C a b Cornwall
C a b Devon
C a Coalition
C A M Bowman Memorial Trust Fund
C a n Community Action Network
C a n e
C A Redfern Charitable Foundation
C A Rodewald Charitable Settlement
C A Rookes Charitable Trust
C a s p a r s Care Around School play And Recreation Scheme
C A S S Cumbria Action For Social Support Limited
C A T C H U P Limited
C a t s Youth Theatre
C and C Anodisers Pension Fund
C and D Trading Retirement Fund
C And E Cantor Trust
C And F Charitable Trust
C And G Fund Limited
C And J Clark Limited Employees 1922 Trust
C And K Ingram Charitable Trust
C And M Ministries
C B And H H Taylor 1984 Trust
C b c Charitable Trust
C b l Charity Fund
C B Phillimore For School
C B Trust
C Brewer Sons Limited Executive Pension Scheme
C Brewer Sons Retirement Benefit Scheme
C C C Chinese School Trust
C c Foundation
C C Kenrick Bequest
C C Walker Charity
C C Walker Playing Fields
C D Cripp s Charity
C D Nel Parker Craft Pension Fund
C d p st Helens Ltd
C D W Davidson Bequest
C De Vision Foundation
C E Eliot cohen s Charitable Settlement
C E K Stern Charitable Trust
C F A Schilling Bequest
C F Lunoe Trust Fund
C fe it
C G Hacking And Sons Limited Charitable Trust
C H 1980 Charitable Trust
C H Dixon Charitable Trust
C H Harrison Will Trust
C H I E F Support Group cystics Of Hull Independent Equipment Fund
C I T E E Limited
C J And E J Melbourne Trust
C J Bourne Charitable Trust
C J Charitable Trust
C J Gallard s Almshouses
C J Tunnicliffe Endowment Trust Fund
C James Cadbury Charity
C l Initiatives Ltd
C m a Community Nursery Ltd
C M Aarvold Charitable Trust
C M Keyser Charitable Trust
C Net Pension Fund
C P D Trust Fund
C P Rowley Charities
C P S Preston Ltd
C P Sport
C R Burrell s Charity Trust
C r e w Heart Support Group
C R T King farlow Charitable Trust
C Realisations 2011 Limited
C Richard Jackson Charitable Trust
C s Church Ona Iwa Mimo oke Ayo
C S Kaufman Charitable Trust
C S M Trust
C T And H E Robinson Charitable Trust For The Carib And Lokono Arawak Indians
C T Hodgkinson Charitable Fund
C t o d Schools Christian Worker Project
C V And D F Sharpe Charitable Settlement
C W Rutherford Scholarship Trust
C15 Surfers
C3 Church Slough
C3 Collaborating For Health
C3 Stockport
CA Brand 1994 Provident Fund
CA Brand Pension Fund
CA du Toit Pensioenfonds
CAAB SCPA Centro Agro Alimentare Bologna
CAAT Pension Plan Ontario
Caawiye Relief
Cab and Trailer Fleet Maintenance Provident and Group Life Assurance Scheme
Caban Cegin
Caban Y Pensiynwyr
Cabbage Patch Playgroup
Cabi Trust
Cabin Lane Church
Cabinda Community Association
Cabinet Office UK
Cable Link Provident Fund
Cable Wireless Superannuation Fund
Cable wireless Worldwide Foundation
Cable Wireless Worldwide
Cabmen s Shelter Fund
Cabo Roig And Torrevieja Sanctuary
Caboodle Theatre In Education
Cabot Oil and Gas Corporation
Cabrini Children s Society
Cabris Holdings Pension and Group Life Fund
Cabris Holdings Provident Fund
Cac Land Of Mercy London Uk Trust
Cac sy
Cadac Pension Fund
Cadbury Heath Parish Hall
Cadbury Heath Pre School
Cadbury Schweppes Pension Fund
Cadbury Schweppes plc Pension Fund UK
Cadbury South Africa Provident Fund
Caddington Ecclesiastical Charities
Caddington Non ecclesiastical Charities
Caddington Playgroup
Caddington Scout Group
Caddington Toddler Group
Caddington Village School Pta
Caddington Women s Institute
Cadeleigh Village Hall
Cadence Drum And Bugle Corps
Cadet Sea Ranger sea Ranger Ship Churchill
Cadishead Community Church
Cadishead Primary School Parent Teachers Association
Cadishead Public Band
Cadiz Group Provident Fund
Cadley Kids Club
Cadmore End School Fund
Cadney cum Howsham Village Hall And Park Committee
Cadney cum howsham Village Hall
Cadogan Lodge Benevolent Fund
Cadogan Playing Field
Cads South Yorkshire Limited
Cadw Sir Gaerfyrddin Cyf
Cadwgan Playgroup
Cae Canol Centre
Cae Chwarae Caio Caio Play Area
Cae Chwarae Mynachlog Ddu Playing Fields
Cae Chwarae Penbontryhdybeddau Play Area
Cae Dai Trust
Cae du Recreational Trust
Cae Glas Charity
Cae Hywell Playing Field
Cae Post Limited
Caedmon School Fund
Caedmon School Home And School Association
Caen Caterpillars
Caenarfon Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Caeo And Llanycrwys Community Service Committee
Caer centre For The Advancement Of Environmental Research
Caerau Development Trust
Caerbryn Welfare Community Association
Caereinion After School Club
Caerffili C h a d Caerphilly
Caerleon Retired Persons Welfare Club
Caerleon Women s Institute
Caermerthtr Clubs For Young People
Caernarfon Institute
Caernarfon Welsh Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Caernarvon Civic Society
Caernarvonshire Further Education Trust Fund
Caerphilly And District Guide Association
Caerphilly Borough Mind
Caerphilly Care For Carers Limited
Caerphilly Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Caerphilly County Borough Access Group
Caerphilly County Borough Citizens Advice Bureau
Caerphilly District Miner s Hospital League Of Friends
Caerphilly Entertainment And Leisure Project
Caerphilly First Responders
Caerphilly Local History Society
Caerphilly Male Voice Choir
Caerphilly People First
Caerphilly Railway Society Limited
Caerphilly Round Table
Caerphilly Women s Institute
Caersalem Baptist Church St Mellons
Caersws Recreation Ground
Caersws Village Hall
Caerwedros Village Hall
Caerwent Community Centre Committee Limited
Caerwent Playing Fields Association Limited
Caerwys Memorial Recreation Ground And Institute
Caerwys Playgroup
Caerwys Public Hall
Caf Bond Income Fund
Caf Global Trustees
Caf Uk Equity Growth Fund
Cafe 100
Cafe Africa Trust
Cafe Hope
Cafe Jericho Limited
Cafe Jj
Cafe Together
Cafe West
Cafechurch Network
Cafedirect Producers Foundation
Cage Green Primary School Ptfa
Cage Green Women s Institute
Cahn Memorial Homes
CAI SA Branch Pension Fund
Caia Park Early Years Forum
Caia Park Partnership Limited
Caincross Women s Institute
Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec
Caisse de Pension de la Société Suisse de Pharmacie CP SSPh
Caisse de pension du Comité international de la Croix Rouge CICR
Caisse de pensions de la République et du Canton du Jura CPUJ
Caisse de pensions de la société Firmenich
Caisse de pensions de Philip Morris en Suisse
Caisse de pensions de Romande Energie
Caisse de pensions du Touring Club Suisse
Caisse de pensions Givaudan
Caisse de pensions paritaire de ROLEX SA de sociétés affiliées SA
Caisse de Prévoyance de l Etat de Genève CPEG
Caisse de Retraite de Publigroupe
Caisse des Depots et Consignations CDC
Caisse des depots et consignations
Caisse Paritaire de Prevoyance de l’Industrie et de la Construction CPPIC
Caister High School Friends
Caister High School Trust
Caister Next Yarmouth United Charities
Caister On Sea Community Association
Caister On Sea Womens Institute
Caister Volunteer Lifeboat Service Limited
Caister Youth And Community Centre
Caistor Grammar School Foundation
Caistor Grammar School Parent Teacher Association
Caistor Joint Primary School Fund
Caistor Multi Use Centre Limited
Caistor Roman Project Limited
Caistor St Edmund Fuel Allotment Charity
Caistor Village Hall
Caius House caius College Mission And Settlement
Caius House
Cake Tin Foundation
Cal Centre Project
Calabar Foundation uk Limited
Calabar Union Of The United Kingdom
Calabash Trust Uk
Calan Dvs
Calcamite Pension Fund
Calcutt And Forest Moor Village Hall
Calcutta Hope
Calcutta Rescue Fund
Calday Grange Amenities Fund
Calday Grange Grammar School cggs 375 Le Jog Relay 2011
Calday Grange Swimming Pool Trust
Caldbeck And District Women s Institute
Caldbeck And District Young Farmers Club
Caldbeck Area First Responders
Caldbeck Christian Trust
Caldbeck Play Area Association
Caldbeck Surgery Charitable Fund
Caldbeck Village Hall
Caldecote Playgroup
Caldecote School Pta
Caldecote Village Hall Limited
Caldecote Village Institute Limited
Caldecote Village Institute
Caldecote Women s Institute
Caldecott Foundation Limited
Caldecott Village Hall
Calder Civic Trust Limited
Calder Kids Adventure Playground Association
Calder Vale School Association
Calder Vale Village Hall
Calder Vale Women s Institute
Calder Valley Search And Rescue Team
Calder Valley Steiner Education Ltd
Calderbridge And Ponsonby Village Hall
Calderdale And Huddersfield Nhs Foundation Trust Charitable Funds
Calderdale Bond Scheme Limited
Calderdale British Muslim Association
Calderdale Care Scheme
Calderdale Carers Project
Calderdale Children s Music Trust
Calderdale Circuit Of The Methodist Church
Calderdale Citizens Advice Bureau
Calderdale Community Coaching Trust
Calderdale Deaf Association
Calderdale Disabled Advice Resource Team
Calderdale Down s Syndrome Group
Calderdale Federation Of Townswomen s Guilds
Calderdale Gateway Club
Calderdale Help In Bereavement c h i b s
Calderdale Interfaith Council
Calderdale Multi Cultural Activity Centre
Calderdale Raynet Amateur Radio Group
Calderdale Talking Newspaper Association
Calderdale Theatre School Association
Calderdale Way Association
Calderdale Wellbeing
Caldershaw Primary School Parent teacher Association
Calderstones Nhs Trust General Charitable Fund
Caldey Abbey
Caldicot And District Citizens Advice Bureau
Caldicot Benefice Parochial Church Council
Caldicot Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Caldicot Pre school Playgroup
Caldicot School Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Caldicot Units Of The Girl Guides Association
Caldicot Youth Group
Caldicott Trust Limited
Caldmore Village Festival Ltd
Caldon And Uttoxeter Canals Trust
Caleb 14 24 Ministries
Caleb Bailey s Charity
Caleb Challenge Trust
Caleb Christian Ministries
Caleb Initiative
Caleb Lovejoy
Calf Heath Village Hall
Calfaria Welsh Baptist Chapel
Calibre Audio Library
Calico Enterprise Limited
Calico Homes Limited
Calidus Pty Ltd Provident Fund
California Association
California Christian Centre
California Public Employees Retirement System
California Savings Plus Program
California State Teachers Retirement System
California State University System
Call Of The Saints International Ministry
Call Plus
Call South West
Call To Islam Education Centre
Call To Prayer
Callcott Reilly Trust
Callibut s Charity hillington Share
Callibut s Estate Charity
Calligraphy And Lettering Arts Society
Calling London
Callington Amateur Drama Society
Callington And District Age Concern
Callington Bowling Club
Callington Foodbank
Callington Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Callington Primary School Parents And Staff Association
Callington Singers
Callington Town Band
Callington Young Farmers Club
Callow End Village Hall
Callow Parish Hall
Callywith Gymnastics And Trampolining Limited
Calm Centre Ltd
Calm Confidential And Local Mediation
Calmore And District Community Association
Calmore Infant School Pta
Calmore Junior School Association
Calmore Pre school Playgroup
Calmore Village Hall
Calmsden Poor Downs Allotment
Calne Advancement In Life Charity
Calne Almshouse Charity
Calne And District Community Link Scheme
Calne And District Young Farmers Club
Calne Branch Of The Salisbury Diocesan Guild Of Ringers Bell Restoration Fund
Calne Choral Society
Calne Christian Bookshop
Calne Community Church
Calne Community Day Care Centre
Calne Community Transport
Calne Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Calne Guides Association
Calne Heritage Centre Trust
Calne Library Trust Fund
Calne Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Calne Music And Arts Festival Society
Calne Physically Handicapped Club
Calne Relief In Need Charity
Calne Town Charity
Calow Community Association
Calow Primary School Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Calow Women s Club
Calshot Disability Services
Calstock Village Hall
Caltex Pension Plan
Calthorpe And Edwards Educational Foundation
Calthorpe Park School Association
Calthorpe Project
Calthwaite Nursery
Calthwaite School Support Group c s s g
Calton Road Playgroup
Calton St Mary s Memorial Hall
Calvary Apostolic Assembly
Calvary Assembly International
Calvary Baptist Church Peterborough
Calvary Baptist Church Spalding
Calvary Baptist Church
Calvary Believers Ministries International
Calvary Chapel Birmingham Limited
Calvary Chapel Cardiff Wales
Calvary Chapel Docklands
Calvary Chapel Hastings Limited
Calvary Chapel Leatherhead Limited
Calvary Chapel Mansfield Limited
Calvary Chapel Of Harrogate
Calvary Chapel Oxford Limited
Calvary Chapel South London Limited
Calvary Chapel Southampton Limited
Calvary Chapel Swansea Limited
Calvary Chapel Twickenham Limited
Calvary Chapel Warrington
Calvary Chapel Westminster Limited
Calvary Chapel Westminster
Calvary Chapel Woolacombe Limited
Calvary Chapel York
Calvary Chapel
Calvary Charismatic Baptist Church
Calvary Charismatic Centre London the Gateway Family
Calvary Chinese Christian Church
Calvary Christian Fellowship preston
Calvary Church kingswinford
Calvary Church surrey
Calvary Church
Calvary Evangelical Church Brighton
Calvary Faith Chapel
Calvary Fellowship Otley
Calvary Full Gospel Church
Calvary International Christian Centre
Calvary International Family Centre
Calvary International Ministry Church
Calvary Korean Church
Calvary Love Evangelical Fellowship
Calvary Ministries capro Missions
Calvary Ministries Worldwide
Calvary Outreach Ministries Worldwide
Calvary Pentecostal Church
Calvary Pentecostal Ministries
Calvary South Lakes Limited
Calvary Temple United Pentecostal Church
Calvary True Gospel Church Of Jesus Christ
Calvary Victory Church
Calver Weir Restoration Project
Calverhall Almshouse Charity
Calverleigh Charitable Trust
Calverleigh Village Hall
Calverley Playgroup
Calverley Village Guide Association
Calvert County Retirement Plans
Calvert Foundation
Calvert Green Community Association
Calvert Trust Chilterns Foundation
Calvert22 Foundation
Calverton Almshouses Charity
Calverton Community Toy Library
Calverton Miners Welfare Trust
Calverton Women s Institute
Calvinistic Methodist Or Presbyterian Church Of Wales Candidates And Training Department Fund
Cam And District Young People s Association
Cam Decorative And Fine Arts Society
Cam Hopton Association
Cam Institute Fund
Cam Parochial Charities
Cam yr alyn Chapel Fund
Camalodunum Lodge No 660 Benevolent Fund
Camara Learning Limited
Camau Cyntaf
Camberley And District Society For Mentally Handicapped Children And Adults
Camberley Care Trust
Camberley Citizens Advice Bureau
Camberley Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Camberley District Open Mind Association
Camberley District University Of The Third Age u3a
Camberley Gymnastics Club
Camberley Judo Club
Camberley School Friends Association
Camberley Unit 477 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Camberley West District Guide Association
Camberley Yateley And Districts Dyslexia Association
Camberley Youth For Christ
Camberwell After School Project
Camberwell Arts Limited
Camberwell Consolidated Charities
Camberwell Me Support Group
Camberwell Park School Pta
Camblesforth Parent Teachers Association
Camblesforth Village Hall
Cambo School Pta
Cambo Women s Institute
Cambo Wraparound
Cambodia s Dump Children
Cambodian Children s Education Foundation
Cambodian Children s Fund Uk
Cambodian Communities Out Of Crisis
Cambodian Futures Foundation
Cambodian Rehabilitation Programme
Cambodian Society In The United Kingdom
Cambois Community Association
Cambois Miners Welfare Institute And Recreation Ground
Camborne Christian Spiritualist Church
Camborne Community Centre
Camborne Music Festival
Camborne North Congregation Of Jehovahs Witnesses
Camborne redruth Methodist Circuit
Camborne School Of Mines Trust
Camborne South Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Camborne Town Band Music Society
Camborne Wesley Methodist Church
Cambourne Church
Cambourne Pre school
Cambourne Youth Partnership
Cambray Baptist Church Cheltenham
Cambrensis Ministries trust Limited
Cambria County Pension Fund
Cambria Trust
Cambrian Archaeological Association
Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology
Cambrian Community Centre
Cambrian Educational Foundation For Deaf Children In Wales
Cambrian Heritage Railways Limited
Cambrian Lapwing Recovery Trust
Cambrian Mountains Society
Cambrian Music Trust
Cambrian Railways Society Limited
Cambrian Railways Trust
Cambrian Road Recreation Ground
Cambridge Advanced Motorcyclists
Cambridge African Network can
Cambridge And Coleridge Athletics Club
Cambridge And District Citizens Advice Bureau
Cambridge And District Community Mediation Service
Cambridge And District Volunteer Centre
Cambridge And District Youth For Christ
Cambridge And East Anglia Retinitis Pigmentosa Association
Cambridge And Huntingdon Deaf Childrens Society
Cambridge Antiquarian Society
Cambridge Arthritis Research Endeavour care
Cambridge Associates
Cambridge Bethel Pentecostal Church
Cambridge Camerata Limited
Cambridge Camtad campaign For Tackling Acquired Deafness
Cambridge Cancer Help Centre
Cambridge Cancer Research Fund In Memory Of Professor Joseph Mitchell And Dr Mary Mitchell
Cambridge Carbon Footprint
Cambridge Cavy Trust
Cambridge Central Aid Society
Cambridge Central Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Cambridge Centre For Landscape And People
Cambridge Centre For Sixth Form Studies
Cambridge Centre For The Study Of Educational Dual Exceptionaltiy
Cambridge Chesterton Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Cambridge Chinese Community Centre
Cambridge Chorale
Cambridge Christadelphian Ecclesia
Cambridge City Food Bank
Cambridge College Riding For The Disabled Association
Cambridge Community Church
Cambridge Community Mikvah Charitable Trust
Cambridge Community Nursing Trust
Cambridge Community Trust
Cambridge Concert Orchestra
Cambridge Council For Racial Equality
Cambridge Council For Voluntary Service
Cambridge Curiosity And Imagination
Cambridge Curwen Print Study Centre Ltd
Cambridge Cycling Campaign
Cambridge Cyrenians Limited
Cambridge Decorative And Fine Arts Society
Cambridge Dial A Ride Limited
Cambridge District Scout Council
Cambridge Early Music
Cambridge Ely Child Contact Centres Limited
Cambridge Ethnic Community Forum
Cambridge Eye Trust
Cambridge Family Mediation Service
Cambridge Female Welfare Fund
Cambridge Film Trust
Cambridge Foodbank
Cambridge Fund For Old And Disabled Soldiers
Cambridge Gateway Club
Cambridge Granta Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Cambridge Handel Opera Group
Cambridge Hearing Trust
Cambridge Historical Society
Cambridge House And Talbot
Cambridge In America uk Limited
Cambridge Industrial Archaeology Society
Cambridge Institute For Applied Psychology And Religion
Cambridge Instrument Company Limited Benefit Fund
Cambridge Inter Collegiate Christian Union
Cambridge Jewish Chaplaincy Board
Cambridge Jewish Residents Association
Cambridge Joint Playschemes
Cambridge Jungian Circle
Cambridge Korean Church
Cambridge Korean School
Cambridge Land Economy Advisory Board
Cambridge Methodist Circuit
Cambridge Music Festival Limited
Cambridge Music Tours
Cambridge Muslim College
Cambridge Muslim Welfare Society
Cambridge Online
Cambridge Operatic Society
Cambridge Organists Association
Cambridge Oriental Trusts
Cambridge Past Present Future
Cambridge Performing Arts Course
Cambridge Phab Club
Cambridge Philosophical Society
Cambridge Presbyterian Church
Cambridge Pringle Group
Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre
Cambridge Re use
Cambridge Renaissance Music
Cambridge Road Estates Community Group Crest
Cambridge Road Playgroup
Cambridge Royal Albert Benevolent Society
Cambridge Russian School
Cambridge Science Centre
Cambridge Sheep Society Limited
Cambridge Sikh Society Limited
Cambridge Sinfonietta
Cambridge Society For The Application Of Research
Cambridge Sport Lakes Trust
Cambridge Sports Hall Trust Limited
Cambridge St Raphael Club
Cambridge Steiner School Project
Cambridge Street Pastors
Cambridge String Players
Cambridge Summer Recitals Ltd
Cambridge Talking News Association
Cambridge To Africa
Cambridge Tutors Educational Trust Limited
Cambridge Unit 66 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Cambridge United Charities
Cambridge United Youth And Community Trust
Cambridge University Catholic Association
Cambridge University Chamber Choir
Cambridge University Graduate Union
Cambridge University Modern Pentathlon Club Charitable Trust
Cambridge University Musical Society Fund
Cambridge University Musical Society
Cambridge University Rifle Association
Cambridge University Students Union
Cambridge University Symphony Orchestra
Cambridge Vineyard Church
Cambridge Women s Aid
Cambridge Womens Resources Centre
Cambridge Woodwind Makers
Cambridge Youth Music
Cambridgeshire Acre
Cambridgeshire And Peterborough Foundation For The Arts And Mental Health
Cambridgeshire Army Cadet Force Centenary Trust Fund
Cambridgeshire Beekeepers Association
Cambridgeshire Castle e Townswomen s Guild
Cambridgeshire Childminding Association
Cambridgeshire Choral Society
Cambridgeshire Community Foundation
Cambridgeshire Community Services Nhs Trust Charitable Funds And Related Charities
Cambridgeshire Consultancy In Counselling
Cambridgeshire County Council Pension Fund
Cambridgeshire County Scout Council
Cambridgeshire East Guides
Cambridgeshire Family History Society
Cambridgeshire Gardens Trust
Cambridgeshire Historic Churches Trust
Cambridgeshire Mencap Society
Cambridgeshire Mental Health And Primary Care Trusts Charitable Fund And Other Related Charities
Cambridgeshire Mental Welfare Association Limited
Cambridgeshire Police Shrievalty Trust
Cambridgeshire Proficiency Test Committee For Agriculture And Horticulture
Cambridgeshire Prostate Cancer Support Association
Cambridgeshire Search And Rescue
Cambridgeshire User led Organisation
Camden Abu Dis Friendship Association
Camden Afghan Community
Camden And Westminster Citizen Advocacy
Camden And Westminster Refugee Training Partnership
Camden Arts Centre
Camden Black Parents And Teachers Association
Camden Bme Alliance
Camden Canals And Narrowboat Association
Camden Carers Centre
Camden Central Community Umbrella
Camden Central Mosque Communities Centre
Camden Chamber Choir
Camden Chamber Orchestra
Camden Chinese Community Centre
Camden Choir
Camden Citizens Advice Bureaux Service Limited
Camden City And Islington District Scout Council
Camden City Islington And Westminster Bereavement Service
Camden Civic Society
Camden Community And Police Consultative Group
Camden Community Football And Sports Association
Camden Community Law Centre
Camden Community Nurseries Limited
Camden Crossroads Caring For Carers
Camden Cypriot Womens Organisation
Camden Faith Communities Partnership
Camden Greater London Health And Welfare Trust
Camden Green Fair
Camden Housebound And Fleet Carers Link Service
Camden Itec
Camden Lesbian Gay Bisexual And Transgender Forum
Camden Listening And Counselling Centre
Camden Mediation Service
Camden Music Trust
Camden People First
Camden People s Theatre
Camden Playing Fields Trust Fund
Camden Recycling Limited
Camden School Community Association
Camden School Foundation Of Frances Mary Buss
Camden Somali Cultural Centre
Camden Volunteer Bureau
Camdoc Uk Charity
Camel Estuary Youth Sailing
Camel Pre school
Camel Valley And Bodmin Moor Protection Society
Cameley Parish Fund
Cameley Playing Field
Cameley School Fund
Camelford And District Youth Club
Camelford Town Trust
Camelford Village Hall
Camelford Week St Mary Methodist Circuit
Camelford Women s Institute
Camelford Young Farmers Club
Camelia Botnar Children s Centre
Camelot Area U3a
Camelot District Scouts
Camelot yeovil Group Of Advanced Motorists
Camelsdale Pre school
Camelsdale School Parent Teachers Association
Cameo aid
Cameron House Foundation
Cameroon Action Community Centre
Cameroon Asylum Support Association Uk
Cameroon Community Welfare Development Association Cacoweda Uk
Cameroon Wildlife Aid Fund
Cameroonian Action For Aids Welfare And Return Home
Camerton Church School Ptfa
Camerton Community Hall somerset
Camerton Village Hall
Camfed International
Camilla Magbadelo Foundation
Camille s Appeal
Camm s School
Camms Meals On Wheels Limited
Camp Cando Organisation
Camp Nibble
Camp Project Wales runcorn
Camp Quality U K
Camp School Parents Association
Camp Simcha
Camp Theatre Company
Camp Trek
Camp Xl
Campaign Against Drinking And Driving cadd
Campaign Against Living Miserably
Campaign Against Reflux Disease card
Campaign Care 94
Campaign For Alzheimer s Research In Europe
Campaign For Better Transport Charitable Trust
Campaign For Learning
Campaign For National Parks
Campaign For Science And Engineering
Campaign For Tackling Acquired Deafness Camtad southern Derbyshire
Campaign For The Protection Of Rural Wales cprw Ymgyrch Diogelu Cymru Wledig ydcw
Campaign To Protect Rural England Buckinghamshire Branch
Campaign To Protect Rural England county Of North Yorkshire Branch
Campaign To Protect Rural England county Of West Yorkshire Branch
Campaign To Protect Rural England Dorset Branch
Campaign To Protect Rural England Gloucestershire Branch
Campaign To Protect Rural England Isle Of Wight Branch
Campaign To Protect Rural England leicestershire Branch
Campaign To Protect Rural England Lincolnshire Branch
Campaign To Protect Rural England London
Campaign To Protect Rural England shropshire Branch
Campaign To Protect Rural England
Campaign To Protect Rural Essex
Campaigne To Protect Rural England east Riding County Branch
Campain Durham
Campania e Molise
Campbell Foundation
Campbell River Fibre Employees Pension Plan
Campden And Area Day Centre
Campden And District Historical And Archaeological Society
Campden And District Music Society
Campden Area Home Nursing Trust
Campden Charities Trustee
Camperdown House
Camphill Benevolent Fund
Camphill Communities East Anglia
Camphill Communities Thornbury Limited
Camphill Devon Community Limited
Camphill Families And Friends
Camphill Milton Keynes Communities Limited
Campina Stichting Pensioenfonds
Campion Bequest
Campion High School Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Campion School Parents Association
Camps Farthest Out Uk
Camps For Children Of Chernobyl Uk
Camps Foundation
Campsall Village Hall Committee
Campsbourne School Hsa
Campton Village Hall
Campus Children s Holidays cambridge University
Campus Crusade Pension Fund
Campus Trust
Campwell Hardware Provident Fund
Camrose And Roch Playgroup
Camrose Community Association
Camrose Vintage Working Day
Camsley Grange Riding For The Disabled Association
Camus Productions
Can Do 4 13
Can do
Can Mezzanine
Cana Congregational Chapel Trust Fund
Cana Trust
Canaan Apostolic Faith Church
Canaan International Outreach Ministries
Canaan Project
Canaan Trust
Canaccord Capital Corporation Inc Management Employees Past Service Pension Plan
Canada Bread Company Limited Pension Plan B
Canada Bread Company Limited Venice Bakery Employee Pension Plan
Canada House Arts Trust
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation CMHC Pension Plan
Canada Pension Plan Investment Board
Canada Post Corporation
Canada Trust
Canada united Kingdom Colloquia
Canadian Armed Forces Pensions
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Pension Plan
Canadian Centennial Scholarship Fund uk
Canadian Forces Pension Plan
Canadian Forest Products Ltd Defined Contribution Pension Plan
Canadian Forest Products Ltd Salaried Pension Plan
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Canadian Mennonite Brethren Pension Plan
Canadian National Railways
Canadian National Shopmen Pension Fund
Canadian Office Professional Employees Union Local 378 Pension Plan
Canadian Pacific Railway
Canadian Veterans Association Of The United Kingdom billy Butlin s Trust Fund
Canal Boat Project
Canal Ministries
Canal Museum Trust
Canal River Trust
Canals In Hackney Users Group
Canalside Community Association
Canbury Community Trust
Canbury Park Church Trust
Canbury School Limited
Cancer Active
Cancer Aid For North east sri Lanka
Cancer Aid Merthyr Tydfil Ltd
Cancer And Polio Research Fund Limited
Cancer Black Care
Cancer Buddies Network
Cancer Campaign In Suffolk
Cancer Care And Haematology Fund
Cancer Care facility Appeal
Cancer Care Foundation
Cancer Care Society
Cancer Climber Association Uk
Cancer Community Chest
Cancer Connections Limited
Cancer Equality
Cancer Funding For Cornwall
Cancer Healing And Research Trust Limited
Cancer Help preston Limited
Cancer Information And Support Services Ltd
Cancer Lifeline South West Ltd
Cancer Of Unknown Primary cup Foundation Jo s Friends
Cancer Prevention Research Trust
Cancer Recovery Foundation Uk
Cancer Relief India
Cancer Relief Uk
Cancer Research And Genetics Uk
Cancer Research North East
Cancer Research UK
Cancer Research Wales
Cancer Support Group Stowmarket And District
Cancer Vaccines Charitable Trust
Cancer You Are Not Alone
Cancercare North Lancashire And South Lakeland
Cancercare Uk
Cancope Cancer Support Exmouth
Candel Trust
Candi children And Inclusion
Candid Arts Trust
Candidates For Ordination Fund Of The Guild Of Servants Of The Sanctuary
Candle For India
Candlesby Village Hall
Candover Valley Pre school
Canewdon Community Association And Village Hall
Canewdon Poor s Charity
Canfield Chapel Congregation Trust
Canford And Merley Women s Institute
Canford Cliffs Village Hall Trust
Canford Heath First School Parents Support Group
Canford Heath Residents And Community Association
Canford Heath United Reformed Church Charity
Canford School Limited
Canham s Charity
Canham s Gift
Canine Concern
Canine Epilepsy Support Group
Canine Partners For Independence
Canley Community Centre
Canley Community Church
Canley Family Centre
Canley Ford Millenium Green Trust
Canllaw eryri Cyf
Cann Hall Deen And Education Trust
Cann Hall School Memorial Fund
Cannards Grave Mission Fund
Canning Hall Trust
Canning Town And Custom House Cultural Association
Canning Town Muslim Trust
Cannington Combined Charity
Cannington Preschool
Cannington Village Hall
Cannington Voluntary Controlled Primary School Parentteacher Association
Cannington Women s Institute
Cannock And District Access Group
Cannock And District Association For Welfare Of The Physically Handicapped
Cannock And District Round Table Spastics Bungalow
Cannock Bridgtown Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Cannock Chase Advice Centre
Cannock Chase And Pelsall District Miners Recreation And Pleasure Ground
Cannock Chase Arts Council
Cannock Chase Methodist Circuit
Cannock Chase Miners Welfare Trust Fund Scheme
Cannock Chase Mining And Technical College Students Association
Cannock Chase Orpheus Male Choir
Cannock Chase University Of The Third Age
Cannock Community Pre School
Cannock Hednesford Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Cannock Public Recreation And Pleasure Ground
Cannock Women s Institute
Cannock Wood And Gentleshaw Welfare Committee
Cannon Charitable Trust
Cannon Street Memorial Baptist Church
Canoe Forest Products Defined Contribution Pension Plan
Canoe Foundation
Canoldir midland Male Voice Choir
Canolfan A Mentor Gymraeg Merthyr Tudful
Canolfan Adloniant Aberdaron aberdaron Recreational Centre
Canolfan Adnoddau Llanfihangel
Canolfan Awelon
Canolfan Bontnewydd
Canolfan Bro Gwerfyl
Canolfan Bro Tegid
Canolfan Byw n Annibynnol De Gwynedd Centre For Independent Living
Canolfan Ceiriog Centre Cyf
Canolfan Crannog
Canolfan Cwmaman Cwmaman Centre
Canolfan Cymdeithas Gerlan A R cylch Gerlan Community Centre
Canolfan Cymdeithasol Alma Cyfyngedig
Canolfan Cymdeithasol Ardal Nefyn
Canolfan Cymdeithasol Capel Iwan A r Cylch capel Iwan And District Community Centre
Canolfan Cymdeithasol Cynwyl Elfed
Canolfan Cymdeithasol Gwytherin Community Association
Canolfan Cymdeithasol Porthmadog portmadoc Community Centre Association
Canolfan Cymdeithasol Y Parc parc Community Centre
Canolfan Cymunedol Derwenlas Community Centre
Canolfan Cynghori Bro Ddyfi Advice Centre
Canolfan Cynghori Ynys Mon Citizens Advice Bureau
Canolfan Deiniolen
Canolfan Deuluol Llambedr Pont Steffan
Canolfan Dewi Sant Eryrys
Canolfan Dewi Sant
Canolfan Dinas
Canolfan Dreftadaeth Kate Roberts
Canolfan Dwr Llandysul Aqua Centre
Canolfan Felin Fach Centre Limited
Canolfan Gerdd William Mathias Cyf
Canolfan Gofal Plant Tiddlywinks Childcare Centre Cyfyngedig
Canolfan Gymdeithasol Llanengan
Canolfan Gymdeithasol Pentre Nebo
Canolfan Gymdeithasol Tudweiliog tudweiliog Community Centre
Canolfan Gymuned Dolanog
Canolfan Gymuned Goffa Llandudoch st Dogmaels Memorial Community Centre
Canolfan Gymunedol Capel Curig Community Centre
Canolfan Gymunedol Derwenlas Community Centre
Canolfan Gymunedol Ystradowen Community Centre Ltd
Canolfan Hanes Uwchgwyrfai
Canolfan Hyfforddi Coleg Y Bala
Canolfan Maerdy
Canolfan Owain Glyndwr Cyf
Canolfan Pennant
Canolfan Plant Sir Gar carmarthenshire Children s Centre
Canolfan Prenteg Community Centre
Canolfan Seion
Canolfan Waunfawr
Canon Business Centre Pension Fund
Canon Cowell Charity
Canon Farrar s Bequest
Canon Goodden Memorial Fund
Canon J Morton All Saints Church Fund
Canon James Stark Trust
Canon Jeffrey s Charity
Canon Maggs Ce Junior School Parent Teacher Association
Canon Pension Fund
Canon Provident Fund
Canon Rangers
Canon Richson s Exhibition Fund
Canon Slade Trust
Canon Street Christian Centre
Canon Tierney Trust
Canonbury School Foundation
Canonesses Of St Augustine Of Windesheim
Canonesses Regular Of Saint Augustine Of The Priory Of Our Lady Of Good Counsel
Canons Community Association
Canons Regular Of Premontre Canonry Of Chelmsford
Canons Regular Of Premontre Trust Property Held In Connection With The Norbertine Order
Canons Regular Of The Lateran
Canonstates Limited
Canopy House Fund
Canossian Daughters Of Charity
CANSA Retirement Fund
Canss Ltd
Cantal Young Farmers Club
Cantanti Camerati
Cantate Youth Choir
Cantelupe Centre
Cantelupe Kids Club
Cantemus At Calday
Cantemus Chamber Choir Wales
Canterbury And Coastal Methodist Circuit
Canterbury And District Early Years Project
Canterbury And District Mental Health Forum
Canterbury And District Neighbourhood Watch Association
Canterbury And District Round Table No 234 Charitable Trust Fund
Canterbury And District Samaritans
Canterbury And District University Of The Third Age
Canterbury And Herne Bay Shopmobility
Canterbury And Herne Bay Volunteer Centre Limited
Canterbury Archaeological Trust Limited
Canterbury Area Crime Prevention Panel
Canterbury Baptist Church
Canterbury Cat Society
Canterbury Cathedral Choir Bursary Fund
Canterbury Cathedral Trust Fund
Canterbury Chamber Choir
Canterbury Choral Society
Canterbury Christ Church University
Canterbury Christian Council Limited
Canterbury Christian Schools Work Trust
Canterbury Community In Bloom
Canterbury Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Canterbury Cursillo
Canterbury Diocesan Board Of Education
Canterbury Diocesan Board Of Finance
Canterbury District Voluntary Action And Support
Canterbury Health Education Foundation
Canterbury Horse Rescue
Canterbury Housing Advice Centre
Canterbury Imagine
Canterbury Kidz Klub
Canterbury Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Canterbury Masonic Charities Association Limited
Canterbury Music Club
Canterbury Music Makers
Canterbury Muslim Cultural Centre
Canterbury Oast Trust
Canterbury Prison Visitors Centre
Canterbury Relief In Need Charity
Canterbury Senior Citizens Club
Canterbury Steiner School Limited
Canterbury Telephone Area Benevolent Society charitable Fund
Canterbury Theatre And Festival Trust
Canterbury Umbrella
Canterbury Unit 67 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Canterbury Vineyard Christian Fellowship
Canterbury Whitstable And Herne Bay District Scout Council
Canterbury Young Farmers Club
Cantiacorum Foundation
Canticum Novum
Cantilena Singers
Cantilupe Lodge Trust
Cantium Lodge Masonic Charities Association
Cantley And District Womens Institute
Cantley Community Centre
Cantley Community Trust
Cantley Playschool
Cantley Poor s Land Trust
Cantley School Association
Cantley Staithe Charitable Association
Cantley Village Hall
Cantley with branton Women s Institute
Cantonian High School General Fund
Cantores Dominicae
Cantorion And Symphonica Tywi
Cantorion Creigiau
Cantorion Llandrindod
Cantorion Menai
Cantorion Pontyclun
Cantorum Choir
Cantreat Limited
Cantus Firmus Trust
Canuck Pension Scheme
Canvas birmingham
Canvey Boys Club
Canvey Island Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Canvey Island Historical And Conservation Society
Canvey Island Horticultural Society
Canvey Island Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Canvey Island War Memorial Hall
Canvey Island Youth Project
Canwel Building Materials Ltd Defined Contribution Pension Plan
Canwick Playing Field
Canynge s Society friends Of St Mary Redcliffe
Caos Musical Productions
Cap Foundation Uk
CAP Prevoyance
Capacitate Cymru
Cape Asbestos Provident Fund
Cape Bag Group Pension Fund
Cape Cardiff Provident Fund
Cape Chamber of Industries Staff Pension Fund
Cape Clothing Industry Provident Fund
Cape Community Care Day Centre
Cape Concrete Holdings Pension Scheme
Cape Concrete Provident Fund
Cape Cornwall School Ptfa
Cape Couriers Pension Fund
Cape Display Retirement Fund
Cape Farewell ocean
Cape Formwork Provident Fund
Cape Galvanising Pension Scheme Pup
Cape Gate Fence and Wire Works Provident Fund
Cape Gate Group Pension Fund
Cape Gate Group Provident Fund
Cape Gate Negotiated Provident Fund
Cape Investments Holdings Provident Fund
Cape Jewellery Industry Pension Fund
Cape Joint Pension Fund
Cape Medical Plan Pension Fund
Cape Municipal Pension Fund
Cape of Good Hope Wool Combers Provident Fund
Cape Peninsula University of Technology Retirement Fund
Cape Produce Provident Fund
Cape Retirement Fund for Local Government
Cape Steel Construction Company Pension Fund
Cape Teachers Professional Association Staff Pension Scheme
Cape Technikon Retirement Fund
Cape Uk
Cape Verdian Society
Capehill Muslim Society
Capel Aberfan
Capel bangor Village Hall
Capel Bosra Penisarwaun Caernarfon Gwynedd
Capel Choral Society
Capel Community Association
Capel Community Trust
Capel Dewi Young Farmers Club
Capel Hendre King George V Playing Fields
Capel Hendre Village Forum
Capel Iwan Young Farmers Club
Capel Le Ferne Primary School Parents Association
Capel le ferne Village Hall
Capel Mair Independent Chapel
Capel Pre school
Capel School Parent Teacher Association
Capel Seion a Penmorfa
Capel Seion Village Hall
Capel St Mary School Association
Capel St Mary Women s Institute
Capel The Chapels Heritage Society
Capel Undodaidd Capel Y Groes Capel Y Groes Unitarian Chapel
Capel Village Memorial Hall
Capel Women s Institute
Capel Y Tabernacl Cyf
Capel Youth Club
Capenhurst And Ledsham Women s Institute
Capenhurst Grange School Charitable Trust
Capenhurst Ledsham Village Hall
Capenhurst Village Pre school
Capes For A Playing Field For Children
Capes National Provident Fund
Capespan Provident Fund
Capesthorne And Siddington Women s Institute
Capgemini Nederland
Capheaton Village Institute
Capilano University Pension Plan
Capital Age Festival 2002 Limited
Capital Alliance Holdings Ltd Pension Fund
Capital and Interest Retirement and Annuity Fund
Capital Cases Charitable Trust
Capital Chile
Capital City Church
Capital Corporation Umbrella Provident Fund
Capital For Good Uk
Capital Kids Cricket
Capital Motors Pty Ltd Staff Assurance Scheme
Capital Project Trust
Capital Youthworks
Capitaliser Pension Fund
Capitaliser Provident Fund
Capitb Trust
Cappella Novocastriensis
Caprevi Prevoyance Caterpillar
Capricorn Africa Trust
Capricorn Animal Rescue And Sanctuary inc Aston Hawarden Animal Aid
Capriol Society
Capro Limited Provident Fund
Capstone And Cross
Capstone Church
Captain Allotts Charity
Captain Cook Schoolroom Museum Trust
Captain Coram Lodge Benevolent Fund
Captain Durston s Charity
Captain Henry Wright s Charity
Captain James Cook Memorial
Captain Kidd s Ship Adventure Galley Ltd
Captain Pierce Johns Trust
Captain Ray s Charity
Captain Richard William Corbett Charitable Trust
Captain Sydney Ashton Morgan Trust
Captain William Short
Captains Green Community Association
Car Colston And Screveton Village Hall
Car Colston And Screveton Women s Institute
Car Park Charity Fund
Caracol Youth Community Development
Caractacus Housing
Caradon Befriending Scheme
Caradon Scope
Caraline Eating Disorders Counselling And Support Service
Caramel Rock
Caravan Of Mercy
Caravanners And Campers Christian Fellowship
Carbeile School Pta
Carbon Descent Trust
Carbon Disclosure Project
Carbon Monoxide Awareness Limited
Carbrooke Pre school
Carbrooke Village Hall
Carbrooke Village Millennium Green
Carcanet New Press Limited
Carcraft Provident Fund
Carcroft Social Welfare Centre And Recreation Ground
Cardboard Citizens
Carden Primary Pta
Cardiac And Thoracic Surgery Uk
Cardiac Athletes Aed Fund
Cardiac Rehabilitation Interest Group
Cardiac Rehabilitation Support
Cardiac Risk In The Young
Cardiac Stem Cell Research
Cardiff Adult Christian Education Centre Trust
Cardiff Ahlulbayt Centre
Cardiff And District Pre retirement Association
Cardiff And East Glamorgan Guide Association
Cardiff And The Vale Crossroads Scheme
Cardiff And The Vale Mental Health Development Project
Cardiff And The Vale Of Glamorgan Area Scout Council
Cardiff And Vale Action For Mental Health
Cardiff And Vale College Further Education Trust Fund
Cardiff And Vale Of Glamorgan Parents Federation learning Disabilities
Cardiff And Vale University Local Health Board General Purpose Charity
Cardiff Archaeological Society
Cardiff Ardwyn Singers Cantorion Ardwyn Caerdydd
Cardiff Bach Choir
Cardiff Bay Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Cardiff Bond Board
Cardiff Caledonian Society Trust Fund
Cardiff Canton Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Cardiff Central Sports And Recreation Limited
Cardiff Chameleons Mencap Gateway Swimming Club
Cardiff Chinese Christian Church
Cardiff Chinese Elderly Association
Cardiff Citizens Advice Bureau
Cardiff Citizens Charity
Cardiff City Church
Cardiff City Farm Trust
Cardiff City Fc Community Foundation
Cardiff Civic Society
Cardiff Concern
Cardiff Conservation Volunteers
Cardiff Council
Cardiff County And Vale Of Glamorgan Youth Brass Band Parents Association
Cardiff Deaf Sports And Social Club
Cardiff East And South District
Cardiff Eglwys Wen e Townswomen s Guild
Cardiff Foodbank
Cardiff Further Education Trust Fund
Cardiff Group Of Advanced Motorists
Cardiff Gypsy And Traveller Project Ltd
Cardiff Jewish Helpline
Cardiff Lakeside e Townswomen s Guild
Cardiff Law Centre
Cardiff Life Church
Cardiff Lions Club Trust Fund
Cardiff Mencap Society
Cardiff Met Students Union
Cardiff Methodist Circuit
Cardiff Metropolitan University
Cardiff Mind Ltd
Cardiff Model Engineering Society
Cardiff Muslim Primary School Ltd
Cardiff Naturalists Society
Cardiff North Road Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Cardiff Olympic Gymnastics
Cardiff People First
Cardiff Phab Club
Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra
Cardiff Polyphonic Choir
Cardiff Prison Visitors Centre Charity
Cardiff Reform Synagogue
Cardiff Roath Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Cardiff Roller Collective
Cardiff Roman Catholic Archdiocesan Trust
Cardiff Rumney Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Cardiff Shopmobility
Cardiff Sign language Congregationof Jehovah s Witnesses
Cardiff Sixth Form College
Cardiff Steiner Early Years Centre Ltd
Cardiff Steiner Early Years Centre
Cardiff Third Sector Council c3sc
Cardiff Unit 68 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Cardiff United Synagogue
Cardiff University Students Union
Cardiff University
Cardiff Vale of Glamorgan Pension Fund
Cardiff Vineyard
Cardiff Wales Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Mardi Gras
Cardiff West Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Cardiff Women s Aid
Cardiff Yemeni Community Association
Cardiff Ymca 1910 Successor Trustees
Cardiff Ymca Housing Association
Cardiff Young Men s Christian Association
Cardigan Bay Watersports
Cardigan Branch Of The Girl Guides Association
Cardigan Building Preservation Trust
Cardigan Cancer Care
Cardigan Centre
Cardigan Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Cardigan Eisteddfod Or Gwyl Fawr Aberteifi
Cardigan Hospital And Community League Of Friends
Cardigan Islamic Cultural Centre Ltd
Cardigan Memorial Pool And Hall Trust
Cardigan Secondary Home And School Association
Cardigan Women s Aid Limited
Cardigan Youth Project
Cardiganshire Horticultural Society
Cardiganshire Intermediate And Technical Education Fund
Cardinal Allen Trust
Cardinal Heenan Parents And Teachers Association
Cardinal Hume Centre
Cardinal Newman Pa
Cardinal Wiseman Malawi Trust
Cardinals Wheelchair Sports Club
Cardington Cople And Eastcotts Charities
Cardington Relief In Need Charity
Cardington Village Hall
Cardinham Parish Hall
Cardio Wellness
Cardiostart Uk
Cardiovascular Disease Educational And Research Trust
Cardiovascular Forum
Carducci Music Trust
Care 2 Hand
Care 4 All north East Lincolnshire Ltd
Care 4 Cats
Care 4 Community
Care Africa Network
Care All Limited
Care And Comfort Community Services
Care And Community
Care And Concern
Care And Fun Club
Care And Relief For The Young
Care And Respite Support Services Limited
Care And Share Foundation
Care And Share International Limited
Care christian Action Research And Education
Care Co ordination Network Cymru
Care Comfort Romania
Care Computers For Developing Countries Limited
Care Concern uk
Care Cultural Integration cci Ltd
Care Farm Trust
Care Farming Uk
Care Farnham
Care For All
Care For Bereaved Parents cleveland
Care For Carers In Hackney And City
Care For Children
Care For Clare Appeal
Care For Community Living Ltd
Care For Guildford
Care For Kaleo
Care For Kids North Devon
Care For Kosova
Care For Limehouse Parish Church st Anne s Commercial Road Trust usually Known As Care For St Anne s
Care For Overseas Prisoners Ltd
Care For Someone
Care For The Carers Limited
Care For The Elderly
Care For The Family
Care For The Wild International
Care For Uganda
Care Foundation
Care Fund Limited
Care Fund
Care Highams Park
Care Highway International
Care In Action Uk
Care In Action
Care In Crosspool
Care In East Grinstead And Lingfield
Care In Egham And District
Care In Haslemere
Care In Haywards Heath Cuckfield And Lindfield
Care In Mind
Care In Walton And Hersham
Care In Weybridge
Care International Uk
Care Leavers Association
Care link Uk Trust
Care Network blackburn With Darwen Ltd
Care Network Cambridgeshire
Care Newham
Care Of Destitute Children In India
Care Of Police Survivors
Care One
Care Pakistan
Care Point
Care Rehabilitation And Aid For Sick Hedgehogs
Care South
Care Sri Lanka
Care Vocational
Care Worldwide
Care2save Charitable Trust
Careconfidential Limited
Careducation Trust Ltd
Career Velocity Limited
Careers Development Group
Careers Fund Established To Commemorate Stuart Miles
Careers Springboard
Carefree Fostering Independence Cornwall
Carefree Kids
Carefree Life Retirement Annuity Fund
Carefree northants
Carer Support Elmbridge
Carer Support Wiltshire
Carers Advice Resource Establishment Sandwell cares
Carers Affected By Substance Abuse Limited
Carers Anonymous Animal Refuge Sanctuary
Carers Association Southern Staffordshire
Carers Bromley
Carers Bucks
Carers Careline
Carers Central
Carers Centre Hull
Carers Centre Newcastle
Carers Centre north And West Oxfordshire
Carers Choice
Carers Christian Fellowship
Carers Council Allies In Adult Mental Health
Carers Federation Ltd
Carers First
Carers Gloucestershire
Carers In Bedfordshire
Carers In Hertfordshire
Carers Leeds
Carers Lewisham
Carers Link Hyndburn And Ribble Valley
Carers Milton Keynes
Carers Network Westminster
Carers Northumberland
Carers Of Barking And Dagenham
Carers Of Epsom
Carers Of Leicestershire Advocacy And Support Project
Carers Relief Service
Carers Sitter Service stamford Bourne And Deepings
Carers Support bexley
Carers Support Centre
Carers Support Dover District Thanet
Carers Support guildford
Carers Support Merton
Carers Support Mole Valley
Carers Support Runnymede
Carers Support Service Regis Chichester And Rural
Carers Support Service
Carers Support Spelthorne
Carers Support West Sussex
Carers Support Woking
Carers Support
Carers Together In Hampshire
Carers Together In Redcar And Cleveland Limited
Carers Together Southampton
Carers Trust
Carers Uk
Carers Worldwide
Caretakers Trust
Caretrade Charitable Trust
Carew And James Educational Charity
Carew Cheriton Control Tower Group
Carew Memorial Hall Committee
Carew Pole Charitable Trust
Carew Pole Garden Trust
Carew Women s Institute
Carewatch In Nottingham
Careways Trust Limited
Carey Baptist Church Reading
Carey Hut Charitable Trust
Carf Europe
Cargo Carriers Retirement Fund
Cargo Carriers Workers Provident Fund
Cargocare Provident Fund
Cargoworld Pension Builda
Carhampton Community Orchard
Carhampton Recreation Ground
Carhampton Village Hall
Carhampton Youth Club
Carharrack Playing Field And Recreation Ground
Cariad Kenya
Cariad Our Schools Need Defibrillators
Carib Charitable Trust
Caribb Youth And Community Association
Caribbean African And Latin American Training And Resource Centre cala
Caribbean And African Association In Hounslow
Caribbean Biodiversity Fund
Caribbean Boys In Care Limited
Caribbean Cultural Organisation
Caribbean Islamic Cultural Society
Caribbean Parents Group
Caribbean Pensioners And Friends
Caribbean Senior Citizens Association
Caribbean Sports Club sheffield Limited
Caribbean Steel International
Caribbean Village Trust
Cariboo Pulp Paper Company Salaried Employees Pension Plan
Carillon Radio
Caring All Together On Romney Marsh
Caring Alone Support Service
Caring And Sharing Association East Sussex
Caring And Sharing Trust
Caring At Christmas
Caring Cancer Trust
Caring For Animals 2001
Caring For Carers Association
Caring For Cats yorkshire And Humber
Caring For Cats
Caring For Congolese Children
Caring For Cystic Fibrosis
Caring For Ex Offenders
Caring For God s Acre
Caring For Harlow Carers
Caring For Kids
Caring For Life
Caring For More Kids
Caring For The Animals Trust
Caring Hair
Caring Hands Centre
Caring Hands Russia Limited
Caring Hands
Caring Heart For Uganda
Caring Matters Now The Congenital Melanocytic Naevus Support Group
Caring Outreach International Charity coic
Caring Today
Caring Together In Woodhouse Little London
Caring Together St Helens Limited
Caring Together Whitby And District
Caris Camden
Caris Haringey
Caris islington
Carisbrooke C Of E Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Carisbrooke Castle Museum
Carisbrooke Priory Trust Company Limited
Carisma community Alliance For Renewal Inner South Manchester Area
Caritas Anchor House
Caritas Care Limited
Caritas Christi
Caritas Diocese Of Salford
Caritas International relief And Development
Caritas Social Action
Caritas Wokingham
Carl Gunns Community Gym
Carl Paulsen Memorial Fund
Carl Rosa Opera Limited
Carl Rosa Trust Limited
Carl Zeiss Pty Limited Provident Fund No 2
Carl Zeiss Pty Ltd Pension Fund No 2
Carla Lane Animals In Need Limited
Carlbeck School Lunedale Community Association
Carlby Consolidated Charities
Carlby Playing Field
Carlby Village Hall
Carlee Ltd
Carleen Village Hall
Carleton And District Women s Institute
Carleton Community Association
Carleton Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Carleton Endowed School
Carleton Friendly Circle Over 60 s Club
Carleton Green School Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Carleton High School Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Carleton House Preparatory School Limited
Carleton in craven Village Hall
Carleton pontefract Community Association
Carleton Recreational Charity
Carleton Rode And Bunwell Parent Baby Toddler Group
Carleton Rode Friends Of The School Association
Carleton Rode Jubilee Hall
Carleton Rode Playgroup
Carleton School
Carleton Under Fives Playgroup
Carleton University
Carleton Women s Institute
Carletonville Bottle Store Group Pension Plan
Carlin How Community Association
Carlisle And District Civic Trust
Carlisle And District Young Farmers Club
Carlisle And Eden Deaf Children s Society
Carlisle And Eden Districts Citizens Advice Bureau
Carlisle And West Cumbria Advanced Motorists
Carlisle Carers Limited
Carlisle Castle Masonic Lodge No 9731 Benevolent Fund
Carlisle Cathedral Development Trust
Carlisle Child Contact Centre
Carlisle Christian Fellowship Trust
Carlisle Diocesan Board of Finance
Carlisle Diocesan Guild Of Church Bellringers Bell Restoration Fund
Carlisle Diocesan Youth Centre
Carlisle Diocese Mothers Union
Carlisle Diocese Retired Clergy And Dependants Fund
Carlisle District Ex gurkha Nepalese Association
Carlisle Eden Congregation Of Jehovah s Witness
Carlisle Eden Mind Limited
Carlisle Educational Charity
Carlisle Festival Limited
Carlisle Green Room Club Limited
Carlisle Inglewood Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Carlisle Key
Carlisle Lonsdale Arts Centre Trust
Carlisle Mencap Limited
Carlisle Methodist Circuit
Carlisle One World Centre
Carlisle Play For All Limited
Carlisle Riding For The Disabled Association
Carlisle Rotary Club Charitable Trust
Carlisle School Association
Carlisle Sick Poor Fund
Carlisle Society For The Blind
Carlisle South Community Association
Carlisle Stroke Club
Carlisle Talking Newspaper
Carlisle Unit 394 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Carlisle United Fc Football In The Community
Carlisle Villa Amateur Boxing Club
Carlisle West Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Carlisle Youth Zone
Carlton And Chellington Village Hall
Carlton And Chellington Women s Institute
Carlton And Faceby School Fund
Carlton bolling College Trust Fund
Carlton Children s Playground
Carlton Colville Community Centre
Carlton Colville Community Council
Carlton Colville Fuel Or Poor s Allotment
Carlton Colville Recreation Ground
Carlton Community Church
Carlton Digby School Fund
Carlton Educational Charity
Carlton Freight Forwarders Pension Fund
Carlton goole Women s Institute
Carlton Hill Playgroup
Carlton House Association Of Motivated Patients
Carlton Husthwaite Village Hall
Carlton In Cleveland Village Hall
Carlton In Lindrick Community Resource Centre
Carlton In Snaith Primary School Fund
Carlton le moorland Relief In Need Charity
Carlton Le Willows School Fund
Carlton Little Theatre Trust
Carlton Lower School Parents Teachers Friends Association
Carlton Male Voice Choir
Carlton Miniott Pre school And Nursery
Carlton Miniott School Fund
Carlton on trent Village Hall
Carlton Pentecostal Church
Carlton Playgroup Limited
Carlton Pre school Playgroup
Carlton School Pta
Carlton Scroop And Normanton Village Hall
Carlton Scroop Parish Charities
Carlton Village Hall
Carlyle School Parent Teacher Association
Carmarthen Amateur Operatic Society
Carmarthen And District Talking Newspaper
Carmarthen And District Youth Opera
Carmarthen Breakthro breakthro Caerfyrddin Project
Carmarthen Carriage Drivers
Carmarthen Citizens Advice Bureau
Carmarthen Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Carmarthen Evangelical Church
Carmarthen Family Centre
Carmarthen Mind Association
Carmarthen Shopmobility Caerfyrddin
Carmarthen U3a
Carmarthen Womens Aid Limited
Carmarthen Youth Project
Carmarthenshire Blind Society
Carmarthenshire Children s Inclusion Scheme
Carmarthenshire Citizens Advice Bureau
Carmarthenshire Counselling Service
Carmarthenshire Domestic Abuse Forum Limited
Carmarthenshire Domestic Abuse Forum
Carmarthenshire Environmental Centre
Carmarthenshire Federation Of Young Farmers Clubs
Carmarthenshire Intermediate And Technical Education Fund
Carmarthenshire People First
Carmarthenshire Youth And Children s Association
Carmel And District Welfare Club
Carmel Baptist Chapel
Carmel Caterpillars Pre school
Carmel Christian Centre hadfield
Carmel Christian Centre
Carmel Evangelical Church Christchurch Dorset
Carmel Mar Thoma Church liverpool
Carmel Ministries International
Carmel Village Hall
Carmelite Education Trust
Carmelite Maintenance Fund
Carmelite Missionaries
Carmelite Monastery Chapel Trust
Carmelite Monastery Liverpool Chapel Trust
Carmelite Monastery Up Holland Chapel Trust
Carmelite Provincial Fund
Carmen Trust
CARMF Caisse Autonome de Retraite des Medicins Francais
Carmichael And Mason Charitable Settlement
Carn Brea Leisure Centre Trust
Carn Brea Village Hall
Carn Marth Trust
Carnaby Willis Trust
Carnarvon Primary School Fund
Carnaudmetalbox Provident Fund First time report
Carnaudmetalbox Provident Fund
Carnbrea Endowment Fund
Carnbrea Trust
Carnegie Heritage Centre Limited
Carnegie Singers
Carnegie UK Trust
Carney s Community
Carnforth And District Twinning Association In Association With Sailly Sur La Lys
Carnforth Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Carnforth Free Methodist Church
Carnforth High School Association
Carnforth Station And Railway Trust Company Ltd
Carnival Village Trust
Carnkie Community Institute
Carnkie Village Hall
Carnkie Wendron Village Hall
Carno Recreation Association
Carnon Downs Drama Group
Carnon Downs Village Hall
Caro Charity
Carol s Smile
Carolina Spur Provident Fund
Carolina Trust
Caroline And Eliza Day Bounty
Caroline Charlotte Green Medical Relief Charity
Caroline Chisholm School Friends Association
Caroline Clulow Hallet Bequest
Caroline Digby Charity
Caroline Douglas Trust
Caroline Frances Walhouse Charity
Caroline Haslett School Fund
Caroline Hattersley Memorial Fund icw Lionel Rd Primary School
Caroline Hawkins
Caroline Hester Nicholson Hetley
Caroline Lindley s Educational Foundation
Caroline Maud James Trust In Connection With Broadoak School
Caroline s Rainbow Foundation
Caroline Trust
Caroline Turner s Charity
Caroline Younger Charitable Settlement
Carousel Pre school
Carousel Project
Carousel School Of Gymnastics
Carousel Under Fives Groups
Carousel Womens Club
Carpathian Aid
Carpenders Park Church
Carpenders Park Community Hall Association Ltd
Carpenter And Bengough Educational Foundation
Carpenter Box Charitable Foundation
Carpenters And Dockland Youth Centre
Carpenters Arms Christian Centre
Carpentry Workers Pension Plan of British Columbia
Carperby Cum Thoresby Recreation And Playing Fields Association
Carperby Poor s Land Charity
Carperby Village Institute
CARPIMKO Caisse Autonome de Retraite et de Prevoyance Auxiliariaires Medicaux
Carplus Trust
Carr ellison Family Charitable Trust
Carr Green Primary School
Carr Head School Parent Teachers Association
Carr Hill Primary School Fund
Carr Homes
Carr s Cottage And Carr s Bethel
Carr Trust
Carr Village Hall
Carradale Christian Gift Trust
Carrdus School
Carre s Grammar School Parents Association
Carreg Llwyd Church
Carreg Trust
Carreg Yr Afon Public Park
Carriage Driving Sports Group For Drivers With Disabilities
Carrick Leisure Limited
Carrick Mind
Carrick Moore Fund
Carrier Sekani Family Services Pension Plan
Carrier South Africa Provident Fund
Carriers Of Hope Coventry
Carrington Blake Focus
Carrington First School Fund
Carrington Junior School
Carrington Parents Association
Carrington Pre school
Carrington Primary School Fund
Carrington Village Hall
Carrog Village Hall
Carrot Tops
Carrots Trust
Carrs Field Ethel Johnson Bequest Trust
Carrs Lane Church Centre
Carrs Lane Counselling Centre Limited
Carshalton Baptist Church
Carshalton Beeches Baptist Free Church
Carshalton Boys Sports College School Fund
Carshalton Coronation Commemoration Fund
Carshalton District History Archaeology Society
Carshalton High School For Girls Unoffical Fund
Carshalton Inner Wheel Club
Carshalton Lodge No 4429 Benevolent Fund
Carshalton Methodist Church
Carstairs Countryside Trust
Carswell Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Cartasport For Christ
Carter Institute
Carter s Charity For The Poor Of Wilford
Carter s Charity
Carter Thermal Industries Pension Scheme
Carters Educational Foundation
Carterton Community Centre
Carterton Day Centre For The Elderly Ltd
Carterton Educational Trust
Carterton Lions Charity Trust Fund
Carterton Recreation Ground
Cartmel Agricultural Society
Cartmel Fell Church Trust
Cartmel Fell Community Trust
Cartmel General Charities estate Charity
Cartmel Institution
Cartmel Old Grammar School Foundation
Cartmel Priory Trust
Cartmel Village Hall
Cartmel Village Society
Cartoon Art Trust Limited
Cartre Fle Playgroup
Cartref Bontnewydd
Cartref Limited
Cartref Ni Limited
Cartrefi Cymru Limited
Cartwheel Arts Limited
Cartwheel Youth And Community Centre
Cartwright And Kelsey School Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Cartwright Exhibition Fund
Cartwright Godfrey And Kelsey Charity
Carver Road Playgroup
Carver Wolverhampton City Marathon
Carway And District Welfare Association
Cary mufulira Community Partnership
Caryford Community Hall Association
Caryl Jenner Productions Limited
Carymoor Environmental Centre Limited
Casa Alianza Charitable Company
Casa De La Salud Hispano americana
Casa Do Brasil Em Londres
Casa Of Courage
Casa Reom Trust
Casa Stella
Cascade Theatre Company
Case Management Society Uk
Case Training Services
Cashbuild Group Retirement Fund
Cashes Green Community Centre
Cashes Green Playgroup
Caslon Community Partnership
Caslon Parent Teacher And Friends Association
Cason Engineering Works Pty Ltd Pension and Life Assurance Scheme
Caspari Foundation
Caspian Arts Foundation
Caspian Horse Society
Cassa di Previdenza Aziendale per il Personale del Monte dei Paschi di Siena
Cassa di Previdenza del Personale della Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo
Cassa Italiana di Previdenza ed Assistenza dei Geometri CIPAG
Cassa Nazionale del Notariato
Cassa Nazionale di Previdenza e Assistenza Forense
Cassa Nazionale Di Previdenza e d Assistenza a Favore dei Ragionieri e Periti Commerciali
Cassa pensioni dei dipendenti dello Stato CPDS
Cassandra Learning Centre Ltd
Cassel Hall Trust
Cassell Charitable Trust
Cassia Trust
Cassington Parochial Charities exclusive Of Educational Foundation
Cassington Pre school Playgroup Limited
Cassington Village Hall
Cassio Operatic Society
Cassio Pre school
Cassiobury Schools Association
Cassop Community Centre
Cast and Walker Pension Fund
Cast Continyou
Cast Nw Limited
Cast Trust
Castaway Community Development Foundation
Castaway goole Ltd
Castel Froma
Castell Cottage Outdoor Pursuits Centre
Castell Newydd Emlyn A r Cylch Eisteddfod Committee
Castellan African Trust
Castellano Beltrame Provident Fund
Casterbridge Friends Of Mental Health Services
Casterton College Trust
Casterton School
Casterton Village Hall
Casting For Recovery Uk Ireland
Castle Acre Village Hall
Castle Asian Community Trust
Castle Bolton And Redmire Educational Foundation
Castle Bromwich District Lions Club Charitable Trust Fund
Castle Bromwich Hall And Gardens Trust
Castle Bromwich Infants School Fund
Castle Bytham Educational Foundation
Castle Bytham Village Hall
Castle Caereinion Recreation Association
Castle Caereinion United Charities
Castle Camps Pre School And Out Of School Club
Castle Carrock Kids Club
Castle Carrock School Parent Teacher Association
Castle Carrock Women s Institute
Castle Cary And Ansford Women s Institute
Castle Cary And District Museum And Preservation Society
Castle Cary Parish Charity
Castle Cary Primary School Ptfa
Castle Cavendish Foundation
Castle Church Growth Trust
Castle Combe Museum
Castle Community Network
Castle Community Partnership
Castle Court School Educational Trust Limited
Castle Donington Museum Trust
Castle Donington Village Hall
Castle Dore Rowing Club
Castle Education Trust Limited
Castle Gardens Pre school
Castle Hedingham Parochial Charities
Castle Hedingham Village Hall
Castle Hill Baptist Church Warwick
Castle Hill Junior School Parent Teacher Association
Castle Hill Pre school
Castle Hill Ptfa
Castle Hill Special School Fund
Castle Hills Educational Trust
Castle House School Trust Limited
Castle House Taunton Management Trust
Castle House Trust
Castle Howard Arboretum Trust
Castle In The Community
Castle Lower School Parent Teacher Association
Castle Mead Radio Hinckley Hospital Radio Service
Castle Morpeth Disability Association
Castle Morpeth District Scout Council
Castle Park Arts Centre Limited
Castle Park Trust
Castle Playgroup
Castle Point And District Phoenix Club
Castle Point Association Of Voluntary Services Limited
Castle Point Citizens Advice Bureau
Castle Point Jubilee Training And Welfare Centre Trust
Castle Point Social Car Scheme Limited
Castle Point Sports Club For The Disabled
Castle Point Transport Museum Society
Castle Point Triangle Club
Castle Point Wildlife Group
Castle Pre school
Castle Retirement Annuity Fund
Castle Rising Playing Field Trust
Castle School cambridge Charitable Association
Castle School Ptfa
Castle Sowerby Chapel Trust
Castle Street Centre Association
Castle Street Congregational Church Tredegar
Castle Studies Trust
Castle Supported Living Limited
Castle Vale Christian Fellowship Trust
Castle Vale Community Fund
Castle Vale Community Regeneration Services
Castle Vale Tenants And Residents Alliance
Castle View Women s Institute
Castleacre Playing Field
Castlechurch 1239
Castlechurch Primary School Pta
Castlecombe Home And School Association
Castledon Greyhound Rescue
Castlefield Gallery
Castlefield Play Worker Project
Castlefields Canal And River Park Association
Castlefields Centre
Castleford And District Aid In Sickness Fund
Castleford And District Cancer Self help Group
Castleford And District Young Mens Christian Association
Castleford Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Castleford Heritage Trust
Castleford Male Voice Choir
Castleford Unit 71 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Castleford Young Musicians Society
Castlehaven Community Association
Castlehold Baptist Church Newport Iw
Castlemead Playgroup
Castlemere Community Centre
Castlemorton Parish Hall
Castlepoint Bangladeshi Cultural Association
Castleside And District Community Association
Castleside Playgroup
Castleside Youth Centre
Castlethorpe Pre school
Castlethorpe Youth Club 91
Castleton And District Village Hall
Castleton Baptist Church Playgroup
Castleton Brass
Castleton Chapel
Castleton Playing Fields
Castleton School Fund
Castleton Village Hall Committee
Castleton Village Hall
Castletown Community Association
Castletown Scout Group
Castletown Social Activities Committee
Caston Fuel Allotment
Castor And Ailsworth Pre school
Castor And Ailsworth Village Hall
Castrol South Africa Pension Fund
Castrol South Africa Provident Fund
Casualties Union
Cat Action Trust 1977
Cat Action Trust North And West Wiltshire
Cat Action Trust
Cat And Kitten Care
Cat And Kitten Rescue 3 Counties
Cat Call
Cat Chat
Cat Lovers Animal Welfare Society
Cat Protection And Rescue
Cat Rescue And Welfare
Cat Rescue Association
Cat Rescue blackpool Wyre And Fylde
Cat Rescue The Feline Friendly Shelter
Cat Welfare Fund wisbech
Cat Welfare Sussex
Cat Welfare Trust
Catalans Uk
Catalluna Engineering Provident Fund
Catalyst Dance And Drama Group Limited
Catalyst Gateway
Catalyst Ministries
Catalyst Network Of Churches
Catalyst Paper Corporation Retirement Plan A
Catalyst Paper Corporation Retirement Plan for Salaried Employees
Catalyst Science Discovery Centre And Museum Trust Limited
Catalyst Stockton On Tees Limited
Catalyst Tavistock
Catastrophies Cat Rescue
Catbrook And District Memorial Hall
Catch 22 Charity Limited
Catch em Young Project Trust
Catch The Fire London
Catch The Fire Ministries uk
Catch21 Productions Limited
Catcliffe Memorial Hall
Catcote School Parents And Friends
Catcott Playing Field
Catenian Association Benevolent And Children s Fund
Catenian Association Bursary Fund Limited
Caterchoice Paid Up Provident Fund
Caterham And Warlingham Care Committee
Caterham And Warlingham Citizens Advice Bureau
Caterham Baptist Church
Caterham Barracks Community Trust
Caterham Community Association
Caterham Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Caterham District Round Table Charitable Trust Fund
Caterham District Scout Council
Caterham Overseas Aid Trust
Caterham Oxted Godstone Lions Club Charitable Trust
Caterham School Limited
Caterham Unit 72 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Caterham United Reformed Church Charity
Caterham Whyteleafe Trust
Catering Rehabilitation Unit Marketing Baking Services
Caterpillar Club
Caterpillar Fonds de Prevoyance
Caterpillar Nursery leamington Spa Limited
Caterpillar Pre school Of Battle Baptist Church
Caterpillar Pre school
Caterpillar Retirement Benefit Fund
Caterpillar UK Pension Plan
Caterpillars Limited
Caterpillars Pre school essex
Caterpillars Pre school
Caterpillars Preschool At Calmore
Catey Pre school
Catfield Village Hall
Catford Assemblies Of God Pentecostal Church
Catford Bromley Synagogue Trust
Catford Community Church
Catforth Memorial Village Hall
Catharine Ball For Almshouses
Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd Provident Fund
Cathays And Central Youth And Community Project
Cathcart Butchery Pension Fund
Cathcart cats
Cathcon Trust
Cathedral C E Primary School Fund
Cathedral District Clothing Club
Cathedral Of Hope
Cathedral Of Revival Assembly Of God
Cathedral Preparatory School Parent Teachers Association
Cathedrals Plus
Catherine Augusta Baroness De Sternberg
Catherine Beatrice Muntz For Lads And Young Men Suffering From Incurable Diseases
Catherine Bodwrda For Advancement In Life
Catherine Butlin For Apprenticing
Catherine Featherstone
Catherine Floyer And Francis Floyer
Catherine Garton Trust
Catherine Gregory s Educational Foundation Rotherby
Catherine Hatton
Catherine Heapy For The Macclesfield National School
Catherine Ilbert Charity
Catherine Junior School Fund
Catherine Liddell Fund
Catherine Linehan Memorial Fund
Catherine Lloyd For The Poor
Catherine Martin Trust
Catherine Mary Hughes Trust For Plas Hafan
Catherine Mary Hughes Trust For Plas Y Don
Catherine Mary Williams Church Trust
Catherine Octavia Percival Bastard
Catherine Of Siena Educational Trust
Catherine Payne s Charity
Catherine Pre School
Catherine Richards Charity Or Strangeways Widow s Charity
Catherine Wayte Pta
Catherington Nursery
Catherington School Association
Catherington Village Hall
Catherington Women s Institute
Catholic Agency for Overseas Development
Catholic Apostolic Church paddington General Purposes Fund
Catholic Apostolic Church Trust Property Held In Connection Therewith
Catholic Apostolic Church Trust Property
Catholic Association For Racial Justice
Catholic Blind Institute
Catholic Blind Services
Catholic Care diocese Of Leeds
Catholic Charismatic Renewal Holy Spirit Prayer Group
Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services In England And Wales
Catholic Charitable Trust
Catholic Child Welfare Society diocese Of Middlesbrough
Catholic Children s Society plymouth
Catholic Clothing Guild
Catholic Concern For Animals
Catholic Diocese Negotiated Provident Fund
Catholic Education Service
Catholic Evidence Guild westminster Diocesan Catechists
Catholic Fellowship For The Disabled Greenwich Deanery
Catholic Foreign Missions
Catholic Health Initiatives
Catholic Healthcare West
Catholic Holiday Fellowship Memorial Trust
Catholic Housing Aid Society bradford
Catholic Housing Aid Society west London
Catholic Independent Schools Conference
Catholic Institute For International Relations
Catholic Medical Association u k
Catholic Men s Society Of Great Britain
Catholic National Library
Catholic People s Weeks
Catholic Superannuation Fund Victoria
Catholic Trust For England And Wales
Catholic Truth Society diocese Of Salford
Catholic Truth Society Of Hexham And Newcastle
Catholic Union Charitable Trust Limited
Catholic Vocations Project
Catholic Voices
Catholic Women s League Of England And Wales
Catholics For Aids Prevention And Support caps
Cathy Pelly Memorial Trust
Catisfield Memorial Hall
Catkin Pussywillow Charitable Trust
Catkins Preschool
Catmose College Parent Teacher Association
Cato Trust
Caton Community Primary School Pta
Caton Pre school Playgroup
Caton St Paul s School P T A
Caton War Memorial
Caton With Littledale Play Park Action Group
Cator Lodge No 2266 Benevolent Fund
Catriona s Fund
Cats Abused Treatment Society
Cats care Attention And Treatment Sanctuary Society
Cats In Care Committee
Cats In Care
Cats In Crisis Lincoln
Cats In Need Cyprus
Cats In Need derby
Cats In Need sleaford
Cats Paws Sanctuary
Cats Protection
Catsash Group Riding For The Disabled Association
Catsfield 55 Lunch Club
Catsfield Church Of England Primary School Parent Teachers Association
Catsfield Under Fives Playgroup
Catsfield Village Hall
Catshill Baptist Church bromsgrove
Catshill Village Hall
Catterall Village Hall
Catterick Garrison Pre school Group
Catterick Village Pre school
Catterick Village Sports Association
Catterick Young Farmers Club
Cattistock Women s Institute
Catton Grove Centre Management Committee
Catton Park Trust Ltd
Catton Village Hall
Catwel cardiff
Catwg Women s Institute
Catwick Village Hall
Catworth Relief In Need Charity
Catworth Village Hall
Cauda Equina Syndrome Uk Charity
Caudwell Children
Caudwell drayton Day Centre
Caudwell s Mill Trust Limited
Cauldon Lowe Village Memorial Hall
Cauldwell Hall Road Baptist Church
Cauldwell Lower School Fund
Caunton And District Young Farmers Club
Caunton Women s Institute
Cause You Can Ltd
Causeway Estate Charity
Causeway Land Fund And Other Charities
Causton Junior School Ptfa
Cavalcade Of Costume Limited
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Rescue Welfare
Cavamac caisse d allocation vieillesse
Cavatina Chamber Music Trust
Cave community And Voluntary Education
Cave Rescue Organisation
Cavendish After school Care Scheme
Cavendish Care
Cavendish Decorative And Fine Arts Society
Cavendish Endowed School
Cavendish Fields Sports Association
Cavendish Parent Teachers Association
Cavendish Playgroup
Cavendish School Parent Teacher Association
Cavendish Village Hall Beeley
Cavendish Women s Institute
Cavernoma Alliance Uk
Caversham Hall
Caversham Heights Methodist Church
Caversham Heights Pre school
Caversham Park Village Association
Caversham Primary School Association
Caversham Primary School Fund
Caversham Round Table Charitable Trust Fund
Caverswall And Cookshill Village Hall Fund
Caves University Of The Third Age
Cawood Feoffment Estate Charity
Cawood School Fund
Cawston Village Hall
Cawston Womens Institute
Cawthorne Children s Centre
Cawthorne Educational Foundation
Cawthorne Recreation Ground
Cawthorne Toddler And Baby Group
Cawthorne Victoria Jubilee Museum
Cawthorne Village Hall
Cawthorne Young Farmers Club
Caxton House Settlement
Caxton Village Hall
Caynham Village Hall
Caythorpe Friends Of The School Association
Caythorpe Playing Field
Caythorpe Pre school
Caythorpe Relief In Need Charity
Caythorpe War Memorial Hall
Cayton Jubilee Hall
Cayton Playing Fields Association
Cayton Village Hall
Cazfest Limited
Cba East
Cba North
Cba Wales cymru
Cba West Midlands
Cba Yorkshire
Cbf Funds Trustee Limited
CBI Consulting Engineers Provident Fund
CBI Limited Provident Fund
CBI Pension Fund
Cbk Foundation For Democracy And Justice
Cbo Community Bus
Cbre Charitable Trust
CBS Corporation
Cbus SuperFund
CC and A Group Retirement Fund Umbrella
Ccap International Limited
Cccu Uk
Cce Research Alliance
Ccech Uk
Cchf Allaboutkids
CCI Marseille Provence
Ccjo Renecassin
CCMA Provident Fund
Ccmi Uk
Ccr Foundation
CCS Employee Benefits Fund
CCS Software Pty Ltd Provident Fund
CD Nel Parker Craft Pension Fund
CDG Provident Fund
Cdh Uk The Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Charity
Cdi Europe Limited
Cdkl5 Uk
CE International Incorporated RSA Provident Fund
Cebacwas Provident Fund
Cecil And Hilda Lewis Charitable Trust
Cecil Collingwood Charity
Cecil De Salis Scholarship
Cecil Higgins Art Gallery
Cecil Lodge Charitable Trust
Cecil M Yuill Foundation
Cecil Memorial Hall Cranborne
Cecil Norman Wellesley Blair
Cecil Pettitt Loan Charity
Cecil Pilkington Charitable Trust
Cecil Rosen Charitable Trust
Cecil Vinegar Pension Scheme
Cecilia Pearson
Cecily Baker Charity
Cedar Club Womens Institute
Cedar Community Care
Cedar Court Day Centre
Cedar Hall School Riding For The Disabled Association
Cedar House Counselling Centre
Cedar Housing Nottingham
Cedar Parents And Friends Association
Cedar Park School Fund
Cedar Radex Pension and GLA Scheme
Cedar Radex Pension Fund Reserve Account
Cedar School Parent Staff Association
Cedar Tree Church Trust
Cedar Unclaimed Benefit Preservation Fund Pension Section
Cedar Unclaimed Benefit Preservation Fund Provident Section
Cedar Wildlife Sanctuary
Cedara Blind Foundation
Cedaroak Support Trust
Cedars Amethyst Trust
Cedars Castle Hill
Cedars Church
Cedars Parents Association
Cedars Pre school
Cedars Primary School Fund
Cedp Chinese Centre Limited
Cee saw
Ceem Ltd
Ceep Limited
CEF Pension Fund
CEF Provident Fund
Ceffyl Du Carriage Driving For Disabled Group
Cefn Coed Community Centre
Cefn Cribwr Community Centre
Cefn Fforest Community Centre Management Committee
Cefn Mawr Rhosymedre Newbridge Community Association Ltd
Cefn Mawr War Memorial Institute And Recreation Ground
Cefn Saeson Parent Teacher Association
Cefn Sidan burry Port Pembrey University Of The Third Age u3a
Cefnllys Relief In Need Charity
Cefnpennar And District Welfare Association
CEH Caisse de Prévoyance du Personnel des Etablissements Publics Médicaux du Canton de Genève
Cei Dev Limited
Ceiriog Memorial Institute neuadd Goffa Ceiriog
Ceiriog Valley Sheep Dog Society
Cela Community Of Children Of Loum In England
Celebrate Norwich Norfolk
Celebrate The Children Uk
Celebrating Cultures
Celebrating Sanctuary
Celebration Church United Kingdom Limited
Celebration Of Life After Cancer
Celebrities Guild Of Great Britain
Celestial Church Of Christ Aduragbemi power Of Prayer Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ Amazing Grace Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ Ayomide Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ Battersea Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ Born Again Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ Bristol Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ Castle Of Peace On The Rock
Celestial Church Of Christ Castle Of Peace Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ Christ Power Parish Birmingham Headquarter Birmingham City
Celestial Church Of Christ Christ The Messiah Parish Limited
Celestial Church Of Christ City Of The Living God Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ covenant Of God Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ De cornerstone Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ divine Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ Ebenezer Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ elmorijah Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ Erith Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ Faith Devine Power
Celestial Church Of Christ God s Love Is Eternal Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ Gospel Of Light
Celestial Church Of Christ Greater London Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ Halleluyah Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ Hephzibah Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ holy Michael Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ Holy Saviours
Celestial Church Of Christ Horeb Of God Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ House Of Prayer
Celestial Church Of Christ Ileri oluwa Parish Manchester
Celestial Church Of Christ Living Word Ministries
Celestial Church Of Christ Luli Central Parish Uk
Celestial Church Of Christ New Jerusalem Ministries
Celestial Church Of Christ North West manchester Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ Okiki Imole Possibility Grand Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ Palace Of Liberty Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ Redemption Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ rehoboth Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ Rock Of Ages Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ Rock Of Love Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ salvation Of Jesus Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ Shiloh Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ Sidcup Kent Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ St Emmanuel Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ stratford Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ Uk Diocese
Celestial Church Of Christ Voice Of Jesus Christ Ministries
Celestial Church Of Christ West London Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ white City Parish
Celestial Church Of Christ
Celestial God s Glory Church
Celglade Harry Pension Fund
Celia Cross greyhound Trust
Celia Hammond Animal Trust
Celia Ratty Charitable Trust
Celia Walker Art Foundation
Cell Barnes Youth Project
Cell Cycle Research
Cell Uk Ministries
Cellan Village Improvement Society
Celtic Culture Exchange
Celtic Heritage
Celtic Way Community Association font y gary
Celynen Collieries Institute And Memorial Hall Limited company No 07295916
Cemcrete Provident Fund
Cement Masons Pension Plan Local 919
Cementation Company Provident Fund
Cementing Futures
Cemetery Road Baptist Church Sheffield
Cemex UK Executives Pension Fund
Cenacolo Community Uk
Cenchrea Homes Ltd
Centaurus Housing Trust
Centec Regeneration Trust Limited
Centenary Drama Group And C d Kids
Centenary Theatre Company
Center For Inner Sciences
Centerprise Trust Limited
Centra education And Training Services Limited
Central Advocacy
Central Africa Project For Hiv Aids Awareness
Central Africa Refugee Link West Midlands
Central Africa s Rights Aids cara Society
Central African Development Action
Central African Help Centre
Central African Missions
Central African Muslim Community
Central African Organisation cao 2005
Central African Youth In Enfield
Central African Youth Resort Obligation Project Uk
Central African Youth Support Group Caysg
Central Amenities Fund Hms Collingwood
Central Amenities Fund Hms Sultan
Central And East Northamptonshire Citizens Advice Bureau
Central And North West London Nhs Foundation Trust Charitable Fund
Central And South Sussex Citizens Advice Bureau
Central Animal Rescue
Central Asian Research And Development 2000
Central Avenue Wesleyan Reform Church And Sunday School
Central Baptist Association
Central Baptist Church
Central Beacons Mountain Rescue Team
Central Bedfordshire Canine Trust
Central Berkshire Education Business Partnership
Central Bible Hammond Trust Limited
Central Building Supplies Provident Fund
Central Business Forces
Central Cat Rescue
Central Church Swindon Lep
Central Church Torquay
Central Committee London Of The Order Of Ladies Glades Benevolent Fund
Central Community Centre Association
Central Council Of Church Bell Ringers
Central derby united Reformed Church Charity
Central Division Girl Guides
Central Ealing Disablement Group
Central Eastern European Association
Central Eltham Youth Project
Central England People First Limited
Central England Proficiency Testing Limited
Central England Quaker Old People s Fund Trust
Central England Somali Organisation
Central Eurasian Partners
Central Exeter Relief In Need Charity
Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church CFB
Central Foundation Schools of London
Central Fund Hms Raleigh
Central G H Trust
Central Glamorgan Guides
Central Gosforth Scout Group
Central Growers Pension Fund
Central Hardship And Relief Trust
Central Harvest Church
Central Hendon Mikvah
Central Hertfordshire Ymca
Central Jamia Masjid Southall
Central Jamia Mosque And Islamic Educational And Pakistani Community Centre
Central Jamia Mosque Madni And Education Centre Halifax
Central Jamia Mosque Rizvia
Central Lancashire Age Concern Ltd
Central Lancashire Me cfs Support Group
Central Lancs Dial A Ride Ltd
Central Language School Cambridge
Central London Advanced Motorists
Central London Arts Limited
Central London Community Healthcare Nhs Trust And Related Charities
Central London Community Law Centre Limited
Central London Phab Club
Central London Youth Development Trust
Central Management Company Sporting Clubs Cusada Pension Plan
Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Charity
Central Mediation Services
Central Methodist Church Brighouse
Central Methodist Church Chesterfield
Central Methodist Church Letchworth Garden City
Central Methodist Church Playgroup kirklees
Central Methodist Church Preston
Central Methodist Mission Provident Fund
Central Mosque And Community Centre
Central Mosque Northampton
Central Mosque Of Brent Charity
Central Mosque Rochdale
Central Norfolk District Scouts
Central Norfolk Methodist Circuit
Central Norwich Citizens Forum
Central Norwich Foundation Trust
Central Nottinghamshire Association For Mental Health
Central Nottinghamshire District Scout Council
Central Oxford Mosque Society
Central Palz
Central Pentecostal Church
Central PF for the International Union of Operating Engineers
Central Pre school
Central Provident Fund
Central Readers Council
Central Region Chaplaincy Board
Central Relief Fund
Central Retirement Annuity Fund
Central School Of Ballet Charitable Trust Limited
Central Scout Group Brighouse
Central Service Charity Fund
Central Somerset Outdoor Learning Partnership
Central Southampton Vineyard
Central Square Minyan
Central Surrey Council For Voluntary Service
Central Sussex Beekeepers Association
Central Sussex United Area
Central Synagogue Community Chest
Central Tanganyika Diocesan Trust
Central Trust
Central United Reformed Church Sheffield Charity
Central University Of Iowa London Centre
Central Vineyard Northampton
Central Windsor Scout Group
Central Women s Development Project
Central Woods Methodist Church
Central Yorkshire County Scout Council
Central Youth Club Huddersfield
Central Youth Club Limited
Central Youth Club Peterlee
Central Youth Theatre
Centre 33 st Albans Ltd
Centre 404
Centre 4m
Centre 5
Centre 56 Limited
Centre 63 Kirkby
Centre 67 Stow on the wold
Centre 70
Centre 81 Limited
Centre Academy Pta
Centre At Three Ways
Centre D accueil European Trust
Centre For Access To Football In Europe cafe
Centre For Accessible Environments
Centre For Action On Rape And Abuse
Centre For Advanced Rabbinics
Centre For Advocacy Research And Empowerment care
Centre For African Development Research And Education
Centre For African In Great Lever
Centre For Albanian Studies Limited
Centre For Alternative Technology Charity Limited
Centre For Animals And Social Justice
Centre For Armenian Information And Advice
Centre For Business And Public Sector Ethics Cambridge
Centre For Christian Care And Counselling 4c s Lowestoft
Centre For Christian Care And Counselling
Centre For Cities
Centre For Community Development
Centre For Conscious Awareness
Centre For Contemporary Art And The Natural World
Centre For Contemporary Ministry
Centre For Counselling And Psychotherapy Education Trust
Centre For Criminal Appeals
Centre For Data Based Medicine
Centre For Democracy Development
Centre For Development And Community Welfare
Centre For Development Cooperation
Centre For Effective Altruism
Centre For Effective Dispute Resolution Limited
Centre For Endocrinology Diabetes And Research C E D A R
Centre For Engineering And Manufacturing Excellence
Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation HEC Paris
Centre For European Studies
Centre For Filipinos
Centre For Francophone African Development Cenfacs
Centre For Freudian Analysis And Research
Centre For Fun And Families Ltd
Centre For Health And Pastoral Care
Centre For Health Sciences Training Research And Development [chestrad] International
Centre For Independent Living Kent Limited
Centre For Indian Classical Dance
Centre For Inter african Relations
Centre For International Christian Ministries
Centre For Investigative Journalism Limited
Centre For Islamic Guidance
Centre For Legal Aid Assistance And Settlement
Centre For Libyan Studies
Centre For Local Economic Strategies Limited
Centre For London
Centre For Mental Health
Centre For Multi cultural Development Integration
Centre For North African Studies
Centre For Peacebuilding And Community Development
Centre For Peaceful Solutions
Centre For People With Mental Health Problems And The Homeless
Centre For Performance Research Limited
Centre For Photomolecular Sciences
Centre For Policy On Ageing
Centre For Recent Drawing
Centre For Reform
Centre For Relational Care
Centre For Research And Implementation Of Clinical Practice
Centre For Research And Innovation In Social Policy And Practice
Centre For Research In Early Childhood In Birmingham
Centre For Research Into Communist Economies
Centre For Scientific Archives The Science Museum
Centre For Self Managed Learning Limited
Centre For Separated Families
Centre For Skills Enhancement Limited
Centre For Social Work Practice
Centre For Spirituality And Cultural Advancement
Centre For Studies On Inclusive Education Limited
Centre For Sustainable Energy
Centre For The Advancement Of Science And Technology Education
Centre For The Child Trust Fund
Centre For The Deaf Bristol
Centre For The Magic Arts Limited
Centre For The Spoken Word
Centre For The Study Of Adolescence Limited
Centre For The Study Of Emotion And Law
Centre For The Study Of Financial Innovation
Centre For Torah V chesed Trust
Centre For Transpersonal Psychology Limited
Centre For Voluntary Organisations ashford District Ltd
Centre For Women s Career Development Success
Centre For Women s Development
Centre For World Evangelism
Centre For Youth Ministry
Centre International Envangelique Pour Des Leaders
Centre Light Trust
Centre Links Trust
Centre Ministries
Centre Of Comparative Communications Law And Policy
Centre Of England Arts Centre Ltd
Centre Of England Group Riding For The Disabled Association
Centre Of Excellence For Sensory Impairment
Centre Of Hope Children s Charity
Centre Of Hope
Centre Of Life Church International
Centre Of New Beginning
Centre Of Pendeen
Centre Playgroup yeovil
Centre Point Lodge 7866 Benevolent Fund
Centre Preschool colchester
Centre Stage devon
Centre Stage London
Centre Stage
Centre Thirty Three Young People s Counselling And Information Service
Centre West newcastle
Centrecom Limited
Centrepoint Christian Church
Centrepoint Church Guildford
Centrepoint Outreach
Centrepoint Soho
Centres For Seafarers
Centres Of Medical Excellence And Training To The Middle East
Centrestage Productions Youth Theatre
Centric Community Projects Limited
Centrica Pension Plan
Centro Cristiano Monte De Sion
Centro Social De Mayores social Centre For The Elderly
Centurian Charities Limited
Centurion Kollege vir Beroepsonderrig Pension Fund
Centurion Provident Fund
Centurions Trust
Century Link
Cephas Charitable Trust
Ceramic Brass Band
Ceramic City Choir
Ceramic Tile Workers Pension Plan
Ceramica Trust
Cerberus Spelaeological Society
Cerberus Theatre
Cercle Francaise De Winchester
Cerdic Lodge No 7030 Masonic Charities Association
Cere pal peterborough And District Spastic Society
Cerebos Provident Fund
Cerebra For Brain Injured Children And Young People
Cerebral Palsy Care Kent
Cerebral Palsy Mid Staffordshire
Cerebral Palsy Midlands
Cerebral Palsy Plus
Ceredigion Care Society
Ceredigion Historical Society cymdeithas Hanes Ceredigion
Ceredigion Mobile Shopmobility
Ceredigion People First
Ceredigion Scout Council
Ceres Groep Sambreel Aftreefonds
Ceres Groep Voorsorgfonds
Cerne Abbas Village Hall
Cerney Wick Riding For The Disabled Association
Cerney Wick Village Hall Trust
Cerrigceinwen Relief In Need Charity
Cervical Spine Research Society european Section
CESA Pension Fund
Cestrefeld Lodge Benevolent Fund
Cestrian Scout Group
Cestrian U3a
Cet c For Women
CET Trading SA Retirement Benefit Fund C
Ceylon Lodge No 6436
Ceylon School For The Deaf And Blind Uk Fund
Cfbl Parents
Cfbt Education Trust
Cfc centre For Christ Trust
Cfc Family Ministries
Cfe Caring For The Elderly
CFH Provident Fund
Cfh The Caring Fellowship diocese Of Portsmouth
Cfi Charitable Trust
Cfk cfkids Of Portsmouth
CFP Provident Fund
Cfr uk
Cfs Research Foundation
Cfu Trust
Cfydc chance
Cglas Trust
CH Chemicals Provident Fund
Ch Trust children Of Honduras Trust
Ch64inc Ltd
Chab Dai Yejj Charitable Trust
Chabad Lubavitch Centre North East London And Essex Ltd
Chabad Lubavitch leeds Limited
Chabad Lubavitch Of Bournemouth
Chabad Lubavitch Of Nottingham
Chabad Lubavitch South East Counties Ltd
Chabad Lubavitch Uk
Chabad Lubavitch
Chabad Retreat Centre
Chabad Uk
Chace Parent Teacher Association
Chaceley Village Hall
Chacewater Millennium Green Trust
Chacewater Old Recreation Ground
Chacewater Playgroup
Chacewater Recreation Ground
Chacewater Village Hall
Chacombe Village Hall
Chadacre Agricultural Trust
Chadderton District Scout Council
Chadderton Historical Society
Chaddesden Anglican Evangelical Trust
Chaddesden Hall Community Association
Chaddesden Old People s Welfare Committee
Chaddesley Corbett Pre school Nursery
Chaddesley Corbett Pta
Chaddesley Corbett Women s Institute
Chaddlewood Farm Community Association
Chaddlewood Infants School Pta
Chaddlewood Pre school
Chaddleworth Village Hall
Chadian Community Centre
Chadlington Memorial Hall
Chadlington Playgroup
Chadlington Village Green
Chads Theatre Company
Chadsmead Primary Academy Ptfa
Chadsmoor Hednesford And District Music Festival
Chadwell Heath Christadelphian Ecclesia
Chadwell Heath Educational And Cultural Society
Chadwell Millennium Green Trust
Chadwell Pre school
Chadwell St mary Scout And Guide Group
Chadwell St Mary Village Hall
Chadwell St Mary Women s Institute
Chadwell Women s Club
Chafford Gorges Limited
Chafford Hundred Community Church
Chafford Hundred Preschool
Chafyn Grove School
Chagford Combined Charity
Chagford Education And Leisure Trust
Chagford Jubilee Hall
Chagford Open Fields
Chagford Parish Church And Churchyard Trust
Chagford Recreational Trust
Chagford Young Farmers Club
Chagos Conservation Trust
Chai Institute
Chai lifeline Cancer Care
Chai Lifeline
Chai Network
Chaigeley Educational Foundation
Chailey Airfield Memorial Fund
Chailey Heritage Enterprise Centre
Chailey Heritage School Old Scholars Association
Chailey Heritage School
Chailey Newick Colts Gambia Support Group
Chailey Parish Hall
Chailey School Parent Teacher Association
Chaim Charitable Company Limited
Chaim Layeled
Chaim V tikvah life And Hope
Chaim Yosef Trust
Chain Lane Community Centre Limited
Chain Lane Community Hub
Chain Of Hope
Chain Reaction Theatre Company
Chairs And Spares
Chakwal pak Welfare Association
Chaldean Catholic Mission
Chaldon Charities Trust
Chaldon Herring Village Hall
Chaldon Pre school
Chale isle Of Wight Women s Institute
Chale Recreation Ground Ltd
Chale Scouts Hall
Chalfont Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Chalfont Group Riding For The Disabled Association
Chalfont Saints Activity Group
Chalfont St Giles Conservation Area Committee
Chalfont St Giles District Of The Girl Guides Association
Chalfont St Giles Educational Foundation
Chalfont St Giles Infant School And Nursery Charitable Trust
Chalfont St Giles Infant School And Nursery Parent Teachers Association
Chalfont St Giles Junior School Parent Teacher Association
Chalfont St Giles Memorial Hall
Chalfont St Giles Middle School Fund
Chalfont St Giles Middle School Trust
Chalfont St Giles Pre school Playgroup
Chalfont St Giles Youth Club
Chalfont St Peter C Of E Academy Pta
Chalfont St Peter Community Centre
Chalfont St Peter Curate s Endowment Fund
Chalfont St Peter Girl Guides Association
Chalfont St Peter Infant School School Fund
Chalfont St Peter Womens Institute
Chalfont St Peter Youth Centre
Chalfonts And Gerrards Cross Hospital League Of Friends
Chalfonts Beekeepers Society
Chalford Allotments For Recreation
Chalford Allotments For The Labouring Poor
Chalford Band
Chalford Hill County Primary School Parents And Teachers Association
Chalford Recreation Ground
Chalfords Limited
Chalgrave Memorial Hall
Chalgrave Sports Club
Chalgrove Ecclesiastical Charity
Chalgrove Educational Foundation
Chalgrove Pta
Chalgrove Public Purposes Charity
Chalgrove Relief In Need Charity
Chalgrove School Trust
Chalgrove Womens Institute
Chalice Well Trust
Chalk Hill Pre school
Chalk Pit Charity
Chalk Ridge Association
Chalk Village Pre school
Chalk Womens Institute
Chalkdown Group Riding For The Disabled Association
Chalke Valley Africa Fund
Chalke Valley History Trust
Chalke Valley Link Scheme
Chalke Valley Playschool
Chalkhill Community Centre Ltd
Chalkhill Community Trust Fund
Chalkwell Hall Infant Junior Pta
Challenge 4 Change Ltd
Challenge Adventure Charities
Challenge Adventure Ltd
Challenge Africa
Challenge Bolivia
Challenge Cancer Through Adventure
Challenge Community Church Hereford
Challenge For Life
Challenge Group
Challenge Mission In Asia
Challenge Partners
Challenge Team Uk
Challenge To Change
Challenge Wales
Challenge Worldwide Training For Life
Challenge x Limited
Challenger Class Association
Challenger Society For Marine Science
Challice s Educational Foundation
Challney Lifeguards
Challock Village Fund
Challock Village Hall
Challow Park Music Trust
Chalmers Bequest
Chaloner Childrens Charity
Chaloners Educational Foundation
Chalton Village Hall
Chalton Women s Institute
Chalvedon Community Association
Chalvey Millennium Green Trust
Chalvington Parish School Site Foundation
Cham Tse Ling
Chamber Concerts Association Of Wimbledon
Chamber Domaine Limited
Chamber Music Competition For Schools Trust
Chamber of Mines Retirement Fund
Chamber Orchestra Anglia
Chamber Provident Fund
Chamber Retirement Fund Pension Fund
Chamber Workshops Limited
Chamberlayne School Room Fund
Chamberlin Hall
Chambers Endowment Fund in Connection With Radway County Primary School
Chambers of Commerce and Industry Pension Fund
Chambers of Commerce Pension Fund
Chameleon Developing Education
Chamos In Aid Of The Children Of Venezuela
Chamotte Provident Fund
Champ s Camp
Champion Behaviours
Champion Charitable Foundation
Champion International Christian Centre
Champions Abc
Champions Church
Champions Club Community Charitable Foundation Known As the Humanity Fund
Champions Fun Learning Centre
Champions House
Champions In Christ Jesus Celebration Centre
Champness Hall Christian Church
Champney Hall
Champneys Charitable Foundation
Chana Charitable Trust
Chananjah Evangelical Ministries
Chance For Children Trust
Chance For Life Ltd
Chance For Nepal
Chance International Uk
Chance International
Chance Memorial Library Fund
Chance Of A Lifetime Venture
Chance Scholarship Fund
Chance Technical College Prize Fund
Chance To Grow
Chance To Live
Chance To Play
Chance uk Ltd
Chancel School Parent Teacher And Friends Association
Chancepixies Animal Rescue Ltd
Chancery House
Chancet Wood Kid s Club
Chanctonbury Chorus
Chanctonbury District Guides
Chanctonbury Evangelical Trust
Chanctonbury Lions Club Trust Fund
Chanctonbury Playschool
Chandag County Infant School Parent Teacher Association
Chandag Junior School Parent Teacher Association
Chandler s Ford Community Association
Chandler s Ford Methodist Church
Chandlers Ford District Scout Association
Chandlers Ford U3a
Chandos And Dent s Almshouses Charity
Chandos Centre Community Association
Chandos Chamber Choir
Chandos Exhibition Foundation
Chandos Symphony Orchestra
Change 4 Change
Change A Life
Change Africa Foundation
Change Agents Uk Charity
Change an Organisation For People With Both A Learning Disability And A Sensory Impairment
Change Ashby Now
Change Birmingham Brief Therapy
Change For A Smile
Change For Animals Foundation
Change For Charity
Change For Children
Change For Climate Change Limited
Change Of Scene
Change Up Kennington
Change Youth
Changemakers Foundation
Changes Bristol
Changing Attitude Trust
Changing Childbirth In India
Changing Faces
Changing Futures
Changing Horizons
Changing Ideas Ltd
Changing Lanes Youth Ministries
Changing Lives In Cheshire
Changing Lives In Chongwe District
Changing Lives In Kenya
Changing Lives Ministries Praise Chapel International
Changing Lives Network
Changing Lives Project
Changing Lives Worldwide
Changing Our Lives Ltd
Changing Paths Charitable Trust
Changing Tunes
Chanichei Yeshivos
Channa Schreiber Trust
Channel 1 Newport Hospital Radio
Channel Arts Association
Channel Dash Memorial Trust
Channel Four Television Staff Pension Plan
Channel Supporting Family Social Work In Liverpool
Channel Theatre Trust Limited
Channel Tunnel Group Pension Funds
Channing House Incorporated Highgate
Chantal Rosenbaum Foundation
Chanticleer Singers
Chantlers Pre school
Chantrey Lodge Benevolent Fund
Chantry Assembly Trust
Chantry Community Primary School Fund
Chantry Hall Trust southampton
Chantry Ladies Club
Chantry Residents Association
Chaos Theory
Chapel Allerton And Potter Newton Relief In Need Charity
Chapel Allerton Festival
Chapel Allerton Methodist Church
Chapel Allerton Primary School Parent Staff Association
Chapel Bay Fort And Museum
Chapel Break Community Association
Chapel En Le Frith C Of E Primary School Pta
Chapel en le frith Civic Society
Chapel en le frith Guide Association
Chapel En Le Frith High School Parent Teachers Association
Chapel en le frith Ladies Choir
Chapel en le frith Male Voice Choir
Chapel en le frith Mobile Physiotherapy Service
Chapel en le frith Town Band
Chapel En Le Frith United Charities
Chapel End C P School Fund
Chapel End Savoy Players
Chapel Field Road Methodist Church
Chapel Fund Nantgwyn
Chapel Green Advice Centre
Chapel Haddlesey School Fund
Chapel Hall Mother And Toddler Group
Chapel Hay Playgroup
Chapel Hill District Community Hall
Chapel House And District Community Association
Chapel House Christian Fellowship
Chapel Lands
Chapel Lane Playgroup
Chapel Lane Pre school
Chapel Maintenance Fund Of The Most Distinguished Order Of St Michael And St George
Chapel Of Praise
Chapel Of St Mary On The Bridge
Chapel Park Community Centre
Chapel Row Community Service Group
Chapel Saint Leonards Village Hall
Chapel St Community Arts
Chapel St Leonards Action Group
Chapel St Leonards Afternoon Women s Institute
Chapel Street Community Fund
Chapel Street Methodist Church Penzance
Chapel Street Nursery
Chapel Street Pentecostal Church
Chapelbreak Playgroup
Chapelfield Community Centre Limited
Chapelfields And District Outta School Club
Chapelford Community Centre
Chapeltown Citizens Advice Bureau
Chapeltown Community Centre
Chapeltown Community Nursery
Chapeltown Harehills Area Learning And Training Project
Chapeltown Old School Foundation
Chapeltown Playgroup
Chapeltown Reformed Baptist Church
Chaplain In The Workplace
Chaplaincy About Town
Chaplaincy For Agriculture And Rural Life
Chaplaincy Plus
Chaplaincy To People At Work In Cambridgeshire
Chaplaincy To The Arts And Recreation
Chaplaincy To The University Of Leicester
Chaplaincy To The Workplace stowmarket
Chaplaincy Wessex
Chapman Charitable Trust
Chapman s Educational Foundation
Chapman Trust
Chapmanslade Village Hall
Chappel And District Sickness Fund
Chappel And Wakes Colne Village Hall
Chappel And Wakes Colne Womens Institute
Chappel Millennium Green Trust
Chapter cardiff Limited
Chapter House Choir
Chapter Of Felicity Benevolent Fund
Chapter Of The Order Of The Holy Paraclete
Chapter Two
Chapter west Cheshire Ltd
Char Bhanjyang Tamu Samaj U k
Chara Trust
Chard And District Museum Society
Chard District Riding For The Disabled Association Limited
Chard East Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Chard Light Operatic Society
Chard Nni
Chard Project Romania
Chard Recreational educational sports Trust Association
Chard School
Chard Street Pastors
Chardon Trust
Chardstock Community Hall Trust
Chardstock Park Trust
Chardstock St Andrews Friends Of The School
Chardstock United Charities
Chareidim Beis Shaymesh
Charfield National School Foundation
Charfield Pre school
Charfield Village Hall And Playing Field
Charford First School Parents Friends Association
Charge Family Support Group
Chargold Provident Fund
Charifaith Common Investment Fund
Chariguard Fixed Interest Fund
Chariguard Overseas Equity Fund
Chariguard Uk Equity Fund
Charinco Common Investment Fund
Charing Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Charing Cross Methodist Church And Neighbourhood Centre
Charing Heath Memorial Hall
Charing Playing Field
Charing Pre school
Charing School Pta
Chariot The Colchester Community Bus Service
Chariots For Children
Charis Christian Centre
Charis Communications
Charis Foundation
Charis Ministries Mozambique
Charis Trust
Charishare Common Investment Fund
Charishare Restricted Common Investment
Charisma Cosmetics Provident Fund
Charismatic Christ Apostolic Church International
Charismatic Episcopal Church Trust
Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry Uk
Charismatic Impact For Christ Ministries
Charismatic Renewal Ministries crm Uk
Charitable Association Of The Friends Of Swindon Young Musicians
Charitable Association Supplying Hospitals
Charitable Foundation For The Education Of Nepalese Children
Charitable Fund Administered By The Russia Company
Charitable Fund For Human And Labour Rights
Charitable Fund Of Round Table No 582
Charitable Giving
Charitable Institution House
Charitable Purposes In Connection With Cleeve Hill Common
Charitable Trust For Former Employees Of Balint Companies
Charitable Trust Of Rotary International District 1130 greater London
Charitable Trust Of The Coughton Roman Catholic Church
Charitable Trust Of The Rotary Club Of Oxford Spires
Charitable Trusts of the Congregation of Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood
Charities Administered By Lancashire County Council In Connection With The Fleetwood Hesketh High School
Charities Administered By The British Federation Of Women Graduates
Charities Administered By The Kaiser Wilhelm Ii Fund
Charities Administered By The Worshipful Company Of Founders
Charities Administered For Roman Catholic Purposes In Connection With The Sisters Of Charity Of Our Lady Mother Of Mercy
Charities Administered I C W Blyth School
Charities Administered I C W Caerphilly County Grammar School For Girls
Charities Administered I C W Folkestone Grammar School For Girls
Charities Administered I C W Frimley And Camberley County School
Charities Administered I C W King George V College
Charities Administered I C W The City Of Norwich School
Charities Administered I C W The Essex And Royal Anglian Regiments Association
Charities Administered I C W Trinity Evangelical Church
Charities Administered Icw City Of Oxford High School For Boys
Charities Administered Icw Dorking County School
Charities Administered Icw Fishguard County Secondary School
Charities Administered Icw Gateacre Chapel
Charities Administered Icw Langley Park School For Boys
Charities Administered Icw Nazareth Unitarian Chapel Padiham
Charities Administered Icw Presdales School Ware
Charities Administered Icw Queen Elizabeth School Faversham
Charities Administered Icw St Andrew s Hospital
Charities Administered Icw The Chase School
Charities Administered Icw The City Of London Freeman s School
Charities Administered Icw The Honourable Society Of The Middle Temple
Charities Administered Icw The Long Eaton School
Charities Administered Icw The Norwood Home For Jewish Children
Charities Administered Icw Wolverhampton Girls High School
Charities Administered In Connection With Aberaeron Secondary School
Charities Administered In Connection With Altrincham Grammar School For Girls
Charities Administered In Connection With Beaumont College
Charities Administered In Connection With Beer Congregational Chapel
Charities Administered In Connection With Bryn Celynnog Comprehensive School
Charities Administered In Connection With Denton Egerton Park County Secondary School
Charities Administered In Connection With Dorset And South Wiltshire Quaker Area Meeting
Charities Administered In Connection With Falmouth Grammar School
Charities Administered In Connection With Former 3rd militia Battalion The Buffs royal East Kent Regiment
Charities Administered In Connection With Hathershaw County Junior School
Charities Administered In Connection With Idle Congregational Sunday School
Charities Administered In Connection With John Mason School
Charities Administered In Connection With Merchant Taylors School
Charities Administered In Connection With North West London Hospitals Nhs Trust
Charities Administered In Connection With Park High School
Charities Administered In Connection With Pembroke Grammer School
Charities Administered In Connection With Southend on sea College Of Technology
Charities Administered In Connection With St Cenydd Comprehensive School
Charities Administered In Connection With St Mary s Baptish Church
Charities Administered In Connection With Tabernacle Congregational Chapel
Charities Administered In Connection With Teesdale And Cleveland Area Meeting
Charities Administered In Connection With The Bunyan Meeting
Charities Administered In Connection With The Chartered Institute Of Public Finance And Accountancy
Charities Administered In Connection With The Frandley Preparative Meeting
Charities Administered In Connection With The Institute Of Journalists
Charities Administered In Connection With The Kendrick Girls School
Charities Administered In Connection With The Royal Marsden Hospital Nhs Trust
Charities Administered In Connection With The Scots Guards
Charities Administered In Connection With The Surbiton County School For Boys
Charities Administered In Connection With The Sutton County Grammar School For Boys
Charities Administered In Connection With The Unaffiliated Congregational Churches
Charities Administered In Connection With Wells Road County Secondardy Boy s School
Charities Administered In Connexion With Aberdare Boys County School
Charities Administered In Connexion With Ashton Under Hill Parish Church
Charities Administered In Connexion With Counthill Secondary Grammar School
Charities Administered In Connexion With Greenhill New Church
Charities Administered In Connexion With Hollins Grange School
Charities Administered In Connexion With Peterborough Technical College
Charities Administered In Connexion With The British Musicians Sick And Pension Society
Charities Administered In Connexion With The Evangelical Fellowship Of Congregational Churches
Charities Administered In Connexion With The Former Whitefields Tabernacle
Charities Administered In Connexion With Watford School Of Music
Charities Administered In Connexion With Whitland Grammar School
Charities Adminstered Connection With The Law Society
Charities Adminstered Icw The Chiswick Community School
Charities Aid Foundation Uk Equitrack Fund
Charities Aid Foundation
Charities Comprised In Downside Abbey Missions
Charities Connected With The Calvinistic Methodist Church At Capel Mawr
Charities Evaluation Services
Charities For Ecclesiastical And Other Purposes
Charities for Relief in Need and Welfare of the Blind Adm by the Clothworkers Foundation
Charities For Relief In Need And Welfare Of The Blind Administered By The Clothworkers Foundation
Charities For Roman Catholic Purposes Administered In Connexion With The Sisters Of The Holy Trinity
Charities For The Maintenance Of The City Hall Gardens And Other Charitable Purposes In The City Of Sheffield
Charities For The Minister Of The Particular Baptist Chapel Inskip
Charities For The Poor
Charities Held In Connection With Droylsden Girls County Secondary Modern School
Charities Held In Connection With The Former Independent Chapel In Brunswick Square
Charities Hr Network
Charities I C W Cowley Language College
Charities Icw Appleby Grammar School
Charities Icw Barnard Castle Modern School
Charities Icw Christchurch Bedford Road Hitchin
Charities Icw Durham School Of Agriculture
Charities Icw Howden County Secondary School
Charities Icw Morecame High School
Charities Icw The Secondary Schools In The Former Borough Of Warley And The Thomas Telford High School Borough Of Sandwell
Charities Icw The Spanish And Portuguese Jews Synagogue
Charities In Association With The League Of St Bartholomews Nurses
Charities In Connection With Alderman Newton s School
Charities In Connection With Bolton Institute Of Higher Education
Charities In Connection With Bury Church School
Charities In Connection With Colne Valley High School
Charities In Connection With Holden Lane High School
Charities In Connection With Humphrey Perkins High School
Charities In Connection With Idle United Reformed Church
Charities In Connection With Moose International
Charities In Connection With Newland Church Of England School
Charities In Connection With Providence Strict Baptist Chapel
Charities In Connection With Rochdale Art Gallery
Charities In Connection With Roundhay High School
Charities In Connection With Royal Army Pay Corps
Charities In Connection With St Michael And All Angels Church At Tenbury
Charities In Connection With Stourbridge High School For Girls
Charities In Connection With The Castle County Secondary School
Charities In Connection With The City Of Leicester School
Charities In Connection With The City Of Stoke on trent Sixth Form College
Charities In Connection With The Society Of St Onge And Angoumois
Charities In Connection With The University Of Nottingham
Charities In Connection With The University Of Wales College Of Medicine
Charities In Connection With The West Lancashire Terriotorial And Auxiliary Forces Association
Charities In Connection With Washington Grammar School
Charities In Connetion With Blaydon Comprehensive School
Charities In Connexion With Catholic Diocesan Trust
Charities In Connexion With Holyhead Road United Reformed Church
Charities In Connexion With Loughborough Burleigh College
Charities In Connexion With Rushey Mead School
Charities In Connexion With South Bromsgrove High School
Charities In Connexion With The Former Rhodes Street Methodist Chapel
Charities Information Bureau South And West
Charities Internal Audit Network
Charities Network
Charities Of Alan Fisher
Charities Of Arthur Ginn And Others
Charities Of Belwood And Others
Charities Of Bristow And Others Or Poors Close
Charities Of Caroline Richards
Charities Of Cicely Morris
Charities Of Cox And Others
Charities Of E Nash share And Another
Charities Of Edward Sedgwick And Sara Godfrey
Charities Of Eliza Dreyer For Homes For Poor Widows And Spinsters
Charities Of Ellen Boulton And Others
Charities Of Frederick Hameyer And Others
Charities Of Halton And Others
Charities Of Harrison And Others
Charities Of Henry Smith And Others Shottermill
Charities Of Henry Smith And Others
Charities Of Holditch And Others
Charities Of James Tilden For Baptists
Charities Of John And Frances West For Pensioners
Charities Of John Ansell
Charities Of Lady Abergavenny And William Wykes
Charities Of Mary Catherine Gardner
Charities Of Moses Lara
Charities Of Nicholas And Beamond
Charities Of Reverend Harry Smith And Others
Charities Of Reynold And Peter Burscough
Charities Of Richard Poyntz And Others
Charities Of Robert Compton And Others
Charities Of Susanna Cole And Others
Charities Of The Rev Malise Archibald Cunninghame Graham For 1 Choir 2 Apprenticing
Charities Of The Reverend George Augustus Langdale
Charities Of The Reverend Henry Trotter
Charities Of The Reverend John Jones For The Clergy
Charities Of Thomas Berry And Others
Charities Of Thomas Machen And Others
Charities Of Thomas Wade And Others
Charities Of Viscountess Warren Bulkeley exclusive Of The Educational Foundation
Charities Of William Hanham
Charities Of William Hubbard And Others
Charities Of William Segar Hodgson
Charities Support Training Cio
Charities Trust
Charitrak Common Investment Fund
Charitworth Limited
Charity Account Of The Rotary Club Of Ruislip northwood
Charity Administered In Connection With The Daughters Of Jesus
Charity Administered In Connection With The Society Of Catholic Medical Missionaries
Charity Administration Resourcing Accountability cara
Charity Appointments
Charity Assets Trust
Charity Association manchester Limited
Charity Bolivia
Charity Called Or Known As Oldham Town Lands
Charity Called Or Known As The Aldwincle Green Charity
Charity Called Or Known As The Hospital Of Queen Ann
Charity Called The Charity Lands
Charity Called The Constable s Close
Charity Called The Hoare Allotment Field
Charity Called The John Holmes Dole Funds
Charity Called The Labourers Land
Charity Called The Poor s Lands
Charity Centre Oxford Limited
Charity Challenges For Kids
Charity Comprising Proceeds Of Sale Of Manchester German Protestant Church
Charity Comprising The Clear Proceeds Of Sale Of The Former North Luffenham Village Hall
Charity Concern
Charity Consisting Of Certain Trust Property Administered In Connection With Portsea Rotary Youth Club
Charity Consisting Of The Clear Proceeds Of Sale Of The Former Whixley Parochial Primary School
Charity Consisting Of The Net Proceeds Of Sale Of Literary Institute Worthing
Charity Consisting Of The Proceeds Of Sale Of The House For The Master Of Selside Endowed Primary School
Charity Consisting Of The Proceeds Of Sale Of The Residence For Minister Of Capel Newydd Congregational Chapel
Charity Consisting Of The Property Constituting The Endowment Of The Original Church And Poor s Land Charity
Charity Created By Deed Of 30th December 1905
Charity Escapes For The Armed Forces
Charity Estate
Charity Events Limited
Charity Fiscal Solutions
Charity Focus
Charity For A Clock Tower
Charity For A Mission Room
Charity For A Playground For Children And Youths
Charity For A Public Hall
Charity For A Public Open Space At Bayford In The County Of Hertfordshire
Charity For A Public Park known As Raleigh Park
Charity For A School
Charity For A Vicarage And Augmentation Of The Income Of The Vicar
Charity For A Village Hall And Recreation Ground
Charity For A Village Hall
Charity For A War Memorial And For Benefit Of Inhabitants
Charity For Allotments
Charity For Almshouses 1 4 Elizabeth Cottages
Charity For An Ornamental Garden And Recreation Ground
Charity For Chapel Warden
Charity For Curate Or Lay Reader Of Pensilva
Charity For Ecclesiastical And Other Charitable Purposes In Connection With The Church In Wales In Henllan Llannefydd And Bylchau
Charity For Ecclesiastical And Other Charitable Purposes Of The Church Of England
Charity For Ecclesiastical And Other Purposes Gorsley
Charity For Ecclesiastical Purposes In Connection With The Church Of England
Charity For Ecclesiastical Purposes In Connexion With The Church Of England
Charity For Ecclesiastical Purposes
Charity For Emmanuel College Library
Charity For Exercise And Recreation
Charity For First Church Of Christ Scientist Leeds
Charity For First Church Of Christ Scientist Maidenhead
Charity For First Church Of Christ Scientist Sutton Surrey
Charity For Kids
Charity For Maintenance Of Churchyard And Other Purposes
Charity For Maintenance Of Minister
Charity For Minister And Poorer Members Of Congregation Of Canton Uniting Church
Charity For Organist Of Parish Church
Charity For Parish Allotments
Charity For Poor Widows Of Dacre
Charity For Providing Guides Over The Kent And Leven Sands
Charity For Public Recreation And Exercise
Charity For Public Walks Or Pleasure Grounds blacka Moor
Charity For Recreation Ground
Charity For Religious And Other Purposes
Charity For Repair Of Church
Charity For Repair Of Parish Church
Charity For Residence Of Curate
Charity For Ringing Church Bell
Charity For Roman Catholic And Other Charitable Purposes Administered In Connexion With The Society Of The Holy Child Jesus
Charity For Roman Catholic Purposes Administered In Connection With The Congregation Of Our Lady Of The Missions
Charity For Roman Catholic Purposes Administered In Connection With The Congregation Of The Franciscan Missionary Sisters littlehampton
Charity For Roman Catholic Purposes Administered In Connection With The English Province Of The Community Of The Religious Of Jesus And Mary
Charity For Roman Catholic Purposes Administered In Connection With The Institute Of The Gospel
Charity For Roman Catholic Purposes In Connection With The Congregation Of Sisters Of Bon Secours De Paris Province Of Great Britain
Charity For Roman Catholic Purposes In The Diocese Of Hexham And Newcastle
Charity for Roman Catholic Purposes Sisters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul
Charity For St Joseph s Missionary Society british Region
Charity For St Joseph s Missionary Society generalate
Charity For Sunday Schools And Other Ecclesiastical Purposes Thetford St Cuthbert And St Peter
Charity For The Advancement Of The Roman Catholic Religion In The Roman Catholic Dioceses Of Southwark And Arundel And Brighton
Charity For The Benefit Of Charitable Association princes House
Charity For The Benefit Of Inhabitant Householders Of Parish Of Middleham
Charity For The Benefit Of Inhabitants
Charity For The Benefit Of Landowners
Charity For The Benefit Of The Clergy Of The United Benefice Of Combe Down Monkton Combe And Southstoke
Charity For The Benefit Of The Inhabitants Of Walkern
Charity For The Benefit Of The Parish Clerk
Charity For The Benefit Of The Poor
Charity For The Benefit Of The Roman Catholic Church Of Our Lady Of Mount Carmel At Lampeter
Charity For The Benefit Of The Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry
Charity For The Benefit Of The Vicar
Charity For The Benefit Of The Westerham Recreation And Sports Club Or For Other Purposes
Charity For The Community Of The Resurrection Of Our Lord Grahamstown South Africa
Charity For The Congleton Detachment Of The 5th Volunteer Battalion The Cheshire Regiment
Charity For The Congregation Of The Passion Of Jesus Christ
Charity For The Emolument Of The Chaplain Of The Church Of St Edward King And Martyr Cambridge
Charity For The First Church Of Christ Scientist Wakefield
Charity For The General Benefit Of The Poor
Charity For The Incumbent
Charity For The Maintenance And Repair Of The Churchyard And The Monuments Therein
Charity For The Maintenance Of A Preaching Minister
Charity For The Maintenance Of Highways
Charity For The Minister Of Hale Chapel
Charity For The Parish Clerk
Charity For The Poor formerly Known As Unknown Or John Sherwin The Elder Charity
Charity For The Poor Of Old Romney
Charity For The Poor
Charity For The Provision Of A Recreation Ground For The Inhabitants Of The Ancient Parish Of Rugeley
Charity For The Provision Of Allotments For The Labouring Poor Of The Ancient Parish Of Rugeley
Charity For The Relief Of Poor Widows And Children Of Clergymen hunts Clergy Charity
Charity For The Repair And Maintenance Of The Church Of St John The Evangelist
Charity For The Reparation Of The Church And Sustentation Of The Poor otherwise Known As Archer Pearce And Jeame s Charity
Charity For The Roman Catholic Order Known As The Consolata Fathers
Charity For The Spiritual Welfare Of Members Of The Roman Catholic Church Administered In Connection With The Society Of The Catholic Apostolate
Charity For The Upkeep And Maintenance Of The Abbey Cemetery
Charity For The Upkeep Of The Church Of St Mary Bedford
Charity For Third Church Of Christ Scientist Liverpool
Charity For Thorley Playing Field And Recreation Ground
Charity For Trowbridge Flower Show
Charity For Vicar Or Incumbent
Charity For Young Musicians
Charity Fore Sight
Charity Fund 1961 Stationers And Newspaper Makers Company
Charity Fund For Threshfield School
Charity Fund Of The Deepings Round Table Number 1090
Charity Fund Of The Rotary Club Of Leigh on sea
Charity Helping Advancement Of Nepalese Children s Education Chance
Charity In Action
Charity Known As Poors Land And Poors Houses or Gilberts Charity
Charity Known As South Woodham Ferrers Village Hall
Charity Known As South Woodham Playing Fields
Charity Known As St Martin s Church Hall
Charity Known As Stone Pit Furlong otherwise The Gravel Pit
Charity Known As The Bread Money
Charity Known As The Charity Lands
Charity Known As The Church Grass
Charity Known As The Cocoa And Reading Rooms
Charity Known As The H S M Charitable Trust
Charity Known As The Hop Market
Charity Known As The Marshland
Charity Known As The Musical Services Trust Fund In The Parish Of Great Warley
Charity Known As The Parish Clerk s Land
Charity Known As The Parish Or Church Property ecclesiastical Branch
Charity Known As The Poor s Land
Charity Known As The Sale Almshouses
Charity Known As The Thorne Charity
Charity Known As The Village Hall And Bowling Green
Charity Known As The Welford Village Hall
Charity Land
Charity Lands
Charity Money Or The Second Poor s Charity
Charity Of Agnes Alice Hotton
Charity Of Agnes Bigge
Charity Of Alban Gardner Buller
Charity Of Albert Of Flowerdew
Charity Of Alderman James Hickson
Charity Of Alderman Steevens
Charity Of Alexander Aspland
Charity Of Alexander Brodrick Leslie Melville For A Recreation Ground
Charity Of Alexander Every
Charity Of Alexander Michael Levy
Charity Of Alfred George Edward Godden
Charity Of Alice Adams darfield Branch
Charity Of Alice Adams For Darfield And Great Houghton great Houghton Branch
Charity Of Alice Bessie Potter For Aged Sick Or Needy Inhabitants
Charity Of Alice Bessie Potter For The Parish Church Of Padbury
Charity Of Alice Lingard
Charity Of Alice Maud Gray
Charity Of Alice Preston For The Poor
Charity Of Alice South And Another
Charity Of Ambrose Allen
Charity Of Ambrose Bennett
Charity Of Amelia Jeffrey For St Day Methodist Chapel
Charity Of Amy Temple
Charity Of An Unknown Donor
Charity Of Andrew Morton
Charity Of Ann Burchett
Charity Of Ann Caroline Ayres
Charity Of Ann Clare
Charity Of Ann Davis
Charity Of Ann Edwards
Charity Of Ann Holt
Charity Of Ann Howsden
Charity Of Ann Long For Widows
Charity Of Ann Pring
Charity Of Ann Tomes
Charity Of Ann Townend
Charity Of Ann Tuckey
Charity Of Ann Tynte
Charity Of Ann Walker
Charity Of Annabelle Lady Boughey
Charity Of Annalan Gulston Atkyns
Charity Of Anne Brewer
Charity Of Anne Brooks
Charity Of Anne Frances Praed
Charity Of Anne Goulston
Charity Of Anne Worsley
Charity Of Annie Ashworth
Charity Of Annie Cragoe For Kenwyn Churchyard And Church
Charity Of Annie Hilda Read For A Children s Playground And Community Centre
Charity Of Annie Kew Otherwise Sherwood House
Charity Of Annie Maria Berry
Charity Of Annie Mary Smith
Charity Of Annie Pickering
Charity Of Annie Victoria Dutton For Poor
Charity Of Anthony Roper
Charity Of Arabella Morgan For Bibles And Clothing
Charity Of Arthur David Davies
Charity Of Arthur Hitchcock
Charity Of Arthur James Cook
Charity Of Arthur Vernon Davies For The Poor
Charity Of Bailey And Rodbard
Charity Of Barnabas Holbeche
Charity Of Baron Prys
Charity Of Beatrice Maud Amelia Neville
Charity Of Benjamin Butterworth For Poor
Charity Of Benjamin Wood Cleave
Charity Of Bennett John Toms For The Poor Of Lanreath
Charity Of Bernard Hutchins
Charity Of Bernard Sharp
Charity Of Bessie Cook
Charity Of Bishop Chandler durham Branch
Charity Of Bishop Chandler newcastle Branch
Charity Of Bishop Porteus For Poor
Charity Of C H H Cresswell
Charity Of C V Thomas For Camborne Chapel Street Methodist Church
Charity Of Calder Vale Recreation Ground
Charity Of Caroline Amelia Norman For A Reading Room And Allotments
Charity Of Caroline Mary Somes For The Poor
Charity Of Caroline P Anstruther Mackay
Charity Of Caroline Richards
Charity Of Caroline Wigley Bell
Charity Of Catherina Bovey For The Benefit Of Minister
Charity Of Catherine Celeste Hyde
Charity Of Catherine Corby
Charity Of Catherine Palmer
Charity Of Cecilia Knill
Charity Of Celia Caldecott
Charity Of Charity Boon
Charity Of Charity Norris
Charity Of Charles Attwood
Charity Of Charles Baron Deer
Charity Of Charles Barrington
Charity Of Charles Bertie
Charity Of Charles Clarke For Church Purposes
Charity Of Charles Clement Walker commonly Known As The Walker Trust
Charity Of Charles Collison
Charity Of Charles Cooper For Almshouses Including Augmentations Of John Everitt Cooper
Charity Of Charles Duke Of Bolton share
Charity Of Charles Edward Baring Young For Allotments
Charity Of Charles Foxe ecclesiastical Branch
Charity Of Charles Gann
Charity Of Charles Hallett Finch
Charity Of Charles Lord Maynard For Parish Clerk
Charity Of Charles Lukey Collard
Charity Of Charles Pearce
Charity Of Charles Pratt
Charity Of Charles Soames
Charity Of Charles Thomas
Charity Of Charles William Fudge For Prizes For Children Attending The Sunday School Of The Congregation Chapel Of Glastonbury
Charity Of Charles William Fudge
Charity Of Charles William Willock Dawes
Charity Of Charlotte Gell For Relief In Need
Charity Of Christine Eliza Jull
Charity Of Christopher And Thomas Carter Otherwise Bagby Dole
Charity Of Christopher Cadle
Charity Of Christopher Cooke
Charity Of Christopher Ringar
Charity Of Christopher Robinson
Charity Of Christopher Willowby
Charity Of Clara Fowler For The Assistant Curates Or Curate Of The Church Of Holy Trinity
Charity Of Clement Jones
Charity Of Clement Roebuck
Charity Of Clement Winstanley
Charity Of Collingwood Hope For Aged Poor
Charity Of Colonel Francis Vernon Harcourt
Charity Of Colonel Henry Doughty
Charity Of Colonel John Harvey Ollney
Charity Of Colonel John Robert Campbell
Charity Of Cranston Waddell For The Aged Poor
Charity Of Crawshay Bailey
Charity Of Cuthbert Alder
Charity Of Dame Elizabeth Sara Maude Harnage
Charity Of Dame Mary Hill For Poor Children
Charity Of Dame Sarah Annabella Boughey
Charity Of Daniel Dover
Charity Of Daniel Jenkins
Charity Of Daubeney Turbeville
Charity Of David Chaplin
Charity Of David Osborne
Charity Of David P Mceuen
Charity Of Diana Nation
Charity Of Dinah Richardson
Charity Of Dinah Ritchie
Charity Of Dionysius Palmer
Charity Of Dorothy Lady Burghley
Charity Of Dorothy Parkes Known As Smethwick Chapelry
Charity Of Dr John Fitz William estate Charity
Charity Of Dr John Fitz William For The Church
Charity Of Dr John Fitz William For The Poor
Charity Of Dr Smoult
Charity Of E T Howlett For Ilketshall St John Parish Church
Charity Of Earl Fauconberg For Poor
Charity Of Edgar Ralph Dore
Charity Of Edith Brown
Charity Of Edith Elisabeth Marie Wilshere
Charity Of Edith Emily Todd Share Applicable To Lilleshall
Charity Of Edith Kitchener
Charity Of Edith Mary Drewett
Charity Of Edmund Bradstock For The Poor estate Charity
Charity Of Edmund Calton
Charity Of Edmund Rogers
Charity Of Edmund Waller
Charity Of Edward Armitage
Charity Of Edward Blagdon
Charity Of Edward Chiseldon
Charity Of Edward Dickinson
Charity Of Edward Dodge
Charity Of Edward George Broad
Charity Of Edward Hallam
Charity Of Edward Jolly
Charity Of Edward Marke
Charity Of Edward Richard And Dorothea Oliver
Charity Of Edward Thomas Walton
Charity Of Edward Wand
Charity Of Edward William Arundel
Charity Of Edward William Cole
Charity Of Edward William Johnson
Charity Of Edwin Henry Burden
Charity Of Edwin Ogden For The Poor
Charity Of Eleanor Burt
Charity Of Eleanor Vause Walker
Charity Of Elias Marshall
Charity Of Eliza Augusta Davis
Charity Of Eliza Gardiner
Charity Of Eliza Ward
Charity Of Elizabeth Ashbridge Fothergill
Charity Of Elizabeth Ayers
Charity Of Elizabeth Bailey For A Playing Ground
Charity Of Elizabeth Barnett
Charity Of Elizabeth Blandford
Charity Of Elizabeth Cass
Charity Of Elizabeth Cheyney
Charity Of Elizabeth Dobson For Poor
Charity Of Elizabeth Eman
Charity Of Elizabeth Forster
Charity Of Elizabeth Hansby
Charity Of Elizabeth Harrison
Charity Of Elizabeth Heard
Charity Of Elizabeth Jenaway
Charity Of Elizabeth Owen
Charity Of Elizabeth Roberts estate Charity
Charity Of Elizabeth Roberts gwersyllt Congregational Church Share
Charity Of Elizabeth Roberts salisbury Park United Reformed Church Share
Charity Of Elizabeth Smithsend For The Poor
Charity Of Elizabeth Swillington
Charity Of Elizabeth Tillson Bradshaw
Charity Of Elizabeth Wadsworth
Charity Of Elizabeth While
Charity Of Elizabeth Wilcox
Charity Of Ellen Gertrude Sneller Small For Poor Gentlefolk
Charity Of Ellen Griffith
Charity Of Ellen Ludlam For An Open Space Or Park
Charity Of Ellen Mary Holesgrove
Charity Of Elspeth Mary Carr For Recreation Ground
Charity Of Emily Amelia Ponting
Charity Of Emily Maria Slow
Charity Of Emily Wilson barkworth For Poor Beneficed Clergy Of The Church
Charity Of Emma Aggatha Ogilvie
Charity Of Emma Simpson For Almshouses
Charity Of Estella Michaela Louisa Canziani
Charity Of Ethel Maude Haines
Charity Of Eva Annette Louisa Bishop
Charity Of F P Finn
Charity Of Fanny Clifton
Charity Of Fanny Darby
Charity Of Fanny Enid Latham Horsford
Charity Of Fanny Longman
Charity Of Felicia Williams
Charity Of Felix Thornley Cobbold
Charity Of Florence Enid Farmer
Charity Of Florence R L Blagg For The Preston Branch Of The Soldiers Sailors And Airmen s Families Association
Charity Of Florence Victoria Atkinson And Ernest Atkinson
Charity Of Frances Alice Chesterton
Charity Of Frances Chambers
Charity Of Frances Christmas
Charity Of Frances D H Ellis for Maintenance And Repair Of Church Brasses And Upkeep Of Churchyard
Charity Of Frances D H Ellis For Repair And Maintenances Of Church Fabric
Charity Of Frances Dixon
Charity Of Frances Fletcher
Charity Of Frances Georgina Cooke
Charity Of Frances Jane Ward The Public Library
Charity Of Frances Selwyn
Charity Of Frances Wilson
Charity Of Francis Alexander Hardy
Charity Of Francis Berkham otherwise Beckham
Charity Of Francis Carthew
Charity Of Francis Layton
Charity Of Francis Lord Carrington
Charity Of Francis Maseres
Charity Of Francis Staley For Nurse
Charity Of Fred Ralph Carr For Necessitous Clergy In The Archdeaconry Of Northumberland
Charity Of Frederick Edmund Guntrip
Charity Of Frederick Franklin For A Public Park
Charity Of Frederick Gyde Trust
Charity Of Frederick Norman Hill
Charity Of Frederick Pearson Fisher
Charity Of Frederick William Taylor
Charity Of Friend Williamson
Charity Of G E Godson
Charity Of G V Ball people s Park Banbury
Charity Of Gabriel Richards otherwise Known As Goodnestone Hospital
Charity Of General The Honorable Bernard Matthew Ward
Charity Of George Abbott 2 Charity Of Matilda Abbott
Charity Of George Brown
Charity Of George Bruton For Poor And Church Expenses
Charity Of George Cheetham Hussey staley
Charity Of George Cook Pape
Charity Of George Cox
Charity Of George Cressener
Charity Of George Dalton
Charity Of George De Gee
Charity Of George Fletcher
Charity Of George Herbert
Charity Of George Hodgson
Charity Of George Hutt For Widowers
Charity Of George Jenkinson
Charity Of George John Fenwick
Charity Of George Kelham
Charity Of George Lord Rivers
Charity Of George Metham wisbech
Charity Of George Pilkington
Charity Of George Pitt And Others eleemosynary Share
Charity Of George Sneath
Charity Of George Tayler In The Parish Of Edington
Charity Of George Taylor
Charity Of George Wells west Stockwith Share
Charity Of George Wharton
Charity Of George William Bursnoll
Charity Of German Pole dalbury Branch
Charity Of German Pole estate Trustees
Charity Of German Pole mercaston Branch
Charity Of German Pole radbourne Branch
Charity Of Gilbert Compton Elliot
Charity Of Gilbert Thacker
Charity Of Giles Cox
Charity Of Gladys Constance Excell
Charity Of Grace Callow
Charity Of Grace Catherine Pakenham Mahon
Charity Of Griffith Roberts
Charity Of H Gummer
Charity Of Hannah Leadbetter
Charity Of Hannah Pickard St Johns Methodist Church South Parade Ossett
Charity Of Hargill Walker
Charity Of Harley K Butt
Charity Of Harold Beard
Charity Of Harriet Copland
Charity Of Harriet Elizabeth Tyler
Charity Of Harriet Louisa Loxton
Charity Of Harriet Walker
Charity Of Harris Abrahamson Deceased
Charity Of Harry Joynour
Charity Of Harry Samuel Senior
Charity Of Harry Smithers
Charity Of Hayward And Phinney
Charity Of Helen Amelia Marshall
Charity Of Helen Egerton
Charity Of Helen Powell For Ecclesiastical Purposes
Charity Of Helena Blundell
Charity Of Henrietta C Raynsforth
Charity Of Henry Abel And Another
Charity Of Henry And Richard Long spitalfields Allotments
Charity Of Henry Baron James
Charity Of Henry Benton
Charity Of Henry Booth
Charity Of Henry Bould
Charity Of Henry Cockcroft Helliwell
Charity Of Henry Copland
Charity Of Henry Creswell Priddle
Charity Of Henry Douglas Rooke
Charity Of Henry Duke Of Cleveland
Charity Of Henry Forster
Charity Of Henry Giles And Others
Charity Of Henry Gill
Charity Of Henry Golding Deeks
Charity Of Henry John Randall
Charity Of Henry Lewis
Charity Of Henry Morris
Charity Of Henry Neave
Charity Of Henry Peake Ramsey
Charity Of Henry Peters
Charity Of Henry Prince
Charity Of Henry Rogers
Charity Of Henry Smith And Others For Ash And Normandy
Charity Of Henry Smith longney Estate
Charity Of Henry Smith st John Baptist Branch
Charity Of Henry Smith tolleshunt D arcy Estate
Charity Of Henry Smith Warbleton Estate Parish Of Ockham
Charity Of Henry Smith warbleton Estate
Charity Of Henry Smith
Charity Of Henry Steadman
Charity Of Henry Stone
Charity Of Henry Trotter
Charity Of Henry Wotton
Charity Of Henry Younger Blake
Charity Of Herbert Sworder For The Poor
Charity Of Hirgo Badger And Another
Charity Of Honourable Maria Louisa Carleton
Charity Of Horatio John Briggs
Charity Of Hugh Hughes Rowland
Charity Of Hugh Kerkham
Charity Of Hugh Phipps
Charity Of Hugh Prescott Elliott for Allotments
Charity Of Hugh Sleigh
Charity Of Humphrey Brooke
Charity Of Humphrey Chilton Howard Francis
Charity Of Ida Frances Blackett
Charity Of Isaac Crowther
Charity Of Isabel Day
Charity Of Isabella Kate Tomkins
Charity Of Isabella Sara Blennerhassett
Charity Of Isabella Schroder
Charity Of Isabella Sophia Leander
Charity Of Ivy Osborn For Widows And Spinsters
Charity Of J Harvey
Charity Of J jones For The Poor
Charity Of Jack Swift
Charity Of James Aldous For A Public Museum
Charity Of James Basnett
Charity Of James Battin
Charity Of James Bentley For Poor
Charity Of James Braham
Charity Of James Carlton Eckersley
Charity Of James Dudley Hart
Charity Of James Edwards
Charity Of James Fell Other Than The Educational Foundation
Charity Of James Flesher
Charity Of James Harrison
Charity Of James Kelcey
Charity Of James Limborough
Charity Of James Miles
Charity Of James Owen
Charity Of James Robins Holmes
Charity Of James Spurrier Wright
Charity Of James Viner Ockford Hall For The Society Of The Brethren Of Christ
Charity Of James Watson Randall
Charity Of Jane Brett
Charity Of Jane Brooke
Charity Of Jane Busby
Charity Of Jane Cartwright
Charity Of Jane Clarke
Charity Of Jane Cooper For Coal
Charity Of Jane Foster
Charity Of Jane Freeman For Poor
Charity Of Jane Hardcastle
Charity Of Jane Margaret Birkett For Sick Poor
Charity Of Jane Marianne Elwes For Sick Poor
Charity Of Jane Patricia Eccles
Charity Of Jane Pepper
Charity Of Jeffery Grimwood
Charity Of Joan Bradshaw
Charity Of Job Marston
Charity Of John Allen
Charity Of John And Mary Eeles And Matthew Nash
Charity Of John And Mary Leigh For The Blind
Charity Of John Andrew andrew s Dole
Charity Of John Arthur Newbold
Charity Of John Attwood
Charity Of John Avison
Charity Of John Bend
Charity Of John Bowsher For Bachelors
Charity Of John Bramley
Charity Of John Brownfield
Charity Of John Buckland And Mary Buckland
Charity Of John Careway
Charity Of John Cartmer
Charity Of John Charman
Charity Of John Cheyney
Charity Of John Collins
Charity Of John Cooke
Charity Of John Cooper
Charity Of John Corder
Charity Of John Corner
Charity Of John Cowper or Cooper
Charity Of John Cox Jones
Charity Of John Cuthbert Palk
Charity Of John Dalston
Charity Of John Davey
Charity Of John Daw
Charity Of John Dawber
Charity Of John Dickonson
Charity Of John Dodgson
Charity Of John Evans For The Poor
Charity Of John Evans
Charity Of John Farmer
Charity Of John Fraunceis Gwyn
Charity Of John Gawdrey
Charity Of John Hampson jones
Charity Of John Henry Smith
Charity Of John Hill
Charity Of John Hodgson
Charity Of John Holden estate Trustees
Charity Of John Holme
Charity Of John Lane Pickles
Charity Of John Leach
Charity Of John Longmore
Charity Of John Lovett
Charity Of John Lucock
Charity Of John Marler
Charity Of John Marshall
Charity Of John Mckie Elliott Deceased
Charity Of John Measant
Charity Of John Middleton For Upkeep Of War Memorial
Charity Of John Millard
Charity Of John Miller
Charity Of John Nicholson
Charity Of John Noel Atthill
Charity Of John Pardoe
Charity Of John Pattison
Charity Of John Pearce
Charity Of John Pinder
Charity Of John Pitts
Charity Of John Plummer
Charity Of John Pollard
Charity Of John Preston
Charity Of John Rishton
Charity Of John Robinson
Charity Of John Rogers
Charity Of John Scott
Charity Of John Smethurst For Chapelfield Mission
Charity Of John Smethurst For Church
Charity Of John Smethurst For The Poor
Charity Of John Smith
Charity Of John Sowter
Charity Of John Spencer
Charity Of John Spendluffe
Charity Of John Sutton For The Vicar Of St Mary Bury St Edmunds
Charity Of John Tompkins
Charity Of John Troughton
Charity Of John Ward And Others
Charity Of John Wells
Charity Of John William Cutler Bickley
Charity Of John William Sewell
Charity Of John Wilson
Charity Of John Wishart Lyell
Charity Of Jonathan And Rebecca Edwards
Charity Of Joseph Bankes
Charity Of Joseph Blanchard
Charity Of Joseph Catt
Charity Of Joseph Clarey
Charity Of Joseph Cole
Charity Of Joseph Dawe
Charity Of Joseph Fisher For Sick And Poor
Charity Of Joseph Hague For The Poor
Charity Of Joseph Hopkins
Charity Of Joseph Kersey
Charity Of Joseph Lepton
Charity Of Joseph William Jackson
Charity Of Joseph Yeardley Carnelly For Poor
Charity Of Joshua Brooking Rowe
Charity Of Joshua Cox
Charity Of Joshua Jebb
Charity Of Joshua Jefferson
Charity Of Joshua Tyler For The Poor
Charity Of Julia Dodson Cardew For The Assistant Clergy
Charity Of Julia Pretty
Charity Of Julia Spicer For Almshouses
Charity Of Katharine Shore
Charity Of Keziah Cook
Charity Of Knight And Palmer
Charity Of Lady Capel
Charity Of Lady Harriet Eliza Danvers Harrison
Charity Of Lady Mico And Others
Charity Of Lady Rebecca Kingsmill
Charity Of Lady Senhouse
Charity Of Lady Sophia Blunt
Charity Of Lady Sophia Chaworth
Charity Of Laura Collins
Charity Of Laura Elizabeth Stuart
Charity Of Laura James
Charity Of Laura Sybil Barlow
Charity Of Lawrence Henry Clegg For Poor
Charity Of Lazarus Hart For Havens Of Rest
Charity Of Leonard Apsley
Charity Of Leonard Thompson
Charity Of Lewis Gilbert
Charity Of Lewis Owen conway Share
Charity Of Lilian Armitage
Charity Of Lizzie Louisa Jones
Charity Of Lord Amelius Wentworth Beauclerk
Charity Of Lord Arundell Of Wardour
Charity Of Lord Maynard For Parish Clerk
Charity Of Lord Rich otherwise The Herring Gift
Charity Of Louisa Dickinson
Charity Of Louisa Kate Nicholson
Charity Of Lucretia Elizabeth Jones For Parish Nurses Fund
Charity Of Lucy Ann Longstaff
Charity Of Lydia Florence Jellicoe
Charity Of Mabel Asprey
Charity Of Mabel Edith Maud Blewett
Charity Of Mabel Georgina Marion Shickle For Gentlepeople Of Limited Means
Charity Of Margaret Elizabeth Jones
Charity Of Margaret Moscrop
Charity Of Margaret Peirson For Almshouses
Charity Of Maria Brent
Charity Of Marianne Hamilton For Church Of England
Charity Of Marianne Jones bateman And Augmentations
Charity Of Mariano Fernandez
Charity Of Marjorie Hurst
Charity Of Mark Kirby
Charity Of Markland Barnard
Charity Of Marmaduke Tunstall
Charity Of Martha Carter
Charity Of Martha Sophia Webb
Charity Of Mary Ann Dixon For Choir
Charity Of Mary Ann Evans For Poor
Charity Of Mary ann Gibson
Charity Of Mary Ann Le Feaver
Charity Of Mary Ann Morris
Charity Of Mary Aston
Charity Of Mary Baker
Charity Of Mary Bastow
Charity Of Mary Baxter Fowler
Charity Of Mary Bone
Charity Of Mary Booth And Cecily Margaret Booth For A Common
Charity Of Mary Brent
Charity Of Mary Campbell Curre
Charity Of Mary Catherine Ford Smith
Charity Of Mary Clarke
Charity Of Mary Constance Bennett
Charity Of Mary Cox Held In Connection With Church Hill Strict Baptist Chapel
Charity Of Mary Doorman Goodlake
Charity Of Mary Elizabeth Morris
Charity Of Mary Esther Waldo Sibthorp
Charity Of Mary Fletcher
Charity Of Mary Frances Daniel For Reading Room Or Bickleigh Parish Room
Charity Of Mary Frost
Charity Of Mary Gibbon For Hartlip Endowed School
Charity Of Mary Godfrey
Charity Of Mary Handy Mercer
Charity Of Mary Hankinson
Charity Of Mary Hardy
Charity Of Mary Isobel Potter
Charity Of Mary Jane Countess Of Meath discretionary Trust
Charity Of Mary Jane Cross
Charity Of Mary Jones
Charity Of Mary Kate Stevenson known As Playford Parish Hall
Charity Of Mary Margaret Tyas For Poor Fisherman And Their Families
Charity Of Mary Oborn
Charity Of Mary Page
Charity Of Mary Parminter
Charity Of Mary Patricia O halloran
Charity Of Mary Peacock
Charity Of Mary Pettyt
Charity Of Mary Phillips
Charity Of Mary Plant for St Luke s Church
Charity Of Mary Plumley
Charity Of Mary Price
Charity Of Mary Rayner
Charity Of Mary Rogers
Charity Of Mary Sambrook
Charity Of Mary Trickett Estate Trustees
Charity Of Mary Tucker
Charity Of Mary Turner
Charity Of Mary Winfield Lambert For Coals And Clothing
Charity Of Matthew Tomlinson
Charity Of Matthias Royce Griffin
Charity Of May Bruce Robinson For The Repair And Upkeep Of The Church Of St Giles South Mimms
Charity Of May Roberta Bevan
Charity Of Minnie Selina Downing
Charity Of Miss Ann Farrar Brideoake
Charity Of Miss Caroline Norman
Charity Of Miss Caroline Starks
Charity Of Miss E M E Mackinnon For The Poor
Charity Of Miss Eliza Clubley Middleton
Charity Of Miss Elizabeth Mundy
Charity Of Miss Ellinor Rolleston
Charity Of Miss Emma Tomkins For Choir Of Parish Church
Charity Of Miss Emma Walker
Charity Of Miss Fanny Speakes
Charity Of Miss H M Guy
Charity Of Miss Hannah Collinson
Charity Of Miss Jane E C Seymour
Charity Of Miss Jane Fisher
Charity Of Miss Johanna Gordon Parrish For Poor
Charity Of Miss Johanna Gordon Parrish For Repair Of Vault In Church
Charity Of Miss Louisa Ann Ryland For Endowment Of Church
Charity Of Miss M J Hardy
Charity Of Miss Mabel Chandler
Charity Of Miss Mabel Rowe
Charity Of Miss Mary Ann Scotney For Almshouses
Charity Of Miss Mary Ann Thompson
Charity Of Miss Mary Goord
Charity Of Miss Mary Louisa Turner For The Sick Poor
Charity Of Miss Nancy Ferris Thomas
Charity Of Miss Sarah Brinton For The Organist
Charity Of Morgan Watkins And Another Locally Known As The Beddege Charity
Charity Of Moses Cowley
Charity Of Mrs Ann Eliza Cooper
Charity Of Mrs Ann Hudson For Market Drayton Nursing Association
Charity Of Mrs Ann Price For Poor Widows
Charity Of Mrs Catherine Cornforth
Charity Of Mrs Catherine Walker
Charity Of Mrs E M A Ogilvie
Charity Of Mrs Eliza Ann Gleadow For Almshouses
Charity Of Mrs Eliza King
Charity Of Mrs Elizabeth Cook
Charity Of Mrs Elizabeth Ellen Turner For Ladies In Reduced Circumstances
Charity Of Mrs Elizabeth Rook
Charity Of Mrs Emma Pressland
Charity Of Mrs Hannah Kennington deceased
Charity Of Mrs Isabella Evans
Charity Of Mrs Isabella Georgina Turner
Charity Of Mrs J A Staveley
Charity Of Mrs Jane Baker
Charity Of Mrs K W Bradford deceased
Charity Of Mrs Lees
Charity Of Mrs Lily Ada Jones
Charity Of Mrs Mabel Creswell North
Charity Of Mrs Mary Ann Blakemore Minor For Gentlewomen In Distressed Circumstances
Charity Of Mrs Mary Barfield
Charity Of Mrs Mary Chesshyre
Charity Of Mrs Nina Vashti Goodhart
Charity Of Mrs Sarah Ann Board
Charity Of Mrs Sarah Bernard
Charity Of Mrs Sheba Kent
Charity Of Mrs Sykes
Charity Of Needham Cheselden
Charity Of Nessie Mathews And John Monk
Charity Of Norman Pochin
Charity Of Owen Longstaff For Neighbouring Roman Catholic Poor
Charity Of Owen Williams
Charity Of Palemon Best
Charity Of Paulus Ambrosius Crooke
Charity Of Percy Earl
Charity Of Peter Nevill
Charity Of Peter Symonds
Charity Of Philip And Sarah Stanford
Charity Of Philip Bendelowe
Charity Of Philip Box For Organist
Charity Of Phillip Woolley
Charity Of Quilla Charnock
Charity Of R Dutton
Charity Of Rachael Stafford
Charity Of Rachel Clegg
Charity Of Rachel Long And An Unknown Donor
Charity Of Rachel Senior For Deserving Widows And Spinsters
Charity Of Ralph Chapman
Charity Of Ralph Longworth
Charity Of Randolph Pattinson known Locally As The Poor Gardens
Charity Of Rebecca Farmer Edmonds
Charity Of Rebecca Hussey For Africans
Charity Of Reverend A B Hemsworth
Charity Of Reverend Charles Layfield Dd
Charity Of Reverend Edmund Wallas laneham
Charity Of Reverend Francis Capper
Charity Of Reverend George Frederick Fessey
Charity Of Reverend J H Dent For The Poor
Charity Of Reverend John George Cotton Browne
Charity Of Reverend John Palmer For The Poor
Charity Of Reverend John Witherstone
Charity Of Reverend Richard Brocklesby
Charity Of Reverend Robert Challoner For Sermons
Charity Of Reverend Robert D oyley D D For Bread
Charity Of Reverend Samuel Wellfit
Charity Of Reverend Thomas Ambler Bolton
Charity Of Reverend Thomas Meyrick
Charity Of Reverend Walter Levett otherwise Known As The Lich Gate Charity
Charity Of Reverend William Dodwell apprenticing
Charity Of Reverend William Thomas Jennings
Charity Of Richard Austin
Charity Of Richard Ballard
Charity Of Richard Belcher
Charity Of Richard Berry
Charity Of Richard Browne
Charity Of Richard Bryan
Charity Of Richard Cheese
Charity of Richard Cloudesley
Charity Of Richard Crandall For The Poor Of Chiddingstone
Charity Of Richard Crandall For The Poor Of Leigh
Charity Of Richard Crane
Charity Of Richard Dawson
Charity Of Richard Down
Charity Of Richard Earl Of Ranelagh for The Vicar And The Poor
Charity Of Richard Ellison For Poor
Charity Of Richard Green
Charity Of Richard Gwatkin
Charity Of Richard Howarth
Charity Of Richard James Thomas
Charity Of Richard James
Charity Of Richard Mayfield
Charity Of Richard Metcalfe
Charity Of Richard Nathaniel Broom
Charity Of Richard Naylor
Charity Of Richard Newbee
Charity Of Richard North
Charity Of Richard Orton
Charity Of Richard Pakeman Uppingham Share
Charity Of Richard Pateman
Charity Of Richard Repington For Poor
Charity Of Richard William Bent
Charity Of Robert Barnard
Charity Of Robert Barwick Or Hutton s Dole
Charity Of Robert Bayly
Charity Of Robert Best In Connection With Oak Hall Mission
Charity Of Robert Bourne
Charity Of Robert Brooks
Charity Of Robert Bryan
Charity Of Robert Buck
Charity Of Robert Edward Lunniss
Charity Of Robert Grantham
Charity Of Robert Hodgson
Charity Of Robert Ibbotson For Apprenticing
Charity Of Robert King
Charity Of Robert Oldfield For The Vicar And For Other Ecclesiastical Purposes
Charity Of Robert Phillips
Charity Of Robert Troutbeck
Charity Of Robert Waring Darwin
Charity Of Robinson And Others
Charity Of Roger Hinton burton And Rickerscote Share
Charity Of Roger Payne
Charity Of Roger Reede
Charity Of Ruth Fenwicke clennell
Charity Of Ruth Stubbs For Minister Of Chapel Of Butterton
Charity Of Samuel Alcock
Charity Of Samuel Bayly Verney Asser
Charity Of Samuel Clouting
Charity Of Samuel Cross For Independent Denomination
Charity Of Samuel Daniel Ewins
Charity Of Samuel Edward Bemister For The Bere Regis Nursing Fund
Charity Of Samuel Howard
Charity Of Samuel Lee
Charity Of Samuel Newton
Charity Of Samuel Winnall
Charity Of Samuel Wollaston
Charity Of Sarah Ann Blandy For Village Reading Room And Working Mens Club
Charity Of Sarah Anne Chapman
Charity Of Sarah Brinton For Repair Of Christ Church
Charity Of Sarah Duchess Of Marlborough
Charity Of Sarah Elizabeth Hartt
Charity Of Sarah Guest
Charity Of Sarah Isabella Mcclean
Charity Of Sarah Jane Wood And Mary Ann Garnett
Charity Of Sarah Losh known As Losh Educational Foundation
Charity Of Sarah Smith
Charity Of Sarah Walton For Five Almswomen
Charity Of Sarah Ward
Charity Of Seth Hurt Holliday
Charity Of Sidney Arthur Harris For Churchyard
Charity Of Sidney Foxley Dunham
Charity Of Sidney Paige Adams For Improvement Of Borough
Charity Of Simon Clarke
Charity Of Simon Nicholson
Charity Of Sir Alexander Buller
Charity Of Sir Benjamin Maddox
Charity Of Sir Bernard Friedrich Eckstein
Charity Of Sir Edwin Durning lawrence Including The Rowse Bequest
Charity Of Sir Francis Boileau
Charity Of Sir Francis Boteler
Charity Of Sir Henry Digby
Charity Of Sir Henry Fermor
Charity Of Sir James A Jacoby
Charity Of Sir John Green And Richard Herward also Known As Barnard s Charity
Charity Of Sir John James
Charity Of Sir John Pettus And Others
Charity Of Sir Joseph Williamson For Apprenticing
Charity Of Sir Nathaniel Napier
Charity Of Sir Richard Cox
Charity of Sir Richard Whittington
Charity Of Sir Robert And Dame Louisa Atkyns Non Ecclesiastical Charity
Charity Of Sir Robert Christopher
Charity Of Sir Stephen Cave
Charity Of Sir Thomas White Warwick
Charity Of Sir Walter Gray
Charity Of Sir Warwick Hele
Charity Of Solomon Hastings
Charity Of Sophia Ann Osborne
Charity Of Sophia Elizabeth Maybee
Charity Of Sophia Gifford Edmonds
Charity Of Sophia Hannah Williams
Charity Of Stephen Blair
Charity Of Stephen Edwards
Charity Of Stephenson Clarke At Highbrook All Saints
Charity Of Stephenson Clarke
Charity Of Susanna Frances May
Charity Of Susanna Hall
Charity Of Susannah Blesard
Charity Of Susannah Cocks Nanfan
Charity Of Susannah Toes
Charity Of Sydney Poole Lowdell
Charity Of Symon Miles
Charity Of The Adolf And Emmi Wollenberg Trust
Charity Of The Discalced Carmelites
Charity Of The Helions Bumpstead And Baxter Charities
Charity Of The Honourable And Reverend Henry Finch
Charity Of The Honourable Charles Bertie
Charity Of The Honourable Dorothy Langley
Charity Of The Honourable Reverend Llewellyn Charles Robert Irby
Charity Of The Reverend Andrew Cranston For A Library
Charity Of The Reverend Cecil Henry Maunsell
Charity Of The Reverend Dr Bray And His Associates For Theological Libraries
Charity Of The Reverend Edward Leach
Charity Of The Reverend Edward Thomas Hoare
Charity Of The Reverend George Augustusmontgomery For The Church
Charity Of The Reverend George Frederick Fessey For Coal
Charity Of The Reverend H D Wyatt
Charity Of The Reverend Henry Rix
Charity Of The Reverend Henry Walter Cabell Geldart
Charity Of The Reverend Henry Westall For Poor
Charity Of The Reverend James Davies
Charity Of The Reverend John Crosier For Highways And Church
Charity Of The Reverend John Gregory
Charity Of The Reverend Joseph Cox
Charity Of The Reverend Michael Seymour Edgell
Charity Of The Reverend O Gordon For Choir Of Parish Church
Charity Of The Reverend Thomas Jessop
Charity Of The Reverend Thomas Palmer
Charity Of The Reverend Thomas William Macpherson
Charity Of The Reverend William Blowers Bliss
Charity Of The Reverend William Spencer
Charity Of The Sisters Of St John Of God
Charity Of Theophilus Tripe Marke
Charity Of Theresa Harriet Mary Delacour
Charity Of Thomas Abbott
Charity Of Thomas Amphlett
Charity Of Thomas And Catherine Smith For The Poor
Charity Of Thomas And William James
Charity Of Thomas Annotson
Charity Of Thomas Ashton
Charity Of Thomas Astbury
Charity Of Thomas Barraclough
Charity Of Thomas Barrett
Charity Of Thomas Barton
Charity Of Thomas Benson
Charity Of Thomas Blamey
Charity Of Thomas Blank
Charity Of Thomas Bosenhoe
Charity Of Thomas Boxley
Charity Of Thomas Brewer
Charity Of Thomas Broome
Charity Of Thomas Bullock
Charity Of Thomas Bulwer For The Benefit Of The Vicar And Poor
Charity Of Thomas Bunney Exclusive Of Bunney Educational Foundation
Charity Of Thomas Byrom
Charity Of Thomas Cape
Charity Of Thomas Carter
Charity Of Thomas Chamberlin
Charity Of Thomas Cowley Exclusive Of The Cowley Educational Foundation
Charity Of Thomas Cox
Charity Of Thomas Dawson
Charity Of Thomas Dickinson
Charity Of Thomas Edwin Crocker
Charity Of Thomas Frith
Charity Of Thomas George
Charity Of Thomas Goodwinne or Goodwin
Charity Of Thomas Goold And John Cross
Charity Of Thomas Grimsby
Charity Of Thomas Guy
Charity Of Thomas Harborne
Charity Of Thomas Harrill
Charity Of Thomas Henwood
Charity Of Thomas Hill
Charity Of Thomas Holroyd
Charity Of Thomas Horley
Charity Of Thomas Johnson For The Poor Of The Parish Of Kaber
Charity Of Thomas Johnson grappenhall Share
Charity Of Thomas Knyghton including The Town Houses
Charity Of Thomas Love
Charity Of Thomas Moore
Charity Of Thomas Morris
Charity Of Thomas Muggleton
Charity Of Thomas Parry
Charity Of Thomas Phillipps children s Branch
Charity Of Thomas Pope
Charity Of Thomas Powell
Charity Of Thomas Purnell Gully
Charity Of Thomas Richardson For A Free School
Charity Of Thomas Rickman Harman
Charity Of Thomas Rippengell
Charity Of Thomas Robinson Ferens For A Home Of Rest At Holderness House
Charity Of Thomas Stanley
Charity Of Thomas Stevens
Charity Of Thomas Suckling And Agnes Elizabeth Baynton
Charity Of Thomas Thomlinson
Charity Of Thomas Thompson For Poor
Charity Of Thomas Washington Horne For The Poor
Charity Of Thos Mableston Of Brothertoft
Charity Of Timothy Dean For Poor Ministers And Poor Widows Of Ministers
Charity Of Timothy Deleene
Charity Of Tom Coles For A Recreation Ground
Charity Of Ursula Mountney For The Poor Of The Ancient Parish Of Corbridge
Charity Of Victor Moore Day
Charity Of Viscountess Sumner Of Ibstone
Charity Of W J Adams
Charity Of Walter Bressey
Charity Of Walter Coryton
Charity Of Walter George Hatfield Harter
Charity Of Walter Stanley
Charity Of Wesley Hebden Coome
Charity Of William Aylett estate Trustees
Charity Of William Bastard duloe Parish
Charity Of William Bastard St Veep Branch
Charity Of William Batchelor
Charity Of William Beare
Charity Of William Bold
Charity Of William Botley
Charity Of William Brereton For The Poor
Charity Of William Briggs
Charity Of William Brittaine
Charity Of William Chapman
Charity Of William Chester buckminster Share
Charity Of William Chester croxton Kerrial Share
Charity Of William Chowles
Charity Of William Clarke Vincent
Charity Of William Clarke
Charity Of William Coates
Charity Of William Coats Armstrong For Poor
Charity Of William Courtney
Charity Of William Dilks
Charity Of William Dobbs
Charity Of William Downhall
Charity Of William Dunce
Charity Of William Ferber
Charity Of William Frost
Charity Of William Gerrard Otherwise Known As The Church Estate
Charity Of William Gould
Charity Of William Green For Buckland United Reformed Church
Charity Of William Green
Charity Of William Hall
Charity Of William Hardcastle
Charity Of William Hart
Charity Of William Henry Chick
Charity Of William Henry Fox For A Parish Room
Charity Of William Henry Gunson
Charity Of William Henry Hirst
Charity Of William Henry Warland
Charity Of William Hewett
Charity Of William Hodgkins
Charity Of William Hodgson
Charity Of William Hole
Charity Of William Jackson
Charity Of William John Bedson trust 524
Charity Of William John Cook
Charity Of William John Legge
Charity Of William Jones
Charity Of William Kingdon Thomas
Charity Of William Kinloch
Charity Of William Korner
Charity Of William Leadbetter Golborne Share
Charity Of William Little
Charity Of William Lunn For Poor Of Holy Trinity Church Batley Carr
Charity Of William Lunn For Poor
Charity Of William Marshall
Charity Of William Mawbey Jones
Charity Of William Oure
Charity Of William Pearce
Charity Of William Pexton
Charity Of William Philip Hubbersty
Charity Of William Powell For The Poor
Charity Of William Rainbow
Charity Of William Read
Charity Of William Richard Rowland
Charity Of William Searle
Charity Of William Shallcross
Charity Of William Shaw
Charity Of William Spencer
Charity Of William Staveley
Charity Of William Stephens
Charity Of William Thomas Blacking
Charity Of William Tolputt Carrick
Charity Of William Tyrrell
Charity Of William Ward And Maria Ward
Charity Of William Westley
Charity Of William Wheatley For Minister
Charity Of William Whitwell
Charity Of William Willoughby
Charity Of William Yeoman Bennett For The Poor
Charity Of Wm Clark
Charity Projects
Charity Public Purposes For The Benefit Of The District Of Burley in wharfedale
Charity Road Trips
Charity Search
Charity Select Global Ex Uk Equity Fund
Charity Select Uk Bond Fund
Charity Select Uk Equity Fund
Charity Support Foundation
Charity Technology Trust
Charity Trust Fund Of The Rotary Club Of Broadlands
Charity Value And Income Fund
Charity Voice
Charlbury And Overseas Community Projects Ltd
Charlbury Cricket Club
Charlbury Day Centre
Charlbury Exhibition Foundation
Charlbury Preschool
Charlbury School Association
Charlcutt Reading Room And Library Fund
Charlecote Village Hall
Charles Adam Prize Fund At The Commonweal Grant Maintained School
Charles Alderson Relief In Sickness Charity
Charles Amherst s Almshouses
Charles And Mary Anderson Benefaction
Charles And Paula Slagle Ministries Trust
Charles Anthony s Charity For Poor
Charles Anthony s Educational Foundation
Charles Attwood Charity
Charles Baker Trust
Charles Ballam s Charity
Charles Ballinger Charity
Charles Battersby s Foundation
Charles Bellwood Charity
Charles Benneh Ministries
Charles Blowey
Charles Brook Convalescent Fund
Charles Brook For Poor
Charles Camilleri Foundation
Charles Chapman Trust For The 4th Sevenoaks st John s Group Boy Scouts
Charles Church Camberley Band
Charles Churchill Memorial Fund
Charles Cox Trust
Charles Coxe Charity
Charles Darwin Community Primary School Fotsa
Charles Dickens School Fund
Charles Dobney Charitable Bequest
Charles E Riley Fund
Charles Edmund Thorpe
Charles Edward Small Charity
Charles Edward Sugden s Almshouses
Charles Edward Wheeler
Charles Field and Co Pension Fund
Charles Flint Educational Trust
Charles Frank Richmond Bequest
Charles Frederick Powell s Charity For Poor Inhabitants
Charles Gassiot
Charles Gassiott
Charles Goldlust Memorial Trust
Charles Graham Stone s Relief In Need Charity
Charles H Cecil Charitable Trust
Charles Harry Gardner s Charity
Charles Henry Booth s Bequest Icw Charlesworth Church Of England School
Charles Henry Cole webb For Recreation Ground At Vicar s Close
Charles Henry Truman s Charity
Charles Horace Wilkinson Trust
Charles James Chapman Bequest For Children Of Ulverston
Charles James Chapman Bequest For Ulverston Victoria High School
Charles James Procter Memorial Prize Fund
Charles Jewell Central Youth Club
Charles John Coote s Charity
Charles Johnson Memorial Prize Fund icw The Rushey Mead Boys School
Charles King
Charles Kingsley s School Development Trust
Charles Langley Brooke For Apprenticing
Charles Lord denton Almshouses
Charles Lucas Memorial Fund
Charles Maw
Charles Middleton Scholarships
Charles Morris Hall
Charles Newton Memorial Trust
Charles North Charity
Charles Omorodion Foundation
Charles Owen Memorial Fund In Connection With Merthyr Tydfil Intermediate School
Charles Peguy Trust
Charles Plater Trust
Charles Plumptre Johnson Will Trust
Charles Plymouth Relief In Need Charity
Charles Prest s Charitable Trust
Charles Price For Poor Kindred
Charles Price s Endowment
Charles Richard Pary s Charity For Wesleyan Sunday School
Charles S French Charitable Trust
Charles Shaw
Charles Street Community Association
Charles Stuart Crawford Fund
Charles Summers Relief In Need Charity
Charles Sykes Epilepsy Research Trust
Charles Tennant House Trust
Charles Thompson s Mission
Charles Toogoods Charity
Charles Tryon
Charles Wallace Burma Trust
Charles Whitting
Charles William Landor Foundation
Charles William Preece Trust
Charles Woodcock Swimming Prize Fund
Charles Young Centre
Charlesworth Womens Institute
Charleton Primary School Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Charleton Village Hall
Charlie And Kathleen Dunnery Children s Fund
Charlie Chaplin Adventure Playground
Charlie Reid Fund
Charlie s Challenge
Charlie s Trust
Charlies Busy Bees Club
Charlotte And Eleanor Condy Trust Fund
Charlotte Antonia Sulivan Bequest
Charlotte Antonia Sulivan For Mission Hall Charity
Charlotte Baby Home
Charlotte Bauvin Foundation
Charlotte Beaty s Almshouses
Charlotte Broadwood Trust
Charlotte Emma Witard
Charlotte House Prep School Pta
Charlotte House School Limited
Charlotte Jane Hurrell Charity
Charlotte Jones Memorial Tsunami Fund
Charlotte King s Charity For The Poor
Charlotte King s Educational Foundation
Charlotte Laverton Charity
Charlotte Leatherbarrow Foundation
Charlotte Lyndon
Charlotte Marshall Charitable Trust
Charlotte Mason College Association Goodwill Fund
Charlotte s Brightside C l c
Charlotte s Tandems
Charlotte Sarah Greenhill
Charlotte Wade Charity
Charlotte Wilson Educational Charity
Charlotte Wilson Memorial Fund
Charlotteville Jubilee Trust Limited
Charlton Acorns
Charlton And District Playgroup
Charlton And Jerram
Charlton Down Village Hall
Charlton Horethorne Millennium Green
Charlton Horethorne Primary School Friends Of The School Association
Charlton Horethorne Village Hall
Charlton King Junior School Pta
Charlton Kings Baptist Church Cheltenham
Charlton Kings Choral Society
Charlton Kings Infants School grant Maintained Parents And Friends Association
Charlton Kings Local History Society
Charlton Kings Senior Citizens Welfare Committee
Charlton Marshall Parish Church Restoration Trust
Charlton Marshall Village Hall
Charlton Memorial Hall
Charlton Mosque Committee
Charlton Musgrove Village Hall
Charlton on otmoor School Association
Charlton on otmoor Village Hall
Charlton Park Riding For The Disabled Association
Charlton Park School Fund
Charlton Playgroup
Charlton Recreational Centre
Charlton Toy Library
Charlton Triangle Homes Limited
Charlton With Cropthorne Pre school
Charlton Women s Institute
Charltons Community Centre
Charltons Preschool
Charlwood Parish Hall
Charlwood Playgroup
Charlynne Boddie Ministries
Charm Combined Hope And Aid Relief Mission
Charm Foundation Uk
Charminster Chapel bournemouth
Charminster Pre school
Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre
Charmouth Youth Club
Charms The Essex Therapy Centre
Charndon Community Association
Charney Bassett And Lyford Educational Trust
Charney Hall And Field Trust
Charnock Out Of School Clubs chocs
Charnock Richard Church Of England School Parent Teacher And Friends Association
Charnock Richard Pre school
Charnock Richard United Charities
Charnock Richard Village Hall Association
Charnwood 20 20
Charnwood Arts
Charnwood Choral Society
Charnwood Citizens Advice Bureau
Charnwood Decorative And Fine Arts Society
Charnwood District Scouts
Charnwood School Parents And Friends Association
Charnwood Sports Club For The Disabled
Charnwood Stroke Club
Charnwood Talking News
Charnwood Young Farmers Club
Charren Womens Club
Charsfield Recreation Ground
Chart Sutton Village Hall
Charter Housing Limited
Charter School Friends Association
Charter Street Mission Sunday School And Working Girls Home originally Known As Charter Street Ragged School And Working Girls Home
Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association
Chartered Architects Malleus Lodge No 3244 Masonic Charities Association
Chartered Institute Of Building Benevolent Fund Limited
Chartered Institute Of Environmental Health
Chartered Institute Of Library And Information Professionals Benevolent Fund
Chartered Institute Of Library And Information Professionals
Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
Chartered Institution Of Civil Engineering Surveyors
Chartered Institution Of Wastes Management
Chartered Management Institute
Chartered Society Of Physiotherapy Members Benevolent Fund
Chartered Surveyors Training Trust
Chartered Surveyors Voluntary Service
Charterhouse Club
Charterhouse in southwark
Charterhouse School
Charters ancaster College 1995
Charters School Association
Charters School Community Recreation Centre Trust
Chartham Hatch Village Hall
Chartham Village Hall Management Committee
Chartridge School Fund
Charutar Arogya Mandal Trust
Charvil Pre school Playgroup
Charville Community Association
Charville Parent Teacher Association
Charwelton Village Hall
Chasa Muslim Welfare Society Of The U K
Chasdai Yosef Limited
Chasdei Aharon Limited
Chasdei Chaya
Chasdei Devorah
Chasdei Eliezer Limited
Chasdei Ephraim Limited
Chasdei Kohn
Chasdei Raizel
Chasdei Shlomo
Chasdei Sholom
Chasdei Tovim Me oros
Chasdei Yitzok Charities Limited
Chasdei Yoel Charitable Trust
Chase Area Pregnancy Centre
Chase Baptist Church
Chase Co operative Learning Trust
Chase Council For Voluntary Service
Chase Cross Baptist Church Playgroup
Chase Family Church
Chase Green
Chase Learning Trust
Chase Nc Ltd
Chase Pairs Interpersonal Violence And Abuse Forum
Chase Young Farmers Club
Chasehawk Limited
Chasewater Light Railway And Museum Company
Chasewell Community Association
Chasewell Nursery
Chashtiah Educational Trust
Chasing Zero
Chasodim Fund
Chassidei Belz Manchester
Chasuna Link
Chat children Health And Therapy
Chat Oundle confidential Help Advice Time
Chatburn Village Hall
Chatham Branch Royal Naval Association
Chatham District Masonic Trust
Chatham Grammar School For Boys school Fund
Chatham Marines Cadet Unit unit 501 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Chatham Maritime Trust
Chatham Memorial Synagogue
Chatham South District Guides
Chatham Widows Charity
Chats Palace Limited
Chatsmore Catholic High School Parent Teachers Association
Chatsworth Baptist Church
Chatsworth House Trust
Chatsworth Infant Nursery School Home School Association
Chatsworth Ladies Club
Chatsworth Parents Association
Chatsworth Renovators Limited
Chattanooga Fire and Police Pension Fund
Chatterbox Community Pre school Limited
Chatterbox Community Pre school
Chatterbox Playgroup Snainton
Chatterbox Pre school Playgroup
Chatteris And District St Raphael Club For The Disabled
Chatteris Charity
Chatteris Christians Together cct Millennium Youth Worker Trust
Chatteris Community Centre Association
Chatteris Community Church
Chatteris Court Leet Estate
Chatteris Morning Women s Institute
Chatting Independently
Chatton Village Hall Trust
Chatwin Trust
Chatzi Shekel Foundation
Chaucer Friends And Families
Chaucer Friends And Parents
Chaucer Lodge Benevolent Fund
Chaucer Primary School Pta
Chaucer Technology School Business Education Partnership
Chaulden Neighbourhood Association
Chauncy Housing Association Limited
Chauncy Maples Malawi Trust
Chava And Chaim Memorial Foundation
Chaveirim A Helping Hand Limited
Chaverim Youth Club
Chaverim Youth Organisation
Chawleigh Playing Field
Chawn Hill Church
Chawner Almshouses
Chawson First School Association
Chawson Valley Community Association
Chawton House Library
Chawton Pre school
Chawton School Support Group
Chawton Village Hall
Chawton Women s Institute
Chay Charitable Trust
Chazak Limited
Chc E learning Foundation
Chc Evangelism Trust
Cheadle And District Animal Welfare Society
Cheadle And District Club For The Disabled
Cheadle And District Scout Council
Cheadle And District Young Farmers Club
Cheadle And Gatley Round Table Charitable Trust
Cheadle Citizens Advice Bureau
Cheadle Civic Heritage Trust
Cheadle Civic Society
Cheadle Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Cheadle Hulme Communicare
Cheadle Hulme Methodist Church
Cheadle Hulme School 150th Anniversary Bursary Trust
Cheadle Hulme School Development Trust
Cheadle Hulme School Parents Association
Cheadle Hulme School
Cheadle New Life Centre New Life Ministries International
Cheadle Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Cheadle Primary School Parents Teacher And Friend Association
Cheadle Royal Industries Charitable Trust
Cheadle Royal industries Limited
Cheadle staffs Swimming Baths Supporters Club
Cheadle Thompson and Haysom Group Provident Fund
Cheadle Village Hall Association
Cheale Gift
Cheales s Charity
Cheam Baptist Church
Cheam Consolidated Charities
Cheam Fields Primary School Ptfa
Cheam Operatic Society
Cheam Park Farm Infants School Parent Teacher Association
Cheam Priory Day Centre
Cheam School Educational Trust
Cheapside Church Of England School Parent Teacher Association
Cheapside Village Hall
Chearsley And Haddenham Under Fives
Chearsley Village Hall
Chebsey Village Hall Limited
Chec community Health And Enterprise Centre
Checkatrade Foundation
Checkemlads com Testicular Cancer Awareness And Support
Checkendon And District Aid In Sickness Fund
Checkendon Pre school
Checkendon School Association
Checkendon Village Hall
Checkley Parish Community Hall
Checkpoint Christian Youth Trust
Cheddar Guide Association
Cheddar Male Choir
Cheddar Vale Gateway Club
Cheddar Vale Lions Club Charitable Fund
Cheddar Valley Advanced Motorcyclists
Cheddar Valley Community Church
Cheddar Valley U3a
Cheddar Youth Trust
Cheddington Baby And Toddler Group
Cheddington Combined School
Cheddington Pre school
Cheddington School Parent Teacher Association
Cheddington School Trust Fund
Cheddington Village Hall
Cheddleton Flint Mill Industrial Heritage Trust
Cheddleton Women s Institute
Cheddon Fitzpaine Memorial Hall
Cheder Learning Institute
Chedgrave Ms Therapy Centre Limited
Chedhams Yard Trust
Chedington Village Hall
Chediston And Linstead Womens Institute
Chedworth Allotment Charity
Chedworth Community Lands Charity
Chedworth Playgroup
Chedworth Society
Chedworth Village Hall
Chedworth Women s Institute
Chedzoy Playing Fields Association
Chedzoy Preschool
Chedzoy Village Hall
Cheeky Cherubs
Cheeky Chimps At Ashcott
Cheeky Monkeys Play Group
Cheeky Rascals Charitable Trust
Cheer Trust
Cheerful Sparrows thanet
Cheetah Conservation Fund Uk
Cheetham Hill Advice Centre
Cheetham Park
Chefspot Ltd
Cheka Sana Children Trust
Chelford Church Of England Educational Foundation
Chelford House Christian Fellowship Trust
Chelford Parish Hall
Chelford School Parent Teacher Association
Chelford Village Pre school
Chell Area Family Action Group
Chell Heath 16 Plus Group
Chell Heath Estate Community Association
Chellaston Old People s Welfare Committee
Chellaston Women s Institute
Chellaston Youth Club
Chellow Christian Fellowship Trust
Chellow Hearts
Chells Community Association
Chells Manor Community Association
Chelmarsh Parish Hall
Chelmer Housing Partnership Limited
Chelmer Valley High School Fund
Chelmer Valley High School Parents And Teachers Association
Chelmer Village Youth Club
Chelmers Village Hall
Chelmondiston And District Under 5 s
Chelmondiston And Pin Mill Community Council
Chelmondiston Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Chelmondiston Recreation Ground
Chelmondiston Village Hall
Chelmorton War Memorial Institute
Chelmsford Agency For Volunteering
Chelmsford Almshouse Charity
Chelmsford Amateur Operatic And Dramatic Society
Chelmsford And District Advanced Motorcyclists
Chelmsford And District Cardiac Support Group
Chelmsford And District Evangelical Fellowship
Chelmsford And District Hospitals Broadcasting Service
Chelmsford And District Provincial Grand Lodge Of Royal Antediluvian Order Of Buffaloes
Chelmsford And District Scout Council
Chelmsford And District Young Farmers Club
Chelmsford And Districts The Stroke Club For Mid essex
Chelmsford And West Essex Training Group
Chelmsford Area Access Group
Chelmsford Association For Disabled Sport
Chelmsford Association Of Voluntary Care Groups
Chelmsford Baddow Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Chelmsford Cancer Charity Limited
Chelmsford Centre For The Blind
Chelmsford Chelmer Village Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Chelmsford Chess
Chelmsford Citizens Advice Bureau
Chelmsford City Fc Community Sports And Educational Trust
Chelmsford City Opera
Chelmsford Civic Society
Chelmsford Community Church
Chelmsford Community Transport Limited
Chelmsford Council For Voluntary Service
Chelmsford Counselling Foundation
Chelmsford County High School Parents Association
Chelmsford Cursillo
Chelmsford Diocesan Committee For Family Care
Chelmsford Drill Hall Trust Fund
Chelmsford Educational Foundation
Chelmsford Employees Charity Trust Fund
Chelmsford Gymnastics Club Limited
Chelmsford Harway House Club
Chelmsford Jazz Club
Chelmsford Jewish Community
Chelmsford Muslim Society
Chelmsford P H A B Club
Chelmsford Presbyterian Church Trust
Chelmsford Spiritualist Society Limited
Chelmsford St Raphael Club
Chelmsford Street Pastors
Chelmsford Theatre Workshop
Chelmsford Unit 74 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Chelmsford Vineyard
Chelmsford Women s Aid
Chelmsford Y m c a
Chelmsford Young Generation Amateur Musical Society
Chelmsine Chapel Fund
Chelmsley Advice Resource Agency
Chelmsley Wood Little League Football
Chelsea Academy Foundation
Chelsea And Westminster Health Charity and Related Charities
Chelsea and Westminster Health Charity
Chelsea Arts Club Trust
Chelsea Building Society Charitable Foundation
Chelsea Christian Centre
Chelsea Fc Foundation
Chelsea Festival Limited
Chelsea Methodist Church And Pastoral Centre
Chelsea Muslim Community Hub
Chelsea Non ecclesiastical Charities
Chelsea Open Air Nursery School And Childrens Centre
Chelsea Opera Group Trust
Chelsea s Angels
Chelsea Synagogue Trust
Chelsfield Afternoon Women s Institute
Chelsfield Evening Women s Institute
Chelsfield Village Hall
Chelsham Farleigh And Warlingham Relief In Need Charity
Chelston Community Association
Chelsworth Parochial Charity
Chelsworth Playing Field Trust
Chelsworth Village Hall
Chelsworth Woodland
Cheltenham Aid In Sickness And Nurses Welfare Fund
Cheltenham And Cotswold Childminders Association
Cheltenham And District Carers And Families Limited
Cheltenham And District Sports Association For The Disabled
Cheltenham And North Gloucestershire Mencap Society
Cheltenham Art Gallery And Museum Development Trust
Cheltenham Arts Council
Cheltenham Bangladeshi Community Association
Cheltenham Bird Club
Cheltenham Bournside School And Sixth Form Centre Parents Association
Cheltenham Choral Society
Cheltenham Cirencester And Tewkesbury Citizens Advice Bureau
Cheltenham College Charitable Trust
Cheltenham College
Cheltenham Crime Prevention Panel
Cheltenham Design Foundation
Cheltenham District Scout Council
Cheltenham Family Welfare Association
Cheltenham Festival Of Performing Arts
Cheltenham Festivals
Cheltenham General Hospital Intensive Care Trust
Cheltenham Hatherley Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Cheltenham Hebrew Congregation
Cheltenham Housing Aid Centre
Cheltenham Jazz
Cheltenham Junior Hockey Association
Cheltenham Ladies College
Cheltenham Lansdown Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Cheltenham Local History Society
Cheltenham Music Festival Society
Cheltenham Music Society
Cheltenham Open Door
Cheltenham Parent Support Group
Cheltenham Philharmonic Orchestra
Cheltenham Pittville Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Cheltenham Round Table Charitable Trust Fund
Cheltenham Senior Citizens Welfare Committee
Cheltenham Street Pastors
Cheltenham Town Community Education And Sporting Trust
Cheltenham Unit 76 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Cheltenham United Reformed Church
Cheltenham Ymca
Cheltenham Youth For Christ
Cheltonian Endowment Trust
Chelwood Gate Village Hall
Chelwood House For Families
Chelwood Village Hall
Chem Trust
Chemical Engineers Benevolent Fund
Chemical Industries National Provident Fund
Chemical Services Group Provident Fund
Chemical Specialities Pens Scheme
Chemical Specialities Provident Fund
Chemimpo Pension and Life Assurance Schemes
Chemin Neuf Community
Chemrite Coatings Provident Fund Liquidated
Chemtrade West Limited Partnership BC Defined Benefits Pension Plan
Chemvet Boere Beperk Provident Fund
Chenderit School Association
Cheney School Association
Chengelo Educational Trust uk
Chenies And Chalfont District Of The Girl Guides Association
Chenies School Fund
Chenies School Parent Teachers Association
Chennai Challenge
Chennells Charitable Trust
Chennestone School Pta
Chenrezig Kadampa Buddhist Centre
Chep South Africa Pension Fund
Chep South Africa Retirement Fund
Chepping View Primary School Fund
Chepstow Action For Youth
Chepstow Agricultural Society
Chepstow And District Mencap Society
Chepstow And District Round Table Charitable Trust Fund
Chepstow And District Young Farmers Clubs
Chepstow Archaeological Society
Chepstow Choral Society
Chepstow Community Centre mk
Chepstow Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Chepstow District Citizens Advice Bureau Ltd
Chepstow Foodbank
Chepstow Leisure Centre Playgroup
Chepstow Methodist Church
Chepstow Rifle Club
Chepstow School Parent teacher Association
Chepstow Senior Citizens Welfare Trust
Chepstow Street Pastors
Chequer Mead Community Arts Centre
Cherbourg s Little Stars Pre school
Cherhill Preschool
Cherhill Womens Institute
Cherington Stourton Sutton under brailes Village Hall
Cherington Village Hall
Cherish Dementia Holiday Trust
Cherish Fund
Cherish International Charitable Trust
Cherished Memories Support Group
Cherith Christian Fellowship Trust
Cherith Trust
Cheriton Baptist Church
Cheriton Bishop Playgroup
Cheriton Fitzpaine Charity
Cheriton Fitzpaine Owlets
Cheriton Fitzpaine Parish Hall
Cheriton Fitzpaine School P t a
Cheriton Fitzpaine Womens Institute
Cheriton Pentecostal Church
Cheriton Playing Field
Cheriton Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Cheriton tedburn And District Young Farmers Club
Cheriton Village Hall
Cherleton Lodge Benevolent Fund
Chernobyl 2000 Limited
Chernobyl Children Cancer Care Cardiff 5cs
Chernobyl Children In Need
Chernobyl Children Rye
Chernobyl Children s Lifeline
Chernobyl Children s Project uk
Chernobyl Children Wales
Chernobyl Christian Care
Chernobyl Continuity
Chernobyl Orphan Group Medicine And Chernobyl Amble
Chernobyl s Children Oxfordshire And South Warwickshire
Cherry Aide
Cherry Blossom Nursery
Cherry Blossom Pre school
Cherry Burton Pre school
Cherry Burton Village Hall
Cherry D
Cherry Garden Pta
Cherry Grove Charitable Trust
Cherry Grove Primary School Pta
Cherry Hill School Trust Ltd
Cherry Hinton Almshouse Charity
Cherry Hinton National School And Reverend B Bridge s Endowment
Cherry Kids Club
Cherry Lodge Cancer Care
Cherry Lodge Trust Limited
Cherry Oak School Fund
Cherry Orchard School Association
Cherry Orchard School Parent Teacher Association
Cherry Orchards camphill Community Limited
Cherry Tots
Cherry Tree cheriton Playgroup
Cherry Tree Foundation
Cherry Tree Nursery
Cherry Tree Playgroup rawtenstall
Cherry Tree Pre school Playgroup
Cherry Tree School Association
Cherry Trees School Fund
Cherry Trees
Cherry Willingham And Reepham Scout And Guide Group
Cherry Willingham Comprehensive School Fund
Cherrybrook Jfc
Cherryhomes And Starfish Trust
Cherrytree Support Services Limited
Cherrytrees Kindergarten
Cherrywood Community Childcare
Chertsey Almshouses Charity
Chertsey Combined Charity
Chertsey Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Chertsey Street Baptist Church Trust
Cherubim And Seraphim Church Mount Zion Willesden eternal Sacred Order
Cherubim And Seraphim Church Movement amazing Grace
Cherubim And Seraphim Church Movement Mount Horeb London
Cherubim And Seraphim Church Of Zion imole United Kingdom Branch
Cherubim And Seraphim Church Suru iere Ayo Nio
Cherubim And Seraphim Holy Temple Church Of Christ
Cherubim Seraphim Church Of Zion Oke igbala Branch United Kingdom
Cherubs Childrens Fund
Cherubs Community Playgroup
Cherwell Community Voluntary Service
Cherwell School Pta
Cherwell Theatre Company Limited
Chesapeake Public Schools
Chescombe Trust Limited
Chesed Charity Trust
Chesed Hospital Transport
Chesed Leyisroel Charitable Trust
Chesed Leyisruel Trust
Chesed Shel Emes Limited
Cheselbourne Village Hall
Chesham All Girls Band
Chesham Amersham And District Society For Mentally Handicapped Children And Adults
Chesham And District Community Association
Chesham Arts Festival
Chesham Athletic Football Club
Chesham Bois C E Combined School Fund
Chesham Bois Catholic Players
Chesham Bois Ce Combined School Parents Teacher Association
Chesham Bois Womens Institute
Chesham Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Chesham Division Of The Guide Association
Chesham Grammar School Fund
Chesham High School Parent Teachers Association
Chesham Museum
Chesham Musical Theatre Company
Chesham Preparatory School Parents And Teachers Association
Chesham Preparatory School Trust Limited
Chesham Sick Poor Fund
Chesham Society
Chesham Students And Apprentices Fund
Chesham Theatre Company
Chesham Voluntary Hospital Car Service
Chesham Womens Institute
Chesham Youth Centre Ltd
Chesham Youth Club
Cheshire Agricultural Society Cio
Cheshire Agricultural Society
Cheshire And Warrington Sports Partnership Trust Limited
Cheshire And Wirral Ornithological Society
Cheshire And Wirral Partnership Nhs Foundation Trust General Fund
Cheshire Asbestos Victims Support Group
Cheshire Asian And Minority Communities Council
Cheshire Aspergers Parents Support Ltd
Cheshire Border County Guides Association
Cheshire Carers Centre
Cheshire Centre For Independent Living
Cheshire Community Council
Cheshire Community Development Trust
Cheshire Community Foundation Limited
Cheshire County Federation Of Young Farmers Clubs
Cheshire County Scout Council
Cheshire Crimebeat
Cheshire Dance Workshop Limited
Cheshire Deaf Society
Cheshire Development Education Centre Limited
Cheshire Down s Syndrome Support Group
Cheshire East Cab Ltd
Cheshire East Citizens Advice Bureau North
Cheshire East Parents And Carers Voice
Cheshire Forest County Of The Guide Association
Cheshire Freemasons Charity
Cheshire Gypsy And Travellers Voice
Cheshire Halton Warrington Race And Equality Centre
Cheshire Homes 1989 Pension Fund
Cheshire Homes Provident Fund
Cheshire Hospices Education Limited
Cheshire Landscape Trust
Cheshire Masonic Covenants Limited
Cheshire Masonic Trustee Corporation Limited
Cheshire Peaks And Plains Housing Trust Limited
Cheshire Pension Fund
Cheshire Ploughing And Hedgecutting Society
Cheshire Reform Congregation Limited
Cheshire Reform Congregation Sustentation Fund
Cheshire Reform Congregation
Cheshire Regiment Association
Cheshire Search And Rescue
Cheshire Shropshire Immediate Care Group
Cheshire South Methodist Circuit
Cheshire View Masonic Benevolent Association
Cheshire West and Chester Council
Cheshire West And Wirral Crossroads Ltd
Cheshire West Cab Ltd
Cheshire West Street Pastors
Cheshire Youth Pantomime Society
Cheshunt And District Animal Welfare Trust
Cheshunt Boys Club
Cheshunt College cambridge
Cheshunt District Girl Guides
Cheshunt Extended Services
Cheshunt Unit Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Cheshunt University Of The Third Age
Chesil Bank Pre school
Cheslyn Hay And District Footpaths And Countryside Conservation Society
Cheslyn Hay High School Association
Cheslyn Hay Otters Club
Cheslyn Hay Recreation Ground
Chesnut Grove Parent Support Group
Chesnut Lodge School Appeal Fund
Chess children s Health And Education Secured By Sponsorship
Chess church End School Supporters
Chess Education Initiative
Chess In Schools And Communities
Chess Valley Barbershop Singers
Chess Valley Male Voice Choir
Chess Valley University Of The Third Age
Chessed L yisroel Ltd
Chessed Leavrohom
Chesshire Lehmann Fund
Chessington And Hook Voluntary Care Scheme
Chessington Charities
Chessington Evangelical Church
Chessington Scout Group
Chessington Youth Action
Chest Heart Arthritis Stroke Club Stowmarket
Chester Adult Phab Club
Chester Aid To The Homeless
Chester And District Committee For Deaf People
Chester And East Clwyd Group Of Advanced Motorists
Chester And Ellesmere Port Foodbank
Chester Bach Singers
Chester Blacon Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Chester Blue Coat Church Of England Educational Foundation
Chester Boxers Limited
Chester Cat Care
Chester Childbirth Appeal
Chester Christadelphian Ecclesia
Chester City Mission
Chester Civic Trust
Chester Community Toy Library
Chester Competitive Festival Of Performing Arts
Chester Deaf Children s Society
Chester Diocesan Board Of Education
Chester Diocesan Guild Of Church Bell Ringers
Chester Diocesan Moral Aid Charity
Chester District Federation Of The Blind
Chester District Scout Council
Chester Festival Limited
Chester Festivals Ltd
Chester Green Community Group
Chester Grosvenor 76 Round Table Charity
Chester Handbell Ringers
Chester In Concert
Chester le street And District Council For Voluntary Service And Volunteer Bureau
Chester le street And Durham City Mind
Chester le street Bookstart Scheme
Chester le street Community Association
Chester le street Community Centre
Chester le street Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Chester le street District Citizens Advice Bureau
Chester Le Street District Scout Council
Chester le street District War Memorial Group
Chester Le Street Heritage Group
Chester le street Hospital And Community Friends
Chester le street Masonic Benevolent Association
Chester le street Methodist Church
Chester Le Street Riverside Band
Chester le street Unit Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Chester le street Youth Centre Management Committee
Chester Le Street Youth Development Trust
Chester Literature Festival
Chester Lodgings And Support Providers
Chester Meeting Room Trust
Chester Mencap
Chester Moor And District Village Hall Association
Chester Moor Village Scheme
Chester Municipal Charities
Chester Music Society
Chester Mystery Plays Limited
Chester Operatic Society
Chester Orchestral Society
Chester Parochial Relief In Need Charity
Chester Performing Arts Centre Limited
Chester Photographic Society
Chester Road Baptist Church
Chester Saltney Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Chester Schools Christian Work Trust
Chester Sexual Violence Support Service
Chester Society Of Natural Science Literature And Art
Chester Students Union
Chester Swimming Association Limited
Chester Theatre Club
Chester Twin
Chester U3a
Chester Unit 79 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Chester Voluntary Action
Chester West Central Community Project
Chester Women s Aid
Chester Women s Hostel Association
Chester Youth Club
Chesterfield And District Chrysanthemum And Dahlia Society
Chesterfield And District Civic Society
Chesterfield And District Society For People With A Learning Disability
Chesterfield Astronomical Society
Chesterfield Bach Choir
Chesterfield Birdholme Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesse
Chesterfield Brampton Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Chesterfield Care Group
Chesterfield Cavendish Round Table Number 33
Chesterfield Child Contact Centre
Chesterfield Children s Charity C3
Chesterfield Church In The Peak
Chesterfield Church Of The Crooked Spire Fund
Chesterfield Citizens Advice Bureau
Chesterfield District Community Transport
Chesterfield District Federation Of Townswomen s Guilds
Chesterfield District Scout Council
Chesterfield District Shopmobility
Chesterfield e Townswomen s Guild
Chesterfield F C Community Trust
Chesterfield General Charitable Fund
Chesterfield Group Of Advanced Motorists Or Motorcyclists
Chesterfield Law Centre
Chesterfield Methodist Circuit
Chesterfield Muslim Association
Chesterfield Phab Club
Chesterfield Philharmonic Choir
Chesterfield Royal Hospital Nhs Foundation Trust General Charity
Chesterfield Samaritans
Chesterfield Street Pastors
Chesterfield Symphony Orchestra
Chesterfield Time Bank
Chesterfield Unit 80 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Chesterfield Vineyard Trust
Chesterfield Whittington Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Chesterhill Charitable Trust
Chesterton Amateur Football Club
Chesterton Busy Bees Club
Chesterton Community Association
Chesterton Educational Foundation
Chesterton Memorial Park
Chesterton Playgroup
Chesterton School Association
Chestnut Children s Community Events
Chestnut Lane 1st School Fund
Chestnut Lane And Elangeni Schools Association
Chestnut Playgroup
Chestnut Trees
Chestnuts Community And Community Arts Centre
Chestnuts Playgroup haringey
Chestnuts Pre school
Chestnuts Primary School Parents And School Association
Cheswardine Village Hall
Cheswick Green Playgroup
Cheswick Green School Association
Cheswick Green Women s Institute
Chet Chemicals Provident Fund
Chetham s Hospital School And Library
Chetnole Village Hall
Chettle Court Rangers youth Football Club ccrfc
Chetton And District Parish Hall
Chetwynd Afc
Chetwynd Barracks Pre school
Chetwynd Road Primary School Fund
Chetwynd s Charity
Chetwynd Teddies Creche
Cheveley Acorns Preschool
Cheveley Evergreen Club
Cheveley Parent teacher Friends Association pt fa
Cheveley Pavilion And Recreation Ground Charity
Chevening Church Of England Primary School Parent Teachers Association
Chevening School Nursery
Chevington Chedburgh Depden And Rede Community Council
Chevington Poors Estate
Chevington Village Hall
Chevington Womens Institute
Cheviot Asset Management Charitable Trust
Chevithorne Village Hall
Chevras Bikur Cholim m c Ltd
Chevras Machzikei Mesifta
Chevras Mo oz Ladol
Chevras Tsedokoh Limited
Chevron Corporation
Chevron Pensioenfonds
Chevron Retirement Fund
Chew Down Foundation
Chew Lake Association Of Disabled Sailors
Chew Magna Old School Room Charity
Chew s Foundation At Dunstable
Chew Stoke United Charities
Chew Stoke Women s Institute
Chew Valley Choral Society
Chew Valley Monday Club
Chew Valley School Society
Chew Valley Young Farmers Club
Chewton Mendip C e v a Parent Teacher Association
Chewton Mendip School Charitable Trust
Chewton Mendip Village Hall
Cheylesmore Community Association Limited
Cheyne Charity For Children With Cerebral Palsy
Cheynes Infant School Fund
Chhahari Nepal Uk
Chhatak Islamic Society
Chhatak Jubo Shongsta uk
Chiapas Children s Project uk
Chibozu Community Trust
Chicago Firemen’s Annuity Benefit Fund
Chicago Municipal Employees Annuity Benefit Fund
Chicago Park Employees Annuity Benefit Fund
Chicago Public School Teachers Pensions and Retirement Fund
Chicheley Village Hall
Chichester Access Group
Chichester And District Dog Rescue Society
Chichester And Witterings Phab Club
Chichester Area Mind chichester District And Bognor Area Association Of Mental Health Limited
Chichester Area Talking News
Chichester Art Trust
Chichester Baptist Church
Chichester Boys Club
Chichester Cathedral Choristers Association s Scholarship Trust
Chichester Cathedral Millennium Endowment Trust
Chichester Cathedral Restoration And Development Trust
Chichester Chamber Concerts
Chichester Child Contact Centre
Chichester Christian Fellowship Trust
Chichester Cinema At New Park Limited
Chichester Community Development Trust
Chichester Counselling Services
Chichester Cursillo
Chichester Decorative And Fine Arts Society
Chichester Diocesan Association For Family Support Work Cuckfield Deanery Branch
Chichester Diocesan Association For Family Support Work eastbourne Deanery Branch
Chichester Diocesan Association For Family Support Work
Chichester District Scout Council
Chichester Down s Syndrome Support Group
Chichester Family Church
Chichester Festival Theatre
Chichester Festivities Limited
Chichester Film And Video Makers cfvm
Chichester General Baptist Chapel
Chichester Girls Club Fund
Chichester Group Riding For The Disabled Association
Chichester Harbour And Selsey Unit Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Chichester Harbour Trust
Chichester Hospitals Broadcasting Association
Chichester Information Shop For Young People
Chichester Lions Club Charitable Trust Fund
Chichester Medical Education Centre
Chichester Music Centre Friends
Chichester Natural History Society
Chichester North Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Chichester Players
Chichester South Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Chichester Stroke Club
Chichester Symphony Orchestra
Chichester Theological Trust
Chichester University Of The Third Age u3a
Chichester Welfare Trusts
Chichester Young Farmers Club
Chichester Youth Adventure Trust
Chichester Youth Wing
Chickenley Community Centre
Chickerell And Fleet Relief In Need Charity
Chickerell Willowbed Hall
Chicopee Contributory Retirement System
Chiddick Charitable Trust
Chiddingfold Scout And Cub Group
Chiddingfold Village Hall And Recreation Ground Charity
Chiddingfold Village Nursery School
Chiddingly Festival Committee
Chiddingly School Association
Chiddingly Village Hall
Chiddingstone Causeway Village Hall
Chiddingstone Causeway Womens Institute
Chiddingstone Nursery School
Chiddingstone Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Chiddingstone Village Hall
Chiddingstone Women s Institute
Chideock Village Trust
Chidham Parochial Parent Teacher And Friends Association
Chidham Village Hall
Chidham Women s Institute
Chief Baron Smith s Charity
Chief Rabbinate Trust
Chieveley County Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Chieveley Pre school
Chieveley Recreational Centre
Chieveley Women s Institute
Chignals Mashbury Village Hall Management Committee
Chigwell And District Physically Disabled Support Group
Chigwell And Hainault Jewish Youth Club
Chigwell Community Trust
Chigwell Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Chigwell Riding Trust For Special Needs
Chigwell Row Community Playgroup
Chigwell School
Chigwell United Charities
Chikupira Foundation
Chilbolton Pre school Playgroup
Chilbolton Village Hall
Chilbolton Womens Institute
Chilcompton Sports
Chilcompton Village Hall
Chilcote Charity
Child Abuse Survivor Network
Child Accident Prevention Group Hillingdon
Child Action Nepal
Child Action Northwest
Child Aid Lanka
Child Aid Nepal
Child Aid Romania carom
Child Aid Uk
Child And Family Aid Pro Deo
Child And Family Connect
Child And Family Learning Trust
Child And Sound Limited
Child Bereavement Uk
Child Brain Injury Trust
Child Concern Consortium
Child Concern
Child Dynamix
Child Education Development And Empowerment cede Trust Fund
Child Education Nepal Uk
Child Evangelism Fellowship Of Britain
Child First uk
Child Growth Foundation
Child Haven
Child Health International
Child Health Research Foundation
Child In Need Institute cini Uk
Child Lanka Organisation
Child Light Limited
Child link International Aid Foundation
Child Lung Foundation
Child Migrants Trust
Child Of Hope
Child Of Lebanon
Child Okeford Centre For Care And Learning
Child Okeford Playing Field Association
Child Okeford Relief In Need Charity
Child Okeford Village Hall
Child Poverty Action Group
Child Poverty Amnesty Limited
Child Resettlement Trust Fund
Child Rights And You Uk
Child Rights International Network Crin
Child s I Foundation
Child safe International Ltd
Child Sentinel Trust
Child Soldiers International
Child Support Uganda
Child to child Trust
Child to child
Child Victims Of Crime
Child Victims Of War
Child Victims Support
Child Welfare Pension Fund
Child Welfare Provident Fund
Child Welfare Trust Limited
Childaid To Russia And The Republics
Childbirth Support Nw
Childcare And Business Consultancy Services
Childe s School Endowment Fund
Childer Thornton County Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Childer Thornton Old Infants School Fund
Childer Thornton Pre school
Childhaven Care Services
Childhaven Trust midlands Limited
Childhelp Hassocks
Childhood Cancer Organisation For Parents And Relatives Support
Childhood Cancer Parents Alliance
Childhood Cancer Unit Parents Association
Childhood Eye Cancer Trust
Childhood First
Childhood Foundation
Childhope uk
Childless Widows And Orphans
Childminding Matters
Childreach International
Children Achieving
Children Adolescent Individual Support Services
Children Adopted From China
Children Ahead
Children Alone Trust
Children And Carers Support Group
Children And Families In Grief Limited
Children And Families International Foundation
Children And Families Limited
Children And Families Media Education Trust
Children And Family Action
Children And Parents Advisory Group
Children And Victims Of Poverty International
Children And Women In Need cwn
Children And Young People s Empowerment Project Limited
Children And Young People s Partnership In Somerset
Children And Youth Aliyah Committee For Great Britain And Eire
Children Are Our Future
Children At Number 1
Children At Risk Foundation
Children Care Centre
Children Charity Fund
Children Come First daventry
Children Education Group
Children England
Children First Child Contact Centre
Children First Derby
Children First Family Mediation
Children First International
Children First Lewisham
Children First Uganda
Children First West Berkshire
Children For Children
Children For Christ
Children Fund International
Children Homes Orphanage wazirabad
Children Hope Forever Limited
Children In Action
Children In Bangladesh
Children In Crisis
Children In Deen
Children In Distress
Children In Education Uk
Children In Hunger
Children In Ladakh
Children In Mind
Children In Need Fund
Children In Need Trust
Children In Touch 1978
Children In Urban Situations Trust
Children In Wales plant Yng Nghymru
Children Linked To And Experiencing Abusive Relationships
Children Living With Inherited Metabolic Diseases
Children Moving On Ltd
Children North East
Children Of Abraham
Children Of Africa
Children Of Bahia
Children Of Chernobyl Fund Wells Area
Children Of Chicester Organisation
Children Of China Foundation
Children Of Choba
Children Of Christ
Children Of Colombia
Children Of Conflict
Children Of Congo Foundation ccf
Children Of Deaf Parents Uk
Children Of Fiji
Children Of Fire International
Children Of Gambia Services Tuti Nursery Medical Centre
Children Of Jannah
Children Of Kerala
Children Of Latin America
Children Of Masindi Uganda
Children Of Medjugorje Trust
Children Of Mukuru
Children Of Nepal
Children Of Pakistan Earthquake
Children Of Peace
Children Of Pulilan Foundation
Children Of Romania And Eastern Europe Charitable Trust
Children Of Romania congleton
Children Of Sri Lanka
Children Of St Mary s Intensive Care
Children Of Sudan
Children Of The Andes
Children Of The Caucasus
Children Of The Forest
Children Of The Gambia
Children Of The Himalayas
Children Of The Mekong
Children Of The Mountain
Children Of The Tropics north east Brazil
Children Of The World
Children Of Uganda uk Limited
Children Of War
Children On The Autistic Spectrum Parents Association
Children On The Edge
Children Our Future
Children Our Ultimate Investment uk
Children Promotion Society Orphanage Nepal
Children Reaching Children
Children s Acute Transport Service
Children s Aid Committee Charitable Fund
Children s Aid International kenya
Children s Aid Team
Children s And Young People s Playground And Parish Recreation Ground
Children s Boot Fund
Children s Brain Tumour Foundation
Children s Burns Foundation A Step Forward
Children s Burns Trust
Children s Cancer Fund
Children s Centre At The Mall luton
Children s Centre Support Group
Children s Centre
Children s Charity Circle Bradford And District
Children s Christmas Wish List
Children s Community Concern Limited
Children s Corner Or Playground
Children s Dental Health Education
Children s Discovery Centre East London
Children s Festival bridgnorth Limited
Children s Happy Hospital Fund
Children s Health And Development In Kenya
Children s Heart Association north West
Children s Heart Support Network
Children s Heart Surgery Fund
Children s Hearts
Children s Hiv Association Limited
Children s Holiday Fund
Children s Home Improvement s Learning And Development child s Trust
Children s Homes In India Trust
Children s Homes In Zimbabwe
Children s Hope Uk Ltd
Children s Hospice Association Scotland
Children s Hospice South West
Children s Hospices Across London
Children s Hospital In Wales Appeal Limited
Children s Hospital Tsunami Appeal Fund
Children s House Of Hope
Children s Houses Foundation
Children s Hunger Relief Fund Uk
Children s Information Centre
Children s Integrated Playschemes
Children s International Arts Organisation
Children s International Summer Villages great Britain
Children s Joy Uk
Children s Kidney Trust
Children s Leukaemia Global Foundation
Children s Leukaemia Society
Children s Lifeline Foundation
Children s Links
Children s Liver Disease Foundation
Children s Liver Fund
Children s Maidenhead Association
Children s Music Theatre Limited
Children s Opportunity Trust
Children s Playground And Trust Fund
Children s Playground Broomfleet
Children s Playground Youth Club At Denby Dale Huddersfield
Children s Playground
Children s Playgrounds
Children s Playing Field And Recreation Ground Savoy Road
Children s Playing Field
Children s Radio Foundation Uk Limited
Children s Recreation Ground
Children s Relief Bethlehem Uk
Children s Relief Trust
Children s Respite Trust
Children s Rights Alliance For England
Children s Rights Khv
Children s Scrapstore
Children s Summer Club
Children s Town Charity
Children s Transplant Foundation Limited
Children s Tropical Forests Uk
Children s Trust Nepal
Children s Video Trust
Children s World International
Children s World
Children Screaming To Be Heard
Children Today Charitable Trust
Children Unite
Children United
Children Webmag
Children With Aids Charity
Children With Cancer Fund polegate
Children With Cancer In Malawi
Children With Cancer Uk
Children With Cystic Fibrosis dream Holidays
Children With Special Needs Foundation
Children With Tumours
Children Without Borders
Children Young People And Families Consortium
Childrens Aid Committee
Childrens Appeal international Limited
Childrens Arthritis Trust
Childrens Assosciation Limited
Childrens Campaign
Childrens Cancer Support Group
Childrens Care Campaign
Childrens Chance
Childrens Chronic Arthritis Association
Childrens Dreams Limited
Childrens Heart Federation
Childrens Homes In Kerala State
Childrens Hope Foundation
Childrens Hope Sri Lanka
Childrens Hospice Walkabout Limited
Childrens Hospital Trust South Africa
Childrens Identity And Citizenship European Association
Childrens Park Project Sona
Childrens Play Activities Trust Fund
Childrens Playfield
Childrens Playing Field Trefriw
Childrens Playing Field
Childrens Playlink
Childrens Soccer Academy
Childrens Wish Foundation International
Childrey Little Ducks Pre school
Childrey Playing Field Trust
Childrey Village Hall
Childrey Welfare Trust
Childs Charitable Trust
Childs Ercall Community Association
Childs Hill School Centenary Trust
Childs Play Toy Library
Childsplay Romania
Childswickham Memorial Hall
Childwall Church Of England Primary School Parent Teachers Association
Childwall Hebrew Congregation
Childwall Open Spaces Trust
Childwall Parent Teacher Association
Childwall Woods 3089070
Childwick Trust
Chile For Christ Trust
Chilham Nursing Association Fund
Chilham Parish Recreation Ground Trust
Chilham Village Hall
Chill Out Zone Ltd
Chillers Group Ltd Provident Fund
Chilli Children Of Rukungiri uganda
Chillingham Wild Cattle Association Ltd
Chillington Community Association
Chilmark Reading Room
Chilsworthy Village Hall
Chiltern Charitable Trust
Chiltern Child Contact Centre
Chiltern Christian Trust
Chiltern Church
Chiltern Citizens Advice Bureau Limited
Chiltern College
Chiltern Counselling cpf
Chiltern Edge Community Association
Chiltern Edge Orchestral Society
Chiltern Edge School Association
Chiltern Foodbank
Chiltern Friends Of The Endeavour
Chiltern Hills Pta
Chiltern Lighthouse Mentoring
Chiltern Open Air Museum Limited
Chiltern Primary School Fund
Chiltern Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Chiltern Racial Equality Council
Chiltern Student Villages Limited
Chiltern Unit 78 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Chiltern Vale District Scout Council
Chiltern Woodlands Project Limited
Chiltern Youth Matters way In
Chiltern Youth Projects Youth For Christ
Chilterns Area Quaker Meeting religious Society Of Friends And Related Charities
Chilterns Dog Rescue Society
Chilterns Gateway Club
Chilterns Ms Centre Ltd
Chilthorne Domer Church School Pta
Chiltington Area Response Team
Chilton And Windlestone Community College
Chilton Community Partnership
Chilton Foliat Village Hall
Chilton Polden Playing Field Association
Chilton Public Purposes Charity
Chilton School Parent Teacher Association
Chilton School Pta Oxfordshire
Chilton Toddler Group
Chilton Village Church Fund
Chilton Womens Institute
Chilubula Support Group
Chilvers Coton Centre Trust
Chilwell Masonic Benevolent Association
Chilwell Road Methodist Church
Chilworth Community Centre
Chilworth Community Playgroup
Chilworth Conservation Limited
Chilworth Parish Hall
Chilworth Village Hall
Chimark london
Chime Lands
Chimney Pot Preservation And Protection Society
Chimneytots Pre school Limited
Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Trust
Chin up
China Africa Development Fund
China Art Foundation
China britain Technology And Trade Association
China Children And Teenagers Fund
China Cultural Funds
China Dialogue Trust
China Fleet Trust
China Oxford Scholarship Fund
China Uk Development Council
China Vision
Chineham Village Hall And Recreation Ground Charity
Chinese Alliance Churches Union uk
Chinese Arts Centre
Chinese Association North East Region
Chinese Association Of Tower Hamlets
Chinese Association Of Woking
Chinese Christian Restaurant Evangelism Fellowship
Chinese Church In London
Chinese Church Support Ministries
Chinese Community Centre Birmingham
Chinese Community Centre
Chinese Evangelical Church
Chinese Family For Christ Uk
Chinese Gospel Broadcasting Centre
Chinese Health Information Centre
Chinese Information And Advice Centre
Chinese Mental Health Association
Chinese New Year Trust
Chinese Orphans Assistance Team coat Uk
Chinese Welfare Trust
Chinese Youth Forum
Chingford Amateur Dramatic And Operatic Society
Chingford District Scout Council
Chingford Historical Society
Chingford Islamic Society
Chingford Lodge No 2859 Benevolent Fund
Chingford United Reformed Church Charity
Chingford Women s Institute
Chink children In Kenya
Chinley Independent Chapel Property Charity
Chinley School Parent Teachers Association
Chinmaya Mission Uk
Chinnbrook Family And Community Project Limited
Chinnor And Princes Risborough Railway Association Limited
Chinnor Congregational Christian Fellowship
Chinnor Congregational Church Chapel Fund
Chinnor Musical Theatre
Chinnor Playing Fields
Chinnor Village Centre
Chinnor Village Hall
Chintan International Trust
Chinthowa Development Trust
Chinthurst School Educational Trust Limited
Chios Charities
Chipembele Trust
Chipp s Memorial
Chippenham 16 30 Phab
Chippenham And District Provincial Grand Lodge Benevolent Fund
Chippenham And District Round Table Number 414 Charity Account
Chippenham And District Talking Newspapers
Chippenham Borough Lands Charity
Chippenham Civic Society Trust Limited
Chippenham Civic Society
Chippenham Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Chippenham Educational Foundation
Chippenham Gateway Club
Chippenham Hospitals Radio Service
Chippenham Link
Chippenham Luncheon Club for The Elderly
Chippenham Phab Club
Chippenham Pregnancy Crisis Centre
Chippenham Rotary And Inner Wheel Trust Limited
Chippenham Temperance Hall
Chippenham Unit428 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Chippenham Womens Institute
Chippenham Young Farmers Club
Chipperfield Art Gallery And School Of Art
Chipperfield Care
Chipperfield Choral Society
Chipperfield Church Institute
Chipperfield Church Of England Primary School Fund
Chipperfield Village Clubs
Chipperfield Youth Club
Chipping And District Memorial Hall
Chipping And District Voluntary Old Peoples Welfare Committee
Chipping Barnet Day Centre For The Elderly
Chipping Campden Baptist Church
Chipping Campden Community Trust
Chipping Campden Music Festival
Chipping Campden Pre school Playgroup
Chipping Campden School Charity
Chipping Campden School Parents Association
Chipping Campden Surgery Friends Charitable Trust
Chipping Campden Town Trust
Chipping Campden United Charities
Chipping Children s Community Alliance
Chipping Norton And District Choral Society
Chipping Norton And District Volunteer Fire Brigade Fund
Chipping Norton Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Chipping Norton Gateway Club
Chipping Norton Lido Limited
Chipping Norton Local History Society
Chipping Norton Pre school
Chipping Norton Riding For The Disabled Association
Chipping Norton Theatre Trust
Chipping Norton Welfare Charities
Chipping Ongar Primary School Association
Chipping Show Limited
Chipping Sodbury Baptist Church
Chipping Sodbury Church Lands Charity
Chipping Sodbury Music Society
Chipping Sodbury Pre school
Chipping Sodbury Town Lands Charity
Chipping Sodbury Town Trust
Chipping Steam Fair
Chipping Warden School Kindergarten
Chipping Warden School Parent Teachers Association
Chipping Warden Village Hall Trust
Chipping Young Farmers Club
Chips Guildford
Chipstable Parish Church Hall
Chipstable Parish Community Hall
Chipstead Chapel
Chipstead Evening Women s Institute
Chipstead Pre school
Chipstead Women s Institute
Chirbury And Marton Young Farmers Club
Chirbury Parish Hall
Chirbury School Parent Teacher Association
Chirbury United Charities
Chirilen United Foods
Chirk Recreation Ground
Chiron Volunteer Ambulance Service
Chiropody Services Ambulance Club
Chiropractic Research Council
Chirton Parish Hall
Chirton Pips Pre School
Chiselborough Parish Hall
Chiseldon Primary School Parent And Teacher Association
Chiseldon Village Memorial Hall
Chiseldon Women s Institute
Chisen Foundation
Chisenhale Art Place Limited
Chisenhale Dance Space Limited
Chisenhale Gallery
Chislehurst And Sidcup Grammar School Parents Association
Chislehurst And Sidcup Unit 82 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Chislehurst Churches enterprises Limited
Chislehurst Invicta Scout Group
Chislehurst Playing Field Association
Chislehurst Women s Institute
Chislehurst Yfc Limited
Chislet And District Pre school Playgroup
Chislet United Charities
Chisomo Trust
Chiswick Christians 4 Community Limited
Chiswick Community School Pta
Chiswick Horticultural And Allotments Society
Chiswick House And Gardens Trust
Chiswick House Friends
Chiswick Park Communities Trust
Chiswick Pier Trust
Chiswick Saturday Music Centre
Chiswick Unit Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Chiswick Women s Institute
Chisworth Village Hall
Chitepani Trust
Chitov Limited
Chitraleka Dance Company
Chittagong Welfare Trust Uk cwtuk
Chitterne Village Hall
Chittle Cherubs
Chittlehamholt Village Hall
Chittlehampton And District Young Farmers Club
Chiva Africa
Chivelstone Village Hall
Chivers Coton Wesleyan Reform Church
Chivers Trust
Chiverton Riding And Driving For The Disabled Group
CHK Charities Limited
Chloe Bigmore Trust
Chloe s And Sophie s Special Ear Fund
Chm Christ Hospital Ministry
Chobe Civils Voorsorgfonds
Chobham And West End Relief In Sickness Charity
Chobham Community Centre Association
Chobham Poor Allotments
Chobham Recreation Ground Charitable Trust
Chocolate Lady Golden Provident Fund
Chofetz Chaim Trust Foundation
Chofhs Youth Group
Choice Advocacy
Choice Cambodia
Choice In Hackney
Choice International
Choice north Herts
Choice Radio For The Worcestershire Royal
Choice Support
Choices 4 All
Choices Advocacy
Choices Alton
Choices And Rights Disability Coalition
Choices Community Trust
Choices Crisis Pregnancy Centre bishop Stortford
Choices Crisis Pregnancy Centre Cornwall
Choices Crisis Pregnancy Counselling
Choices derbyshire Limited
Choices Ealing
Choices Education Lifelong Learning Skills
Choices Haringey
Choices Islington
Choices Pregnancy Advice Centre north East
Choimel Dalim
Choir 2000
Chol International Arts
Cholesbury cum st Leonards Evening Women s Institute
Cholesbury Village Hall
Chollerton Pre school Limited
Cholmondeley Sports And Community Association
Cholo Re live Mission
Cholsey And Wallingford Railway Preservation Society
Cholsey County Primary School Fund
Cholsey Pre school
Cholsey Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Cholsey Relief In Need Charity
Choma Orphans Project
Chomak Ali Foundation
Chonyi Wisdom Charity
Choose Life The Prisoners Initiative
Chooselife Cymru
Chop Gate Village Hall
Choppin s Charity
Choppington Community Association
Choppington Educational Foundation
Choppington Social Welfare Centre
Chopwell blackhall Mill Recreation Ground
Chopwell Community Association
Choreographers Gallery
Chorley Advanced Motorists
Chorley And District Choral Society
Chorley And District Local U3a
Chorley And District Mencap Society
Chorley And District Natural History Society
Chorley And District Young Farmers Club
Chorley And Leyland Methodist Circuit
Chorley And South Ribble Shopmobility
Chorley Astley Park Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Chorley Christian Book Centre Trust
Chorley Community Association
Chorley Consolidated Charity
Chorley District Scout Council
Chorley Duxbury Park Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Chorley Family Playgroup
Chorley Fitness
Chorley Gateway Club
Chorley Gospel Hall
Chorley Healey Scout Group
Chorley Lions Club Charity Trust Fund
Chorley Methodist Church
Chorley Muslim Trust
Chorley Pals Memorial
Chorley Parish Church Of St Laurence C e Primary School Parents Teachers And Friends Association
Chorley Pensioner s Association
Chorley Photographic Society
Chorley Pipe Band
Chorley s Charitable Trust
Chorley Silver Band
Chorley South Ribble Crossroads Caring For Carers
Chorley Street Pastors
Chorley Unit No 526 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Chorley Unitarian Chapel
Chorley United Reformed Church Charity
Chorley Village Hall Cheshire
Chorley Village Hall
Chorleywood And District Homes For The Elderly
Chorleywood Choral Society
Chorleywood Common Youth Football Club
Chorleywood Community Arts Centre
Chorleywood Primary School Parents And Teachers Association
Chorleywood War Memorial Hall
Chorlton And Cuddington Women s Institute
Chorlton Good Neighbours
Chorlton Park School Parents Teachers Association
Chorlton Youth Project
Chorn Kirtland Riccardi Pty Ltd Provident Fund
Chortkov Trust
Chorus Mundi
Chosen People Ministries uk
Chosen Women Outreach
Chotallah Hospital Appeal
Chovevei Torah Synagogue
Chowbent Parent Teachers Friends Assocation
Chowdene Community Church
Chra Ysgol Uwchradd Caereinion High School Pta
Chrestos Mission
Chrestos Trust
Chrilen United Foods Provident Fund
Chris Allen Private Treatment Cancer Fund
Chris Brown Day Centre
Chris Lucas Trust
Chris Walker Memorial Trust
Chris Westwood Charity For Children With Physical Disabilities
Chris Worfolk Foundation
Chrishall Pre school
Christ Abiding Ministries
Christ Able Ministries
Christ Above All Gospel Church Trust
Christ Abundant Life Ministry International
Christ Abundant Life Miracle Church
Christ All Nations Assembly
Christ Ambassadors International Ministries
Christ Ambassadors Limited
Christ Ambassadors Ministries
Christ Apostolic Church Amazing Grace International
Christ Apostolic Church Bexley
Christ Apostolic Church cac International
Christ Apostolic Church Canaanland Ministries
Christ Apostolic Church Channel Of Peace And Love Interantional
Christ Apostolic Church christ Dominion
Christ Apostolic Church courtyard Of Perfection
Christ Apostolic Church Divine Intervention Centre
Christ Apostolic Church dynamic Christian Centre
Christ Apostolic Church emmaus Chapel
Christ Apostolic Church Fire Chapel
Christ Apostolic Church Fountain Of Success International Fellowship
Christ Apostolic Church God Is Love
Christ Apostolic Church gospel Generation
Christ Apostolic Church Grace Truth Ministry Birmingham
Christ Apostolic Church Harvest Mission
Christ Apostolic Church House Of Faith Ministry household Of Faith
Christ Apostolic Church House Of Refuge
Christ Apostolic Church International mount Zion u k
Christ Apostolic Church King s Tabernacle International
Christ Apostolic Church Kingdom Builders
Christ Apostolic Church Kingswell
Christ Apostolic Church living Waters
Christ Apostolic Church miracle Centre
Christ Apostolic Church Mount Joy
Christ Apostolic Church Mount Zion International
Christ Apostolic Church mountain Of Blessing
Christ Apostolic Church mountain Of Prayer
Christ Apostolic Church New Testament Assembly
Christ Apostolic Church Of God Mission The Truth Centre London Uk
Christ Apostolic Church Of God Mission
Christ Apostolic Church Of God
Christ Apostolic Church outreach
Christ Apostolic Church Power age International cac Power age
Christ Apostolic Church power Of God Saves
Christ Apostolic Church redemption Christian Centre
Christ Apostolic Church Stockwell
Christ Apostolic Church Streatham
Christ Apostolic Church Surrey Docks
Christ Apostolic Church Throne Of Grace And Mercy
Christ Apostolic Church Uk Revival Centre
Christ Apostolic Church united Kingdom
Christ Apostolic Church victory Centre
Christ Apostolic Church Vineyard Of Mercy
Christ Apostolic Church World Soul Winning And Evangelistic Ministry
Christ Apostolic Church
Christ Apostolic Faith Mission Worldwide
Christ Apostolic Miracle Assembly International
Christ Apostolic Mission Church mount Of Salvation
Christ Arena Ministries International
Christ Army Charismatic Ministries
Christ Army Church
Christ Authority And Power Evangelical Ministry
Christ Avenue Chapel
Christ Based Christian Centre
Christ Believers Fellowship International Great Britain
Christ Care Ministries
Christ Celebration Centre
Christ Central Churches Worldwide
Christ Central London
Christ Central Manchester Limited
Christ Chapel Ministries
Christ Chosen Tabernacle
Christ Church Academy Parent Teachers Association
Christ Church And Holy Trinity Relief In Need Charity
Christ Church Armley Community Projects Ltd
Christ Church assemblies Of God
Christ Church Belper Churchwardens Fabric Fund
Christ Church Blackburn Trust
Christ Church Braintree methodist united Reformed Church
Christ Church Burial Ground Swindon
Christ Church C E c J And I School Fund
Christ Church C E Primary School Fund
Christ Church Cambridge Ministry Support Trust
Christ Church Cathedral School Education Trust
Christ Church Central
Christ Church Centre
Christ Church Cep School Parent Teacher And Friends Association
Christ Church Chichester
Christ Church Children And Families Limited
Christ Church Chineham Basingstoke
Christ Church Church Of England aided School Ellesmere Port
Christ Church Church Of England Jmi School Parent Teacher Association
Christ Church City Of Mercy Limited
Christ Church Community Centre
Christ Church Community Developments
Christ Church Community Project
Christ Church Community Services
Christ Church Community Vision
Christ Church Cottingham
Christ Church Creekmoor
Christ Church Day Centre Wellington
Christ Church Derby
Christ Church East Dulwich
Christ Church Ecclesiastical Charity
Christ Church Ewell
Christ Church Exeter
Christ Church Exhibition Fund
Christ Church Exmouth
Christ Church First School Parents Teachers Friends Association
Christ Church Fund For Children
Christ Church Hall North Brixton
Christ Church Hall
Christ Church Haywards Heath
Christ Church Henley on thames United Reformed Church Charity
Christ Church House
Christ Church Ipswich
Christ Church Lands Charity
Christ Church Linthwaite Pcc Ardron Trust
Christ Church Liscard
Christ Church Liverpool
Christ Church Lowestoft Trust
Christ Church Macclesfield Trust
Christ Church Manchester
Christ Church Manse Fund
Christ Church Mayfair The Pullen Bequest
Christ Church Mayfair
Christ Church New Malden Primary School Pta
Christ Church Newcastle
Christ Church Of Restoration
Christ Church Over Wyresdale Trust
Christ Church Oxford United Clubs
Christ Church Parent Teacher And Friend Association
Christ Church Playgroup
Christ Church Pre School Hanham Bristol
Christ Church Pre school Playgroup
Christ Church Pre school whitby
Christ Church Pre School
Christ Church Primary School Parents And Friends Assoc
Christ Church Roxeth And Harrow Company Of The Church Lads And Church Girls Brigade
Christ Church School Association lichfield
Christ Church School Association
Christ Church School Educational Trust With The Endowment Of Ellen Jane Hinckley
Christ Church School Parent Helpers Association
Christ Church School Parent Staff Association
Christ Church School Parent Teacher Association
Christ Church Southampton
Christ Church Spitalfields Foundation
Christ Church Spitalfields Restoration Trust
Christ Church St Leonards Old Buildings Trust
Christ Church Swanley United Reformed Church Charity
Christ Church United Reformed Church Chelmsford Charity
Christ Church United Reformed Church Of England West Stanley
Christ Church united Reformed Petts Wood Charity
Christ Church Voluntary Service
Christ Church Waltham Cross Limited
Christ Church ware Parent School Association
Christ Church Willesborough
Christ Church With St Philip worcester Park
Christ Church Woodbury
Christ Church Yardley Wood Centre
Christ Church Youth And Community Project
Christ citadel International Church united Kingdom
Christ City Church
Christ College Brecon
Christ Community Church Attleborough
Christ Defence Ministries
Christ Disciple Faith Ministries
Christ Disciples Centre
Christ Disciples Mission
Christ Divine Ministries
Christ Embassy
Christ End time Revival Ministry
Christ Enlightened Outreach Ministries
Christ Evangelical Church Leytonstone Trust
Christ Evangelical Ministries manchester
Christ Evangelical Ministry
Christ Evangelistic Ministries
Christ Faith Tabernacle Deptford
Christ Faith Tabernacle International
Christ Family Assembly Outreach
Christ Fellowship Mission
Christ Fire Revival Ministry
Christ First Watford
Christ Focus International Church
Christ For All In Andhra Pradesh
Christ For All Ministries london
Christ For All Nations U K
Christ For All People Ministries
Christ For India
Christ For The Nations U K Trust
Christ For The World
Christ Foundation Church
Christ Foundation Ministries Nottingham
Christ Foundation Ministries
Christ Generations
Christ Glory Ministries Trust
Christ Gospel Church International
Christ Gospel Church London Trust
Christ Gospel Mission
Christ Healing Evangelical Church
Christ Heritage Assemblies Aka Triumphant Chapel
Christ High Commission International Ministries
Christ Hope Of Glory Ministries
Christ Impact Ministries
Christ In The Centre
Christ In The World Ministry
Christ International Christian Centre
Christ International Ministries
Christ Kingdom Mission International Ltd
Christ Ladder
Christ Liberty Church Ministries
Christ Life Ministries Trust
Christ Life Mission Church Trust
Christ Light Assemblies
Christ Light International Christian Centre
Christ Liquid Fire Ministry
Christ Lives Church
Christ Messiah Ministry
Christ Ministries For Nations Ltd
Christ Ministries
Christ Ministry Of Hope
Christ Miracle Evangelical Ministries International
Christ Miracle Gospel Ministries International
Christ Our King Church
Christ Overcomer s International Ministries
Christ Paradise Church Trust
Christ Pentecostal Church South East London
Christ People s Ministries International cpmi
Christ Power International Ministry
Christ Redeemer Church
Christ Redeeming Church Of God
Christ Redemption Church
Christ Reformed International Ministries
Christ Restoration Centre
Christ Resurrection Power Ministry
Christ Revelation Church
Christ Revival Ministries Trust
Christ Royal Assembly
Christ Royal International Church
Christ s And Notre Dame College Liverpool
Christ s Arrival International Church
Christ s Chapel Of God s Gift At Dulwich
Christ s College Cambridge In The University Of Cambridge First Founded By King Henry Vi Of England And After His Death
Christ s College Development Fund
Christ s Day Evangelical Ministry
Christ s Evangelical Ministry International Ltd
Christ s Family Ministries
Christ s Hope International Uk
Christ s Hospital Endowment At Potter Hanworth
Christ s Hospital Foundation
Christ s Hospital of Abingdon
Christ s Hospital School
Christ s House Trust
Christ s Message To Nations cmtn
Christ s Peace Love Evangelistic Ministries International United Kingdom
Christ s Saints In Bermondsey
Christ Salvation Ministries overcomers Limited
Christ Shelter Ministry International
Christ Tabernacle People Who Care
Christ Temple Community Church
Christ Temple International
Christ Temple Ministries International
Christ The King Catholic Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Christ The King Church Centre Bowburn
Christ The King Club Benevolent Fund
Christ The King College Old Boys Association uk Branch
Christ The King Dominion Place
Christ The King Handicapped Childrens Group Trust Fund
Christ The King Infant And Junior School Parent Teacher Association
Christ The King P t f a
Christ The King Parent Teacher Association
Christ The King Parents And Friends Association
Christ The King Playschool Coventry
Christ The King Revival Church
Christ The King School Association
Christ The King Scout Guide Group
Christ The Light Church
Christ The Livingstone Ministry
Christ The Lord Tabernacle
Christ The Messiahs Pentecostal Church
Christ The Redeemer College
Christ The Resurrection Church Cherubum And Seraphim Limited
Christ The Rock christian Fellowship
Christ The Rock International Ministry
Christ The Rock Ministries
Christ The Rock Worship Centre
Christ The Saviour Ce Primary School Pta
Christ The Saviour Monastic Trust
Christ The Saviour
Christ The Vine Church
Christ Triumphant International Ministries
Christ United Pentecostal Ministries Liberty House
Christ United pentecostal Ministries
Christ Universal Gospel Ministries Cherubim Seraphim Church
Christ Victory Church International
Christ Victory Radiance Ministries
Christ Way Church
Christ World And Clergy Ministries
Christ Worshippers Assembly
Christadelphian Advancement Trust
Christadelphian Aid For Visually Impaired
Christadelphian Benevolent Fund
Christadelphian Bible Mission
Christadelphian Care Homes
Christadelphian Magazine And Publishing Association Ltd
Christadelphian Meal A Day Fund
Christadelphian Nursing Residential Care
Christadelphian Youth Activities Charity
Christchurch Abbeydale
Christchurch And District Arts
Christchurch And Wimborne Methodist Circuit
Christchurch Baldock
Christchurch Baptist Church
Christchurch baptist
Christchurch Branch Royal Naval Association
Christchurch Central Women s Institute
Christchurch Citizens Advice Bureau
Christchurch Clarendon Park
Christchurch Claypath Durham
Christchurch Community Partnership Ltd
Christchurch Community Partnership
Christchurch Congregation Of Jehovah s Witnesses
Christchurch Cwmbran
Christchurch Drill Hall Charity Trust
Christchurch East District Guide Association
Christchurch Food Festival Education Trust
Christchurch Gilbert And Sullivan Society
Christchurch Hall Preschool
Christchurch Harpenden
Christchurch Hospital League Of Friends
Christchurch Ilkley
Christchurch Impact
Christchurch Infant School Pta
Christchurch Infants School Ptfa
Christchurch Leamington
Christchurch Life Saving Club
Christchurch London
Christchurch Market Harborough
Christchurch Memorial Hall And Social Centre
Christchurch Methodist Pre school
Christchurch Oasis
Christchurch Parents And Friends Association
Christchurch Parents And Pre school Group
Christchurch Priory Building Conservation Trust
Christchurch Round Table Charitable Trust
Christchurch School Pta
Christchurch Shepshed Methodist Church
Christchurch Sports And Community Association
Christchurch Unit No 576 Of The Sea Cadet Corps
Christchurch University Of The Third Age
Christchurch west Sussex
Christchurch Wrexham Trust
Christel House Europe
Christen Gemeenskap Pensioenfonds
Christensen Tools Pension Fund
Christes Hospital School Foundation Winchester
Christian Action And Resource Enterprise Ltd
Christian Action For India
Christian Action Housing Association Trust
Christian Action Uk
Christian Advantage International
Christian Adventure Trust
Christian African Relief Trust
Christian Aid To Romania And Elsewhere
Christian Aid
Christian Alliance Housing Association Limited
Christian Alliance Of Women And Girls Worthing Branch Sussex
Christian Assembly Sound Of The Trumpet
Christian Assistance To The Needy
Christian Associates United Kingdom
Christian Association For Rural Development Uk Limited
Christian Association Of Business Executives
Christian Bible Church
Christian Blind Mission united Kingdom Limited
Christian Book Centre
Christian Book Promotion Trust
Christian Books Dunstable
Christian Books Worldwide
Christian Books
Christian Broadcasting Network uk
Christian Camping International uk Limited
Christian Camps In Wales Limited
Christian Care Association
Christian Care Homes
Christian Care Projects
Christian Caring Ministries Trust
Christian Cause
Christian Centre hightown
Christian Centre Nottingham
Christian Centre
Christian Charity For African Children
Christian Child Care Forum
Christian Church Of God Pentecostal
Christian City Church Cheltenham
Christian City Church London
Christian Coalition For Urban Mission
Christian Communities Network Huddersfield
Christian Community Action Ministries
Christian Community Centre
Christian Community Church bishops Stortford
Christian Community Church Penrith
Christian Community Church [south Kent]
Christian Community Ministries
Christian Community Resources
Christian Community Support Ltd
Christian Community Trust For Norwich And Norfolk Limited
Christian Community
Christian Compassion Ministries Uk
Christian Concern Crewe
Christian Concern For One World
Christian Concern For The Mentally Handicapped
Christian Congregation In The United Kingdom
Christian Connections In Schools
Christian Conventions Ltd
Christian Council On Ageing
Christian Deaf Link Uk
Christian Debt Line
Christian Disciples Church
Christian Discipleship International
Christian Distinctives
Christian Drama Resource Centre
Christian Ecology Link
Christian Education And Training
Christian Education Movement
Christian Education Trust
Christian Endeavour English Union
Christian Endeavour Holiday Centres Limited
Christian Endeavour Union Of Great Britain And Ireland incorporated
Christian Engineers In Development
Christian Enterprise Foundation
Christian Enterprises Trust
Christian Evangelical Centre Limited
Christian Evangelical Ministries
Christian Events
Christian Expression Ministries
Christian Faith Centre International Ministries
Christian Faith Ministries Fellowship
Christian Faith Ministries International
Christian Faith Ministries
Christian Faith Revival Centre Aka Faith Life Ministries
Christian Families Educating Together
Christian Family Care
Christian Family Centre
Christian Family Church Cheshire
Christian Family Church
Christian Family Concern
Christian Family Ministries Trust
Christian Family Ministry
Christian Family Schools Limited
Christian Fellowship Centre Trust
Christian Fellowship In Richmond
Christian Fellowship Ministry
Christian Fellowship School Trust
Christian Fellowship Support
Christian Friends Of International Students
Christian Friendship Fellowship
Christian Growth Centre Chelmsford
Christian Growth Centre Maldon
Christian Growth Centre Rayleigh
Christian Growth Centre Stoke On Trent
Christian Growth International
Christian Harvest Ministries
Christian Help In Practical Situations
Christian Helpline In Newlyn
Christian Heritage Church
Christian Heritage
Christian Hope International
Christian Hope Ministry
Christian Initiative In Calderdale Schools
Christian Initiative To Schools In Letchworth And District
Christian Initiative Trust
Christian International Community
Christian International Europe
Christian International Peace Service
Christian International Relief Mission
Christian Jew Foundation Uk
Christian Kitchen
Christian Leaders Forum
Christian Liaison For Young People
Christian Life Centre Horsham Trust
Christian Life Centre Liverpool
Christian Life Centre Oxford Trust
Christian Life Church bradford Trust
Christian Life Church Hedon
Christian Life Church Trust
Christian Life Community In England And Wales
Christian Life Era Ministry
Christian Life Family Church
Christian Life Fellowship
Christian Life Ministries A o G
Christian Life Ministries Asian Church
Christian Life Ministries Thamesmead Trust
Christian Life Ministries
Christian Lifestyle Ministries
Christian Literature Fund For The Christian Community Of Brethren
Christian Love Centre
Christian Malford Acorns Playgroup
Christian Malford And Foxham Women s Institute
Christian Malford Sports And Recreation Association
Christian Malford Village Hall
Christian Marching Church
Christian Medical Fellowship Trust Limited
Christian Medical Fellowship
Christian Meditation Of John Main
Christian Mens Network
Christian Ministers Church Ltd
Christian Ministries
Christian Mission Aid
Christian Mission To The Communist World
Christian Missionary Fellowship International
Christian Missions Charitable Trust
Christian Motorcyclists Association
Christian Muslim Council
Christian Net International Community Church
Christian Nurses And Midwives
Christian Orthodox Convent Of The Annunciation
Christian Outreach Centre bishop s Stortford
Christian Outreach Centre Bournemouth
Christian Outreach Centre Colchester
Christian Outreach Centre Eastbourne
Christian Outreach Centre europe
Christian Outreach Centre London South East
Christian Outreach Centre The Vale Church
Christian Outreach In The Alps
Christian Outreach To The Handicapped
Christian Outreach Trust For Epsom
Christian Outreach Trust
Christian Outreach
Christian Overseas Relief Aid ukraine Relief Aid
Christian Partners In Africa
Christian Pentecostal Group
Christian Pentecostal Mission International London
Christian Pilgrims Church
Christian Police Association
Christian Praise Trust
Christian Prayer Ministries
Christian Prison Resources
Christian Publicity Limited
Christian Rebuild
Christian Relief Education And Development
Christian Relief Uganda
Christian Resource For Schools
Christian Resources For Developing Countries
Christian Resources For Primary Schools Trust
Christian Resources International Limited
Christian Resources Into Schools
Christian Resources Project
Christian Response
Christian Restoration Manchester
Christian Restoration Ministries International
Christian Revival Centre International
Christian Revival Centre Milton Keynes
Christian Revival Centre Ministry
Christian Revival Centre
Christian Revival Church
Christian Revival Trust Trading As Crt Uk
Christian Rural Concern cruc
Christian Schools Limited
Christian Science Committee For focus
Christian Science Committee On Publication For East Sussex
Christian Science Committee On Publication For Lancashire
Christian Science Committee On Publication For Merseyside
Christian Science Committee On Publication For North Yorkshire
Christian Science Committee On Publication For West Sussex
Christian Science Committees On Publication For Great Britain And Ireland
Christian Science Foundation
Christian Science Group Pinner
Christian Science Nursing Agency Ltd
Christian Science Nursing Support Fund east North And West Yorkshire
Christian Science Nursing Support Fund east West Sussex
Christian Science Nursing Support Fund north West England And North Wales Coast
Christian Science Reading Room
Christian Science Society Barnstaple
Christian Science Society Blackheath London
Christian Science Society Bridport
Christian Science Society Bristol
Christian Science Society Bromley
Christian Science Society Camborne redruth
Christian Science Society Canterbury
Christian Science Society Cardiff
Christian Science Society Cheadle Hulme
Christian Science Society Chichester
Christian Science Society Doncaster
Christian Science Society Egham
Christian Science Society Framlingham
Christian Science Society halifax
Christian Science Society Hunstanton
Christian Science Society Ipswich
Christian Science Society Lymington
Christian Science Society Northampton
Christian Science Society Scarborough
Christian Science Society Sevenoaks
Christian Science Society Shrewsbury
Christian Science Society Warminster
Christian Science Society Welwyn Garden City
Christian Science Society Wimbledon
Christian Science Society
Christian Science Students Association Of The Pupils Of Edna Mary Watson Csb
Christian Service Foundation Provident Fund
Christian Services Association u k
Christian Skaters Uk
Christian Solidarity International
Christian Spiritualist Church
Christian Studies Centre
Christian Supplies Trust
Christian Support Ministries
Christian Surfers United Kingdom
Christian Tefl
Christian Television Association
Christian Trust
Christian Uk Family Centre
Christian Union Almshouses
Christian Values In Education
Christian Ventures South Wales
Christian Victory Group
Christian Vision And Aid Charitable Trust
Christian Vision For Men
Christian Vision
Christian Watch
Christian Weekly Newspapers Limited
Christian Witness To Israel
Christian Workers Bible Centre trust Property Held In Connexion Therewith
Christian Workers Housing Trust
Christian Workers Relief Fund
Christian Worship Centre
Christian Youth And Community Service bridging The Gap
Christian Youth Camps
Christian Youth Centre Akunza migili Lafia Nigeria
Christian Youth Challenge Trust
Christian Youth Enterprises Sailing Centre
Christian Youth Enterprises
Christian Youth Foundation Limited
Christian Youth Ministries
Christian Youth Outreach Braintree District Trust
Christian Youth Outreach
Christiana Saunders For Widows
Christianity Explored
Christianity In Trust
Christians Across Watford
Christians Against Poverty
Christians Alive Lancaster
Christians At Work
Christians Aware
Christians Caring
Christians For Congo
Christians Helping Eastern Europe Rebuild
Christians In Action Today
Christians In Action
Christians In Care
Christians In Entertainment
Christians In Finance
Christians In Football
Christians In Health Care
Christians In Overseas Service Trust Limited
Christians In Schools Trust
Christians In Science Limited
Christians In Secular Employment Trust
Christians In Sport
Christians Together Halifax
Christians Together In Dover
Christians Together In Mission
Christians Together In tunbridge Wells
Christians United Family Church
Christie Foundation
Christie Hall
Christina Gallone Toy Library Trust
Christina Noble Childrens Foundation Limited
Christine Brown Trust For Young Musicians
Christine Hewson Memorial Foundation
Christine Willett Trust
Christleton County Primary School Association
Christleton High School Association
Christleton High School Prize Fund
Christleton Institute
Christleton Pre school
Christleton Toddler Group
Christleton Women s Institute
Christlike Disciplemakers Movement Uk
Christlink International Ministries
Christmas Care
Christmas Evan John
Christmas Letters To Prisoners
Christobella Viscountess Saye And Sele
Christopher And Elspeth Thomas Charitable Trust
Christopher Cadbury Charitable Trust
Christopher Centre Community Association
Christopher Coniers
Christopher Cooke
Christopher Deane s Foundation
Christopher Eden Educational Foundation
Christopher Francis Trust
Christopher Hardman Osteosarcoma Research Fund
Christopher Hepworth Organs Trust
Christopher Hill
Christopher House Charitable Trust
Christopher Marlowe Lodge Benevolent Fund No 8014
Christopher Meredith s Charity
Christopher Needler s Charitable Trust
Christopher Pailey s Gift
Christopher Pearson
Christopher Pemberton For Poor
Christopher Raingill s Charity
Christopher Rawlins Parent Teacher Friends Association
Christopher Reeves Lower School Pta
Christopher Rous Memorial Cottages
Christopher s Smile
Christopher Spalding s Charity For Allotments
Christopher Tenwinter Charity
Christopher Wharton Educational Foundation
Christopher Willoughby s Charity
Christow County Primary School P T F A
Christow Pre school
Christs Chosen Church Of God
Christs Hospital Endowment At Welton
Christs Temple Of Resurrection Ministries Trust
Chrome Steel Pension Fund
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia Support Association cllsa
Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia Support Group
Chronicle Cinderella Home Fund
Chrysalis Aids Foundation Charitable Trust
Chrysalis Arts Trust
Chrysalis Centre For Change
Chrysalis cumbria Ltd
Chrysalis manchester
Chrysalis Trust
Chrysalis Youth And Community Project
Chrysler Canada Incorporated
Chrysler Group
Chrystie Recreation Ground
Chs Foundation Limited
Chubb Group Employee Benefit Plan Provident Section
Chubb Group Retirement Fund
Chubb Whetstone And Napper s Almshouses
Chuckleberries Pre school
Chuckles Pre school
Chudleigh Community Project
Chudleigh Educational Foundation
Chudleigh Knighton Pre School Limited
Chudleigh Knighton Village Hall
Chudleigh Pre school
Chudleigh Relief In Need Charity
Chudleigh Women s Institute
Chudleigh Youth Centre Charitable Trust
Chulmleigh County Primary School Parent Teacher Association
Chulmleigh Playing Field
Chulmleigh Recreational Association
Chulmleigh Young Farmers Club
Chumleigh Society
Chun Yee Society
Chundikuli Trust Fund
Church Acre Charity
Church Acre
Church Action On Poverty Limited
Church Alive
Church Allotments
Church Almshouses Charity
Church Almshouses
Church And Bridge Lands
Church And Causeway Estate Charity
Church And Chetwynd Aston Institute Village Hall
Church And Clock Estate Or Bailey s House Gift
Church And Parochial Lands Charity
Church And Poor Charity estate Charity
Church And Poor Lands And Another
Church And Poor s Charity
Church And Poor s Land barley
Church And Poor s Land Or Cutts Charity
Church And Poor s Land
Church And Poor
Church And Poors Land Charity
Church And School Estate
Church And Town Allotment Charities And Others
Church And Town Estate Charity town Branch
Church And Town Estate Charity
Church And Town Estate norton
Church And Town Lands Charity estate Charity
Church And Town Lands Charity estate Trustees
Church And Town Lands estate Charity
Church And Town Lands
Church Broughton Village Hall And Playing Fields
Church Burgesses Educational Foundation
Church Burgesses Trust
Church By The Bay Morecambe
Church Charities soham
Church Charity Of Christian Celeye
Church Charity west Mersea
Church Charity
Church Close
Church Co Footwear
Church co uk Community Projects
Church Commissioners for England
Church Communities Uk
Church Coppenhall Playgroup
Church Corporation Trust
Church Crookham County Junior School Association
Church Crookham Women s Institute
Church Drive Parents Association
Church Drive Primary School Fund
Church Eaton Grammar School Educational Foundation
Church Eaton Reading And Recreation Room
Church Eaton Relief In Need Charity
Church End And Roundwood Estate Youth And Community Association
Church Estate And Headborough Charity
Church Estate Charity
Church Estate Fabian s And Morden s Charity
Church Estate including The Charity Of Sir William Blackett The Younger
Church Estate Or Church Almshouses
Church Estate
Church Estates Charity
Church Extension Association incorporated
Church Field Charity
Church Field Trust buckley
Church For The City east London
Church From Scratch
Church Green Almshouses
Church Green
Church Gresley Disabilities Group
Church Gresley Playgroup
Church Ground otherwise Known As The Hillersdon Charity
Church Growth Trust Limited
Church Hall Congleton Road
Church Hall Corston
Church Hall Maintenance Fund
Church Hall Trust
Church Hall Whyteleafe literary Institute
Church Hall
Church Hill Recreation Ground
Church Hill School Association
Church Hostel
Church House Charity
Church House Educational Foundation
Church House Farnham
Church House Pre school
Church House Trust
Church House
Church Houses Relief In Need Charity
Church Houses
Church Housing Trust
Church In London Rebuilt Church Of The Holy Spirit
Church In Society
Church In The Barn
Church in the field Charitable Association
Church In The Field kedington
Church In The Peak
Church In Wales Parochial Church Council Of The Parish Of Llanaber With Barmouth
Church Institute
Church Knowle Village Hall
Church Knowle Working Men s Reading Room
Church Land At Greetham
Church Land Charity Kirkby cum osgodby
Church Land Charity
Church Land Non ecclesiastical Branch
Church Land Or Bridge Land Charity
Church Land Or Chissland
Church Land s Charity
Church Land
Church Lands And John Johnson s Estate Charities
Church Lands And Other Charities
Church Lands Charity For The Poor
Church Lands Charity Known Locally As Church Maintenance Trust No 1
Church Lands Charity
Church Lands For The Church Of Townstal St Clement
Church Lands islington
Church Lands Or Loveland Charity
Church Lands otherwise Hall s Charity
Church Lands Portchester
Church Lands Wookey
Church Lands
Church Lane bedford Community Association
Church Lane lowton Community Centre
Church Lane Primary School And Nursery Fund
Church Langley Community Association
Church Langley Women s Institute