hall
Milton Welfare Trust
Milton Women s Institute derbyshire
Milverton Community Pre school
Milverton Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Milverton Recreation Ground
Milverton Relief In Need Charity
Milverton United Charities
Milwich Church Hall trust No 1195
Milwich Pre school Group
Milwich Women s Institute
Mime Action Group
Mimik The Minas Kulukundis And Issam Mattar Trust
Mimosa Central Cooperative Limited Pension Fund
Mimosa Investments Limited
Mina Road Park
Minaret Community Centre
Minchas Elozor munkas Trust Ltd
Minchenden Association Limited
Minchinhampton Baptist Church
Minchinhampton Centre For The Elderly Limited
Minchinhampton Christian Fellowship Trust
Minchinhampton Community Library Trust Ltd
Minchinhampton Cricket Club
Minchinhampton Educational Foundation
Minchinhampton Market House
Minchinhampton Riding For The Disabled Association
Minchinhampton School House Trust
Minchinhampton School Pta
Minchinhampton Surgery Charitable Trust
Minchinhampton United Charity
Minchinhampton Youth Club
Mind Aberystwyth
Mind Active
Mind Alive dorset Limited
Mind All Support Group
Mind And Body Foundation
Mind Association
Mind In Barnet
Mind In Barnsley
Mind In Bexley Limited
Mind In Bradford
Mind In Brighton Hove
Mind In Camden
Mind In Chester
Mind In Croydon Ltd
Mind In Ealing And Hounslow Limited
Mind In Enfield
Mind In Exeter And East Devon Limited
Mind In Haringey
Mind In Harrogate District
Mind In Harrow
Mind In Kingston
Mind In Mid Herts
Mind In Salford
Mind In Taunton West Somerset
Mind In The Vale Of Glamorgan
Mind In Tower Hamlets And Newham
Mind In Waltham Forest
Mind In West Cumbria Limited
Mind Monmouthshire Ltd
Mind Monmouthshire
Mind Of Christ Bible Pentecostal Church
Mind Over Matter Community Care Charity
Mind Restormel Association For Mental Health
Mind The Gap Africa
Mind The Gap
Mind the National Association For Mental Health
Mind With Heart
Mind Yourself
Mindout Lgb t Mental Health Project
Minds For Health
Mine Employees Pension Fund
Mine Safety Appliances Pension Fund
Minehead And District Gardeners Association
Minehead And District Lions Club Charity Account
Minehead And Exmoor Festival Society
Minehead Baptist Church
Minehead Church Institute And Hall
Minehead Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Minehead Development Trust
Minehead Evening Townswomen s Guild
Minehead First School Playgroup
Minehead Over 60 s Club
Minehead Sailing And Watersports Club
Miner s Recreation Or Pleasure Ground
Mineral Loy Provident Fund
Mineralogical Society Of Great Britain And Ireland
Minerals Provident Fund
Miners Institute And Recreation Ground
Miners Institute Fund
Miners Recreation Ground ardsley
Miners Recreation Ground Barugh Green
Miners Recreation Ground
Miners Recreation Or Pleasure Ground At Goldthorpe
Miners Recreation Or Pleasure Ground At Westfield
Miners Recreation Or Pleasure Ground
Miners Welfare National Educational Fund
Miners Welfare Recreation Ground mapplewell
Miners Welfare Recreation Ground Todwick
Miners Welfare Recreation Ground
Miners Welfare Recreation Or Pleasure Ground Hall And Institute
Miners Welfare Recreation Or Pleasure Ground
Minerva Arts
Minerva Empanada
Minerva Group clubs For Women In Merseyside Cheshire
Minerva northumberland Limited
Mines 1970 Unclaimed Benefits Preservation Pension Fund
Mines 1970 Unclaimed Benefits Preservation Provident Fund
Minety Pre school
Minety Primary School Development Fund
Minety Primary School Pta
Minety Village Hall
Mineworkers Beneficiary Fund
Mineworkers Pension Scheme
Mineworkers Provident Fund
Ming ai Association
Ming Tak Chinese School
Minge s Gift
Minhaj Centre Of Education And Culture Teaching Centre
Minhaj ul quran International
Minhaj ul quran Welfare Foundation
Minhas Charitable Trust
Mini Bugs Pre school
Mini Cowpers Pre school Group
Mini Marvels Pre School Limited
Mini Meadows Pre school
Mini Monsters Baby Toddler Group
Mini Scrapbox
Minibus For The Elderly And Handicapped Of Kinver Parish
Minik Kardes Ltd
Mining Contractors Provident Fund
Mining Pension Funds
Minister Moses Charitable Trust
Ministerio Comunidate Crista
Ministerio Nova Vida
Ministerium für Wirtschaft Bau und Tourismus Mecklenburg Vorpommern
Ministerley Good Neighbours
Ministers Benevolent Society
Ministers Pension Fund
Ministers Stipend Augmentation Fund
Ministries By Design
Ministries Without Borders International
Ministry Charities
Ministry Of Care
Ministry Of Empowerment
Ministry Of Enlightenment
Ministry Of Praise
Ministry Of Reconciliation Community Centre Le Chandelier
Ministry Of Restoration Charitable Trust
Ministry Of The Light Of Christ
Ministry Of Victory Christian Army
Ministry To Asians In Preston
Minnesota State Board of Investment
Minnie Burman Trust Fund
Minnie Morgan s Scholarship
Minns Charity For Solicitors Clerks
Minor Lodge Benevolent Fund
Minorities Agricultural And Rural Equestrian Skills
Minorities Of Europe
Minorities Womens And Childrens Support Network
Minority Enterprise Development Trust
Minority Ethnic Integration Forum
Minority Ethnic Network Eastern Region
Minority Ethnic Womens Network Swansea
Minority Rights Group
Minskip Community Field Trust
Minstead Hall Trust
Minstead Training Project Limited
Minster Community Centre
Minster Day Nursery
Minster in sheppey Friendship House Trust
Minster In Sheppey Women s Institute
Minster In Thanet Women s Institute
Minster Lions Club Charitable Trust Fund
Minster Lovell Playgroup
Minster Lovell Playing Field
Minster Playgroup
Minster School Fund
Minster School Pfa
Minster Village Hall And Molineux Institute
Minsteracres Retreat Centre
Minsterley Nursery
Minsterley School Parent Teacher Association
Minsterley Show Society
Minsterworth Women s Institute
Minsthorpe Charitable Trust
Mint Methodist Church
Mint Street Adventure Playground Association
Mintek Employees Retirement Fund
Mintek Retirement Fund
Minterne s Trust
Minting Village Hall
Minton Charitable Trust
Minus Five Pre school
Minvest Pension Fund
Miracle Age
Miracle Centre Assemblies Of God uk
Miracle Chemicals Provident Fund
Miracle Christian Centre International Limited
Miracle Church Of God In Christ
Miracle Life Gospel Church
Miracle Moments uk
Miracle Outreach International Ministries
Miracle Street Uk
Miracle Temple Assemblies Of God
Miracle Theatre Trust Limited
Miracles In Motion
Miracles To Believe In a Charity For Children With Autism
Miracles Youth Centre
Miramar Trust
Miran Buksh Memorial Hospital
Miran Saiyed Ali Educational And Welfare Trust And Ghaus ul azam Spiritual Treatment Centre
Miranda Bennion Charitable Trust
Mirehouse Amateur Football Club
Mirehouse Community Centre Association
Mirehouse Residents Group
Mirembe Ministries
Mires Beck Nursery
Mirfield Choral Society
Mirfield Community Trust
Mirfield Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Mirfield Educational Charity
Mirfield Free Grammar School Leaving Scholarship Fund
Mirfield over 25 s Phab Club
Mirfield Trust
Miri Roshni Academy United In Excellence
Miriam Hyman Memorial Trust
Mirpur Jammu Kashmir National Help Centre
Mirpur Welfare Trust
Mirror De Afro
Mirror Group Pension Scheme
Mirza Foundation
Mirza Sharif Ahmad Foundation
MIS Group Pension Fund
Misbahi Welfare Mission
Misbourne Lodge No 3375 Masonic Benevolent Association
Misbourne Orchestra
Miscellaneous Division Div 6 former Local 1518 and Main Text
Miscellany Foundation
Misgov Ladoch
Mishkan Me at
Mishkan Yerushulayim
Misr El Kheir Foundation Uk
Miss A M Harding s Charity
Miss A M Muggleton
Miss A P H Beck s Charity
Miss Ada Oliver
Miss Agnes Ellen Halsall For Mothers Meeting Fund
Miss Alice Bradwell For Poor
Miss Alice Maud Johnston Settlment
Miss Anne Eleanor Gomm
Miss Anne Harriet Pemberton Charity
Miss Barbara Joyce Jarrald Charitable Trust
Miss Barbara Mary Wilmot Discretionary Trust
Miss Bessy Towndrow s Charity
Miss Betty Evelyn Veal Will Trust
Miss Bridget Catherine Johnson Charitable Settlement
Miss Bush Memorial Group Riding For The Disabled Association
Miss Catherine E Hyndmans Bounty Including The Dorothy Proctor Gift
Miss Clara Helena Foster
Miss Cullen s Almshouses
Miss Daniell s Soldiers Homes
Miss Doris C Hughes Charitable Trust
Miss E A Pemberton barnes Will Trust
Miss E B Wrightson s Charitable Settlement
Miss E E Ommanney Will Trust
Miss E F Rathbone Charitable Trust
Miss E H Holmes Prize Fund
Miss E K Sheppard Decd Will Trust axminster
Miss E L Browne Trust
Miss E M Hitchcock
Miss E M S Marshall Prize Fund
Miss Edith Margaret Wiseman Settlement
Miss Edith Mary Sage Charitable Trust
Miss Elizabeth Simpkins Trust
Miss Elsie Lowe s Bequest
Miss Emily Clark s Charity
Miss Emma Couty Trust
Miss Esperance Louise Marie Coleman s Will Trust
Miss Ethel Cottell Webber s Charitable Settlement
Miss Ethel Mary Fletcher s Charitable Bequest
Miss Evelyn Daphne Hargreaves Charitable Trust
Miss F E Belfield
Miss F M Rump Trust For The Maintenance Of The Buttlands
Miss Fanny Holloway s Trust
Miss Fanny Rigby s Charity
Miss Florence Mabel Broadbent Geography Prize Icw Consett Grammar School
Miss Foster s Cottage Trust
Miss Frances Moon
Miss G M Marriage s Charity
Miss G M Oxenham s Will Trust
Miss Gales Educational Foundation
Miss Gertrude Mary Kenion s Settlement
Miss Hannah Eliza Arkle s Bequest For Hereford Diocesan Sunday School Association
Miss Hannah Jackson
Miss Hannah Nelson
Miss Hannah Pickard Charity For Poor Of The Methodist Church wesley Street ossett
Miss Hawkins Woodfield Foundation
Miss Helena Vivien Cameron Souter Bequest
Miss Henrietta Eliza Bracken Trust
Miss Hester Maria Payne
Miss Houblon s Educational Foundation
Miss Isabella Schroder
Miss James Charity
Miss Jane Letts hollowell Charity
Miss Janet W Strang Memorial Trust
Miss Jean Alison Carr Deceased Settlement
Miss Jeanne Bisgood s Charitable Trust
Miss Joan Frances Brackin Deceased Charitable Trust
Miss King s Educational Foundation
Miss L E Story Charity
Miss Lancaster s 1994 Charitable Trust
Miss Laura Jane Crabb For Church Yard
Miss Laura Soames Charity For Education Of Girls
Miss M B Leigh s Will Trust
Miss M F Wright s Will Trust
Miss M H Fremlin Settlement C
Miss M L Watts Charitable Settlement Otherwise Known As The Settlement Dated 31st March 1966
Miss M M Winter s First Trust
Miss M P Laurie Trust Fund
Miss Maria Susan Rickard Animals Charity
Miss Maria Susan Rickard Cats Charity
Miss Marigold H Bridgeman s 1983 Charitable Settlement
Miss Marjorie E rouse Charitable Foundation
Miss Mary Elizabeth Cole
Miss Mary Hambridge s Charity for Coal
Miss Mary Harriett Lock For Repair Of Church
Miss Mary Hezmalhalch Charities
Miss Mary Millyard Charitable Trust
Miss Mary Morice
Miss Mary Scurr
Miss Mary Watney For Reading Room
Miss Muriel Liddiatt Charitable Trust
Miss Nora Jane Allen Bequest
Miss Nora Kerr And Reverend Father Terence Kerr Memorial Trust Fund
Miss P M Major Charitable Settlement
Miss Pamela Russell s Charitable Foundation
Miss Patricia Ann Herberts Charitable Trust
Miss Prinsep s Bowden smith Memorial Fund
Miss Rachel Herbert s Church Parsonage And Almshouse Charities
Miss Rene Ethel Checkland Charitable Trust
Miss Rigden s Charity
Miss Rowlandson s Almshouses
Miss Rutland s Almshouses
Miss S M G Ross Trust
Miss S M Tutton Charitable Trust
Miss Sarah Brinton s Charity For The Poor
Miss Sarah Hampson For Repair Of Parish Church Of Radcliffe
Miss Stringer s Trust
Miss Summers And Miss May s Charitable Settlement
Miss V L Clore s 1967 Charitable Trust
Miss V R Jarvis Charitable Settlement
Miss Vaughan s Spitalfields Charity
Miss W B C Jewsbury Prize
Miss W E Lawrence 1973 Charitable Settlement
Miss Wilson s Gift
Missao Crista Vida
Misses Barrie Charitable Trust
Misses Moore s Almshouses
Misses Sarah Mary And Elizabeth Lea
Missing Links Ministries
Missing People Limited
Missio Dei
Mission Africa
Mission Asia Ministries
Mission Aviation Fellowship International
Mission Aviation Fellowship Uk Limited
Mission Care
Mission Charitable Trust
Mission D evangelisation Pour Le Salut Integal m e s i
Mission Dine Club
Mission Direct Limited
Mission Divine Flame
Mission Encouragement Trust
Mission Ensemble Pour Christ
Mission Evangelique Mont Sinai Church
Mission For Christ
Mission For Loaves And Fishes
Mission For Vision
Mission Hall And Recreation Room
Mission Hall Cregrina
Mission Hall Womens Fellowship
Mission Hall
Mission Helping Hands
Mission His Way
Mission House And Invalid Kitchens
Mission In Hounslow Trust
Mission In London s Economy
Mission In The Economy
Mission India
Mission Life And Hope Restored
Mission Marts
Mission Medic air Trust Fund For Mission Medic air Limited
Mission Ministries In Faith England Bosnia
Mission Moldova
Mission Motorsport
Mission Of Faith Christ Gospel Ministries
Mission Of Faith
Mission Of Help
Mission Of Joy To Africa mojta
Mission Possible Uk
Mission Resources Foundation
Mission Romania
Mission Room Held In Connexion With St John s Church Altrincham Cheshire Known As St Elizabeth s Mission Room Charity
Mission Room School House And Church Club
Mission Support Fund
Mission To Eastern Europe
Mission To Europe
Mission to Seafarers
Mission Udupiddi
Mission Without Borders
Mission Zambia
Missionaries Children s Fund
Missionaries Of Charity Of Mother Teresa Of Calcutta Trust
Missionaries Of Saint Francis De Sales
Missionary Friends Trust
Missionary Outreach
Missionary Servants Of The Poor Tw
Missionary Sisters Of Our Lady Of Africa also Known As The White Sisters
Missionary Sisters Of Our Lady Of Apostles Charitable Trust
Missionary Sisters Of St Columban Charitable Trust
Missionary Sisters Of The Sacred Heart
Missionary Ventures Europe Trust
Missionfish Uk
Mississippi Public Employees Retirement System
Misson Community Association
Misson Pre school
Missouri Baptist Foundation
Missouri Department of Transportation and Highway Patrol Employees Retirement System
Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System
Missouri Public School Retirement System
Missouri Southern Foundation
Missouri State Employees Retirement System
Mister Sweet Provident Fund
Misterton Adult Swimming Club
Misterton Charities
Misterton Community Trust
Misterton Pre school Group
Misterton Primary School Fund
Misterton Recreation Ground
Misterton Village Hall
Misterton With Walcote Community Trust
Misthy Cee Development Centre uk
Mistley Kids Club Ltd
Mistley Maltings Trust
Mistley Village Hall
Mistra Environmental Foundation
Mistreated Animals Sanctuary
Mistress Hester Hodges Exhibition Foundation
Misys Charitable Foundation
Misys International Financial Systems Pty Ltd Provident Fund
Mit Development Trust
Mitalee Youth Association
Mitali Welfare Association
Mitcham Common Education Trust
Mitcham Cricket Green Community Heritage
Mitcham Garden Village
Mitcham Lane Baptist Church
Mitcham Morden Wimbledon Branch Of The Royal Naval Association
Mitchel Troy Playgroup
Mitcheldean Early Learners
Mitchell And Darfield Miners Welfare Scheme
Mitchell City Of London Charity
Mitchell City Of London Educational Foundation
Mitchell Cotts Pension Fund
Mitchell Earle Charitable Trust
Mitchell Memorial Youth Arts Centre Ltd
Mitchell Memorial Youth Centre
Mitchell Ministries
Mitchell Trust
Mitchell Walk Playgroup
Mitchemp Trust
Mitchley Hill Evangelical Church
Mitech Provident Fund
Mitek South Africa Pension Fund
Mitford Church Foundation Trust incorporating The Bequest Of Walter Edwin Bartlett
Mitford Relief In Need Charity
Mitford Village Hall
Mitford Women s Institute
Mitrinovic Foundation
Mitrofanoff Support
Mitsubishi Canada Limited Pension Plan
Mitsubishi Corporation Fund For Europe And Africa
Mitsubishi Electric
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd
Mitsubishi Provident Fund
Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co Ltd
Mitton Manor Pre school After School Club
Mityana Charity
Mityana Community Development Foundation uk
Mityana Community Foundation
Mityana Projects Trust
Mitzvah Association Limited
Mitzvah Day Uk Charitable Trust
Mivtachim Senior Pension Fund
Mixbury Charity
Mixenden Parents Resource Centre
Mizpah Trust
Mizrachi uk Israel Support Trust
Mizzymead Recreation Centre
Mjb Charitable Trust
Mji Wa Neema Orphanage
Mjp Cancer Care Trust Fund
Mk Arts For Health
Mk Brass
Mk Money Lifeline
Mk Springers
Mk6 Opportunities
Mk9 Art Gallery
Mkc Trust
Mkcil Ltd
Mkco Limited milton Keynes City Orchestra
Mkgu Rotary Charitable Trust
MLC Quantity Surveyors Provident Fund
Mld Support Association Uk
Mld Uk
MLJ Transport Edms Bpk Provident Fund
MM Pension Preservation Fund
MM Provident Preservation Fund
MM Retirement Annuity Fund
MMC United Kingdom
Mmm Movement Therapy
MMS Communications South Africa Provident Fund
Mnarani Aid
Mndeni Provident Fund
Mno Club
Mo Farah Foundation
Moat Community College Field Centre Association
Moat Hall Primary School Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Moat House Community Trust
Moat Village Centre
Moathouse Lane Project Limited
Mobarak Ali Charitable Trust
Mobarakpur Welfare Trust
Mobberley And District Shire Horse Society
Mobberley Pre school Playgroup
Mobberley Women s Institute
Mobbs Memorial Trust Limited
Mobex Network Limited
Mobex North East
Mobex Teesside
Mobile Art School In Kenya
Mobile Health Clinic Program
Mobile International Surgical Teams Foundation
Mobilewise Limited
Mobility And Sickness Information Service masis
Mobility Choice
Mobility Help For Disabled People In Africa And The Uk
Mobility Link Limited
Mobility Match
Mobility Trust Ii
Mobisist Direct Ltd
Mobius Outreach
Moby Duck Limited
Moccas Village Hall
Mocha Museums Limited
Mochdre Village Centre Community Association
Mockerkin Educational Foundation
Modbury Caring
Modbury Educational Foundation
Modbury Memorial Hall
Modbury Pre school
Modbury School Parent Teacher Association
Model School Ptfa
Modern Art Press
Modern Church
Modern Guide Trust
Modern Living Housing Association
Modern Masterpieces
Modern Poetry In Translation Limited
Modiano Charitable Trust
MOE Owner Driver Umbrella Provident Fund
Moe Vermaas Lombaard and Associates Provident Fund
Moebius Syndrome Support Group
Moelfre Community Sports Association
Moelwyn Male Voice Choir cor Meibion Y Moelwyn
Moffatt and Hulbert Provident Fund
Moggerhanger House Preservation Trust
Moggies In Need
Mohamed Ali Foundation
Mohammad Gulistan Khan Foundation
Mohammad salehi Medical Fund Limited
Mohammadi Charitable Trust
Mohammadi Trust Birmingham
Mohammedan Sporting Club london
Mohammedi Help
Mohanji Act Foundation
Mohawks Ice Racing Club
Mohibbaney Madina Trust
Mohiuddin Trust
Mohs Workplace Health Limited
Moira House School Limited
Moira Miners Welfare Trust
Moira Replan
Moira Village Hall
Moishe And Esther Itzinger Foundation Limited
Moishe Bamberger Foundation
Moishe House
MoJ Procurement
Moja Pamoja
Mold And District Choral Society cymdeithas Gorawl Yr Wyddgrug Ar Cylch
Mold Community Car Trust
Mold Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Mold Recreation Grounds
Mold Town Concert Band Yr Wyddgrug
Moldgreen After School Club
Moldova Aid Project
Moldova Not Forgotten
Mole Charitable Trust
Mole Charity
Mole Hill Green Village Hall
Mole Valley Women s Institute
Molecular Graphics And Modelling Society
Molen 2000
Molenaars Pensioenfonds
Molesey Care
Molesey Community Church Trust
Molesey Islamic Cultural Centre
Molesey Juniors Trust
Molesey Second World War Memorial Association
Molesworth Eventide Homes
Molesworth Millennium Green Trust
Molesworth Village Hall
Moline Firefighters Pension Fund
Moline Police Pension Fund
Molins UK Pension Fund
Mollie Clay Trust
Mollington backford And District Village Hall
Mollington Educational Foundation
Mollington Pre school
Mollington Relief In Need Charity
Mollington Village Hall
Molly Corman Charitable Trust
Molly Olly s Wishes
Molly s Network
Molope Grantham Foods Pty Ltd Provident Fund
Molope IFS Pty Ltd Provident Fund
Molson Breweries Pension Plan for Hourly Employees In Western Canada
Molteno Brothers 1974 Pension Scheme
Molteno Brothers Provident Fund
Molvi Ebrahim Mulla Foundation
Molyneux s or Mollineux s Dole
Mombasa Khalifa Welfare Trust kenya
Moment Of Truth Ministries
Momentum Arts
Momentum Lewens Pensioenfonds
Momentum norfolk
Momentum Pension Preservation Fund
Momentum Provident Preservation Fund
Momentum Retirement Annuity Fund
Momentum Staff Pension Fund
Momentum Supreme Provident Fund
Momentum Unclaimed Benefits Pension Fund
Momentum Unclaimed Benefits Provident Fund
Momo Help Charitable Trust
Mona uk
Monakka Monowar Welfare Foundation
Monastery Of Christ Our Saviour
Monastery Of Our Lady And St Cuthbert
Monastery Pension Scheme
Mondale Tower Trust Ltd
Monday Charitable Trust
Monday Wednesday Club
Mondeor Spar Provident Fund
Mondi Group Fund
Mondi Pension Fund
Mondi Provident Fund
Mondochallenge Foundation
Money Advice And Community Support Service
Money Advice Centre Mac
Money Advice Plus Services
Money Advice Trust
Money Education
Money For Madagascar
Money Lifeline
Money Purchase Pension Plan for Employees of Bulldog Bag Ltd
Mongewell Charity For The Poor
Monica Cantwell Trust
Monica Eyre Memorial Foundation
Monica Kirk Foundation
Monier Roofing SA Retirement Fund
Monk Bretton Recreation Ground
Monk Fryston And Hillam Community Association
Monk Fryston Educational Foundation
Monk Fryston Pre school
Monk Fryston Pta
Monk s Walk School Charity
Monk s Walk School Parent Teacher And Friends Association
Monk Sherborne Village Hall
Monkchester Community Association
Monkchester Nursery Family Centre
Monken Hadley Church Of England School
Monkhouse Primary School Parent Teachers Friends Association
Monkland Village Hall
Monkleigh Village Hall
Monkmoor Day Centre
Monkridge Gardens Residents Association
Monks Brook U3a
Monks Dyke Technology College Association
Monks Eleigh Millennium Green Trust
Monks Eleigh Parent Teacher And Friends Association
Monks Eleigh School Community Hall mesch Ltd
Monks Kirby Village Hall
Monks Orchard Parent Teacher Association
Monks Risborough Church Of England Primary School Fund
Monkscroft Pastoral Care Project
Monkspath Junior And Infant School Parent Teacher Association
Monkston Community Centre And Sports Pavilion Limited
Monkston Primary School
Monkton Bluefriars Charitable Trust
Monkton Combe School
Monkton Farleigh Church Of England School Trust
Monkton Farleigh Village Hall
Monkton Farleigh Womens Institute
Monkton House Kings College cardiff Educational Trust Limited
Monkton Rectorial Benefice Parochial Church Council
Monkton Sports And Community Association
Monkton Under Fives Playgroup
Monkton Village Hall
Monkton Women s Institute
Monkton Wyld School Limited
Monkwearmouth Christian Fellowship Trust
Monkwearmouth Community Forum
Monmouth Aid Project
Monmouth Charity
Monmouth Choral Society
Monmouth Citizens Advice Bureau
Monmouth Community Under Fives
Monmouth Comprehensive Educational Trust
Monmouth Comprehensive Friends Association
Monmouth Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Monmouth Diocesan Board Of Finance
Monmouth Diocesan Trust
Monmouth Diocese Mothers Union
Monmouth Dog Rescue
Monmouth Support Fund
Monmouth U3a
Monmouth Youth Project
Monmouthshire Antiquarian Association
Monmouthshire Brecon And Abergavenny Canals Trust Limited
Monmouthshire Building Society Charitable Foundation
Monmouthshire District Scout Council
Monmouthshire Environment Trust
Monmouthshire Meadows Group
Monmouthshire Show Society Limited
Monnow Valley Arts Centre
Mono Weld Holdings Pty Ltd Pension and Life Assurance Scheme
Monroe County Employees Retirement System
Monsanto Provident Fund
Montacute Pre school
Montacute Village Hall
Montage Theatre Arts
Montagu And North Fenham Boys Club
Montagu Henry Foster And Mary Henville Foster
Montagu Hospital Comforts Fund
Montagu Hospital Pension Charity
Montagu Masonic Charities Association
Montagu Neville Durnford And Saint Leo Cawthan Memorial Trust
Montagu North Fenham Football Club
Montagu Recreation Ground And Community Trust
Montague Almshouse Charity
Montague Levy Children s International Travel Charitable Trust
Montalbo Village Hall And Recreational Charity
Montana Board of Investments
Montana Public Employees’ Retirement Board
Montana University System
Monte De Sion
Monte San Martino Trust
Montefiore Lodge No 1017 Benevolent Fund
Montessori Academy International
Montessori Education And Services International
Montessori Education For Autism
Montessori Education uk Limited
Monteverdi Singers
Montford Parish Millennium Green Trust
Montford Village Hall
Montfort Hall Community Association
Montgomery Area Riding For The Disabled Association
Montgomery Area Scout Council
Montgomery Arts And Christian Centre Sheffield Limited
Montgomery Civic Society
Montgomery Community Buildings Preservation Trust
Montgomery Community Care Project
Montgomery County Employee Retirement Plans
Montgomery County Public Schools Employees Retirement and Pension System
Montgomery Holloway Music Trust
Montgomery House Charitable Trust
Montgomery Institute
Montgomery Lectureship Trust
Montgomery Outreach Trust
Montgomery Recreation Association
Montgomeryshire Cat Rescue
Montgomeryshire Community Regeneration Association Cymdeithas Adfywio Cymunedol Maldwyn
Montgomeryshire County Music Festival
Montgomeryshire District Trust Fund
Montgomeryshire Emergency Doctors
Montgomeryshire Family Crisis Centre
Montgomeryshire Federation Of Young Farmers Clubs
Montgomeryshire Field Society
Montgomeryshire Intermediate And Technical Education Fund
Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust Limited
Montgomeryshire Youth Theatre
Monthly Alzheimer s Support Evening Limited
Montic Dairy Provident Fund
Montiland Pensioenfonds
Monton Church
Monton Green Primary School Pta
Monton Memorial School Trustees
Montpelier Foundation Limited
Montpelier Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Montreal Transit Corporation
Montrose Preschool
Montserrat Overseas People s Progressive Alliance
Monty And Lalla Hurst Charitable Trust
Monty Hind Club
Monty s Club
Monument Tape Recording Services For The Blind
Monumental Brass Society
Monuments At Risk Restoration Fund Limited
Monxton Village Hall
Monyash Playing Field Association
Monyash Ptfa
Monyash Village Hall
Monyhull Church
Monze Education Fund
Moo haven
Mood Swings Network
Moody Bible Institute Of The United Kingdom
Mooji Sangha
Moon Hall Schools Educational Trust
Moonbeams Playgroup Chippenham
Moonbeams Playgroup
Moondance Foundation
Moonpenny Way Play Area
Moonraker Lodge No 8747 Benevolent Fund
Moonstone Therapy Centre Appeal Limited
Moor Allerton Elderly Care
Moor Allerton Sports And Social Centre
Moor Community Centre huntingdon
Moor End Trust
Moor End United Reformed Church Property Trust
Moor Fields Charity
Moor First School Parents Association
Moor First School School Fund
Moor Hall School Parents Association
Moor House School
Moor Meadow Charity
Moor Nook Community Association
Moor Park Charitable Trust Limited
Moor Park Decorative And Fine Arts Society
Moor Pool Heritage Trust
Moor Row Community Primary School Ptfa
Moor Trees
Moor Village Hall
Moorbridge Social Centre
Moorclose Community Centre
Moorcroft Racehorse Welfare Centre
Moordale Court Company Limited
Moordown Community Association
Moordown St John s Ce va Primary School Governors Fund
Moordown St Johns Ce Va Primary School Fund
Moore And Daresbury Women s Institute
Moore Friends
Moore Pre school Nursery
Moore s Charity For Aged Carpenters
Moore s Trust
Moore Stephens MWM Incorporated Provident Fund
Moore Village Pre school
Moorend Development Trust Limited
Moorends And Thorne Pentecostal Church
Moorends Drug Awarness And Support Group
Moorends Miners Welfare And Community Development Centre
Moorends Welfare Ground
Moorfield Friends P T A
Moorfield Home And School Association
Moorfield House
Moorfield School Ltd
Moorfields 4949 Masonic Charities Association
Moorfields Eye Charity
Moorfields Lions Korle Bu Trust
Moorgate Retirement Annuity Fund
Moorhayes Community Association
Moorhead Primary School P T A
Moorhill Pre school And Fun Club
Moorhouse Charitable Trust
Moorhouse Playgroup
Moorhouse Pre school
Moorland Activities Group
Moorland And Fordgate Village Hall
Moorland Arts Trust Limited
Moorland Hall And Recreation Ground
Moorland View Elderly Peoples Club Apperknowle
Moorland Womens Club
Moorlands Charitable Trust
Moorlands Church
Moorlands College
Moorlands Community Association
Moorlands Community Minibus Association
Moorlands Day Service Parent Staff Association
Moorlands Evangelical Church Trust
Moorlands Home Link
Moorlands Junior School Pta
Moorlands School Ltd
Moorogaabey Development Organisation
Moorpool Toddler Group
Moorreesburgse Koringboere Aftreefonds Voorsorgfonds
Moors Youth Sports Association
Moorsholm Memorial Hall
Moorside Community Association
Moorside Harvest Community Church
Moorside Independent Methodist Church Trust Property Held In Connexion Therewith
Moorside Infant School Fund
Moorside Preschool
Moorside Primary School Pta
Moorside Rangers Youth And Community Association
Moorside School Pta
Moorside Wetland Trust
Moortown Baptist Church
Moosa Group of Companies Executives Retirement Fund
Mopla Cottages
Mor Baselios Yeldho Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church Bristol
Mora Kommun
Moracha Ltd
Moradey Arts Trust
Morasha Jewish Primary School Pta
Morcar Lodge 8458 Benevolent Fund
Morchard Bishop Charitable Trust
Morchard Bishop Churchyard Committee
Morchard Bishop Pre school
Morchard Bishop School Pta
Morcott Village Hall
Morda And Sweeney Village Hall
Morda Village Pre school
Morden Baptist Church
Morden College
Morden Islamic Centre
Morden Little League Football
Mordiford Dragons Playgroup
Mordiford Parent Teacher And Friends Association
Mordon Village Hall
More 2 Life 4 All
More Green Project
More House Trust Ltd
More Music In Morecambe
More s Educational Foundation
Morebath Parish Hall
Morecambe And Heysham Unit 244 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Morecambe And Lancaster Mencap Society
Morecambe Bay Estuaries Advanced Motorcyclists
Morecambe Bay Hospitals Charity
Morecambe Bay Me Group
Morecambe Bay Partnership
Morecambe Bay Renal Patients Association
Morecambe Brass Band Association
Morecambe Community Association
Morecambe Drumline
Morecambe F c Community Sports
Morecambe Heysham Citizens Advice Bureau
Morecambe High School Parent Teacher Association
Morecambe Homeless Action
Morecambe Mens Committee Benevolent Fund
Morecambe Musical Festival
Morecambe Road Fund
Morecambe Torrisholme Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Morecambe West End Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Morecambe Winter Gardens Preservation Trust Limited
Morecare Association
Morecare Chagford Association
Moredon And Rodbourne Cheney Community Association
Morehall County Primary School Parent Teachers Assocation
Morehall Pre school
Moreland Drive Residents Association
Moreland Trust Care
Moresby Women s Institute
Moreshet Hatorah Ltd
Morester Landgoed Pensioenfonds
Moreton a Townswomen s Guild
Moreton Adult Training Centre Parents Association
Moreton And District Womens Institute
Moreton Baptist Pre school Playgroup
Moreton Church Of England School Charity
Moreton Community Association
Moreton Hall Educational Trust Limited
Moreton Hall School Trust Limited
Moreton Hall Women s Institute
Moreton Hall Youth Action Group Ltd
Moreton Hampstead Sports And Community Centre Limited
Moreton in marsh And District Agricultural And Horse Show Society
Moreton in marsh Charity
Moreton In Marsh Pre school Playgroup
Moreton In The Marsh Young Farmers Club
Moreton Masonic Lodge No 5165 Benevolent Fund
Moreton Morrell Community Trust
Moreton Morrell Village Hall
Moreton on lugg Village Hall
Moreton Outwoods And Bromstead Community Centre
Moreton Pinkney Relief In Need Charity
Moreton Romanian Orphans Fund
Moreton Say C e controlled Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Moreton Say Millennium Green Trust
Moreton Say Village Hall
Moreton School Charity Trust
Moreton Training Centre Amenity Group
Moreton Village Hall And Recreation Field
Moreton Village Hall
Moretonhampstead Association For Youth
Moretonhampstead Community Club
Moretonhampstead Development Trust
Moretonhampstead Pre school
Moretonhampstead Swimming Pool Trust
Morfa Bychan Recreation Centre
Morfa Family Centre
Morgan Clark Foundation
Morgan For Child Welfare And Care Of Expectant Mothers
Morgan For The Care Of The Seriously Ill
Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York Pension Fund
Morgan Llewellin Bequest
Morgan Lloyd s Educational Foundation
Morgan Recreation Ground
Morgan s Jmi Parent teacher Association
Morgan Stanley International Foundation
Morgan Stanley
Morgan Statue Foundation
Morgan Thomas
Morganite Retirement Fund
Morganite South Africa Pty Ltd Pension Plan
Morgans Playgroup
Morgans Vale And Woodfalls Village Hall
Morganstown Village Hall
Moriah Aman Christian Centre
Moriah Baptist Church Pre school playgroup
Moriah Baptist Church Risca
Moriah Jewish Day School Parent Teachers Association
Moriah Ministries
Morice Town Primary School Parent Teachers Association
Moriel Missions Uk
Moriting Retirement Fund
Morland And Newby Village Hall
Morland Choristers Camp
Morland Holiday Fund
Morland School Pta
Morley Agricultural Foundation
Morley And District Community Safety Panel
Morley Blind Social Welfare
Morley College Limited
Morley Community Church Trust
Morley Community Partnership
Morley District Scout Council
Morley Elderly Action
Morley Gildersome Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Morley High School Students Aid Fund
Morley Memorial Primary School Association
Morley Music Society
Morley Park Trust
Morley Place Junior School Fund
Morley School Association
Morley Technical Institute Amateur Operatic Society
Morley Tingley Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Morley Trust
Morley Under Fives Preschool
Morley Youth Clubs Development Fund
Morning Lane Mosque Trust
Morning Star Childrens Charity
Morning Star Ministries
Morning Star salisbury
Morning Star Trust
Morningstar Christian Fellowship
Mornington Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Mornington Trust
Moroccan Children s Trust
Moroccan Widadia Community Association westminster
Moroccan Youth Uk
Morogoro International School Scholarship Trust Limited the Company
Morpeth And District Talking Newspaper
Morpeth And District University Of The Third Age
Morpeth Antiquarian Society
Morpeth Christadelphian Ecclesia
Morpeth Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Morpeth Dispensary
Morpeth Educational Trust
Morpeth Group Riding For The Disabled
Morpeth Methodist Church
Morpeth Music Society
Morpeth Round Table Number 444
Morpeth s Charity
Morphe Arts
Morrab Library
Morrell Award Fund in Connexion With Troedyrhiw Junior Mixed School
Morris And Fay Goldblum Charitable Trust
Morris Cerullo World Evangelism
Morris Crane Aid Pension Fund
Morris Feinmann Homes Trust
Morris Gibby Trust
Morris Hughes For Poor
Morris Leigh Foundation
Morris Memorial Hall
Morris Playing Field Trust
Morris s Charity
Morris Saady Charitable Trust
Morris Segal Manufacturing Jewellers Provident Fund
Morrison Bell Trust blackmore Recreation Ground
Morriston davies Settlement In Connection With The British Thoracic Association
Morriston Hospital League Of Friends
Morriston Ladies Choir
Morriston Orpheus Choir
Morriston Phoenix Male Choir
Morriston Radiology Research And Education Fund
Morriston Spark
Mort Educational Foundation
Mortehoe Heritage Trust
Mortehoe Village Hall
Morthyng Limited
Mortimer And Burghfield Age Concern
Mortimer Hall Pre school
Mortimer Offset Provident Fund
Mortimer Playgroup Association
Mortimer st John s Village Hall
Mortimer West End Village Hall
Mortlake Almshouse Charities
Mortlake Relief Charity
Morton bourne Village Hall
Morton C Of E Controlled Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Morton Community Centre
Morton Hall Community Centre Ltd
Morton Park Hall
Morton Stanley Park
Morton Town Lands
Morton Village Hall
Morton Village Society
Morton War Memorial Institute
Morton Women s Institute
Morts Astley Heritage Trust
Morvah Action For The Community And Arts Limited
Morville Church Building Trust
Morville Relief In Need Charity
Morville Village Hall
Morwenstow Community Centre
Morwenstow Educational Trust
Morwenstow United Charities
Morwenstow Women s Institute
Mosac blackpool Wyre And Flyde
Mosaic Association
Mosaic Black And Mixed Parentage Family Group
Mosaic Church Coventry
Mosaic Church Limited
Mosaic Church
Mosaic Clubhouse
Mosaic Ii
Mosaic Initiative
Mosaic Missions
Mosaic Shaping Disability Services
Mosalisi Libota Association Mla
Mosame Projects Trust Limited
Mosart Charitable Trust
Mosborough Miners Welfare Trust
Mosborough Primary Group
Mosborough Townships Youth Project
Mosdos Bobov
Mosdos Eretz Hachaim Of Congregation B er Mayim Chaim ribnitz Limited
Mosdos Lelov Ltd
Mosedale Friends Meeting House
Moseley Church Of England School Parent Teacher Association
Moseley Community Development Trust
Moseley In Bloom
Moseley Park And Pool Trust
Moseley Railway Trust
Moseley Road Community Centre
Moseley Round Table Charitable Trust
Moseley Rugby Community Foundation
Moselle hornsey Scout Group
Moser Benevolent Trust Fund
Moses Princes s Charity
Mosheim Sports Foundation
Moslem Ali Khan Welfare Foundation Uk
Mosque Noor Ul Uloom And Islamic Education Centre
Mosques And Imams National Advisory Board
Moss Bequest
Moss Charitable Trust
Moss Hall Schools Association
Moss Lane School Association
Moss Side And Hulme Women s Action Forum
Moss Side Boxing And Athletics Association
Moss Side Community Forum
Moss Side Millennium Green Trust
Moss Side Millennium Powerhouse Ltd
Moss Side Sports Club Limited
Moss Side Village Hall
Moss Side Village Playgroup
Moss Side Women s Institute
Mosscroft Community Association
Mossel Bay Sikh Gurudwara Trust Uk
Mosses Community Association Ltd
Mossgas Pension Fund
Mosslands School Association
Mossley Hill Church School Fund
Mossley Hill Pre school
Mossley Hollins Parent Teachers Association
Mossley Juniors Football Club
Mossley Pre school
Mossley Primary School Fund
Mossley School Parent Teacher Association
Mossley Toddlers congleton
Mosspits Lane Schools Parents Association
Mosswood Mission Hall trust 1188
Mossy Foot Uk
Mossy Lea Cp School Ptfa
Most Mira
Mosterton Pre school
Mosterton Village Hall
Moston And District Sports And Youth Club
Mostyn Gallery Limited
Mostyn House School
Mosyer Almshouse Charity
Motavarachha Uk Trust Fund
Motcombe Parent Teacher Association
Motcombe Pre school And Toddlers
Motcombe United Charities
Mote Park Scout Group
Motec life uk
Mothapo Investment Holdings Provident Fund
Mothecombe Preservation Trust
Mother Africa In Need
Mother And Child Globalcare
Mother And Child
Mother Goose Pre school
Mother Helpage uk
Mother Humber Memorial Fund
Mother Mary Charles Walker Charitable Foundation Hhcj
Mother Meera Foundation
Mother Nature Unlimited
Mother Of Mercy Universal Charity Limited
Mother Of Peace Community
Mother s Haven
Mother Teresa Albanian Union
Mother Teresa Children s Foundation
Mother Tongue Counselling And Listening Service
Mother Tongue Supplementary Schools Partnership
Mothercare Group Foundation
Motherland Zimbabwe
Motherless Children Foundation Of Africa Ltd
Mothers 4 Mothers
Mothers Against Murder Aggression
Mothers Against Violence
Mothers And Children Multisectoral Development Organization
Mothers And Daughters Support Group Uk
Mothers Apart From Their Children
Mothers For Mothers
Mothers Fraternity Group
Mothers Of Africa
Mothers Pardes
Mothers Union Birmingham Diocese
Mothers Union chester Diocese
Mothers Union diocese Of Derby Branch
Mothers Union diocese Of Exeter Branch
Mothers Union diocese Of Manchester Branch
Mothers Union Portsmouth Diocese
Mothers Union Southwell Nottingham Diocese
Mothers2mothers uk Limited
Mothew Charity Trust
Moti Roti
Motibai Devraj Girls School advana Trust
Motion Promotion Youth Dance Company
Motiv8 South
Motive8 Bradford Ltd
Moto In The Community
Motocross Challenge Project
Motor Body Constructions Pty Ltd Staff Pension Fund
Motor Electrodiesel Pension and Life Assurance Fund
Motor Industry Pension Fund 2005
Motor Industry Provident Fund
Motor Neurone Disease Association
Motor Neurone Research Centre R V I Trust
Motorcycle Outreach Limited
Motorsport Safety Fund
Motorvations Project Limited
Motorvia 1993 Pty Ltd Retirement Fund
Motorvia Groep Aftreefonds
Motorvia Group Pension Fund
Mottingham Community Association
Mottisfont And Dunbridge Women s Institute
Mottram And District Agricultural Society
Mottram Community Association
Mottram Educational Foundation
Mottram Evangelical Church
Mottram in longdendale Broadbottom School
Mottram Parish Charities
Mottram St Andrew Village Hall
Mottram St Andrew Women s Institute
Moulsecoomb Adventure Playground Association
Moulsecoomb Forest Garden And Wildlife Project
Moulsecoomb Hall Association
Moulsecoomb Neighbourhood Trust
Moulsford Prep School Parents Association
Moulsford Preparatory School Trust Limited
Moulsoe Community Association
Moulton Additional Staff Trust
Moulton And District Community Association
Moulton Chapel Cat Shelter
Moulton Chapel Friends Of The School
Moulton Chapel Youth And Community Centre
Moulton Childrens Playing Fields
Moulton Community Association Limited
Moulton Community Association
Moulton Drama Group
Moulton Evangelical Church
Moulton Evening Women s Institute
Moulton Mother And Toddlers Group
Moulton Players
Moulton Pre school
Moulton Preschool
Moulton School Trust
Moulton Seas End Village Hall
Moulton Village Hall Association north Yorkshire
Moulton Village Hall Trust
Moulton Village Hall
Moulton Windmill Project Ltd
Moulton Women s Institute
Moundfield Charities Limited
Mount Ararat Children s Mission
Mount Bures Village Hall
Mount C E Primary School Fund
Mount Calvary Chapel
Mount Calvery Church Of God Apostolic Inc
Mount Carmel Church Of God
Mount Carmel Parents And Friends Association
Mount Carmel School Community Association
Mount Carmel School Limited
Mount Carmel Spiritual Baptist Church
Mount Community Association
Mount Edgcumbe Youth Centre
Mount Elim Evangelical Church
Mount Gerizim Trust
Mount Grace Covenanting Fund
Mount Grace Holdings Provident Fund
Mount Grace School Parent Teacher And Friends Association
Mount Hanna
Mount Hawke Millennium Green Trust
Mount Hawke Under 5 s Playgroup
Mount Hawke Village Community Association
Mount Hawke Women s Institute
Mount Hawke Youth And Community Group
Mount Hermon Church Of God Assembly
Mount Horeb United Church Of Jesus Pentecostal Apostolic
Mount House School Trust Limited
Mount Housing Association Limited
Mount Kailash School Charitable Trust
Mount Lebanon Lodge Benevolent Fund
Mount Mizar Christian Fellowship
Mount Nelson Hotel Pension Scheme
Mount Nursery broseley
Mount Of God Christian Organisation
Mount Of Olives Assembly Of God Coleford
Mount Olive Evangelical Ministry
Mount Olive Ministries
Mount Olivet Trust
Mount Pellon J I School Fund
Mount Peniel Church Of God In Christ Jesus Apostolic
Mount Pleasant Baptist Church
Mount Pleasant Graveyard Trust
Mount Pleasant Group Riding For The Disabled
Mount Pleasant Islamic Trust
Mount Pleasant lowestoft Christian Trust
Mount Pleasant Media Workshop
Mount Pre school And Parent Toddler Group
Mount Scar Cygnets
Mount Shiloh Apostolic Church
Mount St Bernard Abbey Trustees Registered
Mount St Mary s Centenary Fund
Mount St Mary s College Centenary Further Education Fund
Mount St Mary s
Mount Stewart Infant School Parent Staff Association
Mount Stewart Junior School Association
Mount Street Infants And Nursery School Parent Teachers Association
Mount Street Junior School Pta
Mount Stuart Congregational Chapel Fund
Mount Tabor Shaw Cross Community Church
Mount Vernon Hospital Comforts Fund
Mount Vernon Post graduate Medical Centre
Mount View Pre school
Mount Zion 7th Day Church Of God uk International Conference
Mount Zion Assembly Of God
Mount Zion Christian Community Church
Mount Zion Christian Ministries International freedom Arena
Mount Zion Church Of God Fellowship Centre
Mount Zion Church Of God
Mount Zion Foundation
Mount Zion Holiness Assembly Charity
Mount Zion Independent Methodist Church trust Property Held In Connection Therewith
Mount Zion International Church Of God
Mount Zion Ministries Oxford Trust
Mount Zion Northampton Church Trust
Mount Zion Pentecostal Apostolic Church Bible College
Mount Zion Pentecostal Church
Mount Zion Spiritual Baptist Church The West Indian Universal United Spiritual Baptist Executive Council
Mount Zion the Prayer Mountain
Mount Zion United Church Ltd
Mountain Ash And District Choral Society
Mountain Ash Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Mountain Ash Rfc Singers
Mountain Heritage Trust
Mountain Journeys Ltd
Mountain Leader Training Board
Mountain Leader Training Uk
Mountain Movers Chapel International
Mountain Music And Arts Association
Mountain Of Fire And Miracles Ministries International
Mountain Of Mercy
Mountain Of Power And Deliverance Ministries
Mountain Of Restoration
Mountain Of Yahweh s House Ministry
Mountain Rescue Council Of England And Wales
Mountain Top Ministries
Mountain Training Trust
Mountain Valley Farms CC Provident Plan
Mountainchild Hope Ltd
Mountains Animal Sanctuary
Mountbatten Festival Of Music Trust
Mountfield Pleasure Ground
Mountfield Village Hall
Mountfields Lodge Parent Staff Association
Mountfitchet Mathematics And Computing College Pta
Mountlands Trust Limited
Mountnessing Village Hall
Mounts Bay Lugger Association
Mountsorrel Church Of England Fund
Mountsorrel Educational Fund
Mountsorrel Relief In Need Charity
Mountsorrel United Charities
Mountsorrel War Memorial Fields
Mountsorrel War Memorials Trust Limited
Mountview Academy Of Theatre Arts Limited
Mountview Arts Centre Limited
Mourholme Local History Society
Mouse News Letter Limited
Mousehole Community Childcare Association
Mousehole Male Voice Choir
Mousehole Wild Bird Hospital And Sanctuary Association Limited
Mouth Cancer Foundation Limited
Mouth That Roars Studio
Moutons Civils Provident Fund
Move Ahead wakefield Ltd
Move For Life Ltd
Move It
Move On Foundation Limited
Move On Seed Support
Movember Europe
Movement Disorders Research Charity
Movement For The Campaign Against Aids
Movement Medicine Sponsorship Fund
Movement Of Christian Workers
Movement To Prevent Child Prostitution
Moving Forward
Moving On durham Ltd
Moving On With Life Learning Ltd
Moving On
Moving The Goalposts
Moving The World
Moving Theatre Trust Ltd
Moviola Limited
Mow Cop Community Church
Mow Cop Mount Pleasant And Bank Playing Fields And Village Hall
Mowatin Gulf Centre For Democratic Development
Mowbray Community Church
Mowbray Gateway Club
Mowbray School bedale Trust
Mowbray School Fund
Mowbray Women s Institute
Mowden Pre School Group
Mowden School Association
Mowden School Educational Fund
Mowlem Land Trust
Mowsley Village Hall
Moxley Peoples Centre Charity
Moyston Trust
Mozaic Voices
Mozambique And Angola Anglican Association
Mozambique Schools And Welfare Fund
Mozart International Singing Competition
Mozidia Trust Uk
MP Pension Pensionskassen for Magistre Psykologer
MP Pensjon
Mpati Hotel Provident Fund
Mpende Jirani
Mpika Relief Fund
Mpm Centre Of Excellence
Mpm Charitable Trust
Mpraeso uk Union
Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency Provident Fund
Mr And Mrs A E R Goulty s Charity Trust
Mr And Mrs A M Hendry Charitable Trust
Mr And Mrs Alfred Bullard War Memorial Gift
Mr And Mrs B W H Nurse s Charitable Trust
Mr And Mrs Barrie Catchpole Charitable Settlement
Mr And Mrs C R Spratley s Gift
Mr And Mrs D J Barrington s Charitable Trust
Mr And Mrs David Bogush Charity Trust
Mr And Mrs David Edward Memorial Award
Mr And Mrs Duncan Mackinnon Charitable Settlement
Mr And Mrs E T Williams Settlement
Mr And Mrs F E F Newman Charitable Trust
Mr And Mrs Groves Dames Homes
Mr And Mrs H E Flight Charitable Trust
Mr and Mrs J A Pye s Charitable Settlement
Mr And Mrs J P Marland s Charitable Settlement
Mr And Mrs J P Thorneycroft s Charitable Trust
Mr And Mrs M G M Bevan Charitable Trust
Mr And Mrs Pollock Charitable Trust
Mr And Mrs R D Tennant s Charitable Trust
Mr And Mrs Twn Guinness Charitable Trust
Mr And Mrs Y A Wahab Trust Fund
Mr Bradfield s Church Of England School
Mr Brightside Project
Mr Felix Charity Trust
Mr G B Garnham s Settlement For Charities
Mr H M T Gibson s Charity Trust
Mr Harry Skinners Legacy
Mr Herbert Miller s Charitable Will Trust
Mr Herbert Miller s Settlement Trust
Mr Mayne
Mr Motivator Charitable Trust
Mr Price Group Pension Fund
Mr Price Group Retirement Fund
Mr Price Group Retirement Plan
Mr R A E Herbert s Charitable Trust
Mr R G De Groot Zena De Groot And Mr D I De Groot Charitable Trust
Mr Richard Lewes s Charity
Mr Samuel Whitbread s Trusts
Mr W P W Kingdon Will Trust
Mr Willats Charity
Mr William Saunders Charity For The Relief Of Indigent Gentry And Others
Mrc Community Action
MRC Medical Aid Pension Fund
MRC Pension Fund
MRC Pension Trust
Mrc Trust Company
Mrittika Arts Limited
MRR Pension Fund
MRR Retirement Fund Pension Section
MRR Retirement Fund Provident Section
Mrs A G Scouller s Charitable Settlement
Mrs A L Darling s 1988 Charity Trust
Mrs A Lacy Tate Trust
Mrs Adelaide Amelia Appleton s Charity
Mrs Agnes Burns Picken Bequest
Mrs Agnes Parker Houghton
Mrs Alice Gallilee s Bread Charity
Mrs Alice Lilian Nash Will Trust
Mrs Ann Dutton s Charity
Mrs Ann Gadd And Mrs Betty Chappell Charities
Mrs Ann Wheeler
Mrs Anna Letitia Scott
Mrs Anne Owen s Almshouse
Mrs Annie Brownbill Barnes s Charity For Poor Gentlewomen
Mrs Austin s Charity
Mrs B L Robinson s Charitable Trust
Mrs Beckwith smith s Charitable Settlement
Mrs Beridge s Coal Charity
Mrs Bland s School Association
Mrs Bridgman s Trust School
Mrs C H Marten s Settlement
Mrs C J I B Gordon canning s Priests Trust london
Mrs C M Livesley 1992 Charitable Trust
Mrs Caroline Francis
Mrs Catherina Bovey Fund For Apprenticing
Mrs Catherine Edwards
Mrs Cecilie Korner s Charitable Trust
Mrs Chakarian Holt Charitable Trust
Mrs Clough s Fund
Mrs Coles kilmington Charity
Mrs Copeland s Endowment Fund For Girl Guides And Boy Scouts
Mrs Creswells Apprenticing Charity
Mrs D E Chamberlain Trust
Mrs D G Lowe Trust
Mrs D H Gahan s Charitable Foundation
Mrs D M France hayhurst Charitable Trust
Mrs D M L Roth s Charitable Settlement
Mrs Davies For Ladies Reading Room
Mrs De Lannoy s Almshouse Charity
Mrs Dorcas Bridges
Mrs Dorothy M Hiles Bequest Fund in Connection With Kingswode Hoe Special School
Mrs Dunn s Charity
Mrs E A Harrod Charitable Trust
Mrs E A J Cartwright Hignett Charitable Trust
Mrs E C Lanceley s Charity
Mrs E E Lander s Bequest
Mrs E G Hornby s Charitable Settlement
Mrs E K Harding Charitable Foundation
Mrs E L Fleming Charitable Trust
Mrs E L Robinson s Charity
Mrs E Leggett
Mrs E M Williams B E M Prize For Craftwork
Mrs Edith Ellen Harris Will Trust
Mrs Elda Carapiet s 1961 Settlement
Mrs Eleanor Budge Settlement
Mrs Eleanor Cockerill s Charity
Mrs Eliza Case s Gift For The Poor
Mrs Eliza Snow
Mrs Elizabeth Boldron Brown
Mrs Elizabeth Cromleholme
Mrs Elizabeth Dyball Tomlinson s Trust
Mrs Elizabeth Grace Chadwick s Charitable Trust
Mrs Elizabeth Harriet Le Blanc s Gift For Endowment Of Trinity Church
Mrs Elizabeth Hattersley
Mrs Elizabeth Hatton Wood
Mrs Elizabeth Maria Foy
Mrs Elizabeth Rachel Rosalie Dorothea Parker s
Mrs Ellen Anne Green
Mrs Ellen Walcott s Charity
Mrs Elsie May Doidge s Charitable Settlement
Mrs Em Bates Trust
Mrs Emma Peel
Mrs Ethelstons Parent Teacher Association
Mrs Eugenie Stamati Embiricos Settlement
Mrs F B Laurence s Charitable Trust
Mrs F E Hinton Charitable Trust
Mrs Fanny Ingram For The Church
Mrs Frances Emily Palmer tidenham
Mrs Frances Wightman
Mrs G A H Grundy s Charity
Mrs G B Trust
Mrs G Marenghi Memorial Award
Mrs Gells Almshouse Charity
Mrs Georgiana Grace Eckersley s Charity
Mrs Gilliat s Almshouses
Mrs Godfrey payton Trust
Mrs Gore s Charity
Mrs Greenwood s 1984 Charity Trust
Mrs H L Grimwade Charitable Trust
Mrs H Norton Charitable Trust
Mrs H Pugh For Sunday Or Day Schools
Mrs H R Greene Charitable Settlement
Mrs Hannah Eyre
Mrs Harriet Waters s Charity
Mrs Henrietta Frances Le Personne Benevolent Trust For Old Women Folk
Mrs Hester Pettman Charity
Mrs Heywood s Charity
Mrs Howard Memorial Hall
Mrs I H E M Robertson s Charitable Trust
Mrs Iris Noreen Setchell Charitable Trust
Mrs J e Hawes Charitable Trust
Mrs J Y Nelson s Charitable Trust
Mrs Jane Cart s Trust
Mrs Jane De Halpert s Charitable Trust
Mrs Jane Humberston
Mrs Jane Leeson s Charity
Mrs Jane Moore
Mrs Jane Sandham
Mrs Joan Alice Miriam Saunders Charitable Trust
Mrs joan Johnson s Charity
Mrs K Molloy Charitable Trust
Mrs Kate Light Bequest
Mrs Kathleen Louise Jane Bartlett Deceased Charitable Trust
Mrs Kier Charitable Trust
Mrs L C Phillips Charitable Settlement
Mrs L D Rope s Charitable Settlement
Mrs L D Rope s Second Charitable Settlement
Mrs L D Rope s Third Charitable Settlement
Mrs L E N Carvalho dec d
Mrs L J Walker s Charitable Settlement
Mrs L L R Flinn Semi secret Trust
Mrs Le Personne Honour Prizes
Mrs Letitia Cornwallis
Mrs Levett s Charity
Mrs Lewis Teetotal Mission Charity
Mrs Lomas Trust
Mrs Long s Charity For Poor Widows
Mrs Louisa Heartwell
Mrs Louisa Marsh s Gift
Mrs Lums Charity
Mrs M A Balding Memorial Fund
Mrs M E Boddington For The Welfare Of Blind Persons
Mrs M E Wardle s Charity Trust
Mrs M H Allen Trust
Mrs M J Cunnah s Charity
Mrs M J Williams Fund
Mrs M M P Cookson
Mrs M P Cooper s Charitable Settlement
Mrs M Rishworth Will Trust
Mrs Margaret Adams Ladies Charity
Mrs Margaret Anne Hughes Bequest
Mrs Margaret Heber
Mrs Mary Hannah Hargreaves Charity
Mrs Mary King s C e cont School Fund
Mrs Mary King s School
Mrs Mary Montague s Charity
Mrs Mary Olivia Saffery Turner For Ecclesiastical Purposes In Connection With The Church Of England
Mrs Mary Robinson s Exhibitions
Mrs Mary Turner s Almshouse Charity
Mrs Mary Whitworth Almshouses
Mrs Maud Van Norden s Charitable Foundation
Mrs Moore s Bequest
Mrs N E M Warrens Charitable Trust
Mrs Pat Ripley s Charitable Trust
Mrs Percy Ann Newland For Poor
Mrs Percy Ann Newland
Mrs Phillis Creswell s Charity
Mrs Pilkington s Charitable Trust
Mrs R A Hardy s Charitable Trust
Mrs R H Hotblack s Michelham Priory Endowment Fund
Mrs R J Bradley s Charity
Mrs R P Allens Charitable Trust
Mrs R P Tindall s Charitable Trust
Mrs Rachel Goldsmith Charity For The Poor
Mrs Rebecca Aldridge
Mrs Richardson s Almshouse Charity
Mrs Rosa Mildred s Charity
Mrs Rose Trent stoughton Charity For Owlpen Church
Mrs Ruth Powdrill s Charitable Trust
Mrs S A Whitehead Nurses Trust
Mrs S H Adlam Will Trust
Mrs S H Troughton Charity Trust
Mrs S K West s Charitable Trust
Mrs S L Chambers Charitable Trust
Mrs Sarah Andrew s Charity
Mrs Sarah Catherine Chapman
Mrs Sarah Darell s Charity
Mrs Sarah Frogson s Charity
Mrs Sarah Meadows
Mrs Septane Mitchell
Mrs Simpson s Charity
Mrs Simpson
Mrs Smiley s Second Charity Trust
Mrs Susan Peareth s Educational Foundation
Mrs T A Briggs Deceased Will Trust
Mrs T H Brown Welfare Centre
Mrs Utterson s Almshouses
Mrs V M Tritton s Charity Trust
Mrs Vera Leigh s Charity
Mrs Vernon Harcourt s Educational Charity
Mrs W A M Doll Memorial Fund
Mrs W C C Anderson s Bequest For A Recreation Ground
Mrs W James Legacy
Mrs Walker
Mrs Waterhouse Charitable Trust
Mrs Whetherly s Charitable Trust
Mrs William Fowler
Mrs Williams Pre school
Mrs Wingfield s Charitable Trust
Mrs Worthington s Charity
Mrsa Action Uk
Ms Action Limited
Ms Development Corporation Limited
Ms Foundation Limited
Ms Therapy Centre Norfolk Ltd
MSD Provident Fund
MSD Retirement Plan
Msh Goreeb Trust
Msizi Africa
MSO Provident Fund
Msr 72 Ltd
Mss Support
MTAA Superannuation Fund
Mtaala Movement
Mtb 102 Trust
Mtc Charitable Trust
Mtg United For Peace Foundation
MTN Retirement Fund Pension Section
MTN Retirement Fund Provident Section
MTS Pension Plan
Mtunzini Residential Pty Ltd Provident Fund
Mtv Exit Foundation
Mtv Staying Alive Uk
Muaic Limited
Muallim Academy
Mubadala Development Company
Mubende Education Trust
Mucaard uk
Much Birch Church Of England School
Much Birch Parent Teachers Friends Association
Much Dewchurch Memorial Hall
Much Dewchurch Society
Much Hadham Community Trust
Much Hadham Playgroup
Much Hadham Recreation Trust
Much Hadham Village Hall
Much Hadham Women s Institute afternoon
Much Hoole Pre school Centre
Much Hoole Pre school
Much Marcle School Pta
Much Marcle United Charities
Much Wenlock Almshouses
Much Wenlock Cressage Practice Support Group
Much Wenlock District Townswomen s Guild
Much Wenlock Ecclesiastical Charity
Much Wenlock Festival
Much Wenlock Forester Charitable Trust
Much Wenlock Pre school Group
Much Wenlock Primary School Parent Teacher And Friends Association
Much Wenlock Young Farmers Club
Muchloved Charitable Trust
Mucklow Charitable Trust Limited
Muddy Boots Playgroup
Mudeford Girl Guides Association
Mudeford Wood Community Trust
Mudeford Wood Playgroup
Mudgeway Community Church Trust
Mudiad Meithrin
Mudiad Ysgol Feithrin Y Felinheli
Mudiad Ysgolian Meithrin County Rhondda Cynon Taf
Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin Bro Morgannwg
Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin County Conwy
Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin County Gwynedd mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin Pwyllgor Sir Gwynedd
Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin County Neath Port Talbot
Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin County Pembrokeshire
Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin County Powys
Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin Pwyllgor Sir Abertawe
Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin Pwyllgor Sir Ddinbych
Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin Pwyllgor Sir Fynwy
Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin Pwyllgor Sir Penybont
Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin Pwyllgor Sir Torfaen
Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin Pwyllgor Sir Wrecsam
Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin Pwyllgor Sir Y Fflint
Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin Pwyllgor Sir Ynys Mon Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin County Anglesey
Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin Sir Caerdydd
Mudita Trust
Mudlarks Community Garden
Mudug Relief And Development Association
Mueller Trust
Muff Field Chapel
Mugeni Association
Mugginton Village Hall Company
Mughal Welfare Trust Uk
Mugurameno Basic School Charitable Trust
Muhammad Hussain Hajira Hussain Abdus Salam Nobel Talent Fund
Muhammade Welfare Foundation
Muhammadi Trust Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland
Muhammadiyah House Of Wisdom
Muhammadiyah Tours
Muhammadpur Islampur Darmoda Shadugram Welfare Trust Uk
Muin Welfare Trust
Mujtaba Welfare Trust
Muker Educational Trust
Muker Public Hall
Mukhtar Welfare Trust
Mukti Trust
Mukuru Project Liverpool
Mulan Foundation Network Limited
Mulbarton Children s Centre
Mulbarton First School Parent Teacher Association
Mulbarton Gymnastics Club
Mulbarton Kidzone
Mulbarton Sick Poor Fund
Mulbarton Village Hall
Mulberry Bear Day Nursery And Pre school
Mulberry Bush Pre school Preston
Mulberry Community Projects blackpool
Mulberry Heart Association
Mulberry Pre school
Mulberry School tower Hamlets Trust
Mulberry Tree Child Centre
Mulgrave Community Sports Association
Mulgro Investments Provident Fund
Muljibapa Pankhania Pariwar Trust
Mullion And District Age Concern
Mullion Gymnastics Centre
Mullion In Bloom Association
Mullion Parish Church Reserve Trust
Mullion School Association
Mullion Surf Life Saving Club
Mullion Women s Institute
Mulrany International
Multi Agency International Training And Support
Multi Arts Academy
Multi Cultural Arts
Multi cultural Centre Hounslow
Multi cultural Community Centre
Multi Cultural Integration Centre
Multi cultural One stop Shop Liverpool
Multi Ethnic Forum
Multi Ethnic Manchester At The Year 2000 mem 2k
Multi Lingual Community Rights Shop
Multi Linked Continuum Pension Fund
Multi Linked Continuum Provident Fund
Multi Linked Pension Fund
Multi Linked Provident Fund
Multi Linked Wealth Annuity Fund
Multi media Arts Project Limited
Multi national Relief Development Organisation
Multi racial Trust
Multi sport Club
Multi Steel Provident Fund
Multi Waste Provident Fund
Multichannel Retirement Annuity Fund
Multicolors Pension Plan
Multicultural Arts And Media Centre
Multicultural Link In Education
Multicultural Organisation Challenger
Multicultural Resource Centre
Multiknit 2000 Provident Fund
Multikor Pension Fund
Multikor Provident Fund
Multilect Managed Annuity Fund
Multilect Preserver Pension Fund
Multilect Preserver Provident Fund
Multilect Retirement Annuity Fund
Multilect Umbrella Provident Fund
Multilingual Wellbeing Services
Multiparts Group Pension Fund
Multiple Choice
Multiple Sclerosis International Federation
Multiple Sclerosis National Therapy Centres Limited
Multiple Sclerosis Peoples Help msph
Multiple Sclerosis Regional Therapy And Support Group Limited
Multiple Sclerosis Society
Multiple Sclerosis Support Centre Ltd
Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre South West Limited
Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre south Yorkshire Limited
Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre wessex Limited
Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Group guildford
Multiple Sclerosis Trials Collaboration mstc
Multiple Sclerosis Trust
Multiple System Atrophy Trust
Multisaver Provident Fund
Multiserv South Africa Pension Fund
Multiskills Development England Ltd
Multiveg Provident Fund
Multotec Pension Fund
Multotec Provident Fund
Mum And Co
Mumba Children s Project
Mumbles Lifeguard Club
Mumbles Methodist Church
Mumbles Pensioners Association
Mumford s Charity
Muncaster Parish Hall
Munchkins tc Playgroup
Munday s Gift
Mundesley And District Recreation Association
Mundesley Community Care
Mundesley Volunteer Inshore Lifeboat Limited
Mundford Playgroup
Mundford Recreation Ground And Village Hall
Mundon Victory Hall
Mundy Parent Teacher Association
Mungrisdale Recreation Room
Mungrisdale Women s Institute
Munich RE Pension Fund
Municipal And Owen Carter s Almshouse Charities
Municipal Charities And Others
Municipal Charities church List
Municipal Charities Of Dover
Municipal Charities
Municipal Councillors Pension Fund
Municipal Employees Pension Fund
Municipal Employees Pension Plan
Municipal Fire and Police Retirement System of Iowa s MFPRSI
Municipal General Charities For The Poor
Municipal Gratuity Fund
Municipal Pension Plan
Municipality of Amsterdam
Municipality of Murrysville Combined Pension Plan
Munpen Aftreefonds
Munro Centre For Complementary Health Care
Munshi Trust U k
Munsley And District Womens Institute
Munslow Parish Charity
Munslow Village Hall
Muntham House School
Murchfield Community Association
Muriel Edith Rickman Trust
Murole High School Trust
Murphy neumann Charity Company Limited
Murray and Roberts Materials Retirement Fund
Murray and Roberts Provident Fund
Murray and Roberts Retirement Fund
Murray Barford Trust
Murray Chevrolet Pontiac Buick GMC Fort St John Limited Partnership Pension Plan
Murray Grey Beef Cattle Society
Murray Hall Community Trust Limited
Murray Hall Community Trust
Murray House Community Recreation Centre
Murray Park Parent Teacher Association
Murray s Muscles
Murrow Playing Field Association
Murrow Pre School
Murrow Village Hall
Mursley Church Of England School Fund
Mursley Recreation Ground
Mursley Village Hall
Murton Colliery Brass Band
Murton Hilton And Appleby First Responders Scheme
Murton Recreational And Village Hall Trust
Murton Recreational Charity
Murton Women s Institute
Musa House Trust Ltd
Musawenkosi Ministries Uk
Musbury Moles Pre school
Musbury Primary School Ptfa
Muscliff Community Playgroup
Muscular Dystrophy Group Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland
Museum Ethnographers Group
Museum Of Brands Packaging And Advertising
Museum Of British Road Transport Trust coventry Limited
Museum Of British Surfing
Museum Of Country Bygones Trust
Museum Of East Anglian Life
Museum Of Kent Life Trust
Museum Of London Archaeology
Museum Of Modern Art Limited
Museum Of Power
Museum Of St Albans
Museum Of Technology The Great War Ww11
Museum Of The King s Shropshire Light Infantry
Museum Of The Royal Military School Of Music
Museum Of The Wagoners Special Reserve
Museum Of Theatre Technology Limited
Museum Of Women s Art
Museum Of World Religions uk
Museums norfolk Limited
Museums Pension Fund
Musgrave Group
Musgrave s Charity
Musgrave Trust
Musgrove Leukaemic Group Somerset
Mushkil Aasaan Limited
Mushtaq Welfare Trust
Music Alive
Music all A School Of Music For All
Music And Arts Productions Leeds
Music And Dance Education Trust
Music And Letters Trust
Music And Movement Of Hexham And Tynedale
Music And Special Needs Norfolk
Music And The Deaf
Music And Worship Foundation
Music As Therapy
Music At Beaulieu Trust
Music At Boxgrove
Music At Duffield
Music At Leamington Hastings
Music At Malling Ltd
Music At Oxford
Music At Plush
Music At St Johns Limited
Music At St Martin s
Music At St Mary De Haura
Music At St Peter s
Music Beyond Mainstream Ltd
Music bmggampa Limited
Music Box Children s Opera Group Bristol
Music Camp Limited
Music Collective
Music Education Council
Music Education For Zambia Trust
Music First
Music For Africa
Music For Alice mfa
Music For All
Music For Autism
Music For Change
Music For Life Academy
Music For People summer School Of Music
Music For People
Music For Pleasure In Hospitals And Homes
Music For The Blind And Disabled Trust
Music For Youth
Music Healing
Music Illuminated
Music In Country Churches
Music In Detention
Music In Hospitals
Music In Lyddington
Music In Mayfield Limited
Music In Ministry Trust
Music In Motion
Music In The Church At Aust
Music In The Gardens
Music In The Minster
Music In The Round Limited
Music link
Music Of Life Foundation
Music On Sundays
Music On The March 1952 Limited
Music Plus Trust Limited
Music Preserved
Music Research Trust Ltd
Music Sales Charitable Trust
Music Theatre Kernow
Music Theatre Wales
Music Therapy Works
Music Time
Music Workshop
Musica Rediviva
Musical Arc
Musical Keys
Musical Moving Dance For People With Parkinson s
Musical Theatre Salisbury
Musical Tots
Musicians Benevolent Fund
Musicians Of All Saints
Musicians Without Borders
Musiclinks Limited
Musicmakers Of Milton Keynes
Musicplace North west Limited
Musicworks chamber Courses
Musicworks Midlands
Musidal Islamic Association Uk
Musik und Bildung Pensionskasse
Musike g b
Musiko Musika
Muskaan Uk
Musley Centre
Muslim Ahl e hadith Coventry
Muslim Aid
Muslim Association Of Bradford
Muslim Association Of Manchester
Muslim Association Of Nigeria Uk
Muslim Burial Council Of Leicestershire
Muslim Care
Muslim Chaplains Association Ltd
Muslim Charities Forum
Muslim Charity Helping The Needy
Muslim Communities Uk
Muslim Community And Education Centre
Muslim Community Care West London
Muslim Community College Ltd
Muslim Community Of Essex
Muslim Community Organisation Nottingham
Muslim Community Trust
Muslim Cultural And Welfare Association Of Sutton
Muslim Cultural Society Of Birmingham
Muslim Cultural Society Of The United Kingdom
Muslim Doctors And Dentists Association mdda
Muslim Education And Cultural Association guildford
Muslim Education And Welfare Trust
Muslim Education Association rochdale
Muslim Education Relief
Muslim Educational Consultative Committee
Muslim Federation In Cleveland
Muslim Foundation And Cultural And Social Centre Handsworth
Muslim Foundation Uk
Muslim Funeral Association Rochdale
Muslim Global Relief
Muslim Hands
Muslim Health Network
Muslim Help Supporting The Needy Limited
Muslim Heritage Trust
Muslim Institute Trust
Muslim Khalifa Sunnat Jamat wolverhampton And Bilston
Muslim Khatri Association uk
Muslim Khoja Shia Ithna asheri Community Of Leicester
Muslim Khumbar Community Trust
Muslim Media Forum
Muslim Mediation Service
Muslim Oromo Community Of Mancester
Muslim Outreach
Muslim Poverty Relief
Muslim Relief
Muslim Research And Development Foundation
Muslim Shia Welfare Foundation
Muslim Sister s Jamaat
Muslim Society Of Preston New Road Blackburn
Muslim Sports Association
Muslim Student Academy
Muslim Student Charity
Muslim Students House manchester
Muslim Support
Muslim Ummah
Muslim Welfare Association Rhyl
Muslim Welfare Board
Muslim Welfare House
Muslim Welfare Institute
Muslim Welfare Society
Muslim Welfare Trust
Muslim Women s Association Of Havering
Muslim Women s Organisation Limited
Muslim Women s Sport Foundation
Muslim Women s Welfare Association Limited essex
Muslim Women s Youth Sport Education Forum Merseyside
Muslim Women Society For The Future
Muslim Womens Aid Uk
Muslim World League London Office Trust
Muslim Youth Forum
Muslim Youth Helpline
Muslim Youthwork Foundation
Muslimaat Sheffield Association Of Muslim Women And Girls
Muslimah Network
Muslims Funeral Services Ltd
Must Be Mad
Mustafa Institute
Mustafa Islamic Centre
Mustafa Welfare Society Bolton
Mustaqbill Foundation
Mustard Seed Autism Trust
Mustard Seed Christian Ministries
Mustard Seed Communities Uk
Mustard Seed Ministries
Mustard Seed Ministry
Mustard Seed oxon
Mustard Seed Relief Mission
Mustard Seed Songs
Mustard Seed sw Limited
Mustard Seed Trust marlborough
Mustard Soup
Mustek Group Retirement Fund
Muston And District Young Farmers Club
Muston Village Hall
Muswell Hill Baptist Church
Muswell Hill Centre
Muswell Hill Charitable Trust
Muswell Hill Christian Assembly Trust
Muswell Hill Methodist Church
Muswell Hill Primary School Staff And Parents Association
Muswell Hill Toy Library
Muswell Hill United Reformed Church Charity
Mutch Transport Pension Fund
Mutford Welfare Trust
Muthurwa Foundation
Mutley Baptist Church
Mutley Greenbank Trust
Mutlu Yuva Nursery
Mutual and Federal Pension Fund
Muzaffarabad Earthquake Appeal
Muzdalifaah Community Education Limited
Muzika Charitable Trust
Mv Educational Foundation
Mvm Charitable Trust
Mvumi School Trust
Mvutshini Estates Provident Fund
Mw cl Foundation
Mw gk Foundation
Mw ho Foundation
Mw rh Foundation
Mwamanga Village Development Trust
Mwanjati Village School Trust
My Child
My Daddy Is A Soldier Adventures
My First Friends Nursery
My Future Umbrella Pension Fund
My Israel
My Life My Way
My New Hair
My Pirates
My Shepherd House
My Sister s Place
My Social Innovation Limited
My Space Housing Solutions
My Voice London
My World Trust
Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Solutions
Myanmar Burma Relief And Welfare Association
Myasthenia Gravis Association
Myatt Garden Parent Teacher Association
Myatts Field Community Centre
Myatts Fields Mobile Creche Project
Myddfai Ty Talcen
Myddfai Women s Institute
Myddle Pre school
Myddle Village Hall
Mydroilyn Village Hall
Myers Marlow Benevolent Fund
Myfanwy Townsend Melanoma Research Fund
Myhealthnet Limited
Myland County Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Mylnhurst Limited
Mylnhurst Sports Education Leisure
Mylor Parish Hall
Mylor Pre school
Mynshull s Educational Foundation
Mynwent Aberangell
Mynydd Cerrig Welfare Committee
Mynydd Isa Field For Youth
Mynydd Y Cilgwyn Eisteddfod Committee
Mynyddislwyn Benefice Church Council
Mynyddygarreg Welfare Hall
Mynytho Village Institute
Myoke Trust
Myositis Support Group
Myotonic Dystrophy Support Group
Myotubular Trust
Myr Charitable Trust
Myra s Wells
Myrddin Special Children s Group
Myriad Incorporated Limited
Myristica Trust
Myrovlytis Trust
Myrrh Associates
Myrrh Limited
Myrtle Charitable Settlement
Myrtle House Ltd
Myrtle Theatre Company
Mystical Rose
Mytchett Community Association
Mytchett Primary Parent Teacher Association
Mytchett vale Womens Club
Mytham County Primary Parent School Association
Mytholm Meadows Shop
Mytholmroyd Community Association
Mytholmroyd Playgroup
Mytholmroyd Scout Group
Mytime Active
Myton Church
Métal OFP Fonds de Pension


N a an Kuse
N a p s a c Nether Alderley Pre school And All Round Care
N B C T Limited
N Banthia Charitable Trust Ltd
N C Bellefontaine Charitable Trust
N C Williams Charitable Trust
N compass North West Limited
N D Educational Trust
N E F Montgomery Trust
N f f o Training Trust Fund
N gage
N ghasaid Ltd
N j d Charitable Trust
N Naran Pension Fund
N S Charitable Trust
N Sethia Foundation
N7 Community Choir
Na Mokulua
Naadac Limited
Nabc Clubs For Young People Bedfordshire
Nabir Foundation Ltd
Naburn After School Club
Naburn Primary School Pta
Naburn School Fund
Naburn Village Hall
Nac uk Limited
Nachlas Dovid
Nacro Community Enterprises Ltd
Nacton And Bucklesham Under Fives
Nacton Recreation Ground
Nacton School Association
Nacton Village Hall
Nacton Women s Institute
Nada Uk Limited
Nadenia Limited
Nadezhda Charitable Trust
Nadiad Nagrik Mandal association
Naeemia Academy
Nafco Pension Fund
Nafferton Recreation Club
Nafferton Under Fives
Nafferton Village Hall
Nafferton Women s Institute
Nagarjuna Buddhist Centre
Nagrys Ltd
Nahamas Dov Charitable Trust
Naheed Charitable Foundation Trust
Nahrain Medical Relief Organization
Nail Patella Syndrome Uk
Nailsea And District Ex servicemen s Benevolent Fund r B L 1981
Nailsea Baptist Church
Nailsea Choral Society
Nailsea Community Trust Limited
Nailsea Environment And Wildlife Trust
Nailsea Festival Of Music
Nailsea Historic Monuments Trust
Nailsea Methodist Church
Nailsea Playing Field Association
Nailsea Theatre Club
Nailsea Women s Institute
Nailsworth And Forest Green Scout Group
Nailsworth Day Centre
Nailsworth Music Society
Nailsworth Old People s Welfare Committee
Nailsworth Womens Institute
Nailsworth Youth And Community Enterprise
Nailsworth Youth Club
Naima Jps
Nainai Manimekalai Welfare Association
Nairn Williamson Pension Scheme
Naish Charity
Najabat Zf Foundation
Najah Relief Organisation Ltd
Najat Foundation
Nakayoshi Kai The Japanese Friendship Group
Naklank Dham
Nakuru Children s Project
Nakuru Environmental And Conservation Trust
Nalwanza Charitable Trust
Nam Charitable Trust
Nam Publications
Nam Rattra International Education And Religious Trust
Namakwa Sands Provident Fund
Nambitha Trading Enterprises Pty Ltd Provident Fund
Namdhari Cultural And Welfare International Trust
Namdhari Sangat Leeds namdhari Sikh Temple
Namdhari Sikh Community Leicester
Namdhari Sikh Sangat Southall
Namdhari Sikh Sangat Uk
Names Not Numbers
Namibian Wildlife Conservation Trust
Namkem Groep Pension Fund
Nampak Contributory Provident Fund
Nampak Group Pension Fund
Nampo Pensioenfonds
Nan And John Smithes 1997 Charitable Trust Melro De Smithes Wood
Nan Dimond Fund
Nanak Darbar Charitable Trust Southall uk
Nanak Darbar North London
Nanak Sar Gurdwara Gursikh Temple
Nanaksar Satsang Sabha london
Nanaksar Satsang Sabha
Nanaksar Thath Isher Darbar guru Nanak Sikh College
Nancegollan Village Hall
Nancherrow Project
Nancie Reckitt Charity
Nancledra And District Young Farmers Club
Nancledra Pre school Playgroup
Nancy Blackett Trust
Nancy Downing Charity
Nancy Haworth s Charity
Nancy Potter Homes For Aged People
Nancy Reuben Kindergarten
Nancy Reuben Primary School
Nandos Employee Provident Fund
Nandos Provident Fund
Nanime Charitable Trust
Nankesido Education And Welfare Trust
Nannerch Memorial Hall
Nanny Millard s Charity
Nanpantan Boy Scout Group
Nanpantan Nursery School Limited
Nanpantan Womens Institute
Nanpean Playing Fields
Nansen Hill Recreation Ground
Nansi Richards Trust Ymddiriedolaeth Nansi Richards
Nansindlela Education Africa
Nanstallon And District Playgroup
Nant Coch Church
Nant Fawr Ecology And Education Trust
Nant y cwm Steiner School Limited
Nantgarw China Works Trust
Nantglyn Young Farmers Club
Nantmor Mountain Centre Association
Nantwich Agricultural Society Limited
Nantwich And Acton Grammar School Foundation
Nantwich Choral Society
Nantwich Churchwardens Merged Charity
Nantwich Civic Society
Nantwich E Townswomen s Guild
Nantwich Library Trust Fund
Nantwich Museum Trust Limited
Nantwich Parish Church Preservation Appeal Trust
Nantwich Players
Nantwich Pre school Playgroup
Nantwich Senior Citizens Club
Nantyffyllon Miners Institute
Nantygroes Women s Institute
Nantymoel Boys And Girls Club
Nantymoel Workmen s Institute
Nanyuki Childrens Charitable Trust
Nanyuki Show Ground nsg Canteen bar
Naomi And Jeffrey Greenwood Charitable Trust
Naomi Beckford Foundation
Naomi Bramson Trust
Naphill Scout Group
Naphill Village Hall And Playing Fields
Naphtronics Provident Fund
Nappy Gang Creche
Napra Area Link
Napton Music Festival Trust
Napton Village Hall
Naqshabandia Aslamiyya Trust Gateshead
Naqshbandia Active Development Association nada
Naqshbandia Mosque
Naqshbandiyya Aslamiyya Spiritual Welfare Organisation
Nar Valley Pre school
Narayan Seva Sansthan Uk
Narberth And Whitland Round Table
Narberth Community Centre
Narberth Educational Charity
Narberth Museum Limited
Narborough And Narford Community Centre
Narborough Cricket Club
Narborough Road Islamic Centre Leicester
Narcolepsy Uk
Narconon London
Narconon Trust
Naree Shakti Women s Strength
Narrow Way Bible Church
Narrow Way Christian Fellowship
Narroways Millennium Green
Narthex Sparkhill
Naruro djibouti Community Association
Narvik Municipality
Nas International Charity Nasic
Nas Uwt Benevolent Funds
Nascot Wood Schools Association
Naseby School Association
Nash And Thornborough Playgroup
Nash Community Charity
Nash Concert Society Trust
Nash Mills Primary School Pta
Nash Mills Village Hall
Nash Strict Baptist Charity
Nash Village Hall
Nashenden Womens Institute
Nashua Cape Town Executive Retirement Fund
Nashua Cape Town Provident Fund
Nashua Central Pension Fund
Nashua Central Retirement Fund
Nashua Durban Pension Fund
Nashua Durban Retirement Fund
Nashua East Rand Pension Scheme
Nashua East Rand Retirement Fund
Nashua Eastern Cape Pension Scheme
Nashua Eastern Cape Provident Fund
Nashua Executive Retirement Benefit Scheme
Nashua Ladysmith Pension Fund
Nashua Ltd Employees Provident Fund
Nashua Ltd Executive Retirement Fund
Nashua Maritzburg Pension Scheme
Nashua Newcastle Pension Scheme
Nashua North Pension Fund
Nashua North Retirement Fund
Nashua North West Paid Up Pension Scheme
Nashua North West Paid Up Retirement Fund
Nashua Northern Province Pension Fund
Nashua Pension Scheme
Nashua Pretoria Pension Fund
Nashua Provident Fund
Nashua Vaal Pension Scheme
Nashua Vaal Triangle Pension Fund
Nashua Voluntary Fund
Nashua Voluntary Provident Fund
Nashua West Rand Pension Fund
Nashua West Rand Provident Fund
Nashua Yabatho Pension Scheme
Nashville and Davidson County Metropolitan Government Employee Benefit Trust Fund
Nasilpore Muslim Society uk Trust
Nasionale Media Provident Fund
Nasionale Museum Bloemfontein Pensioenfonds
Nasionale Museum Bloemfontein Voorsorgfonds
Nasir Uddin Trust
Nasirulahi wali fathu Greater Manchester
Nasod Charitable Trust
Naspers Geslote Pensioenfonds
Naspers Tegno Pensioenfonds
Nasrul lahi il fatih Society Of Nigeria United Kingdom Ireland
Nasrul lahi l Fatih Society Of Nigeria manchester Central England
Nasrul lahi l fatih Society Of Nigeria Millwall Branch
Nass Organisation
Nassau County Deferred Compensation Plan
Nasserpuria Memon Uk
Nassington Pre school
Nassjo Kommun
Nasza Integracja
Natal Art Craft Industries Provident Fund 1997
Natal Chamber of Industries 1981 Pension Scheme Umbrella
Natal Die Casting Staff Pen Hbr Iss Fund
Natal Hospitality Provident Fund
Natal Joint Municipal Pension Fund Retirement
Natal Joint Municipal Pension Fund Superannuation
Natal Parks Board Pension Scheme
Natal Sharks Board Pension Fund
Natal Society Pension Fund
Natal Witness Group Pension Fund
Natalagri Aftreefonds A
Natalagri Aftreefonds B
Natalagri Provident Fund
Natalia Market Agency Pension Scheme
Natalia Market Agency Provident Fund
Natalie Hill Hope For Life Fund
Natalie Louise Streather Memorial Fund
Natalya s Fund
Natan Foundation
Natasha Foundation Limited
Nateby And Wharton Women s Institute
Nathan Clark 1984 Charitable Settlement
Nathan Laski Memorial Charitable Trust
Nathan Simpson Trust isaac V Defries Fund
Nathan Timothy Foundation
Nathaniel Easton
Nathaniel Newton Pta
Nathaniel Waterhouse Charities
National Accordion Organisation Of The United Kingdom
National Adult School Organisation
National Agricultural Centre Rural Trust
National Aids Trust
National Airways and Finance Corporation Ltd Staff Pension Fund
National Alliance Of Women s Organisations
National Allotment Gardens Trust
National And Sunday School
National Animal Sanctuaries Support League bristol Branch
National Animal Sanctuary s Support League
National Animal Welfare Trust
National Aquarium Limited
National Art Collections Fund
National Asset Management Agency NAMA
National Association For Able Children In Education
National Association For Bikers With A Disability
National Association For Environmental Education uk
National Association For Gallery Education
National Association For Gambling Care Educational Resources And Training
National Association For Language Development In The Curriculum
National Association For Mental After care In Registered Care Homes
National Association For Palliative Care Educators napce
National Association For Patient Participation
National Association For Peace And Positive Change uk
National Association For People Abused In Childhood
National Association For Premenstrual Syndrome
National Association For Primary Education
National Association For Providers Of Activities For Older People
National Association For Tertiary Education For Deaf People
National Association For The Teaching Of Drama
National Association For The Teaching Of English
National Association For The Welfare Of Children In Hospital Limited
National Association For Voluntary And Community Action
National Association Of Advisers In English
National Association Of Almshouses
National Association Of Child Contact Centres
National Association Of Clinical Tutors
National Association Of Clubs For Young People
National Association Of Co operative Officials Benevolent Fund
National Association Of Counsellors Hypnotherapists And Psychotherapists Limited
National Association Of Deafened People
National Association Of Drama With The Visually Handicapped
National Association Of Ex prisoners Of War
National Association Of Flower Arrangement Societies 2003
National Association Of Goldsmiths Centenary Trust
National Association Of Healing Rooms England
National Association Of Health Play Specialists
National Association Of Hospital Broadcasting Organisations
National Association Of Independent Schools And Non maintained Special Schools
National Association Of Links Members
National Association Of Master Bakers Confectioners And Caterers Benevolent Fund
National Association Of Master Bakers Confectioners And Caterers Education Fund
National Association Of Mining History Organisations
National Association Of Official Prison Visitors
National Association Of Patidar Samaj
National Association Of Plumbing Heating And Mechanical Service Contractors Training
National Association Of Prison Dentistry Uk napduk
National Association Of Professionals Concerned With Language Impaired Children
National Association Of School Business Management
National Association Of Student Employment Services
National Association Of Student Money Advisers
National Association Of Youth Theatres
National Australia Bank Group Superannuation Fund
National Back Pain Association
National Bargaining Council for the Clothing Manufacturing Industry Cape Chamber WC Sub Chamber Staff Pension Scheme
National Bargaining Council for the Road Freight Industry Pension Fund
National Bearing Distributors Provident Fund
National Beef Association
National Benevolent Fund For The Aged
National Benevolent Institution
National Biodiversity Network Trust
National Biological Standards Board Staff Benevolent Fund Association
National Bioproducts Institute Provident Fund
National Birds Of Prey Trust
National Black Police Association
National Blind Children s Society
National Blind Tenpin Bowling Association
National Botanical Institute Retirement Fund Pension Fund
National Botanical Institute Retirement Fund Provident Fund
National Building Specification Limited
National Campaign For Courtesy
National Campaign For The Arts Research And Education Limited
National Caravan Council Benevolent Fund
National Catholic Scout Chaplaincy Trust
National Centre For Independent Living ncil
National Centre For Social Research
National Chess Junior Squad
National Childminding Association
National Children s Bureau
National Children s Centre
National Children s Choir Of Great Britain
National Children s Home
National Chrysanthemum Society northern Group
National Civilian Ww2 Memorial Trust
National Co ordinating Committee On Swimming People With Disabilities
National Coal Mining Museum For England Trust Ltd
National Coalition Building Institute Nottingham And Nottinghamshire
National Coastwatch Institution
National Cochlear Implant Users Association
National Committee Of The Women s World Day Of Prayer For England And Wales And Northern Ireland
National Community Boats Association
National Community Safety Network
National Concern For Healthcare Infections nchi
National Confidential Enquiry Into Patient Outcome And Death
National Consortium Of University Entrepreneurs
National Consumer Federation
National Council For Christian Standards In Society
National Council For Housing And Planning
National Council For One Parent Families
National Council For The Training Of Journalists
National Council For Voluntary Youth Services
National Council Of Civic Trust Societies
National Council Of Faiths And Beliefs In Further Education
National Council Of Hindu Temples uk
National Council Of Shechita Boards Of Great Britain
National Council Of The Catholic Fellowship caring And Supporting People With Physical Sensory And Learning Disabilities
National Council Of Young Men s Christian Associations incorporated
National Credit Bank Zenshinren
National Crimebeat
National Cycle Museum
National Dahlia Society
National Dance Company Wales
National Dance Teachers Association
National Day Nurseries Association
National Deaf Children s Society Bedfordshire Region
National Deaf Children s Society Birmingham And District Region
National Deaf Children s Society east Sussex Region
National Deaf Children s Society Kettering And District Branch
National Deaf Children s Society Norfolk Region
National Disabled Fire Association
National Drama Festivals Association
National Early Music Association
National Eczema Society
National Educational Research And Development Trust
National Electrotechnical Training Organisation
National Elevator Industry Benefit Plans
National Employees Trade Union Officers and Staff Pension Fund
National Energy Action
National Equine Defence Society
National Estate Churches Network
National Examining Board For Dental Nurses
National Eye Research Centre
National Family And Parenting Institute
National Family Carer Network
National Family Mediation
National Federation Of Fish Friers Benevolent Fund
National Federation Of Retail Newsagents Convalescence Fund
National Federation Of Shopmobility Uk
National Federation Of Solo Clubs Benevolent Fund
National Federation Of The Blind Of The United Kingdom
National Forum Of Engineering Centres
National Foundation For Giving Voice
National Fruit Collections Trust
National Fund for Municipal Workers
National Gamete Donation Trust
National Governors Association
National Great Dane Rescue
National Grid UK Pension Scheme
National Grid USA
National Grocers Benevolent Fund
National Harmonica League
National Health Service Retirement Fellowship
National Hearing Voices Network
National Heart and Lung Institute Foundation
National Heart Forum
National Hedgelaying Society
National Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline
National Heritage The Museums Action Movement
National Hiv Nurses Association
National Hockey Museum
National Holiday Fund For Sick And Disabled Children
National Home Builders Registration Council Provident Fund
National Home Products Provident Fund
National Homeopathic Service
National Hospital Radio
National Illumination Committee Of Great Britain
National Institute of Agricultural Botany Trust
National Jazz Archive
National Justice And Peace Network
National Kidney Federation
National Leathersellers College
National Liberal Club Benevolent Fund
National Library For The Blind
National Library of South Africa Provident Fund
National Library Of Wales
National Literacy Association
National Long Term Survivors Group hiv
National M e Centre
National Maize Corporation Pension Fund
National Marine Aquarium Limited
National Maritime Museum Cornwall Trust
National Maternity Support Foundation
National Museum of Wales
National Music For The Blind
National Muslim Education Council Of Uk
National Nightline
National Nuclear Regulator Retirement Fund
National Numeracy
National Nurses Nutrition Group
National Open College Network
National Opera Studio
National Operatic And Dramatic Association
National Organisation Of The Widowed
National Organisaton Of Asian Businesses Limited
National Osteopathic Archive
National Osteoporosis Society
National Pals Network
National Pension Fund for Municipal Workers
National Pension Service
National Pensioners Education And Welfare Centre
National Pensions Reserve Fund of Ireland
National Pet Month
National Petwatch
National Piers Society Ltd
National Playbus Association
National Playing Fields Association Land At Burgess Hill
National Playing Fields Association
National Police Memorial Day Trust
National Portage Association
National Prayer Breakfast Of Wales
National Productivity Organisation Of United Kingdom
National Public Service Personnel Mutual Association
National Railroad Retirement Investment Trust
National Railway Heritage Awards
National Research Foundation Pension Fund
National Research Foundation Provident Fund
National Resource Centre For Supplementary Education
National Retirement Fund for Municipal Workers
National Rifle Association
National Robertsons Provident Fund
National Rock And Pop Festival Trust
National Rural Touring Forum
National Schizophrenia Fellowship
National School Band Association
National School Charity
National School For Children With Cerebral Palsy
National School With Mary Touchet s Charity
National School
National Schools including Beynon s Endowment
National Schools Regatta
National Self Harm Network
National Sheep Association
National Sikh Heritage Centre And Holocaust Museum
National Sikh Youth Federation
National Skills Academy For Social Care
National SMME Umbrella Provident Fund
National Society For Children And Family Contact
National Socket Screws Pension Fund
National Socket Screws Provident Fund
National Sorghum Breweries Pension Fund
National Sorghum Breweries Retirement Gratuity Fund
National Space Centre
National Spiritual Assembly Of The Baha is Of The United Kingdom
National Spring Retirement Benefit Fund
National Star Foundation
National Student Drama Festival Limited
National Survivor User Network
National Talking Express
National Tertiary Retirement Fund
National Theatre Of Wales
National Traction Engine Trust
National Trainers Federation Charitable Trust
National Treasury Management Agency NTMA
National Tremor Foundation Charitable Trust
National Umbrella Provident Fund
National Union of Leather Workers Staff Pension Scheme
National Union of Marine Aviation and Shipping Transport
National Union Of Mineworkers Marine Lodge Trust Fund in Connexion With North Monmouthshire College Of Further Education
National Unitarian Fellowship
National United Temperance Council
National Victims Association
National Voices
National Waterfront Museum Swansea
National Waterways Museum Trust
National Welsh American Foundation
National Wildflower Centre
National Wildlife Conservation Park
National Women s Register
National Young Life Campaign Trust Ltd
National Youth Ballet Of Great Britain
National Youth Choirs Of Great Britain
National Youth Jazz Association
National Youthbike
National Zoological Society Of Wales
Nationchangers Church
Nations Discipleship Enterprise
Nations In Bloom
Nations Light Ministries
Nations Together
Nations Trust
Nationwide Association Of Blood Bikes
Nationwide Building Society
Nationwide Children s Research Centre
Nationwide Christian Trust
Native American Educational Trust
Native Spirit Foundation
Natland And Oxenholme Accredited Pre school
Natland And Oxenholme Village Hall
Natlas Trust
NATO Defined Contribution Pension Scheme
Natstan Wire Pension Fund
Natura International Ltd
Natural Ability
Natural Beekeeping Trust
Natural Church Development Uk Limited
Natural Disaster Support
Natural Family Planning Teachers Association
Natural Health Awareness Association nhaa
Natural Health Research Trust
Natural High Experience Limited
Natural Parents Network
Natural Perspective Theatre Company Limited
Natural Resource Charter Limited
Natural Sciences Collections Association
Natural Therapeutics Research Trust Ltd
Naturally Africa Foundation
Nature In Art Trust
Naturel Change
Naturewatch Foundation
Naughty Cheese
Naum Dora And Georg Marjanowski Charity Foundation
Naumaaniah Islamic Education Trust
Naunton Lane Evangelical Presbyterian Church epcew Trust
Naunton Park Pre school Playgroup
Naunton Park Primary School Parent Teachers Association
Naunton Womens Institute
Nautical Heritage Association
Nautical Institute North East Branch Educational Foundation
Nautical Museums Trust Limited
Nautical Training Corps
Nautilus Swimming Club
Nautilus Welfare Fund
Nav jeevan Asian Society
Naval Base Devonport Area Fund
Naval Cadet Corps
Naval Military Air Force Bible Society
Naval Under Fives eastern Area
Navalar Tamil School
Navamankai Nivassam Trust
Navasartian Charity Trust
Navchetna Bv Charitable Trust
Navenby Playing Field Association
Navenby Village Hall
Navestock Village Hall
Navigation Primary School P t a Altrincham
Navigators Lodge Masonic Charities Association
Navistar International Corporation
Navjivan Vadil Kendra
Navnat Vanik Association Of The United Kingdom
Navo Networking Action With Voluntary Organisations
Navratri Festival Association Manchester
Navratri Garba
Navti Foundation Uk
Navy Training Corps
Nawab Bibi Welfare Trust
Nawracy Cultural Centre
Nawton And Beadlam Millennium Wildlife Garden
Nawton Community Primary School Fund
Nawton Memorial Hall
Naya Qadam
Nayland And Wiston Youth Club
Nayland County Primary School Home School Association
Nayland with wissington Conservation Society
Nayland with wissington Land Company Limited
Nayland With Wissington Recreation Ground And Village Hall
Naylor Lodge 6629
Naz Foundation International
Nazarene Theological College
Nazareth Care Charitable Trust
Nazeing Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Nazeing Youth Football Club
Nazia Hassan Foundation
Nazir Welfare Trust
NB Welding Pension Fund
NBA Retirement Fund
NBC for the RFI Pension Fund
NBC Group Provident Fund
NBC Umbrella Beneficiary Fund
NBC Umbrella Retirement Fund
NBC Unclaimed Benefits Provident Preservation Fund
NBC Wealth Preserver Provident Plan
Nbf Trust
Nbfa Assisting The Elderly
NBIM Global Fund
NBS Group Pension Fund
NBS Group Provident Fund
NBTS Pension Fund
Nc Tlc Trust
Ncbi London Ltd
Ncifoundations Charity
Ncl Investments Charitable Trust
NCR African Retirement Scheme
NCT Forestry Cooperative Limited Pension Fund
NCT Forestry Cooperative Ltd Provident Fund
NCT Forestry Cooperative Ltd Retirement Fund
NCT Retirement Fund
NCTU Retirement Fund
Ncuda Limited
Ndanifor Gardens Uk Trust
Ndc Trust
Ndi Moyo
Ndoro Children s Charities
Ne Land Sea And Air Museum Ltd
Nead norfolk Education Action For Development
Nead Trust
Near Neighbours
Neasham Reading Room
Neath And District Talking Magazine For The Blind
Neath And District Unit 388 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Neath And District Yfc
Neath And Tennant Canals Trust Limited
Neath Boys Club
Neath Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Neath General Hospital Post Graduate Medical Fund
Neath Hospitals Society Of Friends
Neath Islamic Cultural Centre
Neath Port Talbot Biodiversity Action
Neath Port Talbot Cancer Challenge
Neath Port Talbot Carers Service Limited
Neath Port Talbot Child Contact Centre
Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council welsh Church Act Trust Fund Scheme 1999
Neath Port Talbot Methodist Circuit
Neath Port Talbot Mind Association
Neath Port Talbot Shopmobility Scheme
Neath Port Talbot Special Friends Society
Neath Round Table Charitable Trust Fund
Neath Women s Aid
Neath Youth Partnership
Neatishead And Barton Playgroup
Neatishead Barton Turf And District Women s Institute
Nebraska State Investment Council
NEBS Pension Plan
NEC Corporation
Necessary Furniture
Necessitous Ladies Fund
Nechells And Overseas Care Fund
Nechells Regeneration Project
Nechilibi Appeal
NECSA Retirement Fund
Necton Church And School Estate Trust
Necton Church Of England Primary Friends Of The School Association
Necton Little Oaks
Necton Rural Community Centre
Ned Geref Kerk in die OVS Amptenare Pensioenfonds
Nedcor Personal Financial Planning Pension Scheme
Nedderton Women s Institute
Nederburg Wynplase Voorsorgfonds
Nederduitsch Hervormde Kerk Van Afrika Personeel Pensioenfonds
Nedging With Naughton Village Hall
Nedgroup Beneficiary Fund
Nedgroup Defined Contribution Pension Fund
Nedgroup Defined Contribution Provident Fund
Nedgroup Investments Pension Preservation Fund
Nedgroup Investments Provident Preservation Fund
Nedgroup Investments Retirement Annuity Fund
Nedgroup Pension Fund
Nediv Lev Ltd
Nedlac Pension and Iss Fund
Neech Loan Fund
Need And Taylors Educational Charity
Needed Urgent Remedial Surgical Equipment
Needham Contributory Retirement System
Needham Market And Barking Almshouse Charity
Needham Market Community Centre
Needham Market Foundation
Needham Market Pre school
Needham s Foundation
Needham Town Lands Ecclesiastical Charity
Needham Town Lands Non ecclesiastical Charity
Needham Village Hall
Needingworth Community Pre school
Needs Appeal
Needs International
Needs Of Our Nation
Needs Trust
Needwood Ce va Primary School Parent And Teacher Association
Needwood Church Of England aided Primary School Special Benefit Fund
Needy Children Of The Ummah
Needycare Ltd
Neema Crafts Workshop
Neema School kenya Trust
Neen Savage Parish Hall
Neen Sollars And Milson Victory Hall
NEFG Umbrella Retirement Fund Pension
NEFG Umbrella Retirement Fund Provident
Nefyn Relief In Need Charity
Nefyn Town Trust
Nehanda Black Women s Organisation
Nehawu National Provident Fund
Nehemiah 2 18 Trust
Nehemiah Construction Ministries Uk
Nehemiah Global Ministries
Nehemiah Ministries
Nehemiah Project Support Trust
Nehemiah Supporters Group
Nehru Centre Trust
NEI Africa Group Pension Fund
NEI Africa Group Provident Fund
Neighbourcare Andover
Neighbourcare New Milton
Neighbourcare St John s Wood And Maida Vale
Neighbourhood Action In Farnley New Farnley And Moor Top
Neighbourhood Advice Centre
Neighbourhood Church
Neighbourhood Elders Team
Neighbourhood Home Watch Network
Neighbourhood Soccer Scheme Limited
Neighbourhood Watch Sports Trust Ltd
Neighbourly Care In Hassocks Burgess Hill And District
Neighbourly Care Southall Limited
Neighbours And Nations
Neighbours In Poplar
Neil Burton Book Trust
Neil Desai Foundation
Neil s Fight For Life Fund
Neil Tucker Memorial Charity
Neil Wates Charitable Trust
Nekh Welfare Foundation
Nel and Unwin Pension Fund
Nellie Elizabeth Andrew Trust
Nellie May Hardy Foundation
Nelmes hornchurch Women s Institute
Nelmes Schools Parents teachers Association
Nelpan Pension Fund
Nelson Arion Glee Union Male Voice Choir
Nelson Asian Christian Fellowship Trust
Nelson Civic Ladies Choir
Nelson Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Nelson District Nursing Association Fund
Nelson Festival cecil Bateson Memorial
Nelson Lodge Of Freemasons No 700 Benevolent Fund
Nelson Mandela Children s Fund uk
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Retirement Fund
Nelson Memorial Fund
Nelson Memorial Hall
Nelson Museum
Nelson Pittam Welfare Fund
Nelson Pre school
Nelson s Journey
Nelson Thomlinson School Parent Teacher Association
Nelson Thomlinson School
Nelson Village And Cramlington Miners Welfare And Community Organsiation
Nelspruit Boere Voorsorgfonds
Nelspruit Golf Club Provident Fund
Nelthorpe School Charity
Nema Foundation
Nemoral Limited
Nempnett Thrubwell Village Hall
Nene District Scout Council
Nene Ouse Community Transport
Nene Park Trust
Nene Tereza
Nene Valley Archaeological Trust
Nene Valley Christian Family Refuge Limited
Nene Valley Churches Organs Project
Nene Valley Citizens Advice Bureau
Nene Valley Community Action
Nene Valley District Scout Council
Nene Valley Phab Club