G A Hobson Settlement
G a s Group Garw Advisory Sub committee
G and C Benefit Fund
G and D Distributors Paid Up Pension Fund Liquidated
G and D Distributors Paid Up Pension Fund
G and D Distributors Pension Fund
G and D Distributors Provident Fund
G And G C Charitable Trust
G And I Herman Charitable Trust
G And L Salisbury s Homes
G And S Martin Charitable Trust Limited
G B Caird Memorial Trust
G C Armitage Charitable Trust
G C Employee Trust
G C Gibson Charitable Trust
G C R I Trust
G E And J Aston Charitable Trust
G E Gee Trust
G E Quinion Benevolent Fund
G F B Hamilton Settlement
G F Eyre Charitable Trust
G F Foundation Limited
G F Greenwood Memorial Fund
G F Macaulay Charitable Trust
G F S Trust
G force
G Fox and Co Staff Provident Fund
G Fox Provident Fund
G G S Khalsa College
G H Ashworth Scholarships
G H Wells Ickwell Village Hall Trust
G J W Turner Trust
G k Chesterton Library
G L Tillotson Charitable Trust
G M C Trust
G M Foundation
G M Morrison Charitable Trust
G M Newton Charitable Trust
G M T Evangelical Trust Limited
G M Wilson Charitable Trust
G O A L gift Of A Life
G O Bell Award Administered In Connexion With Temple Moor School
G P Brazil Memorial Trust
G p Climbing Complex Limited
G P Ganatra Charitable Trust
G P Janes Bequest To The West Wales English Baptist Churches
G P S Macpherson Charitable Settlement
G R Waters Charitable Trust 2000
G S Plaut Charitable Trust Limited
G S Sanders Charitable Settlement
G Schoeningh Foundation
G T Harley Thomas Charity
G t i Getting Teenagers Involved
G T Littlefair Trust Fund
G T Mountford Prize Icw School Of Art
G T Pearce Charitable Trust
G W Bulmer deceased Charitable Trust
G w r 163 Auto trailer Group
G w Staniforth Charity
G Whitehead Scholarship Fund
G4S Care and Justice Services Provident Fund
G4S CMS SA Retirement Fund
G4s Employees Trust
G4S Guards SA Pension Fund
G4S Pension Scheme
G4S plc Securidor Group Pension Scheme
G4S Services SA Retirement Fund
GA Motors Winders Provident Fund
Gaap Orphanage Foundation
Gabai Tzedokoh Limited
Gabalfa Baptist Church And Manse
Gabiley Area Relief And Development Organisation gardo
Gableholt Limited
Gabler Medical Pty Ltd Pension Fund
Gabler Medical Pty Ltd Provident Fund
Gables Charitable Trust
Gables Farm Dogs And Cats Home
Gables Trust
Gabo Trust
Gabriel Hourly Staff Retirement Fund
Gabriella Zainab Foundation
Gabrielle s Angel Foundation Uk
GAD Government Actuary s Department
Gaddesby C P School Fund
Gaddesby Village Hall
Gaddesden Place Rda Centre
Gaddesden Row Village Hall
Gaddum Centre
Gadebridge Community Association
Gadebridge Youth Club
Gads Hill School
Gadsby Charities
Gadsby House
Gael Music
Gaer Around School Clubs
Gag Le achim
Gage Foundation
Gahu Dramatic Arts
Gaia House Trust
Gainford Literary Institute Fund
Gainford Parish Charitable Trust
Gainford Riverside Millennium Green Charitable Trust
Gainsborough Adventure Playground Ltd
Gainsborough And District Aid In Sickness Charity
Gainsborough And District Civic Society
Gainsborough And District Heritage Association
Gainsborough And District Welfare Community Association Limited
Gainsborough Award Charity
Gainsborough Choral Society
Gainsborough Community Theatre Limited
Gainsborough Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Gainsborough Dispensary Charity For The Poor Of Gainsborough And Morton
Gainsborough District Scout Council
Gainsborough Educational Charity
Gainsborough Hearing Helpline
Gainsborough Pre school
Gainsborough s House Society
Gainsborough Toy Library Limited
Gainsborough Traveller Initiative
Gainsborough Trust
Gainsborough Women s Institute
Gainsford Thomas
Galactosaemia Support Group
Galapagos Conservation Trust
Galatea Locomotive Trust Ltd
Galatea Trust For The Development Of Therapeutic Environments
Galaxy Retirement Fund
Gale Family Charity Trust
Gale Theatre Of London And Barbados
Galenica Personalvorsorgestiftung
Galgate Pre school Playgroup
Galhampton Playgroup
Galhampton Village Hall Playing Field
Galhinna Welfare Association
Galicia Jewish Heritage Foundation
Galila Charitable Trust
Galilean Trust
Galilee Network
Gallagher Powerfence Pension Fund
Gallaher JTI
Gallaher Pension Scheme
Galleon Theatre Company Ltd
Galleries Inc
Gallery 37 Foundation Ltd
Galletts And Polebridge Recreation Ground
Galleywood Heritage Centre
Galleywood Infants Parents Association
Galleywood Women s Institute
Gallic Pension Fund
Gallimore Trust
Gallo Images Pension Fund
Galloway s Society For The Blind
Gallows Bank Millennium Green Trust
Galmington Playing Field
Galmpton And Churston Evening Womens Institute
Galmpton Church Of England Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Galmpton Institute
Galmpton Pre school Limited
Galphay Village Institute
Galtres Festival
GAM Preservation Provident Fund
GAM Umbrella Pension Fund
GAM Umbrella Retirement Fund
Gama Tzedaka Limited
Gambia And Avon Fire Services In Partnership
Gambia Education And Teaching Support
Gambia Health And Educational Promotion
Gambia Link
Gambia Links In Education
Gambia Malnutrition Fund
Gambia School Appeal Nursery Education
Gambia School Appeal
Gambian Education Trust
Gambian Longevity Through Village Enterprises United Kingdom
Gambian Partnership Support Limited
Gambians In Need
Gamblesby Community Centre
Gamblesby Recreation Ground
Gambling Concern
Game For Life
Gamekeepers Welfare Trust
Gamelea Countryside Training Trust
Games Aid
Games Hospital
Gamlen Charitable Trust
Gamlingay And District Young Farmers Club
Gamlingay And Gransden Scout Group
Gamlingay Community Centre
Gamlingay First School Association
Gamlingay Rainbow Playgroup
Gamma Zenith Pty Ltd Classic Provident Fund
Gammex Pension Fund
Gan Menachem Hendon Limited
Ganaane Education Development Organisation gedo
Ganden Buddhist Centre
Ganden Ling Buddhist Centre
Gandhi World Hunger Fund
Ganet s Adventure School Fund
Ganga Prem Hospice
Gangaben Desai Family Charity
Ganllwyd Village Hall
Gannon Institute
Gansbaai Marine Aftreefonds Voorsorgfonds
Gansbaai Vissermanne se Aftreefonds Pensioenfonds
Gansbaai Vissermanne se Aftreefonds Voorsorgfonds
Ganton Educational Trust
Ganton School Parent Staff Association
Ganton Village Hall Fund
Ganzoni Charitable Trust
Gap a Thanet Community Project
Gap africa
Gap International
Gap Ministries
Gapolunya Foundation
Gapper Charitable Trust
Gaps George Abbot Parental Support
Garage And Transport Training S Leics Ltd
Garage Community Trust
Garamia Foundation Trust
Garbo s German Shepherd Dog Rescue
Garboldisham Parish Charities
Garboldisham Playgroup
Garboldisham Village Hall
Garcia Family Foundation uk Limited
Gard ner Memorial Limited
Gardemau Church Charity
Garden and Home Timbers and Amalgamated Buying provident Fund
Garden Fields School Association
Garden House Trust
Garden Lane Medical Centre Patients Fund
Garden Of Grace East Midlands
Garden Route Carriers Pension Fund
Garden Route Children s Trust
Garden Suburb Community Library Ltd
Garden Suburb School Parent Teacher Trust
Garden Village And District Community Association
Garden Village Playgroup gosforth
Garden Village Pre schoolplaygroup
Garden Village Welfare Association cross Gates
Gardena SA Provident Fund
Gardenair South Africa Pension Fund
Gardener Ross Umbrella Provident Fund
Gardening For Disabled Trust
Gardening Leave Limited
Gardening With Disabilities Norfolk
Gardens And Land Marks Trust
Gardens For The Gambia
Gardens Of Peace Muslim Cemetery Trust
Gardiner Hill Foundation
Gardner s Trust For The Blind
Gardner s Trustee
Garendon High School Fund
Garesfield high Spen Miners Recreation Ground
Garfield Poverty Trust
Garfield Weston Foundation
Garfield Weston Trust For Research Into Heart Surgery
Garfield Weston Trust For St Paul s Cathedral
Garfield Weston Trust For The New University Of Ulster
Garfield Weston Trust for Westminster Abbey
Garfield Williams Fund
Garford Village Hall
Garforth Brass
Garforth Community Association
Garforth Evangelical Church
Garforth School Partnership Trust
Gargaar Somali Welfare Association
Gargaar Trust
Garganey Trust
Gargar Foundation For Development
Gargrave Agricultural And Horticultural Society Ltd
Gargrave And Malhamdale Community Library
Gargrave Poor s Lands
Gargrave Pre school
Gargrave Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Garibaldi School Fund
Garland School Association
Garland Street Baptist Church
Garlick Timbers Provident Fund
Garlinge Women s Institute
Garn Dolbenmaen Community Centre And Recreation Ground
Garn Fawr Fuel Allotment
Garn yr erw Welfare Association
Garnant Family Centre
Garndiffaith Community Association
Garndiffaith Gleemen Male Voice Choir
Garnier Village Hall
Garnlydan Aged persons Welfare Association
Garnsychan Partnership
Garnwen Trust
Garoodi Women Development Association charity
Garras Owlets Pre School
Garratt s Charity In The Ancient Township Of Washingborough
Garrett s Charity
Garrick s Temple To Shakespeare Trust
Garrigill Old School Charity
Garrigill Village Hall
Garrison Girls
Garry Chappelow Memorial Fund
Garsdale Church Of England School
Garsdale Village Hall
Garsington Opera Limited
Garstang And District Children s Whitsuntide Festival
Garstang And District Community Association
Garstang Community Academy Parent Staff Association
Garstang Community Primary Parent Teacher Association
Garstang District Lions Club
Garstang High School Development Trust
Garstang Lecture Fund
Garstang Millennium Green Trust
Garstang Pre School
Garstang Rainbow Pre school And Toddlers
Garstang Town Trust
Garston Adventure Playground
Garston And District Community Council
Garston Animal Rescue
Garston C E Primary School Teachers Association
Garston One Stop Shop Consortium
Garston Urban Village Hall Limited
Garswood Playgroup
Garth And Trevor Community Centre Association s Village Hall
Garth Special School Fund
Garth Under 5 s
Garth Village Hall
Garth Youth Project
Garthgwynion Charities
Garthorpe Sports And Community Centre
Gartmore Riding School Riding For The Disabled Association
Garton Recreation Ground
Gartree Grant Maintained School Parent Teacher Association
Garvan Limited
Garvestone Village Hall new Build Ltd
Garw Senior Boys And Girls Club
Garw Valley Tennis Club
Garway Playgroup
Garway Primary School Parent Staff Association
Garway Village Hall
Garwood s Gift In Connection With Lloyd Park
Gary Mason Rhythmical Empowerment Charitable Foundation
Gas and Equipment Provident Fund
Gas Safe Charity
Gasal Management Systems Pension Scheme PUP
Gasbari Ju Kamil Madrasa Trust Uk
Gascoigne Community Association
Gascoigne Neighbourhood Group
Gaskell Memorial Village Hall Silverdale
Gaskell Recreation Ground Much Wenlock
Gasp Motor Project
Gastard Village Hall
Gastro intestinal Foundation Trust
Gastroenterology And Nutrition Research Trust
Gastroenterology Training Academy
Gastrointestinal Education And Research
Gastrointestinal Motility Research Fund
Gastroparesis Uk Gpuk
GastroSocial Pensionskasse
Gasworks Dock Partnership
Gatcombe And Chillerton Village Hall And Chillerton Reading Room
Gate Trust Limited
Gate Way Trust
Gateacre Community Comprehensive School Parents Association
Gatehouse Apostolic Ministries International
Gatehouse Caring In West Suffolk
Gatehouse Educational Trust Limited
Gatehouse Film Production House Provident Fund
Gatehouse Parents Association
Gatehouse School Association
Gatekeeper Trust
Gatekeepers Evangel Church Uk
Gatepost Theatre Company
Gates Foundation Trust
Gates Green Women s Institute
Gates Of Praise International Christian Centre
Gateshead Academy For Torah Studies Limited
Gateshead Access Panel
Gateshead African Community Association
Gateshead Aid To The Forgotten Children Of Chernobyl In Nova Kakhovka
Gateshead And South Tyneside Deaf Childrens Society A Registered Association Of The National Deaf Children s Society
Gateshead And South Tyneside Sight Service
Gateshead Autism Support Limited
Gateshead Bangladesh Association
Gateshead Borough Youth Organisations Council
Gateshead Carers Association
Gateshead Citizens Advice Bureau
Gateshead Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Gateshead Crossroads Caring For Carers
Gateshead Dispensary Nursing Home craigielea Limited
Gateshead District Scout Council
Gateshead Evangelical Free Church
Gateshead Harriers And Athletic Club
Gateshead Hatzola
Gateshead Health National Health Service Foundation Trust Charitable Fund
Gateshead Interfaith Forum
Gateshead International Ministries
Gateshead Jewish Boarding School
Gateshead Jewish High School For Girls Limited
Gateshead Jewish Learning Society
Gateshead Jewish Primary School
Gateshead Kollel Horo ah
Gateshead Mencap Society
Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Blind Trust Fund
Gateshead Muslim Society
Gateshead Older People s Assembly
Gateshead Parochial Charities
Gateshead Presbyterian Church
Gateshead Redheugh 1957
Gateshead Relief in sickness Fund
Gateshead Shopmobility
Gateshead Talmudical College
Gateshead Unit Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Gateshead Visible Ethnic Minorities Support Group
Gateshead Visually Impaired Forum
Gateshead Voluntary Organisations Council
Gateshead Yeshiva Alumni Limited
Gateshead Young Womens Outreach Project
Gateway Action york
Gateway Baptist Church
Gateway Bookshop
Gateway Buildings Trust
Gateway Charity
Gateway Christian Centre
Gateway Christian Church eastbourne
Gateway Christian Education
Gateway Christian Fellowship Chesterfield
Gateway Christian Fellowship
Gateway Christian School
Gateway Church Abergavenny
Gateway Church Ashford
Gateway Church Barnsley
Gateway Church Basingstoke
Gateway Church doncaster
Gateway Church Leyton
Gateway Church Merseyside
Gateway Church Poole
Gateway Church Swindon
Gateway Church Wrexham
Gateway Church york
Gateway Church
Gateway Club Salford
Gateway Community Church Eccles
Gateway Community Church
Gateway Community Services
Gateway Connect
Gateway Development Trust Limited
Gateway education Childcare Trust Limited
Gateway education Childcare Trust
Gateway Enterprise Centre
Gateway Faith Church Rossendale
Gateway Freedom Church Harlow
Gateway Furniture And Baby Project
Gateway Into The Community
Gateway Ladies Women s Club
Gateway Ministries
Gateway Nurseries
Gateway People s Centre
Gateway School Association
Gateway Scout Group
Gateway To Independence
Gateway To Success
Gateway To Work Foundation Limited
Gateway Vineyard Christian Fellowship Norwich
Gateway Vineyard Dartford Church
Gateway Wheelers
Gateway Youth Project International
Gateways Educational Trust Limited
Gath And Chaves Employees Help And Relief Fund
Gathering Voices Limited
Gatley And District Choral Society
Gatley Primary School P T A
Gator Amateur Boxing Club
Gatsby Technical Education Projects
Gattis Provident Fund
Gatton Community Theatre Limited
Gatundu Children s Home
Gatwick Airport Community Trust
Gatwick Aviation Museum
Gatwick Bangladeshi Islamic And Community Association
Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group
Gatwick Travel care
Gaudiya Mission Uk
Gauntlet Auto Project Limited
Gaunts House Charitable Foundation Limited
Gaura International
Gautby Village Hall
Gauteng Building Industry Pension Scheme
Gauteng Building Industry Provident Fund
Gawber And District Womens Institute
Gawcott Pre school Association
Gawcott Roper Bequest
Gawcott Village Hall
Gawsworth County Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Gawthorpe Foundation Limited
Gay Advice Darlington
Gay Advice Sunderland
Gay And Peter Hartley s Hillards Charitable Trust
Gay glos
Gay Surrey
Gayaza Alumnae Network
Gaydon Village Hall
Gayhurst School Trust
Gayle Mill Trust
Gayle Village Institute
Gaynes School Parents Association
Gaynor Evans Memorial Trust For The Terminally Ill
Gaynors Pension Fund
Gayton And Tiffield Community Transport
Gayton Church Heritage Trust
Gayton Educational Foundation
Gayton Fuel Allotment
Gayton Goslings Daycare Centre
Gayton Jubilee Village Hall
Gayton le marsh The Poor s Land Exclusive Of Educational Foundation
Gayton le marsh Village Hall
Gayton Pre school Unit
Gayton Relief In Need Charity
Gayton Village Hall Staffordshire
Gayton Village Hall
Gaywood Community Primary School Pta
Gaywood Methodist Playgroup
Gazalah Foundation
Gazankulu Development Corporation Limited Group Pension Fund
Gazebo Theatre In Education Company Limited
Gazeley Recreation Ground
Gazeley United Charities
Gazeley Village Hall
Gazelles Gymnastics Club
Gazen Salts Nature Reserve
GB Gifford T A Pakman
Gb Job Clubs
Gb Srs Brundavan
Gbakama Foundation
GBS Mutual Bank Closed Pension Fund
GBS Pension Fund
GBS Provident Fund
Gca Charity
Gcc Projects Ltd
GCF Construction Pty Ltd Provident Fund
Gcr Rolling Stock Trust
GDR Sugar Estates Provident Fund
GE Artesia Bank
GE Pension
GEA SA Pension Fund
Gear Civils Provident Fund
Gear Project
Gearing Up 4 Gorillas
Gearmax Pension Fund
Gearmax Provident Fund
Gears Limited
Gearstones Lodge
Geberit Gruppe
Gec Power Distribution Pty Ltd Pension Scheme
Gecko Sri Lanka
Geddington And Newton Women s Institute
Geddington School Parents Association
Geddington Village Hall
Geddington Volunteer Fire Brigade
Gedling Access Group
Gedling All Hallows Pta
Gedling Community And Voluntary Services
Gedling Conservation Trust Ltd
Gedling Homes
Gedling Play Forum
Gedling Town Youth And Ladies Association Football Club
Gedling Women s Institute
Gedney Drove End And Dawsmere Village Hall
Gedney Dyke Village Hall
Gedney Hill And District Memorial Hall
Gedney Hill Estate Charity
Gedney United Charities
Gedney Victory Hall
Gedore Tools Pension Scheme
Gee Cross And District Women s Institute
Gee Cross Holy Trinity School Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Gee Educational Foundation
Gee s Educational Foundation
Geeta Ashram
Geeta Bhawan
Gefc Limited
Gefco Negotiated Provident Fund
Gefco Vastebydraevoorsorgfonds
Gefen Foundation
Gegsoy Development And Rehabilitation Organisation
Geldenhuys Pension Fund
Geldeston Memorial Hall
Gelita South Africa Pty Ltd Pension Fund
Gell s Trust
Gellideg Foundation Community Association
Gelligaer And District Welfare Association
Gelligaer And District Yfc Young Farmers Club
Gelligaer District Guides
Gellilydan Village Hall
Gelliswick Bay Charity
Gelly Cemetery Newcastle Emlyn
Gelvenor Textiles Provident Fund
Gem Connection Ladies Barbershop Harmony Chorus
Gem Training Limited
Gem Uk Trust
Gemach Ltd
Gemach Netziv Osher
Gemach Shaindl Limited
Gemach Zichron Shlomo
Gemeente Affligem
Gemeente Amsterdam Servicehuis Personeel
Gemeente Beersel
Gemeinde Kirchhundem
Gemillas Chessed Shel Emmes Charitable Trust
Gemillas Ltd
Gemiluth Chesed And Endowment Of Brides Society
Gemin i org
Gemini Action International
Gemini Baton Twirling Team
Gemini Trust
Gemk global Education Milton Keynes
Gems Advisors Charitable Trust
Gems Charity
Gems gambian Educational And Medical Services
Gems Outreach
Gen X Security Provident Fund
Genborough Limited
Gender And Development Network
Gender Matters
Gender Rights And Equality Action Trust
General Aviation Safety Council
General Cabinet Works Paid Up Provident Fund
General Charitable Trust For The Parish Of Chulmleigh
General Charity coventry
General Dynamics Corporation
General Dynamics U K
General Electric South Africa Pension Fund
General Electric South Africa Provident Fund
General Federation Of Trade Unions Educational Trust
General Foundation Apostolic Church In Christ
General Lloyd Exhibitions
General Medical Council
General Mills
General Motors Canada
General Motors Corporation
General Motors South Africa Pension Fund
General Motors South Africa Provident Fund
General Optical Co Ltd Provident Fund
General Optical Council
General Optical Pension Fund
General Optical Provident Fund
General Paint Corp Hourly Pension Plan
General Paint Salaried Pension Plan
General Parochial Charities
General Richard Grenville
General Sir George Bowles For Coldstream Guards
General The Honourable Sir William Hervey
General Trust Fund Of The Church Union
Generali Pensionskasse
Generate Opportunities Ltd
Generate Trust Limited
Generating Genius
Generating Hope In Action Gobaith Mewn Gweitheediad
Generation For Change And Development
Generation Roots
Generation Rwanda uk
Generous Hearts Ltd
Genesis Actuarial Group Pension Fund
Genesis America uk Limited
Genesis Arts Trust
Genesis Association wales
Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Appeal Limited
Genesis Chorale
Genesis Community Foundation
Genesis Educational Charity
Genesis Enterprise Foundation
Genesis Impact
Genesis India
Genesis International Christian Centre
Genesis Leeds
Genesis Pre school hull Trust Limited
Genesis Research Education Foundation
Genesis Trust
Genesis Umbrella Pension Fund
Genesis Umbrella Provident Fund
Genetic Alliance Uk Ltd
Genetic Disorders Uk
Genfood Provident Fund
Genie Networks
Genital Autonomy
Genna Ethiopian Arts And Theatre
Gennets Farm Group Riding For The Disabled Association
Geno Germany
GENO Pensionfonds
Genome Research Limited
Gensec Provident Fund
Gensing And Central St Leonards Community Forum
Gentiles Revival Ministry
Gentle Touch Healing Associates Limited
Gentleshaw Bird Of Prey Wildlife Hospital
Gentleshaw Womens Institute
Gentofte Kommunes
Gentyre Provident Fund
Genuine Empowerment Of Mothers In Society Gems
Genuine Imitation Trust
Genzon Buddhist Foundation
GEO Constable Pension Fund
GEO Kristalmyne Pensioenfonds
Geo Stott Pension Fund
Geoff Brown Charitable Trust
Geoff Hamilton s New Gardeners Foundation
Geoff s Ludford Charitable Trust
Geoff Smirthwaite Foundation
Geoffrey De Haviland Flying Foundation
Geoffrey Dicker Lodge No 9013 Benevolent Fund
Geoffrey Fielder Hooper Trust
Geoffrey Hughes Charitable Trust
Geoffrey John Kaye Charitable Foundation
Geoffrey Jones penreithin Scholarship Fund
Geoffrey Newmark Charitable Trust
Geoffrey Richard Lane Bequest
Geoffrey Sumner For Old People
Geoffrey Whitworth Theatre Limited
Geoffs Place Ltd
Geograph Project Limited
Geoids Amateur Operatic Society
Geological Curators Group
Geologists Association south Wales Group Cymdeithas Y Daearegwyr Grwp De Cymru
Geomon anglesey Geopark
Georg Fischer Pensionskasse
George Abbot Parent Teacher Association
George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust
George And Alfred Lewis of Chigwell Memorial Fund
George And Alfred Lewis of Chigwell Scholarship Fund
George And Beryl Vallance Charitable Trust
George And Grace Hart Trust Fund
George And Thomas Henry Salter Trust
George Archibald White For Augmenting Vicar s Stipend
George Ayres Benevolent Trust
George Bankes Ashburner s Charity
George Barton Motor Neurone Disease Trust
George Beaumont Foundation
George Bessell D f m Trust
George Butcher Memorial Fund
George Butler Scholarship Fund For Former Pupils Of Gillingham School Dorset
George Butterworth Memorial Fund
George C Bateman Benevolent Fund
George Cadbury For Public Park
George Came For The Welfare Of Blind Persons
George Clarke Scholarship
George Clarke
George Coleman
George Coomb s Charity
George Courtauld s Educational Charity
George Cox s Charity
George Day For School Treat
George Devine Memorial Fund
George Duke Of Kent Lodge Benevolent Fund
George Easton Memorial Trust
George Elias Charitable Trust
George Eliot Hospital Nhs Trust Charitable Fund And Other Related Charities
George Eliot Lodge No 9227 Benevolent Fund
George Eliot Multi disciplinary Centre
George Farmer School Fund
George Fearn Trust
George Fentham Birmingham Charity
George Fentham Endowed School Parent Teacher Association
George Fentham Hampton In Arden Charity
George Fenwicke
George Frederick Herbert Gardner For A Playing Field
George Frederick Milnthorpe
George Frederick Page Prize
George Fulford And Ann Burrard
George Fydell Rowley Memorial Fund
George Galpin For Almshouses
George Gent s Educational Foundation
George Gibson Almshouses Foundation
George Goward And John Evans
George Green s Almshouses
George Green s School Trust Fund
George Grote
George Gurney Charity For The Sick Poor
George Hand s Charity Trust
George Hawkins Charity Or Parish Lands
George Heddon
George Heim Memorial Trust
George Henry Blaxill Charity
George Hill snook Charity For The Aged
George House Trust
George Howard s Charitable Settlement
George Hudson s Charity
George Jackson House Trust
George Jackson s Educational Foundation
George Jobson s Trust
George Johnson Reveley s Charity
George Jones
George King Sampson otherwise Pevensey Croft
George Knapp
George Lamb s Gift For Prizes
George Lawrence And Jean Strangeways Memorial Trust Fund
George Legg s
George Ley Educational
George Macdonald Society
George Mackenzie Kettle s Charity
George Major Trust
George Melly Sculpture Appeal
George Meredith Trust
George Milward
George Munisipaliteit Voorsorgfonds
George Neale For Poor Children
George Newton Housing Trust
George Nympton Village Hall
George Ognell s Educational Foundation
George Ognell s Poor Charity
George Palmer And Others
George Paris Pty Ltd Pension Fund
George Paris Pty Ltd Pension Scheme
George Pearse s Educational Foundation
George Pepler International Award
George Percival Baker s Charity
George Ponsford
George Price Lodge No 2096 Masonic Charities Association
George Rainey Fund
George Rennie Pension Fund
George Residential Communities Friends Of Sycamore Court
George Ringrose
George Road Baptist Church Erdington
George Road Community Church
George Robinson Deceased Will Trust
George Robinson s Charity
George Robinson
George s Chapel unitarian Exeter
George Samuel For The Poor
George Savage
George Sayer
George Scott s Charity
George Seddon s Charity
George Soley Foyle
George Stanger Charity
George Strelley s Endowment
George Sutton For Parish Church Organist
George Tayler In The Ecclesiastical Parish Of Steeple Ashton
George Tayler In The Parish Of Keevil
George Taylors Charity For The Vicar
George Temperance Trust
George Thomas Blacow Bequest
George Thomas Larkin
George Thomas Memorial Trust Limited
George Timms For Playground And Other Purposes
George Tomlinson Parent Teacher Association
George Townsend Charity For Widows And Spinsters
George Vickery Charitable Fund
George Viner Memorial Fund Trust
George Walford International Essay Prize Trust
George Watson Memorial Hall
George Whelpton s Almshouses
George White Association
George William Wilson s Fund
George Wood Memorial Benevolent Fund
George Wyman s Bequest To The Curates Fund
George Wyrhall
George Yeoman Heath
George Young
Georgeham Old Rectory Trust
Georgeham Playing Field
Georgeham Relief In Need Charity
Georgeham Village Hall
Georgeham Women s Institute
Georgetown Boys And Girls Club
Georgetown District Community Association
Georgetown University usa Uk Initiatives Organisation
Georgh Crouch Centre Community Association
Georgia Division of Investment Services
Georgia Firefighters Pension Fund
Georgia Teachers Retirement System
Georgian Gardens C p School P t a
Georgian Society For East Yorkshire
Georgian Theatre Productions Ltd
Georgian Theatre richmond Trust Ltd
Geoscience Pension Fund
Geoscience Provident Fund
Gerald Arthur Rolph Foundation For Historic Preservation And Education
Gerald Ernest Deane Daniels Charitable Trust
Gerald Finzi Trust
Gerald Leigh Charitable Trust
Gerald Moore Award Fund
Gerald Palmer Eling Trust Company
Gerald Richard Oliver Gilbert
Gerard Blakeman Atkins Charity
Gerber Goldschmidt Group Retirement Fund
Gerefa Charitable Trust
Gereformeerde Stigting Pension Fund
Geriatric Research Institute
Germain Educational Foundation
German British Forum
German Industrial And Farm Colony or Libury Hall
German Lutheran Church In Cambridge And East Anglia
German Lutheran Congregation Nottingham
German Protestant Church Yorkshire
German Saturday School Bristol
German School Association Limited
German Shepherd Dog Rescue
German Shepherd Dog Welfare Fund
German Shepherd Rescue Elite Limited
German Shepherd Rescue South Ltd
German Society Of Benevolence
German Speaking Evangelical Congregation In South West England
German Speaking Evangelical Lutheran Congregation In Oxford
German Speaking Lutheran Church In South And West Wales
German speaking Lutheran Congregation Bournemouth Southampton Portsmouth
German Welfare Council
German Young Men s Christian Association In London
Germiston Municipal Retirement Fund
Germiston Stationers Pty Ltd
Gerrans Parish Martin Baker Harris Charity
Gerrans Parish Memorial Hall
Gerrard And Audrey Couch Charitable Trust
Gerrards Cross Church Of England Combined School Parent Teacher Association
Gerrards Cross Community Association
Gerrards Cross Community Library
Gerrer Kolel
Gerson Berger Association Limited
Gerson Support Group
Gertrude Bark Memorial Bursary Trust
Gertrude Catherine Kitt Will Trust
Gertrude Emily Nutter nutter Field Sports Ground
Gertrude Harper Memorial Trust
Gertrude Mackennal Trust
Gertrude Wenninger Prizes Fund In Connection With Violet Markham School Andst Helena School
Gervays Hall Trust
Gesamentlike Aftreevoorsienings Voorsorgfonds
Gess Charitable Trust
Gestetner Defined Contribution Pension Fund
Gestetner Provident Fund
Gestingthorpe Educational Foundation
Gestingthorpe Village Hall
Gesture giving Effective Support Towards Universal Relief Efforts International
Get A Life Foundation
Get Ahead Provident Fund
Get Changed Theatre Company
Get Connected Helpline
Get Hooked On Fishing Midlands
Get Hooked On Fishing
Get Kids Going
Get Real Experience Ltd
Get Set Girls
Get Sorted Academy Of Music
Get U Started Training Limited
Getaway Girls
Gethsemane Evangelical International Ministries
Gethsemane Miracle Ministries
Getinge Group
Getinge South Africa Provident Fund
Getronics Pensioen
Getting On Board
GG Umbrella Pension Fund
GG Umbrella Provident Fund
Ghana Association For Renal Patients uk
Ghana Christian Support Group
Ghana Education Link
Ghana Education Project
Ghana International Foundation
Ghana Muslim Union
Ghana Muslim Welfare Centre
Ghana National College Past Students Association uk Charity
Ghana Organisation For Learning Development
Ghana Outlook
Ghana School Aid
Ghana Sports Personalities Association Uk
Ghana Union
Ghana Welfare Association
Ghana Youth Association gya
Ghanaian Doctors And Dentists Association uk Charity
Ghanaian Water Purification Fund
Ghanaian Welfare Association
Ghanalink iw
Ghanamma Presbyterian Church uk
Ghani Welfare Foundation Uk
Ghanshyam Education Trust
Gharweg Advice Training Careers Centre
Ghausia Centre
Ghausia Committee Aylesbury aylesbury Mosque
Ghausia Mosque And Welfare Association
Ghausia Mosque Trust And Islamic Community Centre
Ghausia Mosque
Ghausia Salihene Association
Ghazali Education Trust uk Limited
Ghazali Trust
Ghelle Support Africa
Ghosia Chishtia Islamic Trust Academy Bradford
Ghosia Masjid And Teaching Centre
Ghousia Islamic Community Centre
Ghousia Mehria Trust Of Harlow
Ghurka Peace Foundation
Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital
Ghyll Royd School
Ghyllbank Charitable Trust
Ghyllgrove Community Association
Ghyllgrove Playgroup Association
Ghyllside School Parent Teacher Association
Gi Trust
Gia England
Giant s Seat Scout And Community Campsite
Giants Grave And Briton Ferry Boys Club
Gibb Charitable Trust
Gibb Research Fellowship Endowment Fund
Gibbon And Buckland Charity
Gibbonsdown And Treharne Community Association
Gibbonsdown Children s Centre Limited
Gibby Trust
Gibraltar Naval Trust
Gibson s Charity
Gibson Walden Fund
Gibson Women s Institute Saffron Walden
Gidea Park And District Civic Society
Gidea Park Primary School Parent teacher Association
Gideon Drop In Centre Limited
Gideon Orphanage Home
Gidleigh Village Hall Club
GIE Codelog immobilier support
Giffard Park Community Centre Ltd
Giffard Park Pre school
Giffards Psa
Gift A Charity
Gift Evangelical Ministry
Gift For Ghana
Gift gwent
Gift Of A Burrow For Allotments
Gift Of Delamere And Francis
Gift Of Freehold Land
Gift Of Hannah Isabell Wilson deceased
Gift Of Hope Trust Ltd
Gift Of Knowledge
Gift Of Life
Gift Of Public Pleasure Grounds
Gift Of Shares To West Tisted Village Hall
Gifted And Talented Foundation Africa
Gifts For Romania
Gifts Of Health Limited
Gifts To Gambia
Giggleswick Community Hall
Giggleswick Primary School Fund
Giggleswick School
Gihon Spring Foundation
Gijima Pension Fund
Gijima Provident Fund
Gikandi Projects
Gilberdyke And District Leisure Association
Gilberdyke School P t f a
Gilberdyke St Stephens Scout Group
Gilberdyke War Memorial Hall And Playing Field
Gilbert And Sullivan Fellowship Plymouth
Gilbert Bayes Charitable Trust
Gilbert Deya Ministries
Gilbert Hall
Gilbert Hinckley Charitable Trust
Gilbert Murray Trust
Gilbert Trust For The Arts
Gilbey Pension Scheme
Gilchrist Educational Trust
Gilchrist Thomas Village Hall
Gilcrux Village Hall And Educational Trust
Gilder Hall Youth Club Foundation
Gildersome Parish Church School Extension Fund
Gildersome Playing Field
Gildersome Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Gilding And Holder Apprenticing Charity
Gilead Foundations Charity
Gilead Health Development Charity
Gilead Ministries International
Giles Brook Friends Association
Giles Brook Primary School
Giles Johnson Seven Springs Trust
Giles Travers For Apprenticing one Of The Parochial Charities
Giles Van Colle Memorial Foundation
Gilesgate Community And Welfare Association
Gilfach Goch Community Association
Gilfach Recreation Ground
Gilgal Baptist Church Porthcawl
Gilgal Birmingham
Gilgal Chapel Trust
Gilgal Hope Foundation
Gilgal House Healing Centre Trust
Gillamoor And Fadmoor Playing Field
Gillamoor C e School Fund
Gillani Noor Masjid
Gillbrook Technology College
Gillet and Tenneco Provident Fund
Gillette Employees Pension Fund
Gillian Bulmer Charitable Trust
Gillian Fabb Memorial Fund
Gilligate Church Estate Charity
Gilling East Village Hall
Gilling Village Charitable Trust
Gilling West Village Hall
Gillingham And Rainham Local History Society
Gillingham And Shaftesbury Agricultural Society
Gillingham And Shaftesbury Young Farmers Club
Gillingham Area Voluntary Car Link Scheme
Gillingham Baptist Church
Gillingham Community Church
Gillingham Day Club
Gillingham District Scout Council
Gillingham Division Girl Guides
Gillingham Foodbank
Gillingham Forest Lands Charity otherwise Known As Mere Forest Charity
Gillingham Gymnastics Club
Gillingham Lions Club Charitable Trust Fund
Gillingham Little Acorns Pre school Playgroup
Gillingham Local History Society
Gillingham Mere And Shaftesbury Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Gillingham Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Gillingham s School Foundation
Gillingham School Association
Gillingham School
Gillingham Senior Club
Gillingham Sick Poor Fund
Gillingham Swimming Bath
Gillingham United Charities
Gillingham Village Hall
Gillingham Winter Sports Club
Gillingham Youth For Christ
Gillmich Provident Fund 1996
Gillott s School Parents Association
Gillshill Pelican Pre school Playgroup
Gilly s Gift
Gilmoor Benevolent Fund Limited
Gilmorton Community Playing Field Association
Gilmorton Village Hall
Giloh Limited
Gilpin Women s Institute
Gilsland Village Hall
Gilson Ladies Club
Gilson s Hospital
Gilwern Village Hall
Gilwern Women s Institute
Gimingham Village Hall
Ginagi Foundation
Ginger Dance Theatre
Gingerbread Corner
Gingerbread Cottage Playgroup
Gingerbread Pre school
Ginkgo Music
Ginpat Charitable Trust
Gippeswyk Lodge No 4254 Charities Association
Gipping Chapel Charity
Gipping Valley Young Farmers Club
Gipsey Bridge C p School Fund
Gipsey Bridge Pre school
Gipton Together
Giraffe Conservation Foundation gcf
Gird Mowat Pension Fund
Girder Naco Retirement Fund
Girguiding Fleet Division
Girl Child Network Worldwide
Girl Child
Girl Guides Association Corby And Rockingham Forest Div
Girl Guides Association {bolton Divisions Committee}
Girl Guiding West Moors
Girl Guiding Worcester Division
Girl Hub
Girl India
Girl s College Fund
Girlguiding Caernarfonshire
Girlguiding Cambridgeshire West
Girlguiding Cheam Village District
Girlguiding Crawley Division
Girlguiding Enfield Division
Girlguiding Fylde South Division
Girlguiding Garforth
Girlguiding Gravesend District
Girlguiding Hagley Division
Girlguiding Lancashire West
Girlguiding Lordswood
Girlguiding Morecambe Division
Girlguiding Northampton Nene Valley Division
Girlguiding Pennine Division
Girlguiding Quarrendon District
Girlguiding Rumney District
Girlguiding Rustington
Girlguiding Sittingbourne Division
Girlguiding Sussex West
Girlguiding Tonbridge Division
Girlguiding West Hertfordshire
Girlguiding West Yorkshire South
Girling Upcher Educational Charity
Girlington Advice Centre
Girlington Heaton And Manningham Council Of Churches
Girlock Negotiated Provident Fund
Girls and Boys Town 1974 Pension Fund
Girls Brigade Ministries
Girls Brigade Northamptonshire District 21st Century Trust
Girls Brigade Northamptonshire Division
Girls Development Project Ltd
Girls Education Company Ltd
Girls Friendly Society In England And Wales
Girls Industrial Home Reformatory School
Girls Institute Of Education Leeds
Girls School Africa
Girls Secondary Grammar School Prize Fund
Girls Social Guild
Girls Venture Corps Air Cadets
Girls Welfare Fund
Giroscope Limited
Girsby And Over Dinsdale Village Hall
Girton And Caynho Baker Turney Charity
Girton Church Charity
Girton College
Girton Conservation Trust
Girton Town Charity
Girton Village Hall
Gisborough Estates Charity No 2
Gisborough Priory Project Limited
Gisburn And District Young Farmers Clubs
Gisburn Educational Foundation
Gisburn Festival Hall
Gisburn Playing Fields Association
Gisda Cyfyngedig Arfon Young Single Homeless Group
Gisela Pincham Memorial Fund
Gisleham Parish Room Charity
Gisleham Relief In Need Charity
Gislingham Playgroup
Gislingham United Charity
Gislingham Village Hall
Gislingham Women s Institue
Gissing Village Hall Association
Gist Support Uk
Gitter Foundation Ltd
Givaudan Pension Fund
Give A Billion
Give A Book
Give A Brick
Give A Chance To All Ltd
Give A Chance
Give A Child A Chance
Give A Child A Toy Limited
Give A Future
Give A Kid A Dream The Lauren Wheeler Trust
Give A Kidney One s Enough
Give A Smile
Give Bees A Chance
Give Charity A Chance
Give Hope Trust
Give It Your Max
Give Kids A Chance
Give Me A Chance
Give Me A Future
Give Peace A Chance Trust
Give Us A Break 2010
Give Us A Chance
Give Us A Lift
Give Youth A Break
Give2give Limited
Givedonation Limited
Given Time Limited
Giving Africa
Giving Hope To Children Of The World
Giving Impetus To Voluntary Effort
Giving Insight
Giving Opportunities To Achieve And Learn For The Gambia
Giving World
Giving Young People Opportunities
Gizmo The Diy Theatre Company
Gjerstad Kommune
Gjhs Property Company Limited
Gjps Trust Fund
GKN Group Pension Scheme
Gkn Millennium Trust
Gkn Sankey Employees Charity Trust
GKSA Personeel Pensioenfonds
GKSA Predikante Pensioenfonds
Gl Communities
Gl11 Community Project
Gl3 Community Hub Ltd
Glad s House
Glad Tidings Evangelical Church
Glad Tidings Fellowship International united Kingdom
Glad Tidings Fellowship Southend on sea
Glad Tidings Fellowships International
Glad Tidings Publishing Association
Glade Primary School Paws
Gladesmore Educational And Training Trust
Gladestry Playgroup
Gladestry Village Hall
Gladrags Community Costume Trust
Gladstone Charitable Trust
Gladstone Community Centre
Gladstone Connect Limited
Gladstone District Community Association
Gladstone Memorial Recreation Ground
Gladstone s Library
Gladstone Theatre Trust
Gladstone Village Hall
Gladys Cross Trust
Gladys Mary Robinson Charity
Glaisdale Playgroup
Glamis Childcare Services Limited
Glamis Residents Association
Glamorgan Federation Of Women s Institutes
Glamorgan Further Education Trust Fund
Glamorgan History Society cymdeithas Hanes Morgannwg
Glamorgan Holiday Home Limited
Glamorgan House Family Development Centre
Glamorgan Muslim Community Association
Glamorgan West Area Scout Council
Glan y mor Nursery Playgroup
Glandford Museum And Trust Fund
Glandwr Women s Institute
Glanford And Lindsey Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Glangrwyney Village Hall
Glangwili Cardiac Rehabilitation Support Group
Glantawe Lions Club Charitable Trust Fund
Glantawe Lodge No 5378 Charity Fund Numbers 1 And 2
Glanton And District Horticultural And Industrial Society
Glanton Women s Institute Northumberland
Glantwymyn Community Centre
Glanvilles Wooton Village Hall
Glanvilles Wooton W I
Glapwell doe Lea Miners Welfare Institute
Glapwell Educational Charity
Glasallt Fawr Camphill Centre
Glasbury Arts Ltd
Glasbury radnor Village Hall
Glascote Meeting Room Community Association
Glasgow Girls
Glasgow s Regeneration Agency
Glasinfryn And District Community Centre
Glasllwch Primary School P t a
Glass Houghton Sports And Public Recreation Ground
Glass House Trust
Glass Manufacturers Educational Trust
Glass Research Trust
Glasshoughton Community Forum Limited
Glasshoughton Recreation And Pleasure Ground
Glasshouses Primary School Fund
Glasshouses School Parent Teacher And Friends Association
Glassock Pension Preservation Fund
Glasson Community Association
Glasson Dock Bowling Club
Glasson Dock Village Hall
Glassonby Village Hall
Glastonbury Abbey Development Trust
Glastonbury Abbey
Glastonbury And District Charity
Glastonbury And District Mencap Society
Glastonbury And Street Lions Club Trust Fund
Glastonbury And Street Talking Newspaper
Glastonbury Charity For The Poor
Glastonbury Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Glastonbury First
Glastonbury Street Unit Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Glastonbury Thorn First School Friends Association
Glastonbury Thorn First School Fund Milton Keynes
Glastonbury Tor e Townswomen s Guild
Glatton School Foundation
Glaven District Caring Committee
GlaxoSmithKline America
Glaxosmithkline Pension Fund
Glaxosmithkline Provident Fund
Glazebrook Women s Institute
Glazebury Preschool Learning Alliance
Glazebury Womens Institute
Glazeley And District Nursing Association
Glazer Bros Pension Plan
Glc Charitable Trust
Gleadless Valley Community Forum
Gleadless Valley Wildlife Trust
Gleansky Trust
Gleaston Recreation Ground And Village Hall
Glebe Chapel
Glebe Community Hall
Glebe Copse Trust
Glebe Court Residents Support Group
Glebe Farm Community Association
Glebe House charnwood Limited
Glebe House School rochdale Limited
Glebe House School Trust Ltd
Glebe Housing Association Trust Fund
Glebe Middle School Parent teacher Association
Glebe Middle School Private Fund
Glebe Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Glebe School Foundation
Glebe School Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Glebe Schools parent Staff Association
Glebeland Community Primary School Fund
Glebeland County Primary School Parent Teacher Associatiion
Glebelands Parent Teacher Association
Glebelands Pre school And Out Of School Club
Glebelands Trust
Gledholt Male Voice Choir Huddersfield
Gledhow Primary School Parent Staff Association
Gledhow Sugar Provident Fund
Glemsford Playing Field
Glemsford Relief In Need Charity
Glemsford Village Hall
Glemsford Women s Institute
Glen Carne
Glen Hills Primary School Parent Staff Association
Glen Howe Park
Glen Street Playgroup
Glen Supermarket Provident Fund
Glen Tramway Preservation Company Limited
Glencarol Martilon Workers Provident Fund
Glencore UK Limited Pension Scheme
Glencree Centre For Peace And Reconciliation
Glencroft Church glen Parva Trust
Glendale Alive Partnership
Glendale Church
Glendale County Middle School Parent teacher Association
Glendale Crossing Places Trust
Glendale Music Trust
Glendale Pension Fund
Glendale Playgroup Limited
Glendale Sugar General Retirement Trust Fund
Glendon District Scout Council
Glendower School Trust Limited
Glenfall Fellowship Trust
Glenfall House Trust
Glenfall Parent Teachers Association
Glenfall Pre school Group
Glenfield County Primary School Association
Glenfield Memorial Hall
Glenfield Millennium Green Trust
Glenfield Neighbourhood Watch
Glenholme Youth Club
Glenmate Limited
Glenmib Group Pension Fund
Glenorchy Urc Exmouth
Glenridding Public Hall
Glenside Community Hall Association
Glentel Inc Life Income Plan
Glentham Village Hall
Glenthorne High School Fund
Glenthorne Primary School Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Glenthorne Quaker Centre
Glentworth Village Hall
Glenwood Church
Glenwood Education Trust
Glenwood School Parent staff Association
Glevum phab Club
Glevum Youth Marching Brass
Glf Global Leadership Foundation uk
Glinton Church Lands
Glinton Community Association
Glinton Pre school Playgroup
Glitterbugs Preschool Ltd
Glm Educational Trust
Glo bless
Global Access Telecommunication Service SA Pension Fund
Global Action Nepal
Global Action Plan U K
Global Action uk
Global African Development
Global Aid Solution Project Uk
Global Aid Trust Limited
Global Aids Rainbow Trust
Global Alliance For Livestock Veterinary Medicines
Global Angels Ltd
Global Arts Kingston
Global Assist
Global Brigades Uk
Global Cancer Care
Global Canopy Foundation
Global Care
Global Cargo Systems Retirement Benefit Fund
Global Cast Trust
Global Challenge
Global Charities
Global Child Dental Fund
Global Children Development
Global Children s Foundation
Global Church Planting Network
Global City International
Global Cleaning Services Provident Fund
Global Club International
Global Clubfoot Initiative
Global Commission Partners europe
Global Community Church
Global Community Connect Ltd
Global Compassion
Global Cool Foundation
Global Crossfire Church Uk
Global Day Of Prayer London
Global Development Aid Trust g dat
Global Dialogue
Global Dimension Trust
Global Diplomatic Forum
Global Disaster Relief Fund
Global Education Derby
Global Educational Trust
Global Ehealth Foundation
Global Entrepreneurship Research Association
Global Environment Centre Europe
Global Evangelical Church Uk
Global Evangelistic Outreach
Global Fellowship Of Christian Youth
Global Fellowship Of Confessing Anglicans
Global First Aid
Global Friends In Action
Global Futures
Global Generation Church
Global Generation
Global Giving Uk
Global Gospel Outreach Centre
Global Greengrants Fund Uk
Global Grinders Pension Builda
Global Grooves
Global Growth And Income Fund For Charites
Global H2o uk
Global Harmony
Global Harvest Church london
Global Harvest International
Global Harvest Ministries
Global Harvest Outreach And Christ Harvest Centre edmonton Trust
Global Harvesters Fellowship
Global Healing Limited
Global Help
Global Heritage Fund
Global Hope Limited
Global Hope Network International Uk
Global Horizons Trust
Global Hospital And Educational Charitable Trust
Global Human Relief Ltd
Global Impact Christian Centre
Global Impact International Ministry
Global Information Neighbourhood Action gina
Global Khatme Nubuwwat Movement
Global Lancs
Global Liberty Christgod Resolution Worldwide Power Ministries Of Samuel D akisanya arkisanya Iv Evangelistic Crusade Global Liberty Bible College
Global Lifeline
Global Light Revival Church
Global Lights
Global Link lancaster
Global Links Initiative
Global Love Youth Trust
Global Mapaid
Global Marine Systems Pension Fund
Global Medic Force europe
Global Ministries
Global Ministry Of Champions
Global Music Exchange
Global Network Of Civil Society Organisations For Disaster Reduction
Global New Car Assessment Programme limited By Guarantee
Global Ocean
Global Outreach uk
Global Partners uk
Global Pension Fund
Global Pindd
Global Poverty Project Uk
Global Public Welfare Trust
Global Reach Ministries
Global Releaf Uk
Global Relief Initiative
Global Relief Trust
Global Rescue Services
Global Salvation Ministries
Global Sepsis Alliance
Global Skills And Employment
Global Sourcenet
Global Spine Tumour Study Group
Global Sports Foundation
Global Technology Pension Fund
Global Transparent Retirement Fund
Global Ummah Trust
Global Vision International Charitable Trust
Global Vision Sailing Trust
Global Welfare Limited
Global Witness Trust
Global Womens Charity
Global Worship Centre
Global York
Global Youth
Globalegacy Foundation
Globe And Laurel Lodge No 4657 Masonic Charity Trust Fund
Globe And Laurel Magazine
Globe Bengali Mohila Shamity
Globe Community Project
Globe Hall
Globe Rangers Fc
Globe Run
Globe Town Community Association
Globe Town Mosque And Cultural Centre Ltd
Glodwick Bangladesh Society
Glofa Navigation Cyf
Glohold Pension Fund
Glooston Village Hall
Gloriana Lodge Benevolent Association
Glorifying Time Ministry International
Glorious Church Of Jesus Christ
Glorious Family International Church
Glorious Grace
Glorious Inheritance Mission worldwide
Glorious International Ministries
Glorious King s Fire Ministries
Glorious People s Chapel Ltd
Glorious People s International Ministries
Glorious Worship Centre
Glorney Bloodworth Chess Trust Fund
Glory Assemblies Of God
Glory Chapel
Glory Community Accounting Services
Glory House International
Glory House Revival Ministries
Glory House
Glory Life Church glc
Glory Life Ministries Worldwide
Glory Of God Ministries
Glory Of God Power Ministry
Glory Of The Cross Ministry Trust
Glory Restoration Ministries
Glory Tabernacle Christian Fellowship
Glory Temple
Glory Tv Foundation
Gloryland Pentecostal Ministries
Glosaid Youth Action
Gloss giving Lots Of Sensitive Support
Glossop And District Choral Society Ltd
Glossop And District Historical Society
Glossop And District Scout Council
Glossop And District Volunteer Bureau
Glossop And Hadfield Mencap
Glossop Community Transport
Glossop Concert Society
Glossop Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Glossop Family Trust
Glossop Mountain Rescue Team
Glossop Old Band
Glossop String Orchestras
Glossop University Of The Third Age
Glossopdale Community College Association
Glossopdale Community College Band Fund
Glossopdale Furniture Project
Gloucester And District Branch Of The University Of The Third Age
Gloucester And District Citizens Advice Bureau
Gloucester And District Young Farmers Club
Gloucester Arts And Crafts Group
Gloucester Asian Elders Group
Gloucester Athletics Track Management Limited
Gloucester Boathouse Limited
Gloucester Cattle Society Limited
Gloucester Cattle Society
Gloucester Child Contact Centre
Gloucester Choral Society
Gloucester City Mission
Gloucester Civic Trust Limited
Gloucester Community Church
Gloucester Diocesan Cursillo
Gloucester Diocesan Trust
Gloucester District Scout Council
Gloucester Haven Limited
Gloucester Hereford Ymca
Gloucester Historic Buildings Limited
Gloucester Kingsholm Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Gloucester Law Centre
Gloucester Lions Club Charitable Trust Fund
Gloucester Magdalen Charity
Gloucester Music Society
Gloucester Old People s Centre Association
Gloucester Old People s Clubs Association
Gloucester Operatic And Dramatic Society
Gloucester Railcar Trust Limited
Gloucester Relief In Sickness Fund
Gloucester Road Playgroup cheltenham
Gloucester Road Playgroup
Gloucester Round Table Charitable Trust Fund
Gloucester Schools Partnership
Gloucester Spa And Park
Gloucester Street Pastors
Gloucester Tredworth Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Gloucester Tuffley Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Gloucester Unit 155 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Gloucester United Schools
Gloucester Youth For Christ
Gloucestershire 4x4 Response
Gloucestershire Acf Charitable Trust
Gloucestershire Action For Refugees And Asylum Seekers
Gloucestershire Afro caribbean Association Limited
Gloucestershire Animal Welfare Association And Cheltenham Animal Shelter
Gloucestershire Area Quaker Meeting Of The Religious Society Of Friends quakers In Britain
Gloucestershire Arthritis Trust
Gloucestershire Association For Voluntary Community Action
Gloucestershire Aviation Collection
Gloucestershire Bangladeshi Association
Gloucestershire Battalion The Boys Brigade
Gloucestershire Beekeeper s Association
Gloucestershire Bowling Association Benevolent Fund
Gloucestershire Breastfeeding Supporters Network
Gloucestershire Cave Rescue Group
Gloucestershire Childminding Association
Gloucestershire Chinese Community Association
Gloucestershire Chinese Resource Centre
Gloucestershire Chinese Women s Guild
Gloucestershire Churches Together
Gloucestershire Cloud 9 Charity
Gloucestershire Council For Voluntary Youth Services
Gloucestershire Counselling Service
Gloucestershire County History Trust
Gloucestershire County Nurses Welfare Fund
Gloucestershire County Proficiency Tests Committee For Agriculture And Horticulture
Gloucestershire County Raynet
Gloucestershire County Scout Council
Gloucestershire County Small bore Rifle And Pistol Association
Gloucestershire Dance
Gloucestershire Deaf Association
Gloucestershire Disabled Afloat Riverboat Trust
Gloucestershire Disabled Anglers
Gloucestershire Domestic Violence Support And Advocacy Project
Gloucestershire Down s Syndrome Support Group
Gloucestershire Drama Association
Gloucestershire East Division Girl Guides
Gloucestershire Ebp
Gloucestershire Engineering Training Limited
Gloucestershire Eye Therapy Trust
Gloucestershire Family History Society
Gloucestershire Federation Of Gardening Societies
Gloucestershire Federation Of Young Farmer s Clubs
Gloucestershire Football Association Benevolent Fund
Gloucestershire Gateway Trust
Gloucestershire Geoconservation Trust
Gloucestershire Gp Educational Trust
Gloucestershire Group Homes Limited
Gloucestershire Group Of Advanced Motorists
Gloucestershire Guide Association
Gloucestershire Historic Churches Trust
Gloucestershire Hospitals Nhs Foundation Trust General Charitable Fund
Gloucestershire Islamic Trust
Gloucestershire Kidney Patients Association
Gloucestershire Launchpad
Gloucestershire Liberal Jewish Community
Gloucestershire Life Education Trust
Gloucestershire Lifestyles Ltd
Gloucestershire Masonic Charity Association
Gloucestershire Medical Benevolent Trust
Gloucestershire Music Makers
Gloucestershire Neighbourhood Projects Network
Gloucestershire Nightstop
Gloucestershire Older Persons Association
Gloucestershire Orchard Trust
Gloucestershire Pension Fund
Gloucestershire Primary Care Trust Charities
Gloucestershire Probation Officers Samaritan Trust
Gloucestershire Rape Crisis Centre
Gloucestershire Rural Community Council
Gloucestershire Symphony Orchestra
Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway Trust
Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust
Gloucestershire Young Carers Project
Glover s Trust
Gloverspiece Minifarm Ltd
Glowcoin Ltd
Glue Web
Gluepaste Pension Fund Paid Up
Gluepaste Provident Fund Paid Up
Glusburn Community Arts Centre
Glusburn School Fund
Glyme Hall Management Committee
Glympton Almshouses
Glympton Village Hall
Glyn Carter Ministries
Glyn Residential Holiday And Recreational Fund
Glyn School Parents Staff Association
Glyn Valley Tramway Trust
Glyncoch Community Regeneration Ltd
Glyndebourne Arts Trust
Glyndebourne Productions Limited
Glyndon Community Group
Glyndwr Lloyd Treharne And Eileen Treharne Scholarships Charity
Glyndwr Women s Aid
Glyndyfrdwy Sports Association
Glynhir Womens Institute
Glynn Vivian
Glynneath Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Gmax Trackstars Athletics Club
GMB 1961 Pension Fund
GML Mechanical Ltd Pension Plan
GMN Provident Fund
GMS Pension Fund
GMW Professional Services Provident Fund No 9
GNA Construction Provident Fund
Gng Community Services Limited
Gnosall Charity Estate
Gnosall District Community First Responder Group
Gnosall Memorial Institute
Gnosall Preschool
Gnosall St Lawrence C Of E c Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Gnostic Institute Of Anthropology
Go 89
Go Africa
Go Church Ltd
Go Commando
Go Help Asia Trust
Go Help
Go Inter Net
Go Mad In Tanzania
Go Make A Difference
Go Make It Happen A Project In Memory Of Sam Harding
Go On Uk Limited
Go Project
Go Purple Limited
Go St Austell Shopmobility
Go Teach Publications Limited
Go Terrace Club
Go To The Nations Ministry
Go Tv
Go Ye National Ministries
Goal 4 Kids
Goal Action Trust
Goal gospel Oak Action Link
Goal international
Goalball Uk
Goan Community Association North London
Goan Welfare Society Uk
Goatacre Village Hall
Goathland Primary School Fund
Goathurst Pre school
Goathurst Relief In Need Charity
Goatsgalore Animal Sanctuary
Goba Pension Fund
Goba Provident Fund
Gobaith I Ethiopia Hope For Ethiopia
Gobaith I Gymru
Gobaith Mon
Gobind Marg
Goblin Combe Environment Centre Limited
Gobo Theatre Foundation
Gobowen All Rounders Childcare
Gobowen Church Hall
Gobowen Old Friends Association
Gocongo Foundation
God Assembly Of Bethesda gab Worldwide
God Central Church Harlow
God In All Evangelical Ministries
God Is Able Centre International
God Is Able Ministries International
God Is Good Trust
God Is The Word Ministry
God Most High Christian Ministry Uk
God My Silent Partner
God s Channel Christian Centre
God s Children Empowered
God s Church Of Peace
God s Glory Ministries
God s Grace Ministries
God s Grace Ministry Incorporated
God s House in Ewelme
God s House International Centre
God s House
God s International Deliverance Church
God s Kingdom Society church
God s Love In Action
God s Mercy Revival Ministries
God s Tabernacle International Ministries gtim
God s Time Ministries Trust
God s Vineyard Ministries
God s Visa Ministry
God s Vision Church
God Save Britain Crusade
God Unlimited
God will do it Ministries
God Worshippers Ministry
Godalming Band
Godalming Baptist Church
Godalming Blind Club
Godalming Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Godalming District Scout Council
Godalming e Townswomen s Guild
Godalming Junior School Parent Teacher Association
Godalming Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Godalming Museum Trust
Godalming Music Festival
Godalming Old People s Welfare Association affiliated To Age Concern
Godalming Operatic Society
Godalming Round Table 429
Godalming Theatre Group
Godalming United Church methodist United Reformed
Goddard Carter For Apprenticing
Goddens Charity
Godfirst Christchurch
Godfirst Church Cheltenham
Godfrey Beaumont s Charity
Godfrey House Trust
Godfrey s Almshouses
Godfrey s Charity
Godinton Community After School Club
Godinton Park Playgroup
Godinton Ptfa Association
Godinton Village Hall
Godinton Women s Institute
Godiva Trust
Godley Home And School Association
Godly Play Uk
Godmanchester Baptist Church
Godmanchester Charities
Godmanchester Community Association
Godmanchester Community Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Godmanchester Football And Sports Association Trust
Godmanstone Village Hall
Godmersham And Crundale Recreation Hall
Godmersham Park Heritage Centre For The Parishes Of Godmersham And Crundale Limited
Godmersham Relief In Need Charity
Godmersham With Crundale Women s Institute
Godney Playing Field Trust
Godney Village Hall
Godolphin And Latymer School Bursary Fund
Godolphin And Latymer School Parent Teacher And Friends Association
Godolphin And Latymer School
Godolphin Edwards Relief In Need Charity
Godparents Anthroposophical Training Fund
Godrich Flour Mills Provident Fund
Godrich Group Pension Scheme
Gods Grace Foundation
Gods Power Ministries International
Gods Salvation Gospel Ministries
Gods Solution Centre
Godshill Trust
Godshill Village Hall
Godshill Womens Institute
Godson Lodge B Fund
Godson s Educational Foundation
Godstone Institute Charitable Trust
Godstone Relief In Need Charity
Godstone Women s Institute surrey
Godstow Nunnery oxford
Godwin Lawson Foundation
Goeie Hoop Vervoer Pension Fund
Goethean Science Foundation
Gofal Cymru
Goffs Oak Women s Institute
Gofier B V
Gogol Association
Going About Doing Good gadg
Going For Bust
Going Public Trust Limited
Gojam Development Association In Britain gdaib
Gojra Ophthalmology Fund go Fund
Gol International
Golant Village Hall
Golborne Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Golborne Mosque Trust
Golborne Pentecostal Church
Golcar Allotment Charity
Golcar C E Home And School Association
Golcar Township Lands Charity
Gold Fields Group Provident Fund
Gold Fields Limited Corporate Retirement Fund
Gold Fields Ltd Corporate Retirement Fund
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Gold Hill Church Trust
Gold Park Mundesley
Gold Reef Resorts Executive Provident Fund
Gold Reef Resorts Provident Fund
Gold Rivers Trust
Gold Street Chapel Saffron Walden
Gold Tzedokos Limited
Golddigger Trust
Golden Apple Operations Limited
Golden Apple Trust
Golden Arena Trust
Golden Arrow Retirement Fund
Golden Arrow Retirement Plan
Golden Buddha Centre
Golden Buddha Housing
Golden Care
Golden Charitable Trust
Golden Child Haven International
Golden Era Provident Fund
Golden Futures
Golden Gates Housing Trust
Golden Giving Charitable Trust
Golden Golf Charitable Trust
Golden Green Association
Golden Grove Trust
Golden Guernsey
Golden Hill Sports Limited
Golden Hinde Trust
Golden Hours Fellowship Limited
Golden Jubilee Carols For Islington
Golden Lane Housing Ltd
Golden Leaves
Golden Lion Children s Trust
Golden Lions Rugby Union Pension Fund
Golden Moon Youth Project
Golden Mosque Islamic Cultural Centre
Golden oldies
Golden Opportunity Youth Association
Golden Retriever Rescue Cymru
Golden Stable
Golden Sunset Homes Trust
Golden Valley And District Young Farmers Club
Golden Valley Church Gloucester Trust
Golden Valley Pre School
Golden Valley School Association
Golden Vanity Trust
Golden Wishes
Golden Years
Goldenhar Support Group
Goldenmarc Pty Ltd Provident Fund
Golders Green Beth Hamedrash Congregation
Golders Green Foundation
Golders Green Gemach
Golders Green Unitarian Manse Trust
Goldfields of South Africa Ltd Pension Fund
Goldfields Trucking Provident Fund
Goldfields West Recreation Club Pension and Life Assurance Plan
Goldhanger Little Totham And Tolleshunt Major Women s Institute
Goldhanger Village Hall
Goldhay Arts
Goldheart Charity Limited
Golding and Company Provident Fund
Golding Homes Limited
Goldington Family Centre
Goldington Green Lower School Fund
Goldington Green Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Goldington Middle School Parent Teacher Association
Goldington Reading And Recreation Room
Goldman Sachs Gives uk
Goldpack Pension Fund
Goldquest International Hydraulics Pty Limited Pension Fund
Goldsborough C e Primary School Fund
Goldsborough Poor s Charity
Goldsmiths And Silversmiths Trust Fund
Goldsmiths Choral Union
Goldsmiths Community Association
Goldsmiths Recreation Ground
Goldsmiths Students Union
Goldstone Charitable Trust
Goldstone s Charity For Education Of Students For Priesthood
Goldsworth Park Community Association
Goldsworth Park District Guides
Goldsworth Park Rangers Football Club
Goldthorpe Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Goldthorpe Pentecostal Church
Goldthorpe Scouts
Goleudy Community Church Criccieth
Golf Green Public Hall
Golfing 4 All
Golliwopsie Playgroup
Golmukapan Darus sunnah Development Association Uk
Golubovich Foundation
Gomeldon Home And School Association
Gomer Faith Ministries
Gondal Foundation
Gondar ethiopia Eye Surgery
Gone Forever Bereavement Trust
Gonerby Hill Foot School Friends Of The School Association
Gonville And Caius College In The University Of Cambridge Founded In Honour Of The Annunciation Of The Blessed Mary The Virgin
Gonzalo Rodriguez Memorial Foundation Limited
Gooch s Charity
Good Advice Matters Limited
Good Books And Services Limited
Good Companions Bolton
Good Companions Of The Holywell Hospitals
Good Companions
Good Cop
Good Deed Foundation
Good Enough Mothering Limited
Good Food Matters
Good For Life Charity
Good Foundation
Good Gardeners Association
Good Governance Africa
Good Harvest Christian Centre
Good Hope World Outreach inc Limited
Good Human Foundation
Good Karma
Good Move Music
Good Moves Of Gloucestershire Limited
Good Neighbour Project
Good Neighbour Unit Scheme
Good Neighbourhood Trust Limited
Good Neighbours Community Association ilford
Good Neighbours Community Transport
Good News Asian Church
Good News Assembly
Good News Broadcasting Association great Britain Limited
Good News Children s Trust uk
Good News Church Harrow Weald
Good News Church Whaley Bridge
Good News Crusade
Good News Evangelical Church
Good News Family Care homes Ltd
Good News Gospel Community Church
Good News Ministries
Good News Support
Good News Trust
Good Old Furniture Available gofa
Good s Charity
Good Samaria Network gsn Limited
Good Samaritan Foundation g s f
Good Samaritan Ministry Of Assembly Of God
Good Samaritan Orphanage India And Mfrp mission For The Rural People
Good Samaritans Social Developement Association
Good Shepherd Church
Good Shepherd Jesus Christ Church
Good Shepherd Mission In Oreston
Good Shepherd Pre school
Good Shepherd Preschool
Good Shepherd Rc Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Good Story
Good Thinking
Good Values Club
Good Vibrations
Good Word Ministries
Good Work norfolk And Waveney Industrial Mission Uk
Goodacre And Turner Educational Foundation
Goodacre Benevolent Fund
Goodacre s Almshouse Charity
Goode Bequest
Goodenber Play Area Association
Goodenough College
Gooderstone Rainbow Pre school
Goodheights Limited
Goodleigh Playgroup
Goodleigh School Parents Friends And Teachers Association
Goodleigh Village Hall
Goodleigh Women s Institute
Goodman Brothers Pension Fund
Goodman Exhibition Foundation In Connection With Kibworth Beauchamp Grammar School
Goodmayes Barley Lane Afternoon Townswomen s Guild
Goodmayes Hospital Radio Association
Goodmayes Residents Association
Goodmayes Sri Sivashakti Temple
Goodnestone Village Hall
Goodnews Church Melksham Trust
Goodnews Evangelical Mission
Goodnews Ministries International
Goodnews Outreach
Goodrich Greenspace
Goodrich Parent Teacher Association
Goodrich Primary School Ptfa
Goodrich Village Hall Trust
Goodrington Methodist Pre School Limited
Goodsell House
Goodweave Uk
Goodwick And District Playgroup
Goodwick Old People s Welfare Committee
Goodwill And Growth For Africa Uk
Goodwill Children s Homes
Goodwill Training And Innovation Centre
Goodwin Development Trust Limited
Goodwin Hall
Goodwood Community Education Trust
Goodwood Driving For The Disabled Association
GoodWood Estate Ltd
Goodworth Clatford Village Club
Goodworth Clatford Women s Institute
Goodworth s Almshouses And Charity
Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Holdings Pension Fund
Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Holdings Provident Fund
Goole And District Community Transport Group
Goole And District Talking Newspaper Association
Goole And District Toy Library
Goole Choral Society
Goole Community Group
Goole Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Goole Samaritan Society incorporated
Goole Town District Guides
Goole Y m c a Limited
Goonhavern Parks Committee
Goonhavern Pre school Playgroup
Goose Green Primary School Home School Association
Goosnargh And Longridge Agricultural Society Limited
Goosnargh And Whittingham Over 60 s Club
Goosnargh And Whittingham Women s Institute
Goosnargh Ducklings
Goosnargh Village Hall
Goostrey County Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Goostrey Pre school
Goostrey Women s Institute
Goostrey Youth Centre
Goran Haven Lime Kiln Trust
Gordano District Scout Council
Gordano School Parents Association
Gordano Valley Church Trust
Gordano Valley Church
Gordillo Coleridge Charitable Trust
Gordon Barclay Vietnam Fund
Gordon Boys Recreation Ground Fund
Gordon Charitable Trust
Gordon Edwards Charitable Trust
Gordon Gray Trust
Gordon Harvey Charitable Trust
Gordon House Association
Gordon Mcleod Leukaemia Fund
Gordon Memorial College At Khartoum Trust Fund
Gordon Memorial Pleasure Garden And Promenade
Gordon Moody Association
Gordon Thompson mollie Nelson Maddock Trust Fund
Gordonstoun Association Trust
Goreeb And Eatheem Trust Fund
Gorefield Playgroup
Gorefield Playing Field Association
Gorefield Primary School School Fund
Gorham s Gift
Goring And Cleeve Pre school
Goring And District Charity For The Elderly
Goring And District Community Centre Trust
Goring And Ferring Friendship Centre goring Branch
Goring And Woodcote Medical Equipment Fund
Goring Chamber Choir
Goring Church Of England Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Goring Decorative And Fine Arts Society
Goring Ecclesiastical Charity
Goring Gap University Of The Third Age
Goring Heath Parish Charity
Goring Little Fishes Playgroup
Goring Trust
Goring Village Hall
Goring Woodcote District Lions Club Charitable Trust Fund
Gorkha District Health And Educational Development Scheme
Gorkha Learning For Life
Gorleston Afternoon Women s Institute
Gorlin Syndrome Group
Gorman Bros Lumber Ltd Pension Plan for Salaried Employees
Gorran And District Community Bus Association Limited
Gorran And Mevagissey Scout Group
Gorran Haven Memorial Village Hall
Gorran Preschool
Gorran School Parents Teachers Association
Gorse Covert Community Association Limited
Gorse Covert School P t a
Gorse Hill Baptist Church
Gorseinon Development Trust
Gorseinon Gateway Monday Club
Gorseland School Pfa
Gorsey Bank School Parent Teachers Association
Gorseybrigg Primary School Ptfa
Gorslas County Primary School Pta
Gorsley And District Youth Club
Gorsley Baptist Church
Gorsley Goffs Primary School Parent Teacher And Friends Association Ptfa
Gorsley Pre School
Gorsley Village Hall
Gorsybank Pre school
Gorton Community Association
Gorton Visual Arts
Gosbeck Village Community Hall
Gosberton Clough And Risegate School Fund
Gosberton Farm Trust
Gosberton Relief In Need Charity
Gosberton Risegate And Clough Community Association
Gosberton Youth Club
Goscor Pension Fund
Gosden Children First
Gosden Lighthouse
Goseame Open Market Provident Fund
Goseley Community Centre Committee
Gosen Chapel Charity
Gosfield Coffee Room Charity
Gosfield School Limited
Gosfield Womens Institute
Gosford Asian Group
Gosford Hill School Association
Gosforth And District Peter Pan Society
Gosforth Central Middle School Parent teacher Association
Gosforth Church Of England School Charity
Gosforth Community Minibus
Gosforth Fields Sports Association Limited
Gosforth Fields Sports Association
Gosforth Garden Village Association
Gosforth Nursery
Gosforth Park First School Parent Teacher Association
Gosforth Playing Field
Gosforth Pre school dronfield
Gosforth Public Hall
Gosforth Recreation And Athletic Ground Association
Gosforth Residents Association
Gosforth Round Table Charitable Trust Fund
Gosforth Unit 396 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Gosforth Women s Institute
Goshen Community Projects International
Goshen Light Church
Gosling Educational Foundation
Gosling s Homes For Aged Women
Gosling Sports Park
Gosling Trust
Goslings Playgroup
Gospel Advocate Relief Fund
Gospel Aid
Gospel Ambassadors International Network
Gospel Assembly Church
Gospel Assembly Gmr
Gospel Broadcasting In Portuguese
Gospel Broadcasting System Ltd
Gospel Faith Ministries International incorporating Power Assemblies Full Gospel Church
Gospel Faith Mission
Gospel Fellowship Ministry East Africa Fund
Gospel Fire Ministries International
Gospel For Asia uk
Gospel For Tribals Social Service Society
Gospel Hall Endowed Charity
Gospel Hall Pallion Road Sunderland
Gospel Harvest Ministries
Gospel Light Evangelical Ministries
Gospel Light International Church
Gospel Light International Ministries new Covenant Gospel Church
Gospel Media Trust
Gospel Mission Of South America Trust
Gospel Mission Trust
Gospel Missionary Union
Gospel Oak Community Centre
Gospel Oak School Association
Gospel Of Christ International Prayer Ministries
Gospel Of Peace International Ministries
Gospel Of Peace Ministry
Gospel Outreach International
Gospel Outreach
Gospel Partners For Africa
Gospel Partners Trust
Gospel Pillars International Ministry
Gospel Printing Mission Limited
Gospel Standard Aid And Poor Relief Society
Gospel Standard Bethesda Fund
Gospel Support
Gospel Temple Apostolic Church Ponders End
Gospel Truth Ministries International
Gospel Truth Ministries Limited
Gospel Vision
Gospellife International
Gosport And District Sports Association For The Disabled
Gosport And Fareham Inshore Rescue Service
Gosport And Fareham Methodist Circuit
Gosport Childminders Group
Gosport Citizens Advice Bureau
Gosport Community Association
Gosport Cornerstone Trust
Gosport Dis play Club
Gosport District Scout Council
Gosport Islamic Society
Gosport Living History Society
Gosport Musical Theatre Productions
Gosport Opportunity Group
Gosport Society
Gosport Solent Brass
Gosport Street Pastors
Gosport Stroke Club
Gosport Unit 437 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Gosport University Of The Third Age u3a
Gosport Voluntary Action
Gosport Women s Institute
Gossmore Lane Recreation Ground Trust
Gossops Green Community Primary School Trust Fund
Gostart Community Transport
Gotham Memorial Hall And Recreation Ground Trust
Gotham Pre school Playgroup
Gotham Primary School Fund
Gotham Women s Institute
Gothard Seckar Vale Memorial Park
Gothenburg Trust
Gotherington Village Hall
Gotlands Kommun
Goudhurst And Kilndown Ready Call
Goudhurst Parent Teacher Association
Goudhurst Parish Hall
Goudhurst Scout Association
Goudhurst Sri Lanka Church Association
Goudhurst Women s Institute
Governance Ministries
Governing Body Of St Mary s School aided Chiddingfold
Government Employees Pension Fund GEPF
Government Employees Pension Fund
Government Employees Superannuation Fund
Government of Singapore Investment Corporation
Government Pension Fund Norway
Governors Of St Mary s Church Of England Primary School Charitable Trust
Governors Of The Charity For Relief Of The Poor Widows And Children Of Clergymen commonly Called The Corporation Of The Sons Of The Clergy
Govett Charity
Govilon Village Hall Committee
Govindbhai Foundation
Gowda Saraswath Sabha uk
Gowdall Village Hall
Gower Agricultural Society
Gower Bird Hospital
Gower Christian Youth Work
Gower Festival Society
Gower Ornithological Society
Gower Young Farmers Club
Gowerton Home School Association
Gowraar Foundation
Goxhill Memorial Hall And Recreation Ground
Goxhill Millennium Green Trust
Goxhill Pre school
Goyder Memorial Scholarship
Goyt District Scout Council
Goytre After School Club
Goytre Fawr Community Centre
Goytre Village Hall
GP Building and Hardware Supplies Provident Fund
GPIF Government Pension Investment Fund
Gpm Charitable Trust
GPNET Provident Fund
GQM Wealth Managed Unclaimed Benefits Preservation Provident Fund
GQM Wealth Management Unclaimed Benefits Preservation Pension Fund
GR Pharmaceuticals 1967 Provident Fund
GR Pharmaceuticals Pension Fund 1981
Graaff Reinet Voorsorgfonds
Graaffs Trust Limited Pension Fund
Grace Africa Pension Fund
Grace Africa Provident Fund
Grace And Compassion Benedictines
Grace And Glory Ministries
Grace And Hope Foundation Orphanage Project
Grace And Light uk
Grace And Peace Church Inc
Grace Assembly
Grace Baptist Church Southport
Grace Baptist Church
Grace Baptist Ministry To The Young
Grace Baptist Mission
Grace Baptist Partnership
Grace Baptist Trust Corporation
Grace Chapel London Trust
Grace Charismatic Centre
Grace Charitable Trust
Grace Charity
Grace Christian Centre
Grace Christian Trust
Grace Church Bridgend
Grace Church Cambridge
Grace Church Cheltenham
Grace Church Chichester
Grace Church Christian Centre Limited
Grace Church Dulwich
Grace Church Goodmayes Trust
Grace Church Lincoln
Grace Church Milton Keynes
Grace Church Nottingham
Grace Church scotter And District
Grace Church Stirchley Cotteridge
Grace Church Stoke on trent
Grace Church Thame
Grace Church Truro
Grace Church Wanstead
Grace Church West Wales
Grace Church Westerleigh
Grace Church Wolverhampton
Grace Church
Grace Community Bible Church
Grace Community Church Bath
Grace Community Church Bedford
Grace Community Church blackburn
Grace Community Church Broadstairs
Grace Community Church Cornwall
Grace Community Church Glastonbury
Grace Community Church Leeds North
Grace Community Church Of Manchester
Grace Community Church Of Worthing
Grace Community Church Porthcawl
Grace Community Church stevenage
Grace Community Church Sutton
Grace Community Church Uk
Grace Community Church
Grace Covenant Church stoke on trent
Grace Darling Memorial Trust
Grace Debt Advice
Grace Dieu Charitable Trust
Grace Dieu Manor School
Grace Dieu Priory Trust
Grace Ellis Charity
Grace Evangelical Church Endowed Charity
Grace Evangelistic Ministries Europe
Grace Evangelistic Ministries
Grace Faith Ministries
Grace Fellowship Church
Grace Flora Randall Trust
Grace For The Next Generation Limited
Grace Foundation
Grace Harvest Church
Grace House North East
Grace House
Grace Incorporation Faith Trust gift
Grace Independent Reformed Church
Grace International Miracle Ministries
Grace Ministries India
Grace Ministries International
Grace Ministries Trust
Grace Ministry London
Grace Of God For All Nations
Grace Of God International Christian Centre
Grace Of Jesus Christ Crusade
Grace of Rosebank Retirement Fund
Grace Palace Chapel
Grace Publications Trust
Grace Reformed Christian Church
Grace Say
Grace Springs Church
Grace Tabernacle
Grace Tebbutt House Trust Limited
Grace Temple International
Grace To Grace International Centre
Grace To You Europe
Grace Trust bristol
Grace Truth Tabernacle
Grace Vineyard Church
Grace Wyndham Goldie bbc Trust Fund
Graceland Church Of God Missions
Graceland Ministries International
Graces Limited
Gracious Ministries International
Gracious Street Methodist Church
Gradbach Scout Camp
Grade Ruan Community Trust
Grade ruan Recreation Ground
Grade Ruan Under 5s
Graeme Leitch Landscapes Provident Fund
Graeme Robertson Charitable Trust
Graff Foundation
Graffham Down Trust
Graffham Nursery School
Grafham And Smithbrook Women s Institute
Grafham Grange Special Educational Trust Limited
Grafham Village Hall
Grafham Water Sailability
Graft Thames Valley Ltd
Grafton And Stonehall Educational Foundation
Grafton District Scout Council
Grafton Flyford Relief In Need Charity
Grafton Manor Group Riding For The Disabled Association
Grafton Regis Village Hall
Grafton Underwood Village Hall
Grafty Green Village Hall
Graham Beck Enterprises Retirement Fund
Graham Educational Foundation
Graham Gardner Intensive Care Fund
Graham Greene Birthplace Trust
Graham Hall Foundation
Graham James School Association
Graham Rowlandson Foundation
Graham School Fund
Grahame Charitable Foundation Limited
Grahame Park Community Development Group Gpcdg
Grahamstown United Schools Trust
Graig Community Centre
Grain Industry Provident Fund
Grain Of Wheat International
Grainger Park Boys Club
Grainthorpe And Conisholme Village Association
Grameen Unoiyon
Grameen Welfare Smile Charity
Gramer Cottages
Grampound Road Playingfield And Recreation Ground
Grampound With Creed War Memorial Recreation Ground And Public Hall
Granborough Parish Hall
Granby And Sutton Women s Institute
Granby Community Mental Health Group
Granby Community Transport known As Wheels
Granby Island Community Centre Limited
Granby School Parent Teacher Association
Granby Somali Women s Group
Granby Street Foundation
Grand Avenue Out Of School Club
Grand Avenue School Ict Appeal
Grand Avenue School Parents Association
Grand Bay uk Dominica Community Alliance
Grand Charitable Trust Of The Order Of Women Freemasons
Grand Cleaners Pension Plan
Grand Duke Of Tuscany Foundation
Grand Feoffment Charities
Grand Master s Lodge No 1 Benevolent Fund
Grand Master s Lodge No 1 Masonic Charities Association
Grand Order Of Babysitters gobs
Grand Order Of Water Rats Charities Fund
Grand Stewards Lodge 250th Anniversary Benevolent Fund
Grand Stewards Lodge Benevolent Fund
Grand Union Quaker Camps
Grand Union Village Community Development Trust
Grand Union Vineyard Church Milton Keynes
Grand Western Canal Association Limited
Grandborough Charity
Grandma s
Grandparents Plus
Grandpont Nursery School Association
Grange And District Natural History Society
Grange Choral Society Christchurch
Grange Community Association
Grange Community Junior School Parent Teacher Association
Grange Day Centre Limited
Grange District U3a
Grange Farm Centre
Grange Farm Community Centre
Grange Fellowship Community Association
Grange First School Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Grange Infants School Parent Teacher Club
Grange Interlink Limited
Grange Lane Infant School Fund
Grange Moor Miniature Park And Bowling Green
Grange Muslim Association
Grange Over Sands And District Community First Responders
Grange over sands And District Concert Club
Grange Over Sands Civic Society
Grange over sands Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Grange Over Sands Lecture Society
Grange Parent Teacher Association
Grange Park evening Women s Institute
Grange Park Friends Association
Grange Park High School Limited
Grange Park Opera
Grange Park Play Group
Grange Park Pre school
Grange Park Primary School Association
Grange Playgroup
Grange Pre school southam
Grange Pre school
Grange Primary School Pta
Grange Primary School Staff And Parent Teachers Association
Grange Road Surgery Patients Fund
Grange Rose Hill School Limited
Grange School Aylesbury
Grange School Fund
Grange Toy Library
Grange Valley Parents Teachers Friends Association
Grange Villa Community Enterprise
Grange Working Men s Institute
Grange Youth Club Management Committee the Group
Grangeford Charitable Trust
Grangetown Baptist Church
Grangetown Christian Trust
Grangetown Community Concern
Grangetown Millennium Trust
Grangetown sunderland Community Association
Grangewood Educational Association
Grangewood Pre School
Granor Passi Provident Fund
Gransden And District Agricultural Society
Gransdens Sportsfield And Recreational Association
Grant And Sharp For The Poor
Grant Thornton Capital Umbrella Pension Fund
Grant Thornton Capital Umbrella Provident Fund
Granta Decorative And Fine Arts Society
Granta Grapevine Talking Newspaper
Grantchester Village Hall
Grantham Almshouse Charity
Grantham And District Association For Spina Bifida And Hydrocephalus
Grantham And District Mencap Limited
Grantham And District P H A B Club
Grantham And District Poverty Concern Group
Grantham And District Round Table Charitable Trust
Grantham And District Scout Council
Grantham And District Young Farmers 1977 Silver Jubilee Charity Fund
Grantham And District Young Farmers Club
Grantham Baptist Church
Grantham Branch Of The University Of The Third Age u3a
Grantham Catering Pty Ltd Provident Fund
Grantham Christian Fellowship
Grantham Christian Ministries
Grantham Civic Society
Grantham Community Heritage Association
Grantham Division Of The Guide Association
Grantham Dramatic Society
Grantham Foodbank
Grantham Leisure Support Group
Grantham Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Grantham Music Club
Grantham Music Festival Association
Grantham Operatic Society
Grantham Play Association
Grantham s Almshouses
Grantham Somerby Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Grantham Springfield Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Grantham Tennis Club Limited
Grantham The Walton Girls School Fund
Grantham Vale Of Belvoir Methodist Circuit
Grantham West Community Centre
Grantley And Winksley Women s Institute
Grantley Village Hall
Grantox Charitable Trust Limited
Grants For Students
Granville Street Evangelical Church Aylesbury
Granvin Herad
Grapevine Christian Fellowship
Grapevine Community Church
Grapevine coventry And Warwickshire Ltd
Grapevine Essex
Grapevine Project
Graphic Art Products Pension Fund
Grappenhall Pre school
Grappenhall Women s Institute
Grappenhall Youth And Community Association
Grasby Village Hall
Grasmere Church Of England School
Grasmere Village Hall Company Limited
Grasmere Village Society
Grass Roots Ethiopia
Grass Roots Theatre Group
Grasshopper Club
Grasshoppers Playgroup
Grassington And District Helping Hands
Grassington And District Old People s Welfare Committee
Grassington C e School Fund
Grassington Devonshire Institute
Grassington Festival Society
Grassington Hub
Grassington Playgrounds Association
Grassington Primary School P t a
Grassmoor And District Women s Institute
Grassmoor Community Centre Management Committee
Grassmoor Friendship Club
Grassroot Soccer uk
Grassroots Arts Uk
Grassroots cardiff Limited
Grassroots Development Trust
Grassroots Initiatives For Development Of India
Grassroots Playgroup
Grassroots Programme
Grassroots Suicide Prevention
Grateful Society
Grateley And District Women s Institute
Grateley Charities
Grateley School Pta
Gratia International Ltd
Gratifikasiefonds vir Gemeenskaplike Plaaslike Owerhede
Graubünden Kantonale Pensionskasse
Grave Fund
Gravel Allotment Askerswell
Gravel Allotment Fund
Gravel Allotments
Gravel Baptist Manse Fund
Graveley Village Hall
Graveney And Goodnestone Village Hall
Graveney Goodnestone Trust
Gravenhurst And Villages Pre school
Gravenhurst Recreation Ground
Gravenhurst School Association
Graves Park
Gravesend And Dartford Muslim Association
Gravesend And District Mencap Society
Gravesend And District Theatre Guild
Gravesend And Rochester Agricultural Association
Gravesend Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Gravesend Epilepsy Network
Gravesend Grammar School For Boys Development Fund
Gravesend Grammar School For Boys Parent Teacher Association
Gravesend Grammar School For Boys School Fund
Gravesend Grammar School For Girls School Voluntary Fund
Gravesend Methodist Church
Gravesend Rotary Club Service Fund
Gravesend Sailing Club Sailability
Gravesend Street Pastors
Gravesend Unit 159 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Gravesham And Dartford Phab Club
Gravesham Arts Council
Gravesham Choral Society
Gravesham Citizens Advice Bureau
Gravesham District Scout Council
Gravesham Excellence Cluster Ltd
Gravesham Muslims Cultural And Educational Centre
Gravesham Sports Trust
Gravesham War Memorials Trust
Gray Security Services Pension Fund
Graymatters Mehran David Foundation
Graymont DC Pension Plan for Salaried Employees
Graymont Inc Pension Plan for Salaried Employees
Graymont Western Canada Salaried Pension Plan
Grays Baptist Church
Grays Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Grays Public Purposes And Recreational Charity
Grays School Fund
Grays Thurrock a Townswomen s Guild
Grays Thurrock Rotary Club Trust Fund
Grays Trust Kersey
Grayshott Community Care
Grayshott Concerts
Grayshott Cricket Club
Grayshott Little Sunflowers Pre school
Grayshott Nursing Association
Grayson And Griffith Charity
Grayson County Texas
Grayswood Nursery School
Grayswood Village Hall
Grazebrook School Parent Staff Association
Grazeley Village Memorial Hall
Greasby Community Association
Greasby County Junior School Parent Association
Greasley Miners Welfare Scheme
Greasley Selston And Eastwood Agricultural Society
Great Abington Primary School Parent Teacher Friends Association
Great Addington Memorial Hall
Great Addington Parents School Association
Great Alne And Kinwarton Memorial Hall
Great Alne And Kinwarton Women s Institute
Great Alne Parochial Charity
Great Amwell Jubilee Almshouses
Great Amwell Scout Group tl 2357
Great Amwell Womens Club
Great And Little Chishill Village Hall Charity
Great And Little Hampton Educational Charity
Great And Little Henny Parish Hall
Great And Little Horkesley Friendship Club
Great And Little Leighs Village Hall
Great And Little Leighs Womens Institute
Great And Little Plumstead Women s Institute
Great And Little Shelford Church Of England School Fund
Great And Little Snoring Women s Institute
Great And Little Thurlow Village Hall
Great And Little Warley W i
Great Arley School Ptfa
Great Asby Village Hall
Great Ashby Community Centre Management Association
Great Ashfield Relief In Need Charity
Great Aves
Great Aycliffe Old People s Welfare Committee
Great Aycliffe Village Hall Association
Great Ayton Discovery Centre Limited
Great Ayton Dramatic Society
Great Ayton Friends School
Great Ayton Play Park
Great Ayton yorks women s Institute
Great Baddow Parochial Charities
Great Bardfield Charities
Great Bardfield Historical Society
Great Bardfield Pre school
Great Bardfield Town Hall
Great Barford Playing Fields Association
Great Barford United Charities
Great Barford Village Hall
Great Barford Women s Institute
Great Barr Church Lands
Great Barton Free Church
Great Barton Pathways Ltd
Great Barton Scout Group
Great Barton Thanksgiving Fund
Great Barton V C Primary School Pta
Great Bedwyn Playgroup
Great Bedwyn Playingfield And Village Hall
Great Bedwyn School Association
Great Bentley County Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Great Bentley Good Neighbours Trust
Great Bentley New Village Hall Fund
Great Berry Primary School Pta
Great Bowden Pre school
Great Bowden Recital Trust
Great Bowden School Parent Teacher Association
Great Bowden Village Trust
Great Bradley Village Hall
Great Brak Saw Mills Provident Fund
Great Brak Sawmills Pension Fund
Great Bricett Village Hall
Great Bridge Parent Association
Great Bridgeford Village Hall
Great Britain Baton Twirling Association
Great Britain Wheelchair Basketball Association
Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby Limited
Great Bromley Village Hall
Great Broughton Village Hall
Great Budworth Heritage Society
Great Burstead Exhibition Foundation
Great Canadian Casinos Inc Employees Pension Plan
Great Carlton Village Hall
Great Casterton Church Charity Lands
Great Chart And Singleton Playgroup
Great Chart Playing Fields Association
Great Chart Village Hall
Great Chart Womens Institute
Great Chesterford Recreation Ground Trust
Great Cheverell Pre school
Great Cheverell Village Hall
Great Chishill Playing Field
Great Clacton Community Association
Great Clacton Junior School Funds
Great Clacton Junior School Pta
Great Clacton Pre school Limited
Great Clifton Village Hall
Great Comberton Village Hall
Great Commission Ministries
Great Corby School Parents Association
Great Corby Village Association
Great Cornard Charities
Great Coxwell Parish Room
Great Cressingham Community Association
Great Dalby Pre school Playgroup
Great Dane Adoption Society
Great Dane Care Charitable Trust
Great Doddington Charity
Great Doddington Poor s Land Charity
Great Doddington Village Hall
Great Dunham Amenities Committee
Great Dunmow And District Round Table Charitable Trust
Great Dunmow And District Young Farmers Club
Great Dunmow Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Great Dunmow Maltings Preservation Trust Limited
Great Dunmow Museum Society
Great Easton And District Women s Institute
Great Easton C E Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Great Easton Parish Hall Fund
Great Easton Recreation Ground Committee
Great Easton Village Hall
Great Eccleston And District Young Farmers Club
Great Eccleston Village Centre Limited
Great Edstone Village Hall
Great Ellingham Pre school
Great Ellingham Recreation Ground And Centre
Great Ellingham st James Scout Group
Great Elm Village Hall Management Committee
Great Expectations Ministries
Great Finborough Buxhall Under 5 s
Great Finborough Village Hall
Great Future Foundation
Great Gaddesden Charities
Great Gaddesden Church Of England School
Great Gate School And School House Trust
Great Georges Community Cultural Project Limited
Great Gidding Village Hall And Recreation Ground
Great Glemham School
Great Glemham Village Hall
Great Glen Relief In Need Charity
Great Glen Town Charity
Great Glen U3a Interests Group
Great Glen Village Hall
Great Glen Youth Club
Great Gransden Pre school Playgroup
Great Gransden Public Recreation Ground
Great Grimsby Ice Factory Trust
Great Hale And Little Hale Joint Burial Board Benjamin Ward Trust
Great Hale Relief In Need Charity
Great Hall Players
Great Hallingbury Village Hall Committee
Great Hampden Womens Institute
Great Hanwood Relief In Need Charity
Great Harwood Behna Group
Great Harwood District Women s Institute
Great Haseley And District Horticultural Society
Great Haseley Relief In Need Charity
Great Haywood Under Fives
Great Hinton Memorial Hall Trust
Great Holland Village Hall
Great Hollands Free Church
Great Hollands Neighbourhood Organisation
Great Holm Community Centre
Great Holm Pre school
Great Holm Riding For The Disabled Association
Great Hormead Parochial Charities
Great Horton Theatre Company
Great Horwood And Singleborough Recreation Trust
Great Horwood Parent teacher Association
Great Horwood Recreation Ground
Great Hospital
Great Houghton Playing Field Association
Great Houghton Preparatory School Pta
Great Hucklow Relief In Need Charity
Great Kingshill School Parents Association
Great Lakes African Women s Network
Great Lakes Outreach
Great Lever Community Association
Great Lever Education And Welfare Trust
Great Lever Welfare Youth Trust
Great Limber Forest School
Great Linford Advancement In Life Charity
Great Linford Memorial Hall
Great Linford Parent And Toddler Group
Great Linford Primary School Fund
Great Linford Relief In Need Charity
Great Linford st Andrews Scout Group
Great Linford Village Playgroup
Great Linford Waterside Festival
Great Livermere Village Memorial Hall
Great Longstone Pre school
Great Longstone Village Hall
Great Longstone Women s Institute
Great Lumley Community Association
Great Lumley Millennium Green Trust
Great Lumley Women s Institute
Great Malvern Priory Bells Restoration Trust
Great Malvern Relief In Need Charity
Great Maplestead Village Hall
Great Marlow Playing Field Management Committee
Great Marlow Swans
Great Massingham Charities
Great Meeting endowment Fund Charity
Great Meols Parent Teacher Association
Great Milton School Trust Fund
Great Missenden C Of E Combined School Fund
Great Missenden Choral Society
Great Missenden Church Hall Charity
Great Missenden Church Of England Combined School Parent Teacher Association
Great Missenden Church Of England School Charity
Great Missenden Community Group
Great Missenden District Guides Association
Great Missenden Memorial Centre
Great Mongeham Parish Hall
Great Moor Schools Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Great Moulton Evangelical Chapel
Great Neighbourhoods
Great Ness Relief In Need Charity
Great Nile Trust
Great North Festival
Great North Provident Fund
Great North Transport Provident Fund
Great Northern Aid Trust
Great Notley Women s Institute
Great Oakley Pre school
Great Oakley Village Institute
Great Oaks Small School
Great Ocean Dharma Refuge
Great Ormesby Womens Institute
Great Orton Nursery
Great Ouseburn Village Hall
Great Oxendon Village Hall
Great Parks Chapel Management Trust
Great Parks Community Association
Great Parndon Community Association
Great Paxton Recreation Ground
Great Paxton School Association
Great Paxton Under Fives Association
Great Ponton Archers School Trust
Great Ponton School Fund
Great Ponton Village Centre
Great Priory Of The Order Of The Temple Fund Of Benevolence
Great Ringstead Allotment Charity
Great Rissington Recreation Sports Community Fund
Great Rollright Village Hall
Great Salkeld Village Hall And Reading Room
Great Sampford Village Hall
Great Sankey High School Parent Teacher Association
Great Sankey Parents Friends Association
Great Saughall Women s Institute
Great Saxham United Charities
Great Shefford Under Fives
Great Shefford Village Hall
Great Shelford Community Centre Association
Great Shelford Free Church baptist
Great Shelford Mobile Warden Scheme
Great Smeaton And District Young Farmers Club
Great Smeaton Village Hall
Great Staughton Ecclesiastical Charity consisting Of The Church Land Charity And The Bell Rope Charity
Great Staughton Parish Charities
Great Staughton Playing Field Charitable Trust
Great Staughton Village Hall
Great Steeping Primary School Fund
Great Steeping School Trustees
Great Stony School Trust
Great Strickland Parish Institute
Great Stukeley Village Hall
Great Sutton Male Voice Choir
Great Sutton Village Hall Association
Great Tew Pre School
Great Tey Pre school
Great Tey Women s Institute
Great Torrington Almshouse Charity
Great Torrington And District Community Development Trust
Great Torrington Buildings Preservation Trust
Great Torrington Commons Conservancy common Lands
Great Torrington Town Lands And Poors Charity
Great Totham evening Womens Institute
Great Totham Nursery
Great Totham Ptfa
Great United Children
Great Wakering Community Association
Great Wakering Evening Women s Institute
Great Wakering Primary School Pta
Great Waldingfield Playgroup
Great Waldingfield Village Hall
Great Walsingham Fuel Allotment
Great Walstead Limited
Great Waltham Charities
Great Waltham Friendship Club
Great Waltham Village Hall
Great Walton Charitable Trust
Great Warley Conservation Society
Great Western Air Ambulance Charity
Great Western Hospital Nhs Foundation Trust Charitable Fund And Other Related Charities
Great Western Preservations Limited
Great Western Society Limited
Great Western Street Residents Association
Great Western svr Association
Great Western Youth Band
Great Whittington Village Hall
Great Wilbraham Out Of School Club
Great Wilbraham Primary School Parent Teacher Friends Association
Great Winners Ministries
Great Witchingham Fuel Allotment Charity
Great Witchingham Playschool
Great Witley Pre school
Great Witley Village Hall
Great Wood Community Hall
Great Wood School Pta
Great Wymondley Village Hall
Great Wyrley High School Association
Great Wyrley Senior Citizens Welfare Committee
Great Yarmouth And District Round Table No 41 Charitable Trust
Great Yarmouth And District Talking Newspaper Association
Great Yarmouth And Waveney Mind
Great Yarmouth And Waveney Special Olympians
Great Yarmouth Central Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Great Yarmouth Choral Society
Great Yarmouth Community Trust
Great Yarmouth District Scouts Council
Great Yarmouth Exhibition Charity
Great Yarmouth Family Contact Centre
Great Yarmouth Friday Gateway Club
Great Yarmouth Gorleston Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Great Yarmouth Lions Club Trust Fund
Great Yarmouth Local History And Archaeological Society
Great Yarmouth Mencap
Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust
Great Yarmouth Sport And Leisure Trust
Great Yarmouth U3a
Great Yarmouth Unit 160 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Great Yarmouth Waveney Contact For Special Needs Help
Great Yeldham Educational Foundation
Great Yeldham Reading Room
Great Yeldham Sports Ground
Great Yeldham United Charities
Greater Bogra Association In The Uk
Greater Deepdale Community Association
Greater Durham Citizens Advice Bureau
Greater Evangelism World Crusade Church gewc
Greater Grace Apostolic Ministries International
Greater Grace Christian Church Of S e London
Greater Grace Christian School
Greater Grace Evangelical Church
Greater Grace Ministries
Greater Heights Christian Church
Greater Lamakazi Welfare Association uk Limited
Greater Life Trust Foundation
Greater London Forum For Older People
Greater London Fund For The Blind
Greater London Industrial Archaeology Society
Greater London Kent County Guides
Greater London Middlesex West County Scout Council
Greater London North County Scout Council
Greater London North East County Scout Council
Greater London South County Scout Council
Greater London South West County Scout Council
Greater London Volunteering
Greater Manchester Accessible Transport Limited
Greater Manchester Accessible Transport
Greater Manchester Arts Centre Limited
Greater Manchester Asbestos Victims Support Group
Greater Manchester Bangladesh Association And Community Centre
Greater Manchester Building Preservation Trust Limited
Greater Manchester Centre For Voluntary Organisation
Greater Manchester Churches Together
Greater Manchester Community Basketball And Sports Association Limited
Greater Manchester Community Chaplaincy Ltd
Greater Manchester Community Transport Operators Forum
Greater Manchester Drama Federation
Greater Manchester East County Scout Council
Greater Manchester Educational Trust
Greater Manchester Fire Service Museum Trust
Greater Manchester Head Forward Centre Ltd
Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit
Greater Manchester Industrial Mission
Greater Manchester International Business Co operation Ltd
Greater Manchester Moulvibazar District Welfare Association
Greater Manchester Neurological Alliance
Greater Manchester North County Scout Council
Greater Manchester Pay And Employment Rights Advice Service
Greater Manchester Pension Fund
Greater Manchester Probation And After care Social Welfare Fund
Greater Manchester Rda Group
Greater Manchester Somali Senior Citizens Care
Greater Manchester Sports Partnership
Greater Manchester West County Scout Council
Greater Manchester Youth Network
Greater Mental Wealth Charitable Fund
Greater Merseyside Connexions Partnership
Greater Morpeth Development Trust
Greater Moulvibazar Welfare Trust Uk
Greater Nelspruit Utility Company Provident Fund
Greater Nottingham Groundwork Trust
Greater Reading Nepalese Community Association
Greater Rushmoor Nepalese Community
Greater Somali Community Network
Greater Stoke Youth Trust
Greater Sylhet Development Welfare Council U k
Greater Thame U3a
Greater Together
Greater Walker Community Trust
Greater Works Chapel International
Greater Works International
Greatfield Parents Association
Greatfield Playgroup
Greatford Village Hall
Greatgreen Limited
Greatham Community Association Limited
Greatham Community Association
Greatham School Trust
Greatham Sports Field Association
Greatham Village Hall And Playing Field
Greats Community Group
Greatwood Caring For Retired Racehorses Limited
Greatworth Playgroup
Greatworth School Parents Teachers Association
Greave School Parents Association
Greaves Trust
Greek And Greek Cypriot Community Of Enfield
Greek Animal Rescue uk
Greek Archaeological Committee uk
Greek Cat Welfare Society uk
Greek Community Of Manchester Trust Fund
Greek Cypriot Association wales
Greek Cypriot Women s Organisation Limited
Greek Language Educational Establishment Of Hertfordshire
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Of Thyateira And Great Britain
Greek Orthodox Charity Organisation Limited
Greek Orthodox Church Margate
Greek Orthodox Community Of Barnet
Greek Orthodox Community Of Birmingham
Greek Orthodox Community Of Bristol
Greek Orthodox Community Of Leicester
Greek Orthodox Community Of Milton Keynes And Surrounding District
Greek Orthodox Community Of Reading
Greek Orthodox Community Of St Athanasios Cambridge
Greek Orthodox Community Of St Charalambous
Greek Orthodox Community Of St Constantine And St Helen
Greek Orthodox Community Of St George The Martyr
Greek Orthodox Community Of St Katherine
Greek Orthodox Community Of St Nicholas Cardiff
Greek Orthodox Community Of The 318 Holy Fathers Of Nicea
Greek Orthodox Community Of Weston super mare
Greek Women s Philanthropic Association finchley And Barnet
Green Academy Trust
Green Aid
Green And Away
Green And Lilian F M Ainsworth And Family Benevolent Fund
Green Beacons Recycling
Green Belt Movement International Europe
Green Belt Movement International
Green Britain Foundation
Green Candle Dance Company Limited
Green Care zambia
Green City Action
Green Coat Educational Trust
Green Cottage Riding For The Disabled Association
Green Crescent Bangladesh U k
Green Dragon Playgroup
Green Economics Institute Trust
Green Era
Green Furniture Aid Limited
Green Girls Foundation
Green Hall School Fund
Green Hammerton Parent teacher Association
Green Hammerton Recreational Charity
Green Hedges School Riding For The Disabled Association
Green Hill Outreach Trust
Green Hills Christian Trust Limited
Green Horizon Trust
Green Horizons Merthyr Ltd
Green Island Holiday Trust
Green Lane Masjid And Community Centre
Green Lane Nursery And Child Care Centre
Green Lane Playgroup southampton
Green Leeds Limited
Green Light Muslim Youth Forum dudley
Green Light Trust
Green Man Pre school Playgroup
Green Masjid And Madrassah
Green Meadow Group Of The Riding For Disabled Association
Green Park Combined School Fund
Green Park Rural Centre
Green Park School Amenities Fund
Green Park School Voluntary Committee
Green Pastures Christian Centre Of Pastoral Care And Healing
Green Pastures Christian Trust
Green Pastures dereham
Green Pastures Housing
Green Pastures Life Centre
Green Pastures
Green Rivers Community Association Management Ltd by Guarantee
Green Rivers Community Association
Green Room Lodge Benevolent Fund
Green s Charity West Burton
Green School Isleworth
Green Shoots Foundation Limited
Green Street Green Baptist Church
Green Survival International
Green Tara Trust
Green Templeton College
Green Theatre Company
Green Thing Trust
Green Tree Charity Trust
Green Tree World
Green Turtles Swimming Club For The Disabled
Green Walk Trust
Green works
Green World Association
Greenacre Community Hall Association
Greenacre Farm Communities Limited
Greenacre Preschool Rawdon
Greenacre School Association
Greenacre School For Girls Ltd
Greenacres Community Association
Greenacres Day Centre
Greenacres Education Trust
Greenacres Home School Association
Greenacres Parent Teacher Association
Greenall Foundation
Greenbank Community Association
Greenbank Community Church
Greenbank Drive Limited
Greenbank High School Parent Teacher Association
Greenbank Pool
Greenbank School Limited
Greenbelt Festivals
Greenbelt Galaxy Ltd
Greencoat And Other Bethnal Green Educational Charities
Greencombe Garden Trust
Greencuisine Trust
Greendealcentral org uk
Greendown Playgroup
Greendown Trust
Greene And Co Charity Limited
Greene Bequest Fund
Greenefielde Women s Institute
Greener Bexley
Greener Neighbourhoods Hull
Greenfield Baptist Church
Greenfield Centre Community Asociation
Greenfield Club
Greenfield Group Riding For The Disabled Association
Greenfield Home And School Association
Greenfield Lower School Parent Staff Association
Greenfield Pre school
Greenfield Primary School Parents In Partnership
Greenfield Pta
Greenfield School
Greenfield Valley Trust Limited
Greenfields Africa
Greenfields Church
Greenfields Community Centre
Greenfields Educational Trust
Greenfields Family Centre
Greenfields Junior School Ptfa
Greenfields Playgroup
Greenfields Preschool
Greenfields School Association
Greenfinch Charitable Trust
Greenfinch Church
Greenfingers Charity
Greenfishers Trust
Greenford And District Scout Council
Greenford Baptist Church
Greenford Community Association
Greenford Evening Women s Institute
Greenford Gospel Church Trust
Greenford Green Playgroup
Greenford Islamic Welfare Association
Greenford Park Residents Association
Greenford Playing Fields Limited
Greenham Common Community Trust Limited
Greenham Community Association
Greenhaugh Pre school Playgroup
Greenhead College Association
Greenhead Millennium Green
Greenhead Preschool And Rainbow Nursery
Greenhead Sports Ground
Greenhead Village Hall
Greenhill Centre Community Association leeds
Greenhill Methodist Church Sheffield
Greenhill Pre school
Greenhill Primary School Parent Teachers Association
Greenhill Senior Citizens Club
Greenhills Pre school
Greenhithe Community Association
Greenhithe Women s Institute
Greenhouse Schools Project Limited
Greenhouse Trust Fund
Greening Lamborn Trust
Greenlane Disabled Archers
Greenleaf Animal Rescue Ltd
Greenleas Lower School Pta
Greenleys Community Centre
Greenleys Community Pre school
Greenlight Property Solutions
Greenlight Youth Club Ltd
Greenline Foundation Limited
Greenmeadow And St Dials Community Hall the Cockerel
Greenmeadow School Parent Teacher Association
Greenmeadow Womens Institute
Greenmount Primary School Pta
Greenmount Village Pre school
Greenmount Women s Institute
Greennet Educational Trust
Greenodd And Pennybridge Institute
Greenough Christian Fellowship
Greenpath Ventures
Greenpeace Environmental Trust
Greenpower Education Trust
Greens Norton Church Of England Primary School Fund
Greens Norton Community Centre Association
Greens Norton Primary School Parent Teacher Association pta
Greens Norton Scout Group
Greens Norton Village Hall
Greens Norton Womens Institute
Greenseas Trust
Greenside And District Community Centre
Greenside Millennium Green Trust
Greenside Parents Staff And Friends Association
Greenside School Trust
Greenslade Pre school Playgroup Trust
Greensleeves Homes Trust
Greenspace Forum Limited
Greenspring Training
Greenstead Community Association
Greenstead Green Village Hall
Greenstead Social Club Playgroup
Greenstone Management Provident Fund
Greenstone Management Retirement Fund
Greenstones Christian Trust
Greensville Trust
Greentop Community Circus Cente Ltd
Greenwave International Ltd
Greenway layborn Playing Field
Greenway Moor Women s Institute
Greenway Recreation Ground Taunton
Greenway School Association
Greenways Nursery School
Greenways Primary School Pta
Greenwich Action Committee Against Racist Attacks
Greenwich Action For Voluntary Service
Greenwich African Welfare Organisation
Greenwich And Bexley Community Hospice Limited
Greenwich Association For Mental Health
Greenwich Association Of Disabled Peoples Centre For Independent Living
Greenwich Blue Coat Foundation
Greenwich Charities Of William Hatcliffe And The Misses Smith
Greenwich Citizens Advice Bureaux Limited
Greenwich Community Law Centre Limited
Greenwich Connections
Greenwich Council For Racial Equality
Greenwich Dance Agency
Greenwich Deptford And Rotherhithe Unit Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Greenwich Docklands Festivals
Greenwich E learning Foundation
Greenwich Foodbank Limited
Greenwich Foster Carers Association gfca
Greenwich Gurkha Ex servicemen Association
Greenwich Historical Society
Greenwich Housing Rights
Greenwich Islamic Centre
Greenwich Kurdish Community Association
Greenwich Lewisham Young Peoples Theatre
Greenwich Madina Trust
Greenwich Mencap
Greenwich Music Trust
Greenwich School Of Theology
Greenwich Sickle Cell Support Group
Greenwich Sports Academy
Greenwich Starting Blocks Charitable Trust
Greenwich Steiner School Initiative
Greenwich Teaching Primary Care Trust Charitable Fund
Greenwich Vineyard Church
Greenwich Youth For Christ
Greenwold Charitable Trust
Greenwood Christian Trust
Greenwood Community Association
Greenwood Community Centre
Greenwood County Primary School Fund
Greenwood Memorial Charity
Greenwood Park
Greenwood Pups
Greenwood Travelling Fund
Greenwood Women s Club
Greenwoods Art And Law Foundation
Greeson Hall Community Association
Greet And District Community Association
Greete Parish Room
Greetham Jubilee Community Centre
Greetland Junior And Infant School Fund
Greets Green Community Enterprises
Greggs Trust
Gregory Croft
Gregory Pension Fund
Gregory Smith s Charity
Gregs Differential Gearbox Centre Provident Fund
Gregson Community Association Ltd
Gregson Institute
Gregson Lane Community Centre
Gregson Lane Toddler Group
Gregson Memorial Annuities
Gregson Memorial Institute
Greinton Village Hall
Grenada Benevolent Society U k
Grenada carriacou and Petit Martinique Arts Promotion Trust
Grenadier Guards Association
Grendon And Billesley Nursery And Family Centre
Grendon Community Centre
Grendon Nursery Playgroup
Grendon Underwood School Trust Fund
Grendon Underwood Village Hall
Grendon Village Hall
Grendon Women s Institute
Grenfell Association Of Great Britain And Ireland
Grenfell Club
Grenoside Community Association
Grenoside Exhibition Foundation
Grenoside Home School Association
Grenville College Limited
Grenville Combined School Fund
Grenville House Outdoor Education Centre
Grenville Room Management Trust
Gresford And Pandy Sport And Leisure Limited
Gresford District War Memorial Community Centre Trust
Gresford Educational Foundation
Gresford Pre School Playgroup
Gresford United Charity
Gresham College
Gresham s Pre prep School Parent Teachers Association
Gresham s School Trust
Gresham s School
Gresham Village Hall Association
Gresham Village School Parent Teacher Association
Greshams Preparatory School Parents Association
Gresley Male Voice Choir
Gresley Old Hall Community Welfare Centre
Gressenhall Charity
Gressenhall Playgroup
Gressenhall Relief Charity
Gressingham Church Building Trust
Gresswell Environment Trust
Greswold Primary School Parent teacher Association
Greta Pre school Playgroup
Gretton Allotment Charity
Gretton Memorial Nursing Trust
Gretton Nursery Playgroup
Gretton Parents School Association
Gretton Village Association
Greville Smyth Park
Grewelthorpe C E School Fund
Grewelthorpe Reading Room Fund
Grewelthorpe Village Hall And Community Centre
Grey Coat Hospital Foundation
Grey Court Education Fund
Grey Court School Farm
Grey Gables
Greyfriars Missionary Trust
Greyfriars Pre school
Greyfriars Trust
Greygarth Association
Greyhound And Lurcher Welfare And Rescue
Greyhound Compassion Ltd
Greyhound Gap
Greyhound Passport To Retirement
Greyhound Rescue North East
Greyhound Rescue Wales
Greyhound Rescue West Of England
Greyhound Rescue
Greyhound Walks
Greyhound Welfare And Rescue
Greyhounds In Need
Greyladyes Arts Foundation
Greys Charitable Trust
Greysouthen Educational Charity
Greysouthen Women s Institute
Greystoke And Motherby Charities
Greystoke Parent Teacher Association
Greystoke Village Hall
Greystone C P School Fund
Greystone Community Association
Greystone Heath Recreation Ground formerly Known As Allotment For Exercise And Recreation
Greystones After School Club
Greystones Pre school
Greystones Primary School Home And School Association
Greywell Village Hall
Gribskov Kommune
Grief Encounter Project
Grieving Parents Support Group
Griff And Coton Sports And Miners Welfare Club
Griffin Association
Griffin Educational Services Limited
Griffin Park Community Centre
Griffith Jones Charity
Griffith Roberts Foundation
Griffith Thomas And Others
Griffydam Wesleyan Reform Church
Grimesthorpe Academy
Grimesthorpe Family Centre
Grimesthorpe Wesleyan Reform Church
Grimethorpe Activity Zone
Grimethorpe And District Band
Grimethorpe Colliery Band Limited
Grimethorpe Fallen Soldiers And Sailors Memorial
Grimethorpe Millenium Green Trust
Grimethorpe Miners Institute And Recreation Ground
Grimethorpe Pentecostal Church
Grimley Charity
Grimoldby County Primary School Parent teacher Association
Grimsargh Pre school
Grimsargh Village Community Association
Grimsbury Community Association
Grimsbury Family Association
Grimsby And Cleethorpes Area Doorstep
Grimsby And Cleethorpes District Scout Council
Grimsby And Cleethorpes Methodist Church Circuit
Grimsby And Cleethorpes U3a
Grimsby And Cleethorpes Unit 162 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Grimsby And Cleethorpes Ymca
Grimsby And District All Leagues Benevolent Association
Grimsby And District Health Care Charity
Grimsby And Louth Advanced Motorists
Grimsby And Scunthorpe Rape Crisis Limited
Grimsby Bach Choir
Grimsby Baptist Church
Grimsby Central Hall Trust
Grimsby Child Contact Centre
Grimsby Cleethorpes And District Citizens Advice Bureau
Grimsby Cleethorpes And District Dial a ride
Grimsby Cleethorpes And District Youth Orchestra
Grimsby Cleethorpes District Pathfinder
Grimsby Concert Society
Grimsby Deaf Social Club
Grimsby District Battalion The Boys Brigade
Grimsby Hospital Radio
Grimsby north East Lincs Lions Club Charitable Trust Fund
Grimsby Philharmonic Society
Grimsby Sailors And Fishing Charity
Grimsby Scartho Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Grimsby St Hughs Festival
Grimsby Symphony Orchestra
Grimsby Town Football In The Community Sports And Education Trust
Grimsby Weelsby Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Grimsby Yarborough Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Grimsdale Charitable Trust
Grimsdyke Brass
Grimsthorpe And Drummond Castle Trust Limited
Grimsthorpe and Drummond Castle Trust Ltd
Grimston And District Women s Institute
Grimston leicestershire Village Hall
Grimston Scholarship Foundation Known Locally As Grimston School Trust
Grimston Village Hall
Grinaker Group Pension Fund
Grinaker LTA Pension Plan
Grinaker LTA Provident Plan
Grindleford Playing Field Trust
Grindleford Pre school
Grindleford Youth Club
Grindleton Almshouses
Grindleton Consolidated Charities
Grindleton Recreation Ground Charity
Grindon Community Association
Grindon Consolidated Charities
Grindon Hall Christian School Trust
Grindon Old School New Management Village Hall Trust
Grindon Young Peoples Centre
Grindrod Pension Fund
Grindrod Provident Fund
Grindrod Unicorn Provident Fund
Gringley On The Hill Community Centre Management Committee
Gringley On The Hill Womens Institute
Grinshill Parish Benefit Fund
Grintek Pension Plan
Grintek Provident Plan
Griot Foundation Trust
Griston Relief In Need Charity
Grittleton Sevington And Leigh Delamere Village Hall And Recreation Ground
Grizebeck Village Hall
Grizedale Arts
Grizzles Foundation For Sick And Disadvantaged Children
Grn Trust
Gro Scape Consultants Provident Fund
Groby Village Hall
Groby Women s Institute
Grocers Charity
Grolsch Pensioen Fonds
Groombridge Pre school
Groome Trust
Groot Constantia Trust Pensioenfonds
Groove Your Arts
Grosmont School Trust
Grosshill Charitable Trust
Grosvenor Canada Limited Pension Plan
Grosvenor Charity
Grosvenor Church Barnstaple
Grosvenor Church west Somerset
Grosvenor Community Pre school
Grosvenor Light Opera Company
Grosvenor Museum Society
Grosvenor Pension Fund
Grosvenor Womens Club
Groton Educational Foundation
Groton United Charities
Groton Village Hall
Grotton And District Association
Ground Floor
Ground Level Ministry Team
Ground Up Development
Groundswell Network Support Uk
Groundwork Bridgend And Neath And Port Talbot
Groundwork Bury Bolton
Groundwork Caerphilly
Groundwork Cheshire
Groundwork Creswell Ashfield And Mansfield
Groundwork Dearne Valley
Groundwork Derby Derbyshire
Groundwork East London
Groundwork East Midlands
Groundwork East Of England
Groundwork Kent Medway
Groundwork Lancashire West And Wigan Limited
Groundwork Leicester And Leicestershire Ltd
Groundwork Lincolnshire
Groundwork London
Groundwork Manchester Salford Stockport Tameside And Trafford
Groundwork Merseyside
Groundwork Merton
Groundwork North East
Groundwork North London
Groundwork North Wales
Groundwork North Yorkshire
Groundwork Northamptonshire
Groundwork Northumberland
Groundwork Oldham And Rochdale
Groundwork Pennine Lancashire Trust
Groundwork Sheffield
Groundwork Solent
Groundwork South East London
Groundwork South East
Groundwork South Essex
Groundwork South Tees
Groundwork South Tyneside And Newcastle upon tyne
Groundwork South West
Groundwork Southwark Lambeth
Groundwork Stoke On Trent And Staffordshire
Groundwork Wakefield Limited
Groundwork Wales
Groundwork West London
Groundwork West Midlands
Groundwork Yorkshire And The Humber
Group 64
Group Action Into Steroid Prescription
Group Analysis North
Group Analysis South West
Group Analytic Society International
Group B Strep Support
Group Five Pension Fund
Group Five
Group For Education In Museums
Group For The Advancement Of Psychodynamics And Psychotherapy In Social Work
Group For The Rootless Of Watford g R O W
Group Manufacturers Association Limited
Group Provident Fund
Groupama Pensione Fondo Pensione Aperto
Groupe CCIT Pau Béarn
Groupe D entreaide Sans Frontieres
Groupe Richemont
Grove Adventure Playground
Grove Books Limited
Grove Chapel
Grove Community Project
Grove Connex
Grove Day Centre For The Elderly
Grove End Road Limited
Grove Farm Community Association
Grove Free Evangelical Church
Grove Garden
Grove Green Christian Fellowship Trust
Grove Green Community Association
Grove Hill And Cupid Green Neighbourhood Association
Grove Hill Community Association
Grove Hill Evangelical Church
Grove Hill Youth Centre
Grove Neighbourhood Centre Limited
Grove Park Association
Grove Park Community Group
Grove Park Music Festival
Grove Park School Parent teacher Association
Grove Park School Pta
Grove Park Surgery Patients Group
Grove Park Theatre
Grove Playgroup
Grove Pre school stanway
Grove Road Baptist Chapel Pastor s House Trust
Grove Road Burbage Schools Parent Teacher Association
Grove Road Pre school
Grove Road Primary School Fund
Grove s Educational Foundation
Grove s Eleemosynary
Grove Schools Parent Teacher Association
Grove Scout Group
Grove Street Home school Partnership
Grove Toddlers
Grove Vale Youth Club
Grove Village Hall
Groveglade Trust
Grovelands Acorns Pre school Nursery
Grovelands Park Pre school
Grovely Preschool
Grovepalm Limited
Grovers Kids Club
Grovesend Miners Welfare Scheme
Grow 4 Good South West Ltd
Grow More Food
Grow Organisation
Grow Peace
Grow Volunteer Consulting
Growing Care Limited
Growing People
Growing Places Berkshire
Growing Points
Growing Space
Growing Through
Growing Together Trust
Grown Up Congenital Heart Patients Association
GRS Medical Provident Fund
Grumblesmiles Trust
Grundisburgh Early Years Centre playgroup
Grundisburgh Parish Room And Village Club
Grundisburgh Village Hall
Grundy Park king George s Field Cheshunt
Grundys Charity For Poor
Grus Monacha International Aid
Grwp Chwarae r Hendy
Grwp Meithrin Aberteifi
Gsd 2000
GSIS Government Service Insurance System
Gssc Limited
Gt Barton Women s Institute
Gt Bridge Community Forum
Gt Foundation
Gt Waldingfield Vcp School Pta
Gt Witchingham Village Hall
Gt Yarmouth Bradwell Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Gt Yarmouth Refugee Outreach Support Limited
GTECH Provident Fund
Gtfm south Wales Ltd
GTP Agencies Provident Fund No 2
Gua Africa
Guardian Angels York
Guardian National Insurance Company Provident Fund
Guardians of New Zealand Superannuation
Guardians Of Strutts
Guards Chapel Trust
Guardsmen Academy Of Performing Arts
Guatemalan Families Association
Guava Publishing
Guba Foundation
Gubb and Inggs Pension Fund
Gubb and Inggs Provident Fund
GUD Holdings Pension Fund
GUD Mann Hummel Provident Fund
GUD PMB Provident Fund
GUD Provident Fund
Guermonprez Museum Collection
Guerrand Hermes Foundation For Peace
Guest Church
Guestling Bradshaw Primary School Parent teacher Association
Guests Charity
Guestwick Millennium Green Trust
Guidance For Youth
Guide Association Buckinghamshire
Guide Association Chesterfield Headquarters
Guide Association Epsom Division
Guide Association Heanor District Local Association
Guide Association Loughborough Division
Guide Association Preston South East Division
Guide Association Preston South West Division
Guide Association Yeovil Division
Guide Dogs for the Blind Association Pension Scheme
Guidepost And Sheepwash Women s Institute
Guidepost Scout Group
Guideposts Trust Limited
Guides Cymru
Guides Of Kent Kent East Guide Association
Guidestar International
Guiding Hand Limited
Guiding Light Assembly England
Guild Care
Guild Childcare Community Foundation
Guild Initiative For Furniture Trust
Guild Of Agricultural Journalists Charitable Trust
Guild Of Church Braillists
Guild Of Drama Adjudicators
Guild Of Ex patients And Friends Of Nelson Hospital
Guild Of Freemen Of The City Of London s Charity
Guild Of Friends Of Camborne redruth Community Hospital
Guild Of Motoring Writers Benevolent Fund
Guild Of One name Studies
Guild Of Saint Agatha
Guild Of Scholars Trust
Guild Of Servants Of The Sanctuary
Guild Of St Boniface
Guild Of St John Of Beverley For The Deaf hastingleigh With Elmstead
Guild Of St Mary And St Anne Special Charitable Trust
Guild Of St Mary s Centre Lichfield
Guildbourne It Workshop
Guilden Morden Community Pre school
Guilden Morden Parent Teacher Association
Guilden Morden Village Hall
Guilden Morden Womens Institute
Guilden Sutton Church Of England School Trust
Guilden Sutton Pre school
Guilden Sutton Womens Institute
Guildford Academic Associates
Guildford Action For Community Care
Guildford Amateur Theatre Association
Guildford And District Group Of Advanced Motorists
Guildford And District Jewish Community
Guildford Arts
Guildford Baptist Church
Guildford Besom
Guildford Book Festival
Guildford Boxgrove And Merrow Evening Townswomen s Guild
Guildford Breast Cancer Research Fellowship
Guildford Cathedral Music Development Foundation
Guildford Choral Society
Guildford Christadelphian Ecclesia
Guildford Citizens Advice Bureau
Guildford City Swimming Club
Guildford Classical Association
Guildford Community Church
Guildford Community Mediation Service
Guildford Diocesan Board Of Finance
Guildford Diocesan Council For Social Responsibility
Guildford Diocesan Guild Of Church Bell Ringers Bell Restoration Fund
Guildford East Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Guildford East District Scout Council
Guildford Flames Junior Training Programme
Guildford Hard Of Hearing Support Group
Guildford Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Guildford Methodist Church
Guildford Methodist Circuit
Guildford Number Five Project Limited
Guildford Opera Company
Guildford Opportunity Playgroup
Guildford Park Church Trust
Guildford Philharmonic Choir
Guildford Poyle Charities
Guildford Shakespeare Company Trust Ltd
Guildford Sports Ground
Guildford Town Centre Chaplaincy
Guildford Town District Girl Guides
Guildford Toy Library
Guildford Undetected Tumour Screening
Guildford Unit 164 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Guildford United Reformed Church Charity
Guildford Visually Impaired Club
Guildford West Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Guildford West District Scout Council
Guildford Ymca Limited
Guildhall Feoffment Almshouse Residents Charity
Guildhall Feoffment Educational Foundation
Guildhall Feoffment
Guildhall Library Centenary Fund
Guildhall School Development Fund
Guildhall School Of Music Masonic Lodge Benevolent Fund
Guildhe Limited
Guilsborough Playgroup
Guilsborough Playing Field Association
Guilsborough School Pta
Guilsborough School Trust Fund
Guilsfield Community Centre
Guilsfield County Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Guilsfield Old School Village Hall
Guilsfield Pre School Playgroup And Toddlers
Guinea bissau British Trust For Development Promotion And Support gbxo uk trust
Guinea Bissau Community Association
Guinness Ireland Group Pension Scheme
Guisborough Choral Society
Guisborough Christian Centre
Guisborough Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Guisborough Hospital
Guisborough Market Town Partnership Ltd
Guisborough Methodist Church
Guisborough Museum Limited
Guisborough Town Pride
Guisborough Unit 532 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Guisborough University Of The Third Age
Guiseley And District Women s Institute
Guiseley Baptist Church
Guiseley Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Guiseley Infant School Parents Group
Guiseley Neighbourhood Watch Association
Guiseley Senior Citizens Association
Guiseley Youth Project
Guitar Aid
Guitar Generation
Guiting Manor Amenity Trust
Guiting Power Playgroup
Guiting Power Village Hall
Gujarat Hindu Society Preston
Gujarat Hindu Welfare Association
Gujarat Samaj Nottingham
Gujarat Studies Association
Gujarati Arya Association Leicester
Gujarati Arya Association London
Gujarati Christian Fellowship United Kingdom
Gujarati Cultural Society
Gujarati Literary Academy Limited
Gujarati Mitra Mandal bedford
Gujerati Sunni Muslim Society Limited
Gulf For Good
Gulf War 90 91 Memorial Trust Appeal
Gulshan e deen Trust
Gulshan e wycombe
Gulu Mission Initiative
Gulval Little Learners
Gulworthy 0 5 Pre school
Gulworthy Parish Hall
Gulzar E Habib
Gulzar E Madina Trust
Gulzare Madina Islamic Welfare Trust
Gumboots Community Nursery
Gumley Village Hall
Gunatit Mission
Gundelfinger and Son Pension Fund
Guney Londra Dayanisma Dernegi South London Solidarity Association
Gunn Family Charitable Trust
Gunner Magazine
Gunnersbury Baptist Church
Gunnerside Village Hall
Gunness And Burringham Pre school Playgroup
Gunness Village Hall Fund
Gunnislake Woodland Centre
Gunthorpe Village Hall And Playing Field Fund
Gunthorpe Village Institute
Gunton Out Of School Club
Gunton Pre school
Gunwalloe Village Hall
Gur Community Free Loan Society
Gur Trust
Gurbani Centre Uk
Gurbani Meditation Therapy u k International
Gurdjieff Studies Limited
Gurdwara Baba Lakhi Shah Banjara
Gurdwara Baba Sang Ji Trust
Gurdwara Baba Vadbhag Singh Ji Charitable Trust
Gurdwara Dasmesh Darbar
Gurdwara Dukh Nirwaran Sahib
Gurdwara Grays sikh Temple
Gurdwara Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji
Gurdwara Khalgidar Sahib
Gurdwara Leamington And Warwick
Gurdwara Nanak Sar Guru Nanak Sikh Organisation
Gurdwara Nanaksar
Gurdwara Sachkhand Isher Darbar Society
Gurdwara Sahib Woolwich woolwich Sikh Temple
Gurdwara Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Ji
Gurdwara Shri Guru Ramdas [rakash Sangat Bhat
Gurdwara Shri Harkrishnan Sahib Ji The Sikh Temple Community Of Teesside
Gurdwara Singh Sabha
Gurdwara Siri Guru Singh Sabha
Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha Derby
Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha Hounslow
Gurdwara Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib Ji
Guria Uk
Gurjar Hindu Union ghu Ltd
Gurkha Company Infantry Training Centre Catterick
Gurmad Relief Development Trust
Gurmat Gyan Roohani Mission Uk
Gurnard Bay Evening Women s Institute
Gurnard Pre school
Gurnard Primary School Pta
Gurney Slade Memorial Hall
Gursewak Trust
Guru Amardas Ji Sikh Association
Guru Angad Devji Missionary Charitable Trust
Guru Arjan Dev Gurdwara Sikh Temple Derby
Guru Arjan Dev Mission
Guru Gobind Singh Gurdwara Ggsg
Guru Gobind Singh Nri Trust
Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle Uk
Guru Hargobind Sahib Gurdwara
Guru Manyo Granth Sikh Centre
Guru Nanak Charitable Trust
Guru Nanak Community Centre
Guru Nanak Durbar sikh Temple Erith Belvedere Kent
Guru Nanak Education And Community Services Board
Guru Nanak Foundation Great Britain
Guru Nanak Gurdwara And Community Centre Of Basingstoke
Guru Nanak Gurdwara And Sikh Community Centre
Guru Nanak Gurdwara And Sikh Cultural Centre
Guru Nanak Gurdwara Bedford
Guru Nanak Gurdwara Bhat Singh Sabha Community Centre
Guru Nanak Gurdwara Bhatra Singh Sabha Preston
Guru Nanak Gurdwara bilston Sikh Temple
Guru Nanak Gurdwara Cultural And Recreational Centre
Guru Nanak Gurdwara Nuneaton
Guru Nanak Gurdwara sikh Temple
Guru Nanak Gurdwara South Birmingham
Guru Nanak Gurdwara
Guru Nanak International Education Trust
Guru Nanak Mission Uk
Guru Nanak Missionary Society
Guru Nanak Nishkam Education Trust
Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha leeds Uk
Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha London Uk
Guru Nanak Panjabi School Leicester
Guru Nanak Provide Mission Ltd
Guru Nanak Sat Sang Gurudwara
Guru Nanak Sat Sang Sabha Maidenhead
Guru Nanak Satsang Sabha karmsar Uk
Guru Nanak Satsang Sikh Temple
Guru Nanak Sikh Community Centre Swansea
Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara
Guru Nanak Sikh Mission Manchester
Guru Nanak Sikh Museum Leicester
Guru Nanak Sikh Temple sedgley Street wolverhampton Uk
Guru Nanak Singh Sabha Sikh Temple gurdwara
Guru Nanak Society Of London Trust
Guru Nanak Trust Fund
Guru Nanak Trust
Guru Ram Das Project
Guru Ramdas Singh Sabha
Guru Ravidass Community Association
Guru Ravidass Educational Assistance Trust
Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurudwara sikh Temple
Gurudwara Guru Nanak Parkash Coventry
Gurudwara Guru Teg Bahadhur sikh Temple
Gurudwara Sahib Loughborough sikh Temple
Gurudwara Shri Guru Dashmesh Sahib
Gurunanak Gurudwara sikh Temple
Gus Dudgeon Foundation For Recording Arts
Gussage St Michael Community Hall Association
Gustav Adolph And Ernest Koettgen Memorial Fund
Guston Village Hall Trust
Guta Ra Mwari
Guter Gram Madrasah Education Trust
Guthlaxton Community College Wigston
Guvon Investments Pension Fund
Guy Barton Fellowship
Guy Fox History Project Limited
Guy Francis Bone Cancer Research Fund
Guy Hilton Asthma Trust
Guy Howland Jackson Memorial
Guy Mascolo Football Charity
Guy Pilkington Benefit Fund
Guy s And St Thomas Hospital Kidney Patients Association
Guy s Footprints
Guy s Gift
Guy s Jamaica Fund
Guy s King s And St Thomas Hospitals Gazette
Guy s Trust
Guyana Berbice Association united Kingdom
Guyana Diocesan Association
Guyana Friends Association
Guyanese Organisation For Cultural Advancement
Guyhealth uk
Guyhirn Church Of England School
Guyhirn Village Hall
Guzder English Medium School Charity
Gvep International
Gvm gospel In Village In Outreach Mission
Gwaelod y garth Village Hall Trust
Gwaenynog Country Show
Gwaenysgor Conservation Group
Gwaenysgor Village Hall
Gwalia Housing Trust
Gwalior Children s Hospital
Gwasanaeth Adfocatiaeth A Chynghori Gogledd Cymru
Gwasanaeth Cynnal Gofalwyr carers Outreach Service
Gwasanaeth Ysgolion William Mathias Cyf
Gwasanaethau Trais Yn Y Cartref De Gwynedd Domestic Abuse Services
Gwasg Gregynog Limited
Gwastedyn Parochial Church Council
Gwaun cae gurwen Band
Gwaun cae gurwen Primary School Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Gwauncelyn Primary School Parent Teacher Associaton
Gwealan Tops
Gweek Seals Under 5 s
Gweek Village Hall
Gwelfor Community Concern Urban Aid
Gwellheans Limited
Gwendoline Anderson Charitable Trust
Gwenfro Playgroup
Gwennap Parish Recreation Association
Gwent Area Scout Council
Gwent Arts In Health garth
Gwent Association Of Voluntary Organisations
Gwent Bach Society
Gwent Ballet Theatre Limited
Gwent Beekeepers Association
Gwent Cancer Suport Young Person s Project Limited
Gwent Cancer Support
Gwent Charitable Fund
Gwent Council On Alcohol And Drug Misuse
Gwent County History Association
Gwent Dolphins Swimming Club
Gwent Drama League
Gwent Family History Society
Gwent Federation Of Women s Institutes
Gwent Group Of Advanced Motorists
Gwent Group Of Boys And Girls Clubs
Gwent Hawk Rescue
Gwent Police Choir
Gwent Pre retirement Council
Gwent Theatre Trust
Gwent Valleys Integrated Activities Club
Gwent Wildlife Trust Ltd
Gwernaffield Silver Band
Gwernyfed High School Association
Gwernyfed High School Fund
Gwernymynydd School Parent Teacher Association
Gwernymynydd Village Centre
Gwersyll Cwmwrdu Cwmwrdu Youth Centre
Gwil Industries Inc Pension Plan
Gwithian Chapel Limited
GWK Pensioenfonds
GWK Sambreelvoorsorgfonds No 2
Gwladys Constance Warren Memorial Trust
Gwobr Goffa Mrs Beti Hughes
Gwobr Norah A Bryniog Howells
Gwrt Charitable Trust
Gwrych Castle Preservation Trust Limited
Gwyddelwern Community Centre Association
Gwyl Beaumaris Festival
Gwyl Cilcain
Gwyl Llanfyllin Festival Association
Gwynedd And Anglesey Asperger s autism Support Group
Gwynedd Archaeological Trust Limited
Gwynedd Bat Group
Gwynedd caernarfon Federation Of Women s Institutes
Gwynedd Council Welsh Church Fund
Gwynedd District Scout Council
Gwynedd Haematology And Cancer Relief Fund
Gwynedd Hospital League Of Friends cyfeillion Ysbyty Gwynedd
Gwynedd Pension Fund
Gwyneth Forrester Trust
Gwyneth Kinsey Memorial Trust 5951
Gwynfe Community Hall Association
Gwynfi Affiliated Sports Project
Gwynne s Almshouses
Gyaltsabje Centre
Gyan netra International Charity Ltd
Gye Nyame Development Foundation
Gymnasian Uk Limited
Gymnastics In Ipswich
Gynae oncology Research And Clinical Excellence
Gynaecology Cancer Research Fund
Gypsies For Christ Travelling With The Romani Gospel Waggon
Gypsum Industries Limited Provident Fund
Gypsum Pension Fund


H a d i Inc Limited
H a r c a Under Fives
H a r p help A Rwandan Person
H A Taylor Fund
H and H Versekeringsmakelaars Sambreel Voorsorgfonds
H And M Castang Charitable Trust
H And M Charitable Trust
H And M Rose Charitable Trust
H B Bicket Charitable Trust
H B Clarke Fund Icw The Park Special School
H B Heafield Annual Awards
H B Lankester Charities In Connexion With Avenue Congregational Church
H Becker and Company Pension and Life Assurance Plan
H C D Memorial Fund
H C Roscoe Trust Fund
H Copinger hill Charitable Trust
H De L Cazenove Charitable Trust
H e a t Foundation Ltd
H e and E l botteley Charity Settlement
H E Knight Charitable Trust
H e L g Cooper Charitable Trust
H E L P holiday Endeavour For Lone Parents
H E W Charitable Trust
H e x v a hull And East Riding Ex veterans Support And Welfare Association
H F Bailey Benefaction
H f Bme
H Group Pension Fund
H H Wills For A Recreation Ground
H I P S Group Fund
H J Rawlings Trust
H J Sexton Norwich Arts Trust
H J W Wilkins Bequest
H L Jenkyns Charitable Trust
H Leonard Jelley Bequest
H M Burdall Charity
H M Hubbard Law Scholarship Fund
H M Patel Memorial Foundation
H M S Conway Trust
H m s Warbler
H M Sassoon Charitable Trust
H M Stanley Hospital Ophthalmic Laser Fund St Asaph
H m Tower Of London Choral Foundation
H N Foundation
H N M Dalston And H F G Dalston Foundation
H o p e Halton Moor And Osmondthorpe Project For Elders
H o p e Ministries Limited
H o p e Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre
H o p Trust
H P Charitable Trust
H p International Arts Trust
H pan hope For The Poor And Needy
H R H The Duke Of Edinburgh s Commonwealth Study Conference uk Fund
H R S Foundation
H R Stephens Benefaction For Almondsbury Parish Church
H S Fisher Trust hangingwater Cottages
H S Grewal Charitable Trust
H Shawdon Charitable Trust
H Swiegers and C Smith Group Pension Fund
H T And L B Cadbury Charitable Trust
H T Clients Charitable Trust
H T Pickles Memorial Benevolent Fund
H W Coultas Prize Fund icw The Chance Technical College
H W Pearce Gift
H W Prosser Gift
HA Swanepoel Construction Provident Fund
HA Swanepoel Group Pension Fund
Haasbroek en Boezaart Pensioenfonds
Habad Children Aid Society
Habberley Village Hall
Haber Charitable Trust
Haberdasher s Adams Grammar School Charity
Haberdashers Aske s Charity
Haberdashers Charities Investment Pool
Habibur Rahman Charitable Trust
Habitat 35
Habitat And Wildlife Conservation Society
Habitat For Humanity Great Britain
Habitat Survival Trust
Habitation Of Praise Evangelistic Ministries Habitation Of Praise Evangelistic Centre
Habo Kommun
Habonim Dror
Habrough Village Hall
Hacconby Church atkinson Trust
Hachazokas Hatorah Trust
Hacheston United Charity
Hacheston Village Hall
Hachzokas Torah Vechesed Charity
Hackblock Educational Charity
Hackforth Village Hall
Hackleton Parish Hall
Hackleton Pre school Playgroup
Hackleton Relief In Need Charity
Hackleton School Association
Hackness And District Under Fives
Hackness Village Hall
Hackney African Caribbean Disability Association
Hackney African Forum
Hackney Allotments Society
Hackney Association Youth Club
Hackney Bangladeshi Cultural Association
Hackney barbados Education Bursary Limited
Hackney Benevolent Pension Society
Hackney Bereavement Service
Hackney Bulls Youth Rugby Football Club
Hackney Caribbean Elderly Organisation
Hackney Chinese Community Services Association Limited
Hackney City Farm Limited
Hackney Community Law Centre
Hackney Cooperative Development Trust Ltd
Hackney Council For Voluntary Service
Hackney Cypriot Association Advice And Community Centre Limited
Hackney Doorways
Hackney East African Community Association
Hackney Empire Limited
Hackney Empire Preservation Trust
Hackney Francophone Organisation Network
Hackney Free And Parochial Schools Educational Trust
Hackney Joint Estate Charity
Hackney Marsh Partnership
Hackney Methodist Circuit
Hackney Migrant Centre
Hackney Music Development Trust
Hackney Muslim Women s Council
Hackney Parochial Charities
Hackney Pentecostal Apostolic Church
Hackney Play Association
Hackney Playbus
Hackney Proms
Hackney Quest
Hackney Shed Limited
Hackney Singers
Hackney Somali Community Association
Hackney Sparrows Wheelchair Basketball Club
Hackney Young Peoples University
Hackney Youth Orchestras Trust
Hackthorn And Cold Hanworth Village Hall
Hackwood Arts Trust
Hadassah Medical Relief Association U k
Haddenham And District Age Concern
Haddenham And District Young Farmers Club
Haddenham Association Of Scouts And Guides
Haddenham Beer Festivals Trust
Haddenham cambs Day Centre
Haddenham Community Infant School Parent Teacher Association
Haddenham Community Infant School Voluntary Fund
Haddenham Community Junior School Fund
Haddenham Community Junior School Parent Teacher Asociation
Haddenham Community Library
Haddenham Educational Charity
Haddenham Fish Scheme
Haddenham Foundation Of Elizabeth March
Haddenham Great Mill Preservation Trust
Haddenham Pre school
Haddenham Puddleducks Playgroup Association
Haddenham Social Centre Village Hall
Haddenham St Mary s Church Of England School Parent Teacher Association
Haddenham Toddler Group
Haddenham Village Society
Haddiscoe Village Hall
Haddon Hall Baptist Church
Haddon Primary School Fund
Hadeco Staff And Management Provident Fund
Haden Drysys Pty Ltd Staff Pension Fund
Haden Hill Park
Hadfield Centre Playgroup
Hadfield Infant School Pta
Hadfield Institute Limited
Hadfield League Of Social Services
Hadhari Project
Hadia Foundation
Hadland Community Nursery Association
Hadland Road Community Association
Hadleigh Baptist Church
Hadleigh Choral Society
Hadleigh Community Playgroup
Hadleigh Evening Womens Institute
Hadleigh Farmers Agricultural Association
Hadleigh High School Association
Hadleigh Infant And Nursery School Parents Association
Hadleigh Junior School Association
Hadleigh Playgroup
Hadleigh Playscheme
Hadleigh Sea Scout Group
Hadleigh suffolk Elderly Peoples Welfare Committee
Hadleigh United Reformed Church
Hadley Day Centre No 1
Hadley Disabled Sports Association
Hadley Memorial Hall
Hadley Old Peoplesrest Room Committee
Hadley Playing Fields And Recreation Ground
Hadley Under And Over 5 s Limited
Hadley Women s Institute
Hadley Wood Association
Hadley Wood Jewish Community Limited
Hadley Wood Sports Trust
Hadley Wood Women s Institute
Hadlow Down Playing Field
Hadlow Down Village Hall
Hadlow Green Women s Institute
Hadlow School Pta
Hadlow Seniors
Hadlow Village Hall
Hadnall Pre school Playgroup
Hadnall Village Hall
Hadras Kodesh Trust
Hadrian District Scout Council
Hadsel Kommune
Hadspen Village Hall
Hadstock Recreation Ground
Hadstock Village Hall
Hady Lane Miners Welfare Trust
Hadzor And Oddingley Church Hall
Hadzor And Oddingley Preschool
Haefele Group Provident Fund
Haematology And Transplant Support hats
Hafad hammersmith And Fulham Action On Disability
Hafan Dementia Care
Hafizia Madrasa Collan Trust Bhadeswar
Hafod Miners Welfare Women s Convalescent Home And Girls Camp
Hafod Y Wern Playgroup
Hafodyrynys Community Assocation
Hag Fold Community Committee Association Limited
Hagar International uk
Hagbourne Parochial Charities
Hagbourne Pre school
Hagbourne School Governors Fund
Hagbourne Village Hall
Hagee Stichting
Hageston Opportunity Playgroup
Haggai Advanced Leadership Training Limited
Hagge Woods Trust
Haggerston Area Trust
Haggerston Neighbourhood Learning Centre
Hagley And District Young Farmers club
Hagley Community Association
Hagley Helpline
Hagley Parochial Church Council Settlement
Hagley Primary School Pta
Hagley Ramblers Scout Group
Hague Bar P T A
Hai Uk Ltd
Haidakhandi Samaj uk
Haidury Education Welfare Trust
Haig Colliery Mining Museum
Haig Housing Trust
Haigh stratford Award Trust
Hail Weston Church Hall
Hail Weston Pre school Activity Group
Hail Weston Village Hall
Haile Village Hall
Hailey Community Woodland Limited
Hailey Relief In Need Charity
Hailey Village Hall
Hailey Village Pre school
Haileybury and Imperial Service College
Hailsham And District Mencap
Hailsham And District Young Farmers Club
Hailsham Choral Society
Hailsham Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Hailsham Frontiers Charitable Trust Limited
Hailsham Historical And Natural History Society
Hailsham Lions Club Charitable Trust
Hailsham Old Pavilion Society
Hailsham Pavilion Limited
Hailsham Trust
Hainault Chigwell Muslim Association
Hainault Forest Community Association
Haine And Smith Charitable Trust
Haines Hill Charitable Trust
Haines Prize Fund
Hainford First School
Hainford Pre school Learning Alliance
Hainton And District Women s Institute
Hainton Playgroup
Hairdressing and Cosmetology Industry Provident Fund
Hairdressing Beauty and Skincare Industry Pension Fund
Haiti Hospital Appeal
Haitians Appeal Relief Ltd
Haji Abdul Ghani Trust
Haji Irfan Ali Trust
Haji Ismail Sulemannathani Charity Trust
Haji Mohammad Din Memorial Educational Charitable Trust
Haji Nek Alam Memorial Trust
Haji Suleman And Amina Jiva Charitable Trust
Hajj Appeal
Hakere Trust
Hakerem Trust
Haki Water
Hakim Ali Feroz Khan Memorial Medical Trust
Haking Fund
Hakluyt Society
Hakuna Matata
Halabja Community Play Project
Halacha Lemoshe Trust
Halal Food Foundation Ltd
Halal Monitoring Committee Limited
Halas Homes
Halberton Children s Recreation Ground
Halberton Pre school
Halberton Primary School Association
Halberton Village Hall
Halberton Women s Institute
Halcon Ward Community Association
Halcrow Foundation
Halcyon Training Foundation
Halcyon Trust
Haldon Group Of Young Farmers Clubs
Hale Adult Hebrew Education Trust
Hale Almshouses
Hale Barns Cricket Club Charitable Trust
Hale C E Primary School P T F A
Hale Chapel
Hale Civic Society
Hale Eruv Project
Hale Magna Village Hall
Hale Older People s Welfare Committee
Hale Playgroup
Hale Recreation Ground
Hale School Parent Teachers Association
Hale St Peter Centenary Trust
Hale Village Hall
Hale Wellgreen County Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Hale Women s Institute
Hale Youth Club
Halebank Primary School Pre school Playgroup
Halebank Youth Club
Hales And Heckingham Village Hall
Hales And Some Educational Foundation
Halesfield Day Nursery Centre
Halesowen Asian Elderly Association
Halesowen Brass Band
Halesowen Choral Society
Halesowen Church Of England Voluntary Aided School
Halesowen Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Halesowen Project For The Elderly
Halesowen U3a
Halesowen Wildlife Group
Halesworth And District Young Farmers Club
Halesworth Angel Bowls Club
Halesworth Arts Festival
Halesworth Blyth Valley Partnership
Halesworth Campus Limited
Halesworth Community Church
Halesworth Day Centre
Halesworth Health
Halesworth Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Halesworth Millennium Green Trust
Halesworth Playing Fields
Halesworth Swimming Pool
Halesworth United Charities
Halesworth Volunteer Centre
Halev Limited
Halewood Church Of England School Teachers House
Halewood Old Peoples Welfare Committee
Halewood Project Youth Trust
Halewood U 3 a
Halewood Youth In Community Centre
Half Moon Young People s Theatre Limited
Half The Sky Foundation uk Limited
Halford Village Hut
Halfpints Pre school
Halifax 900 Trust Limited
Halifax Amateur Operatic Society
Halifax And District Table Tennis Association
Halifax And District Young Men s Christian Association
Halifax Catholic Amateur Operatic Society
Halifax Central Church
Halifax Childrens Welfare League
Halifax Choral Society 1817 Limited
Halifax Civic Trust
Halifax District Bridge Association
Halifax Film Society
Halifax Illingworth Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Halifax King Cross Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Halifax Meeting House Charity
Halifax Open Spaces
Halifax Opportunities Trust
Halifax Philharmonic Club
Halifax Regional Municipality Pension Plan
Halifax Scouts Joint Management Committee
Halifax Society For The Blind
Halifax Thespians
Halifax Third Age Group h3a
Halifax Town Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Halifax Tradesmen s Benevolent Institution
Halifax Young Singers Limited
Halima Sadia Orphanage Relief Organisation
Halkevi the Kurdish And Turkish Community Centre
Halkyn Parish Hall Trust
Hall Administered In Connection With The National Young Life Campaign Bedford Branch
Hall And Fernhill Trust
Hall And Sloper s School And Monument Charity
Hall and Sons Pension Fund
Hall Benefaction
Hall Cliffe Community Garden
Hall Cross School
Hall De Hill Charity Or Shepherd s Charity
Hall Educational Charity
Hall Engineering Pension Fund
Hall For Gwinear
Hall Green Acocks Green Amateur Boxing And Community Fitness Club
Hall Green Christian Fellowship
Hall Green Churches Child Contact Centre
Hall Green Community Centre
Hall Green Infant And Junior Schools Home School Association
Hall Green Little Theatre Limited
Hall Green U3a
Hall Green Youth
Hall Grove Community Pre school
Hall Mead Friends Association
Hall Meadow Estate
Hall Meadow s Parent And Children Together pact
Hall Morgan s Foundation
Hall Orchard C E Primary School Parent Teacher And Friends Association
Hall Royd Band
Hall s Charity Newland
Hall s Charity
Hall s Exhibition Foundation
Hallam Choral Society
Hallam School Ptfa
Hallamshire Historic Buildings Society
Hallaton Church Restoration Trust
Hallaton Museum
Hallcroft Infant School Fund
Halle Concerts Society
Halle Endowment Trust
Hallelujah Ministries
Hallfield Primary School Home School Association
Hallfield School Parents Association
Hallfield School Trust
Hallgarth Residents Association
Halliday Family Charitable Trust
Hallifax Educational Trust
Halliford Parent Teacher Association
Halliford School Limited
Halliford Women s Institute
Halling Community Centre
Halling Jubilee Hall
Hallingbury Scout And Guide Supporters Association
Halliwell Recreation Ground
Halliwell Road Free Church Bolton Working Funds
Halliwick Association Of Swimming Therapy Regional Association 5
Halliwick Association Of Swimming Therapy
Halliwick Astra One
Halliwick Penguins Swimming Club
Hallmark Group of Companies Provident Fund
Hallow Parish Hall
Hallow Playing Field
Hallow Pre school And Playgroup
Hallow United Charities
Hallow Women s Institute
Halo handicapped Activities And Leisure Organisation
Halo Leisure Services Limited
Halow birmingham
Halow Project
Halsall Educational Foundation
Halsall Sunshine Committee
Halsall Young Farmers Club
Halse Village Hall
Halsham Educational Charity
Halsham Relief In Need Charity
Halski s Grant
Halstead And Colne Valley District Scout Council
Halstead And District Choral Society
Halstead And District Local History Society
Halstead And District Young Farmers Club
Halstead Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Halstead Day Centre
Halstead educational Trust Limited
Halstead Empire Trust
Halstead In Bloom
Halstead Needy Sick Fund
Halstead Nursery
Halstead Players
Halstead Travel Aid For Parents Of Sick Children
Halstead Trust
Halstead Village Hall
Halstead Women s Institute
Halstead Womens Institute
Halsted and Company Pty Ltd Staff Pension Assurance Scheme
Halsted Pension Fund
Halsted Provident Fund
Halstock Church Land
Halstock Community Hall
Halstock Village Trust
Halsway Manor Society Limited
Halt Domestic Violence
Halt help Against Liver Tumours
Haltcliffe School Fund
Haltemprice Lions Club Charitable Trust Fund
Haltemprice Skate Park Association
Halterworth School Association
Halterworth Womens Institute
Halton Adults With Learning Disabilities Support
Halton And St Helens Voluntary And Community Action
Halton Association For Mental Health
Halton Autistic Family Support Group Limited
Halton Carers Centre
Halton Child Contact Centre
Halton Citizens Advice Bureau
Halton Community Association
Halton Community Partnership Trust Limited
Halton Community Transport
Halton Disability Advice And Appeals Centre
Halton Disability Partnership
Halton Haven Hospice
Halton Housing Trust Limited
Halton Lodge And Grange Playgroup
Halton Overseas Team
Halton Pentecostal Church Charity
Halton Phab Club
Halton Play Council Limited
Halton Speak Out
Halton Tennis Centre
Halton Village Millennium Green Trust
Halton West Bank Community Association
Halton Ymca Limited
Haltrecht Charitable Trust
Haltwhistle Little Star Pr School
Haltwhistle Partnership Ltd
Haltwhistle Senior Citizens Fund
Haltwhistle Social Welfare Centre
Haltwhistle Town Green
Haltwhistle Walking Festival Limited
Halvergate Playing Field Association
Halwell And Moreleigh Village Hall And Recreation Trust
Halwill Parish Hall
Halwin Triple Tree Centre
Ham Amenities Group
Ham And Petersham Sos
Ham And Stone Greens
Ham Dingle Primary School Home school Association
Ham Hill And Snodland Women s Institute
Ham Playing Field
Ham Relief Fund
Ham Scout Group
Hamamelis Trust
Hamara Healthy Living Centre
Hamare Apne
Hamayon Limited
Hamble Church Of England Educational Trust
Hamble Lifeboat Limited
Hamble Village Memorial Hall
Hamble Village Playschool
Hambleden Parish Hall
Hambleden Womens Institute
Hambledon And Denmead Welfare And Educational Trust
Hambledon Nursery School Ltd
Hambledon Nursery School
Hambledon Pre school
Hambledon St Peter s Sunday School Fund
Hambledon surrey Almshouses
Hambledon Village Hall
Hambledon Youth And Activities Club
Hambleton And Richmondshire Advocacy
Hambleton And Richmondshire Carers Centre
Hambleton And Richmondshire Citizens Advice Bureau
Hambleton And Richmondshire Community Addiction Service
Hambleton Educational Foundation
Hambleton Memorial And Garden Of Rest
Hambleton Playgroup
Hambleton rutland Village Hall
Hambleton School Fund
Hambleton selby Parish Council Charitable Trust
Hambleton Under Fives
Hambleton Village Hall
Hambridge And Westport Recreation Trust
Hambrook County Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Hambrook Village Hall
Hambutts Field Trust
Hamd House Trust
Hamdon Playgroup
Hamelin Trust
Hamer Youth Centre
Hamerton Village Hall
Hamford School Friends
Hamilton Community Association
Hamilton Court Charitable Association
Hamilton Hall
Hamilton Lodge brighton
Hamilton Lodge Trust Limited
Hamilton Rees Charitable Trust
Hamilton Ridgeway Trust
Hamilton School Parent Staff Association
Hamlets Supplementary Learning hsl
Hamlin Fistula Uk
Hammarbank Trust
Hammer Bottom Charitable Trust
Hammer Out
Hammer Provident Fund
Hammer Recreation Ground
Hammerpuzzle Theatre Company
Hammersmith And Fulham Association For Mental Health
Hammersmith And Fulham Citizens Advice Bureaux Service
Hammersmith And Fulham Community Law Centre Limited
Hammersmith And Fulham Community Safety Board
Hammersmith And Fulham Community Transport Project Ltd
Hammersmith And Fulham Foodbank
Hammersmith And Fulham Mencap
Hammersmith And Fulham Methodist Circuit
Hammersmith And Fulham Partnership Against Crime
Hammersmith And Fulham Urban Studies Centre Limited
Hammersmith And Fulham Volunteer Centre
Hammersmith Bengali Association
Hammersmith Community Gardens Association
Hammersmith Fulham Refugee Forum
Hammersmith Islamic Centre
Hammersmith United Charities
Hammerson Group
Hammerton Memorial Hall
Hammerwich Womens Institute
Hammerwich Youth And Community Centre
Hammerwood And Holtye Hall
Hammond Memorial Hall Trust
Hammond School Association lightwater
Hamnish Village Hall Charity
Hamoaze House
Hamp Community Association
Hampden Chapel
Hampden County Regional Retirement System
Hampden Park Community Association
Hampden Park Infant School Parents And Friends Association
Hampden Park School Trust Fund
Hampden Park Womens Institute
Hampden View Wesleyan Reform Church
Hampreston Relief In Need Charity
Hampshire Advocacy Regional Group
Hampshire Ambulance Service Benevolent Fund
Hampshire And Islands Area Quaker Meeting
Hampshire And Isle Of Wight Air Ambulance
Hampshire And Isle Of Wight Ia
Hampshire And Isle Of Wight Wildlife Trust
Hampshire And The Islands Historic Churches Trust
Hampshire And The Isle Of Wight Community Foundation
Hampshire Archives Trust
Hampshire Asbestos Support Awareness Group hasag
Hampshire Association For The Care Of The Blind
Hampshire Bat Group
Hampshire Beekeepers Association
Hampshire Children Families Forum
Hampshire Christian Education Trust
Hampshire Christian Trust
Hampshire Conservation Volunteers
Hampshire Constabulary Welfare Fund
Hampshire County Childminding Association
Hampshire County Federation Of Young Farmers Clubs
Hampshire County Scout Council
Hampshire County Youth Band Association
Hampshire Cricket Community Trust
Hampshire Development Education Centre
Hampshire Fa Community Trust
Hampshire Family Mediation
Hampshire Football Association Benevolent Fund
Hampshire Foundation For Young Musicians
Hampshire Friends With M e
Hampshire Gardens Trust
Hampshire Girls And Boys Home
Hampshire Golfers Benevolent Fund
Hampshire Housing Trust
Hampshire Industrial Archaeology Society
Hampshire Isle Of Wight And Channel Islands Association For Deaf People Limited
Hampshire Mentally Handicapped Persons Holidays Organisation
Hampshire Mills Group
Hampshire Museums And Galleries Trust
Hampshire Neighbourhood Watch Association
Hampshire Neurological Alliance
Hampshire North Federation Of Townswomen s Guild
Hampshire North Guide Association
Hampshire Organic Gardening Group
Hampshire Ornithological Society
Hampshire Pension Fund
Hampshire Regional Fellowship
Hampshire Riding Therapy Centre
Hampshire Sculpture Trust
Hampshire Search And Rescue Dogs
Hampshire Search And Rescue
Hampshire Somali Community
Hampshire Voluntary Sector Children And Young People s Alliance
Hampsley Hollow Riding For The Disabled Group
Hampstead Arts Festival
Hampstead Chamber Choir
Hampstead Churches Youth Committee
Hampstead Community Action Limited
Hampstead Counselling Service
Hampstead Dyslexia Clinic Charitable Trust
Hampstead Garden Opera Trust
Hampstead Garden Suburb Archives Trust
Hampstead Garden Suburb Fellowship
Hampstead Garden Suburb Free Church
Hampstead Garden Suburb Heritage
Hampstead Heath
Hampstead Home School Association
Hampstead Mosque
Hampstead Music Club
Hampstead Norreys Amenities Trust
Hampstead Norreys War Memorial Hall
Hampstead Norreys Women s Institute
Hampstead Parochial Charities
Hampstead Parochial School Parent Teacher Association
Hampstead Scientific Society
Hampstead Sephardi Community
Hampstead Theatre Foundation
Hampstead Theatre Limited
Hampstead Village Shul Centre
Hampsthwaite C E School Fund
Hampsthwaite School Pta
Hampsthwaite Village Room
Hampsthwaite Women s Institute
Hampton And Hampton Hill morning Townswomen s Guild
Hampton Bishop Villagers Association
Hampton Choral Society
Hampton College Charitable Trust
Hampton Community And Sports Association
Hampton Cottages Charity
Hampton Court Homes
Hampton Dene Primary School Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Hampton Fuel Allotment
Hampton Guides Association
Hampton Hampton Hill Voluntary Care
Hampton Hill Playcentre
Hampton In Arden Pre school Learning Alliance
Hampton in arden Society
Hampton Infant School Asssociation
Hampton Lucy Grammar School Foundation
Hampton Magna Pre school
Hampton Manor Homes Limited
Hampton On Thames Community Association
Hampton Park Pavilion
Hampton Parochial Charity
Hampton Pool
Hampton Poyle Fuel Allotment Charity
Hampton Riverside Trust
Hampton School Music Society
Hampton School Parents Association
Hampton School
Hampton Scouts
Hampton Singers
Hampton Sponsored Ride
Hampton St Raphael Club
Hampton Trust
Hampton Village Sri Lanka
Hampton Wick Infant And Nursery School Parent Teacher Association
Hamrafa Pension Fund
Hamsayeh International
Hamsey School Pta
Hamstead Community Association
Hamstead Ecclesiastical Trust
Hamstead Housebound Action
Hamstead Marshall Relief In Need Charity
Hamstead Marshall Village Hall
Hamstead Miners Memorial Trust
Hamsteels Community Hall Association
Hamsterley And Low Westwood Community Association
Hamsterley Recreation Ground
Hamsterley Trailblazers
Hamsterley Village Hall
Hamstreet And District Sports And Leisure Association
Hamstreet School Association
Hamstreet Victory Hall Committee
Hamwattan Centre
Han Suyin Trust For Scientific Exchange
Hana s Gift
Hanborough And District Day Centre
Hanborough Community Association
Hanborough Playing Field And Village Hall
Hanborough Pre school
Hanborough Welfare Trust
Hanborough Women s Institute
Hanbury Charity
Hanbury Draycott Women s Institute
Hanbury Educational Parochial Charities
Hanbury Hill Baptist Church Stourbridge
Hanbury Memorial Garden Trust Fund
Hanbury Memorial Hall
Hanbury Parochial Charities Poors Branch
Hanbury Town Lands Charity
Hanbury Turvey Foundation
Hanbury Village Hall
Hancock Foundation
Hancocks Educational Foundation
Hand In Hand Ethiopia
Hand In Hand For Asia
Hand In Hand For Syria
Hand In Hand Foundation Worldwide
Hand In Hand Group
Hand In Hand International
Hand In Hand ngo Limited
Hand In Hand Nkoranza Ghana
Hand In Hand Trust
Hand On Heart
Hand staffs
Hand To Hand north West London
Hand To Mouth Ministries
Handbell Ringers Of Great Britain
Handbridge Community Association
Handcrafted Projects
Handcroft Chapel
Handcross Playgroup
Handcross Primary School Parents And Friends Charitable Trust
Handcross Women s Institute
Handcycling Association Of The United Kingdom
Handelsbanken AM
Handforth District Guides Association
Handicap International Uk
Handicapped Children s Aid Committee
Handicapped Childrens Action Group
Handicapped Childrens Society wrexham District
Handichip sussex Computer Group For Handicapped Children
Handmaids Of The Holy Child Jesus H h c j
Handmaids Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus regents Park London And Christchurch Hants
Handog Natin
Hands Across The Water
Hands And Gillingham Volunteer Centre
Hands For Handenu
Hands For Life
Hands Inc
Hands Of Compassion Charitable Foundation
Hands Of Hope Romania
Hands Of Hope
Hands Of Humanity
Hands Of Love Across Europe
Hands Of Love Uk
Hands Of Mercy Global Relief
Hands Of Mercy International
Hands On For Mothers And Babies
Hands On London
Hands Outstretched support And Relief Foundation
Hands Rochester Volunteer Centre
Hands Together Tiplyang Project
Hands Together
Hands Up For Uganda
Hands Up
Hands Work In Africa Uk
Handsworth And District Christian Outreach
Handsworth Area Community Trust Fund
Handsworth Association Of Schools
Handsworth Christian School
Handsworth Community Care Centre
Handsworth Community Forum
Handsworth Community Gardens Trust
Handsworth Day Care Centre
Handsworth Education And Training Centre Limited
Handsworth Grammar School Trust
Handsworth Mosque And Islamic Centre
Handsworth Old Rectory Community Centre Limited
Handsworth Pre school
Handsworth Rotary Club Charitable Trust
Handsworth Wood Christian Fellowship
Handsworth Wood U3a
Handyside Lodge No 1618 Benevolent Fund
Hanen U k ireland Limited
Hanes Aberteifi
Hanes Celtica Cyf
Hanes Llandoch
Hanfi Sunni Muslim Circle Raza Masjid
Hanfia Ghousia Masjid
Hanford Group Riding For The Disabled Association
Hang On To A Dream
Hangar Arts Trust
Hangerman Provident Fund
Hangers Heroes The Small Charities Charity
Hanging Heaton Community Association
Hanging Heaton Community Group
Hangleton Band
Hangleton Community Association
Hangleton Junior School Parent Teacher Friends Association
Hanham Abbots Parent teacher Associati0n
Hanham Afternoon Women s Institute
Hanham Folk Centre
Hanham Retirement Association
Hanham Toddlers Preschool
Hanham Trust
Hanham Women s Institute
Hanifah Community Initiative
Haninge Kommun
Hankinson Memorial Benevolent Fund
Hanley Bells
Hanley Castle Almshouse Charity
Hanley Castle High School
Hanley Castle Relief In Need Charity
Hanley Crouch Community Association Limited
Hanley Hope Centre
Hanley Swan Pre school Playgroup
Hanley Swan Village Memorial Hall
Hanley Village Hall
Hanlon Charity
Hanna s Field Charity
Hanna s Orphanage
Hannah And Joseph Turner Charitable Trust
Hannah Anderton s School Charity
Hannah Baker Charity
Hannah Bloom Charitable Trust
Hannah Clarke For Almshouses
Hannah Elizabeth Gentry
Hannah Greenwood
Hannah Levick s Charity
Hannah Marshman s Charity
Hannah Mary Harrison s Charity
Hannah Memorial Academy Trust
Hannah Mills And Others
Hannah More s Charity For The Poor
Hannah More School Association
Hannah Payne Memorial Trust
Hannah Payne Riding For The Disabled Group
Hannah Pickard For Poor Members Of The Congregational Church
Hannah Purchas For Poor Fund
Hannah s Holiday Home Appeal
Hannah s Meningitis Appeal
Hannah s Trees
Hannah Vivienne Delma James Deceased Charitable Trust
Hanney Preschool
Hanney War Memorial Hall
Hanney Youth Football Club
Hannington Church Of England Charity
Hannington Parish Church Charity
Hannington Village Hall
Hannington Women s Institute
Hannover Reinsurance Africa Limited Provident Fund
Hannover Reinsurance Africa Ltd Pension Fund
Hanover Community Association
Hanover Financial Serv Pension Fund
Hanover School Association
Hans And Annie Reifenberg Trust
Hans Merensky Provident Fund
Hans Merensky Salaried Staff Pension Fund
Hansard Society Limited
Hansel And Gretel Pre school
Hansel And Gretel Support Group
Hansie Roodt Group Pension Fund
Hansie Roodt Motor Group Provident Fund
Hanslope 326 Club
Hanslope Combined School Fund
Hanslope Park Welfare Fund
Hanslope Pre school
Hanslope Sunday School
Hanslope United Charities
Hanslope Village Hall Trust
Hanslope Women s Institute
Hanson Industrial Pension Scheme
Hanson Research Trust
Hanson s Charity
Hansy Josovic Maternity Trust
Hants And Dorset Christian Youth Camps And Houseparty
Hants Animal Rescue Team
Hanwell Bunnies Pre school Playgroup
Hanwell Community Centre Ltd
Hanwell Homeless Concern
Hanwell Lodge no 4676 Broken Column Fund
Hanwell Neighbourly Care Scheme
Hanwell School Of Boxing
Hanwood Village Hall And Recreation Ground
Hanworth Community Association
Hanworth Poors Land Trust And Coal Fund
Hanworth Road Trust
Hanworth Village Hall
Hanworth With Gunton Memorial Hall
Hap Uk Ireland
Hapeldene Limited
Happisburgh Coast Watch
Happisburgh hoppers
Happisburgh Lighthouse Trust
Happitime Playgroup Ltd
Happy Bunnies Pre school Southampton
Happy Care Foundation
Happy Caterpillars Preschool
Happy Child International
Happy Children Lotus Foundation
Happy Church The Christian Action Faith Ministries
Happy Circle Day Centre
Happy City Initiative
Happy Corner Playgroup
Happy Days Childcare
Happy Days Childrens Charity
Happy Days Nursery
Happy Days Pre school navenby
Happy Days Pre school
Happy Days Preschool nettlebed
Happy Days Under Fives
Happy Dogs
Happy Endings Rescue
Happy Faces Playgroup
Happy Faces Pre school Limited
Happy Faces
Happy Feet Pre school
Happy Hardware Centre Pension Fund
Happy Hedgehogs Playgroup
Happy Hedgehogs Pre school Tameside
Happy Home Club
Happy Home Kenya Trust
Happy Hours Preschool Crawley
Happy Hours Preschool
Happy Kids
Happy Landings Animal Rescue Centre
Happy Landings Driving Group
Happy Science Europe
Happy Soul Festival
Happy Staffie Rescue
Happy Tots Playgroup
Happy Tots Pre school Playgroup
Happy Wanderer s Phab Club
Happycats Rescue
Hapstead Hall
Hapton Chapel Burial Ground And Trust Property
Haqooq Aspire For More
Har Shiv Shri Trust
Harambee Cultural Centre
Harambee For Kenya
Harambee Schools Kenya
Harberton Parish Hall
Harbertonford Ce Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Harbertonford Pre school
Harbertonford Village Hall
Harbledown Village Hall st Mary s Mission Hut
Harbo Charities Limited
Harborne And Edgbaston U3a
Harborne Healing Centre
Harborne Parish Charity
Harborne Parish Lands Charity
Harborough And District Mind
Harborough Christian Counselling Service
Harborough Community Church
Harborough District Children And Young People s Charity
Harborough Evangelical Church Trust
Harborough Town Football Club
Harborough Youth And Community Trust
Harbottle School Charity
Harbottle Village Hall
Harbour Bideford
Harbour Cancer Support Centre
Harbour Challenge Oec Limited
Harbour Challenge
Harbour Community Association eastbourne
Harbour Community Church Folkestone
Harbour Ministries
Harbour Place Day Centre
Harbour School Parent Teacher And Friends Association
Harbour Support Services
Harbour Trust
Harbury Juniors Football Club
Harbury Playgroup Wight School
Harbury School Parent Teacher Association
Harbury Toddler Group
Harbury Village Hall
Harbury Village Library
Harbury Women s Institute
Harby C E Primary School Fund
Harby Pre school
Harby Village Hall
Harcourt Almshouse Charity
Harden Beck Horticultural Society
Harden Moor Allotment Charities For The Labouring Poor
Harden Moss Sheep Dog Trials Association Limited
Harden Pre school
Harden Primary School Ptfa
Hardenhuish Educational Trust
Hardesty Trust Fund
Harding Forklift Pension Plan
Hardingham And District Pre school Playgroup
Hardingham Memorial Hall
Hardingham Women s Institute
Hardings Pre school Playgroup
Hardings Wood Trust
Hardingstone Relief In Need Charity
Hardingstone Village Hall Association
Hardington And Pendomer Women s Institute
Hardington Mandeville Village Hall
Hardington Preschool
Hardown Society
Hardres Williams Gilbert and Associates Midas Umbrella Provident Plan
Hardshaw West Monthly Meeting Charities
Hardway Elson And Districts Community Associations
Hardwick 3 15 Club
Hardwick And Arden Pre school
Hardwick Christian Fellowship
Hardwick Community Association
Hardwick Community Primary School Pta
Hardwick Court Trust
Hardwick Educational Charity
Hardwick In Partnership Ltd
Hardwick Middle School Parent Teacher Association
Hardwick Playgroup
Hardwick Pre school
Hardwick School Parent Teacher Association
Hardwick Social Club And Institute
Hardwick Village Hall
Hardwicke Hall
Hardwicke Parochial School Association
Hardwicke Playgroup
Hardwicke Village Community Association
Hardwicke Village Hall
Hardwicke Women s Institute
Hardy Charitable Trust
Hardy Mill Community Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Hardyeans Club Charitable Association
Hare Hatch Village Hall
Hare Krishna Centre For Vedic Studies
Hare Krishna Mission Uk Limited
Hare Street House
Harefield Church
Harefield Community Association
Harefield Community Pre school
Harefield District Girl Guides
Harefield Hospital Television
Harefield Parochial Charities
Harefield Transplant Club the Hamsters
Haregate Community Centre
Harehill Educational Foundation
Harehills And Chapeltown Law Centre
Harehills Lane Baptist Church
Harehills Youth In Partnership
Harescombe Charity Of Cox And Bedwell
Haresfield Playgroup
Haresfield Recreation Ground otherwise Known As Merryfield Recreation Ground
Hareside School Association
Harestock Playgroup
Harewood And Avonbourne Parent Teacher Association
Harewood House Trust Limited
Harewood School Pta
Harewood Village Hall
Harford Charitable Trust
Hargrave Hall Community Association
Hargrave House League Of Friends
Hargrave Parochial Charities
Hargrave Village Hall
Hargreaves And Ball Trust
Hargreaves Beare Charitable Trust
Harhil Charitable Trust
Hariben Bachubhai Nagrecha Charitable Trust
Harinder Veriah uk Trust
Haringey Adult Training Centre Helpers Association
Haringey Advisory Group On Alcohol
Haringey African Cultural Voluntary Organisation
Haringey Arts Council
Haringey Association Of Voluntary And Community Organisations
Haringey Chinese Centre
Haringey Citizens Advice Bureaux
Haringey Community And Police Consultative Group
Haringey District Scout Council
Haringey Education Business Partnership Limited
Haringey Ice Hockey Association
Haringey Irish Cultural And Community Centre
Haringey Islamic Trust
Haringey Junior Ice Hockey Club
Haringey Law Centre
Haringey Mencap Limited
Haringey Phoenix Group
Haringey Play Association
Haringey Race And Equality Council
Haringey Shed Limited
Haringey Somali Carers Trust
Haringey Somali Community And Cultural Association
Haringey Somali Welfare Assocaition
Haringey Sports Development
Haringey Stars
Haringey Town Club
Haringey Unit 185 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Haringey University Of The Third Age Hu3a
Haringey Women s Forum
Haringey Wrestling Club
Haringey Young Musicians
Haris Foundation hf
Harkstead Charitable Trust
Harkstead Church Heritage
Harkstead Millennium Green Trust
Harkstead Village Hall
Harlaston Village Hall
Harlaxton College
Harlech Library And Institute
Harlech Memorial Hall
Harlech Town Silver Band
Harlescott Centre Association
Harlescott Junior Fundraisers
Harlesden Islamic Cultural Centre
Harlesden Lodge Benevolent Fund
Harlesden Methodist Church
Harlesden Ummah
Harleston And District Young Farmers Club
Harleston And Waveney Festival Limited
Harleston Children s Play And Recreation Association
Harleston Choral Society
Harleston Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Harlestone Association For Fitness And Fun
Harlestone Educational Foundation
Harlestone Institute Room
Harlestone Relief In Need Charity
Harley Davidson Provident Fund
Harley s Almshouses
Harley Village Hall
Harley Village Partnership
Harling Combined Trust
Harling Community Centre
Harlington And Barnburgh Women s Institute
Harlington Hospice Association Limited
Harlington Parish Lands Trust
Harlington Poor s Charity
Harlington Upper School Association
Harlington Upper School Fund
Harlington Village Hall Trust
Harlington Village Pre school
Harlington Women s Institute bedfordshire
Harlington Women s Institute
Harlock Murray Underwriting Ltd Pension Plan
Harlow And District Chinese Community Centre Limited
Harlow And District Mencap
Harlow And District Sports Trust
Harlow And Epping Social Club For The Blind
Harlow Art Trust
Harlow Chorus
Harlow Citizens Advice Bureau Limited
Harlow College Student Memorial Trust
Harlow Community Centre Association
Harlow Community Chest Charity
Harlow Community Transport
Harlow District Scout Council
Harlow Fields School Association
Harlow Hilltop Pre school Limited
Harlow Hospital Radio
Harlow Latton Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Harlow Lions Club Charity Account Trust Fund
Harlow Mark Hall Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Harlow Neighbourhood Watch
Harlow Netteswell Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Harlow Occupational Health Service Limited
Harlow Passmores Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Harlow Playhouse Supporters
Harlow Social Club For The Physically Disabled
Harlow Steelband
Harlow Street Pastors
Harlow Stroke Support Group
Harlow Surrounding Areas University Of The Third Age
Harlow Symphony Orchestra
Harlow Team Activity Group htag
Harlow Unit Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Harlow Welfare Rights Advice
Harlton Organ Scholarships Trust
Harlton Village Hall
Harlyn School Fundraising Association
Harlyn Surf Life Saving Club
Harman Atwood For Almshouses And Curates House
Harman House Counselling Centre
Harmans Cross Village Hall
Harmans Water School Association
Harmby And Spennithorne Entertainment Group
Harmby Under 5 s
Harmby Village Hall
Harmer Prize Fund icw The Hewett School
Harmerhill Village Hall
Harmondsworth School Psa
Harmondsworth United Charity
Harmonie Concert Band
Harmonious Living
Harmony Christian Ministries
Harmony Coaching And Mentoring Avenues
Harmony Community Day Nursery
Harmony Gambia
Harmony House
Harmony Salaried Staff Provident Fund
Harmony Variety Clubs Limited
Harmony Youth Project
Harmston Memorial Hall
Harmston Woman s Institute
Harmston Young Farmers Club
Harmsworth Memorial Trust
Harnessing Opportunities Through Play And Education hope
Harnham Buddhist Monastery Trust
Harnham Day Centre
Harnham Memorial Hall
Harnham Recreation Ground
Harnham Schools Association
Harnhill Centre Of Christian Healing
Harofeh Donations Limited
Harold And Daphne Cooper Charitable Trust
Harold And Dorothy Howitt Trust Fund merchant Taylor s Company
Harold And Lilian Needham Trust Fund
Harold And Marjorie Moss Charitable Trust
Harold Bell Scholarship Trust
Harold Browne And Higgin Prize Fund
Harold Buckingham Charitable Trust
Harold Charles Darney Deceased
Harold Craxton Memorial Trust
Harold Deutsch Charitable Trust
Harold Grime For Upkeep And Maintenance Of The Church
Harold Hill And District Community Association
Harold Hill Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Harold Johnson Memorial Prize At The Droylsden High School For Girls
Harold Johnson Memorial Prize At The Littlemoss High School For Boys
Harold Moorhouse Charity
Harold Needler Memorial Fund
Harold Nicola Pasha Charitable Trust
Harold Park
Harold Parr Charitable Trust
Harold Styan Charity For Youth
Harold Temperton Bursary
Harold True Almshouse Charity
Harold Wallis Bequest
Harold Wilson Charitable Settlement
Harold Wm Hurrell
Harold Wood Methodist Church
Harold Wood Neighbourhood Centre
Harold Wood Primary School Association
Harold Wood War Memorial Institute
Harolds Volkswagen Pension Fund
Harpenden And District Local History Society
Harpenden And Wheathampstead District Scout Council
Harpenden Child Contact Centre
Harpenden Choral Society
Harpenden Gateway Club
Harpenden Group Riding For The Disabled Association
Harpenden Helping Hand Association
Harpenden Horticultural Society
Harpenden Lions Club Charitable Trust Fund
Harpenden Lodge No 4314 Masonic Benevolent Association
Harpenden Mencap
Harpenden Methodist Church
Harpenden Phoenix Holidays
Harpenden Society
Harpenden Spotlight On Africa
Harpenden United Reformed Church Charity
Harpenden Village Rotary Charitable Trust
Harpenden Village Women s Institute
Harper Adams University College Development Trust
Harper Adams University College
Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue
Harpers Marsh And Crumps Almshouse Charity
Harpfield Before And After School Care Club Limited
Harpfields Parent Teacher And Friends Association
Harpley Pre school
Harpley School Parents And Friends Association
Harpley Village Hall
Harpole Association For The Elderly
Harpole Charities
Harpole Free School Foundation
Harpole Pre school
Harpole Primary School Fund
Harpole Village Hall
Harpole Youth Club
Harps North West
Harpsden Pre School Playgroup
Harpur Ecclesiastical Charity
Harpurhill Parent Teacher Association
Harraby Community Centre
Harraton And District Community Centre
Harriers Ground School Ptfa
Harriet Ann Mills
Harriet Byard s Sunday School Foundation
Harriet Cohen Memorial Music Awards
Harriet Cooper Memorial Home
Harriet Davis Seaside Holiday Trust For Disabled Children
Harriet Ruck keene Trust
Harriet Trust Limited
Harrietsham And Lenham Scout Group
Harrietsham Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Harrietsham Playgroup Association
Harrietsham Village Hall
Harrietsham Women s Institute
Harriette Holwell Waterhouse
Harringay United Church baptist
Harrington Aviation Museum Society
Harrington Marina Regeneration Action Group
Harrington no 5098 Lodge Benevolent Fund
Harrington Village Hall
Harringworth Parochial Charities excluding Harringworth Educational Foundation
Harringworth Village Hall
Harris belmont Charity
Harris Charitable Trust
Harris Corporation Pension Plan
Harris Free Public Library And Museum Endowment Trust
Harris Hospiscare
Harris Manchester College Jcr Charitable Trust
Harris Mill Village Hall
Harris s Pension Charity In The Ancient Parish Of Thanington
Harrismith Business Machines Pensioenfonds
Harrison And Potter Trust
Harrison Clark Solicitors Charitable Trust
Harrison Educational Foundation
Harrison Goodness Foundation
Harrison Housing
Harrison rogers lozo Foundation
Harrison s Charity For Leeds City Parish
Harrison s Charity
Harrison s Educational Foundation
Harrison s Fund Ltd
Harrisons Almshouse Charity
Harrisons Charitable Trust
Harrisons Law Limited
Harrisons Recreation Ground And Welfare Institute
Harrogate And Area Cvs Ltd
Harrogate And Craven Crossroads Caring For Carers
Harrogate And District Deaf Society
Harrogate And District Family History Society
Harrogate And District including Ripon Society For The Blind
Harrogate And District Mencap
Harrogate And District Nhs Foundation Trust Charitable Fund
Harrogate And District Primary Schools Chess Association
Harrogate And District Talking Newspaper Association
Harrogate And District Unit 170 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Harrogate And Knaresborough Toy Library
Harrogate And Nidderdale District Scout Council
Harrogate And Ripon Beekeepers Association
Harrogate Archaeological Society
Harrogate Arts And Mercer Gallery Development Trust
Harrogate Association For Mental Health
Harrogate Baptist Church
Harrogate Choral Society
Harrogate Christian Spiritual Healing Church
Harrogate Church House Trust
Harrogate Citizens Advice Bureau
Harrogate Community House Trust Limited
Harrogate District Advocacy Scheme
Harrogate District Committee Of Young Farmers Clubs
Harrogate District Hospice Care
Harrogate Division Of The Girl Guides Association
Harrogate Duchy Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Harrogate Emmaus Trust
Harrogate Gilbert And Sullivan Society
Harrogate Grammar School Fund
Harrogate Granby Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Harrogate Group Of Advanced Motorists Or Motorcyclists
Harrogate Group Riding Disabled Association
Harrogate High School
Harrogate Homeless Project Ltd
Harrogate Hospital And Community Friends
Harrogate Hospital Radio Society
Harrogate International Festival Limited
Harrogate Ladies College Limited
Harrogate Ladies College Scholarship Fund
Harrogate Lions Club Trust Fund
Harrogate Male Voice Choir
Harrogate Methodist Circuit
Harrogate New Life Community Church
Harrogate Operatic Players
Harrogate Philharmonic Orchestra
Harrogate Road Safety Dog Training Club
Harrogate Skills 4 Living Centre
Harrogate St Andrew s Players
Harrogate Symphony Orchestra
Harrogate Trust For Wildlife Protection
Harrogate white Rose Theatre Trust Ltd
Harrold And Carlton Grace Baptist Church Manse
Harrold Institute
Harrold Playing Field
Harrold Pre school Playgroup
Harrow Agenda 21 Environmental Forum
Harrow And District Outdoor Pursuits Centre
Harrow And Hillingdon Methodist Circuit
Harrow And Northwood Foundation
Harrow And Wealdstone District Scout Council
Harrow And Wembley Progressive Synagogue
Harrow Apollo Male Choir
Harrow Association Of Disabled People
Harrow Association Of Somali Voluntary Organizations hasvo
Harrow Association Special Purposes Fund
Harrow Baptist Church
Harrow Beekeepers Association
Harrow Bengalee Association
Harrow Bereavement Care
Harrow Carers
Harrow Central Mosque
Harrow Chinese School
Harrow Choral Society
Harrow Churches Schools Link Trust
Harrow Cine And Video Society
Harrow Citizens Advice Bureaux Service Ltd
Harrow Club W10
Harrow Community Transport
Harrow Crossroads With Outreach
Harrow Elders Group
Harrow Equalities Centre
Harrow Family Learning Network
Harrow Gateway
Harrow Harmony
Harrow Heritage Trust
Harrow In Leaf
Harrow International Christian Centre
Harrow Iranian Community Association
Harrow Jewish Day School Trust
Harrow Law Centre
Harrow Mencap
Harrow Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre Limited
Harrow Museums Trust
Harrow Opera Workshop
Harrow Pre school Language Resource
Harrow Recreation Ground Trust
Harrow School For Young Musicians Parents Guild
Harrow School For Young Musicians
Harrow School Of Gymnastics
Harrow Shopmobility
Harrow Street Pastors
Harrow Tamil Association
Harrow Tamils Outreach
Harrow Way Pre School Group
Harrow Wembley Unit 171 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Harrow Womens Centre
Harrow Young Musicians Trust
Harrow Youth And Community Project
Harrowbarrow And Metherell Community Association
Harrowbarrow Playgroup
Harrowbarrow School Parent Staff Association
Harrowden Family And Community Centre
Harry And Gertrude Landy Charitable Trust
Harry And Jock s Appeal
Harry Austin Will Trust
Harry Birrell Scholarship Trust Limited
Harry Burgess
Harry Carlton School Fund
Harry Co
Harry Crook Foundation
Harry Cureton Charitable Trust
Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary Limited
Harry Evans Trust
Harry Fenton Trust
Harry Fieldsend Hawley Residuary Fund
Harry Greens Charity
Harry Hames Cottage Charity
Harry Hansen Research Fellowship Trust
Harry Kweller Charitable Trust
Harry Mitchell Park
Harry Payne Trust
Harry s Fund
Harry s Hydro Appeal
Harry Skeeles Memorial Gift
Harry Walt Employee Benefits
Harry Ward Memorial Prize
Harry Watson Fund
Harry Weston Memorial Fund
Harry Wilde Memorial Homes
Harry William Cheshire Trust Fund Icw The Harry Cheshire County Secondary Schools For Boys And Girls
Harryda Kommun
Harrytown Catholic High School Parent Teacher Association
Harrytown School Development Fund
Harsco Corporation UK
Harstad kommune
Harston And District Village Warden Trust
Harston And Newton County Primary School Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Hart Childminding Association
Hart Community Outreach
Hart First Response
Hart Gables
Hart Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Hart Neighbourhood Centre
Hart s And Nash s Educational Foundation
Hart Village Hall Association
Hart Voices
Hart Voluntary Action Limited
Hartburn Educational Foundation
Hartcliffe And Withywood Community Partnership
Hartcliffe And Withywood Kick Start
Hartcliffe And Withywood Teenage Parents Project
Hartcliffe And Withywood Ventures
Hartcliffe Community Campus
Hartcliffe Community House
Hartcliffe Community Outdoor Pursuits Project
Hartcliffe Community Park Farm Ltd
Hartcliffe Health And Environment Action Group Ltd
Hartest Pre school
Hartfield Church Trust
Hartfield Playschool
Hartfield School Parent Teachers Association
Hartfield Village Hall
Hartford Childrens Playground
Hartford Civic Society
Hartford Community Associations
Hartford Conservation Group
Hartford Gospel Ministries Trust
Hartford Hawks Junior Football Club
Hartford HealthCare
Hartford High School Covenant Trust
Hartford High School Parent Teacher Association
Hartford Infants Fundraising Initiative
Hartford Manor Pre school Nursery
Hartford Municipal Employees Retirement Fund
Hartford Primary School Appeal Trust
Hartford Sunday School Fund
Hartford Village Hall
Hartford Village Womens Institute
Hartford Women s Institute
Hartham And King s Meads Commoners Trust
Harthill Mother Toddler Group
Harthill Over 60 s Club
Harthill Playgroup
Harthill Village Hall Limited
Harthill With Woodall Community Association
Harthill With Woodall Women s Institute
Harting Community Hall Trust
Harting Congregational Church
Harting School Pta
Harting Village Pre school Group
Harting War Memorial Playing Field
Hartington And District Relief In Sickness Charity
Hartington Memorial Hall Trust Sheldon
Hartington School Pta
Hartington Village Hall
Hartismere Hospital League Of Friends
Hartismere Playscheme
Hartismere Pta
Hartland Pre school
Hartland Primary School Pta
Hartland Recreation Ground
Hartland s Educational Foundation
Hartland Village Hall
Hartlebury Castle Preservation Trust
Hartlebury Parish Hall
Hartlebury Pre school Playgroup
Hartlepool Access Group
Hartlepool Advanced Motorists
Hartlepool And East Durham Mind
Hartlepool Arts Studio Limited
Hartlepool Bereavement Service
Hartlepool Blind Welfare Association
Hartlepool Carers
Hartlepool Centre For The Deaf
Hartlepool Citizens Advice Bureau
Hartlepool Civic Society
Hartlepool Coastal Surveillance Station Ltd
Hartlepool Community Studio
Hartlepool Crime Prevention Panel
Hartlepool Division Guide Association
Hartlepool Families First
Hartlepool Foodbank Cio
Hartlepool Footlight Youth Theatre
Hartlepool Lions Club Charitable Trust Fund
Hartlepool Mind
Hartlepool Music Society
Hartlepool Ndc Trust
Hartlepool North Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Hartlepool People Limited
Hartlepool Power Station Trust Fund
Hartlepool Rovers Junior Section
Hartlepool Royal Naval Association
Hartlepool Silver Band
Hartlepool South Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Hartlepool Special Needs Support Group
Hartlepool Sportability Club
Hartlepool Stage Society
Hartlepool Unit No 172 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Hartlepool United Community Sports Foundation
Hartlepool Voluntary Development Agency Limited
Hartlepool Youth Choir Parents Association
Hartlepool Youth
Hartley Afternoon Women s Institute
Hartley Arts Group
Hartley Educational Foundation
Hartley Hare Pre school
Hartley Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Hartley Recreation Ground
Hartley s Charity
Hartley Village Hall
Hartley west Kent Women s Institute
Hartley Wintney And Distict U3a
Hartleyburn Community Association
Hartlip Playgroup
Hartlip School Parent Teacher Association
Hartlip Village Hall
Hartmann and Braun Pension Fund
Harton And Westoe Miners Welfare
Harton Street Parish Of Celestial Church Of Christ
Harton Technology School Fund
Hartpury Heritage Trust
Hartpury United Charity
Hartpury Village Hall
Hartridge Buddhist Monastery Trust
Hartrigg Oaks Charitable Trust
Hartshill Charity Of John Holmes
Hartshill Parish Plan Project
Hartshill Relief In Need Charity
Hartshill Women s Institute
Hartsholme Community Contact Centre
Hartshorne Charities
Hartshorne Pre school Playgroup
Hartswood Estate Open Space
Hartwell Allotments Poors Trust
Hartwell Charity
Hartwell Community Centre
Hartwell Playgroup
Hartwell Riding For The Disabled Association
Hartwell s Exhibition Foundation
Hartwell Tuesday Circle
Harunani Co Charitable Foundation
Harv Outreach Team
Harvard House Memorial Trust
Harvard House Umbrella Provident Fund
Harveian Society Of London
Harvel Village Hall
Harvel Womens Institute
Harvest ceifa Uk
Harvest Christian Centre
Harvest Christian Church Pension Fund
Harvest Christian Fellowship
Harvest Church Chichester Trust
Harvest Church London
Harvest City Church
Harvest Community Church leicester
Harvest Community Church stafford
Harvest Community Network
Harvest End Womens Club
Harvest Evangelism Uk
Harvest Festivals
Harvest Field Church
Harvest Fields Centre Ltd
Harvest Fields Christian Trust
Harvest Fields Commissioning International Ltd
Harvest Fields Community Church
Harvest Fields Homes
Harvest House International Church
Harvest India Uk
Harvest International Ministries
Harvest Life Church
Harvest Mission Outreach
Harvest Of Blessing Ministries International
Harvest Plus
Harvest Praise Church
Harvest Time Missions International
Harvest Time Outreach International
Harvest Trust
Harvest Vision Ltd
Harvest Winchester
Harvester Conferences Limited
Harvester s Chapel
Harvester Trust Tonbridge
Harvesters Football Club
Harvestime Evangelistic Ministries Uk
Harvestime Ministries International
Harvey Bequest For Books
Harvey Hadden Stadium
Harvey hughes Jones Fund
Harvey Road Day Nursery Limited
Harvey Rosenblatt Charitable Trust
Harvey s Charity Known As The Feoffees Estate
Harvey s Charity
Harvey s Foundry Trust
Harveys And Jubilee Homes
Harvington Hall Restoration Fund
Harvington Pre school
Harvington School Educational Trust Ltd
Harvington School Parents Association
Harvington Village Hall
Harvington Women s Institute
Harwell School Association
Harwell Village Hall
Harwell Women s Institute
Harwich And District Community Association
Harwich And District Fellowship For The Sick
Harwich And District Girl Guides
Harwich Connexions Community Trust
Harwich Electric Palace Trust
Harwich International Pension Trustee Board
Harwich Mayflower Project
Harwood Hill School Association
Harwood Methodist Church
Harwood Recreation Ground
Harworth Colliery Workmens Charitable Trust
Harworth Miners Welfare Trust
Hasan Charitable Trust
Hasbury And Cradley Rotary Trust Fund
Hasbury Christian Fellowship
Hasbury Pre school
Hasbury School Parent Teacher Association
Hasbury Scout Group
Hascas Health And Social Care Advisory Service
Hascombe Village Hall
Haselbury Plucknett somerset Women s Institute
Hasham Muhammad Jamil Trust
Hashim Welfare Hospital Appeal
Hashomer Hatzair Youth Organisation
Hashoo Foundation Uk Inc Ltd
Haskayne And Downholland Community Association
Haskel Society For Handicapped Children
Hasketon Welfare Trust
Haslam Park County Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Hasland Temperance Hall Fund
Hasland Theatre Company
Haslar Visitors Group
Haslemere Community First Responders
Haslemere Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Haslemere Decorative And Fine Arts Society
Haslemere District Girl Guides
Haslemere Educational Museum
Haslemere Festival
Haslemere Haven Trust
Haslemere Morning Womens Institute
Haslemere Museum Charity
Haslemere Musical Society
Haslemere Natural History Society
Haslemere Preparatory School Trust
Haslemere Schools Charity
Haslemere Sports Association
Haslemere United Charities
Haslingden Community Link
Haslingden Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Haslingden Endowed School
Haslingden High School Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Haslingden Recreational Development Organisation
Haslingden St Mary s Community Centre
Haslingfield Choir
Haslingfield Community Warden Scheme
Haslingfield Endowed Primary School Parent Teacher And Friends Association
Haslingfield Little Theatre
Haslingfield Pre school
Haslingfield United Charities
Haslington Companions And Over 65 Club
Haslington Playgroup
Haslucks Green School Parents Association
Hasmonean High School Charitable Trust
Hasnain Foundation
Hassanali Jennabai Visram Foundation aka H J Visram Foundation
Hassell School Parent Teacher Association
Hassocks Amenity Association
Hassocks Community Association
Haste Academy
Haste Help African Schools To Educate
Hastings Advice And Representation Centre
Hastings And Bexhill Mencap Society
Hastings And District Interfaith Forum
Hastings And District Jewish Society
Hastings And Rother Family History Society
Hastings And Rother Hospital Broadcasting Service
Hastings And Rother Mediation Service
Hastings And Rother Rainbow Alliance
Hastings And Rother University Of The Third Age u3a
Hastings And Rother Voluntary Association For The Blind
Hastings And Rother Young Men s Christian Association
Hastings And St Leonards Central Cricket And Recreation Ground
Hastings And St Leonards Foreshore Charitable Trust
Hastings Area Archaeological Research Group haarg
Hastings Area Community Trust
Hastings Arts Forum
Hastings Association Of Retired People
Hastings Badger Protection Society
Hastings Bexhill Rye Methodist Circuit
Hastings Bonfire Trust
Hastings Central Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Hastings Charitable Institutions Trust
Hastings Christian Trust
Hastings Furniture Service Limited
Hastings Gateway Club
Hastings High School Fund
Hastings Hollington Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Hastings Lions Club Charity Trust
Hastings Mind hastings And Rother Association For Mental Health
Hastings Musical Festival Limited
Hastings Old Town Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Hastings Philharmonic Choir
Hastings Rother Mind Otherwise Known As Activ8 Ltd
Hastings Round Table Charity Fund
Hastings Rye And District Scout Council
Hastings Shopmobility
Hastings Sierra Leone Friendship Link
Hastings St Leonards Chess Club Ltd
Hastings St Leonards on sea Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Hastings St Leonards Voluntary Lifeguard Club
Hastings Street Pastors
Hastings Talking Newspaper Association
Hastings Trust Ltd
Hastings Unit 173 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Hastings Voluntary Action
Hastings West Hill Youth Club
Hastings Winkle Club
Hastleon Amateur Operatic And Dramatic Society
Hastoe Village Hall Trust
Hasu Trust
Hasumati Balmukund Parikh Gita Association
Haswell And District Mencap
Hat Fair Limited
Hatacap Retirement Fund
Hatch Africa Pension Fund
Hatch Beauchamp Pre school
Hatch Charity
Hatch End Community Association
Hatch End District Girl Guide Association
Hatch End Masorti Synagogue
Hatch Grange Women s Institute
Hatch Organ Endowment Fund
Hatch Ride Parents And Teachers Association
Hatch Warren Community Association
Hatch Warren Under Fives Pre school Limited
Hatcham Charitable Trust
Hatchell Wood Pre school
Hatchell Wood Primary School Fund
Hatcliffe Village Hall
Hatfeild School Association
Hatfield Ahead a Hatfield Educational Achievement Drive
Hatfield And District Age Concern
Hatfield And District Music Festival
Hatfield And Dunscroft Miners Recreation Ground
Hatfield Broad Oak Non ecclesiastical Charities
Hatfield Broad Oak Parent Teacher Association
Hatfield Broad Oak Scout Group
Hatfield Broad Oak Under 5s
Hatfield Broad Oak Village Hall
Hatfield Broad Oak Women s Institute
Hatfield Community Association
Hatfield Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Hatfield Dunsville Primary School Parent And School Association
Hatfield Educational Charity
Hatfield Exhibition Trust
Hatfield Gateway Club
Hatfield Happy Tots
Hatfield Heath Pre school Association
Hatfield Heath Primary School Parents And Friends Association
Hatfield Heath Village Hall
Hatfield House Chamber Music Festival
Hatfield Masjid Islamic Cultural Centre
Hatfield Old Peoples Centre Committee
Hatfield Peverel Community Association
Hatfield Peverel Community Centre
Hatfield Peverel Football Club
Hatfield Peverel Infant School Association
Hatfield Peverel Infant School Fund
Hatfield Peverel Toddler Group
Hatfield Philharmonic Orchestra
Hatfield Rotary Club Trust Fund
Hatfield Town Cricket Club
Hatfield Travis Parent Teachers Association
Hatfield Women s Institute
Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School Parents Association
Hatfield Woodhouse Village Hall And Old Folks Centre
Hatherden Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Hatherleigh Parochial Charities
Hatherleigh Pre school
Hatherleigh School Association
Hatherleigh Sports Field
Hatherley Aid To Serbia
Hathern Charity Estate Of The Unknown Donor
Hathern Recreation Association
Hathern School Amenity Fund
Hatherop Castle School 2007 Limited
Hathersage Playing Field Association
Hatikvah Film Trust
Hatoncourt Limited
Hattersley Community Association
Hattersley Community Church
Hatton And District Nursing Fund
Hatton Consolidated Fund
Hatton Joint Organisations
Hatton Operatic Society
Hatton Park Residents Association
Hatton s Charity And The Poor s Land Charity
Hatton School Friends Association
Hatton Women s Institute
Hattori Foundation
Hatzlocho Limited
Hatzola Northwest Trust
Hatzola Trust
Hau4d Haslemere Activities Unit For The Disabled
Haughley Evergreens
Haughley Playgroup
Haughley Recreation Ground
Haughley Village Hall
Haughley Women s Institute
Haughton Church Of England School
Haughton Green Boys Club And Youth Club
Haughton Green Community Forum
Haughton School Home School Association
Haughton Village Hall
Hauser Bears
Hauser raspe Foundation
Haut Conseil Des Beninois De L exterieur Section Uk
Hauxley Village Hall
Hauxton Playcentre
Hauxton School Association
Hauxton Village Hall
Havannah Parent Teacher Association
Havant And District Citizens Advice Bureau
Havant And District Holiday Venture
Havant And District Orchestral Society
Havant And District Socially Independent Disabled
Havant And District Society For The Mentally Handicapped
Havant And District Sports Association For The Disabled
Havant And East Hants Mind
Havant And Petersfield Special Needs Forum
Havant Arts Centre Company Limited
Havant Association For Women s Aid
Havant Borough Talking Newspaper
Havant Community Church
Havant Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Havant Council Of Community Service
Havant District Scout Council
Havant Dynamo Youth Theatre
Havant Indoor Bowling Club
Havant Light Opera
Havant Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Havant U3a
Havant United Reformed Church Charity
Have A Heart
Have Faith Projects
Have Stick Will Travel
Havelock Community Association
Havelock Family Centre
Havelock Infant Parents Association
Havelock Infant School Fund
Havelock Junior School Fund
Havelock Scholarship Fund In Connection With Regents Park College Oxford
Haven Banks Outdoor Education Trust Limited
Haven Christian Centre pembroke
Haven Christian Charity high Wycombe
Haven Distribution
Haven gateshead Limited
Haven Green Baptist Church
Haven Help A Village Emerge New
Haven Home Care
Haven House Foundation
Haven House Project
Haven In Romania
Haven Of Rest
Haven Project Liverpool
Haven Renewal Centre Trust
Haven Trust Supporting People Limited
Haven tyneside Ltd
Haven uk
Havencare plymouth
Havengore Preschool
Havengrove Limited
Havens Christian Hospice
Havens Recreation Association
Havenstreet Community Association
Havercroft Ryhill Community Learning Project
Haverford College Foundation uk Limited
Haverfordwest Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Haverfordwest Freemen s Estate
Haverfordwest Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Haverfordwest Male Voice Choir
Haverfordwest pembrokeshire Stroke Club
Haverfordwest Racecourse public Park Trust
Haverfordwest Skatepark Association
Haverfordwest Temperance Trust
Haverfordwest Town Museum
Haverfordwest Welsh Church Services
Havergal Brian Society
Haverhill And District Local History Group
Haverhill Baptist Chapel
Haverhill Chalkstone Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Haverhill District Citizens Advice Bureau
Haverhill In Bloom
Haverhill Parkway Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Haverhill Performing Arts Festival
Haverhill Retirement System
Haverhill Schools Initiative
Haverhill Scouts And Guides
Haverhill Silver Jubilee Trust Fund
Haverhill Sinfonia
Haverhill Women s Institute
Haverhill Youth Activity Centre Trust
Haverigg Cricket Club
Haverigg Inshore Rescue Team
Haverigg Nursery The Clubbers
Havering And District Stroke Club
Havering Asian Social And Welfare Association
Havering Association For People With Disabilities
Havering Association For Residential Care Of Mentally Handicapped People
Havering Association Of Voluntary And Community Organisations havco
Havering Bme Forum
Havering Christian Fellowship Trust
Havering Citizens Advice Bureaux
Havering Community Learning Association
Havering Community Transport Limited
Havering Concert Orchestra
Havering Crossroads Limited
Havering Hearties Cardiac Support Group
Havering Islamic Cultural Centre
Havering Junior Phab
Havering Learning Disability Society
Havering Magistrates Court Poor Box
Havering Mind
Havering Museum Limited
Havering Shopmobility Association
Havering Singers
Havering Street Pastors
Havering Talking Newspaper Association
Havering Twinning Educational Association
Havering University Of The Third Age
Havering Venture Ltd
Havering Women s Aid
Haversham First School Fund
Haversham Social And Community Centre
Haverstock School Association Limited
Havoyoco Uk Ltd
Haw and Inglis Provident Fund
Hawaii Deferred Compensation Fund
Hawaii Employees Retirement System
Hawaii Employer Union Health Benefits Trust Fund
Hawarden Childminding Group
Hawarden General Charitable Fund
Hawarden Infants School Pta
Hawarden Institute
Hawbush And District Community Association
Hawes Down Junior School Parent Teacher Association
Hawes Lane Schools And Mission Hall Rowley Regis
Hawes Market House
Hawes Parent Teachers And Friends School Fund
Hawes Street Housing Limited
Hawk Conservancy Trust Limited
Hawkchurch Village Hall
Hawkedale First School Parent Teacher Association
Hawkedon Village Hall
Hawken Canning PUP Provident Fund
Hawkenbury Women s Institute
Hawker Siddeley Electric Africa Defined Contribution Pension Fund
Hawker Siddeley Electric Africa Retirement Benefits Scheme
Hawkes Nest Charity
Hawkes Will Trust
Hawkesbury After School Club
Hawkesbury C Of E Vc Primary School Pta
Hawkesbury Hospital Hall
Hawkesbury Playgroup And Toddlers
Hawkesbury Pre school
Hawkesbury Preschool
Hawkesley Church Infant And Junior Schools Charity
Hawkhurst Pre school
Hawkinge Activities And Adventure Centre Limited
Hawkinge Community After School Club
Hawkinge Community Centre
Hawkinge Community Football And Sports Trust
Hawkinge Under Fives Pre school Group
Hawkinge Village Hall
Hawkins Colliery Recreation Ground And Welfare Centre
Hawkridge Village Hall
Hawks Road Community Nursery Limited
Hawksbee Charitable Trust
Hawkshead Agricultural Society
Hawkshead Esthwaite County Primary School Charitable Trust
Hawkshead First Responder Trust
Hawkshead Grammar School Foundation
Hawkshead Market Hall Trust
Hawkshead Pre school Playgroup
Hawkshead Recreation Ground
Hawkslade Community Church
Hawkslade Farm Community Association
Hawksworth Community Association
Hawksworth Older Peoples Support Services hops Ltd
Hawksworth Wood leeds Community Association
Hawkwell Baptist Church
Hawkwell Village Hall
Hawkwood College Limited
Hawkyards And Whiteheads Educational Foundation
Hawley Almshouse And Relief In Need Charity
Hawley Arts Trust
Hawley Field Trust
Hawley Lake Sail Training Centre
Hawley Memorial Hall Pre school
Hawley Pavilion Trust
Hawley Place Pta
Hawley War Memorial Hall Maintenance Fund
Hawley Women s Institute
Hawling Ecclesiastical Trust
Haworth Animal Welfare cat Rescue
Haworth Exhibition Endowment
Haworth Rda
Haworth Village Trust
Hawridge And Cholesbury Parent School Association
Hawridge Cholesbury C Of E School Fund
Hawsker And Stainsacre Parish Hall
Hawthorn Community Association
Hawthorn Park Trust
Hawthorn Tree Community Children s Centre
Hawthorn Tree School Fund
Hawthorne Trust Limited
Hawthorns Primary School Parent Teachers Association
Hawton And District Womens Institute
Hawtonville Junior School Fund
Haxby Christian Cafe Ltd
Haxby Playgroups
Haxby Road Primary School School Fund
Haxby United Charities
Haxby Village Hall
Haxby Wigginton Methodist Church
Haxby Wigginton Youth Community Association
Haxey And Westwoodside Heritage Society
Haxey C E School Parent Teacher And Friends Association
Haxey Church Estate
Haxey Endowed School Estate
Haxey Memorial Hall
Haxey Parish Combined Charity
Haxey Pre school Playgroup
Haxey Recreation Ground
Hay And District Community Support
Hay Cat Rescue
Hay County Primary School Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Hay District Sports And Community Association Limited
Hay On Wye Dial A Ride
Hay Trust Fund
Hayastan All armenian Charitable Trust Of Great Britain
Hayat Foundation Limited
Haybridge High School Appeal Trust
Haybridge High School Association
Haychem Trust
Haycliffe Centre Limited
Haydn Festival Trust
Haydn Wileman Memorial Trust
Haydock Connect
Haydock Male Voice Choir
Haydon Abbey Combined School Fund
Haydon Bridge And Haydon Parish Development Trust
Haydon Bridge Community Association
Haydon Bridge Health Centre Equipment Fund
Haydon Bridge Parent teacher Association
Haydon Hill Community Association
Haydon School Parents Association
Haydon Wick Over 60 s Club
Haydon Wick School Parent teacher Association
Haydonleigh Primary School Parent Teachers Association
Hayes Amalgamated Charities
Hayes And Harlington District Scout Council
Hayes And Harlington Local History Society
Hayes And Harlington Old People s Welfare Committee
Hayes End Community Association
Hayes Fm Film Media
Hayes Green Community Centre
Hayes Kent Womens Institute
Hayes Lemmerz South Africa Pension Fund
Hayes Old Church Of England School
Hayes Park School Parents Association
Hayes Press
Hayes Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Hayes Road Primary School Association
Hayes School Parent Teacher Association
Hayes Town Womens Institute
Hayes Village Hall
Hayesbrook School Parent Teacher Association
Hayesdown P t a
Hayesfield School Technology College Trust
Hayeswood School Association
Hayfield Civic Trust
Hayfield Concert Society
Hayfield Development Trust
Hayfield Educational Charity
Hayfield Non ecclesiastical Charities
Hayfield Parent Teacher Association
Hayfield Playgroup
Hayfield Village Hall
Hayfields Market Harborough Bowden Guide Headquarters
Hayfran Trust
Haygarth Pension Charity
Haylands Pre school
Hayle Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Hayle Day Care Centre Trust Committee
Hayle District Lions Club
Hayle East Women s Institute
Hayle Harbour Trust Ltd
Hayle penwith University Of The Third Age
Hayle Pre School Playgroup
Hayle Rotary Club Trust Fund
Hayle Surf Life Lifesaving Club
Hayle Town Trust
Hayle Town Youth Club
Hayle Youth Project
Hayling Community Pre school
Hayling Island Baptist Church
Hayling Island Businessmens Club Minibus Trust
Hayling Island Choir
Hayling Island Christian Spiritualist Church
Hayling Island Community Centre Association
Hayling Island Division Guide Association
Hayling Island First Responder Scheme
Hayling Island Sail Training Trust
Hayling Island University Of The Third Age
Hayling Musical Society
Hayling North Parish Hall
Haylock s Almshouses
Haylocks Charity
Hayne Educational Foundation
Haynes Barlee Charity
Haynes Bequest
Haynes Lower School Parent Teacher Association
Haynes Pre school
Haynes Village Hall
Haynes Women s Institute
Hayter Kamhoot Incorporated Provident Fund
Hayton Burnby And District Village Hall
Hayton Pre school Group
Hayton Public Room
Hayton Village Hall
Haytor Vale Women s Institute
Hayward House Cancer Care Trust
Haywards Educational Foundation
Haywards Heath Baptist Church
Haywards Heath Concert Brass
Haywards Heath Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Haywards Heath Division Guides
Haywards Heath Foodbank
Haywards Heath Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Haywards Heath Methodist Church
Haywards Heath Music Society
Haywards Heath Operatic Society
Haywards Heath Phab Club
Haywood Back Welfare Trust
Haywood High School Parent Teachers Friends Association
Haywood Rheumatism Research And Development Foundation
Haywood Road Pre School Playgroup
Haywood Society
Hazara Association Oxford
Hazara Charitable Trust
Hazara Community Association
Hazara Community Milton Keynes
Hazara Community Of Great Britain
Hazel And Leslie Peskin Charitable Trust
Hazel Courts School
Hazel Grove Baptist Church
Hazel Grove Boy Scouts Local Association 3rd Hazel Grove Group
Hazel Grove Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Hazel Grove Male Voice Choir
Hazel Grove Methodist Church
Hazel Grove Musical Festival Society
Hazel Henna Foundation
Hazel Slade And Rawnsley Community Association
Hazelbury Bryan Recreational And General Trust
Hazelbury Bryan School Pta
Hazelbury Bryan Village Hall
Hazeldown Parent Teacher Association
Hazelmeade Croxley Green Club
Hazels Helping Hands
Hazelwood Cat Rescue Centre
Hazelwood Chapel proceeds Of Sale Fund
Hazelwood Eldon Village Hall
Hazelwood Memorial Hall
Hazelwood Parents Staff Association
Hazelwood Playing Field
Hazelwood School
Hazledown School Award Fund
Hazlemere And Widmer End Good Neighbours
Hazlemere Church Of England Combined School Fund
Hazlemere Community Association
Hazlemere Free Methodist Church
Hazlemere Mother And Toddler Club
Hazlemere Women s Welcome Club
Hazlemount Limited
Hazlerigg And District War Memorial Community Centre And Playing Field
Hazrat Bilal Trust Fund
Hazrat Fatima Khadiza Rah Yatem Charity Fund Appeal
Hazrat Fatimatuzzuhura ra Trust U k
Hazrat Khadija tul kubra Girls School
Hazrat Rukun Ud Din Trust Uk
Hazrat Sultan Bahu Trust uk
Hazyview Kooperatiewe Sitrus Maatskappy Beperk Se Personeel Versekeringsskema
HBG UK Pension Plan
HBI Pension Fund
Hbo Village Green Co
HBOS Pension Scheme
Hbv Enterprise
Hc Foundation
HCA The Health Care Company
Hcc Concord House
Hccs Community Action
Hci uk Limited
Hcjb uk Ltd
Hcpt The Pilgrimage Trust
Hcr Trust
Hcs Group Charity Limited
Hcs Worknet
Hct Group
He Touched My Life
Heacham And District Community Car Scheme
Heacham Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Heacham Group Practice Amenity Fund
Heacham Youth And Community Trust Limited
Head First
Head Injury Support Services Limited
Head To Head Training
Headborough Estate
Headcase Cancer Trust
Headcorn Eldercare Centre
Headcorn School Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Headcorn Village Hall
Headcorn Women s Institute
Headingley Lishi Arts
Headingley Orphanage Foundation
Headington Baptist Church
Headington Community Association
Headington Parish Charity
Headington Quarry Village Hall
Headington Recreation Ground
Headington School Oxford Limited General Charitable Trust
Headington School Oxford Limited
Headington School Parents Association
Headington U3a
Headland Baptist Youth Centre
Headland Future Limited
Headlands County Primary School Fund
Headlands Out Of School Club
Headlands Primary School Fund
Headlands Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Headley All Saints
Headley Common Otherwise Warley Common
Headley Court Charity
Headley Down Community Association
Headley Down Playing Field And Village Green
Headley Heath New Life Church Trust
Headley Park Church
Headley Park Parent Teacher And Friends Association
Headley Pitt Trust
Headley Recreation Ground
Headley Riding For The Disabled Association
Headley Voluntary Care Group
Headley Woodlands Womens Institute
Headline Media birmingham Ltd
Headliners uk
Headlong Theatre Limited
Headmasters Association Benevolent Fund
Headon cum upton Village Hall
Headquarters Deepcut Garrison Blackdown Playgroup creche
Headrow Money Line
Heads Teachers And Industry Limited
Headstart Education Centre
Headstart4babies Limited
Headstrong Productions
Headway Aylesbury Vale
Headway Basingstoke
Headway Bath And District
Headway Bedford
Headway Black Country
Headway Bristol Brain Injury Association Limited
Headway Cambridgeshire
Headway Cardiff
Headway Cornwall
Headway Cotswold Trust Limited
Headway Cumbria
Headway Derby
Headway Devon
Headway Dorset
Headway East Kent
Headway East London
Headway Essex
Headway Gateshead South Tyneside
Headway Hertfordshire Limited
Headway Hurstwood Park Company
Headway In West Kent
Headway In West Sussex
Headway Ipswich And East Suffolk
Headway Lincolnshire
Headway Luton Ltd
Headway Milton Keynes Limited
Headway Newcastle North Tyneside
Headway Norfolk And Waveney Ltd
Headway North Devon
Headway North London
Headway North Staffordshire head Injuries Association Ltd
Headway North West London
Headway Northampton
Headway Nottingham Limited
Headway Oxfordshire
Headway Plymouth
Headway Portsmouth And South east Hampshire
Headway Preston And Chorley
Headway Rotherham
Headway Salford District Limited
Headway Salisbury And South Wiltshire Ltd
Headway Sheffield
Headway Shropshire
Headway Somerset
Headway South Bucks
Headway South East London And North West Kent Limited
Headway South Staffordshire
Headway South West London
Headway Southampton
Headway Surrey Head Injuries Association Ltd
Headway Swindon And District
Headway Teeside
Headway Thames Valley Limited
Headway The Brain Injury Association
Headway Wearside
Headway west Midlands limited
Headway Wirral
Headway Worcester Trust Limited
Heage Windmill Society
Heage Windmillers
Heal International
Heal Project
Heal Romania
Heald Green Theatre Company Limited
Heald Green Theatre Company
Heald Green Village Hall Community Association
Heald Green Youth Club Trust Fund
Heald Head Cottage Charitable Trust
Healds Green And St Matthews Playgroup
Healdswood School Fund
Healey Community Association
Healey Playgroup
Healey Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Healey Wood Community Association
Healing Christ Church Of God
Healing Every Nation
Healing For The Nations
Healing Hands Network
Healing Hands north
Healing Hands To Matara
Healing Hearts
Healing House Network
Healing Kashmir
Healing Little Hearts
Healing Love Of Christ Ministry
Healing On The Streets Bath
Healing Our Past Experiences
Healing Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Healing Streams Church Of God
Healing The Wounds Limited
Healing Water Foundation
Healing Ways Foundation
Health Action Leicester For Ethiopia hale
Health Action Local Engagement
Health Action Overseas Uk
Health Action
Health Advisory Group hag
Health Affiliates India Uk Trust
Health Aid For Africa hafa
Health Aid Moyo
Health Aid uk
Health And Careers Fund in Connection With Greenhead College
Health And Education Promotion Trust Limited
Health And Hope Uk
Health And Local Food For Families
Health And Nutritional Development Services
Health And Wellbeing Trust Limited
Health Angels Uk Limited
Health Behaviour Group
Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City
Health Care Sudan
Health Concern Zimbabwe
Health Education And Literacy Programme International
Health Education And Relief Organisation
Health Education And Resources For Tomorrow
Health Education Instrumental Resources International
Health Education Literacy Population Services
Health Education Loss And Poverty help Trust
Health Education South
Health Education Trust
Health Empowerment Through Nutrition
Health Energy Advice Team Limited
Health Equality And Rights Organisation
Health Exchange Nepal uk
Health For All leeds Ltd
Health For All
Health For Life Organisation
Health Help International
Health Images
Health Improvement Project Zanzibar
Health Improvements Through Primary Care Projects Developments Trust hippo Dt
Health In Development International
Health In School Fund
Health Innovation And System Reform
Health Limited
Health Link Malawi
Health Management Institute Pty Ltd and Associated Companies Provident Fund
Health Partnership Nepal
Health Professions Council of South Africa Pension Fund
Health Professions Council of South Africa Provident Fund
Health Psychology Management Organisation Services Ltd
Health Risks Prevention Programme
Health Scented
Health Super Fund
Health Through Sport Limited
Health Work
Health Workers For All Ltd
Healthcare 90
Healthcare Christian Fellowship england
Healthcare Christian Fellowship Of Wales
Healthcare Financial Management Association
Healthcare Infection Society
Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership
Healthcare Through Education
Healthlink Worldwide
Healthwatch Isles Of Scilly
Healthwatch Reading
Healthwatch Shropshire
Healthwatch Stoke on trent
Healthwatch Sutton
Healthwatch Windsor Ascot And Maidenhead
Healthworks In London
Healthworks Newcastle
Healthy Ardwick
Healthy Bristol
Healthy Inclusion Limited
Healthy Living Centre Dartford
Healthy Living Network leeds
Healthy Living Partnership halifax
Healthy Living Projects Limited
Healthy Planet Foundation
Healthy Waterways Trust
Healthyafrica Limited
Healthykids International Uk
Heamoor Parent Teacher Association
Heamoor Playing Field Association
Heamoor Pre school Playgroup
Heanor And District Local History Society
Heanor Miners Welfare Trust
Heanor Musical Theatre Company And Rising Stars
Heanor Parish Church Salcare
Heanor Pre School
Heap Bridge School Association
Heap Kenyon Ormerod Scholarship Charity
Heapey And Wheelton Village Hall
Heapey And Wheelton War Memorial Trust
Hear Again
Hear our voice
Hear Us
Hearing Concern Romsey
Hearing Conservation Council
Hearing Dogs For Deaf People
Hearing Help amber Valley
Hearing Help Essex Limited
Hearing Help Uttlesford
Hearing Impaired Support Scheme
Hearing Link
Hearing Loss Support
Hearing Research Trust
Hearse House Fund
Heart 2 Heart International Ministries
Heart 4 The Poor
Heart And Stroke Trust Endeavour
Heart Care Cardiac Support Group
Heart Care Partnership uk
Heart Cells Foundation
Heart Concern Lancaster Morecambe And District Heart Support Group
Heart For India
Heart For Justice
Heart For Romania
Heart For Truth Limited
Heart Foundation Of Cypriot Children eleousa Of London
Heart Hope Help
Heart International Limited
Heart Jewel Kadampa Buddhist Centre
Heart Line Association
Heart Link east Midlands Children s Heart Care Association
Heart N Soul
Heart Of A Child Galati
Heart Of Asia
Heart Of Borneo Project
Heart Of Compassion Trust
Heart Of England Care
Heart Of England Christian Trust
Heart Of England Community Foundation
Heart Of England Mencap
Heart Of England Nhs Foundation Trust General Charitable Fund
Heart Of England Outreach
Heart Of England Retirement Organisation h e r o
Heart Of Hope
Heart Of Mersey
Heart Of Portsmouth Enterprise Limited
Heart Of Staveley
Heart Of Streatley Charitable Trust
Heart Of The City Of London Limited
Heart Of The Community
Heart Of The Father
Heart Of Worship Christian Centre Ltd
Heart Research Uk
Heart Rhythm Uk
Heart To Heart Empowerment
Heart To Heart
Heart To Help
Heart Valve Bank
Heart Your Smile
Heartbeat 95
Heartbeat East Suffolk
Heartbeat Home For Horses Limited
Heartbeat International Missions
Heartbeat southend Campaign
Heartbeat Support Woking
Heartbeat Uk
Heartburn Cancer Awareness And Support
Heartcry Trust
Heartland Alliance International Europe
Heartland Older People s Forum
Heartland Youth For Christ
Heartlands And Solihull Hospitals Education Development Foundation
Heartlands Church Stratford
Heartlands Mediation
Heartlands Trust
Heartlift Limited
Heartlink Charitable Trust
Hearts And Hands For Africa
Hearts And Minds Challenge
Hearts And Souls
Hearts Empowering Lives Project h e l p
Hearts Of England Association
Hearts Of Gold
Hearts Of Oak The Oak Lodge School Foundation Trust
Hearts Of St Barts
Hearts Undergoing Support
Heartsease Community Project
Heartsease First School Playgroup
Heartsease High School Trust
Heartstart Salford
Heartswell South West Limited
Heasley Mill Village Hall
Heat and Frost Local Union 118 Pension Plan
Heat Community Foundation
Heath And Reach Group
Heath And Reach Village Hall
Heath And Reach Women s Institute
Heath Barn Pre school
Heath cardiff Group Riding For The Disabled Association
Heath Charitable Trust
Heath Christian Bookshop Trust
Heath Christian Trust
Heath Citizens Association
Heath End Village Hall And Recreation Ground
Heath Evangelical Church Cardiff
Heath Hands
Heath Hayes Cabin
Heath Hayes Primary School Parents Friends
Heath Hill Womens Club
Heath Mount Choral Society
Heath Mount School Trust Ltd
Heath Park Community Association Limited
Heath Park High School School Fund
Heath Park Junior Football Club
Heath Park Rangers Afc
Heath Public Recreation Or Pleasure Ground
Heath School Parent Teacher Association
Heath School Parents And Friends Association
Heath Smith Employee Benefit Plan
Heath Town Community Support And Information Centre
Heath Town Senior Citizens Welfare Project
Heath Village Hall
Heathbank Support Services
Heathbrook School Association
Heathcot Pre school Ltd
Heathcote School Parents Association
Heather Brow Clergy Rest Home
Heather Club
Heather Playgroup leics
Heather Playgroup
Heather Recreation Ground
Heather Ridge County Infant School Parent Teacher Association
Heather s House
Heather St Johns Juniors Football Club
Heathercombe Brake Trust
Heatherlands Community Association
Heatherley Primary Home school Association
Heatherside Community Association
Heatherside Parent And Toddler Group
Heatherside Pre school
Heatherside Womens Institute
Heatherslaw Mill Trust
Heatherton House School Parent Teacher Association
Heathervale Baptist Church
Heatherwood And Wexham Park Hospitals Charity
Heathfield Allotment Trust
Heathfield And District Sports Association
Heathfield And Waldron Millennium Green Trust
Heathfield Choral Society
Heathfield Educational Trust
Heathfield Leisure Pursuits
Heathfield Parents Teachers Friends Association
Heathfield Playgroup great Sutton
Heathfield School Foundation
Heathfield School
Heathfield Trust
Heathfield Youth Centre
Heathgate Community Association
Heathlands Animal Sanctuary
Heathlands Community Pre school
Heathlands Primary School Parents Teachers Association west Bergholt
Heathlands School Parent Teacher Association
Heathrow Educational And Welfare Association
Heathrow Gateway International Centre
Heathrow Muslim Community Centre
Heathrow School Of Gymnastics Dance Ltd
Heathrow Special Needs Farm
Heathrow Travel care
Heaths Countryside Corridor
Heathside And Lethbridge Youth Project
Heathview Centre League Of Friends
Heathwood School Parents Association
Heatley Women s Institute
Heaton Baptist Church Newcastle Upon Tyne
Heaton Chapel Community Centre Association
Heaton Community Association
Heaton Hawks Football Club
Heaton Mersey Community Association
Heaton Mersey Youth Festival
Heaton Moor Evangelical Church
Heaton Place
Heaton St Barnabas Village Hall
Heaton Unity Association
Heatons reddish Group U3a
Heaven Can Wait I m Busy
Heaven Can Wait
Heaven Earth theatre Company
Heaven Gate Centre
Heaven Gate Chapel
Heaven Light Ministry International
Heaven On Earth Foundation
Heaven Plant uk Ltd
Heaven s Family uk
Heaven s Gate And Dominion Chapel
Heaven s Gateway Ministries solution Ground
Heaven s Roman Catholic Orphanage For Girls
Heavenly Cuppa
Heavenly Feast Global Outreach
Heavenly Royals Evangelistic Ministry U k herem
Heavenly Stars
Heavitree Brewery Charitable Trust
Heavitree Community Pre school
Heavitree School Association
Heavy Rescue Partnership
Heavy Transport Groeppensioenfonds
Heavy Woollen District Hospitals Broadcasts Association
Heavy Woollen District Scout Council
Hebbs Charity
Hebburn Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Hebburn Neighbourhood Advice Centre
Hebburn Unit 176 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Hebden Bridge And District Old Peoples Welfare Committee
Hebden Bridge And District Round Table Number 294 Charitable Trust
Hebden Bridge Arts Festival Ltd
Hebden Bridge Band
Hebden Bridge Community Association Ltd
Hebden Bridge Little Theatre Limited
Hebden Bridge Saints Junior Association Football Club
Hebden Recreation Ground
Hebden Town Lands
Hebden Wright Charity
Hebron Apostolic And Prophetic Church
Hebron Christian Faith Ministries
Hebron Church Assembly Of God
Hebron Church Carlisle
Hebron Church Stockton on tees
Hebron Church Trust warrington
Hebron Church
Hebron Congregational Chapel Trust Fund
Hebron Evangelical Church Dowlais
Hebron Evangelical Church Wallasey Trust
Hebron Evangelical Church
Hebron Hall Limited
Hebron Pentecostal Church
Hebron Trust
Heckett Multiserv Provident Fund
Heckfield Memorial Hall
Heckington Almshouse Charity
Heckington And District Agricultural Society
Heckington And District Bowls Club
Heckington And District Young Farmers Club
Heckington Ce School Parent Teacher Association
Heckington Pre School Playgroup
Heckington Relief In Need Charity
Heckington Saint Andrew s Ce School Fund
Heckington School Swimming Pool Committee
Heckington Village Trust
Heckington Windmill Trust
Heckmondwike Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Heckmondwike War Relief Fund
Hector s Gate Animal Sanctuary
Heddington Preschool
Heddon On The Wall Education And Training Trust
Heddon On The Wall First School P T A
Heddon Village Knott Memorial Hall
Hedenham Parish Room
Hedgcock Bequest
Hedge End Breakfast Rotary Club
Hedge End Recreation Ground
Hedge End Street Pastors
Hedge End Village Hall Pre school
Hedge End Village Hall
Hedge End Women s Institute
Hedge End Youth And Community Association
Hedge Funds Care Uk
Hedgehog Haven Rescue Centre
Hedgehog Helpline
Hedgeley Women s Institute
Hedger s Almshouses
Hedgerley War Memorial Hall
Hedgerley Youth Club Management Committee
Hedingham School Parent Teacher Association
Hedley Foundation Limited
Hedley Foundation
Hedley Hall Training
Hedley Vicars Trust Fund
Hedleyhope Community Association
Hednesford Pentecostal Church
Hedon Community Centre Trust
Hedon Household Energy Network
Heed Africa
Heel And Toe Ltd
Heelands Rangers Fc
Heeley Advice Centre
Heeley City Farm
Heeley Community Centre Association
Heeley Development Trust
Heene Community Association
Heene s Helping Hands
Heera Asain Welfare And Community Association
Hefazothe Islam Uk
Heggadon Memorial Cottages
Heichal Hatorah Foundation
Heichal Hatorah
Heichal Menachem Limited
Heidelberg Group Pension Scheme
Heidelberg Provident Fund
Heidi and Pieter Provident Fund
Heifer Foundation
Heighington Pre school
Heighington School Charities
Heighington Village Hall Association
Heighington Village Hall
Heighington Women s Institute
Heilp Charity
Heineken Pension Scheme
Heinrich Wolfgang Donner Settlement
Hela Sarana
Helambu Trust Nepal
Helderberg Society for the Aged Pension Fund
Hele s Educational Trust
Helen Allison Allendale Trust
Helen and Douglas House
Helen Ashton Charity
Helen Atkin Riding For The Disabled Association
Helen Bamber Foundation
Helen Belk
Helen Brown Mitchell Trust
Helen Clarke Fund
Helen Douglas House
Helen Gertrude Kennett
Helen Grundy For Poor
Helen Ley Charitable Trust
Helen Marie Friends
Helen Mary Mccosh Charitable Trust
Helen Mathieson Charitable Trust
Helen Nilsen Fund
Helen Peele Memorial Almshouses
Helen Rice Foundation
Helen Robertson Charitable Trust
Helen Rollason Heal Cancer Charity Limited
Helen s Trust
Helen Tetlow Memorial Fund
Helena Benevolent Fund
Helena Kennedy Foundation
Helena Partnerships Limited
Helena Sant s Residuary Trust Fund
Helena Thompson Museum
Helensea Tzedoko Limited
Heles Angels
Heles Exhibition Foundation At Plympton
Helga Mosey Memorial Trust
Helga Todd Teachers Education Fund
Helhoughton Relief In Need Charity
Helhoughton Village Hall
Heli aid
Helier Chapel Northfield
Helikopter Service Pensjonskasse
Helimeddecks Charitable Fund
Helions Bumpstead Village Hall
Helios Foundation For Supply Chain
Helios Foundation For Sustainable Development
Helios Trust
Helix Arts Limited
Helland Village Hall
Hellenic Community Trust
Hellenic Foundation For Culture uk
Hellenic Hope
Hellenic Medical Society
Hellesdon Christian Disciples
Hellesdon Community Centre
Hellesdon Community Pre school
Hellesdon Parish Hall
Hellidon Millennium Project
Hellidon Village Hall
Hellifield Community Primary School Pta
Hellifield Institute
Hellifield Pre school
Hellifield Women s Institute
Hellingly County Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Hellingly Sports Trust
Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Provident Fund
Helmdon Playgroup
Helmers Pavasars Memorial Fund
Helmi Liiketalousopisto Oy
Helmington Row Village Hall
Helmore Mathematics Prize
Helmshore Preschool And Toddler Group
Helmsley And District Young Farmers Club
Helmsley Archaeological And Historical Society
Helmsley Community Primary School Fund
Helmsley Recreation Charity
Helmsley Walled Garden Limited
Help 4 Hurting Children hhc
Help A Child Africa
Help A Child Have A Chance
Help A Child Ltd
Help A Child Trust
Help A Neighbour In Distress Scheme hands
Help Adolescents With Cancer h a w c
Help Africa Fight Against Poverty hafap
Help Africa
Help And Care
Help And Neighbourhood Development Scheme
Help Austistic Children
Help Charity Association For Relief
Help Counselling Centre
Help Counselling For 9 To 25 Year Olds south West Limited
Help Counselling Services
Help East Cowes Kids
Help Education And Resources To Bring Everyone All Together
Help For Children In Uganda
Help For Education And Local Projects In The Gambia
Help For Health
Help For Heroes
Help For Iranian Orphans
Help For Life
Help For The Needy Uk Foundation
Help Fund
Help Harry Help Others
Help Help Dog Rescue wales
Help Hoima
Help Homeless Women s Project
Help Humanity Uk
Help In Bereavement
Help In Egypt
Help in need Association
Help In Suffering uk
Help India
Help International Plant Protein Organisation
Help International
Help Is At Hand
Help Lanka
Help Mankind Ltd
Help My People International
Help Nepal Network
Help North Korean Children
Help On Your Doorstep
Help Our Wounded Royal Marines And Supporting Arms
Help Poland Fund
Help Rescue The Planet
Help Rizokarpasso
Help Rural Nepal
Help Sick Children
Help Smile Trust
Help Somalia Foundation
Help Stop Climate Change
Help The Cambodian Children
Help The Child
Help The Children Of Iraq
Help The Disabled In Bangladesh
Help The Homeless Limited
Help The Hospices
Help The Kurds
Help The Needy Charitable Trust
Help The Poor Trust
Help The Woman And Child
Help The Women And Children
Help To Educate
Help Unlimited
Help Widow s Orphan s
Help Women And Orphans Organisation
Help4ummah Welfare Foundation
Helpage International
Helperby Village Hall
Helpful Hands Foundation
Helping Africa 100
Helping Alleviate Poverty In South India
Helping East Lanka Progress
Helping Educating And Rebuilding Lives
Helping Educational Achievement Through Sport
Helping Groups To Grow
Helping Hackney Health
Helping Hand Africa Mission
Helping Hand Fund
Helping Hand Global 24 7
Helping Hand
Helping Hands Award
Helping Hands Cancer Support Group
Helping Hands Community Trust
Helping Hands Coningsby
Helping Hands Dog Rescue
Helping Hands Essex
Helping Hands For Afghan Refugees
Helping Hands For Gambia
Helping Hands For Japan
Helping Hands For The Needy
Helping Hands For Under Privileged
Helping Hands For You
Helping Hands Halifax
Helping Hands In Tadley
Helping Hands In Uganda
Helping Hands International
Helping Hands Ladies Group Uk International
Helping Hands North Norfolk
Helping Hands rhymney Cancer Self Help Group
Helping Hands Trust Limited
Helping Hands Uthavum Karangkal
Helping Hands
Helping Hearts
Helping His Hungarian Heroes
Helping Kids With Cancer
Helping Other People Everywhere hope Charitable Trust
Helping Other People Survive hops
Helping Our Future
Helping Point Uk
Helping The Burmese Delta
Helping The Homeless Into Housing
Helping Uganda Schools hugs
Helplink Community Support
Helpneed Development Agency hda Ltd
Helpp help Education And Learning For Parents By Parents
Helpringham Playing Field
Helpringham School Association
Helpringham Village Hall
Helps Counsellors
Helpston Playhouse And Under Fives Pre school
Helpston School Foundation
Helpston Scout And Guide Group
Helsby Community Association
Helsby Golf Club Powered Wheelchair Appeal
Helsby High School Parents Society
Helsby Hillside Women s Institute
Helsby Playgroup
Helse Sor Ost
Helsington And Brigsteer Village Hall
Helston And Kerrier Music Society
Helston And St Keverne Young Farmers Club
Helston Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Helston Downsland Charity
Helston Free Methodist Church
Helston Railway Preservation Society
Helston Thursday Club For The Disabled
Helston Womens Institute
Helston Youth Project also Known As The Helston kerrier Youth Club
Heltwate Community Association
Heltwate Parents And Friends Association
Helvetia Domani Fondo Pensione Aperto Di Helvetia Vita
Helvetica Lodge No 4894 Benevolent Fund
Helwel Trust
Helyar s Almshouses
Hemblington Preschool
Hemdean House School Ltd
Hemel Hempstead Child Contact Centre
Hemel Hempstead Churches Bookshop
Hemel Hempstead Community Church
Hemel Hempstead Day Centre Limited
Hemel Hempstead District Scout Council
Hemel Hempstead Districts Guides Association
Hemel Hempstead East Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Hemel Hempstead Lions Charity Trust
Hemel Hempstead School Association
Hemel Hempstead Singers
Hemel Hempstead South Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Hemel Hempstead Town Youth Football Club
Hemel Hempstead West Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Hemel Hospital Radio
Hemi Chat
Hemingbrough County Primary School Fund
Hemingbrough Institute And Playing Fields
Hemingbrough Pre school
Hemingbrough United Charities
Hemingford Abbots Playing Field
Hemingford Abbots Village Hall
Hemingford Grey Playgroup
Hemingford Grey Women s Institute
Hemingford Peace Memorial Field
Hemingstone Village Hall
Hemington Park
Hemington Recreation Ground
Hemington Village Hall
Hemphill Pension Fund
Hempland Primary School Fund
Hempland york Kids Club
Hempnall Village Hall
Hempnall Women s Institute
Hempstead Pavilion Playgroup
Hempstead Village Hall Management Committee
Hempstead Village Hall
Hempstead With Eccles And Lessingham Community Trust
Hempsted Playgroup
Hempsted Village Hall
Hempton Memorial Hall
Hempton Poor s Land
Hemsby Inshore Rescue Service
Hemsby Village Hall
Hemswell And Harpswell Village Hall Trust
Hemswell Club On The Cliff
Hemsworth And District Partnership
Hemsworth And District Ymca
Hemsworth Christian Fellowship
Hemsworth Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Hemsworth Miners Welfare Scheme
Hemyock Pre School
Hen Goleg League Of Friends
Hen Ysgol Marian Glas Village Hall
Hen Ysgol Y Ferwig
Henbury And Brentry Community Council
Henbury And District Women s Institute
Henbury Area Project For Play And Youth
Henbury Church Lands Charity
Henbury Millennium Green Trust
Henbury Village Hall
Henderson Community House
Henderson Hall Talybont on usk
Henderson Memorial Hall
Henderson Trust
Hendler and Hendler Ltd Staff Provident Fund
Hendon And District Archaeological Society
Hendon Church Schools Foundation
Hendon Mosque Islamic Centre
Hendon Reform Synagogue
Hendon United Sports Club
Hendon Young People s Project
Hendon Youth Support Trust
Hendredenny Park Primary School Association Youth Club
Hendredenny Park Primary School Association
Hendreds Preschool
Hendy And District Age Concern
Heneways Freight Services Pension Fund
Henfield And District Lions Club Trust Fund
Henfield And District Self Help Group
Henfield And District Sports Association
Henfield Area Response Team
Henfield Branch Of The Baden Powell Guild Of Great Britain
Henfield Social Club
Henfield Theatre Company
Henfield Village Hall
Henfield Youth Welfare Association
Hengate Garden
Hengoed Community Project
Hengoed Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Hengoed Recreation Ground
Hengrave Village Hall
Hengrove And District Community Association
Henham And Elsenham Scout And Guide Fundraising Committee
Henham Steam Rally Limited
Henham Village Hall
Henkel Group Pension Fund
Henkel Group Provident Fund
Henknowle Community Association
Henleaze Junior School Association
Henleaze Society
Henleaze Swimming Club
Henley And District Agricultural Association Limited
Henley And District Citizens Advice Bureau
Henley And District Handibus Scheme
Henley And District Young Farmers Club
Henley Art And Crafts Guild
Henley Baptist Church
Henley Choral Society
Henley Community Centre Charity
Henley Decorative And Fine Arts Society
Henley Educational Trust
Henley Fringe Trust
Henley High School Parent Teacher Assocaition
Henley In Arden C Of E Primary School Pta
Henley in arden General Charity
Henley In Arden Guild Hall Trust
Henley in arden War Memorial Trust
Henley Management College 1945 Limited
Henley On Thames Almshouse Charity
Henley on thames Amateur Operatic And Dramatic Society
Henley on thames Bridge Charity
Henley on thames Church Charity
Henley on thames Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Henley on thames Day Centre Management Committee
Henley on thames Relief In Need Charity
Henley on thames Unit Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Henley Preschool Centre
Henley Riding For The Disabled Association
Henley Society
Henley Summer Fireworks
Henley Symphony Orchestra
Henley Trinity Trainer Pool Association
Henley Volunteer Bureau
Henley Ymca
Henley Youth Festival Trust
Henllan Recreation Ground
Henllan Women s Institute
Henllanfallteg Community Association
Henllys Village Hall
Henlow clifton Scout Group
Henlow School Foundation
Henlow Vc Middle School Association
Henlow Village Pre school
Henlow Village Tiny Tots
Henlow Women s Institute
Henna Asian Women s Group
Hennie Van Vuuren Spares Centre Pension and Life Assurance Plan
Hennock Stooke Charity
Henri Oguike Dance Company
Henri s Evangelical Revival Association Limited
Henricus Octavus Roe Almshouse Charity
Henrietta De La Garde Strong s Charity
Henrietta Franklin Memorial Trust
Henrietta Griffith
Henrietta Hay Charity
Henrietta Kenyon Bequest
Henrietta Playgroup
Henrietta Pugh s Charity
Henry Albert Mawer s Charity
Henry Allen Nursery School Fund
Henry Allen Nursery School Parent Teacher Association
Henry And Benedict Hall Charity
Henry And Elizabeth Searle Fund
Henry And James Willis Trust
Henry And Rebecca Tinsley Charitable Trust
Henry Assheton Cross
Henry Barber Trust
Henry Beaufort Association
Henry Bell Homes
Henry Bennett For Apprenticing
Henry Birch Fund
Henry Bispham s Charity
Henry Blanchett Bequest
Henry Blank Charitable Trust
Henry Box Collection
Henry Brandon Gift
Henry Brett
Henry Brooke Bequest
Henry Brown s Homes
Henry Budgett
Henry Burton Almshouse Charity
Henry Cavendish School Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Henry Chapman Fund
Henry Charles Cook Bequest
Henry Charles Stephens
Henry Children s Orthopaedic Trust
Henry Colborn or Colbron
Henry Cowton
Henry Dancer Days
Henry Dillamore
Henry Dixon Hall
Henry Dodd fishmongers Co
Henry Drew Thomas Almshouse
Henry Fawcett Fund
Henry Fawcett Parent School Association
Henry Forster united Charities
Henry Fox
Henry Fryers Charity
Henry Gardener fishmongers Co
Henry George Foundation Of Great Britain Limited
Henry Green Scholarships In Connection With Council Schools
Henry Hanley For A Preacher
Henry Hanley For Almshouses
Henry Hawkes Spink
Henry Haworth Ramsbottom Foundation
Henry Hepworth Woodruff For Poor Members Of Buckley Methodist Church
Henry Hewes Almshouse Charity
Henry Higgin s Charity
Henry Hinde Junior School Parent Teacher And Friends Association
Henry Hoare s Charity For Distribution Of Bibles And Religious Books
Henry Holditch Cliefe For Poor
Henry James Sayer Charity
Henry John Cooper Charitable Trust
Henry John Strong Pensions
Henry Jordeyn fishmongers Company
Henry Joyce Mulcock
Henry Kendall
Henry Knight And Others
Henry Knight
Henry Lonsdale Charitable Trust
Henry Luddington
Henry Medbury s Almshouse And Pension Charity
Henry Morris Memorial Trust
Henry Nicholson s Charity
Henry Noel
Henry Parker
Henry Peters Charity
Henry Poad
Henry Robert Bull Charitable Trust
Henry Robinson
Henry Rogers Almshouse Charity
Henry Rogers burnham Charity
Henry s After School Playscheme
Henry Sacheverell
Henry Samman s Hull Chamber Of Commerce Endowment Fund
Henry Scott Fund
Henry Smallwood s Bequest
Henry Smith And Michael Earle Charities
Henry Smith And Others
Henry Smith Charity caterham
Henry Smith Charity pyrford Share
Henry Smith Charity St Paul s Walden Share
Henry Smith Charity
Henry Smith eastbrook Estate
Henry Smith rotherfield Share
Henry Smith s Charity ancient Parish Of Dovercourt
Henry Smith s Charity Charlton
Henry Smith s Charity longney
Henry Smith s Charity Singleton
Henry Smith s Charity tolleshunt D arcy Estate
Henry Smith s Charity warbleton Estate
Henry Smith s Charity
Henry Smith share Warbleton Estate
Henry Smith tolleshunt D arcy Estate share
Henry Smith warbleton Estate
Henry Smith worth Estate Nutfield Share
Henry Smith worth Estate
Henry Smith
Henry Spiers Houston
Henry Stead Charity
Henry Surtees Foundation
Henry Tanner s Charity Exclusive Of The Educational Foundation
Henry Tireman one Of The Municipal Charities
Henry Tylston Hodgson For Playgrounds Or Other Purposes
Henry Vizard 1846
Henry Vizard Charity
Henry Walter s Educational Charity
Henry Walter Thomson Charity
Henry Warford Charity estate Trustees
Henry Warford Charity Tatenhill Parish
Henry Warren Village Club
Henry Whiteley s Park
Henry Wood Hall Limited
Henry Woodhead Trust
Henry Young s Charity
Henryd Community Hall
Hensall Parochial School Trust
Hensall Pre school Playgroup
Hensall School Fund
Henshaw Nursery
Henshaw s Society For Blind People
Hensingham Centre Association
Hensman Hall Disabilities Club
Henstead Village Hall
Henstridge Rda
Henstridge Village Hall
Henton Village Hall
Henville Educational Foundation
Heol galed Memorial Hall And Institute
Heol Goffa Special School Parent Staff Association
Heol y cyw Welfare Institute
Hepatitis B Foundation Uk
Hephzibah Ministries
Hepner Foundation
HEPP Manitoba Healthcare Employees Pension Plan
Hepple Village Hall
Hepscott Village Hall
Hepthorne Lane Community Association
Heptonstall Exhibitions
Hepworth Community Association
Hepworth Playgroup
Hepworth Recreation Ground
Her Centre Limited
Her Equality Rights And Autonomy
Her Trust
Hera Islamic Centre
Heralds Of Salvation International
Herapath shenton Trust
Herbage Charity
Herbert And Stefanie Straus Memorial Trust
Herbert Charles Coleman Will Trust Fund
Herbert Day Trust
Herbert Educational Foundation
Herbert Ellis Norris Library And Museum
Herbert Neal Robinson Trust
Herbert Newmark Charitable Trust
Herbert Strutt Charity
Herbert Webb Trust Fund
Herbert William Mawer Trust
Herbertpur Trust
Herd House Riding For The Disabled Association Group
Herdley Bank Under Fives Group
Herdman Bequest