I A M National Pension Fudn
I A Manchester
I A P S Orchestra Trust
I A Wigan
I Africa Com Provident Fund
I Am Foundation
I Am Who I Am
I Am Youth And Community Association
I B T Productions Limited
I Can Do It Limited
I Can Play
I Can t Believe We re Not Better Theatre Company
I care Foundation Ltd
I church
I connect
I E T T Limited
I Fagiolini Charitable Trust
I he Foundation
I hr
I i Foundation
I k Foundation
I kuan Tao United Kingdom hq
I L Lass Charities Limited
I leap Foundation
I Like It Productions
I M C Robinson Garden
I M Group Charitable Discretionary Trust
I Made This Education Through The Arts
I O U Limited
I o w Ryde Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
I o w Shanklin Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
I Ow Sandown Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
I probono
I Serve Ltd
I t For The Terrified
I2i Life Foundation
I61 Church
I61 Project
Ia Greater London West
Ia Kent
Iabm Educational Foundation
Iaep The Islamic Awareness And Education Project
Iah Charity Company Limited
Iain Grant Trust
Iain Norman Macleod Memorial Appeal
Iain R Packwood Charitable Trust Fund
Iain Rennie Grove House Hospice Care
Iain Rennie Hospice At Home
Iaith Cyf
Ian And Elizabeth Church Charitable Trust
Ian Fuller Agencies Pension Fund
Ian Hutcheon Clinic For Children
Ian Karten Charitable Trust
Ian Mitchell Trust
Ian Morris Memorial Prize
Ian Ramsey School Charity
Ian Steers Charitable Trust
Iaps Charitable Trust
Iasis Medical
Ibad Ar rahman Welfare Trust
Ibad ur rahman Trust
Ibb Charitable Trust
Ibberton And Belchalwell Village Hall
Ibbett Trust
Ibbotson Memorial Field
Ibbotsons Lane And Greenbank Lane Recreation Ground
Ibby Uk Section
IBC Connoisseur Provident Fund Umbrella
Ibc Vehicles Limited Employees Charity Fund
Iberian And Latin American Music Society ilams
Iberian Christian Ministries Trust
IBG Beteiligungsgesellschaft Sachsen Anhalt mbH
Ibi Charitable Trust
Ibis Junior Football Club
IBM Canada
IBM France
IBM Nederland
IBM Pension Plan IBM IT Solutions Pension Scheme
IBM Pensionskasse
IBM Retirement Funds
IBM SA 1994 Provident Fund
IBM South Africa Fixed Contribution Pension Fund
IBM South Africa Pension Fund
Ibm United Kingdom Trust
Ibn Abbas Islamic Centre
Ibn Jabal Trust
Ibraheemiya Educational Health Association
Ibrahim Foundation Ltd
Ibrahim Foundation
Ibs Project
Ibs stl U k
Ibsley Village Hall
Ibstock Brick Brass
Ibstock Place School
Ibstock Social Welfare Scheme
Ibstock Wesleyan Reform Church
Ibstone Church Of England Infant School
Ibstone Parish Church Restoration Fund
Ica uk
Icaew Foundation
Ican Charity
Ican Community Action Network
Icare Day Centre Trust Limited
Icarus Theatre Collective Ltd
ICAS Southern Africa Pension Fund
Icasac international Congo Aid Smile African Children
Icc Missions
Icc Research Foundation
Ice And Fire Theatre Company Limited
Ice Cool Kids
Ice Futures Charitable Trust
Iceni Ipswich
Iceni Orchestra
Iceni Partnership
Icf borehamwood
Icfem Mission europe
Ichs Development Limited
Ichthus Christian Fellowship exmouth Trust
Ichthus Christian Fellowship
Ichthus College Sponsorship Trust
Ichthus Community Projects Limited
Ichthus People Association
Ichthyosis Support Group
Ichud Mosdos Gur Limited
Ichud Talmudei Yesodey Hatorah
ICI Defined Benefit Pension Fund
ICI South Africa Pension Fund
Icic Foundation
Icis Information For Life
Ickenham Afternoon Townswomen s Guild
Ickenham District Guides Association
Ickford Pre School Playgroup Incorporating After School Club
Ickford School Fund
Ickford School Parent Teacher Association
Ickford Village Hall
Ickham Church Hall
Ickleford Pre school
Ickleford School Parent Teacher Association
Icklesham Memorial Hall
Ickleton Reading Room
Ickleton Relief In Need Charities
Ickleton Village Centre
Icknield Childcare Consortium Ltd
Icknield Junior School Fund
Icknield luton District Scout Council
Icknield School Educational Fund
Icknield Trust
Icknield Walk First School Pta
Icknield Way Parish Trust
Ickwell Pre school
ICL Fujitsu Pension Fund
ICL South Africa Pension Fund
ICM Electronics Provident Fund
ICMA Retirement Trust
Icograda Foundation
Icommons Ltd
Icon Theatre
Icould Limited
Icpf Uk
ICS Pension Fund
ICS Provident Fund
Icsa Education And Research Foundation
Ictus International Community Through Unfailing Solidarity
ID Signs Close Corporation Sage Provident Umbrella Fund
Ida Caistor Gibson Annuities Trust
Ida Mortlock Sadler Trust
Idaara Maarif e islam
Idaho Public Employees Retirement System
Idara e jaaferiya
Idara e taleem o aagahi Public Trust Uk Centre For Education And Consciousness
Idara Fezan Ul Quran
Idara Isha atul Islam
Idara Saut ul quran
Idarah Maruf Britain Limited
Idasa Provident Fund
Idc North East
IDC Provident Fund
Ide Childcare Trust
Ide Hill Church Of England School Parent Teacher Association
Ide Hill Church Of England School
Ide Hill Pre school
Ide Hill Village Hall
Ide Hill Womens Institute
Ide Lane Friends
Ide Memorial Hall
Ideal Charity
Ideal Community Action Group
Ideal Community Action
Ideal For All Limited
Ideas Plus
Ideastap Limited
Ideasuk the Uk Association Of Suggestion Schemes
Idee Fixe
Ideford Millennium Green Trust
Ideford Village Hall
Iden Church Room
Iden Green And Benenden Women s Institute
Iden Green Pavilion
Iden Village Hall
Identity Youth Project
Idf Education Trust
Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension United Kingdom
Idk Charitable Trust
Idle And Thackley Theatre Group
Idloes Owen Memorial Fund
Idmiston And Porton Women s Insititute
Idmiston Village Hall
Idoma Bible Translation Trust
Idoma Community Association uk
Idp Action
Idreos Education Trust
Idumu Okake Association
Idwala Provident Fund
Iead Igreja Evangelica Assembleia De Deus resgate Ministries
Ied Education Trust Limited
Iedara Taleem un nisa Uk
Ies London The London Centre Of The Institute For The International Education Of Students illinois Limited
IET Connect
Ieuan The Lion Memorial Fund
Ieuan Thomas Geography Prize
Ieuenctyd Tysul Youth
If Book The Future Of The Book
If Chloe Can
If Not Now When
If U Care Share Foundation
If Umbrella Pension Fund
If Umbrella Provident Fund
Ifa Yoruba Contemporary Arts Trust
Ifb Research Foundation
IFF Pensioenfonds
IFF South Africa Pension Fund 1975
Iffley Burial Ground Fund
Ific Limited
Ifield Barn Theatre Society
Ifield Community Youth Service Limited
Ifold And District Local History Society
Ifold And Plaistow Scout And Guide Group
Iford And Kingston School Fund
Iford And Kingston School Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Iford Arts Limited
Iford United Reformed Church trust Funds And Property Held In Connexion Therewith
Ifoundation Limited
Ifp Youth Education
Ifs School Of Finance
Iftiin Education Development Association
Iftiin Education Development
Iftiin Learning Centre Limited
Iftiin Relief Organisation
Iftiin Welfare Association
Ifton Colliery Band
Ifton Miners Welfare Institute And Recreation Ground
Igala Uk
Igbo Family And Friends Association Of Manchester
Igbo Welfare Association
Igbo Women Community Association Of Liverpool
Igbomina Descendants Association Uk
Igen Trust
Ightfield With Calverhall Village Hall And Playing Field
Ightham Parent School Association
Ightham Village Hall
Ightham Womens Institute
Iglesia Apostolica Pentecostal Unida Internacional
Iglesia De Dios Ministerial De Jesucristo International filial Inglaterra
Iglesia Ni Cristo church Of Christ
Igloo Artists Ltd
Ignite big Ideas
Ignite Church
Ignite Ministries
Ignite Trust
Ignition Gloucestershire
Igo Foundation Limited
Igorot uk
Igreja Assembleia De Deus De Manchester
Igreja Batista Das Nacoes
Igreja De Deus Pentecostal Movimento International
Igreja Envangelica Emanuel
Igreja Evangelica Assembleia De Deus Missao Profetica Limited
Igreja Evangelica Assembleia De Deus No Reino Unido
Igreja Evangelica Luso brasileira Em Bournemouth Brazilian portuguese Evangelical Church In Bournemouth
Ihjs Pta
Ihp Worship Ministry
Ihsaan International Limited
Ihsan Global Relief
Ihsan Islamic Centre
Ihsgb Limited
Iima Alumni London Limited
IImarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company
Ijaba Mosque And Cultural Centre
Ijaw Communities Trust Limited
Ikamva Labantu
Iken Village Hall
Ikenna Education And Work Training
Ikhlaas Educational Foundation
Ikhlas Education Centre
Ikhlass Masjid
Iki Human Welfare Foundation
Ikon Gallery Limited
Ikwro Women s Rights Organisation
Il Circolo Italian Cultural Association Limited
Il Fondo Pensione per il Personale Dipendente delle Casse Rurali del Trentino
Ilaje Welfare Association
Ilam School Association
Ilam School Fund
Ilam School
Ilamos Youth Actions
Ilchester And District Community Association
Ilderton Motor Project
Ile oluji National Union United Kingdom
Ilex Park
Ilex Pension Fund
Ilex SA Pension Fund
Ileys Community Association
Ileys Supplementary School
Ilford Blind Welfare Association
Ilford County High School Oakfield Trust
Ilford East District Scout Council
Ilford High Road Baptist Church
Ilford Islamic Centre Limited
Ilford Jewish Primary School Trust Fund
Ilford Northwest District Scout Council
Ilford Operatic And Dramatic Society
Ilford Ursuline Preparatory School
Ilfracombe And Barnstaple Methodist Circuit
Ilfracombe And District Youth Band
Ilfracombe Christian Fellowship Church
Ilfracombe Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Ilfracombe District Community Transport Association
Ilfracombe Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Ilfracombe Unit 193 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Iliad Provident Fund
Ilitha Provident Fund
Ilkeston And District Club For The Physically Handicapped
Ilkeston And District Council For Voluntary Service
Ilkeston And District Local History Society
Ilkeston And District Talking Newspaper
Ilkeston Brass
Ilkeston Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Ilkeston Institute
Ilkeston Ladies Circle No 177 Charity Fund
Ilkeston Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Ilkeston Round Table Charitable Trust Fund
Ilkeston Stroke Club
Ilketshall St Andrew Village Hall
Ilketshall St Lawrence Pre school
Ilketshall St Margaret And South Elmham St Peter Village Hall
Ilkley All Saints School Association
Ilkley And District Good Neighbours
Ilkley And District Round Table
Ilkley Choral Society
Ilkley Civic Society
Ilkley Community Enterprise Ltd
Ilkley Concert Club
Ilkley Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Ilkley District Good Neighbours Community Transport
Ilkley District Guild Of Help
Ilkley Grammar School Foundation
Ilkley Grammar School Parent Teacher Association
Ilkley Literature Festival Limited
Ilkley Music Centre Association Also Known As The Friends Of Ilkley Music Centre
Ilkley New Horizons Concert Orchestra
Ilkley Players Limited
Ilkley Pre school Playgroup
Ilkley Talking Newspaper
Ilkley Youth And Community Association
Illeh Development Association
Illes Group Provident Fund
Illingworth Charity
Illingworth Messenger Trust
Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund
Illinois State Board of Investment
Illinois State Universities Retirement System
Illinois Teachers Retirement System
Illman Plastics Pension Fund
Illmans Reserve Account Pension Fund
Illmans Reserve Account Provident Fund
Illogan Pre school Playgroup
Illogan Village Hall
Illovo Sugar Defined Contribution Pension Fund
Illovo Sugar Pension Fund
Illovo Sugar Provident Fund
Illovo Sugar Retirement Benefit Fund
Illston Town Land Charity
Illume Education
Illumine Foundation
Illyrian Gospel Trust
Ilmington Charities
Ilmington School Parent Teacher Association
Ilmington Village Hall
Ilminster And District Team Ministry Youth Trust
Ilminster Entertainments Society Limited
Ilminster Parish Hall
Ilminster Young Farmers Club
Ilovelove Organisation
Ilsington Playing Field And Recreational Association
Ilsington Village Hall
Ilton And District Playgroup
Ilton Memorial Hall
Im01 Limited
Image And Pregnancy Helpline
Images Of Nepal F e Fund
Images Of Nepal uk
Imagine Act And Succeed
Imagine If Trust
Imagine Independence
Imagine The Day Limited
Imagineering Foundation
Imaginer Consulting Limited
Imago Mundi Limited
Imaje Charitable Trust
Imali Retirement Benefit Fund
Imam Ali A s Centre High Wycombe
Imam Ali as Centre Nuneaton
Imam Ali Foundation
Imam Bary Jamia Islamia Madrasha Welfare Trust
Imam Hassan Mujtaba Foundation
Imam Mahdi a s Association Wolverhampton
Imam Murtadha Charitable Organisation
Imam Mustapha Raza Association
Imam Reza Culturalcentre Limited
Imamdin Welfare Society
Imamia Mission London u k
Imamia Muslim Society Of Hussaini Mission
Imamia Trust kent Uk
Imams And Mosque Council
Iman Trust
Imani Community Association
Imara uganda Education Fund
Imbali Higher Primary School Provident Fund
Imbumba Foundation uk
Imdaadul Ghurabaa Trust
Imdad Foundation Uk
Imdadul Muslimeen
Imece Turkish Speaking Women s Group
Imerys Employees Charitable Trust cornwall
Imind Theatrical Productions
Immanuel Breakthrough Ministry
Immanuel Charismatic Church icc
Immanuel Christian Centre
Immanuel Christian School Limited
Immanuel Church Chichester
Immanuel Church Penarth Trust
Immanuel Gospel Church
Immanuel International Christian Ministries Dunni Odetoyinbo Evangelical Trust
Immanuel International Ministries
Immanuel Kindergarten
Immanuel Pre school Playgroup
Immanuel Presbyterian Church Caerau
Immanuel Streatham Trust
Immanuel United Reformed Church Swindon Charity
Immanuel Youth Centre
Immediate Theatre
Immigrant Counselling And Psychotherapy icap
Immigrants Information Centre Ltd
Immingham Christian Centre
Immingham Unit 560 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Immobiliere 3F
Imogen Taylor Charitable Trust
Imos Foundation
Impact Alcohol Addictions Services Aka Impact Aas
Impact Ashford
Impact Charities Limited
Impact Charity Trust
Impact Christian Centre International
Impact England Limited
Impact Evangelical Ministry
Impact Family Centre
Impact Family Services
Impact Fitness Zone Limited
Impact Foundation
Impact Giving Uk Trust
Impact imagine Perform And Create Together Theatre Company
Impact Initiatives
Impact Kenya
Impact Mh
Impact Ministries International
Impact Minority Association
Impact Network
Impact Schools Team Trust
Impact Sutton
Impact Young Heroes
Impala Platinum Beneficiary Fund
Impala Platinum Refineries Provident Fund
Impala Platinum Supplementary Pension Fund
Impala Provident Fund
Impala Staff Pension Fund
Impala Workers Provident Fund
Imperial Auto Workers Provident Fund
Imperial Avenue Infant School Parents Friends Association
Imperial Cancer Research Fund
Imperial Car Rental Workers Provident Fund
Imperial Cargo Provident Fund
Imperial Charity Promotions
Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd Pension Fund
Imperial Childrens Charity
Imperial College Healthcare Charities
Imperial College Healthcare Charity
Imperial College Trust
Imperial College Union
Imperial County Employees’ Retirement System
Imperial Giving Limited
Imperial Group Medical Scheme
Imperial Group Pension Fund
Imperial Group Provident Fund
Imperial Logistics and Transport Retirement Fund
Imperial Male Voice Choir
Imperial Oil Limited
Imperial Society Of Knights Bachelor
Imperial Society Of Teachers Of Dancing
Imperial Tobacco
Imperial Truck Systems Provident Fund
Imperial Venture Group
Impetus Trust
Impex Management Foundation
Imphal Beehive Playgroup
Impington Opportunity Playgroup
Impington Village College Parent Staff And Friends Association
Implats Pension Fund
Imprefed Provident Fund
Impressions Gallery Of Photography Limited
Imprimere Lodge No 4734 Benevolent Fund
Improving Chances For Uganda
Improving Croft And Cowpen Quay Empowering And Training Communities Ltd
Impstart Trust
Impstone Pre school
Impwell Foundation
Imran Khan Relief Fund
Imrey Chaim Gemillus Chesed Trust
Ims Charitable Trust
Ims Endowment Fund
IMS Retirement Fund
IMS South Africa Pty Ltd Pension Fund
Imtiaz Sadiq Foundation
In Accord
In Another Place
In Between Ears Social Network Group
In Christ In School
In comm Group Training Association
In community Care For Orphans
In Control Partnerships
In deep Community Task Force
In excess Charity Trust
In Harmony Limited
In Harmony
In His Image Ministries
In His Love
In His Presence Foursquare Church
In His Presence Ministry
In Kind Direct
In Memoriam Of William Hancock Fund
In Ministry To Children
In Service Of Society
In sight Communication Trust
In Support Of Sexually Assaulted Children isosac
In Tandem
In The Pink
In Toto Theatre Company
In Touch kids United
In Touch Somerset
In Touch south East Wales Limited
In Touch Support
In Town Centre Huntingdon
In Tune For Life
In Tune Ministries
In vision
In volve
In2 Health Limited
In2change South Yorkshire Ltd
Ina Assitalia Primo
Inanda Club Pension Scheme
Inanda Club Provident Fund
Inas italian Welfare Limited
Inbev UK Pension Scheme
Incapacitated Regions Water Aid irwa
Incarnate Network
Ince Blundell Village Hall
Ince Group Pension Fund
Ince Provident Fund
Incentive Provident Fund
Incest And Sexual Abuse Survivors
Inch Foundation
Inchcape Group UK Pension Scheme
Inchcape Motors Pension Scheme
Inchcape Overseas Pension Scheme
Inchi Trust Limited
Incledon Pension Fund
Include Me Too
Includes Us 2
Including Women
Including you
Inclusion 4 U
Inclusion International
Inclusion Network Newham
Inclusion S a i d
Inclusion Ventures Limited
Inclusive Education Trust
Inclusive Employers Foundation
Inclusive Environments
Inclusive First
Inclusive Leisure Education Activities Project
Inco Limited
Incorporated Bournemouth Free Church Council
Incorporated Church Institute Upper Tooting
Incorporated Council Of Law Reporting For England And Wales
Incorporated Froebel Educational Institute
Incorporated Guild Of Church Musicians
Incorporated Rochester Diocesan Board Of Education
Incorporated Trustees Of The Number 1 Trust Fund
Incredible Kids
Incredible Years Cymru
Indco Provident Fund
Independance Ltd
Independence Initiative Limited
Independence South West
Independence Trust
Independence Za
Independent Academic Research Studies
Independent Activities Project Ltd
Independent Advocacy Cheshire
Independent Advocacy North Tyneside
Independent African And Caribbean Health Research Group
Independent Arts
Independent Business Provident Fund Umbrella B
Independent Cancer Patients Voice
Independent Christian Workers Trust
Independent Cinema Milton Keynes icmk Limited
Independent Cinema Office
Independent Community Transport Ltd
Independent Development Trust Pension Fund
Independent Development Trust Provident Fund
Independent Diplomat Limited
Independent Disability Services
Independent Domestic Abuse Services
Independent Dyslexia Consultants
Independent Greek Educational Institute Of Barnet
Independent Housing Ltd
Independent Housing Opportunities tandridge
Independent Jewish Day School Parent Teacher Association
Independent Living Agency
Independent Living Alternatives
Independent Living Association
Independent Living In Wessex
Independent Mothers Playgroup
Independent Newham User s Forum mental Health
Independent Opera Charitable Trust
Independent Options north West
Independent Parental Special Education Advice
Independent Primary And Secondary Education Trust Limited
Independent Production Training Fund
Independent Retirement Fund
Independent School Adventure Cruises Limited
Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa Pension Scheme
Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa Provident Fund
Independent Schools Travel Association
Independent Securities Provident Fund
Independent Sexual Advice And Care Centre
Independent Training Services Limited
Independent Transport Commission
Independent Umbrella Provident Fund
Inderoy og Mosvik Kommune
Inderpal Rahal Memorial Trust
Indersen Jasodadevi Charitable Trust
Indgro Holdings Pensioenfonds
Indgro Outsourcing Provident Fund
Indi Project Limited
India Africa Foundation
India Association
India Development Group uk Limited
India Direct
India Heritage Research Foundation
India Link Ministries
India Pentecost Church Of God I P C U k
India Village Care Ministries
India Welfare Society
Indiability Foundation if Uk
Indian Association Cheltenham Gloucestershire
Indian Association Manchester
Indian Association Of Harrow
Indian Association Oldham
Indian Christian Welfare Organisaiton uk
Indian Classical Music Society
Indian Community And Culture Association Cambridge
Indian Community Association
Indian Community Centre Association
Indian Cultural Society Drop In Day Centre
Indian Foundation For Education And Development
Indian Ground Work
Indian Head Injury Foundation uk
Indian Hindu Welfare Organisation northampton Limited
Indian Institute Of Technology Alumni Association Uk
Indian Jewish Association Uk
Indian Muslim Patel Society
Indian Muslim Trust
Indian Ocean Disaster Relief
Indian Ocean Fertilizer Provident Fund
Indian Orphan Relief Fund Kgf
Indian Queens Pit
Indian Queens Under Fives
Indian Queens Victory Hall
Indian Rural Health Trust
Indian Senior Citizen s Centre manchester
Indian Social And Sports Centre
Indiana Public Retirement System
Indiana State Teachers Retirement Fund
Indiependent Ltd
Indigenous People African Alternatives
Indigenous People s Cultural Support Trust
Indigenous Peoples Links
Indigo Arts
Indigo Foundation norfolk Limited
Indigo Kids
Indigo Project Supporting Young People Who Self Harm
Indigo Touch
Individual Care Services
Individual Investment Pension Plan
Individual Investment Provident Plan
Individual Pension Plan of C O Apparel Inc for Ken Hung
Individual Pension Plan of Harmony Foundation of Canada for Michael Bloomfield and Christine Bloomfield
Indo africa Charitable Trust uk
Indo American Refugee And Migrant Organisation
Indo British Charitable Trust
Indo british Cultural Exchange Ltd
Indo british Medical Association Limited
Indo caribbean Organisation
Indo china Refugee Group Chinese Community School
Indo Eye Care International
Indo Kosmos Foundation
Indo Myanmar Conservation
Indo Pakistan Cultural Centre
Indochina Media Memorial Foundation
Indochina Starfish Foundation
Indonesian Humanitarian And Social Aid Network
Indonesian Islamic Centre
Industex Group Pension Fund
Industex Retirement Fund
Industri Kapital Aid And Relief Enterprise Ltd
Industrial Administrators Group Pension Fund
Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc Defined Contribution Pension Plan
Industrial Christian Fellowship
Industrial Cooling Equipment Pension Scheme Paid Up
Industrial Electrical Company Pty Ltd Staff Assurance Scheme
Industrial Forestry Service Ltd Employee Profit Sharing Pension Plan
Industrial Law Society
Industrial Mission Association
Industrial Netting Provident Fund
Industrial Therapy Organisation thames Ltd
Industrial Units Group Staff Pension Fund
Industrie und Handelskammer für München und Oberbayern
Industriens Pensionsforsikring
Industry And Parliament Trust
Inet Trust Limited
Infant Club Foot Appeal Limited
Infant School
Infection Prevention Society
Infectious Disease Research Trust
Infer Trust
Infertility Foundation Uk Limited
Infertility Research Trust
Infineon PK
Infineon Technologies Austria
Infinite Motors Provident Fund
Infinite Oasis
Infiniti ISS Provident Fund
Infinity Capital Trust
Infinity Pension Fund
Infinity Provident Fund
Infirm Secular Clergy Society Of The Archdiocese Of Cardiff
Infixion Media Pension Fund
Influence Church
Info comm Tech Foundation International
Infobuzz Limited
Infomark Pension Fund
Inforce Foundation
Information Handling Services Pension Fund
Information Handlings Services Pension Fund
Information Network Focus On Religious Movements
Information Shop For Young People
Information Technology Educational Trust
Informed Choice International
Infotech Provident and Life Assurance Fund
Inframax Pension Fund
Inframax Provident Fund
ING Barings Southern Africa Provident Fund
ING CDC Pensioenfonds
ING Mexico
ING Rohr Rein Chemie Pension Fund
ING Stichting Pensioenfonds
Inga Foundation
Ingatestone And Fryerning Community Association
Ingatestone And Fryerning Community Trust
Ingatestone Boys Own Club
Ingbirchworth Women s Institute
Ingersoll Rand SA Pension Plan
Ingestre Road Community Centre
Ingfield Manor Group Riding For The Disabled Association
Ingham And Cammeringham Village Hall Committee
Ingham Aviation Heritage Ltd
Ingham Village Hall
Ingleby Barwick Community Hall
Ingleby Cross Village Hall
Ingleby Cross Young Farmers Club
Ingleby Foundation
Ingleby Greenhow School Fund
Ingleby Greenhow Village Hall
Ingleside Shelter
Ingleton And District Community Association
Ingleton County Primary School Fund
Ingleton Literary Institute Endowment Trust
Ingleton Pre school Playgroup
Ingleton Primary School Parent Teachers Association
Ingleton Scout Group
Ingleton Toy Library Club
Inglewood Nursery Trust
Ingol And Tanterton Community Trust Limited
Ingoldsby And District Playing Fields Association
Ingram Village Hall
Ingrave Community Association
Ingrave Cricket Common Herongate
Ingrebourne Lodge No 3345 Masonic Charities Association
Ingrow Council School Scholarship Fund
Ings Public Recreation Ground
Ingwela Share Block Limited
Inham Park Pre School Playgroup
Inigo Housing Trust
Initiative For British Irish Scholarships Ibis
Initiative For Supported Employment wales Limited
Initiative Interfaith Trust
Inkberrow Community Centre
Inkberrow Millennium Green Trust
Inkberrow Parochial Charities
Inkberrow Young Farmers Club
Inkersall Scouts Cubs And Brownies
Inkersall Womens Club
Inkpen County Primary School Parent Staff Association
Inland Construction Pension Scheme
Inland Industries Ltd Pension Plan
Inn Christian Ministries
Inn Churches
Innbus GmbH
Inner City Football
Inner City Guidance
Inner City Music Limited
Inner City Outer Space
Inner City Sailing
Inner Dimensions
Inner Fareham Age Concern
Inner Flame
Inner Joy Foundation Ltd
Inner Light Foundation Limited
Inner London Magistrates Court Poor Box
Inner London Scope Group
Inner Peace Foundation
Inner Temple Benefactors Scholarship Fund
Inner Voices
Inner Wheel 128 District Committee Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Helston Lizard Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club North Worcestershire
Inner Wheel Club Of Abbeydale Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Abergele Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Abingdon Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Aireborough charity Account Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Alderley Edge And Bollin Valley Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Alton Charity Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Altrincham Benevolent Funds
Inner Wheel Club Of Amble And Warkworth Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Amwell Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Andover Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Arbury Charity Trust Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Arundel Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Ascot Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Aylesbury Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Banbury Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Barnstaple Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Barrow In Furness Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Barry Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Basingstoke Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Basingstoke Deane Charity A c
Inner Wheel Club Of Bath Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Bathavon Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Beaconsfield Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Bebington Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Beccles Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Bedworth Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Berkhamsted Bulbourne Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Bicester
Inner Wheel Club Of Biddulph Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Billericay Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Bingham Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Birkenhead Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Birmingham Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Bishops Stortford Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Bishopwearmouth Charity Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Blackburn Trust Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Blackfriars Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Bletchley Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Blyth Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Bolsover Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Bourne End And Cookham Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Braunton Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Brentwood
Inner Wheel Club Of Bretby Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Bridport Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Brighouse Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Bristol Severnside Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Briton Ferry Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Broadlands Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Broadstairs Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Buckingham Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Bude Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Burnham Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Burnham on sea Charity Account Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Canterbury Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Cardiff Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Chard Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Cheadle Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Chesham Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Chester Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Chesterfield Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Chesterfield Scarsdale Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Chipping Norton Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Chipping Sodbury Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Church Stretton Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Church Wilne Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Cirencester Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Clacton on sea Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Clapham Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Clay Cross Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Cleethorpes Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Clifton Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Coalville Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Cockermouth Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Cosham Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Coventry North Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Crompton And Royton Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Cuckfield And Lindfield Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Cwmbran Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Dartford Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Dartmouth
Inner Wheel Club Of Denton Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Dereham Trust Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Diss Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Doncaster St Leger Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Dorchester Charity Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Dover Charity Account
Inner Wheel Club Of Droitwich Spa Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Dronfield Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Dunstable Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Durham Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of East Ham Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Eastbourne Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Elland Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Elthorne Hillingdon
Inner Wheel Club Of Erdington
Inner Wheel Club Of Exmouth Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Farnborough Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Faversham Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Feltham Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Ferndown Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Fishguard And Goodwick Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Flitwick Vale Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Folkestone Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Friern Barnet And Whetstone Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Frome Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Gillingham dorset Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Glastonbury And Street Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Glossop Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Gloucester Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Grantham Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Greenwich Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Guisborough And Great Ayton Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Halesowen Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Hamble Valley Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Hart Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Harton Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Haverfordwest Benevolent Account
Inner Wheel Club Of Havering
Inner Wheel Club Of Heanor Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Hereford Wye Valley Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Heswall Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of High Wycombe Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Holderness Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Horsham Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Houghton le spring Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Hounslow Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Hove Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Hucknall Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Hull Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Hull Kingston Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Hunstanton And District Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Hythe And District Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Ilkley Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Ipswich East Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Ironbridge Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Itchen Valley Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Kettering Huxloe Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Kibworth And Fleckney Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Kingston Upon Thames Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Knowle And Dorridge
Inner Wheel Club Of Langport And Somerton Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Leeds Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Leek Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Leigh Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Leighton Buzzard Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Letchworth Garden City Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Lewes Charity And Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Liskeard And Looe Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Littlehampton Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Llandaff Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Llangefni Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Locks Heath Trust Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Loughborough Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Louth Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Ludlow Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Luton Chiltern Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Luton North Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Lutterworth Wycliffe
Inner Wheel Club Of Lytham Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Macclesfield Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Macclesfield Castle Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Maidstone Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Malvern Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Margate Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Market Drayton Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Marlow Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Melbourne Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Melton Mowbray Belvoir Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Mendip Trust Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Mexborough And District Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Midhurst And Petworth Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Midsomer Norton And Radstock Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Milford Haven Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Millom Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Mold Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Morpeth Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Mumbles Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Nailsea Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Neath Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Newark Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Newcastle Upon Tyne Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Newent And District Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Newport Pagnell Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Newport shropshire Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Newport
Inner Wheel Club Of Newquay Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Newton Aycliffe Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Normanton Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of North Walsham Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Northampton West Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Northwick Park
Inner Wheel Club Of Nuneaton Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Oundle
Inner Wheel Club Of Oxford Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Parkstone Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Pembroke Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Penge
Inner Wheel Club Of Penrith Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Penzance Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Plymouth Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Porthcawl Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Prestatyn Charity Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Reading
Inner Wheel Club Of Redcar Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Redditch Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Redruth Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Retford Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Rhyl Benevolent Und
Inner Wheel Club Of Ripon Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Risca Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Roborough Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Rochester Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Ross on wye
Inner Wheel Club Of Rushden Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Ruthin
Inner Wheel Club Of Rutland Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Rye And Winchelsea Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Saffron Walden Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Salisbury Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Seaburn Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Seaford Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Shanklin Trust Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Shepshed
Inner Wheel Club Of Shepton Mallet Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Shrewsbury Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Sinodun Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Slough Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Solihull Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Solihull St Alphege Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of South Wirral Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Southampton Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Southport
Inner Wheel Club Of St Annes on the sea Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of St Austell Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of St Ives Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of St Neots Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Stoke On Trent Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Stone Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Stratford Upon Avon Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Stroud Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Sutton In Ashfield Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Swadlincote Benevloent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Swinton And Pendlebury Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Tamworth Anker Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Taunton Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Taunton Vale Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Tavistock Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Tenterden Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Tettenhall
Inner Wheel Club Of The Quantocks Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of The Royal Forest Of Dean Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of The Soar Valley Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Thetford Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Thornton Cleveleys Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Torquay Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Truro Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Tunbridge Wells Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Tyldesley Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Ulverston Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Wakefield Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Walkden Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Wallingford Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Walton On Thames Charity Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Waterlooville Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Wednesbury Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Wellingborough Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Wellington Shropshire Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Wellington Somerset Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of West Wirral
Inner Wheel Club Of West Woodspring Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Westbury Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Westerham Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Westgate And Birchington Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Wigston Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Winchester Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Windermere Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Windsor And Eton Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Witney Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Woking Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Wokingham Charity Trust Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Wolverhampton Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Wolverton Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Wombwell Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Worksop Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Worsley Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Worthing Steyne Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Wrexham Erddig Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel Club Of Wrington Vale Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel District 7 Committee Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheel District No 24 Committee Benevolent Fund
Inner Wheelclub Of Thornbury Benevolent Fund
Innerlimits Foundation
Innermost Learning
Innersound Foundation
Innervation Trust Limited
Innes Memorial Fund
Innholders Company Welfare Trust
Innocence In Danger
Innocent Child
Innocent Colours Limited
Innova Development Trust
Innova Support
Innovate Trust Ltd
Innovation Group Provident Fund
Innovation In Digital And Electronic Arts Limited
Innovations In Community Education
Innovative Development Alternatives ida
Innovative Enterprise Action Ltd
Innovative Vision Organisation
Innovista International
Inns Of Court And City Yeomanry Museum Trust
Innsbrucker Verkehrsbetriebe und Stubaitalbahn GmbH
Innsworth Community Hall Ltd
INPGI Instituto Nazionale Previdenza Giornalisti Italiani
Input Patient Advocacy
Inqlabi Development Aid Limited
Inquest Charitable Trust
Inroads Cardiff Street Drugs Project
Inroads Pension Fund
Insaan Aid
Insaan Relief
Insanyat Foundation
Inscape Friends
Insearch Education
Inshore Search And Rescue
Inside Intelligence
Inside Job Theatre Projects Limited
Inside Out Community Arts In Mental Health
Insight For Carers Service
Insight For Living uk
Insight Gloucestershire
Insight Research For Mental Health
Insights For Life
Insite Performance Limited
Insitution Of Engineering Designers
Inskip League Of Friendship for Disabled Eastleigh Branch
Inskip League Of Friendship For Disabled Persons
Inskip League Of Friendship For The Disabled no 11 Branch
Insole Court Trust ymddiriedolaeth Cwrt Insole
Insole Scholarship Fund
Inspiration Church Of The Nations Okehampton
Inspiration In Sport
Inspiration Ministries Uk
Inspiration Ovarian Cancer Northwest
Inspirational Charismatic Church house Of Prayer
Inspirations North West
Inspire Action Foundation
Inspire aspire
Inspire At St Peter s
Inspire Community Trust
Inspire Counselling And Training Limited
Inspire Hope Today
Inspire In Sport
Inspire Leadership
Inspire Malawi
Inspire Middleton
Inspire Nottingham
Inspire Plus
Inspire Skills Centre
Inspire Stratford Limited
Inspire wellbeing Through Arts
Inspire Workshops
Inspired By People
Inspired Partnership Trust
Inspired Vision Limited
Inspiring Futures A Volunteer Uganda Trust
Inspiring Lives
Inspiring Young Stars
Inspirit Care Limited
Instavet Import and Export Close Corporation Provident Fund
Institute And War Memorial
Institute chaddesley
Institute For Bible Translation
Institute For Complementary And Natural Medicine
Institute For Dayanim
Institute For Employment Studies
Institute For European Environmental Policy London
Institute For Food Brain And Behaviour
Institute For Government
Institute For Higher Rabbinical Studies
Institute For Human Rights Business Limited
Institute For Indian Mother And Child uk
Institute For Outdoor Learning
Institute For Public Policy Research
Institute For Small Business And Entrepreneurship Limited
Institute For Strategic Dialogue
Institute For Sustainability
Institute For The Inhabitants Of West Knowle
Institute For The Management Of Information Systems
Institute For The Management Of Sport And Physical Activity
Institute For Voluntary Action Research
Institute Of Actuaries Memorial Education And Research Fund
Institute Of Actuaries Memorial Prize Fund
Institute Of Alcohol Studies
Institute Of Biomedical Science
Institute Of Business Ethics
Institute Of Cast Metals Engineers
Institute Of Charity
Institute of Chartered Accountants
Institute Of Christ The King
Institute Of Civil Protection And Emergency Management
Institute Of Classical Osteopathy
Institute Of Clayworkers Benevolent Fund
Institute Of Clinical Chiropractic
Institute Of Community Studies
Institute Of Complementary Healthcare Education And Research
Institute Of Conservation
Institute Of Contemporary Arts Limited
Institute Of Corrosion
Institute Of Cost And Executive Accountants Benevolent Association
Institute Of Cost And Executive Accountants Educational Trust
Institute Of Credit Management
Institute Of Daughters Of Mary Help Of Christians Otherwise Salesian Sisters Of St John Bosco
Institute Of Demolition Engineers
Institute Of Developmental Transactional Analysis
Institute Of Ecotechnics
Institute Of Employment Rights
Institute Of Ergonomics And Human Factors
Institute of Financial Services Pension Fund
Institute Of Food Science And Technology
Institute Of Football Management And Administration Charity Trust
Institute Of Fundraising
Institute Of Gurmat Studies
Institute Of Healthcare Management Benevolent Fund
Institute Of Horticulture
Institute Of Hospitality
Institute Of International Visual Arts
Institute Of Islamic Banking And Insurance
Institute Of Jainology Limited
Institute Of Legal Executives benevolent Fund
Institute Of Management Services
Institute Of Medical Ethics
Institute Of Medical Illustrators Limited
Institute Of Metal Finishing Incorporating Electrodepositors Technical Society
Institute Of Money Advisers
Institute Of Muslim Minority Affairs
Institute of Our Lady of Mercy
Institute Of Physics And Engineering In Medicine
Institute of Physics
Institute Of Psycho analysis
Institute Of Psychophysical Research
Institute Of Psychosexual Medicine
Institute Of Revenues Rating And Valuation Benevolent Fund
Institute Of Sheet Metal Engineering
Institute Of The Blessed Virgin Mary Commonly Called The Sisters Of Loreto
Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary English Province Loreto Sisters
Institute Of The Presentation Brothers
Institute Of The Religious Of The Sacred Heart Of Mary Immaculate Virgin
Institute Of The Sisters Of St Marcellina
Institute Of Transactional Analysis
Institute Of Welfare
Institute Of Welsh Affairs
Institution Of Gas Engineers And Managers History Fund
Institution Of Occupational Safety And Health Benevolent Fund
Institution Of Royal Engineers
Institution Of The Religious Sisters Of The Sacred Heart Of Mary Immaculate Virgin established At Marymount Kingston Surrey
Instituut vir Dowes en Blindes Retirement Fund Risk Reserve Account
Instone Limited
Instow Parish Hall
Instow Recreation Ground
Instow School Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Instromatics Group Provident Fund
Instructus Limited
Insulation Environmental Training Trust Ltd
Insurance Corporation of British Columbia Pension Plan for Management and Confidential Employees
Insurance Institute Of Bristolproject Playwell Appeal Fund
Insurance Orchestral Society
Insurance Outsourcing Managers Pension Fund
Int Siddhashram Shakti Centre
Intach uk Chapter
Intake Pre school
Integracion AFAP
Integral Alliance
Integrate Bristol
Integrate Hands
Integrate preston And Chorley Limited
Integrate Youth For Christ
Integrated Cancer Therapies
Integrated Consultancy Services Provident Fund
Integrated Neurological Services
Integrated Processing Solutions Pension Fund
Integrated Professional Solutions
Integrated Services Displaced Population Uk
Integrated Village Development uk Trust
Integrated Water Resources International
Integrating Children
Integration Access And Advice inaa Referral Agency Group
Integration African French Speaking Community
Integration By Sport Birmingham
Integration Foundation
Integration Project For Francophone African Community
Integration Support Services
Integration Training And Enterprise Centre Limited
Integratus Charity Of The United Kingdom
Integreat Theatre
Integritas Advocacy Limited
Integrity Harvestfield United Pentecostal Church Trust
Integrity International Provident Fund
Integrity International Security Services Provident Fund
Integrity Of The Word Ministries Trust
Integrity Retirement Fund
Intel Corporation
Intelligence Corps Museum
Intensive Care National Audit And Research Centre
Intensive Care Unit Support Team For Ex patients
Inteplast Bags and Films Corporation Pension Plan
Inter action milton Keynes Limited
Inter action Social Enterprise Trust Limited
Inter action Trust Ltd
Inter action Trust
Inter african Women s Development Organisation In The Uk
Inter Aid cardiff Limited
Inter Arc
Inter build Aid
Inter Care Limited
Inter Church Productions
Inter City Camp Trust
Inter Cultural Centre
Inter cultural Youth Exchange icye uk Ltd
Inter european Commission On Church And School
Inter face Project
Inter Madrassah Organisation
Inter Sped Provident Fund
Inter varsity Press
Inter World Contracting Provident Fund
Interact Chelmsford Limited
Interact Performance Group harrogate
Interact Reading Service
Interact Worldwide
Interactive Whitby And District
Interburns Limited
Intercessors For Britain Trust
Intercessors Ministries Of Great Britain
Interchange Trust
Intercontinental Charity Organisation
Intercontinental Church Society
Intercontinental Hotels UK Pension Plan
Intercontinental Skills Centre Ltd
Intercountry Adoption Centre
Interdam Limited
Interdenominational World Revival Ministires
Interface Europe Pension Scheme
Interface Parent Carer Forum
Interface Uganda
Interfaith Alliance Uk
Interfaith Focus
Interfaith In Action
Interfaith Matters
Intergenerational Foundation
Interhealth Worldwide
Interights International Centre For The Legal Protection Of Human Rights
Interior Contractors Pension Plan
Interior Educators
Interior Lumber Manufacturers Association Employee Retirement Plan
Interior Lumbermen s Logging Division
Interland Distribution Provident Fund
Interlink Paradise Foundation International
Interlink Rct
Interlinx Trust
Interlit Foundation
Intermedia Research And Consulting Europe
Intermine Engineering Pension Fund
Internal Fire Museum Of Power
International Academic Projects Limited
International Action For Iraqi Refugees
International African Institute
International Agency For Rural Industrialization world inari world Organisation
International Agency For The Prevention Of Blindness
International Aid For Korean Animals Uk
International Aid For The Protection And Welfare Of Animals
International Aid Mission 2000
International Aid Trust
International Air Cadet Training
International Akaal Mission
International Alert
International Ambassadors Mission For Christ
International And Urban Studies Trust
International Animal Rescue
International Anjuman e khuddam ul sofia And Amir e millat Trust Foundation
International Arab Women s Council Charities Fund
International Assembly Gospel Power Community Centre Assemblee Internationale De La Puissance De L evangile Bethel
International Association For Applied Econometrics
International Association For Digital Publications
International Association For Islamic Economics
International Association For Religious Freedom
International Association For Safety And Survival Training
International Association For The Childs Right To Play
International Association For The Study Of Obesity
International Association Of Hydrogeologists
International Association Of Psychiatric Nurses Of Nigeria uk Branch
International Association Of Teachers Of English As A Foreign Language
International Association Of University Presidents
International Baccalaureate Fund Uk
International Baccalaureate Organization uk Limited
International Bank of Southern Africa Ltd Pension Fund
International Bar Associations Human Rights Institute Trust
International Bee Research Association
International Bethel Ministries ibm
International Bible Students Association
International Bible Training Institute
International Biodeterioration Society
International Biotherapy Society
International Breakthrough Ministries
International Brigade Memorial Trust
International Broadcasting Trust
International Buddhist Progress Society manchester
International Buddhist Progress Society uk
International Business Leaders Forum
International Calvary Worship Centre
International Cancer Imaging Society
International Care Network
International Catholic Foundation For The Service Of Deaf Persons
International Central Gospel Church Trust
International Centre For Life Trust
International Centre For Prison Studies
International Centre Of Excellence For Community Schools
International Centre Of Restoration the Covenant Box
International Charismatic Church
International Charismatic Consultation
International Child Campaign
International Childcare Trust
International Children Relief Fund
International Children s Care uk
International Children s Palliative Care Network
International Children s Peace Council United Kingdom
International Children s Trust
International Childrens Medical Aid U k British Humanitarian Inter faith Aid
International China Concern child Care Ltd
International China Concern
International Christian Association
International Christian Care Foundation
International Christian Celebration Centre
International Christian Chamber Of Commerce
International Christian Communications
International Christian Family Church Ministries
International Christian Fellowship icf
International Christian Films Limited
International Christian Gospel Ministries
International Christian Leadership
International Christian Maritime Association
International Christian Media Commission Limited
International Christian Medical And Dental Association uk Trust
International Christian Mission
International Christian Refreshment Centre icrc
International Christian Worship Centre
International Clinical Virology Centre
International Clinics Foundation
International Collaboration For Community Health Nursing Research
International College Of Obsessive Compulsive Spectrum Disorders
International College Of Oriental Medicine uk Limited
International Commission For The Preparation Of An English language Lectionary
International Commission Of Irrigation And Drainage British Section
International Committee On Seafarers Welfare
International Community Assist
International Community Cricket Trust
International Community Organisation Of Sunderland
International Community Trust For Health And Educational Services
International Consultancy And Resource Enterprise
International Costello Syndrome Support Group
International Council For Human Support
International Council Of Churches And Ministers Of Great Britain
International Council Of Museums united Kingdom
International Cuisine Association
International Cultural Educational Foundation
International Cultural Exchange
International Daoist Society
International Debate Education Association uk
International Development Enterprises uk
International Development Evaluation Association
International Development Foundation idf
International Development Partnerships
International Development Through Sport
International Disaster Emergency Aid With Long Term Support
International Disaster Fund
International Eco Fund
International Educational Health And Welfare Society
International Emergency Action
International Environmental Law Research Centre uk
International Eradication Of Poverty Organisation
International Evangelical Mission the Restoration
International Faith Assembly
International Federation Of Aromatherapists
International Federation Of Computational Logic
International Federation Of Gynecology And Obstetrics
International Federation Of Hydrographic Societies
International Federation Of Professional Aromatherapists ifpa
International Fellowship For Care Arts Rehousing And Education
International Fellowship For The Handicapped
International Fellowship Of Evangelical Students
International Finance Facility For Immunisation Company
International Fiscal Association Uk Congress Trust
International Food Information Service ifis Publishing
International Football Aid Ltd
International Forest Products Employees Pension Plan
International Forest Products Limited Retirement Plan for Employees Represented by the Canadian Merchant Service Guild
International Foundation For Aids To Navigation
International Foundation For Human Concern Limited
International Foundation For Intelligent Living
International Foundation For Mother And Child Health ifmch
International Friends Of The International Lyric Art Festival
International Fund For Animal Welfare
International Gilbert And Sullivan Association
International Glaciological Society
International Glaucoma Association Limited
International Gospel And Health Group
International Gospel Church
International Gospel Community
International Gospel Of Truth Church
International Gospel Outreach
International Governance Institute
International Guide Dog Federation
International Guitar Foundation Festivals
International Harm Reduction Association
International Harvest Church Newcastle
International Headache Society
International Health Care Retirement Fund
International Health Partners uk Limited
International Hearing Voices Projects
International Hiv aids Alliance
International Hiv Fund
International Hospital Equipment Trust
International Hospital Federation
International House Of Prayer London Ihoplondon
International House Trust Limited
International Human Aid
International Iga Nephropathy
International Institute For Environment And Development
International Institute For Human Unity
International Institute For Restorative Practices iirp Uk And Ireland
International Institute Of Child And Adolescent Mental Health
International Institute Of Communications
International Institute Of Risk And Safety Management
International Institute On Special Needs Offenders
International Insulin Foundation
International Interfaith Centre At Oxford
International Islamic Link
International Islamic Relief Organisation uk
International Jatt Forum
International Journal Of Experimental Pathology
International Justice Mission Uk
International Khatam e nubawat Movement
International Law Association
International League Against Epilepsy british Branch
International Learning Movement ilm
International Lemuel Foundation
International Life Centre Trust
International Life Gate Chapel
International Longevity Centre uk
International Lymphoedema Framework
International Mahavir Jain Mission
International Maritime Health Association imha Quality
International Maritime Rescue Federation
International Masonry Society
International Medical Corps uk
International Microelectronics And Packaging Society Uk
International Ministerial Council Of Great Britain
International Ministries For The Living Word
International Missionary Society seventh day Adventist Reform
International Museum Theatre Alliance Europe
International Muslim Movement
International National Trusts Organisation
International Nepal Fellowship
International Network For Culture And Arts
International Network For Development Ltd
International Network For The Availability Of Scientific Publications
International Network For The Development Of India In Action
International Network For Traditional Building Architecture Urbanism uk
International Network Of Esoteric Healing
International Network Towards Smokefree Hospitals
International Ngo Safety Organisation
International Niemann pick Disease Alliance
International Non governmental Organisation Training And Research Centre
International Orthoptic Association
International Outreach
International P e n
International Paper Company
International Patients Organization For Primary Immunodeficiencies
International Peace Project 2000
International Pentecostal Community Churches
International Performers Aid Trust
International Petroleum Investment Company
International Philanthropic Missions Of The Great Commission
International Planned Parenthood Federation
International Plenitude Ministries
International Pole And Line Foundation
International Porter Protection Group ippg Uk
International Postal Museum
International Praise Centre
International Prayer Palace Church
International Presbyterian Church Ealing
International Presbyterian Church liss Branch
International Primate Protection League uk
International Primate Rescue Uk
International Psychoanalytical Association
International Pustimargiya Vaishnav Parishad
International Quranic Relief Agency
International Records Management Trust
International Refugee Trust
International Relief Friendship Foundation
International Rescue Committee U k
International Rescue Corps
International Road Assessment Programme
International School Of Sikh Studies London
International School Of Storytelling
International Schools Of Business Management Limited
International Scientific Forum On Home Hygiene
International Seminar On Religious Education And Values
International Senior Lawyers Project Uk
International Service Fellowship Trust
International Share Health
International Sheep Dog Society
International Social Service Of The United Kingdom
International Social Welfare Trust
International Society For Influenza And Other Respiratory Diseases
International Society For Krishna Consciousness Limited
International Society For Krishna Consciousness London
International Society For Mild Approaches In Assisted Reproduction
International Society For Olfaction And Chemical Sensing
International Society For Science And Religion
International Society For The Study Of Drug Policy
International Society For The Study Of Hypertension In Pregnancy
International Society For Utilitarian Studies
International Society Of Antique Scale Collectors europe
International Society Of Chemotherapy For Infection And Cancer
International Society Of Hypertension
International Society Of Nurses In Cancer Care
International Society Of Radiographers And Radiological Technologists
International Sovereign Pentecostal Church Community Project
International Spinal Research Trust
International Sports Federation For Persons With Intellectual Disability
International Stress Management Association Uk
International Students Club church Of England Ltd
International Students House
International Substance Abuse And Addiction Coalition
International Sufi School Khidmatul Khadim
International Summer School Of Music At Shrewsbury issmus
International Swaminarayan Satsang Organisation
International Systems Pension Fund
International Systems Provident Fund
International Teams Uk Trust
International Thai Foundation
International Theatre Exchange
International Therapeutic Initiative Ltd
International Tortoise Association
International Training Network U k
International Trauma Conferences
International Tree Foundation
International Trust For Nature Conservation
International Trust For Terminal And Incurable Diseases i T T I D
International Trust For Zoological Nomenclature
International Union Against Sexually Transmitted Infections
International Voice Network
International Voluntary Service
International Volunteer Programme Limited
International Water Association
International Wheelchair Amputee Sports Federation iwas
International Wildlife Coalition Trust
International Youth Centre
International Youth Hostel Federation
International Youth Learning Recreational Association Ltd
International Zen Association united Kingdom
Internationalist Theatre Ensemble Yorick
Internet Audio Service For Blind People
Internet Braille
Internet Watch Foundation
Internews Europe
Interopera Ltd
Interpark Provident Fund
Interpeace Uk
Interplast Uk
Interplay integrated Play And Leisure
Interplay Theatre Trust
Interporto Marche SpA
Interprayer Charitable Trust
Interpret Ministries Trust
Interserve Employee Foundation Limited
Interstar Foundation Limited
Interstate Bus Lines Provident Fund
Interverse Pension Scheme
Interwil Pension Fund
Intesamia Previdenza
Intexma Pension and Life Assurance Scheme
Into Africa Trust
Into Giving Limited
Into The Community
Into The Light Ministries
Intoart Projects
Intract Charitable Trust
Introprops Provident Builda
Introsport Trust
Invalid Children s Aid Association Durham County
Invensys Pension Scheme
Inverteign Family Learning
Invest In Me
Investec Employee Benefits Living Annuity Fund
Investec Group Limited Pension Fund
Investec Group Provident Fund
Investec Investment Linked Preservation Pension Plan
Investec Investment Linked Preservation Provident Fund
Investec Investment Linked Retirement Annuity Fund
Investec Securities Preservation Pension Fund
Investec Securities Preservation Provident Fund
Investec Securities Retirement Annuity Fund
Investment Corporation of Dubai
Investment Solutions Executive Umbrella Provident Fund
Investment Solutions Pension Preservation Fund
Investment Solutions Provident Preservation Fund
Investment Solutions Retirement Annuity Fund
Investors In Development
Investream Charitable Trust
Invey Hagefen Fund Limited
Invicta Advocacy Network
Invicta Concert Military Band
Invicta East Kent Athletic Club
Invicta Gateway Club
Invicta Mountaineering Club
Invicta Park Pre school Playgroup
Invicta Surgical Foundation
Invicta Trust
Invictus Trust
Invisible Injuries
Invitation To Islam
Involve North East
Involve Northwest
Involve Voluntary Action In Mid Devon
Involvement And Participation Association
Inward House Projects Limited
Inward House
Io Theatre Company
Ioe Students Union
Iol Educational Trust
Iom Communications Ltd
Iona School Association
Ioo Limited
Ior Stakeholder Fund
Iorphan Uk
Iow Amputees Group
Iowa Finance Authority
Iowa peace officers retirement accident and disability system
Iowa Public Employees Retirement System
Ipartner India
Ipdjs Ltd
IPF Provident Fund
Ipms Third World Welfare Trust
Ipplepen Church Cottage And Sunday School
Ipplepen Early Years Charitable Trust
Ipplepen Millennium Centre
Ipplepen Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Ipplepen Village Hall
Ipplepen Women s Institute
IProp Services Pension Fund
IProp Services Provident Fund
Ipsley Women s Institute
Ipstones Tiny Tots
Ipstones War Memorial Hall And Recreation Ground
Ipswich And Diss Area Quaker Meeting
Ipswich And District Animal Welfare Centre
Ipswich And District Citizens Advice Bureau
Ipswich And District Deaf Children s Society
Ipswich And District Kidney Association
Ipswich And District Stroke Club
Ipswich And Suffolk Bangladeshi Muslim Community Centre And Mosque
Ipswich And Suffolk Council For Racial Equality
Ipswich Archaeological Trust
Ipswich Art Society
Ipswich Arthritis Foundation
Ipswich Arts Association
Ipswich Bach Choir
Ipswich beira Health Initiative Working To Improve Health In Mozambique
Ipswich Building Preservation Trust Limited
Ipswich Building Society Charitable Foundation
Ipswich Cancer Aid Network
Ipswich Care For The Blind Ltd
Ipswich Chamber Choir
Ipswich Chantry Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Ipswich Choral Society
Ipswich Christadelphian Ecclesia Building Fund
Ipswich Christchurch Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Ipswich Citizen Advocacy Group
Ipswich Community Church
Ipswich Community Playbus
Ipswich Concern Counselling Centre
Ipswich Decorative And Fine Arts Society
Ipswich District Widows
Ipswich Epilepsy Support Group
Ipswich Foundation Street Charities
Ipswich Furniture Project
Ipswich Group Riding For The Disabled Association
Ipswich High School Association
Ipswich Holiday Help For Children
Ipswich Hospital Nhs Trust Charitable Funds
Ipswich Housing Action Group Limited
Ipswich Kesgrave Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Ipswich Kurdish Islamic Cultural Centre
Ipswich Life Saving Club
Ipswich Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Ipswich Maritime Trust Limited
Ipswich Methodist Circuit
Ipswich Museums Trust
Ipswich Operatic And Dramatic Society
Ipswich Opportunity Group
Ipswich Orchestral Society
Ipswich Pinewood Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Ipswich School Foundation
Ipswich School
Ipswich Scout District Liason Committee
Ipswich Society For Mentally Handicapped Children And Adults
Ipswich Sports Club For The Disabled
Ipswich Srilankika Ekamuthuwa
Ipswich Suffolk Advanced Motorists
Ipswich Suffolk Chinese Community Association
Ipswich Suffolk Muslim Council
Ipswich Town Trust
Ipswich Transport Museum Limited
Ipswich Unit 195 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Ipswich Whitehouse Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Ipswich Wildlife Group
Ipswich Young Farmers Club
IPT Employees Provident Fund
IPX Intern Pension Fund
IQ Business Pension Fund
Iqbal Academy uk
Iqbal Charitable Trust Limited
Iqbal Welfare Trust
Iqra Aid Trust
Iqra Bucks Asian Women s Association
Iqra Community Centre Southampton
Iqra Education And Welfare Trust iewt
Iqra Education Centre
Iqra Education Trust uk
Iqra Educational Trust
Iqra Foundation Uk
Iqra Islamic Society
Iqra Marif ul quran
Iqra Somali Health And Education Development
Iqra Supplementary School Youth Provision
Iqra Swindon Trust
Iqra Trust
Iqun Ltd
Iran Heritage Foundation
Iran s Children
Irangum Illam
Iranian Advisory Support Agency
Iranian And Kurdish Women s Rights Organisation
Iranian Association
Iranian Christian Fellowship
Iranian Community Service
Iranian Cultural Centre kanoon iran
Iranian Disability Support Association idsa
Iranian Medical Society In The United Kingdom
Iranian Research And Advice Centre
Iranian Welfare Association iwa
Iraq Welfare Organisation
Iraqi Centre For Integration And Cohesion
Iraqi Charities Forum
Iraqi Christians In Need
Iraqi Community Association Of Wales
Iraqi Community Association
Iraqi Community Club
Iraqi Educational Trust
Iraqi Jurists Association Ltd
Iraqi Orphan Care Organization
Iraqi Orphan Foundation
Iraqi Relief Trust
Iraqi Welfare Association
Iraqi Women Association Fund
Irby And Bratoft Village Hall
Irby And Thurstaston Women s Institute
Irby Thurstaton And Pensby Amenity Society
Irchester Sports Association
Irchester Village Hall Charity
Irchester Youth Centre Trust Fund
Ireby Out Of School Club
Ireby Parent Teacher Association
Ireland Colliery Chesterfield Band
Ireland Wood Children s Centre
Ireland Wood Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Irele Unity Club
Irene Burke Scholarship Fund
Irene Prestwich Trust Incorporating The Tirley Garth Trust
IRFF John Orrs Income Fund
IRFF John Orrs Pension Fund
IRFF John Orrs Provident Fund
Irfon Valley C p Parent And Toddlers Pre school Playgroup
Irie Dance Theatre
Iris Darnton Foundation
Iris House Trust
Iris Ministries Limited
Iris Prize Outreach Limited
Iris s Cats In Need
Iris Theatre
Iris Vision Resource Centre
Irish Blood Transfusion Service Superannuation Fund
Irish Cement
Irish Community Care Manchester
Irish Community Care Merseyside
Irish Community Services
Irish Cultural Centre Hammersmith Ltd
Irish Diaspora Foundation
Irish Elderly Advice Network
Irish Georgian Trust
Irish Guards Association Central Fund
Irish Guards Benevolent Fund
Irish In Birmingham
Irish Network Stevenage
Irish Retriever Rescue
Irish Traction Group
Irish Traveller Movement In Britain
Irish Youth Foundation uk Limited
Irlam And Cadishead Disabled Persons Group
Irlam Cadishead And District Local History Society
Irlam Endowed Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Irlam Primary School Guild
Irlam Women s Institute
Iroko Theatre Company
Iron Acton Charities
Iron Acton Parish Hall
Iron Aid Foundation
Ironbridge And Severn Gorge Lions Club Charitable Trust Fund
Ironbridge Gorge Brass Band Festival
Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust Limited
Ironbridge Railway Trust
Ironbridge Youth And Community Centre
Ironi Yud Aleph schools Charitable Association
Ironworkers Pension Plan Local 97
IRP Auto
Irshad Trust
Irthington Village School Pta
Irthington Women s Institute
Irthlingborough e Townswomen s Guild
Irthlingborough Infants Home School Association
Irthlingborough Old People s Welfare Association
Irvin and Johnson Provident Fund
Irvin and Johnson Retirement Fund
Irvin and Johnson Trawlermens Provident Fund
Irwell Rivers Trust Limited
Irwin Mitchell Charities Foundation
Is 55 11
Is Foundation
Isaac And Annie Fogelman Relief Trust
Isaac Babalola Ajiboro I B A
Isaac s House
Isaac uk
Isaac Wincoll And Thomas Clayton
Isaac Wincoll At Lamarsh
Isaar Trust
Isabel Acutt clark Trust
Isabel Boardman Bequest
Isabel Hospice Limited
Isabel Wrightson
Isabella Agnes Power
Isabella Community Association Ltd
Isabella Smithson
Isabelle Construction Pty Ltd Pension Fund
Isafam Financial Group Pension Fund
Isca Christian Fellowship Trust
Iscar SA Retirement Fund
Iscd Ltd
Isce Limited
Iscor Employees Umbrella Provident Fund
Iscor Retained Benefit Fund
Iscor Retirement Fund
Iscor Unclaimed Benefits Preservation Pension Fund
Ise lodge Residents Association
Ise Valley Rotary Club Trust Fund
Ise Valley Scout Group
Isebrook School Friends Association
Iserve Africa Uk Trust
Isfield Pre school
Isfield Recreation Ground
Isfield Village Hall Charity
Isha Institute Of Inner Sciences
Ishada Charitable Trust
Isham Apprenticing And Educational Charity
Isham Charity
Isham Village Hall
Ishanbi Development Association Union
Isher Hari Dukh Niwaren Trust
Ishs Charitable Trust
Ishtiaq And Naghma Latif Foundation Charitable Trust
ISICA Retraite
Isidore Kerman Charitable Trust
Isis Chamber Orchestra
Isis Valley Education Trust
Isithebe Umbrella Pension Fund
Islah Youth Provision And Community Engagement
Islahul Muslimeen
Islam In Bristol
Islami Darasgah Bristol
Islamia Allaipupani Maiyam
Islamia Schools Limited
Islamic Academy Of Coventry iac
Islamic Academy
Islamic Aid
Islamic And Cultural Society Of Harrow
Islamic Association east Ham London E6
Islamic Association Of North London
Islamic Centre Aberdare
Islamic Centre And The Mosque heaton
Islamic Centre central London
Islamic Centre Derby Mosque Trust
Islamic Centre Edgware
Islamic Centre Kingsbury
Islamic Centre Leicester
Islamic Centre Nottingham
Islamic Centre Of England Limited
Islamic Centre Of The South West exeter
Islamic Centre Of West Bromwich
Islamic Centre St Albans herts
Islamic Centre Upton Park
Islamic Centre
Islamic Charity Trust
Islamic Circles Supplementary School
Islamic Community Centre And Mosque Blackpool
Islamic Community Centre
Islamic Community Education Centre
Islamic Community Welfare Foundation
Islamic Cultural And Educational Association
Islamic Cultural And Muslim Burial Society middx
Islamic Cultural And Welfare Association
Islamic Cultural Centre manchester
Islamic Cultural Centre
Islamic Cultural Foundation birmingham
Islamic Cultural Society Luton Mosque
Islamic Culture And Education Centre Battersea
Islamic Da awah Academy
Islamic Da wah Council Uk
Islamic Dawah Centre International
Islamic Dawah Centre
Islamic Dawah Foundashion
Islamic Education And Cultural Society
Islamic Education And Research Academy iera
Islamic Education Centre And Mosque
Islamic Education Centre Birmingham
Islamic Education Centre
Islamic Education Cultural Centre Quran Academy
Islamic Education Trust leicester
Islamic Education Trust
Islamic Educational And Recreational Institute
Islamic Fatwa Board Uk
Islamic Forum Trust
Islamic Foundation
Islamic Ghous Ul Azam ra Trust
Islamic Hands
Islamic Help
Islamic Human Rights Commission Trust
Islamic Information Centre Bristol
Islamic Information Centre Hastings
Islamic Integration Community Centre Iicc
Islamic Kindness Limited
Islamic Knowledge Foundation
Islamic Medical Association
Islamic Medical Society
Islamic Mosque Brent
Islamic Museum In London And Cultural Centre
Islamic Network
Islamic Peace Foundation uk Ltd
Islamic Prayer Group Community Centre
Islamic Presentation Centre International Limited
Islamic Relief uk
Islamic Relief Worldwide
Islamic Religious Centre
Islamic Research Foundation International
Islamic Research Institute Of Great Britain
Islamic Research Institute
Islamic Resource Centre
Islamic Response
Islamic School Of Watford
Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation
Islamic Sharia Council Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland
Islamic Social And Educational Trust
Islamic Social Welfare Trust
Islamic Society For Wales
Islamic Society Of Britain Ltd
Islamic Society Of Darlington
Islamic Society Of The Faithful
Islamic Society u k
Islamic Support And Information Foundation
Islamic Support Worldwide
Islamic Texts Society
Islamic Thought
Islamic Trust maidenhead
Islamic Unity Society
Islamic Universal Association Limited
Islamic Waqf Foundation
Islamic Welfare Association Of West Surrey
Islamic Welfare Trust Uk
Island 2000 Trust
Island Advice Centre
Island Bwo
Island Community Action
Island Community Centre
Island Concerts
Island Conservation Society Uk
Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary
Island Friends
Island Health Trust
Island History Project
Island Hospice And Bereavement Service uk
Island House Community Centre
Island House Pre school Playgroup
Island Play
Island Retreats
Island Sailing Club Royal Wedding Trust
Island Sheet Metal Workers and Roofers Pension Plan
Island Style Provident Fund
Island View Holdings Pension Fund
Island View Storage Retirement Fund
Island Women s Refuge
Island Youth Water Activities Centre isle Of Wight Limited
Islanders Boys Club
Isle Abbotts Playgroup
Isle Abbotts Village Hall
Isle Brewers Parochial School
Isle District Choral Society
Isle Of Axholme Lions Club Charitable Trust Fund
Isle Of Axholme Physically Handicapped Society
Isle Of Dogs Community Foundation
Isle Of Ely Society For The Blind
Isle Of Purbeck Arts Club
Isle Of Sheppey Round Table Charitable Trust Fund
Isle Of Sheppey Society For Mentally Handicapped Children And Adults
Isle Of Thanet Archaeological Society
Isle Of Wight Advocacy Trust
Isle Of Wight Association For Mental Health
Isle Of Wight Asthma Swimgroup Iowas
Isle Of Wight Bus Coach Museum Limited
Isle Of Wight Cantata Choir
Isle Of Wight Christian Fellowship
Isle Of Wight Citizens Advice Bureau
Isle of Wight Council Pension Fund
Isle Of Wight Deaf Children s Association
Isle Of Wight Diabetic Fund
Isle Of Wight Donkey Sanctuary
Isle Of Wight Foodbank
Isle Of Wight Freshwater Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Isle Of Wight Gardens Trust
Isle Of Wight Historic Lifeboat Trust
Isle Of Wight Hospital Broadcasting Association
Isle Of Wight Independent Housing Advice Centre Ltd
Isle Of Wight Law Centre
Isle Of Wight Learning Zone
Isle Of Wight Moral Welfare Association
Isle Of Wight Music Centre Friends Association
Isle Of Wight Musical Competition Festival Association
Isle Of Wight Natural History And Archaeological Society
Isle Of Wight Neighbourhood Watch Association
Isle Of Wight Newport cowes Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Isle Of Wight Newport Wootton Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Isle Of Wight Nhs Pct Charitable Funds
Isle Of Wight Phab
Isle Of Wight Pony Driving For The Disabled
Isle Of Wight riding Riding For The Disabled Association
Isle Of Wight Schools Sailing Association
Isle Of Wight Scope
Isle Of Wight Scout Council
Isle Of Wight Search And Rescue
Isle Of Wight Shopmobility
Isle Of Wight Society For Mentally Handicapped Children
Isle Of Wight Society For The Blind
Isle Of Wight Street Pastors
Isle Of Wight Symphony Orchestra Society
Isle Of Wight Toy Library Opportunity Group
Isle Of Wight University Of The Third Age
Isle Of Wight Young Farmers Club
Isle Of Wight Youth For Christ
Isle Of Wight Youth Trust
Isleham Community Association Limited
Isleham Community Association
Isleham Primary School Pta
Isleham Under Fives Association
Isleham Women s Institute
Isles Of Scilly Round Table
Isles Of Scilly Wildlife Trust Limited
Isleworth Actors Company Charity
Isleworth And Syon School
Isleworth Baroque
Isleworth Blue School Educational Foundation
Isleworth Christian Community Centre
Isleworth Explorers Club
Isleworth Hounslow Charity Limited
Isleworth Voluntary Care Network
Islington And Camden Community Integration Project
Islington And Finsbury Youth Club
Islington And Stoke Newington Unit 196 Of The Sea Cadet Corp
Islington Arts Factory Limited
Islington Bangladesh Association
Islington Boat Club
Islington Boy s Club
Islington Building Preservation Trust
Islington Camden Mission Methodist Circuit
Islington Carers Centre
Islington Childcare Trust
Islington Chinese Association
Islington Community Contact
Islington Community Sports Academy
Islington Community Theatre
Islington Community Transport
Islington Cypriot Community Association
Islington Dyslexia Support Group
Islington International Festival Limited
Islington Law Centre
Islington Mental Health Forum
Islington Mind
Islington Music Forum Ltd
Islington Music Workshop Limited
Islington Pensioners Forum
Islington People s Rights
Islington Play Association
Islington Refugee Forum
Islington Somali Community
Islington Somali Women And Children Action Group
Islington United Charities
Islip Manor Youth And Community Association
Islip Parish Council Recreation Ground
Islip Playgroup
Islip Shop Community Fund
Islip Village Hall Limited
Islip Village Hall
Islwyn Memorial Society
Islwyn Phab
Ismail Dedat Charitable Foundation
Ismail Sharif And Family Charitable Trust
Ismaili Trust uk
Isobel Alice Hoggarth Deceased
ISOS Pension Fund
Isr Churches For Work And Social Justice
Israac Somali Community Association
Israel Abrahams Memorial Trust
Israel Special Kids Fund Uk
Israeli Charity Foundation
Israeli Film Festival London Ltd
Israelite Church Of Christ
Issachar Generation Ministries
Ist Brookwood Scout Group
Ist Bures Scout Group
Ist Groombridge Scout Group
Ist Guisborough lord Gisboroughs Own Scout Group
Ist Hexham Scout Group
Ist Hurstpierpoint Scout Group
Ist Littleport Scout Group Council
Ist Margate st Johns Scout Group
Ist Newport the Old Guard Scout Group
Ist Peterlee Scout Group
Ist South Hetton Scout Group
Ist Southampton aldermoor Scouts Group
Ist Tolworth st Matthew s Scout Group
Istd Benevolent Fund
Istead Rise Evening Women s Institute
Istead Rise Scouts And Guides
Isthmian Football League Benevolent Fund
Istiqama Muslim Community Of Britain
Isubilo Zambia
Isuog Courses And Conferences Limited
Isus Romanian Project
It For Schools
It s My Life Trust Fund
It s Your Life
It s Your Wish The John Bury Trust
It Schools Africa
It Skills 4 Rural Kenya
Itala Foundation
Italcraft 97 Pty Ltd Provident Fund
Italian Greyhound Rescue
Italian Medical Charity
Italian Ministries Uk Trust
Italian Pentecostal Church
Italtile Provident Fund
ITB Pension Scheme
Itchen Abbas And Avington Village Hall
Itchen South District Scout Council
Itchenor Memorial Hall
Itec North East Limited
Iteso Welfare Association Iwa
Itfc Charitable Trust
Ithaad Community Development Trust
Ithala Defined Benefit Pension Fund
Ithala Defined Benefit Provident Fund
Ithelp home
Ithemba Hope Trust
Itochu Corporation Provident Fund
Itp Support Association
ITransact Retirement Annuity Fund
Its All About The Music
Its Your Choice Limited
ITT Corporation
ITT Industries Ltd
Itteringham Village Hall Trust
Itton Village Hall
Ituna Community Project
ITV Pension Scheme
Itzchok Meyer Cymerman Trust Limited
Iupap Uk
Ivan And Rebecca Twigden Charitable Trust
Ivanhoe Provident Fund
Ivatt Bequest
Ivatt Diesel Recreation Society
Iveagh Bequest
Iveco Pension Fund
Iveco Provident Fund
Ivegill Educational Charity
Ivegill School Parent Teacher Association
Ivegill Village Hall
Ivegill Womens Institute
Iver Community Association
Iver Community Libraries Ltd
Iver Educational Trust
Iver Evening Women s Institute
Iver Heath Infant School And Nursery Fund
Iver Heath Infant School And Nursery Parent Teacher Association
Iver Heath Junior School Fund
Iver Heath Recreation Ground
Iver Heath Sick Fund
Iver United Charities
Iver Village Pre school
Ivinghoe Town Hall
Ivinghoe Wesleyan Reform Church
Ivington Village Trust
Ivo Day Centre
Ivor Hughes Charitable Trust
Ivorian And African French Speaking Women Action ifrans wag
Ivorian Development Project
Ivory Pension Fund
Ivy Bank Pre school Playgroup
Ivy House Funds For Fun
Ivy House School Fund Raising Group
Ivy Lane Recreation Ground
Ivy Manchester Limited
Ivy Mary Macfie Deceased Charitable Fund
Ivy Pentecostal Church
Ivy Ricketts Charitable Trust
Ivy Workshops Limited
Ivybridge Caring
Ivybridge Community Association
Ivybridge District Community Transport Association
Ivybridge Theatre Company
Ivybridge Young Farmers Club
Ivybridge Youth For Christ
Ivychurch Amenities Association
Ivydale League Of Friends
IWA Forest Industry Pension Plan
Iwade Village Hall
Iwade Women s Institute
Iwma Educational Trust
Ixia Pa
Ixth Wakefield Scout Group
Ixworth Middle School Pta
Ixworth Play And Learn Centre
Ixworth School Fund
Izaak Walton Cottage Fund
Izaak Walton Cottage
Iziko Retirement Fund
Izon People s Association
Izunome Kyodan United Kingdom
Izzy Twinkle Toes
I’institution de prévoyance des arts et métiers Proparis


J A Clark Charitable Trust
J A F Luttrell Memorial Charity
J A Floyd Charitable Trust
J A Gillett Charitable Trust
J A Greenwood s 1988 Charity Trust
J A M Humphreys Charitable Settlement
J a r e Airline Training Partnership
J A Roth s Charitable Settlement
J And A Charitable Trust
J And F
J And H Lewis Charitable Trust
J And M Britton Charitable Trust
J And M C Trust
J And M Charitable Trust
J And O Lloyd Trust
J And P Wearn Trust
J And S A Cleworth Fund
J B Bibby Fund
J B Harley Research Fellowships Trust
J B Leaver Prizes
J B Pelly Charitable Trust
J b s Club
J B Stelfox Trust Fund
J B Willows Working Men s Cottages
J C Baker Trust
J C Bamford Foundation
J C Brooks Trust Fund
J C Eddy Rectors Hall
J C Findlay Charitable Foundation
J C Foundation
J C Green Charitable Settlement
J C J Eaton Charitable Trust
J C Wood Prize Endowment For Art
J Coller Foundation
J D M Charitable Trust
J D Toff Charitable Trust
J Davies Charities Limited
J De V Arts Care Trust
J E Bowyer Charitable Will Trust
J E Buckley jones Trust former County Of Flint
J E Cairns Memorial Fund
J E Joseph Charitable Fund
J e l a Foundation
J E L Charitable Trust
J E Morris Charitable Trust Fund
J E Posnansky Charitable Trust
J e ts Centre
J E Whitehead Charitable Trust
J E Yates Bequests
J Edward Conway Fund
J F Cox Bequest
J F Egner And Manse Fund
J F F Charitable Settlement
J F Moorhead Trust
J F W Deacon s Mabledon Charity
J G Durant Trust
J Gross Pension Fund 1992
J H Elvin Prize Fund
J H G Coney Charitable Trust
J H Hayes Trust trust 1086
J H K Brunner Charitable Trust
J H M Mackenzie Charitable Trust
J H Robinson Charity
J h S Bartlett
J J And M Burton Charitable Settlement
J J Charitable Trust Limited
J J Charitable Trust
J J Jaffe Fund
J J Thomas Charity
J J Thomas Recreation And Sports Ground
J K D Wingfield Digby For Library
J K Shah Foundation
J L Hanman Bequest
J L Hanson Charitable Trust
J l o 1984 Limited
J Louis Brook Homes
J M Charitable Trust
J M Dixon Charity
J m Rathbone Charitable Trust
J M Ross Memorial Prizes
J M Rosser Evangelical Trust
J Moise Family Charity
J N Derbyshire Trust
J N Fear s Institute And Endowment
J N Knox Memorial Fund
J O Charitable Trust
J P Foundation
J P Moulton Charitable Foundation
J P S Housing
J P Strong Charitable Settlement
J Paul Getty Jr General Charitable Trust
J R Charitable Trust
J R Greenwood Charity Trust
J R Heslam Trust
J R Jones Prize Fund In Connexion With The Council School At Trawsfynydd
J R Trust
J R Whippet Rescue
J S And N Hodari Charitable Trust
J S F Pollitzer Charitable Settlement
J s Fun Club
J S Katz Charitable Trust
J Shine Charities Limited
J T Blair s Charity
J v Dring Trust
J V Trust
J W Bankes Charitable Settlement
J W Bankes Woodlands Trust
J W Braithwaite Will Trust
J W Chapman Earlesmere Charitable Trust
J W Gosling Prize Fund
J W Ley Trust
J W Pearce Music Trust
J W Phillips Charitable Trust
J W Thompson For Park
Ja me Centre birmingham Trust Ltd
Jaafery Funeral Trust
Jaafriya Islamic Welfare Centre
Jaamia Al Sadique ul amin
Jaamiatul Imaam Muhammad Zakaria Muhajir Madani
Jabbok Support Services
Jabez And Selah Bennett Charity
Jabez Charitable Trust
Jabulani Rural Health Foundation
Jacana Care Trust
Jacaranda Trust
Jachris Provident Fund
Jacinta Charitable Trust
Jacinth Sacheverell For Almshouses
Jack And Bert Richards Almshouses
Jack And Edgar Bartle s Fund
Jack And Jill At Saint Mary s
Jack And Jill Childminding Group
Jack And Jill Community Playgroup
Jack And Jill milton Preschool
Jack And Jill Playgroup batheaston
Jack And Jill Playgroup lichfield
Jack And Jill Playgroup Limited
Jack And Jill Playgroup strood
Jack And Jill Playgroup
Jack And Jill Pre school broomfield
Jack And Jill Pre school stannington
Jack And Jill Pre school
Jack And Jill Preschool
Jack And Jill s Pre school Goytre
Jack And Jill Toddler Group stoke
Jack And Jill Windmills Society
Jack Bradshaw Educational Trust
Jack Cornwell Community Association
Jack Crawford Trust
Jack Foat s Trust
Jack Ginsburg Retirement Annuity Fund
Jack Goldhill Charitable Trust
Jack In The Box Pre school Limited
Jack In The Box Pre School
Jack Jill s Pre school lichfield
Jack Jill s Pre school Playgroup moreton
Jack Kalson Junior Football Leagues Charity
Jack Livingstone Charitable Trust
Jack N Jill Pre school And Nursery
Jack s Gift Ltd
Jack Shaw Memorial Fund
Jackanory Pre school Chobham
Jackdaws Educational Trust
Jackfield Village Hall Fund
Jackie Milburn Memorial Trust Fund
Jackmans Community Association
Jacks Eton College Playgroup
Jacks Paint and Hardware Provident Plan
Jacksdale Christian Centre
Jacksdale Community Centre
Jacksdale Miners Welfare Institute
Jacksdale Miners Welfare Recreation Ground
Jacksdale Primary School Fund
Jackson And Marlet Charity
Jackson Foundation
Jackson s Lane
Jacksons Educational Foundation
Jacksonville City Retirement System
Jacob Bridge Mechanical Scholarship
Jacob Charitable Trust
Jacob Mendelson Scholarship Trust
Jacob s Well Care Centre
Jacob s Well derby
Jacob Simpson And Mary Hey
Jacob Wright s Almshouses
Jacobite Studies Trust
Jacobs Hospice Homes
Jacobs Starz Childrens Cancer Fund
Jacobs Well Appeal
Jacobs Well Village Hall
Jacobstow Parish Hall
Jacq Lee Pension Fund
Jacqueline Du Pre Memorial Fund
Jacqueline Hill Memorial Prize For Modern Languages
Jacqueline Openshaw Boys Home
Jade s Rainbow Foundation
Jadwiga Wanda Rada Charitable Trust
Jael Christian Women International Ltd
Jaffaria Islamic Social And Cultural Association
Jaffe Family Relief Fund
Jaffna Hindu College Association u k
Jaffna Holy Family Convent Past Pupils Association United Kingdom
Jaffna Muslim Association Uk
Jaffray Care Society
Jaffray Property Solutions
Jafri Global Community Charitable Trust
Jagannath Hall Alumni Association Uk
Jagat Guru Valmik Ji Maharaj Mandir Gian Ashram U k
Jagged Fence Theatre
Jago Community Trust Ltd
Jagonari Women s Educational Resource Centre Limited
Jagruti Women s Group
Jaguar Cars Ltd
Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust
Jaguars Wheelchair Basketball Club
Jah jireh Homes
Jahangir Welfare Trust
Jai Maa Bhameshwari Kali Mandir
Jai Sitaram Seva
Jaic Ministries Jesus Is Alive International Church Croydon
Jaides Limited
Jain Academy
Jain Association Of United Kingdom
Jain Samaj Europe
Jain Samaj Manchester
Jain Sangha Of Europe
Jain Vishva Bharati London
Jainagar Trust
Jaipur Heritage Trust Limited
Jaisalmer In Jeopardy
Jake Charitable Trust
Jake Mccarthy Foundation
Jake n Lee Tadley Youth Fund
Jake s Sensory World Limited
Jakin Pregnancy Care And Counselling Trust
Jalalabad Association
Jalalabad Islamic And Cultural Association
Jalalabad Jamay Masjid
Jalalabad Muslim Society Of Bangladesh
Jalalabad Nottinghamshire Bangladeshi Cultural And Welfare Society
Jalalabad Trust
Jalalabad Welfare And Cultural Association
Jalalabad Welfare And Education Trust
Jalalia Jamme Masjeed Enfield
Jalalia Mosque And Islamic Education Centre
Jalalia Sunni Jami Masjid Islamic Education Centre
Jalalia Welfare Trust
Jalaram Bal Vikas Ltd
Jalaram Charitable Trust
Jalaram Jyot Trust
Jalashwary School Grantaid Appeal
Jam iat Ihyaa Minhaaj Al sunnah
Jam iyyat Lutfil lahi
Jama at E Ahl E Sunnat uk
Jama at ul Islamiyya Of Nigeria uk
Jamaatul Islamiyah Society
Jamaica 2000
Jamaica Basic Schools Foundation uk
Jamaica Ex soldiers Association Uk
Jamaica Hospitals League Of Friends
Jamaica School Resources
Jamaica Society leeds
Jamaican Aid Group
Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital
Jambange Mind Body And Spirit Institute
Jambo Africa Community Limited
Jame Trust
Jamea Hussainia Idrisia Madrasa Trust
Jamea Madania Welfare Trust jmwt
Jamea Noorania Islamia Trust jni
Jameah Fatimia Mosque
Jameatul uloum al islameyah
James 1v27
James Ainsworth Almshouses
James Alfred And Emma Clara Hall Fund
James Alfred Willis Trust Fund
James Allen s Girls School
James And Jenny Bird Charity
James And Thomas Sawyer
James Arlott Memorial Prize Fund
James Arnold Scholarship Fund
James Barningham Scholarship
James Bedell s Charity
James Bolland Charity For The Poor
James Bond henry Welch Trust
James Bradford Almshouses Trust
James Bradford Helpston Trust
James Bradshaw Charity
James Bulger Memorial Trust Limited
James Butler s Trust
James C Thomson And C Leslie Thomson Memorial Trust
James Caan Foundation
James Carthen Quick Foundation
James Challen
James Charity
James Christmas Educational Foundation
James Clark Charitable Trust
James Clark
James Clennell
James Coker Foundation
James Colmer s Almshouses
James Cook Bequest
James E Brydone Provident Fund
James Eden s Foundation
James Edward Cruickshank Prizes Fund
James Edward Frudd
James Edward Powles Will Trust
James Fretwell s Charity
James Gift
James Gledhill
James Graves
James Hargreaves Bequest
James Hayes
James Henry Blake s Charity
James Hindle Old Scholars Fund
James Hirons
James Hooper
James Hopkins Trust
James Humphrey
James J Fattorini Charitable Trust
James Johns And David Stuart Johns Charity
James Johnson s Bequest
James Kenworthy Blind Charity
James Lewis Foundation
James Lilley Endowment Charity
James Lockhart Foundation
James Mackaness Family Charitable Trust
James Madison Trust
James Marshall Foundation
James Martyne fishmongers Co
James Masters For A School Or Schools In Connexion With Hillmorton Particular Baptist Chapel
James Menzies kitchin Memorial Trust
James Middleton Prizes
James Musgrave s Charity
James Myatt Memorial Fund
James North Pension Fund
James Oglethorpe Primary School Parents Association
James Oliver Educational Charity
James Paget Ostomy Support Group
James Paget University Hospitals Charitable Fund
James Parker Bucks Bequest For Sunday School
James Payne Memorial Fund
James Peacock Bread Charity
James Peacock Infant And Nursery School Fund
James Peacock s Educational Foundation
James Peek Trust Funds
James Peppercorn s Charity
James Percy Foundation
James Pooley For National Schools
James Powell s Educational Foundation
James Price s Charity
James Ravenscroft Charity
James Reckitt Memorial Trust
James Rennie Parent Teachers And Friends Association
James Rich
James Riley
James Rutterford Trust Fund
James Sagar s Charity
James Selby Charity
James Shepley
James Smellie Memorial Fund
James Smith s Almshouse Charity
James Smith
James Square Plymouth Limited
James Symons
James Tasker Scholarship
James Thompson s Educational Charity
James Thomson Trust Fund
James Thorpe Charity
James Tilden s Foundation
James Tillard s eleemosynary Charity
James Toogoods Educational Foundation
James Townsend s Educational Charity
James Tudor Foundation
James Twinam s Charity Holtby Share
James Unwin Heygate s Charity
James Vaughan Charity
James Walker Foundation
James Walker Fund
James Walker s Charity
James Walter Brown Bequest
James Went Memorial Classical Exhibition
James Whale Fund Limited
James White Bequest Icw The Roman Catholic Church At Thornaby on tees
James White Bequest
James Wilcock Trust
James Wilford east Sussex Charity
James Wilford kent Charity
James Williams Trust
James Wolfe Parents Association
Jameya Muhammadiah Biswanath
Jamhour Alumni Uk ja uk
Jami Mosque And Islamic Centre birmingham Trustees Limited
Jamia Aisha Siddiqa Lil Banaat
Jamia Al Furqaan
Jamia Al hafsah islamic Educational And Cultural Trust
Jamia Al jalaliah Foundation
Jamia Al karam islamic Educational And Cultural Trust
Jamia Al karam
Jamia Darus Sunnah London
Jamia Ghosia Association
Jamia Ghousia Ale sunnat wa jamaat Masjid
Jamia Hanfia Ghosia Mosque And Princess Street Resource Centre
Jamia Hanfia Rizvia Mosque Trust
Jamia Ihsania
Jamia Islamia birmingham Trust Limited
Jamia Islamia Ghousia
Jamia Islamia Hazarat Sultan Bahoo Trust bradford
Jamia Islamia Ishaatul Uloom Uk
Jamia Islamia islamic Studies Centre Trust
Jamia Islamia Munshi Bazar Trust
Jamia Islamia Rizwia islamic Education Centre
Jamia Islamia Unnoyon Trust Uk
Jamia Islamia Urdu Teaching Centre
Jamia Khizra Mosque And Islamic Centre Bury
Jamia Khulafai Rashidin Ahl Sunnat Wal Jamait And Haq Char Yar Islamic Centre
Jamia Masjid Abu bakr And Islamic Centre
Jamia Masjid Anwar e madina And Islamic Study Centre
Jamia Masjid Bilal And Community Centre
Jamia Masjid e bilal leicester
Jamia Masjid Ghousia Armley
Jamia Masjid Gousia telford
Jamia Masjid Gulshan e baghdad Mosque Committee
Jamia Masjid Hanfia bradford Association
Jamia Masjid Huntingdon
Jamia Masjid Islamic Centre townsend Road
Jamia Masjid Madina Colne
Jamia Mohammadia
Jamia Mosque And Islamic Teaching Centre Trust
Jamia Mosque Anwar ul loom Trust
Jamia Muhammadiyah
Jamia Rehmania Educational And Cultural Trust High Wycombe
Jamia Shan e islam Welfare And Educational Centre
Jamia Tul Batul Mira Tul Islam Trust
Jamiah Darul Arqam Trust
Jamiah Faruqia Educational Trust
Jamiah Madaniyah
Jamiat Ahl E Hadith Banbury
Jamiat ahl e hadith Keithley
Jamiat Ahl e hadith Nottingham
Jamiat Ahl e hadith Oldham
Jamiat Ahl e hadith Rotherham
Jamiat Ahl e Hadith
Jamiat Ahl Hadith burton Upon Trent Branch
Jamiat e ulama e Islam Europe
Jamiat ul muslemeen Quwat ul islam Masjed
Jamiat Ul Muslimin Manchester
Jamiat Ul Muslimin
Jamiat Ulama i hind Uk Limited
Jamiat Welfare Foundation
Jamiatul ilm Wal huda Uk
Jamiatul uloom Al Islamia
Jamie Procter s Foundation
Jamie s Farm
Jamie s Wish Trust
Jamiya Masjid Islamic Centre
Jamma International
Jammau Kashmir Welfare Alliance jkwa
Jamme Masjid Ghausia Reading Islamic Centre anjuman Muhibban e rasool Reading
Jamme Masjid Reading
Jamnaben Gordhandas Nagrecha Foundation
Jampel Buddhist Centre
Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds
Jamyang Buddhist Centre
Jan And Loes De Kleuver Educational Charity
Jan e yousaf Trust
Jan kshatriya Sevak Mandal Uk
Jan Swasthya Sahyog Nhs In Yorkshire Link
Jan Weller Pre school Playgroup
Jana Suwaya Uk Branch
Janat Aziz Trust
Jandsford Trust
Jane And Mike Grabiner Charitable Trust
Jane And Peter Community Playgroup
Jane Austen Bi centenary Literary Prize
Jane Austen Memorial Trust
Jane Avery
Jane Bradbury s Educational Foundation
Jane Bridger Charitable Trust
Jane Brigham
Jane Cameron s Old People s Charity
Jane Caplin Settlement
Jane Churton Bequest
Jane Cook Educational Foundation
Jane Deane
Jane Downer Hooper s Educational Foundation
Jane Dunn Charity
Jane Dymoke Non educational Charity
Jane Eadith Catherine Caulfeild Bequest
Jane Elizabeth Lambert
Jane Elizabeth Lee Foundation Trust
Jane Evered s Charity
Jane Forby
Jane Ford s Foundation
Jane Forsyth s Charity
Jane Gatland
Jane Gibson Almshouses
Jane Goodman s Charity
Jane Grigson Trust
Jane Hayes Charity
Jane Heys
Jane Higginson Charity
Jane Hunt
Jane Lane School jump For Joy Association
Jane Luther
Jane Mcgowan s Bequest
Jane Meyrick
Jane Nicholas Charity
Jane Palmer s Educational Foundation
Jane Ryland Charity
Jane s Lectureship
Jane Self
Jane St Albyns Charity
Jane Sweetman
Jane Tailworth Held In Connexion With The Baptist Chapel Church Hill formerly Of Commercial Street Whitechapel London
Jane Tanners Charity
Jane Taylor Trust including The Bequest Of Mrs Jessie Garnett
Jane Tomlinson Appeal
Jane Wall For Poor
Jane Watson
Jane Whiteley Memorial Homes
Jane Williams Charity
Jane Woods
Janet Catherine Mackay Trust
Janet Dall Thomson Charity
Janet Wolfson De Botton Charitable Trust
Jangchub Ling Buddhist Centre
Janice Thompson Performance Trust
Janitor window cleaners pension fund
Jankrin Pension Fund
Jankrin Provident Fund
Jannat Ul Firdous
Jannaty Women s Social Society
Janus Kulikowski Vision Research Foundation
Janz Team Uk
Japan Animal Welfare Society Limited
Japan Arena
Japan Association In The Uk
Japan Christian Link
Japan Equity Fund
Japan Matsuri
Japan Mission
Japanese Akita Welfare Trust
Japanese Garden Society
Jaquine Lachman Arnold Charitable Foundation
Jared Gear Almshouse Charity
Jarfalla Kommun
Jarman Charitable Trust
Jarman Welfare Trust Uk
Jarrow Community Centre
Jarrow Football Club
Jarrow Spiritualists National Union Church
Jarrow Unit 197 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Jarrow Women s Institute
Jarvis Brook School Association
Jarvis Eleemosynary Charity
Jarvis Lodge
Jarvis Recreational Charity
JAS Forwarding Paid Up Provident Fund
Jas Sewa Foundation
Jasco Pension Fund
Jasco Provident Fund
Jason Walsh Fund For Handicapped Children
Jasper Robert s Bequest
Jassiane Limited
Jaster Ltd
Jatex Group Provident Fund
Javon Charitable Trust
Jay Education Trust
Jay Food Pension Fund
Jay Foods Group Pension Scheme
Jaya Shree Krishna Charitable Trust
Jayne Sampson Memorial Trust
Jaywick Community Resources Centre Association
Jaywick Millennium Lunch Club
Jazari Community Centre
Jazz Hussein Foundation Trust Limited
Jazz North east Limited
Jazz Services Limited
Jazz Umbrella
Jazzy Kidz
Jba Trust Limited
Jbw Academy
JCA Charitable Foundation
Jcc Ventures Limited
Jcci Zion Chapel London United Kingdom
JCH Provident Fund
JCI Group Provident Fund
Jcl Trust
Jd Church Ltd
JD Group Defined Benefit Pension Fund
JD Group Defined Contribution Pension Fund
JD Group Defined Contribution Provident Fund
Jdc International Centre For Community Development
Jdi uk
Jdr Charitable Trust
Jeal Community Trust
Jean Hick Fund
Jean Ion Memorial Trust
Jean M Hayes palmer Memorial Fund
Jean Norton Trust Fund
Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust
Jean Winter Charitable Trust
Jeanne D arc Lodge Benevolent Fund
Jeanne Marie Gunn Trust
Jeanne Saunders Centre penny Gobby House
Jeanne Stephens Foundation
Jebreel Charitable Foundation
Jeevan Asha Charitable Trust
Jeevan Jhot
Jeeyar Educational Trust Uk
JEF Engineering Provident Fund
Jeffares and Green Group Pension Fund
Jeffares and Green Group Provident Fund
Jefferies Land Conservation Trust
Jefferson Memorial Trust
Jeffery s Dole founded By Jeffery Limmer And Others
Jeffrey Brown Ministries
Jeffrey Ellingham s Charity
Jeffrey Neeve
Jeffreyston Playstation
Jehangir Manek Anklesaria Charitable Trust
Jehova Jireh Parish Ltd
Jehovah Gibbor Ministry
Jehovah jireh Trust
Jehovah Nissi Ministry
Jellie Tots Pre school
Jelly Babies
Jelly Leg d Chicken Arts Centre
Jelly Tots Mother And Toddlers
Jellybeans Playgroup
Jellybeans Pre school Wouldham
Jellytots Playgroup shaw
Jemima Creed s Charity
Jemima Invites
Jemima Khan Foundation
Jemima Octavia Cooper For The Poor
Jems Theatre
Jenga Community Development Outreach uk
Jeniffer And Jonathan Harris Charitable Trust
Jenkins And Lewis Relief In Need Charity
Jenner Vaccine Foundation
Jennett s Park Community Association
Jennett s Park Pta
Jennie Tattersall
Jenny Morrison Memorial Bursary Trust
Jenny Nicholson Memorial Trust
Jenny s Nursery School
Jennyruth Workshops Ltd
Jephson Village Hall
Jepun Bali Appeal
Jere Greenland s Charity
Jeremi Kroliczewski Educational Trust
Jeremiah Children Welfare Project Limited
Jeremiah Crey
Jeremiah Hall s Charity
Jeremiah House Of Prayer
Jeremiah Inns Charity
Jeremiah Matthews Goodall For Open Space Or Recreation Ground
Jeremiah s Journey Ltd
Jeremy And Kim White Foundation
Jeremy Cubitt Prize
Jeremy Gallet and Associates Pension Fund
Jeremy Powell s Charity
Jericho Centre
Jericho House Productions
Jericho Living Heritage Trust
Jericho Road Project
Jericho St Barnabas Community Association
Jerimoyamah Celestial Church Of Christ Uk
Jermyn Street Theatre
Jerome K Jerome Birthplace Museum Trust
Jerry Clay Lane Junior And Infant School Home School Association
Jerry Green Dog Rescue
Jerry Green Foundation Trust
Jerry Savelle Ministries wales
Jerusalem Chapel Rhydymwyn Flintshire
Jerusalem Church Of Christ Olorun Ajulo cherabim Seraphim
Jerusalem Church Of God Uk
Jerusalem Lodge No 197 Benevolent Fund
Jerusalem Ministries Birmingham
Jeshua Unit Social Trust
Jesmond Community Leisure
Jesmond United Reformed Church Charity
Jesmond United Reformed Church Trust Funds And Property Held In Connexion Therewith
Jesse Boot Community Basketball And Sports Trust Limited
Jesse Gray Association
Jesse Gray School Fund
Jesse Gregson Charity
Jesse Mary Chambers Almhouses
Jesse Smith and Sons Pty Ltd Staff Assurance Scheme
Jessheim Kommune
Jessica House Charity
Jessica s Trust
Jessie Ann Alford Charity
Jessie Elizabeth Kent Charitable Trust
Jessie Hughes Institute
Jessie Mary Mcwilliam Trust
Jessie s Fund
Jessie Snow s Almshouses
Jesus 4 U
Jesus And Relief Supplies
Jesus Anointed Ministry
Jesus Army Charitable Trust
Jesus Calls Europe
Jesus Cares Christian Fellowship
Jesus Cares Rehab Trust
Jesus Celebration Centre
Jesus Celebration Ministries
Jesus Christ City Mission
Jesus Christ Foundation Ministries International
Jesus Christ International Ministries
Jesus Christ s Church On Earth By His Special Envoy Simon Kimbangu
Jesus Christ The Great Salvation Fellowship
Jesus Christ The Saviour Assembly
Jesus Christ Witnesses god s Victorious Army
Jesus College In The University Of Cambridge
Jesus College Within The University And City Of Oxford Of Queen Elizabeth s Foundation
Jesus Coming Ministries
Jesus Disciples Community Church
Jesus Dominion International
Jesus Everlasting Foundation Ministry International
Jesus Family Cathedral
Jesus Fellowship Life Trust
Jesus For All Nations
Jesus For The World Community Project jwcp
Jesus Foundation Family International
Jesus Gospel Business
Jesus Hospital in Chipping Barnet
Jesus Hospital
Jesus House
Jesus In Me International
Jesus In The City Ministries Trust
Jesus Is Alive Christian Centre
Jesus Is Alive Ministries
Jesus Is Lord Embassy London
Jesus Is Lord Fellowship Worldwide Inc also Known As Jesus Is Lord Church United Kingdom Chapter
Jesus Is Lord Ministries
Jesus Lane Sunday School Endowment Fund
Jesus Life Ministry
Jesus Living Water World Wide Church
Jesus Ministries International North West
Jesus Miracle Tamil Church
Jesus Miracles Ministries
Jesus On Your Street j o y s
Jesus Power House Ministries Ltd
Jesus Reign Cherubim Seraphim Church Praying Band
Jesus Reigns Ministries Uk
Jesus Restoration Centre
Jesus Revival Ministries International
Jesus Saviour Ministries
Jesus Solution Ministries Salvation Centre
Jesus Tent Meeting Ministries
Jesus The Anointed One Church
Jesus The Messiah Ministry
Jesus The Voice Of Hope Global Ministries
Jesus To The World Evangelistic Association
Jesus Tower Of Hope Ministries
Jesus Victory Centre
Jesus Women International Prayer Movement
Jesus Youth Uk
Jet Jobs Education And Training
Jethavana Buddhist Vihara Trust
Jetmetalspray Pension and Life Assurance Fund
Jetna House Farm swinderby Riding For The Disabled Association
Jets Foundation
Jevington And Filching Women s Institute
Jewellery And Silver Society Of Oxford
Jewels Scholarship Fund
Jewish Association For Business Ethics
Jewish Association For The Physically Handicapped
Jewish Autism Trust
Jewish Bereavement Counselling Service
Jewish Blind Physically Handicapped Society Limited
Jewish Book Council
Jewish Care Community Foundation
Jewish Care Staff Benevolent Association
Jewish Care
Jewish Child s Day
Jewish Community Centre Uk
Jewish Community Council Of Gateshead
Jewish Community Day School Advisory Board
Jewish Community Day School Trust
Jewish Continuity
Jewish Council For Racial Equality
Jewish East End Celebration Society
Jewish Education Fund Limited
Jewish Education In Manchester
Jewish Futures Trust Limited
Jewish Genealogical Society Of Great Britain
Jewish Genetic Disorders Uk
Jewish Helpline Limited
Jewish Heritage Uk
Jewish High School For Girls
Jewish Historical Society Of England
Jewish Home Network Limited
Jewish Humanitarian Foundation International Limited
Jewish Interactive Limited
Jewish Joint Burial Society
Jewish Ladies Aid Society
Jewish Lads And Girls Brigade
Jewish Learning Exchange ohr Somayach Limited
Jewish Legacy Giving
Jewish Life In Southend jls
Jewish Literary Trust Limited
Jewish Marriage Council
Jewish Maternity Programme
Jewish Medical Association uk
Jewish Memorial Council
Jewish Music Institute
Jewish Radio Limited
Jewish Rescue Relief Committee Of Agudas Israel World Organisation
Jewish School Services jss Ltd
Jewish Secondary Schools Movement
Jewish Student Centre Limited
Jewish Teachers Training College
Jewish Training Academy For Girls jtag Ltd
Jewish Voice Ministries Uk
Jewish Womens Aid Limited
Jews College
Jews Court And Bardney Abbey Trust
Jews For Jesus
Jews Temporary Shelter
Jex Estates Provident Fund
Jezreel New Testament Church
Jf Ministries
Jfc And Boys Club also Known As Jays Boys Club
Jfs Comprehensive School Parent Teacher Association
Jfs Development Charitable Trust
JG Administration Retirement Fund
Jg Failsworth Old Peoples Welfare Association
JGA Unclaimed Benefit Preservation Pension Fund
JGA Unclaimed Benefit Preservation Provident Fund
JH Bachmann Pension Fund
JH Isaacs Group Provident Fund
JHH Willemse Voorsorgfonds
Jhok Aid Project
Jian Hua Foundation
Jibreel Foundation
JIC Mining Provident Fund
JIC Retirement Fund
Jig saw
Jiggens Memorial Village Hall And Playing Field
Jigjiga Rehabilitation And Resettlement Organisation
Jigna Haria Memorial Trust
Jignyasu Rambapa Trust
Jigsaw A Counselling Service In Barry
Jigsaw At St John s
Jigsaw bury
Jigsaw Kids Ministries
Jigsaw Playgroup pilling
Jigsaw Playgroup
Jigsaw Pre school northallerton
Jigsaw Pre school sproughton
Jigsaw Preschool western Wards
Jigsaw southeast
Jigsaw Support Scheme
Jigsaw Visitors Centre
Jigsaw Youth Theatre
Jigsaw4u Limited
Jigsaws Community Childcare Project
Jigsaws Pre school Lichfield
Jill Franklin Trust
Jillian Raymond Group Riding For The Disabled Association
Jim Cousins Trust
Jiminy Cricket s Pre school
Jimmy D s
Jimmy Mac s activity Centre For The Retired And Disabled
Jimmy s Association For Kidney Children
Jimmy s Community Activity Centre
Jimmy s Night Shelter Limited
Jinendra Trust
Jinghpaw Education Projects
Jinja D e a f jinja Deaf Education Access Fund
Jinnah Day Care Centre
Jinnah Development Trust Ltd
Jino Organisation
Jireh Chapel Higher Bebington Wirral
Jireh Chapel Tenterden
Jireh Projects U K
Jireh Provident Fund
Jireh Strict Baptist Chapel trust Property In Connection With
Jireh Trust
Jireh Women
Jitegemee School Building Project
Jj s Memorial Fund
Jj s Sensory Play Centre Ltd
JLT Benefits Solutions
Jm Exhibitions
JM Products Retirement Fund
Jm Sports In The Community
Jmc Trust Fund
Jmf Support Group For Unseen Disabilities
JMG Construction Pty Ltd Provident Fund
JMMO Provident Fund
JMV Textiles Provident Fund
JMV Textiles Pty Ltd Pension and Group Life Scheme
Jnf Charitable Trust
Jo Li Trust
Jo Martin Cancer Care Trust
Jo Parrish Travel Trust
Jo s Cervical Cancer Trust
Joan Ainslie Charitable Trust
Joan And John Corfield Charitable Trust
Joan Bennett Charity
Joan Bennett s Exhibition Endowment
Joan Cromwells Charity
Joan Cullen Charitable Trust
Joan Dawkins Fund
Joan Greenfield Fellowship Trust
Joan Howes Charitable Trust
Joan Morton Charity
Joan Read s Bequest
Joan Simpson s Charity
Joan Smith s Educational Charity
Joan Spence Marsland Deceased
Joan Wilde s Charity For Minister And Poor Of The Buckland And Cote Baptist Chapel
Joanna Bird Foundation
Joanna Brandis Educational Foundation
Joanna Leeds
Joanna Neale For The Benefit Of The Congregation Of Protestant Dissenters Being Baptists At Berkhamsted
Joanne joe Bingley Memorial Foundation
Joanne Jordan Trust
Job Change
Job Faulkner Charity
Job s Close Residential Home For The Elderly
Jobs Education Training
Jobs For Life Ltd
Jobserve Sports And Social Club
Jobson And Eades Charity
Jodi Mattes Trust
Jodrell Side Women s Institute
Joe Calafato Pension Fund
Joe Homan Charity
Joe Scott Charity
Joel Community Trust
Joel Memorial Limited
Joel Osteen Ministries Uk
Joel Seaverns Trust
Joes Community Sewing Project
Joffe Charitable Trust
Jogonnathpur Islamic Society uk
Johann Gutenberg Lodge No 5593 Benevolent Fund
Johannes Kepler Universität
Johannesburg Association For The Aged Provident Fund
Johannesburg Chevrah Kadisha Provident Fund
Johannesburg Child Welfare Society Uk
Johannesburg Municipal Pension Fund
Johannesburg Non Ferrous Scrap Metals Provident and Group Life Assurance Scheme
Johansson Family Foundation Limited
John A Thompson Memorial Trust
John A Timothy Charity Fund
John Ackroyd Charitable Trust
John Alabaster s Educational Foundation
John Alan Sparrow Trust Fund
John Allatt s Educational Foundation
John Allen For Clergyman
John Allen s Educational Foundation
John Allen
John Allsop
John Amphlett s School Charity
John And Agnes Stevyns
John And Ann Smith Charities
John And Annie Partridge Foundation
John And Bridie s Batten Disease Charity
John And Eliza Jelley Homes For Old People
John And Florence Stone Charitable Foundation
John And Freda Coleman Charitable Trust
John And Irene Foster Charity
John And Jerome Addys
John And Margaret Galvin Trust Fund
John And Nathaniel Carter
John And Sarah Dunning Bequest
John And Sarah Gull Fund And Working Men s Club Fund
John And Sarah Gull Fund
John Andrews Charitable Trust
John Andrews Humphrey For Poor
John Appleby Educational Foundation
John Armitage Memorial Trust
John Arthur Kenrick Art Scholarship Fund
John Asher Datnow Charitable Settlement
John Ashton including The Gift Of Hannah Shaw
John Bagley Music Trust
John Baker Sladen
John Baker
John Banck s Charity mercers Company
John Bancks For Sermons
John Barber s Trust
John Barber
John Barker Bursary Fund
John Barnes Association
John Barnes
John Bates Charity Otherwise Church Lands
John Baynard s Charity
John Beale
John Beane s Dorking Eleemosynary Charity
John Beane s Guildford Eleemosynary Charity
John Beane
John Beck s And Lewis Fetto s Charity
John Beddoes School Parent Teacher Association
John Bedford s Charity
John Bend s Educational Foundation
John Benjamin Daeumer s Charity
John Benjamin Ministries
John Bennett Parry Will Trust
John Bentley School
John Berry Trust
John Betts School Parent Teacher Association
John Bevan s Charity
John Bevere Ministries International Limited
John Billingsley The Elder
John Bishop Charitable Trust
John Blandy s Educational Foundation
John Bodley Trust
John Boler for The Poor
John Bousfield Charity
John Bowgin burgh Castle Trust Fund
John Bowles
John Bowley And Sherwood Almshouses
John Brackenbury Foundation
John Bradbeer Hemmings Trust
John Bradburne Memorial Society
John Brecknell s Charity
John Brereton
John Bristow And Thomas Mason Trust
John Brown Memorial Trust
John Browne
John Bruce s Will Trust
John Buckman For Prizes At Sunday School
John Bucknam Or Buckman s Charity
John Buller s Charity
John Buller s Foundation
John Bunyan Leaver Charity known Locally As East Farleigh Coal Charity
John Bunyan Lodge Benevolent Fund
John Burdon sanderson Pathology Trust Fund
John Burgoyne
John Burrill Almshouses
John Butler Otherwise The Causeways Charity
John Butterwick Trust Day Care Centre And Hospice
John C Forster Memorial Prize In History In Connection With Stanley Grammar School
John Carewe Brighton Orchestra Trust
John Carr s Charity
John Carter
John Cary s Almshouses
John Castlehow Toppin Memorial Hall
John Chapman s Charity
John Chappell And Fuel Allotment
John Charles Corner Gamble
John Charles Wright Bequest for Public Library
John Christian Pringle Memorial Fund
John Clarke Bursary Fund
John Clarke s Charity
John Clayton Charity
John Clifford School Fund
John Coates Charitable Trust
John Colet School Fund
John Collier s Educational Foundation
John Collin s Charity
John Collings Educational Trust
John Collins
John Colman Mann Charitable Trust
John Constantine
John Cooke s Congregational Sunday School Fund
John Cooper Furniss Charity
John Cooper s Foundation
John Corder s Charity
John Coxe
John Cross School
John Crump Bowring Recreation Ground
John Dakyn s Almshouse Charity
John Dakyn s Educational Foundation
John Daniel Centre Appeal
John Darell For Scholarship At Exeter College Oxford
John Davies And Hugh Phillips
John Davies Charity
John Davison s Charity
John Daw s Gift
John De Clivedon Lodge Benevolent Fund
John Dean Thompson Gift
John Dobson For School
John Donne Lower School Pta
John Dorkin s Charity
John Dorman Foundation
John Dorsett Trust
John Dove s Charity
John Downer
John Dryden s Charity
John Dyer s Charity
John E Marshall Fund
John Eastwood Hospice Trust
John Eaton s Almshouses
John Eddleston s Charity
John Eddleston Vicarage Moneys
John Eden s Almshouses
John Edgar Memorial Trust
John Edmonds Charity
John Edmonds
John Edmund Downes Will Trust
John Edward Champney For Library And Public Garden
John Edward Clough Charity
John Eric Bye Trust
John Ernest England Will Trust Fund
John F Kennedy Cardio Thoracic Amenity Fund
John F Kennedy Parent Staff Association
John F Kennedy School Association
John Fairclough Charitable Trust
John Farmer s Bread Charity St Cuthbert Share
John Farmer s Workhouse Charity
John Feeney Charitable Trust
John Fielder Haden heston Relief In Sickness Charity
John Fielding School Fund
John Fielding School Parents Staff And Friends Association
John Fleetwood Marsh
John Foche And Cushire s Charities
John Foord
John Forster s Charity
John Foster Charitable Trust
John Foster poor
John Fox s Charity For Hornton School
John Foyle s Charity
John Francis Buller s Charity
John Francis Greswolde williams Almshouses
John Francis Greswolde williams For The Poor
John Francis Greswolde williams
John Franklyn s Almshouses including Subsidiary Charity Of Mary Rosamond Walter
John Frederick Langford Discretionary Will Trust
John Fricker s Charity Of 1696
John Fussell Memorial Trust Fund
John Fyson s Charity
John Gainsborough For Bedehouses
John Gardner s Foundation
John Garton s Charity
John George Joicey Bequest
John Gibbon s Educational Foundation
John Gilders Maskell Almshouses Charity
John Gillow For Education Of Students For The Priesthood
John Girling s Charity
John Godbold s Charity For The Poor
John Golding House
John Gould
John Grandorge s Charity
John Greaves Irlam School Charity
John Greaves s Charities
John Green Institute Charitable Trust
John Grooms
John Gunson
John Gurney s Charitable Trust
John Guyon And Thomas Love
John Hagee Ministries
John Hainsworth Bates Charitable Trust
John Hall Charitable Settlement
John Hall
John Halstead s Charity
John Hammond Charity
John Hampden 1st School Fund
John Hampden Grammar School Parents Association
John Hampden Primary School Parent Teacher Association
John Hanson School Awards Foundation
John Harris
John Harrison s Charity
John Harrox County Primary School Fund
John Hart
John Hawkins
John Henboro Charity
John Henderson Mcgregor Charitable Trust
John Henman s Charity
John Henry Cartwright
John Henry Harold Ferrer Deceased Will Trust
John Henry Harris Memorial Fund
John Henry Memorial Fund
John Henry Newman Association
John Hervey Chapter No 1260 Benevolent Fund
John Heygate s West Haddon Endowed School
John Hickes Charity
John Hicks
John Hiett
John Higgott s Almshouses
John Higgs Almshouses
John Hill s Charity
John Hodges Trust For Harpsden Hall
John Holford s Charity
John Hollands Charity
John Holmes Memorial Trust
John Hooper s Charity
John Horne Homes
John Horniman s Children s Trust
John Hoult
John Howard Nurses Homes
John Hugh Salmon Prize Fund
John Hulse s Charity
John Hulse
John Hunt Primary Footsteps
John Huntingdon s Charity
John Hurd s Charity
John Iles Barnes Charity For Farmers And Their Widows
John Innes Centre
John Innes Foundation
John Innes Park
John Inns Charity
John Jackson Charitable Trust
John Jacob Astor Charitable Trust
John James Bristol Foundation
John James Charitable Trust
John James Charity
John James Gift For Sunday School congregational
John James Leon Varney Will Trust
John James Rowe s Foundation For Girls
John James Underdown Charitable Trust
John James Whittaker Prize Fund
John Jamieson And Hospital Schools Friends Group
John Jarrold Trust Ltd
John Johns
John Jones Charity
John Jones For Education
John Jones
John Jorge
John Kendall Carpenter Memorial Fund
John Kenrick Charitable Trust
John Kenworthy s Charity For Clothing For Women
John Kenworthy s Charity For Men
John Kimbell
John Kimber Benefit Plan
John Kimber s Educational Charity
John Knowles Charity For The Poor
John Kobal Foundation
John La Rose Trust
John Laing And Son Pty Ltd Pension And Life Assurance Scheme
John Laing Charitable Trust
John Lally International Foundation
John Lane Charity
John Lane s Educational Foundation
John Lanyon
John Laughton Educational Foundation
John Leach s Educational Foundation
John Ledbrooke s Charity
John Lennon Promotions For Love And Peace Ltd
John Lewis Partnership General Community Fund
John Lewis Partnership pic
John Lipscomb s Charity
John Lloyd Huck Charitable Foundation Great Britain
John Lockoe s estate Charity
John Longwill s Agricultural Scheme
John Lush Charity
John Lyall Charity
John Lynn And The Charity Known As The Poor s Lands
John Lyon s Charity
John Mackie Memorial Ladies Home
John Mackintosh Memorial Homes
John Macmillan Memorial Trust
John Marsh
John Martin s Charity
John Mason
John Massu s Charity
John Matthews Or Church Charity
John Matthews
John Maxwell Charitable Trust
John May Charity
John Maynard And Frances Smyth Charity
John Mayne
John Mayo s Educational Foundation
John Mayo
John Mcbride Trust
John Mccann Memorial Fund
John Menzies southern Limited Employees Benevolent Fund
John Merrick s Charity
John Metcalfe Publishing Trust
John Miles Charity
John Millard Sunday School
John Millest Trust
John Mitchell Memorial Trust
John Mitchelmore s Charity
John Mobberley
John Moffat Prolock Pension Fund
John Moore s Bequest
John Moore
John Moores Foundation
John Morris
John Moss
John Mountain Memorial Fund
John Newman Charitable Trust
John Newman s Charity
John Nicholls Charity For The Poor
John Nott Charity
John Nowes Exhibition Foundation
John O gaunt Parent School Association
John Of Rolleston Care Club The Forum
John Of Rolleston Primary School Fund
John Oldnall
John Oliver
John Ormonde Butler Bursary Fund
John Oxnam
John Pargiter Charity
John Parkhouse Trust
John Parkinson
John Parry Educational Trust
John Passman Tate
John Paul Ii Foundation For Sport
John Payne s Charity
John Pearson
John Pease Cottages
John Percy Dudin Will Trust
John Phillips Watts Memorial Almshouses
John Pickering And Partners Charitable Trust
John Pickering
John Pilling Trust
John Plant Shufflebotham
John Plumb
John Pollen s Educational Foundation
John Port School Parent teacher Association
John Pounds Charity
John Pounds Community Trust Limited
John Pryor Sports And Youth Centre
John Quiller Couch s Foundation
John R And Joy Moore Trust
John R Davis Memorial Prizes Fund Icw Long Eaton Harrington Junior School
John Ratcliffe CC Provident Fund
John Rawston Papillon Bequest
John Ray Charity
John Ray Millennium Green Trust
John Revis
John Richard s Charity excluding The Educational Fund
John Richard s Charity
John Riches Charity
John Risebrow s Charity
John Roan Foundation
John Robert Halkes Settlement
John Robinson s Trust
John Robinson
John Rodgman s Charity
John Ruskin Choral Society
John Ruskin School Prize Fund
John Ruskin School Trust
John s Ayclife Community Kitty
John s Club Isle Of Wight
John Salisbury Charity
John Samuel Newlyn
John Sanders Trust
John Sandy Trust
John Sayer Almshouses
John Schofield Trust
John Seear For Open Space And Recreation Ground
John Sherwen
John Simpson s Charity
John Sinclair Railway Collection Killingworth
John Sloughgrove
John Smeaton School Parent teacher Association
John Smethurst For Bellringers
John Smethurst For Church
John Smethurst For The Poor
John Smith s Charity
John Smith s Educational Foundation
John Smith s Foundation
John Smyth Educational Foundation
John Smyth s School Charity
John Soans Trust
John Speak Foundation Foreign Languages Scholarships Trust Fund
John Spencer Charitable Trust
John Spicer s Apprenticing Charity
John Stanley Ledbrook
John Stanley s Charity
John Stephen Gregory Will Trust
John Stephenson for Knaresdale Share
John Stevens Poor Fund
John Stocke s Charity
John Stockton Educational Foundation
John Storer House Foundation
John Straker s Charity
John Street Mission Hall Fund
John Strutt Centre For Parrot Conservation
John Stuart Mill Institute
John Sugars Almshouse Charity
John Sumner s Charity
John Swain s Charity
John Swancott
John Swire 1989 Charitable Trust
John Sykes Dewhurst Bequest
John T Bridge Trust
John T Rice Infant School Fund
John Tabor Fund
John Taylor Foundation For Young Athletes
John Taylor High School Fund Staffordshire
John Taylor s Foundation
John Tegg s Educational Foundation
John Tempest s Charity
John Thacker Charitable Trust
John Thomas And Mary Ann White Trust
John Thomas Kennedy Charitable Foundation
John Thomas Roper For Coals For The Poor
John Thomas Roper for Parish Church
John Thorn s Educational Foundation
John Tinker Travelling Scholarship icw Huddersfield Technical College
John Togwell
John Tomlinson Charity
John Tooley
John Townsend s Charity
John Townshend
John Townson And John Ward
John Traherne s Relief In Need And Educational Charity
John Tripp Or The Blue Coat Charity
John Trotter Trust
John Trower Or Town Estate Charity
John Tuthill
John Verman s Charity
John Verran
John Wagstaffe
John Wakeham Foundation
John Wallis
John Walsh Fund
John Ward s Educational Foundation
John Ward Stainer Prize Fund in Connection With Folkestone Harvey Grammar School
John Warren Foundation
John Wates Charitable Trust
John Watson
John Weekes s
John Whalley
John Wheelock
John Wheelwright Archaeological Society
John White Homes war Memorial Trust
John Wigham Richardson Charity
John Wigham Richardson
John Wilford Charity For Highways In Carshalton
John Wilford Charity For Highways In Sutton And Cheam
John Wilkins Prize In Connection With Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
John Wilkinson Ministries
John Wilkinson School Pta
John Wilkinson
John William And Mary Jane Allison Charity
John William Foster
John William Horsfall Trust For The Blind
John William Larkin For Poor Baptised Members Of The Church Of England
John William Midgley Residuary Trust Fund
John William Williams For Tobacco
John William Wright Deceased Trust
John Williams Charity
John Wilson For Library
John Wincoll
John Wood s Charity
John Wood s Educational Charity
John Wood
John Wordsworth
John Wrenn s Charity
John Wright s Charity
John Wright s Endowed School
John Wyatt smith Forestry Educational Trust
John Wynne s Foundation The Exhibition Trust
John Wynne s Foundation The School Trust
Johnnic Entertainment Pension Fund
Johnnie Johnson Trust
Johnnies Pension Fund
Johnson And Fownes Charity
Johnson and Johnson Provident Fund
Johnson Charitable Trust
Johnson Controls Automotive Provident Fund
Johnson Controls Pension Trustees Ltd
Johnson Fold Youth And Community Support Group
Johnson Group Cleaners Charity
Johnson Houses
Johnson Johnson
Johnson Matthey Pension Fund
Johnson Matthey Provident Fund
Johnson Matthey Public Limited Company Educational Trust
Johnson s Hospital
Johnson Sunday School Fund
Johnson Tiles Pension Fund
Johnson Wax Limited Charitable Trust
Johnsons Advancement In Life Charity
Johnston Educational Foundation
Johnston Institute
Johnston Oliver Memorial Prize Fund Of The Ulverston Victoria High School Cumbria
Johnston Playing Field
Johnston Recreation Ground
Johnstone For Education
Johnstown C P School Parents teachers Association
Johnstown Fundraising Committee Ltd
Johnstown Infants Home And School Association
Johnstown Junior School Parent Teacher Association
Johnstown Pre school Playgroup
Johnstown Sports Association
Johnstown Welfare Field Recreation Ground
Joicey Trust Fund icw The London Museum
Joined up Holidays
Joined Up Thinking Projects Music
Joining Against Cancer In Kids
Joining Jack
Joint Activities And Motor Education Service
Joint Aid Management
Joint Association Of Classical Teachers
Joint Association Of Nissa Trust j a n Trust
Joint Colleges Nursery cambridge Limited
Joint Committee Of The Order Of St John Of Jerusalem And British Red Cross Society
Joint Community Services
Joint Council Chapel Of Unity Coventry Cathedral
Joint Council For Qualifications
Joint Council For The Welfare Of Immigrants
Joint Educational Trust
Joint Epilepsy Council Of The U k And Ireland
Joint Faculty Of Public Health Of The Royal Colleges Of Physicians Of The United Kingdom
Joint Forces Alliance Ltd
Joint Gospel
Joint Heirs With Christ
Joint League Of Friends Of West Cumberland Hospital
Joint Medical Holdings Limited Pension Fund
Joint Municipal Pension Fund
Joint National Committee On Training For Playwork
Joint Openshaw Group
Jokadu District Development Fund
Jole Rider Friends
Jolesfield School Association
Jolly Tots Playgroup
Jolly Tots Pre School Playgroup calderdale
Jollytots Mother And Toddler Group
Jon Colyer Ministries International
Jon Hayward Memorial Trust
Jonacc Services
Jonas Ellingham Charity
Jonas Jackson Peel Trust Fund
Jonathan Cambden s Exhibition Foundation
Jonathan Conville Memorial Trust
Jonathan Graham Trust Fund
Jonathan Labray s Almshouses
Jonathan Labray s Educational Charity
Jonathan Parker Charitable Trust
Jonathan Parkin
Jonathan Polewhele
Jonathan Scott Foundation
Jonathan Smith Memorial Trust
Jonathans Spar Provident Fund
Jones And Cleaves Ecclesiastical Charity
Jones And Cleaves Eleemosynary Charity
Jones and Wagener Pension Fund
Jones and Wagener Provident Fund
Jones Fund
Jones Memorial Recreation Ground
Jones Town Primary School Project
Jongingozi Retirement Fund
Jonkopings Kommun
Jonny Kennedy North East
Jono Sova Jono Seba jsjs Ltd
Jonsson Group Pension Fund
Joppa Benevolent Fund
Jopson s Educational Foundation
Jordan Family Foundation
Jordan Marshall Memorial Trust
Jordan Ministries
Jordan River Pentecostal Church
Jordans Environment Trust Ltd
Jordans Music Club
Jordans Rotary Trust
Jordans School Fund
Jordison And Hossell Animal Welfare Charity
Jorican Staff Retirement Fund
Josef Herman Art Foundation Cymru Trust Limited
Josef Watt Charitable Trust
Joseph Abel Charitable Trust
Joseph and Annie Cattle Trust
Joseph And Eleanor Gunson Almshouse Trust
Joseph And Jane Downie s Bequest For District Visiting Society
Joseph And Ruth Evans Trust
Joseph And Susan Piccioni 1994 Charitable Trust
Joseph Ashcroft For Coals For The Poor
Joseph Austen Williams Will Trust
Joseph Baker Workman s Charity
Joseph Banks Almshouses
Joseph Barker s Charity
Joseph Bentham
Joseph Bentley For Poor Of Former Clasketgate Wesleyan Chapel
Joseph Boaz Charity
Joseph Brough Charitable Trust
Joseph Chariott s Charity
Joseph Clarke s grantham Apprenticing Foundation
Joseph Clarke s loughborough And Villages Apprenticing Foundation
Joseph Clarke School Trust
Joseph Cohen Charitable Trust
Joseph Comber
Joseph Conrad Society uk
Joseph Cook Mark Lodge Benevolent Fund
Joseph Cooke
Joseph Coral Settlement
Joseph Crossley s Almshouses
Joseph Crump
Joseph Cyril Bamford Foundation
Joseph Duxbury For A Higher Grade School
Joseph Duxbury For A Technical School
Joseph Eayre s Charity
Joseph Edwin Mason
Joseph Ettedgui Charitable Foundation
Joseph Fattorini Charitable Trust
Joseph Foote Fundraising Trust
Joseph Fox
Joseph Francklin Charity
Joseph Green late Of Warton Hall Prize
Joseph Hague s Educational Trust
Joseph Hall s Charity
Joseph Hardy Charitable Trust
Joseph Henry Unwin Sick Poor Fund
Joseph Hood Ptfa
Joseph Hutton Trust
Joseph Jory s Charity
Joseph Kaye s Almshouses
Joseph Kersey Charity
Joseph Lancaster Lodge Benevolent Fund
Joseph Lancaster Trust Fund
Joseph Leckie Community Association
Joseph Levy Charitable Foundation
Joseph Lidyard or Ledgard
Joseph Lucas Trust
Joseph Manning Trust
Joseph Ministries
Joseph Mottershead
Joseph Neeld
Joseph Nelson
Joseph Nutter s Foundation
Joseph Patrick Trust
Joseph Rank Trust
Joseph Rowntree School Fund
Joseph s Goal
Joseph Scott s Chapel Charity
Joseph Scott s Educational Foundation
Joseph Sheldon Trust
Joseph Sladen including Thomas Hill s Charity For Poor Men
Joseph Sladen
Joseph Taylor And Hannah Mennell Charity
Joseph Ward s Charity
Joseph Webster s Charity
Joseph William Parbutt Trust
Joseph Williamson Society
Joseph Winkles Charity
Joseph Worboys Charity
Joseph Wright s Charity
Josephine Baker Trust
Joshua Amadi Ministries
Joshua Barber s Charity
Joshua George And Sophie Mellers Charity Christmas Fund Trust
Joshua Hayday Helping Hand Trust
Joshua Horner for Poor Of Salem Methodist Church
Joshua Jefferson Educational
Joshua Karawusa Ukachuku Foundation
Joshua Network Trust
Joshua Orphan And Community Care
Joshua s Boxes
Joshua Waite Or Candlemas Dole
Joshua Wood
Josiah And Mary Brewster Charity
Josiah Forster s Trust
Josiah Sheldon s Charity st Paul Share
Josiah Spiers Benevolent Fund
Josiah Vavasseur Trust medical Club And Pensions Fund
Josiah Vavasseur Young Men s Christian Association Fund
Josias Full And Others
Josie s Dragonfly Trust
Joss Searchlight
Jotunheimen Research Trust
Jouberton Town Council Provident Fund
Journal Children s Fund royal Antediluvian Order Of Buffaloes grand Lodge Of England
Journalists Charity
Journalists For Human Rights Uk Limited
Journey Into Wholeness
Journey Metropolitan Community Church Birmingham
Journeyman Mentoring Network Limited
Journeys Through Sport Limited
Journeys Toward Recovery
Joy Charitable Gift Trust
Joy Christian Centre Basildon
Joy Global South Africa Employee Benefit Fund
Joy Global South Africa Provident Fund
Joy Home For Children
Joy House
Joy Lane Primary School Parents Teachers Friends Association
Joy Mead Charity Trust
Joy Of Sound jos
Joy To The World Foundation
Joy Trust
Joybells Orphanage And School Foundation
Joyce and Mcgregor Pty Limited Staff Pension and Life Assurance Scheme
Joyce Carr Doughty Charitable Trust
Joyce Edwards Memorial Trust
Joyce Harpur s Charity
Joyce Marriott Scholarship Foundation
Joyce Meyer Ministries
Joyce Wilkinson Charitable Trust
Joydens Wood Junior School Parent Teacher Association
Joydens Wood Residents Community Association
Joydens Wood Women s Institute
Joynson hicks Fund
Joys Green Recreation Ground
JP Morgan Provident Fund
Jpa Development Agency Limited
Jpa Uk
JPMorgan Chase UK Pension Fund
JPMorgan Chase
Jpmorgan Educational Trust
Jpr Williams Research Fellowships
Jr And Sa Brooks Charitable Trust
JRA Bailey Organization Pension Fund
Jrg Pitts Charitable Trust
Jroots Limited
JRT Pension Fund
JSE Pension Fund
Jsg The John Stewart Grimoldby Charitable Foundation
JT Groeppensioenfonds
JT International South Africa Pty Ltd Provident Fund
JTB International Canada Ltd Pension Plan
Ju hoansi Development Fund
Juba Paper Guillotines Provident Fund
Jubba Youth Community Association
Jubilate Christian Bookshop Limited
Jubilate Hymns Charitable Trust
Jubilee 77 Club
Jubilee Action
Jubilee Almshouses
Jubilee Campaign
Jubilee Centre cambridge
Jubilee Christian Centre And Ministerial Association Trust
Jubilee Christian Centre Doncaster Trust
Jubilee Christian Centre
Jubilee Christian Church Dagenham
Jubilee Christian Church International united Kingdom
Jubilee Christian Fellowship antioch Christian Mission Tru
Jubilee Christian Ministries International
Jubilee Church Coventry
Jubilee Church Derby
Jubilee Church Farnham
Jubilee Church Four Marks And Medstead
Jubilee Church Hull
Jubilee Church In Bristol
Jubilee Church Liverpool
Jubilee Church Teesside
Jubilee Church Wirral Ltd
Jubilee Church
Jubilee Citizens Uk
Jubilee Clock Tower Appeal
Jubilee Close
Jubilee Club
Jubilee Clubhouse Project
Jubilee Coffee Club
Jubilee Community Association
Jubilee Community Church maidenhead
Jubilee Community Church
Jubilee Community Education
Jubilee Community Support Centre
Jubilee Debt Advice Ltd
Jubilee Debt Campaign
Jubilee Enterprise Foundation
Jubilee Family Centre
Jubilee Family Life Centre
Jubilee Field
Jubilee Fields Community Association
Jubilee Gardens 1978 Limited
Jubilee Gardens Trust
Jubilee Gardens
Jubilee Hall Chawleigh
Jubilee Hall Dallinghoo
Jubilee Hall Loddon
Jubilee Hall Trust Limited
Jubilee Hall
Jubilee Harvest Church
Jubilee Holiday Fund
Jubilee House Care Trust Ltd
Jubilee Institute Lakeside
Jubilee International Church Bromley
Jubilee International Church
Jubilee International World Outreach
Jubilee Life International Ministries
Jubilee Life Ministries Uk
Jubilee Master s Lodge No 2712 Benevolent Fund
Jubilee Memorial Gardens
Jubilee Ministries preston
Jubilee Money Advice Service In Oswestry
Jubilee Opera Trust
Jubilee Outreach Yorkshire
Jubilee Park Bloxham
Jubilee Park Pre school
Jubilee Pentecostal Church
Jubilee Playgroup penkridge
Jubilee Playgroup sully
Jubilee Playing Field
Jubilee Resource Hub
Jubilee Sailing Trust Limited
Jubilee Sailing Trust tenacious Limited
Jubilee Sefer Trust
Jubilee Society Of Mongolia
Jubilee Sports And Recreation Field
Jubilee Swimming Club For People With Disabilities
Jubilee Waterside Centre Ltd
Jubilee Welfare Trust
Jubili Orchestral Youth
Jubillee Hall Llangeitho
Judah Group Of Ministries
Judah Praise Community Centre
Judah Trust
Judeth Willoughby
Judge Management Education Trust
Judges of the Provincial Court Superannuation Plan
Judicial Retirement System of Iowa
Judson s Homes For Old Men And Women
Judy And Paul Dewinter Charitable Trust
Judy Appleman Foundation
Judy Clark Childcare
Jugserver Ltd
Julia Christina Clarke s Home Fund
Julia Lucy Woodward Charity For Apprenticing
Julia Marmor Charitable Trust
Julia Mary Parkinson Charitable Trust
Julia Mary Wood Charitable Trust
Julia Ridgway
Julia s House Limited
Julian Campbell Foundation
Julian Light Operatic Society
Julian Smith s 1988 Charity Trust
Julian Support Limited
Julians Primary School Parent Teacher And Friends Association
Julie Kent Trust
Julius Black Charitable Trust
Julius Grant Prize Fund
Julius Lucius Brenchley For Public Museum the Brenchley Trust
Jumag ET Manufacturers Provident Fund
Jumblies Day Nursery
Jumbo Cash and Carry Group Pension Fund
Jumbo Cash and Carry Group Provident Fund
Jumbo G B Organisation
Jumbo Toy Library
Jumbulance Trust
Jump 2k
Jump Mentoring Project
Jump Space Limited
Jump Wesleyan Reform Church
Jumped Up Theatre
Jumping Beans Garratt Park Playgroup
Jumping Beans Playgroup barnet
Jumping Beans Pre school Portland
Jumping Beans Pre school
Jumping Jacks Pre school
Jumpstart Kidz Ltd
Jumpstart Pre school
Junction 10 Counselling Service Limited
Junction 13 Eastleigh
Junction Arts Ltd
Junction Cdc Limited
Junction Community Trust
Junction Farm School Parent Teacher Association
June Hancock Mesothelioma Research Fund
June Margaret Pavyer Will Trust
June s Mother Baby And Toddler Group
Junior Cadet Corps training Ship Alacrity
Junior Chamber Lodge Benevolent Fund
Junior Chess Educational Fund Of The Hastings And St Leonards Chess Club
Junior Club
Junior Freemens Fund
Junior League Of London
Juniper And Barnardo Gardens Senior Citizens Club
Juniper Hill School Fund
Junius S Morgan Benevolent Fund
Junnurain Education Cultural Trust
Jupiter Chamber Orchestra
Jurassic Coast Trust
Juris Angliae Scientia Limited
Juristernes og Okonomernes Pensionskassen
Jus Kidz
Jusb Limited
Just Advocacy Limited
Just Around The Corner
Just Because
Just Care
Just Caring Midlands
Just Charity 1066 Limited
Just Children Foundation Uk
Just Connections
Just Different
Just Drop In Youth Info Advice Limited
Just Enough Uk
Just For Dogs east Midlands
Just For Kids Law
Just Fun Provident Fund
Just Help Foundation
Just Helping
Just Homes Charity
Just Jones
Just Kidz London
Just Lincolnshire
Just One Child
Just Rifles Charitable Trust
Just Springers Rescue
Just The Job Environmental Enterprises Limited
Just Trust
Just West Yorkshire
Just World Partnerships
Just Youth
Justact Middle East
Justchurch Uk
Justgiving Foundation
Justice Africa
Justice And Peace Fellowship
Justice Care
Justice First Limited
Justice For Dogs
Justice For Litigants In Person
Justice International
Justice Reflections
Justin Kornberg Charitable Settlement
Justin s Trust For Dogs In Europe
Juta Pension Fund
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Limited
JW Lister and Son Pty Ltd Pension Fund
JWT Provident Fund
JX Nippon Oil Energy Corporation
Jyb Trust

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